please think about the hard ship which i went to get get these photos

Hey guys! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, so I thought I’d do a little summary of what’s been going on my blog so far this year to update you all.

I’ve been unusually prolific, so I’ve got a lot of new Sterek fics up, including some old WIPs I updated this year.

So, without further ado, here’s the masterpost, as of early May 2017. Happy reading!! And let me know if you think a post like this for my older fics would be helpful as well.

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Hidden Pleasures Part 2 (Orson Krennic x Reader) - Smut

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Summary: You confront Orson with what he had done in your cell. Maybe it can be in your favor?

A/N: Sorry again, for the long chapter. I just don’t know when to stop…

Part 1

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Warnings: SMUT, Harsh Language, A little bit of Angst.

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Are You Okay? (2) - Tom Holland x (f)Reader

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Words: 1920
Pairing: Tom Holland x (f)Reader
Featuring: HAZ BRUH, and RDJ
Warnings: Swearing, lil bit of angst, getting hurt a bit, kinda hate
Requested: kinda
Authors Note: THIS WAS FUN YES

Part One

Masterlist. Request List.

“So, do I need to get you the run down on our little Tommy before you attend the premiere?” Haz teased you as you two were sitting at breakfast in a random little diner, waiting for Tom to get back from the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes, “I think it will be fine, I’ve been working with him for a while.”

He chuckled, “I guess you aren’t wrong.”

“Can I get that on recording?” You laughed. The press tour was still going on and after the event at the hotel, not much had changed. You and Tom still acted as you were before, which led you to realize why so many people asked if you were dating. You two were already affectionate around each other; you just didn’t realize it.

The premiere was coming up in just a week, and you were starting to get nervous. Would anyone actually care that you two went together? Would you have to kiss? Would it end up being more awkward than being just friends?

“You look worried,” Harrison caught you attention, bringing you back into reality.

“What? No…”

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Final Fantasy XV, aka ‘Please, Hajime Tabata, Stop It.’

I just spent the last few hours of 2016 finishing FFXV. 

Do I have feelings? You bet. A LOT OF FEELINGS. 


Ah, Final Fantasy XV. Development hell resident. The forever-morphing former member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection. Formerly known as Versus XIII. We’ve been through a lot. You gave us all you could, but we all know that you could have given us so much more. 

You had it in you.  

(This is going to be a long one. A LOT of spoilers inside. EDIT: now with MUSIC portion!)

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anonymous asked:

i don't think fans are mad about kamiya hiroshi being married i think theyre more mad about how he approached this so casually simply joking around saying they shouldve picked a better photo~ and saying that theres a private hiroshi and the seiyuu hiroshi and he wanted to differentiate the two but what fans are really mad about is the extent to which he went to lie about being single i remember when the news hit most fans were happy but after he spoke about the issue in dgs, that's when thing

that’s when fans started to get really disappointed because god knows how many times he said hes lonely,and wanted a girl friend  and after he got married (he got married around 2011) he asked his senpai seiyuu on dgs whats the advantage of getting married (clearly putting on such an act bc he was married at that time) like it was all an act? if you listen to what he said on dgs about this,he simply views that fans as nothing more than an ATM and THAT’S why the fans are upset not bc hes married

Okay! I know what you’re saying but I did the About Kamiyan… post before the new episode of DGS came out and to be honest, when it was out, I don’t even know how to react because the way he talked about the rumor photo was so fast that I can’t even comprehend what he’s saying at all. But someone did translate it and you can see the full translation here.

So based on what I read from the new DGS episode is that we have no idea about Kamiyan being married and have a child or not, like he didn’t confirm anything at all. All he said is he’s separating his private life and work. Today, Kamiyan had a press conference about all the issue from the magazine and confirmed that he is indeed married and apologizes for his fans about it. (This people can’t seem to accept the fact that he’s also a normal person too). EDIT: Some people said the press conference didn’t happen and the picture below is fake since it’s from SnK promotion, but the post can still relate on what he said on DGS.

Now, here’s my opinion about all of this. We all know that Kamiyan is a seiyuu not an idol or an artist! So other than being a seiyuu, he’s just a normal person! All seiyuus doesn’t have this rule that they shouldn’t get date or married at all because they’re only contributing their voice to be this particular character to an anime series or games and appear in radio, seiyuu shows or seiyuu events to help promote the current anime series or games they’re in but other than that, they’re just normal people!!

So when I saw this news about Kamiyan publicly apologized that he might be married just made me so sad because in the first place, why does he need to apologize?! Is it because he’s married or already have a kid? Why do you even need to care about his private life? There’s a reason why it is called a private life! His marital status can’t change anything about him for being a seiyuu. Though I do think he’s apologizing because the fans discovered it from the paparazzi magazine than knowing it from him. But like what he said on DGS, he doesn’t have a blog or twitter to just announce that he’s married (not like how other seiyuus did) but he did say he’s separating his private life and work so he can protect the people that are important to him. Also we all know that Kamiyan isn’t the type of person to share this kind of thing since he want to keep it private and protect his love ones but seeing the news about him just makes me think how hard he’s been through this week because that’s what he’s trying to prevent in the first place. I mean he’s like one of the veteran seiyuus so he knew that some of his fans will react much about all of this. 

