please walk faster

Walking around campus: Hufflepuff and Slytherin
  • Slytherin: *frowning* Please go away *walks faster through the halls*
  • Hufflepuff: Are you sure that's what you want? *struggling to keep up*
  • Slytherin: Positive.
  • Hufflepuff: *hurt* Okay. *turns and walks into an empty classroom*
  • Slytherin: *walks on alone* It's so quiet now..
  • Random Ravenclaw: Hey you psycho freak! Quit talking to yourself
  • Slytherin: I-
  • Hufflepuff: *from out of no where* YOu LeAVE HiM ALONE! *frustrated attempts at a fight come from behind Slytherin*
  • Slytherin: *smiles and keeps walking without turning around*

sending this in now! could i have headcanons on how sabo, ace, sanji would react towards a s.o who loves animals more than her own self and everytime they spotted one they wanted to go pet them even if the said animal was on the other corner of the street?  like it doesn’t matter what animal (dogs, cats, parrots, owls, eagles, snakes…# i just love animals. i can’t even hurt spiders dude i find spiders cute and funny.. well the smol ones at least. i just put them outside if needed. :’) )          

A/N: I’m drinking lemon iced tea again, someone help me find a support group ALSO I hope this is OK thank you for requesting :)

S/O loves animals a lot + their reaction


  • Never fails to make him laugh when he sees you being excited over an animal
  • Teases you a lot about it actually
  • “Oh, there’s an earthworm… Y/N, don’t fall in love.” - “Ok, I know you love snails, but there’s no need to have the same pace as them, please waLK FASTER.”
  • Gets you a dog on your birthday bc he thinks you’ll love it
  • You do but in the end you lowkey love the dog more than him that’s relatable
  • He accepts his fate I mean it’s dog what can he do
  • If you insist to pet an animal even tho it’s on the other side of the street he will just sigh loudly and cross his arms
  • He gets used to it after some time and when you both go out for a walk, he always goes into the opposite direction of any animal he spots bc he wants you for himself   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Just like Sabo it never fails to make him laugh
  • He thinks it’s the most hilarious thing in the world when you see an animal and just turn into a little kid
  • Also, whenever you and him fight he just gets a little kitten from somewhere and then knocks on your door
  • “What do you want, Ace? I told you, I’m- is this a cat!!??!
  • He then apologises but he’s already forgiven and he knows it
  • camera switches to a smirking ace
  • If you insist to pet an animal on the other side of the street, he will act like he’s holding you back and just whines like “Ah, don’t go, Y/N! I’m way cuter!”
  • You still go an pet it and he just smiles bc that’s what you are and that’s what he loves about you
  • Lowkey jealous and might ask you later, “You love me more than the dog from earlier… right?” Lmao he’s so cute i love him


  • “You’re beautiful, funny, smart and you’ve got a heart for animals? Ah, Y/N-swaaaaaan!!!
  • Nah, he probably thinks you’re amazing
  • Like when you pet a little kitten and it purrs, his pulse just feels like a sledgehammer (lyrics aha)
  • Who is really purring tho the cat or snooji the world may never know
  • It’s so pure and he loves to see you like this
  • He might even prepare some snacks for the animals and gives it to you in a little box so whenever you both go out you can just feed them
  • Isn’t that adorable, yes I know it is
  • If you insist to pet the animal on the other side of the street he will grab your hand and walk with you
  • You both will end up feeding and petting every animal that comes and visits you and idk I feel like snooji just starts to love everything you do
  • you’re both a good match for each other I might ship it

eastofthemoon  asked:

If you're taking prompts, how about Hunk and Keith with the prompt- rainstorm?


Hunk ignored him, pushing his way through the crowded dining room and into the front hall.

“Hunk, wait, please.”

Hunk just walked faster, not even pausing to grab his coat. When he opened the front door, the light drizzle from earlier had turned into a deluge. Hunk didn’t even pause as he walked out, instantly getting soaked to the bone. He just needed to get away.

He was halfway to the road, not even sure where he was going, when he heard Keith call out to him.


The desperate sound of his voice made Hunk’s steps stutter to a stop and his already rapidly beating heart constrict in pain. 

I still love him, he thought, feeling so fragile even the softest touch could shatter him. God, fuck, why do I still love him?

