please tour already


Happy bday hyukkie !! Everyone is screaming “lee hyukjae” and even hae is holding the project :).
 He got so shocked when he saw the yellow sea although he saw chwang, hae and dancers holding onto the paper, he almost cried (again).
hyukjae’s birthday wish before he blew the “candles” are for sj and tvxq to do more successful/cool activities, for sj and tvxq to do collaboration and for elf to always be healthy ..  
Hyuk: even if we had hard times we are together … thanks..
Hae is saying he his thankful that hyuk was born.
Hyuk said they went out eat rice yesterday, and it looked like it was both their bday because hae ate much.
They came back to their room and staff bought them a cake :) (c)(c)