Their are a tons of seiyuus out there are already married but they didn’t have to apologize about it, I do remember about Miyano Mamoru (it’s more like a video message), but after they announced that they’re married, it’s back to how they always do to promote the anime series, games and such like Miyano Mamoru, Namikawa Daisuke, Yonaga Tsubasa, Satou Takuya, Sawashiro Miyuki, Suzumura Kenichi, Sakamoto Maaya, and more (theirs too many to mention). But seriously, this is the first time that I heard a seiyuu to apologize about his private life O.O 

Now let’s talk about the fans as they heard about this. I do agree with mabotofuu about how the fans react to this news, which most international fans, like us, are very supportive about Kamiyan since he deserves to be happy and like what I said in my past post that it would be weird that Kamiyan doesn’t have his own family because he’s already in his 40s… Just because he kept saying on radio shows that he doesn’t need a girl in his life, doesn’t mean it’s true, his just doing his job and if he did say it vice versa, obviously some fans will react about it (especially to some Chinese fans (I even saw one on weibo that she will hunt down his wife and kid to kill them O.O But it seems that user delete her account)). And some fans can’t still accept it because they still prefer that Kamiyan and OnoD will end up together (Of course, I’m talking about the fans that are delusional as they went too far to ship them just because their characters always paired together and work in blcds together). You can see why Kamiyan didn’t want to say anything about this, because he’s protecting his family and now he can’t because of that paparazzi magazine =.=  

Now I want to talk about the photo on how it all started the commotion.

I talk to a lot of people here on tumblr about it (no worries, I’m not going to mention names). Someone said to me that it’s not Kamiyan at all because he’s wearing winter clothes and it’s already summer in Japan right now. I actually facepalm when I saw that message OTL I’ve been in media before (more like extracurricular activities from college days) so to be honest, it doesn’t really matter on what he was wearing because for publishers, they will do anything for a scoop and to get high ratings for their magazine and Kamiyan is a veteran seiyuu so that’s why he’s in it. While others said that it was taken 2-4 years ago… Please, go and search what Kamiyan looks like around 2011, most of the male seiyuus that year were thin. And there are others saying that Kamiyan wears mask in his private life. Do you have proof that he does? Maybe he does but we never know. And we all know Japanese people tend to wear masks but not all of them, I even have a friend currently living in Japan to study and she got to meet Sugiyama Noriaki, Miura Hiroaki and other seiyuus at random places on Tokyo. Heck, I even got to meet Eguchi Takuya when I was roaming around Harajuku when I was in Japan (and that time he was wearing a mask but you can tell it’s him because of his height). So seiyuus can still walk freely because a lot of Japanese people doesn’t even know what seiyuus look like (except to the fans that knows them but of course, Japanese fans know it’s their privacy until the seiyuus are fine to interact with them).

I have a theory on how Kamiyan got into that paparazzi magazine, it’s all because of the success of Osomatsu-san anime, to the point that the seiyuus got featured in An-An magazine (and this magazine is like super popular in Japan for featuring so many great artists), that’s like the first time An-An featured seiyuus for their magazine at all.

So that’s why in the paparazzi page they said this ‘a popular voice actor in Osomatsu-san and Shingeki no Kyojin is married and has a kid…’.

I bet Kamiyan is having a hard time with all this issue going on now, but let’s hope Kamiyan and his family (if he does have already) can survive this and will go back to normal soon. All we can do is support him like we always do!!

Don't read this if you don't like Cockles.

Okay I honestly didn’t want to ship cockles and spent weeks thinking the chemistry they had was just my imagination. But I should have known from the start that the chemistry thay have wasn’t an illusion 

When I first discovered cockles I thought that it was wrong to ship real people and I tried everything in my power to go against this ship, I even had to think of and actually make up reasons as to why they would act like middle school children with a crush.

But inevitably I failed which started my questioning on if “brotherly friends” act this way which I knew deep down they don’t. thus beginning my investigation to see if they’re just that friendly toward each other or if there’s something more.

take in consideration when I discovered cockles it was just after jibcon4 where cockles took to a whole new level.

I cannot describe how many post readings I read of people witnesing cockles and admitting that there may be something more going on if they didn’t ship them in the first place. 

As time went on I began to steadily ship them more and more and the moment where my wall cracked and I accepted me shipping them was this post

now I know for a fact that out of all the things I have seen my guy friends do, nuzzling their face into each others hair and smiling tenderly into their eyes WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!

so after I read this I began to compare how I act toward my crush to how Jensen acts toward misha and guess what? THE SIGNS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME

1. staring tenderly when the other is not looking

(i’m sure many people have done this with their crush before)

2. laughing at everything he/she says even if it’s not funny…

(I know, its embarrassing)

(sorry I don’t really know how to do gifs, and if you know who the photo credit belongs to with any of these pictures please tell me :3 )

3.mirroring, Now with this I have realized that with my crush when he laughed I laughed because I believed that him being happy made me happy and I wanted to get closer to him by being happy with him which is what Jensen does… a lot. 

4. gazing longingly/ listening intently, have you ever noticed that when you have a crush on somebody even the mention of their name sparks your attention or even when they’re talking and you suddenly zone in onto what they’re saying like tuning a radio? yeah that’s what Jensen does too.

5. Touching, lots an lots of touching. With my crush when we started becoming close friends I wanted to be as physically close to him as possible. whether it be grazing hands or just keeping a hold on him (wink). (hint: mish reach) which you can read all about here:

In conclusion all I want to say is to never say never to shipping real people and if you find it wrong its okay but it is also okay TO ship them as long as you don’t throw it in the actors face or shove it down peoples throat.

Cockles I find is very hard to ignore (and I tried very hard to ignore it) but the intimacy that people see between them is not an illusion. They both have very good chemistry on screen and off. I personally believe that their energy mends well with one another which is why I like Jibcon. I feel like this is one of the rare moments I get to see Jensen and even misha be free and playful instead of overcompensating. I believe they bring the playfulness out in eachother and that if one acts like a goofball the other would be right there with him acting the same way so he doesn’t have to do it alone.