“Hunk,” Keith said, startling him into turning.

He was only a foot away now, his hair sticking to his face and his shirt already soaked through. His face looked like how Hunk felt, desperate and fragile, and it made Hunk angry because what right did Keith have to look like that when Hunk was the one he’d left behind.

“Hunk, I-,” Keith started, but Hunk didn’t want to hear it.

No,” he said, sounding more broken-hearted than angry. “I don’t want to hear your excuses or explanations. You left me behind. You never wrote!”

Hunk’s breathing was ragged, his throat rapidly closing as he held back a sob. He was suddenly thankful for the rain. He didn’t want Keith to know he made him cry.

Two years, Keith. Nothing for two. Years.”

Hunk’s voice had climbed in volume to the point he was nearly yelling now.

“And you think you can just, what? Show up at my best friend’s wedding and think I’d just fall into your arms? You don’t get to-”

“I did write!” Keith yelled, matching Hunk’s volume. 


“I wrote 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year,” Keith said, no longer yelling but no less emotional.

“…You wrote me?” Hunk asked, not quite believing it.

“Yes,” Keith said with conviction.

Then why did I never… Hunk thought, but then he remembered. His father. His father, who hated Keith, had never thought he was good enough, had never approved. His father, who’d known the mailman since they were kids, was best friends with him, even. Had he…

Hunk looked back at Keith with new eyes. 

“You wrote,” he whispered.

“It wasn’t over for me,” Keith said, taking a step forward. He was only inches away now.

“It still isn’t over,” he said, grabbing Hunk’s waist and pulling him into a desperate kiss.

Hunk’s breath rushed out of him all at once. Keith wrapped his arms around Hunk, and Hunk brought his hands up to cradle Keith’s face. It was sloppy and desperate and even a little painful.

It was the best kiss Hunk had ever had.

Frat Boy (Part 4)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: Dean and reader take a few days off for midterms before continuing their game… 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tags: @dancingalone21 @daydreamingintheimpala @pulgapelayo18 @perpetualabsurdity

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 6,833

Warnings: stalking, language, smut

A/N: A little more story on the front end of this one, a lot more stuff and things on the back…

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  • Lady Boyle: I have a secret...
  • Me: Yep.
  • Lady Boyle: And if people knew!
  • Me: You are terrible.
  • Lady Boyle: But I'm only doing it to protect my family name.
  • Me: Your family is terrible.
  • Lady Boyle: It's so dangerous right now, without allies.
  • Me: Please walk faster.
  • Lady Boyle: Honestly, if I could get away from him, I would. Know what I mean? He's... not a nice man.
  • Me: Oh no.
  • Lady Boyle: You are such a good listener, I feel like we're really connecting.
  • Me: Guilt is killing me.
  • Lady Boyle: Me too! We're so in sync!
Here's Some More Sportarobbie Headcanons!

Me: *opens a text post* Hoe don’t do it
My fingers: *type in “Headcanons”*
Me: Oh my god

•Don’t mess up Robbie’s hair

•He will cut you without hesitation
•Robbie spends half an hour at the least on his hair
•A heavy gust of wind not only messed up his hair, but also littered it with leaves and small sticks and everyone swore they felt the ground rumble
•Sportacus had never been so afraid of his skinny boyfriend in all his life
•Sportacus is only allowed to style it on weekends because those are “casual” days (laying at home more so than usual)
•Going to the store is fun, but a hassle at the same time

•Robbie has the list, with Stephanie by his side constantly
•Sportacus runs in place a lot since Robbie walks slowly through the isles
•"Can we hurry up? I’m not trying to be impatient or anything, but can we please just walk a little faster?”
•Sportacus needs to be physically dragged away from the fruit displays •Likewise, Robbie is pulled away from the cake and sweets displays
•"You can get ONE bag of fruit, Sportacus.“/“Then Robbie can only get one bag of candy!”
•Stephanie usually ends up being the only one at the cart, retrieving everything and having to act like the mom to the two
•They ride the cart home with Sportacus pushing and running as fast as he can before jumping on himself
•It’s returned the next day

•Stephanie had to set them up herself

•She had gotten tired of watching Robbie trip over his own feet whenever he watched Sportacus play with the kids and how Sportacus would focus on Robbie and then take a ball straight to the stomach
•"Robbie, do you like Sportacus?”/“Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous, pixie.”
•"Sportacus, do you like Robbie?“/“W-What? No! He’s a friend, that’s all!”
•Stephanie sent them both letters that told them to meet by the park and it just went from there
•Sportacus announced their relationship and everybody was surprised, but because they thought they were already dating
“Carrot cake.”
•"Fruit cake.”

