please tour to support this album

Other fandoms talk about how spoiled they are as a fandom but here we have monbebes who’s been getting fed since the beginning of 2017. We got season 1 of Monsta x-ray, kcon L.A and Japan, No Exit broadcast, a first full album with 3 versions, Japanese promotions, plus a Japanese version and music video of Hero, a special clip for Beautiful and need you, a dance practice, a whole bunch of behind the scenes video for Beautiful mv, our official lightstick, monotories, them doing the gasolina, episodes of nimble, weekly idol, shownu on lipstick prince, kihyun releasing osts, a jooheon mixtape, DJ H.ONE, changkyun mcing k-rush, Jooheon Changkyun and Hyungwon performing at UMF, selfies and vlives back to back and now we’re getting a repackaged album with 2 versions where they’re gonna be promoting both of the new songs on music shows, season 2 of Monsta x-ray, a world tour and God knows what else. And these are all listed from the top of my head so I probably forgot a bunch of stuff too. So anyways guys, please support their upcoming comeback and help them get their first win. They’re been working so hard this year.

#2YearsWithMonstaX ♡

From Monbebe to Monsta X~~~

Happy 2nd anniversary! Let’s stay together for a long time, maybe even forever! Thank you for all your hard work! You will always have our love and support. Please take care of yourselves, rest and eat well. Stay healthy because we worry about you! We look forward to more Monsta X music (singles, albums, mixtapes, OSTs), shows (reality, drama, movies) and concerts. Good luck for your world tour~ We will always be here to love and support you! Thank you for everything! Happy 2 years! ^^

All our love, MONBEBE ♡

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm looking for some black metal bands that are free of fascism or fascist ties. Any suggestions please?

Eh it’s gonna be a tough one. Usually, you can name a black metal band and they’re two or three steps removed from some kind of Nazi. It wasn’t that way at the beginning but the Right is culturally bereft and black metal is not very difficult to play or produce so they latched onto it.

Woe’s new album “hope attrition” is so hot right now….they’re antifa

Book of Sand is extremely anti Nazi

Ghost Bath have no Nazi connections, don’t play with or fuck w/ Nazi bands and support antifa bands on their tours

Ash Borer and Wolves in the Throne Room are considered “Cascadian” black metal because their music is long form black metal which evokes the atmospheres of the Pacific Northwest, but are totally unaffiliated with the settler colonialist movement of the same name. Both bands are totally unaffiliated with naziism.

Gudsforladt from Boston is my band. We play antifa black metal, we’ve been on Benefit comps for no more dysphoria and no one is illegal.

Dawn Ray’d from the UK is really good, aggressive anarchist black metal unaffiliated with naziism

Deafest is lo fi instrumental black metal from Colorado

Anti-Freeze is anarchist bm from Canada

Woodland Tomb from Jersey is good is the one demo of a band called expropriator which i know is a communist black metal band

Skagos also, anarcho communist black metal Panopticon is dope and extremely famous

iKON’s vocal and rap line, i’m crying daebak. They are not joking yall. Korea why you sleeping on these talented dorks?

Dear YG and YGEnt, have you seen how shookt Korea was after this performance? Number 1 on all search engines, Bling Bling trended no.1 on Melon rising chart and even trending no.6 on KTwitter. What are you guys doing? PLEASE. WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP. Imagine you doing better promo in SK noh? GOSH!! I am not against you shipping them to JP for another set of DOME TOUR concerts but please, do your job properly and promote them more in Korea for the next months. We also have 8 remaining songs for NEW KIDS ALBUM SO, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.


Why do some Harmonizers and Mixers say, “5H/LM are currently the biggest selling western girl group?” Like why can’t y’all say “5H/LM are currently one of the biggest selling western girl group”. Do some of you not realize that two girl groups can co-exist at the same time? Fifth Harmony do well when it comes to streams and single sales, whereas Little Mix do well with album and tour sales.

Some comments that I’ve read (mainly on twitter) are absolutely annoying. It’s like some Harmonizers can’t praise any other artist without tearing them down or their accomplishments to make 5H seem better (a.k.a calling LM flops???). And it’s like some Mixers always have to comment LM are better on every 5H post.

Can we please praise, support, love, both girl groups? You can stan one more than the other, but at the end of the day don’t be so close minded and childish. Acknowledge the other girl groups achievements, and if you can’t then please keep your mouth shut and stay away from commenting nasty crap on 5H/LM posts.

me @ sony music latin: where is the new cnco album its mid 2017, they got enough promo and money for a top notch MV, pay a more experienced choreographer, and FIX THEIR HAIR AND STYLING PLEASE I FEEL SO DRY AS A CNCO STAN ALL THEY DO IS TOUR TO PLACES NOT NEAR ME WE DESERVE AN ALBUM, AND WHERE IS MIX5??? HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SUPPORT MY LATIN BANDS IF YOU DONT LET THEM DO ANYTHING

Comeback thoughts...

I know we’re thinking it’s too soon for Monsta X to have a comeback and that we’re worried about them not getting enough rest, especially with the tour coming up…but this is what they need if we want to get them a no1. If they went off on their tour and made a comeback in let’s say October (peak time for comebacks..) then some of the new fans that they gained during beautiful (especially in Korea) might have forgotten about them and then definitely no no1. With this comeback, it gives them a chance to be remembered during the summer while they’re on tour. Even if we can’t get them a no1 with this comeback, it’ll help them for next time.