P.S: Sorry this is on Jensen’s view I just got too lazy to do it from Misha’s view .

Aah cockles…. :) 

Thank you

[!] Important~ Please read & spread around! :)

As you all know, my twitter for the past 2 days was all about asking people to read/spread the message about the things I have noticed on Mingming’s Instagram. This issue have been going on since the time he made an account, telling his Weibo following friends that he finally made it to interact with his “fans” and to share with people who doesn’t have an account on Weibo about his life.

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Request: Charlie takes a picture of the reader sitting in Dean's lap and puts it on Tumblr. The picture goes viral and everybody is sayin' how cute they look. After Dean sees that he takes selfies with the reader and she also puts it on tumblr!

(Hope you like it; by the way, everyone, I’m going off to camp for two weeks. I’ll try my best to put something up every day, but if I miss one, then you ’ll know why! xx)

Charlie looked up from her laptop screen, which was filled with articles of research for a case, so she could inquire about a certain piece of information that she had found. She quickly shut her mouth again, though, when she saw that instead of looking through the dusty and leather-bound books, you and Dean were whispering softly to each other, laughing quietly every once in a while with adoring smiles on your faces; Sam was blatantly ignoring the show of affection, still focusing on his work.

Dean’s arms were wrapped around your waist so that he could hold you securely on his lap, his green eyes absolutely euphoric as he pulled you closer to him. Your arms encircled his shoulders, and you leaned forward so you could giggle something in his ear that your red-haired friend couldn’t hear from where she sat. He chuckled lightly before kissing your forehead, making your cheeks turn a lovely baby pink.

She was sure that you weren’t paying attention to her, but Charlie was subtle about taking out her phone from her purse and sliding up on the screen so she could access the camera quickly. Pretending like she was using the phone for something else, she stared hard at the screen as she centered you in the middle of it. The picture that she was about to take was entirely perfect, in her opinion: you and Dean were still in the same position as before, but your foreheads were now touching and your mouths were turned up into loving grins as you looked into each other’s eyes. A fraction of a second before she took the picture she abruptly remembered that she hadn’t turned the sound all the way off, so when she hit the button the shutter sounded loudly; she cursed silently when the two of you looked up at her and began to act like she was taking pictures of herself, doing different faces.

“Really, Charlie?” Dean asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Don’t judge me,” she responded defensively. “I actually have friends who are interested in what I’m doing.”

“The Moondorks…”

“Hey, don’t be mean!” You lightly hit his arm. “I remember quite well that you loved dressing up there. You also led the army, if I’m recalling that correctly.”

Dean cleared his throat. “Well…um–let’s not talk about that anymore, alright?”

Letting out a breath that she had been holding, Charlie, now relieved, unlocked her phone and immediately went to the Tumblr app. She scrolled through her dashboard for a couple minutes before realizing that she was being distracted, and started to make a new post. She attached the photo she had just taken to it, typing These two should get back to work before I throw up from how adorable they are. Smiling to herself when she pressed ‘post’ with a swift movement of her thumb, she put her phone back down before turning her attention back to the case, which was still scattered around in bits and pieces on her laptop.

A few hours later, Sam picked up lunch for everyone; when he had given Charlie her burger, she popped a fry in her mouth after a quick 'thanks’ and logged on to Tumblr on her computer. She almost choked when she saw that her activity had skyrocketed, and went to her posts; she actually started to cough when she saw the number of notes that the picture of you and Dean had gotten, and the both of you and Sam rushed over to her.

“Are you okay?!” Sam asked, slightly panicking until she waved him off.

“I-I’m more than okay!” she exclaimed, and after observing your looks of confusion, she gestured for everyone to turn their attention to her laptop. “Look at this!”

“You did take a picture of Dean and I!” you said in surprise, and she shrugged; your eyes suddenly went wide. “It already has more than 4,000 notes?!”

“Yeah!” she replied excitedly, clicking on the notes and scrolling through until she found a bunch of replies and reblogs that had extra text. “Look at what people are saying about you guys!”

I need this kind of relationship ASAP


no they don’t need to go back to work they need to stay that way forever

“So, you’re basically exploiting us?” Dean asked warily, and Charlie rolled her eyes.

“I obviously didn’t know that you guys would get so popular. But seriously, the people love you!”

She saw that she had about twenty new messages, so she clicked on her inbox and saw that it was full of bloggers who were either fangirling or demanding to know what your names were; turning back to you, she put on a pleading face.

Please take some pictures of yourselves!” Sticking out her bottom lip, she waved her phone in your face. “Please!”

“And why would we do that?” The older Winchester was still uncertain about this whole thing, although he did feel sort of great after reading everything that had been said about you and him.

Charlie looked at him as if he had no common sense. “You have to give the people what they want, and what they want is more of you and Y/N!”

You smiled mischievously before taking Dean’s hand before singing, “We have to give the people what they want!”

Thinking for a couple of seconds, he finally sighed. “Fine.

Charlie cheered and Sam looked a bit weirded out as you pulled Dean over to the corner of the library and started to take selfies; the first one was one of you smiling, the second one making silly faces, and the third one kissing. You ran over and handed Charlie her phone, and she instantly went back onto Tumblr and posted the photos, this time typing Their names are Dean and Y/N, by the way.

The four of you waited around five minutes before she checked what was going on, and saw that the three pictures were already gaining notes rapidly.

“Look, they’ve even already made a ship name for you guys!” She exclaimed, showing you it. “I have no idea how they did it, because your names are hard to combine.”

“Are you saying you’ve tried to do it before?” Sam teased, and she nodded, looking completely serious.