•They’ve been rubbing off on each other in the worst (best) ways

•Sportacus still wakes up early, but doesn’t get it of bed until thirty minutes later
•This is because his (or Robbie’s) bed is warm and so is Robbie and he wants to keep cuddling
•8:08 bedtime has turned into 8:45
•Robbie can do the splits now, all thanks to watching Sport practice them and then trying it himself
•Robbie learned how to make his legs more flexible for the sake of “sticking his leg up real far.”
•Sport doesn’t get the joke, but he isn’t complaining

(I wrote a little ficlet pertaining to another headcanon of mine, enjoy.)

The kids marched towards to the couple, each of them in a huff except for the slightly distressed Stephanie.

“Guys, come on. Does this really matter?”

“You bet it does, pinky! Hey, lovebirds!”

Robbie snorted awake from his place on the bench Sportacus was lifting, turning to gaze drowsily at the oncoming children. He cast his hand down and snapped a few times, catching Sportacus’ attention and making him set the bench down.

“Yeah, Robbie?”

“The kids are coming…”

Sportacus jumped on the bench and waved to the kids, but his arm stopped when he noticed the irritation surrounding them. He hopped down to greet them when they finally made it over, but Stingy held up his finger.

“Save it, Sportacus! We have a question for you and Robbie!”

Sportacus glanced back at Robbie to make sure he was listening and, though he was still half-asleep, it appeared he was.

“Alright! What’s your question?”

“Who’s your favorite out of all of us?”

The smile fell off of his face immediately.


“Who do you both like best, Sportacus? My computer calculations couldn’t produce any results so we came to you two directly!”

Sportacus worried at his lip and stuttered a bit as he went over the delicate answer to the question. Ziggy pulled at his pant leg and looked up at him with his signature puppy eyes.

“Well, Sportacus?”

“W-We like everybody equal-”


Sportacus froze and all eyes landed on Robbie, who had a sleepy nonchalant look in his eyes. He fell back on his side and pulled the blanket up to his shoulders.

“Stephanie’s our favorite.”

Sportacus looked back nervously and was forced to watch as the small crowd fell into shouts of, “I TOLD YOU!”, “OOOH MY GOD!”, and just screaming in general.

I want to write 500 poems
and I don’t want to write any poems, ever.
I want my friends to invite me out
and I want people to stop talking to me,
to stop caring about me.
(Please delete my number.)

I want to visit everyone I know
in every new place they’re in,
run my hands over the dirtied walls of their bedrooms,
congratulate them on doing it, on finally doing it,
on having their own place,
on nights going as late as they’d like,
on no one telling them they have work in the morning.

But then I also want the stillness of the womb,
the stillness of the tomb,
the stillness of a throat so hoarse
from screaming all-night into a pillow.
The still-horror in my reflection
after I have punched myself so many times
in the cheek that I cannot close my jaw.

I want big crowds, big lights,
let’s go let’s go,
excuse me miss can you please walk a little faster,
or no excuses,
just a shove, a push, a kick to the ground.
(This is the big city.
There is no time for introductions
when you’re trying to be somebody.)

I want no politeness, no kindness,
no forgiveness when you’ve got somewhere to go.

But I also want:
soft touch soft touch soft touch soft touch soft touch,
forehead kiss, hands careful not to bruise,
hands so soft, touch so soft
(soft touch soft touch) that it wrings out tears.

I want petals plucked,
blossoms on your dining room table,
a stem wrapped in a paper towel and aluminum foil

and I want
more thorns,

gardens full of thorns,
galleries full of thorns,
my head filled with thorns,
all thorns to replace all poems

More thorns

to keep sweaty hands
from plucking.

(Please delete this poem.)

—  If Anyone Gets It I Think It’s Nana Grizol | Lora Mathis
"Is She Dead Yet?" A NaruSaku Tale.