That being said, we need to try and get them a no1 this time. Especially with Sistar disbanded 😭 they need a no1 to keep promoting. They deserve it. They’ve worked too long and too hard to not get a no1.

Please please please support these guys. Let’s get their digital streaming up. Let’s keep the album sales high. I’ll be reblogging a lot about how to stream on melon and other sites (even tho melon is the main one we need) so that it helps.

Even if it’s one win we can get them, it’ll be wonderful for these guys.

- 17.05.23 - ENG - Kyuhyun’s letter in Elf Japan album 

ELF, My fans, Thank you always for your huge love and support.
Be it Super Junior’s activities, of course as a person, Kyuhyun, doing activities as an artist, I can feel more and more of everyone’s heart. When I released my Japanese album, I wondered if could do a 2nd Japan Tour, but because of your continuous support it was possible.
We will not be able to meet temporarily but my songs are still around. Please listen to them and wait (for me).
Until the day we meet again. Please stay healthy.
Kyu-chan. Kyuhyun -

- 17.05.23 - PT - Carta de Kyuhyun na Versão ELF Japão do álbum ‘Goobye For Now' 

Os meus fãs, ELF, agradeço sempre pelo seu enorme amor e apoio.

Seja atividades do Super Junior, ou naturamente como uma pessoa, Kyuhyun, fazendo atividades como um artista, posso sentir mais e mais de todos os corações.

Quando lancei o meu álbum Japonês, Me perguntava se poderia fazer uma segunda turnê pelo Japão, mas por causa do seu apoio continuo isso foi possível.
Não poderemos nos encontar temporariamente (por um determinado tempo), mas minhas cançãoes ainda ficarão por ai.
Por favor ouçam-as e aguardem por mim. Até o dia em que nos encontrarmos novamente. Por favor, fiquem saudáveis.

Kyu-chan. Kyuhyun  -

Cred: Kyud0n 

Via: ChoKyuHyunLoversInArabia


2015 Albums of the year:

2015 was an amazing year for new music and new bands, producing a huge amount of wonderful new albums. 

One Great Song personal favourites are:

Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

Wolf Alice have thrived this year. With a Glastonbury spot and huge sell out tours, they have really proved to the world just how great they are.

My Love Is Cool is for me, the best album of 2015. It isn’t very often that I can listen to an album and think ‘Wow. This is genuinely incredible.’ But that is exactly what came to mind a few songs into this album. 

Nothing But Thieves - Nothing But Thieves

Having signed a record deal in just 2014, it has been a whirlwind year for Nothing But Thieves. With sets at Reading and Leeds festival, to supporting Muse in front of 32,000 people, things are really kicking off for this band.

For me, this was the most anticipated album in a long time. From the hit tracks ‘Itch’ and ‘Wake Up Call’ to the more mellow, haunting sounds of ‘Lover, Please Stay’ and ‘Tempt You’ this album really has something for everyone.

Catfish and The Bottlemen - The Balcony

Catfish and The Bottlemen have simply exploded this year. Having gone from a sellout tour of 1000 capacity venues to a whole tour with multiple dates at Manchester Apollo selling out in mere minutes, they have really shown their true potential.

With huge sing along tracks like ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Kathleen’ all the way to the beautiful sounds of ‘Hourglass’ this is a hugely impressive debut. A consistent, but not boring sound throughout provides a beautiful album, perfect for any mood.

Peace - Happy People

Kicking off the year with an intimate tour showcasing the new album before moving on to a larger tour at the end of the year, Peace have had a great year.

Happy People shows a new side to the Birmingham band. ‘Perfect Skin’ captures this generations desires to be as good as everyone else, ‘Happy People’ the stress and sadness of growing older. Peace have grown up, but their sound is still just as great as before. Happy People shows their growth, and proves their talent.

Videos of the Week (Part 2)

A few months ago, Jay Som released Everybody Works, the Oakland musician’s first fully-formed album. She’s been touring in support of it ever since, and she has a bunch more dates coming up throughout the year. This week, she released a music video for ‘One More Time, Please,’ the twinkling centerpiece from the album. It was directed by Christopher Good and produced by Andreina Byrne (who also stars), and it follows someone who is trying to outrun imaginary and internalized demons by hiding from them in any way possible. The directors explain: “We wanted to honor the heaviness of Melina’s lyrics by channeling the essence of madness many feel while attempting to live up to societal standards, behaviors or even personal obsessions. This madness can become mentally and physically enslaving. We follow the main character as she attempts to satisfy these standards/obsessions until she realizes her obsession with such is more of an internalized threat. This realization of her own obsessive state guides her to find her own peace of mind and acceptance of herself.” Watch above. [via Stereogum]

Love L.U.V. know when to put the sweet with the sour. 60s style garage pop that packs a real punch, the London quartet’s live shows are an explosive of vintage riffs and extremely modern suss. Debut album You And Me, Babe is incoming, a series of taut, perfectly deformed pop songs that arrive with more hooks than a tackle shop. Clash premiered the video for new cut 'Friends In High Places’ - directed by Charlotte Copping, alongside singer Lucy D’s sister (and Love L.U.V. backing singer) Rachel Doyle, it’s a day in the life of the garage pop four-piece. The band explain: “We basically just said come and follow us around for the day and hopefully we’ll end up with something to use. We ended up hanging out at a vintage fair, having some drinks and going to a diner. It was a fun day out!” Tune in now. [via Clash]