“Wait!” you said, and pointed to one of the replies; it was asking, okay, who is that other hot guy?! All of you saw that in one photo, Sam was in the background with a bewildered look on his face. “Sam’s getting some attention, too!”

“Seriously?” he asked, and watched as Charlie went through all of the replies, and raised his eyebrows and most of them. “Some of these Tumblr people can be a bit creepy.”

“No kidding,” Dean mumbled.

“Yeah,” Charlie grinned before shrugging, her green eyes sparkling. “But they’re absolutely wonderful.”

Not Your Type - Actor!Ashton Part 2

A/N: You guys absolutely loved Part 1 and wanted more so here’s Part 2!

Synopsis: How do you react when your celebrity crush is now your costar?

Words: 2.9k+



You’d think after recording 7 episodes with Ashton, your nerves would calm down. The real test? Making you become romantically involved with the character played by said attractive man. It was yet another one of Soraya’s “wingwoman” techniques. She had sent out a tweet asking about “Hade”, the ship name made for Hunter, Ashton’s character, and yours, Jade. It didn’t get much attention until she retweeted it on the show’s Twitter account. People started the hashtag #WeWantHade, which trended worldwide for a couple of hours. The writers caught wind of the demands and it was written into existence. A slow but sure lead into a relationship for Hunter and Jade.

“I hate you. I hope you know that.” You glared at Soraya from across the room, flipping a page of the script.

“Hey, it’s what the fans want!”

“Get fucked, you know you started this.” You rolled your eyes at her sarcastic tone. “Filming starts in 4 days and Ashton hasn’t called me to rehearse lines, not sure if I’m thankful for that or worried.”

“Well at least someone appreciates my wingwoman ways.” Your roommate mumbled to herself, clicking around on her phone.


“Check Ashton’s tweet.”

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I Hate U I Love U - Calum Part 2:

Hey guys,

so sorry that i’m posting this later then planned, my internet sucks

Anyway here’s part 2 for this Calum imagine, sorry I haven’t been posting lately I’ve been really busy with school stuff but I’ll try to write more I promise. Anyway this isn’t as good as I’d hoped because there was a lot I wanted to fit in but let me know what you think and if you want a part 3 or want to request something else

Anyway please enjoy

Love Audrey x

Part 1

Y/N=Your Name

Y/BF/N=Your Best Friend’s Name

I do not own this song, 5sos, Halsey, The 1975 or any of these gifs

It had been two weeks since Calum told me about his girlfriend and they were already inseparable. Spending every minute with each other, holding hands down the street, meeting fans together… all the things that we used to do. She was flawless, perfect hair, body, smile, perfect everything, the girl that he deserves. His fans were amazing, a lot of them sending me messages asking if I was okay or if we’d had a fight and that they still ship us together which made me smile. I can’t complain she’d been nothing but nice to me on the few short occasions we’d met and Cal still called me most nights to see how I was going. I always gave him the same response, the response that he wants to hear and then he we go on about their latest adventures. I was excited though, because one night we had planned to spend a whole day together doing all the things we used to do before he went back on tour, just the two of us. It was also perfectly timed that my birthday was the next day so that’s probably why he mentioned it. I decided that it was the perfect time to tell him how I felt and to show him the song that I’d written.

Moments before he was meant to pick me up, I was beyond nervous. My chest felt heavy and I felt like I couldn’t breath, but then I thought about Cal and his stupidly perfect smile and I could calm down. I drummed my fingers on my kitchen bench and stared at my phone, waiting for it to ring. When it did I answered straight away “hello?” I asked excitedly “Hey, Y/N, it’s me” he said plainly. “Hey Cal, are you here yet?” I say tilting my head to the right “Actually, that’s what I’m ringing about” he paused and I held my breath “You see, being the lousy boyfriend I am, I forgot that it will be my girlfriend’s birthday in a few months into the tour and I probably won’t be able to see her. So I can’t just not do anything for her birthday right? So to make up for it, she asked me to take her shopping today. So I can’t make it today, is that okay?” he asked like a little kid who knew that they were going to get into trouble. I wanted to scream, it was not okay. “Yeah, Cal that’s fine, you can’t just not acknowledge someone’s birthday right?” I say blinking away tears. “You’re the best Y/N” he laughs into the phone, “That’s what they tell me” I half smile. “Okay I gotta go now but I’ll see you at the airport tomorrow, love ya bye” he says in a rush “love you too-” I say before he hangs up and I throw my phone across the room in frustration.

I didn’t go to the airport that day, after the phone call and the 2 hour pity party I called one of my best friends from high school and told her what happened. She was living in another state but once she heard what had happened she caught the first flight over. Instead of seeing Calum face to face and telling him about everything, Y/BF/N and I went shopping in the city.  That night, I wore my new outfit and used my new makeup to get dressed up and we went out for dinner. I felt good on the outside but still heartbroken on the inside. Y/BF/N decided to give Calum a wake up call, knowing he still followed her on Instagram, she took a really cute photo of me and posted it captioning “Happy Birthday to the best friend in the universe, may this year be better than the last”. Moments later, I was receiving dozens of calls and messages from Cal and the other 5sos boys, I decided to turn my phone off.

Once we were home, Y/BF/N wished me another happy birthday and went straight to bed. I stayed up a little longer, watching the view of the city lights from my balcony. I walked out into the kitchen and took the cupcake that the restaurant had given to me out of it’s packaging. I grabbed a candle out of my top cupboard and placed it on top, lighting it and I sung happy birthday to myself wishing for a better year.