Down a winding path that cut through the heart of Konoha, lay a quaint little restuarant named “Okazu”. Distinct voices of two people travelling down the path can be heard echoing off the stone walls.


“Will you walk faster please!?”

“Why can’t we eat at Ichiraku?”

“It’s my turn for date night. That was the agreement.”

“But you always pick food other than ramen." 

"That’s the idea.”

“Aw, man!”

“Stop whining- OH! I forgot to tell you about Tsunade-sama!”

“Is she dead yet?”


“What? She’s an old hag. One day she’ll just turn into dust…”

“Behave. We’re spending some time with her tonight.”

Naruto walks in front of the Okazu and gulps as he and Sakura proceed through the door.

“Well, looky here! It’s Saruto and Nakura the two love bunnnnnnnnnies!”

A blonde woman slurs, swiveling around in her chair with a small sake cup in her hand. She waves them over to her with large, arcing arm swings.

“Come ‘ere! I got a head start, hope ya don’t mind.”

Naruto pulls out a chair for his lady to sit in, then goes to her side and seats himself. Tsunade sees his behavior and starts to chuckle.

“You got the boy trained up to be a gentleman!” The drunk woman leans over her pink haired successor who looks past the woman and mouths 'She is wasted’ to her boyfriend. 

“Tsunade-sama… will you excuse us for a moment?” Sakura says quickly, then stands up from her chair. Taking Naruto’s hand, she led him behind a nearby paper screen, just out of earshot of the former lady Hokage. He grins mischievously and smooths his hands around her waist.

“So, we’re skipping dinner and going straight to the make out session, huh? Since its not ramen, I am so game…” He whispers deeply.

To his surprise, Sakura holds his arms from progressing any further.

“I’ve never seen Tsunade-sama this… gone…” She speaks in a hushed tone, peaking over the whiskered lad’s shoulders. “Something must be up…”

“I thought I saw her at Jiraiya-sensei’s memorial this morning…”

Sakura’s eyes widened in realization.

'Today was the day Jiraiya passed away…’

“Can we still make out?” Naruto called  hopefully to Sakura as she began to walk back to the table.

“Later… if you are nice to Tsunade-sama.”


He pulls the seat out again and then pushes it in gently once she is seated.

“TWICE in a row! He’s either a good dog, or a keeper…" 

Tsunade alarmingly has five white sake bottles in front of her. Sakura smiles brightly at her mentor and slides the bottles to the side for Naruto to place on another table. They had been going out for a year now, so they developed a strange, nonverbal style of team work…

"Tsunade-sama… Jiraiya was a good man.” Sakura starts gently, her hand holding Naruto’s under the table. He squeezes her slim fingers tenderly, to give her courage for what she was trying to do.

“He was NOT a good man.” Tsunade yells, shattering her cup into dust as she slams her fists down.

“I’m glad he died, that lech.” She lowers her head to the table, her face hidden by her mussed, golden hair.

“He smelled. He drank too much.” Naruto held in a chuckle as Sakura shot him a warning look not to interrupt the moment. “He was a pervert, always trying to peak at me while I was naked." 

Naruto looked like he was about to burst, but he restrained himself, thinking about Sakura’s promise to him if he behaved himself.

"He called me old. He was a lazy, good-for-nothing, wannabe-writer, hack ninja, stupid, perverted, idiot. ”

Tsunade sniffs, apparently crying, her waterworks having been turned on while she began to remember him. 

“And then he died. I didn’t even tell him how I truly felt about him…”

The busty woman suddenly shoots up from the table, grabbing the two ninja in a hug, catching them off guard with such uncharacteristic behavior.

“That’s why I called you here, Sakura…” She says seriously, while still grasping onto them. “You two remind me of what could have been… don’t make the same mistakes we did! Be better!! Surpass us!!!”

The two shinobi tried to nod in agreement, but they were running out of oxygen as her huge breasts covered their faces.

“Get married! Have babies!! Look… look for cute little apartments!!! Grow old together!!!”

Tsunade stops abruptly as her head slams on the table. Sakura rushes over to see if she was hurt, but she wasn’t. She started to snore as she dozed off on the table top.