Charli XCX collaborator and sometime Stormzy video star RAYE is back with her own brand new single, and it’s a bop. 'The Line’ is the south London singer-songwriter’s take on prejudiced bouncers and uncomfortable dresses, complete with a springy beat and a shout-along chorus. It follows two stellar EPs, and her shimmering XCX-co-written single 'I, U, Us.’ “Going out clubbing gives you a cold dose of the expectation society has on women,” RAYE explained to The FADER. “To get into a club you have to kill yourself in heels, drown in makeup with a tight dress, maybe a bit of cleavage will help you out too. Me going as ‘myself,’ wearing what I wanted, didn’t cut it. You have to fit within the boundaries and expectations put on you. Watching all these casually dressed men waltzing past me in the queue really pissed me off, so I wrote this tune.” Watch the video above. [via the Fader]

Following a Paris show as special guests of Slowdive and the release of their debut single '8.50’, Dead Sea are back with a new track entitled 'Lotion’. To translate their song into visuals, Dead Sea joined forces with Adam Csoka Keller and Evelyn Bencicova, a duo of talented and atypical Slovak contemporary artists. The result is a poignant film shot in Bratislava, part photography part experimental video, like a succession of images in motion. The set-up, styling and colours give the whole piece a post-Cold War aesthetic, counterbalanced by a resolutely pop and modern piece of music. Watch/listen to 'Lotion’ above. [via Music and Riots]

Taken from GIRLI’s new EP of the same name, ‘Feel OK’ featuring Lethal Bizzle is an open-hearted pop banger that takes all those messy feelings and boils them down into a simple sentiment about being there for someone. It’s also produced by Diztortion (who’s worked with Tinie Tempah, Stylo G, Sigma, all the lads), which partly explains why it sounds exactly like a rush of blood to the head and has a chorus approximately the size of Brazil. Check out the video above. [via Noisey]


STARLIGHTの皆さま、こんばんは。 VIXXメンバー達の新年の抱負、本日は、初のソロアルバム #REAL1ZE を発表したRaviの抱負を公開です! #BOMB の活動に、たくさんのご声援をお願いします。 #VIXX #2017年 #Raviの抱負

Good evening starlights. Of VIXX members’ New Year resolutions; today Ravi, who has released his new solo album #REAL1ZE, has revealed his New Year resolution! Please give #BOMB promotions lots of support. #VIXX #Year2017 #RavisResolution

[sign reads: “Have success with R.EAL1ZE and do concert tours”]

trans cr. sprouthyuk

[ENG TRANS] Daesung on NACK5 Radio OCT 11, 2014

DAESUNG’s guest appearance on NACK5 radio on OCT 11, 2014.

*I don’t have time to translate word for word so this is just a summarization. Please understand :D -mmvvip



HOST: So I heard you went to hot springs?

DAE: Yes. I actually went all by myself. I took the bullet train from Tokyo and went to an inn with hot springs. I only went for a night. I basically just ate dinner, slept, ate breakfast and came back.

HOST: Where do you want to go next?

DAE: I love winter and the cold so I want to go to Hokkaido. I won’t take the airplane. I will swim to Hokkaido! If you just take the airplane or ferry, that is SMALLBANG. I am BIGBANG so I swim there!! (? lol)

Question time!

Q: What made you excited recently?

DAE: That convenience-stores in Japan started selling  ODEN! I love oden. I’m so happy that it is getting cold and the stores began selling them. 

*please wiki-search ODEN if you don’t know what it is!

Q: What do you want in this moment?

DAE: chicken breast! I recently found out that smoked chicken breast is really really good.

Q: Where is a place that made you happy visiting?

DAE: Hot springs of course!

Q: What do you want to eat now?

DAE: Konnyaku!

* please wiki-search that too if you don’t know!

Q: When did you get nervous recently?

DAE: When I went to a convenience store and worried if the store had oden.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

DAE: eat konnyaku!

Q: When did you last make a mistake?

DAE: I never make a mistake!!

Q: What do you want to challenge?

DAE: Anything, as long as it is with you!

Host: How did this new trot mini album happen?

DAE: I sang Furui Nikki during the tour this year. I felt that the fans enjoyed it and at the same time, I really enjoyed singing it myself.  I chose to sing DOUNIMO TOMARANAI because I was amazed how it was choreographed and when I heard it I really wanted to make this song with my voice. These songs aren’t easy to sing buy it’s very dance-able and enjoyable! Please sing and dance at the end of the year partys!

Host: Can you teach us how to do Gwisoon dance?

DAE: Please watch the new MV for it! But I think all of the people here (fans) know the dance already. BB members can dance to it too. When you do the chest pump, imagine that your chest goes out 10meters. 

Host: Can you tell us about D'SLOVE DVD that will be out soon also?

DAE: I actually thought this year’s tour was better than last year’s, because I felt that all of the fans and I were able to become ‘one’.  You will be able to feel that we were having fun together when you watch the DVD. My concert is not MY concert. It’s YOUR concert :)

HOST: I understood your love for oden. What else do you like?

DAE: I love tofu and fruits. My favorite is persimmons recently. I found good ones at a store so I bought 20 of them to give it out to everyone. Actually, I like watermelon the best. Then I like tangerines. Then melons.  

HOST: Final message?

DAE: My mini-album will be out and BIGBANG dome tour will begin soon! Please keep supporting us and I appreciate everyone for everything all the time!