1 year later

Things were going great for me. In the past year I had continued my songwriting and began recording them with a few friends that I had made through 5sos. Suddenly people had really starting liking them and a fan base began to build up and I began getting record label offers and soon I was opening for people like Halsey and The 1975. Soon enough I had just started my own tour. It was a life I could have never imagined and I had never been happier.

I’d lost touch with Calum, we went from calling everyday to texting a few times a week to once a month until we stopped talking. It was too hard to keep up the charade that I was okay since it was just a constant knife to the heart. I haven’t gone a day without thinking about him or going to call him and then I remember that I’m not his number one girl anymore.

I was about to begin my third show of the tour. My nerves were making me excited, I huddled with my tour group, they had become my family and were all the reason that I was here. We did our pre-show ritual and I could hear the chanting of the crowd waiting for the show to begin. I got into position to walk on stage and took a deep breath as I heard the music for my opening song begin, I start singing and appear on stage, the crowd goes wild.

Towards the end of the show, in between songs, I kneel down at the front of centre stage some fans just an arms reach away. I smile “This next song I’ve never played before because I didn’t think I’d have the strength, but seeing you all here just reminds me how far I’ve come. This is about a boy that I used to know, I guess you could say that I love- loved him” the crowd makes an aww sound which makes me laugh “Anyway, I was head over heels for him and he never really noticed and by the time I had the confidence to say something, he’d fallen for someone else. I was going to show him this song once but he cancelled our plans to hang out with his girlfriend and then he forgot my birthday which just lead up to us losing contact. Anyway, I just wanted to get this off my chest since it’s been a year since then and my birthday’s tomorrow.” The crowd cheers at the last part and I stand up giving a signal to the stage manager to start the song.

‘Feeling used

But I’m

Still missing you

And I can’t

See the end of this

Just wanna feel your kiss

Against my lips

And now all this time

Is passing by

But I still can’t seem to tell you why

It hurts me every time I see you

Realize how much I need you’

I close my eyes and tighten my grip on the microphone

‘I hate you I love you

I hate that I love you

Don’t want to, but I can’t put

Nobody else above you

I hate you I love you

I hate that I want you

You want her, you need her

And I’ll never be her’

I walk over to a group of fans and start to interact with them and serenade different people in the crowd

‘I miss you when I can’t sleep

Or right after coffee

Or right when I can’t eat

I miss you in my front seat

Still got sand in my sweaters

From nights we don’t remember

Do you miss me like I miss you?

F*cked around and got attached to you

Friends can break your heart too, and

I’m always tired but never of you

If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that sh*t

I put this reel out, but you wouldn’t bite that sh*t

I type a text but then I nevermind that sh*t

I got these feelings but you never mind that sh*t

Oh oh, keep it on the low

You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know

If you wanted me you would just say so

And if I were you, I would never let me go

I don’t mean no harm

I just miss you on my arm

Wedding bells were just alarms

Caution tape around my heart

You ever wonder what we could have been?

You said you wouldn’t and you f*cking did

Lie to me, lie with me, get your f*cking fix

Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all f*cking mixed

Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing

Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance

I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing

But I learned from my dad that it’s good to have feelings

When love and trust are gone

I guess this is moving on

Everyone I do right does me wrong

So every lonely night, I sing this song

I hate you I love you

I hate that I love you

Don’t want to, but I can’t put

Nobody else above you

I hate you I love you

I hate that I want you

You want her, you need her

And I’ll never be her’

That’s when I see him, standing in the middle of the mosh just smiling. That’s when I see Calum, a year older, more matured with eyes that almost look like they have tears in them. I freeze, but I have to keep going with the song so I look away, occasionally glancing back over to him.

‘All alone I watch you watch her

Like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen

You don’t care you never did

You don’t give a damn about me

Yeah all alone I watch you watch her

She’s the only thing you’ve ever seen

How is it you never notice

That you are slowly killing me’

I look straight at him and make eye contact, holding his gaze

‘I hate you I love you

I hate that I love you

Don’t want to, but I can’t put

Nobody else above you

I hate you I love you

I hate that I want you

You want her, you need her

And I’ll never be her’

I finish the song, thank the crowd and run off stage. Not talking to anyone and go straight to my dressing room. I sit in my chair in front of the makeup table, occasionally looking into the mirror to make sure that my face isn’t turning red and blotchy, I still have meet and greets to do. I play with the hem of my shirt, a habit that has stayed with me over the year. “What’s up kiddo” I hear a voice say, my head shoots up and I turn around to see Calum leaning in the doorframe, I smile.

The Fix-It Sisters (Bonus Chapter)

Summary: Contractor Emma and realtor Mary Margaret make a living helping people buy fixer-uppers and turning those houses into dream homes, all filmed for their hit reality show. Their next episode, featuring widower Killian Jones, is anything but typical.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: This is what happens when I binge-watch three seasons of The Property Brothers on Netflix. I have no idea how the show is actually filmed; I made all this up. My apologies to the Scott brothers.

AO3 - - - Part I - - - Part II - - - Part III

This is a gift for @bashful-killian​, who was also the person this story was originally dedicated to! 2016 was a year full of bullshit, but you managed to basically transform your life and kick a ton of ass! You are my inspiration for 2017, and I’m grateful to have you in my life.

This bonus chapter takes place towards the end of Part III of the original fic, after Killian’s episode has wrapped, but before the “one year later” flash forward. It is unexpectedly angsty, sorry!

Emma sat down on the toilet seat and cried.

She should have known that things wouldn’t have been as simple as just waiting for Killian’s episode to wrap before they started dating, because things had been pretty damn complicated.