“Oh, brother…”

“Good thing Kakashi-sama and Iruka-sensei were around to help us take her home… it felt like we were carrying the entire Hokage mountain…” Sakura laughs, shaking Naruto’s hand. 

“I’m glad we could help Tsunade-sama a little. Thank you for going along with it…”

The whiskered young man was remarkably quiet, so Sakura was afraid she had said something that upset him.

“What’s wrong, Naruto? Are you okay?”

“Surpass them…” He whispers, staring at the ground, determination etched in his features. “I need to surpass them. He said that to me before he left on that last mission, too…”

Naruto looked around, suddenly, like he was inspecting his surroundings for an intruder.

Then he took Sakura’s hand and held it to his chest, looking into her eyes. Sakura was caught off guard by the seriousness of his gaze.

“Marry me, Sakura-chan.” He says warmly, his hand pressing her palm against his beating heart. Sakura was rendered speechless, a crimson blush blossoming onto her face.

“Are you… serious? Have you even thought about this before tonight?” She narrows her eyes as she finally speaks. Naruto scratches his head in thought.

“Well, I’ve been planning to marry you from the first time I saw you, so… yeah.” He answers plainly. 

“Then, I guess I’ve been making you wait a long time…”

Sakura launches herself into his arms and kisses him deeply.

“Yes! I will marry you!” She wonders why he doesn’t kiss her back, then she remembers their silly promise in Okazu.

“NOW, we can make out.” She says playfully as Naruto grins charmingly.


“A tale is only good as it’s final turn of events.” -Jiraiya

-The End

–Story By ODG

This is in response to a hate mail I just recieved. The person asked: “How is your mom? Is she dead yet?” And so, I responded in the best way I knew how… HAHAHAHA. NaruSaku FTW.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Luke blurb where you get into an argument in front of fans

so, i don’t think you and luke would argue much. he isn’t very argumentative and would rather work things out as easily as possible. but being in crowds stresses him out and gives you bad anxiety, and on one particularly shitty day you would end up getting stuck in one full of cute fans but a lot of nosy photographers. so the day would have included things like an early morning and no breakfast; things that would have put you both in a bad mood already. and when you get stuck in the crowd it only heightens both of your emotions until the two of you are ready to snap. you would be the first out and luke would bump into you and ask you to please walk a little faster fuck, and that would be it for you. you would turn around and tell him to learn how to walk like a normal human being and before long the two of you are practically yelling at each other in front of a group of fans who just wanted some pictures and autographs. it isn’t until a few of them ask if everything’s alright that you frown and give them an apologetic look, realizing how disappointing this must be for them to see. luke would frown too and quickly try to take as many pictures and sign as many things as possible before a fan or two ask if you guys are okay or if you’re breaking up and luke would be so upset that it even seemed this way, he would kiss the corner of your mouth and apologize.

The signs walking down the hallway
  • aries: pushing through people without saying sorry
  • taurus: smiling at everyone
  • gemini: avoiding eye contact while others try to catch their attention
  • cancer: desperately trying to untangle their headphones
  • leo: laughing loudly with their friends
  • virgo: on their phone, not watching where they're going
  • libra: "hey!!" "sup" *head nod* "hows it going dude?" "ayyyyyyy"
  • scorpio: "get out of my way, stop screaming, i dont like you, fucking walk faster please"
  • sagittarius: *trips*
  • capricorn: walking incredibly fast, goes straight from class to class
  • aquarius: taking the long way to their next class
  • pisces: looks royally pissed off but is just chillin
Only a week - Sunday - Nash Grier imagine

The beginning








Talking to Cameron had confused me even more. ‘You will see’. His words were running through my mind while I was sitting in one of the beach chairs by the pool the next day, reading a book. It was already late and the sun slowly disappeared behind big, black clouds that would probably bring a lot of rain this night.

Not much had changed when it came to Nash. Actually, I hadn’t even seen him much today. And when I saw him, he did a pretty good job at ignoring me. I wasn’t trying anymore. If he didn’t want to talk to me, then I wouldn’t force him to. I wasn’t the type of person to run after someone. I was a little disappointed though. I had hoped that this challenge would help me with getting along with Nash. The opposite was the case now. Except for the insults, we had pretty much gone back to where we started. Ignoring each other and avoiding any kind of conversation. 