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Full translation of Daesung Phone Call

(requested by anon)

From 27:00 to 33:42

YB: Ah, I think Daesung is…

DS: Hello

YB: Gonnichiwa~ 

DS: Gonnichiwa~

DS: Wait, are we just doing this?

SR: Hello?

DS: Hello?

SR: Is this Daesung from Bigbang?

DS: Yes, this is he

SR: Please sing for us

DS: This sudden?

SR: Yeah, please sing a song for us

DS: Your eyes, nose, lips. Your touch that used to touch me~

YB: As expected, you’re great

SR: You’re great

SR: We’re broadcasting live on Starcast right now, so please say hello to your fans

DS: Hey Everyone! Just like last year, I greet you from Japan again.

DS: This is Daesung~

SR: Yeah~ Round of applause!

YB: We told our fans that you are really popular in Japan right now, and that you are having a tour concert.

YB: How are you doing? What are you doing these days?

DS: Just like what you said, I’m touring in Japan

DS: And I have a concert in Sapporo tomorrow so I’m staying at a hotel in Sapporo

SR: Oh~ So you’re at Sapporo

DS: Yeah

SR: Did you eat a lot of delicious food at Japan? And are you doing well?

SR: It’s been a while since we last met

YB: I know right

DS: Right. Actually, I’m eating well and doing fine.

YB: We just introduced you, but in your opinion, how popular are you in Japan right now? You’re really popular, right?

DS: Me?

YB: We don’t know exactly how popular you are, but we do know that your popularity is no joke in Japan.

YB: We said that your popularity could be compared to Yon-sama’s, and that you’re huge in Japan

YB: It’s even more than that, right?

DS: No~ It’s not that great and it’s just… really, really, really… it’s all thanks to my fans

SR: You’re talking to us from Japan, and our main person today is Taeyang hyung

SR: Taeyang hyung’s Eyes, Nose, Lips is really popular… what do you think?

DS: I always look at stuff about him on the internet

DS: I saw that your naver viewers went over 130,000!

DS: And that it’s the first time ever for Naver Star Cast!

DS: Why, why, why

YB&SR: You’re right, you’re right

SR: It did go over 130,000 viewers!

YB: It’s still increasing right now

DS: Although our bodies are far apart, our hearts are always together

DS: So I always check news about you guys

SR: Isn’t Daesung hyung preparing a new album too?

DS: Ah, I’m preparing something. So I think maybe July…. ah, I’m not sure yet but I will try to prepare a Korean album too

YB: You received a starcast award for being the member that our fans want to see the most

YB: Your Korean fans would really like to see you on Starcast

DS: Ah, I can’t really hear well right now…

YB: Can you hear us now?

DS: I can’t really hear you

SR: Can you hear us?

DS: Hello?

SR: Hello?

DS: I can hear you now

SR: You received the “Please appear (on Starcast)” award

SR: You can appear on Starcast sometime, right?

DS: Ah, really?

YB: When you’re album is released

DS: Yeah, maybe when my album is out. I’ll be really grateful if you guys invite me next time.

SR: Good luck with preparing for your Japan Tour and we’ll make sure to go see you too!
DS: Okay~ Come

SR: I don’t think he sounds very happy about that?

DS: No no~

YB: Can we come?

DS: Yes, come~ come~

YB: Anyways, thank you for answering our call although you’re busy

YB: And lastly, please say something to our fans. Our fans really miss you.

DS: I also really…  Well, I wasn’t able to promote a lot in Korea, so I’m very sorry about that

DS: I’ll work hard to prepare something, and I’ll meet you guys with a good album, so please support me a lot

DS: And everyone in Korea seems to be in the <Eyes, Nose, Lips> craze

DS: I also gain strength from that, even though I’m far away

DS: So I’m very happy about that and Bigbang from now on…

YB: Daesung-ssi! I have something that I’m personally curious about

YB: You use大(Big)聲(Sound) for your name, right?

DS: *misunderstands* No~ I use大(Big)聲(Sound)!

DS: Psy hyung gave me this other nickname…

YB: That’s what I said, I said大(Big)聲(Sound)!

DS: It’s not大(Big) 姓(Sex)! It’s大(Big)聲(Sound)!

(T/N: The Hanja characters for Sex and Sound have the same sound, “Sung”)

SR: We never said大(Big) 姓(Sex)!! What are you talking about?!!!

DS: Isn’t that what you said?

SR: Not, Sung(姓)meaning sex but Sung(聲) meaning sound! 大(Big)聲(Sound)!

YB: I asked you that! Why are you talking about something that we never even asked about!

DS: I couldn’t really hear well, the phone is…

SR: I understand that you’re lonely right now because you’re alone but…

YB: I hope you guys don’t misunderstand

YB: There was a misunderstanding

YB: Daesung’s name uses大(Big)聲(Sound). It is NOT大(Big) 姓(Sex).

SR: Anyways, thank you so much, Daesung hyung. Let’s meet up soon~

DS: Okay~

SR: Okay~ Rest well!

DS: Okay~

Note: The complete subbed video will be uploaded on bbvipchannel soon so please stay tuned! 

Translated by bigbanggisvip 

Please take out with credits! 

May I have your attention please ... The King is back!

B.A.P just dropped Noir, their 2nd full album. They’ve come back after going through many hardships, comebacks and a world tour this year. They will be promoting without their leader who dedicates so much time and love for music and his team members. They are still standing strong. B.A.P give so much but don’t receive even a little of what they deserve back and it’s just freaking heartbreaking.