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This is a requested Matt Espionsa imagine based on the song ‘beside you’ by 5sos! You didn’t leave your name so I just used y/n. Hope you like it !!!!!


(Your pov)
The drive to the airport was one of the hardest things I’ve done to this day, just the thought that I would be without him for so long was unbearable.
I could’ve chosen to be mad at him for telling me he was going on tour 3 days before he was set to go for 7 months but if 3 days was all I had with him, I wasn’t going to spend it being upset with him.
When we arrived at his airport gate, I realised this was the last time I would be seeing the love of my life, for so long.
We stood there in each others arms as the final boarding call sounded and I knew this was goodbye.
Matt looked down into my eyes and whispered
“I don’t want to go.”
It was hard to reply, I could barely see his face through the tears pooling in my eyes before rolling down my cheeks.
The only words I could muster were
“Don’t ever leave me”
I burrowed my face into his chest; sobbing.
He wrapped his arms around me tightly before letting go and tilting my chin up with his finger tips, planting the most delicate kiss I’ve experienced on my lips.
Our embrace came to an end and he sadly smiled at me whilst slowly wiping a tear from his cheek.
He picked up his carry on bag before turning and walking through the gate, looking back and waving with a sad look before he was gone.
I sniffled, taking deep breaths and wiping my eyes; calming myself down. I slowly walked out of the airport dreading the next few months.

(Matts pov)
It’s been 3 days, the pain I feel without y/n is worse than I ever imagined. As I lay here, hopelessly trying to get her off my mind so I can finally go to sleep, my phone vibrates and I feel a rush of adrenaline.

Y/n: I’m not sure if you’re awake but I just wanted to say good luck for your first show tomorrow, I miss you more than words can describe, my bed feels empty without you :(

My heart aches at the thought of her being upset but it aches even more to know that I’m the reason behind it.
I take a deep breath before replying,

M: No matter where you are in the world, we’re always apart of each other. I love you y/n, we’re falling asleep under the same sky tonight.

I click send before locking my phone and putting it on charge, I never expected this to be so hard.
I close my eyes and imagine y/n’s warm body in my arms.
I miss the way her leg slightly twitches when she’s asleep, I miss the way she clings to my chest for warmth when it’s cold at night, I miss her light snoring which she will never admit too, I miss the way she whimpers when I leave the bed in the mornings; clinging to a pillow to replace where my body was.
It’s only been 3 days and I’m already going crazy. I won’t be able to survive 7 months.

(Your pov)
105 days down, half way there. With matts busy schedule and time differences due to him being overseas it’s almost impossible talking to each other everyday; so our contact has been shortened to 3-4 times a week, 5 if we’re lucky.
I was aimlessly walking through the aisles at Walmart, not even sure of what I wanted to buy before I heard loud laughs and squeals coming from the aisle beside me.
I turn the corner and see a group of 3 girls huddled over a phone, obviously getting very excited over something they were watching.
I smiled when I saw the shirts they were wearing.
One was wearing a Matt Espinosa shirt, one an Aaron Carpenter shirt and the last one a Cameron Dallas shirt.
I pushed my trolley and started walking past them with my items before I was stopped.
“You’re y/n!!!!” The girl in the Cameron Dallas top hollered.
“That’s me” I smiled, waving slightly.
“Could we get a photo with you, please please please??” The girl in the Aaron shirt begged.
“Of course, here follow yourselves on Twitter as well and I’ll tell Matt.”
They all squealed in excitement before pulling out their phones and taking individual photos.
After about 5 minutes the girls left and I went to the checkout with my items, I texted the photo to Matt before taking the short route home.
It was getting late so when I returned home I changed into my own over sized Matt Espionsa t-shirt and climbed into bed before checking my phone, the screen showed a text 15 minutes ago from Matt.

M: aww! The cute girl with the long brown hair wearing my grey sweatshirt which I’ve been looking for, for around 6 months is my favourite though

I laughed to myself, I was always taking his clothes.

Y/n: hahaha, you’re never getting it back I hope you know that.

He replied almost instantly

M: You’re a little shit 🙈 it’s 3:45 in the morning here and I have be to awake at 8, I promise I’ll call you tomorrow night for me, tomorrow morning for you. I know this is hard for you, because it’s unbelievably hard for me too, thank you for not letting this distance get in the way of us. I miss you more and more every day, good night princess, I love you, I wish I was beside you.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I read the last part of the message, I needed him, all of him, the fights, the laughs, everything.
105 more days, just 105 more days.


DID YOU LIKE THIS?! If it sucked seriously tell me I think it did I DUnNo. If you want part two when they see each other again tell moi and I’ll get right on that !

Thoughts on KENN’s photobook ‘Nu’

Since I haven’t seen anyone posting here on Tumblr about KENN’s photobook much yet, I thought I’d write up a post to share what’s inside and my personal fangirling thoughts and impressions, especially for those who might be thinking about buying it but haven’t just yet! I will be scanning it when I get the time, as well as translating the interviews, but that might have to wait a while because I’m currently drowning in uni work OTL

Anyway, first off the photobook itself is 3132 yen. There are no special tokutens or differences in price for different online stores which takes a lot of confusion out of buying it! If you live outside of Japan you’ll need a proxy to buy it (edit: or as someone pointed out, it is available on CDJapan!), and of course the shipping price will depend on where you live (my preferred proxy is FromJapan). It also comes with a DVD which is about 10 minutes long - more on that later. Personally, I think it’s a really decent price (minus the shipping orz)! The photobook is A4 size and 112 pages long so it’s actually quite thick, and all printed on really nice paper as you’d expect. When I heard there would be a DVD included I thought that that might make it really expensive, but it didn’t! ٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶ If there’s one thing which I wish was included I wish it had a tokuten bromide included so I could stick it up on my desk and state at Kenn’s pretty face whenever I’m studying lol

More on the different sections and some photos under the cut!

