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Prompt: So I was wondering of you could do a destiel one-shot. Where Dean is (18) and is catching the bus home, but it is very full. And the only spare seat is Castiel's lap. Smut please! Dom!Cas Sub!Dean

Dean rubbed the back of his sore neck as he stood at the bus stop. Classes were finally over and all he needed to do now is head back his warm apartment, grab a beer and watch all the Dr. sexy episodes on his DVR. The city bus screeched to a halt in front of him and he climbs inside, quickly sliding coins into the slot. Looking around, he realizes that every seat on the bus is taken. Just his luck. Which means he’ll have to stand by the hand railing and hope to god he doesn’t fall over. Adjusting his backpack he makes his way through the rows to the back of the bus. The door slides shut and the bus begins to make its way down the street. Dean holds on tightly and looks around, taking in the strangers around him. All of them looked exhausted and he was certain the person two rows ahead was asleep. To his left he see’s a guy that looked to be  around his own age scrolling through his cell phone. He wasn’t texting or on any social media websites from what Dean could see. He kept catching glimpses of bee’s.

The bus stopped abruptly and Dean lost his footing, falling backwards. He went to grab on the hand railing too late and landed on someone with a “Ooouuffffff”

Dean turns his head and can feel the subtle blush rushing to his cheeks. He’s sitting in the bee guys lap and he wasn’t able to see before, but he has the most beautiful blue eyes Dean has ever seen. The guy looked surprised by didn’t force him off, he was too busy looking back into Deans and for a few minutes, maybe ten for all they know, they just sat in silence looking at each other.

“Uh… ” Dean mumbled “I’m sorry..”

That seemed to snap the blue eyed stranger out of his daze. His face heating up when he realized he had been starring all this time.

“No, no. Its fine.” He replied shyly “ You can sit … here if you like.”

“Really?” Dean asked “ I don’t want to make you uncomfortable..”

He smiled and nods his head. “Sure, its really no problem at all.”

The driver yells apologies to the passengers explaining  that someone ran a stop light and soon the bus continues on it’s route. People left and others stayed but as seats started opening up Dean still didn’t leave the bee guys lap. He couldn’t help but like it, the other man was gorgeous with dark brown hair that looks like he just rolled out of bed and the most pink kissable lips. He adjusted himself and heard a small gasp from him. He turns around to see him biting his lip, looking nervous.

“I’m Dean, by the way. ” he said giving a flirty smile and holding out his hand.

“Cas.. I’m Castiel.” he replied, concentrating on the seat in front of him.

“So… Castiel” he trails off, staring at his lips. “ Do you normally let handsome strangers sit on your lap or am I just special?”

Castiel laughs and shakes his head “You’re just special. Though, I’ve never had a handsome stranger fall into my lap before either.”

Dean puts his hand to his chest, laughing.”Well, aren’t you my knight and shinning armor.”

“Does that make you my prince?”

“I can be anything you want.”  he replies with a wink.

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