Please support them at least by watching their Skydive music video (it’s 10min long, winner of movie of the year btw)

If you enjoy it please stan these kings and help us out with voting/streaming. Here’s an awesome post with all the details to get you started :)

It’s now our turn to give back to these amazing human beings for their constant incredible hard work 💗

Nikkan Sports 2014.3.15 Saturday Johnny’s: Tegoshi Yuya

This week is NEWS’ Tegoshi Yuya (26). Together with Masuda Takahisa as the unit Tegomass, he is in the middle of a nationwide tour in support of their fourth album “Tegomasu no Seishun.” In 2006 he entered the human science department of Waseda University. For the first time he has revealed that in his fourth year in the program, spring 2010, he withdrew.

     My positions in NEWS and Tegomass are different. Since I somewhat do as I please in NEWS I often want to speak in the manner of a princely character, but there are only two of us in Tegomass. In other words there isn’t as much of that kind of room. So I need to push forward the proceedings and MCs and be steadfast at any point.
     I quit university in my fourth year. Until the fourth year I properly took courses. And on locations I studied too. But the graduation exam is extremely difficult. In the end I thought it was impossible to manage both the graduation exam and work. I thought about giving 70% to each, but I hate 70%.
     Instead of taking a complete break from work and putting effort into the graduation exam, I wanted to work as an idol 120%. Since working as idol Tegoshi Yuya takes up the largest portion of my life, I ventured to think it wasn’t something necessary. I decided to do that because I was told I could return to school after withdrawing if I received approval from the university. I told the university that I’ll definitely carry through because I want to graduate now that I’ve started.

Keep reading

Grimes Leaves Her Mark at the Shrine in Los Angeles

Hey, did you ever get a chance to see Grimes’ video for “Kill V. Maim”? Well, her night at the Shrine was kind of equivalent to that. Minus the blood and vampires of course.

Grimes’ tour “March of the Pugs” was supported by alternative artist, Tei Shi and French indie pop artist, Christine & the Queens. The 3 female musicians of the evening made for a delicious musical sandwich. It’s like Tei Shi and Grimes are the bread and Christine is the middle, like the ham, lettuce, etc… Get it? Okay never mind, keep reading please.

The crowd was anxious and their energy was untamable in the Shrine Expo Hall on April 21 as they awaited their fairy, experimental pop Princess. This was Grimes’ first proper Los Angeles show since the release of her extremely well received album, Art Angels. Grimes breeds a very eclectic crowd so I get the feeling that a lot of her fans that came out to see her, resonate with the album which made the evening all the more special for everyone.

As soon as the anticipation reached it’s brink, a taped recording of the mini classical pop composition, “laughing and not being normal” played. One of Grimes’ relatively new-ish dancers, danced to the piece and opened the set on a high note. Grimes came out wearing something that can only be described as “Mad Max: Fury Road” meets mad scientist. Needless to say, she looked fucking awesome. After the newly refurbished “Realiti” from Art Angels was performed, the recognizable synth of “Genesis” began to ring through the Expo Hall. As the beats began to drop, there was not a still body in the room. Although Grimes is famous for being a literal solo act, she was accompanied by two dancers and fellow artist, HANA, worked as a background singer. It made for a much fuller stage and gave Grimes the chance to move about the stage and interact with fans more than she would have been able to do if she was alone.

The set list was a good mix between her two most recent albums, the experimental synth-pop album, Visions (2012) and the more art-y, straightforward pop album, Art Angels (2015). It seemed like every song she played was a fan favorite. Before “Flesh Without Blood” she was going to ask the crowd to dance, but said “ya’ll are prutty active, so just keep doing that.” The crowd followed her small demand and danced harder to each and every song. My favorite song of the night was “Venus Fly.” I could nearly feel the estrogen in the air as all of my ladies in the room screamed “why you looking at me?”

I’ve never seen Grimes play guitar on stage, and yeah she’s not Annie Clarke, but she doesn’t need to be! For a music enthusiast like myself, it’s a treat to see such an artistic solo artist to play, sing, and produce live music on stage. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

The set was kept to a short 12 songs plus an “encore.” I use “encore” loosely because Grimes informed the crowd that she can’t do encores because once she leaves the stage “she’s too nervous to come back on.” I feel you, Grimes. The encore and final song of the night was “Kill V. Maim.” With the flashing lights and the insanely catchy pre-chorus (“B-E-H-A-V-E…”), the audience was sent home buzzed from an energy high.

As soon as Grimes’ set came to an end a familiar tune called “Let’s Go Crazy” began to play and the crowd danced & sang to pay tribute to the beloved Prince. It was magical ending to a wild night.


Here’s the “Kill V. Maim” video for reference:

Photo Credit: Sarah Kneale


“It seems like we won’t be able to greet everyone for a short while. We think that it’s a pity and it’s sad but if there a short goodbye, it means that there will be a really happy meeting once again so don’t fall sick and definitely wait for us and after 2 years, we will definitely greet everyone again with tours and albums once again so until then, I hope you’ll think about us D&E a lot and remember us.” - Donghae (c

“Before we say goodbye for a short while, ah it’s called goodbye but, before we can’t see each other for the time being, it’s our last present. I hope that everyone will listen to the song and wait for us brightly and healthily for 2 years. Even without us, the other members will meet the Japan fans a lot and will do activities so please support them a lot, don’t forget us and keep waiting and love us. Thank you.” - Eunhyuk (c)

Mr. & Mrs. Styles

Feb 2013

I bid goodbye to the interviewer before I walked down the red carpet towards the next interviewer. This is the ritual in red carpets: an interview after another and pictures taken here and there. It’s really exhausting and troublesome to be honest. I approached the next interviewer and greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I must say that you are looking gorgeous today, (Y/N),” the interviewer began to say and I replied, “Thank you! You look stunning as well, love.”

