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So there's a chance of my crush being told I like him and I'm not mentally prepared. Some kid found out and he's saying he's gunna tell him cause he's a jerk and does that. My friends doing her best to talk to my crush before the kid tells him but I'm still freaking out. Anytime I like someone it never ends well. Do you have any advice that can calm me down, please?

Ohhh, well this is kinda hard ; w; im not the best with this topic kdhjka
but mhmm, you could convince the kid to talk with you about it, make him see that this doesnt have anything to do with him and that he shouldnt put his nose in personal stuff like this, that please understand that this is something heavy for you and that is not okay with play around with your emotions

Other thing could be to trust your friend? I know she’ll help you on this, you two got this now  ; w;
And well, about the crush, if you know him well, know how he reacts to this kind of situations, nothing but a good talk will solve this
Talking is the key, following that, all of you will find a way to work this out

Geeee, as i said, im not the best for this qwwwq but i hope this helped a bit
Good luck with that, i hope nothing goes wrong
But remember, talking and trusting each other, being honest, all that will make stuff better ; w;//

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I noticed you've been giving advice? ;o; Could you help me as well, please? Lately when I show my mom my art, and tell her I used reference for the pose, she calls it a form of art theft or cheating. She says she wants me to be able to draw without a reference (OrUseAPoseDoll) Which I understand! And I want to come to that too! But..I'm still figuring out my art style, so I don't think I can get there yet. I explained that and also that other artist whom I enjoy use refs. But it doesn't work ;o;

I don’t think using references is a form of art theft or cheating tbh. Even experienced artists has to use reference from time to time. We all start off having to look at something and studying it before the image gets ingrained into our brain. I would honestly prefer for people to use (real life) references so that they can draw something correctly rather than not using it at all and just guessing whether or not it looks right (most time it’s not.) Unless it’s a VERY specific pose, I don’t think a pose is something a person can claim as their own, especially if it’s super generic. 

No matter how experienced a person is with drawing, that doesn’t mean that they automatically know how to draw something. I’ve been drawing for years and I still use references from time to time when it comes to more complicated perspectives or poses. Once you get more familiar with something, it’ll be easier to not use references. Your mom just has to understand that using references is also a form of studying. You’re learning how a certain thing looks, how it works, you’re learning how certain things curves, how lines interact with each other, how the light hits a specific surface, how the shadows fall across a person’s face, etc. By telling you to not use references, it’s as if a teacher is telling you to take a sudden exam without even giving you the proper material to study from. 

So to reiterate, using references is so that we can study and learn from it, so that in the future we don’t have to use it again. If you don’t need it to draw, then great! If you still use it, then there’s nothing wrong with that! We’re always learning and improving. It’s a never ending process. Though I do suggest that it’s better to use references from actual real life rather than other people’s art. There’s a difference between being inspired by someone’s art style and incorporating it into your own and actually copying their style for “reference” c:

Things that have happened to me in the past week

- Jewish followers threatened with Zkylon B

- outright holocaust denial

- “you’re not a holocaust survivor therefore you can’t possibly understand antisemitism:

- “I’m not being demeaning to Jews by doing something that Jews are telling me is demeaning”

- “you’re a speciest uwu”

- so much oppression olympics holy shit.

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Hello! I’ve finished your aesthetic, for Celestia Ludenberg. Here you go!

Please tell me if you don’t like it and I can always re-try!  This is actually one of my first aesthetics so please understand that it probably isn’t that good!

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"Are you fucking my man?" Shinobu asked. "I don't understand," Kira replied, "Are you asking me if I have ever fornica-" "Just please tell me if you're fucking my man or not." Shinobu interrupted him. "I absolutely am, every night." Kira said with no change of tone. Shinobu leaped at him.