It started to get cold, so I slowly made my way inside. I bumped into an upset Cameron in the living room. "Cameron! What’s wrong?“, I asked confused. He ran his fingers through his hair. "That’s it. You can’t just go on like that!”, he huffed. I dropped my gaze. "That wasn’t the challenge! You need to talk! Right now.“, he added and I looked up. "Well, I wanted to talk to him! It’s not my fault that he’s been ignoring me for like two days!”, I said. Cameron nodded. "You’re right. But you just have to talk. I’ll go get him.“ And with that he went upstairs. I sat down on the couch and buried my face in my hands. This whole thing was getting me down. I had feelings for Nash that I didn’t want to have. 

Cameron dragging Nash, who had an annoyed expression on his face, into the living room snapped me out of my thoughts. I quickly stood up. "I don’t care if you want to talk. You have to.”, Cameron stated. "I’ll leave you alone now. Whatever it is between you two, talk it out.“ Nash and I nodded and Cameron left. 

Nash sat down on the couch, but I stood still. "So…”, he trailed off and looked up at me, expecting me to do something. I took a deep breath. "… we should talk.“ That was probably the dumbest thing I could’ve possibly said, but I just couldn’t think of anything else. "About what?”, Nash asked as if it wasn’t obvious enough. He slowly started to piss me off. "About us, obviously.“, I said. Nash shrugged. "There’s nothing to talk about.” That was it. I had had enough. I was not someone that yelled often, but Nash just made me so mad. 

“YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU, NASH!” I stormed out of the living room, slipped into my shoes and rushed out of the house as fast as possible. I ran a bit further before I slowed down. Tears of frustration and anger were running down my face. Why did he have to act like this? Suddenly a raindrop hit my arm. Great. Now it was also starting to rain. It didn’t take long until the rain was pelting down and soaked my clothes. However, turning around and going home was not an option right now. I shivered a little bit and crossed my arms over my chest to keep me warm. 

“(Y/N)! Wait!” Nash suddenly appeared behind me. I just kept walking. "Leave me alone!“, I shouted. His footsteps became quicker and he came closer and closer. I started to walk faster. "Please wait!”, he begged and grabbed my shoulder, forcing me to turn around and face him. His clothes were just as soaked as mine and his hair stuck to his forehead. "What the hell do you want?“, I snapped, freeing myself of his grip. "Are you crying?”, he asked. “No.”, I mumbled and wiped some tears away. "You are.“, he said, not giving up. I lost it. "ACTUALLY, I HAVE JUST ONE QUESTION. WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?" 

My words echoed through the street. My vision became blurry by the rain and all I could make out was Nash’s silhouette. I gritted my teeth and breathed heavily. Nash shook his head and run his fingers through his hair in frustration. "I DON’T HATE YOU! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" 

All the anger and frustration faded away as his lips touched mine. I was shocked at first. Just a few moments ago we had been yelling at each other and now our lips wanted to be kissed. Nash’s hand cupped my face while my hand wrapped around his neck. Our movements were hesitant, shy almost. Slow. We took our time, the rain and the darkness around us becoming a minor matter. His nose brushed against my cheek and his thumb drew small circles on it.

When we pulled apart, I couldn’t help but giggle. I had never thought that the week would end like this. Nash laughed and stroked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to his body. My head rested on his chest and I could hear his heartbeat. 

"So you like rainy nights?”, Nash whispered. I closed my eyes and a smile of satisfaction spread across my face. I remembered everything that had happened this week. The dinner, the date at the movies, the pool, the movie night at home. I huddled up to him even more.

“I do.”

So this happens on Sunday :) It’s over soon :( I will write and post the next part tomorrow!

Hope you like it <3 

When there's a person who walks slowly in front of them (BTS)

Seokjin: Why.. just why… *walks patiently behind that person anyway*

Suga: Can you please walk faster, please? Thanks.

J-Hope: *does random stuffs and accidentally embarrass himself and tell everything to Jimin when he’s home*

Rap Monster: *makes 100 songs while walking behind them patiently*

Jimin: *does a flip to get pass that person*

V: *makes faces behind them*

Jungkook: *tries to be cool but fail miserably after a while and try to get pass that person*

(none of these gifs are mine)

Same Old Habits

I was out to the store getting my coffee. I had pulled an all nighter last night, trying to study for that dumb history exam, and I needed some caffeine to wake me up. There was no way in the world that I would stay up without some extra help.