“How well do you think you’ll do today?” he asked before pointing the microphone towards me. “I hope I do win some award, but if not, it’s still great to be nominated. I mean, it’s the Brits! Plus I’m performing later so that’s already a win for me, in my opinion,” I responded, looking at him sincerely while my hand did some gestures.

“I think you’ll do great today ‘cause you always do great in award shows and I think this is seriously your year,” he complimented before moving to another topic. “(Y/N), there has been a lot of talks about the One Direction members saying that they have a massive crush on you and that they are big fans of yours. What can you say about that?” the interviewer asked.

“I’m glad that they enjoy and support my music. I’m also a fan of them so that’s pretty mutual between us. As for the crush, all of them? Really now, I find that hard to believe,” I answered with a disbelief look on my face.

“They did say in an interview say that you are their celebrity crush. Now who is your favorite member?” the interviewer confirmed and followed up a question.

“Hmm. Well, they are all lovely guys and it’s difficult to pick one from the five,” I replied as I shifted my weight to my right foot, struggling what to answer.

“Anyone that stands out then?” the interviewer quickly asked before holding the mic in front of me once again.

“Zayn Malik’s voice is quite amazing but I think Harry Styles’ very charming, isn’t he?” I said as I turned my head to the interviewer for confirmation.

“He is very charming and actually Louis spilled in an interview that Harry is the one with the biggest crush on you,” the interviewer responded while nodding and added, “Have you seen them tonight?”

“Yes, I saw them earlier and greeted each other. They look stunning,” I complimented before I looked down and fixed a small crease on my dress.

“Well, thank you for your time and I wish you good luck tonight,” the interviewer said before leaning to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“No, thank you, darling,” I replied before leaving and continued my journey through the red carpet.


“She looks amazing, doesn’t she?” Harry Styles asked his best mates after you greeted them and then left for an interview. The rest of One Direction nodded their heads with grins plastered on their face.

“She’s an amazing performer, too,” Liam added and the rest nodded in agreement again.

The boys were then called to move on the red carpet and soon was pulled into an interview.

“How are you guys doing?” the interviewer asked before pointing the mic towards them.

“We’re doing good, amazing even.” Louis replied and the boys just nod their heads in agreement.

“We have big names tonight. How do you guys feel about that?” the interviewer asked another question.

“We are very honored to be here tonight along with these amazing artists and we all wish them luck and a good evening,” Liam replied, who was at the other end, as he looked at his members and the interviewer.

“Harry, Taylor Swift is here tonight to perform,” the interviewer began to say as the boys share a meaningful look. “Yeah, she is,” Harry confirmed while nodding and the interviewer then asked, “Do you guys still talk to each other? I mean, how’s your relationship now?”

“Well, we’re friends and we’re good,” Harry simply replied, trying to avoid more questions on the topic. The interviewer just nodded his head and moved on to the next question.

“Why don’t we talk about (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You guys said that she’s your celebrity crush and a lot of fans has gone crazy and wants to know more. Are any of you actually friends with her?” the interviewer inquired. The boys looked at each other, calculating who will answer the question.

“She’s an amazing singer and I could proud to say that we’re actually friends. Yeah,” Niall replied to the interviewer, nodding.

“How did you guys became friends?” the interviewer asked curiously.

“Well we met in an event before but that time we talked for a little in the backstage and the funny thing actually is she asked me if she and her sisters could adopt me as their little brother,” Niall explained chuckling.

“As a little brother? Really?” the interviewer expressed.

“Yea, me too!” Zayn exclaimed and added, “she asked me to be her younger brother too. It was funny because I approached her to tell her I was a huge fan of hers and that her performance was amazing but our topic went to her finding me really adorable and that if she could have me as a younger brother. It was really random.”

“She really asked you guys that?” Liam asked Zayn and Niall and they gave him a nod as a reply.

“Well that is something I never knew and we just learned something new,” the interviewer said and Louis added, “Indeed. We just learned about that today as well.”

The interviewer then bid his goodbye, “I wouldn’t hold you guys back. Have an amazing evening and good luck.”

The boys bid their farewell as well to the interviewer before moving along the red carpet.

The Brits Awards 2013 progressed through the night. I was the biggest winner of the night and my performance was a success and well-received. Many thought that I wrote the song for my ex-boyfriend, who I was in a relationship with from 2008 to mid-2012, but I cleared out the issue before that I did not write the song; however, I did not deny that it could be for him.

April 2013

“Please welcome everybody, the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction!” Alan Carr exclaimed before walking towards the stairs to meet the members of One Direction, who were walking down the stairs. All of the members hugged Alan before they settled down on the rather extra large couch. Niall was the nearest to Alan, followed by Zayn, then Harry, Louis and Liam at the end. The fans on the audience were still clapping and screaming before Alan says, “Settle down, settle down now.”

“Do you guys want a drink?” Alan asked as he opened his “mini-bar.” The boys all replied “Yeah” while nodding and looking at the drinks. “Which one you guys want to try?” Alan asked and Niall ended up deciding for the group.