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Preference #12 - Who The Fans Think You Should Date


Some fans had brought huge and bright signs to the concert that said your name and Niall’s with hearts around or with subliminal messages that suggested both of you should be together, as you made a better couple. When it was Harry’s turn to speak and interact with the crowd, in a jokingly annoyed, yet still true attitude he confronted the signs. Hey! Yes you he said pointing at the girls who had these signs up What’s that he said trying to have a better look at the signs. “Niall and Y/N for the win” WHAT? And the other one, “Y/N and Niall equals love forever” WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT? Harry said surprised, quite annoyed but knew how to camouflage it so people thought he was joking but still got how he felt. Niall, would you mind explaining? The crowd was going nuts tonight, many of the girls started to record to always remember. Yes is true, I’m afraid Harry, Y/N and I are deeply in love with each other Niall admitted seriously making everybody in the arena, the boys and especially you and Harry froze. WHAT? Harry said with the funniest shocked expression on his face. What the actual fuck Niall? You managed to yell from your spot near the floor, where most of the boy’s crew and Lou cracked in laughter from your reaction. Niall cracked in laughter and filled every corner of the arena with his loud and cheerful laugh making everyone laugh or at least smile. Harry kept a stern and kind of annoyed face, making the crowd die of cuteness and screams. Nah mate I’m absolute kidding you- , Yeah you better be! You interrupted Niall, attracting everybody’s attention towards you, cameras pointing at you and Niall and finally Harry smiling Everyone knows she is madly in love with you Haz, people know that you two Love each other and can’t take hands of each other. Yeah we are all witness of that, Liam spoke up, gaining cheers and screams from the crowd. Don’t worry about it Harry, Niall said looking at one of his best mates. Niall finished speaking and the crowd of fans didn’t waste a second to cheer and agree with Niall’s words, positive and good vibes filled the arena again. Harry smiled widely and hugged Niall, then breaking apart and mouthing an I love you to you, making you smile and being elbowed by Lou. Okay this next one is called Kiss You, so sing along with us! Harry spoke to the crowd, comfortable and charming once again. 


Liam was with the rest of the boys and crew sitting on the couches chatting and relaxing, checking the latest trend on twitter when he stomped into this “Y/N and Harry love wave”. His relaxed and happy attitude changed completely when he noticed all those comments and theories about how you and Harry were the perfect match, and how it was all about time when you would end your relationship with Liam to start one with your “soul mate” Harry. Is not like people’s bad opinions influenced Liam’s life, but when it was about you and one of his best mates, it changed him. It is when Liam started to notice how close you and Harry were recently and how after Liam, almost you and Harry spent most time together. Having enough, Liam pulled his phone away and looked for you and noticed your absence. Has anyone seen Y/N? Liam asked starting to get up and look for you. Didn’t she say she was grabbing something to eat? Niall responded to Liam. Yeah and where’s Harry? Zayn said glancing at the empty spot where Harry used to be. Alright, I know where are they Liam admitted relieved and made his way to the buffet where he cleared his suspicions and found you dying of laughter with a hype Harry by the buffet table.  Hey Liam Harry said enthusiastically when he saw your boyfriend. Excuse me Haz im gonna steal my girl for a sec Liam said rushed as he pulled you to a more private place Hey what was all that about? Are you okay? You said caressing Liam’s arm trying to find out what was happening with him. So basically I wanted to know something, is something going on with you and Harry? Babe what do you mean? You said confused. Cause lately I feel like you have been spending more time with him than with me and like you are avoiding me…? You started to reflect on your mind and started to remember and in fact Liam was right, although those weren’t your intentions at all nor you felt anything for Harry, for your actions it seemed like it and was totally understandable why Liam felt like this. Listen I’m so sorry if I have made you think like that but there’s nothing going on with me and Harry, he’s just a friend and what we have is a friendship that is nearly starting, so don’t be jealous babe. Oh okay, sorry I got a little jealous about that, is that I don’t want you to be anyone else’s but mine Liam said getting closer, feeling relieved as ever. You smiled, happy to clear things out, sneaking your hands on his waist and giving him small kisses on the neck.


Zayn was out alone as he went shopping for new clothes and as expected, some fans recognized him and asked for a pic, which he gladly accepted. The girls started to chat with Zayn and asked for you, making a huge smile appear on Zayn’s face. Yeah and how’s Louis doing? One of them asked curious, making a confused expression reflect on Zayn, as they suddenly changed from two opposite people that quickly. Emm he’s very good, chilling with the lads and Y/N back in the studio, he admitted. Oh nice to know, we were just asking ‘cause we wanted to know here were Y/N and Louis. And why is that? He asked curious. The girls in front of him started giggling until one of them admitted. Well no offense but like, we ship them very hard. Yeah they would look so cute together to be honest, it seems like they have lots in common. Two girls responded getting excited, as they clearly ship you and Louis, instead of Zayn. Oh well, she’s with me you know, Not with Louis, Zayn said kind of let down yet proud of him being with you and no one else. Yeah we know, and you two look adorable but it’s just a ship we have, nothing personal. Yes Zayn, we love you with her, sorry if we made you mad. No, no problem at all and thanks. He looked at his watch and said. Well nice to meet you girls, but  I need to go. Bye, He said waving at them and giving them a small smile. Bye Zayn! We love you! The girls said as Zayn walked away with his body guard. You know what they said was bullshit right? The bodyguard said, trying to cheer Zayn up. That girl loves you more than I have never seen someone, she always takes care of you, spoils you, makes you laugh and smile and I’m sure Y/N satisfies your necessities, right? He said elbowing Zayn, making him laugh. Yeah I know, I’m so happy and lucky to have her, thanks for reminding me bro. Zayn said sincerely before going into the studio and directing straight towards you. You exchanged smiles before hugging and Zayn directing his soft and delicious lips to yours, remembering the taste of them and enjoying every second of the kiss. The anecdote wasn’t share today, but in a funny conversation with the rest of the lads when it was no longer a bad story but as a funny story to tell you and Louis specifically that made both of you curse and crack in laughter as you knew it would never happen as you were just friends. 