I walked into this older coffee shop ready to get the same coffee I used to get everyday for a year. This was my favorite shop; I would never want to come anywhere but here in the mornings for a long time.

It felt really good to come back through the shop with all the memories; especially the scent filling my mind. It reminded me of better days. Those better days were long and gone; I wish I hadn’t thought of them.

I shook the old memories from my head as I reached for my hot cup of coffee. I tried not to focus on the smell of it, in case of reoccurring memories.

I walked out of the store and headed toward my school building mentally preparing to take my test. I studied too much to fail this time.

“I see you’ve fallen back into your same old habits, eh?”

That familiar voice ran shivers down my spine. It was sweet, caring, gentle, but heart wrenching all at the same time.

“Yeah, I guess.” I said, shrugging him off. It’s been a while since we’ve talked and I meant to keep it that way.

“Come on, [Y/N]. Don’t just ignore me.”

“I Have to get to class, Harry.”

I walked around him, advancing down the sidewalk trying to get away from him. It didn’t do me any justice; his long legs easily caught up to me.

“I know we broke up, but can’t I still talk to you?” Harry pleaded.

“I don’t know. I really don’t want to talk.” I said, walking faster.

“Please, [Y/N],” he begged, “I miss you, a lot more than you think.”

My heart swelled a little when he said that, but I wasn’t planning on taking my guard down for him.

“Okay, you get 5 minutes.” I said softly.

I saw Harry breathe out a little when I told him that.

His large, long arms embraced me into a hug, and he nuzzled his face into my hair.

“Oh my god, [Y/N], you don’t know how much I missed you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you ever since we broke up a month ago. It was the hardest month in my life.”

I stood there like a log, trying not to give into his sorrowfulness.

“Please, [Y/N], just hug me back, just this time.”

My heart melted at how soft his words were, so I decided to hug him back.

“I’ve missed you so much.” He mumbled.

“I’ve missed you too, Harry.”

I took my phone out of my back pocket and looked at the time.

“Harry, I have to leave, my test starts really soon.”

“Um, ok,” He said, letting go of me. “I’ll call you later so we could talk some more.”

“Uh, sure yeah.” I replied.


“Hey, [Y/N].” Wanna come over my house for a bit? Um, just show up, I guess.”  I heard, Harry’s voicemail to me.

I did miss him a bit, so I decided to go over his house like he asked me.

I opened the front door to his house and looked around a bit. His place still looked the same as it always did.

I heard noises coming from in his kitchen so I went to see if he was there.

“Um, Harry? I’m here?” I called out to him.

“Oh, [Y/N]. I didn’t you were going to come.” He said, standing near his sink with only a white sleeveless and boxers.

“Um, I could leave if this isn’t a good time.” I said, backing away.

“No, no. Please stay. Here sit down.” He said, pulling my chair out.

I sat down across from him.

“So, how have you been?” he asked.

“I’m pretty good. My shoulders kind of hurt.” I said, rubbing them.

“Really? Here let me rub them for you.”

“No, really it’s fine.” I said.

Harry was already standing behind me massaging my shoulders.

“That actually feels really good.” I moaned. “Where did you learn to do this?” I asked.

“I’m just really good with my hands.”

I hummed in satisfaction as his hands worked on me. I scooted forward in my chair, closer toward the table. Harry sat in the space that I made between my back and the backrest of the chair.

A tingling sensation spread from my core throughout my entire body as Harry pressed me against him. One of his arms wrapped around my waist and he attached his lips to my neck. He kissed up and down my neck, sucking on my sweet spot.

I groaned as he slid his hands under my shirt and softly grabbed my boobs. He began to suck my neck harsher than before biting down softly on my neck.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” He whispered.

I moaned and rolled my hips back into crotch, and he let out a low groan. I felt his bulge harden on my back, making me wetter by the second. He slipped his hands into my jeans and underwear, rubbing my clit slowly.

“Jesus, baby. I missed you.” He moaned.