“Here ya go, sweetie,” Alan said as he handed out the drinks and began the interview. Alan asked the boys about their new encounters with fans and if there were any out of the ordinary experiences.

While in the midst of their interview, Alan got into the topic about me.

“So you guys like (Y/N) (Y/L/N), right?” Alan asked the boys and the boys nodded in agreement. “There were a lot of articles about that and honestly, I’m not surprised that you guys even like her.”

“Yeah, she’s amazing, isn’t she?” Louis responded to Alan before taking a sip of his drink.

“I know (Y/N) for a couple of years now. She loves to come to my show, and she’s actually the next guest, did you know?” Alan questioned the boys, wondering. The boys shook their heads.

“No, she wasn’t there backstage.” Liam replied while Harry asked, “Really?” with a smile beaming on his face.

“Oh look how his face suddenly brightened,” Alan teased Harry before replying to Liam’s response, “she actually said she might be late but will totally be here for the interview. She should be at the backstage now and getting ready.”

“I must warn you though. She could get a bit forward or blunt, and she is also quite cheeky,” Alan informs and warns the boys.

“Yea, we heard about that,” Louis replied, nodding. “That’s fine. We’re bit cheeky as well anyway,” Niall added, laughing.

“Yea, but still be careful. Your fans might explode or go crazy if things get out of hands,” Alan gave as an advice while Harry asked, “Could it really get that bad?”

“Oh you have no idea, love,” Alan replied, chuckling before adding, “A lot of secrets got spilled in this studio because of her.”

The topic was then changed to questions about their tour and if they have plans for an upcoming album. Few minutes later, Alan ends their conversation and began to introduce his new guest.

“She recently won two Brit Awards, seven Grammys and an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress. Please welcome this workaholic, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” Alan exclaimed before moving to greet me down the stairs. I descended down the stairs, waving at the audience.

“Oh darling, I haven’t seen you in a while,” Alan stated as he hugged and kissed me on the cheek.

“I know! I missed being on this show,” I replied before we both walked towards the couch and One Direction.

I greeted the boys and gave each one of the a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sitting down where Niall was seated earlier while the boys scooted to make space.

“That’s why the couch was really huge today,” Louis commented and the boys laughed.

“Yea, we needed quite a big couch today to fit all of ya,” Alan replied before asking me what drink I want, “What can I get for you today, sweetie?” Alan opened the “mini-bar” and took out a glass.

“Ohhh, I want that one,” I looked at some of the drink in the mini-bar before I pointed at a drink and asked, “Is that strong?”

“Why, do you want a strong one?” Allan asked and I replied, “Oh yes, please!”

The boys laughed at the response and Alan questioned, “Why? Are you going through something or what?”

“Well, my sisters decided to confiscate all of my drinks at home after my ex and I broke up. They thought I might turn to alcohol and all that. Although it has been more than half year, I still haven’t restocked anything,” I explained as I eagerly accepted the glass from Alan.

“Well you could have gotten some from the store or something,” Alan argued but I replied, “Yeah, but I didn’t know they somewhat got my assistant and everyone around me to ban me from having a drink. It’s weird because I don’t really drink unless there’s an occasion but whatever. I’m having one now and I’m happy. Thanks for the drink, love.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Whenever you need one, just come here and I’ll give you all the drinks you want,” Alan offered me and I nodded in agreement. He then moved on from the topic and congratulated me, “Congratulations on the awards, the movie and the album. You are like hogging everything!”

“I know! I’m so happy though,” I replied after taking a few sips of my drink.

“Well you deserve them darling and I believe you know the boys?” Alan asked.

I nodded before turning to One Direction and gave them a smile. “Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam,” she pointed at each member.

“Well since you know them, you should also know their crush on you,” Alan said and I laughed in response.

“Yea. I’ve been asked quite a lot of times about it,” I said before looking at the boys.

“Well I want you to officially meet someone,” Alan began as he stood up and said, “Come here with me.” Alan and I went in front of the table and Alan called Harry to stand as well.

“(Y/N), I want you to meet Harry and Harry, I want you to meet (Y/N),” Alan said as Harry stood in front of me. I gave chuckle, covering my mouth while Harry’s face turned red.

“Hi, I’m Harry Styles. Pleasure to meet you,” Harry said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

I took his hand and replied, “Hi, I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and nice to meet you as well, Harry.”

“There you go! Harry you know I’m doing you a favor,” Alan said as we went back to our seats. Harry and the boys laughed and he said “Yeah, thank you.”

“Well let’s move on and I wanna ask you about (Y/Ex/N),” Alan said and I knew he would ask about him. Almost every interview does.

“Yeah? What about him?” I replied before taking a sip of my drink.

“Well you guys were together for years and a lot of people expected you guys to get married or at least get engaged. What happened?” Alan asked while I took a slip of my drink.

“Well I guess it is not supposed to happen. I heard people saying that after two or three years in relationship, if a couple is not engaged yet, it’s not gonna happen,” I shrugged.

“Really? Everyone wanted you to be Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N) you know,” Alan said.

“Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N)?” I asked with a bit of disdain in my tone and Alan nodded, “Yeah.”

“I don’t know about that but it doesn’t sound as fitting as I thought it would,” I replied honestly.

“Really? You don’t want to be called Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N)?” Alan asked.

