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If nobody else feels the need to tell me where the sword ends on that manga cover I will die happy.

SU fandom before: We are so excited to meet new gems! Ohhh so cool, we’re going to see our birthstones as characters!! We need more gems! More, more!

SU fandom now: Why are they making so many new gems???? Bring Jasper and Bismuth back!!! We need to stick with the already existing characters!! Story development??? We don’t need it! Just bring Bismuth and Jasper back!!

And of course I’m not referring to all SU fandom, there are amazing fans that love seeing new gems, but sometimes I read some things that I don’t understand. We already had a lot of Jasper. I love her, and they will bring her back, same with Bismuth, a character that had her own thirty-minute special episode, they will bring them back, we’ll get more episodes with the crystal gems, and character development. What I don’t get is how can someone complain about getting new characters, when it has always been the most expected moment every time there’s a steven bomb. Everyone can have their opinions, but just try, try to enjoy the show, it’s just better that way. Without fights, just enjoying a good show, that is not perfect, but has many great things that we all can agree.

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(For jjk,not really a question though) ". I know that she’s never going to grow any emotional attachment towards me and that’s why." BOIIII YOURE GOING TO BE THE FIRST ONE THATS GONNA FALL IN LOVE. Quit your bs plz


“He’s going to have an aneurysm, guys. Please keep doing this so that he finally fucking dies and he’s out of my life forever,” you say, laughing hysterically.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, bitch. You would cry over the loss of my huge dick.”

“Not according to the last question.”

He’s silent at that.

“I’m not going to fall in love with this thing.” You start to scream at him for referring to you as a thing, but he continues nonetheless. “Why does everyone always think that?”

“Well, I’m not going to fall in love with you either.”

“Good. I’m glad we fucking settled that.”

“Me too, you fucking imbecile.”

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i hate how people on this gotdamn hellsite dont acknowledge the fact that Cromartie High is the the purest, most perfect anime ever made

its a self-aware parody that makes fun of anime/tv tropes and the comedy is never a miss, its an absurdist comedians fever dream

the animation style is even a parody of stilted 80s gangster animes, and is also a parody of the genre

the characters despite how they look arent problematic, they even correct each other when the other is being an asshole, even in their inner monologues they correct themselves. watching them interact encourages you to actually be a good person??

for some reason the characters even delve into philosophical discussions about the government/ society/ education/ internet culture that, despite the comedic setting, are really meaningful

freddie mercurys in it

please watch cromartie, its such a good time

P.S. theres a live action movie, they exorcise a robot who keeps saying fuck

this has been a PSA


Best Check Please! vine completion I’ve found so far. by @crabbiekat

Pidge: Ok, so don’t get too excited, but I’ve worked out a way to connect the laptop to the internet…
Lance: Pidge how the quiznak did you think I was not going to get excited about this?!?!?!
Hunk: Anything I can help with?
Pidge: Ok, so the thing is that from our end it’s pretty simple right, I mean it’s just a case of sending and receiving correctly coded signals, and my laptop has the inbuilt hardware for all that. The real problem is that we’re light years away, and even with the ship’s range, it’d take years for our signal to reach Earth, and we can’t use the speed-enhanced Altean frequencies because it has to fit in with the existing architecture, and then coming back there isn’t enough range anyway and-
Keith: Pidge, breathe
Pidge: …Anyway, if we had a way to transport the signals instantly we could simply relay them back and forth through, say, a wormhole specifically designed to transport waves rather than matter?
Hunk: But the only way to do that is if….
Pidge: … yeah

Shiro: I can’t believe you’re seriously debating asking the princess to use her Altean energy so the castle can get a wifi signal
Shiro: *leaves*
Other paladins: *ashamed shuffling*
Five minutes later
Shiro, running back into the room: SHE SAID YES!!


Why keith was really kicked out of the garrison

I worked hard on this please appreciate it