You were literally how Zayn described is ideal girl, your fashion sense was more similar to Zayn’s than to Niall plus you both completed each other’s outfits once in a while with pure casualty. When Niall introduced you to the boys you immediately went along with Zayn, as you shared similar music tastes and it was nothing new that he was charmed and hypnotized once in a while by your physical appearances. You and Niall had already discussed it and agreed that Zayn was only a friend, more of his than yours, but nothing was or will ever happened as you loved Niall with all your heart, you had even already spoke things with Zayn to clarify things. You and Niall were chilling on the tour bus when the boys joined in and all started to talk. Twitter is going mad right now Liam said checking his phone there’s this trend about Zayn and … Y/N. Wait what? Let me see, you managed to say right before pecking Niall. What is you ship name with Zayn already up again babe? Niall said between laughs Yeah, oh my god your fans really think I am or should be in a relationship with Zayn Just look at this girl, you said as Niall pulled you closer to him and sitting you on his lap as you read the twit Omg Y/N and Zayn are so fucking cute look at them matching clothing styles! I ship them, Niall better watch your girl.  And there’s this link to a pic wooow look, you said shocked at a photoshoped photo of you and Zayn where you were holding hands and in other one hugging and kissing. Oh God, I think that’s enough don’t you, Niall said taking the phone and giving it back to Liam. Bad luck to them cause your only mine you know that and nothing. Will. Ever. Change. That. Niall said in between kisses getting a little jealous and touchy over you. I know that bab- you said before Liam threw a pillow at you and Niall. OH please everyone knows that but I don’t want to be a witness so get a room! He said jokingly making Niall explode in laughter and kiss you once more before pulling you to a 


Liam?! You and LIAM?! Yeah right, that’s never happening… Louis yelled to the four winds expressing his shock and confusion about what you had told him. I know babe chill you said laughing, it’s just something I read on the internet and I thought to myself Oh man I have to tell Louis and see his reaction you said pulling his arm around your waist and kissing him on the cheek to calm him down. He did but with his free hand he decided to snap his phone out of his pocket to see it himself, what was happening supposedly between you and Liam, and indeed many of the fans were going mad with the ship they had created for you and Liam, photoshoped pictures, fan fictions and hilarious hash tags all over twitter. What the fuck? He said astonished at this you and Liam thing and he actually started reading the things that made you and Liam the perfect couple. You are not actually reading what they are saying, aren’t you? You said in disbelief at Louis over dramatic and dumb behaviour. You and Liam had similar yet not identical personalities, both were polite and tender, nice people and shared same tastes in music, movies and clothe style. Of course you got on really good with Liam as he was your boyfriend’s almost like brother and all your common interests helped, but it stayed there, as a simple friendship everyone, most importantly Louis was aware and totally okay with. You actually got lots of things in common he said in realisation. You know I’m with you because I like YOU and not Liam in that way and I love YOU and not him right? you said kinda pissed at Louis. Well then, you said kind of hoping he got the message. I know, I’m sorry love. You know I love you so much and I get a bit jealous. Yeah just a little babe you said with a sarcastic tone. Liam is a great friend but we would work out because we would crush due our similar attitudes, but you , you said getting closer to him, looking at his lips and then back to his beautiful ocean blue eyes, you compliment me in every aspect possible you said, Louis with a grin of satisfaction and love in his face to finally crush your lips with yours to reassure your shared and unique love.  

Hope you like it, I also take personal requests and do imagines :) xxx

anonymous asked:

partners who own a coffee shop + 10 *heart eyes*

10. “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson

The good people of Storybrooke aren’t as excited by coffee as Emma had thought they would be and she and her business partner (yes business partner and nothing else) Killian Jones are worried they’ll have to close up. But Killian has some confessions that might soften the blow of their failure just a little bit. 

Rating: T (swearing)

Words: 2,200

don’t you worry there my honey
we might not have any money
but we’ve got our love to pay the bills

“Howdy, Swan! How goes it?” Killian called, his voice booming over the tinkling bell of the front door and the soft 90s rock playing in the background of their anything-but-busy Grounds for Change coffee shop.

His tone was excited and warm – as it always was – and that shouldn’t be a bad thing. In fact it wouldn’t be if Emma didn’t feel so damn guilty she was about to shatter his chipper mood for probably the fifteenth time that fiscal year.

Ugh. Money. Who knew it would be this fucking hard to make some. Everyone needs coffee, she reasoned. Everyone wants a nice place to hang out. Everyone likes me and Killian – the dream team since high school soccer (or football, as the clinging-too-tightly-to-his-British-roots idiot would say) – so of course they’re going to support us.

Well they tried. Storybrooke was sweet and full of people who at least thought they wanted to bolster local business. But after everyone got through with speculating on when the co-owners would “finally do it,” business dropped off significantly. Suddenly Emma’s heavenly caramel macchiatos and Killian’s homemade bear claws just weren’t quite as interesting and, well, profits sort of… poofed away.

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