“Maybe I would have considered it before but now it just doesn’t sound right and I don’t think it fits me,” I explained before taking another sip of my drink. “Don’t you guys think so?” I asked the boys, turning to them. The boys were listening to our conversation and it was Liam who replied to my question and agreed with me, “No, it doesn’t. At least not anymore.”

“What last name do you think would fit you then?” Alan asked and that made me think. I was silent for a couple of seconds looking around, humming. “Hmmm. That’s a very interesting question,” I stated before my eyes fell on Harry and a smiled instantly. “I think I know the perfect one, Alan,” said.

“Really?” Alan squeaked and I continued now with a smirk on my face, “Yeah. What do you think of Mrs. Styles? It’s like Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

The boys were a bit surprised with what I said before they laughed and Zayn said, “Oh that’s a good one!”

“Well that does sound good, doesn’t it?” Alan asked the boys and they all nodded except for Harry, who was a little dazed.

“What do you think, Mr. Styles?” I asked Harry while looking at his direction. He snapped out of his little dazed and stuttered a reply, “I… I think it perfectly suits you pretty well, Mrs. Styles.” He then gave me his charming smile and I was dazzled. We stared at each other for a few seconds before we were interrupted.

“Are we interrupting something?” Alan asked and Harry and I immediately looked back at him and replied, “No! Not at all,” while shaking my head.

“Niall why don’t you change seats with Harry so Mr. Styles can spend a little bit more time with Mrs. Styles?” Alan teased us and Niall was more than happy to comply, “Yes! Why not? That’s a great idea.”

Niall then stood up and they pushed Harry to sit beside me. I looked at Harry as he sat down and he once again smiled at me, his dimples showing.

“Oh. Now I know why ladies love you,” I said and Harry, confused with my statement, wondered, “What do you mean? Why?”

“You charm them with your smile and dimples along with that sexy curly hair and mesmerizing eyes,” I answered while we still continued to look at each other. I broke the contact when Alan asked a question and I turned to face him again.

“Have you fallen for the charms then, dear?” Alan asked me and I replied, nodding, “I think I might have.” I looked back at Harry, who was still staring at me.

“Oh stop staring at me. It’s like…” I paused looking for the right words. “Shagging you with his eyes?” Alan suggested and I said, “Uh. Yes, exactly that.”

The boys laughed and teased Harry. Harry was a little bit embarrassed and blushing as moved his gaze away.

“(Y/N), you did say Harry is your favorite in an interview, right?” Alan asked for confirmation and I furrowed my eyebrows before asking, “I did?”

“Is it really?” Harry asked with his voice that I swear would haunt me in my dreams as he looked my way again. “Oh, I am honored to be a favorite by you, Mrs. Styles,” Harry added, smiling cheekily towards me.

“Oh you are flirty,” I exclaimed and I added, “and cheeky as well.”

“He’s quite known for that,” Alan confirmed and I said, “That’s why you’re quite on the news lately, sweetie.” It’s true he’s been on the news a lot after his breakup with Taylor Swift this January and rumors started to fly around about his small hook ups here and there.

Alan began to change the topic and we talked about my movie and if I have any upcoming album. The boys listened intently throughout the conversation while I could feel Harry’s burning stare. I would look at the boys from time to time and would exchange glances towards Harry.

“Well there has been a lot of nude leaks a lot lately and are you scared of that?” Alan asked.

“Not at all, really. I’ve never taken one unless someone did and I didn’t even know,” I replied chuckling.

“Did you guys had any leaks?” Alan asked the boys and they all looked at each other.

“Well, I don’t think so,” Louis replied. “There were rumors though that Harry has a nude leaked,” Niall commented.

I was surprised so I looked at Harry and asked, “You have a nude leaked?” He looked back at me and replied, “Apparently I do. I didn’t even know that.”

“Do you want to see it? We can look for it if it’s online,” Alan asked me and I looked at him and asked, “You mean if I want to see the picture?”

“Yeah, Harry’s nudes,” he confirmed, nodding. “No, don’t go looking for it,” Harry disagreed while shaking his hands to gesture Alan to stop.

“I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t mind,” I started as I looked towards Harry smirking, who then instantly stared back at me.

“But I actually don’t like pictures though. I prefer it live and in person,” I said. Damn. Why did I let that slip from my mouth. I glanced at my glass, now empty. I am certainly far from drunk that’s for sure.

The studio exploded. Alan was hysterical while I continued my smirk towards Harry, who was frozen at his seat looking down. The boys all stood up clapping and laughing.

“Omg! This is priceless,” Louis said while Niall stated, “This is the best interview ever.”

I took a deep breath and I said while shaking my head, “I shouldn’t have probably said that. I am in deep trouble.”

“Oh you are sweetie. Fans everywhere are probably going crazy right now,” Alan expressed and he chuckled once again, “That was hilarious though.”

“Harry is speechless,” Zayn stated as everyone looked at Harry, who was still not talking.

Harry shook his head and retorted, “This is the craziest thing ever, but I wouldn’t deny you any requests, Mrs. Styles.”

“I can’t believe you guys are flirting back at each other. All the fans probably can’t function now,” Liam commented from the end of the couch.

“I think so too,” Niall agreed and chuckled. I just shook my head and just smiled at Harry, who smiled back at me. We both know things are going to get a lot crazier after this interview.

A/N: I wasn’t going to post anything today but I figured out I should share this and hope it’ll distract you guys even just for a few seconds. Stay strong and we’ll get through this guys. ❤