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here’s an official compilation video of all of my vines in Year 2, Nov 2015-Oct 2016 (the final year).

there’s also a playlist for my vine compilations, please share/watch these vids instead of the ones uploaded by people who steal my vines for their channels


please watch this


When I find myself in times of trouble

Paul McCartney comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

“I’m sure there’s a very professional way to do this but I don’t know it.“

as promised, another clip from mbmbam. this one is from episode 1, “dorms & ghoulsmashing”. if you can, please get seeso and watch this television program today.


Please watch this video of Itachi making eggs for Sasuke, it’s the most surreal thing I’ve ever witnessed and the emotions I feel because of it can’t be put into words.

PICNIC links (updated)

in case y'all didn’t get the memo, i uploaded Picnic onto dropbox last night, when i realized some of the links that people were uploading were buggy/had malware (my computer almost crashed from one of the bad links). 

when i uploaded the vids onto drop box it was fine and dandy until like 200 of you guys started downloading/viewing it lol. soooo dropbox banned me. 

but, i put them into a google drive account. you can access them here:

part 1:

part 2:

if you’re gonna watch/download the vids, please like/reblog this post. i’m not trying to get a bunch of notes, i need to know how many people are viewing and downloading the videos so google doesn’t flag me and ban me. i have a lot of college papers i’m working on, currently saved on my gdrive, and it would suck to lose them. so yeah, thanks guys! enjoy ;) (also, credit goes to jade_starlight for the original vids…or at least, I think she was the OP?) 




Just an update on my journey as i ask ‘How do you talk to fellow gym goers?’

As always guys i would really appreciate any reblogs of this. I get so much advice and help from people who watch these vids so please do throw me around haha

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What happens if mila isn't gay or bi? What if we are delusional? Sophie I'm panicking, please help me calm down.

Just go watch some Camren vids and think about Lauren and Kristen - were we wrong about them? No. 

It’s not possible for that many gaydars to be wrong 😂

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Please, go watch Marcus's new vid 'GUESS THE YOUTUBERS REAL NAME CHALLENGE 2' you will understand what I mean :) I badly want to know your reaction :))

???????? ???????? (for anyone who doesn’t feel like sitting through a marcus video lol he’s guessing people’s full names and guesses that dans middle name is james on the first try. his friend says “you love him” and marcus replies “sorry phil sorry phil”)

i’m. confused. the implication is clear i just don’t understand why marcus is making such a comment without any reservation and not even in a tone that can be played off as a joke (not that joking would be appropriate either). seems pretty odd bc most youtubers at least from what i know, and especially those w such a massive/“mainstream” audience, tend to steer well clear of the idea of “phan” probs bc they don’t want to deal w the inevitable criticisms and debate about whether they “know” and are just totally violating dnp’s privacy by talking about it, or whether they’re joking about it with no knowledge in order to draw phandom attention and views, both options being fertile grounds for accusations of “outing” or baseline disrespect.

in this case, i don’t think dnp literally ever hang out w marcus so i have no idea why he would know “for sure” about their status let alone feel entitled to imply it so heavily to his audience. the tone of his voice is really what’s throwing me off though bc it seems like he’s being completely genuine rather than trying to joke and then being like “ha just kidding gotcha!!!1!!1” (which i would entirely expect of him bc in a past video where he mentions dnp he said something like “i love messing with the phandom” in a totally condescending way, and there’s at least some precedent for that sort of comment from felix). the one thing i can think of to somewhat explain this is that marcus did hang out w them at the star wars premiere at the end of 2015 along w their fav triple date couples pj/sophie and felix/marzia. maybe watching them interact in that setting caused him to settle on the idea that they’re together, and the instinctive urge to apologize to phil for “loving” dan is grounded in that conclusion he came to a long time ago. maybe he’s using all the same context clues as all of us. it still doesn’t really explain why he 1. made that comment so openly and casually to his audience and 2. left it in when he edited the video, but maybe he just doesn’t care about what ppl think of his opinion on the ‘are they/aren’t they’ debate around dan and phil. i don’t have enough knowledge of marcus to make a call on that.

edit: one thing i’ll add tho is that throughout the last 7 years one consistent pattern is that the people who make comments alluding to dnp’s romantic involvement tend not to be personally close to them, while those who are much more careful or reserved in talking about it are dnp’s close friends. whatever marcus is like otherwise, it’s safe to say he doesn’t feel some sort of personal obligation towards dnp or, like, an urge to protect them, which is likely at least part of the reason he’s okay making a statement like that.