I reached my hand behind me and rubbed his cock through his boxers. He thrusted into my hand a few times before picking me up and bringing me over to the counter.

He spread my legs with his hands and stood in between them. He began to kiss u and down my neck again, and in-between my breasts. He slipped his hands up into my shirt and explored my body with them. Soon after, he took my shirt in his hands and brought it over my head. Then he threw it across the kitchen. He attached his lips back to mine and I gripped his long curls in my hands; pulling him closer to my needy body. His hand slid down my torso and rubbed the inside my thighs gently; teasing me greatly.

I shifted my center closer to his hand, wanting friction where I needed him most.

“No, baby. Be patient for me,” he whispered to me, then pulling my earlobe between his teeth.

His hand still continued to tease me. He rubbed me from my knee, slowly, inch by inch, back up to the top of my thigh, but never touching me.

I groaned in frustration at his teasing.

“Harry, please.” I begged.

“Please, what? Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to touch me.” I moaned.

“Where, baby?”

I grabbed his hand on placed it on top of my panties, adding pressure where my clit is.

“Here.” I said.

He began to rub me slowly.

“Please, Harry, faster.”

He rubbed my clit in figure eights, quickly like I asked him to. 

His fingers worked on me so well, my legs began to shake. I fisted his shirt in my hands, trying to hold onto something so that I won’t fall on the floor.

He removed his hands from my center to take off his shirt, revealing his tattoos to me.

I whimpered at the sight of his muscular torso, sketched with black drawings. He had some new ones that weren’t there before. He had two leaf things right on his v-line defining his happy trail. His new tattoos made me wetter just looking at them.

He took off his jeans and threw them with his shirt, then bringing his hand back to my clit.

“How wet are you? Hmm?” he said, rolling my sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger.

Electric jolts shot through my body as he continued to roll his fingers, causing me to grip the countertop. His finger dipped into my panties and rubbed over my folds a couple times.

“Jesus, you’re so fucking wet baby.” He said, licking his fingers.

He put his hand back into my underwear and his other hand on my upper thigh to hold my still. His middle and ring finger plunged into me curling upward, searching for my g-spot. I rolled my hips into his hand, for more contact. His fingers began to move faster inside me, until I was seeing white. I gripped the countertop so hard, my knuckles turned white.

“Harry.” I moaned, trying to move away from the intense pleasure he was giving me.

“Stop moving, baby.” He said.

I tried to keep still, but I couldn’t because of how good his fingers felt. Soon after, my orgasm rocketed throughout my body, making my legs go numb. Harry continued to finger me, to make my orgasm last longer.

“That was so hot.” Harry said.

I pulled Harry’s boxers down to his thighs, letting his erection spring free. I took off my underwear, while Harry did the same. I began to reach for his cock, but he pulled away.

“No foreplay, baby. I need you now.”

He lined up with me, and pushed into me slowly. He moved his hips back and forth carefully, waiting for me to adjust to size.

“Faster, Harry.” I whimpered.

He put his hands under my thighs and raised them to his chest. I put my hands behind me on the counter for support. He rested his forehead against mine as he began to thrust into me deeper, and harder.

I threw my head back, enjoying Harry’s deep thrusts into my wet center. He ducked his head down and began to suck on my sensitive nipples, switching occasionally, to give both of them equal attention.

I began to roll my hips in sync with his, making his head tilt back, giving me and chance to kiss his neck. I sucked on his soft skin until I found his sweet spot. I sucked harshly on it, leaving a mark. Harry groaned and thrusted into me harder, holding me tighter and closer to his body.

“[Y/N].” He moaned, dragging my name out. His eyes screwed tight, meaning he was about to come undone.

His hand came back to my clit and rubbed fast, to try to bring my over the edge. He shifted his hips, and the hilt of his cock began to rub my g-spot furiously.

I cried out in pleasure, and slight pain and he continued.

“C’mon, baby, cum for me.”

His words pushed me over, and my walls tightened around him, he whimpered at my tightened, dropping his head to my shoulder.

I felt his warm cum, shoot inside me, and his hips began to slow down. He pulled put of me and handed me my underwear and bra, and he put on his boxers. He helped me down from the counter and kissed my forehead.

“Looks like we’re back to the same old habits.” He said.