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BODY 👏 SWAP 👏 TROPE 👏 Hcs for members switching bodies with another member for a day what would they do 👻 You can pick who switches with who ~ love you 💕

i am loving this freaky friday shit

Yoosung in Jumin’s body

  • suddenly sleep deprived gamer boy has to play head of a massive corporation for the day?
  • he hates it
  • FIRST OF ALL, he cant understand anything anyone is saying
  • he cant even enjoy all the luxury of being Jumin, he’s too busy answering confusing phone calls that he has to clumsily stutter his way through
  • “Mr. Han, did you look over the marketing teams newest proposal for re-branding products to better appeal to a wider range of potential clients?”
  • “um…yea it was good. sounds like a good idea”
  •  “excellent. when you have time today please email me with-”
  • “yea sure tell Jaehee and i’ll do it”
  • “Mr. Han, i think-”
  • he hangs up, and that happens a few times before he even gets to work
  • gets lost like three times looking for his own office
  • as soon as he sees Jaehee he runs up to her and hugs her
  • “Jaehee oh my god this has been the worst morning ever everyone talks like their 50 years old and i-”
  • “Mr. Han? i dont think this behavior is-”
  • he lets go and brushes himself off, clearing his throat
  • “, of course. i’ll be in my office…..assistant Kang…”
  • tries to pull his office door open, discovering that its a push door
  • all day:

Zen in Jaehee’s body

  • first of all
  • he knew Jaehee was a fan but like….
  • not this big of a fan
  • he is both overwhelmed by how thankful he is to have so much support and…a little freaked out?
  • also, he thinks Jaehee is attractive but who are we kidding, when he looked in the mirror and saw not himself, he was pretty upset
  • also pretty disappointed in Jaehee’s fashion sense but thats another subject for another day
  • there is no way in hell Zen was gonna go play Jumin assistant all day, he would rather die probably
  • and Zen knows better than anyone just how desperately this poor girl needs a break
  • so he decides to have a little treat yo self day!
  • he goes shopping and drinks fancy starbucks coffee and even gets a massage
  • he even snags a few cute boys numbers
  • (which yknow….Jaehee doesnt really need….but anyway)
  • he isnt really giving Jaehee a day off by doing this
  • but at least the massage will leave her feeling good in the morning!!

Jaehee in Seven’s body

  • cleaning
  • just, so much cleaning
  • also leaving the house to buy groceries
  • then getting a violent reminder that Seven is a very busy person when his boss calls
  • he sounds so scary and keeps talking about a “hard deadline” and someone named “agent vanderwood”
  • isnt that Sevens maid or something….?
  • well, no one can work on an empty stomach. not even the defender of justice
  • when she returns, agent vanderwood is there but she doesnt know its him
  • probably goes all martial arts on him, thinking its an intruder
  • vanderwood is a trained agent so he fights back a bit before being like SEVEN WHatTHE FUCK WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME ILL LITERALLY TAZE YOU
  • “taze me? arent you here to clean?”
  • “just do your work, alright?”
  • “um…yea…of course….”
  • Jaehee has no idea whats going on but she knows how to make it sound like she’s doing shit
  • starts working on C&R projects at one point

Jumin in Zen’s body

  • first thing he does is wake up and chop his hair off
  • all that hair just gets in the way?? he hates it??
  • that will be a nice surprise for Zen the next day :)
  • he knows that Zen probably has rehearsal and stuff but he’s not an actor
  • and he has a more important job to do anyway at C&R 
  • uuuggHHHH why doesnt Zen own any NICE suits??!
  • spends Zen’s money on a 3 piece suit
  • much better :)
  • then he tried to go into work just, as Zen
  • so many people tried to stop and ask who he was but he just walked past them
  • theres no time to try and prove his identity, he has to start the work day
  • finally he gets to his floor, where Jaehee is working at her desk
  • “assisstant Kang, i will be working in Zen’s body today. please forward my massages”
  • but?? is that zen???
  • so upset because he has to reschedule all his meetings for that day
  • “i cant meet with the board looking like this”

707 in Yoosungs body

  • he has so much fun being Yoosung
  • hates Yoosung’s laptop so much
  • he misses his high performance laptop
  • finds a planner with Yoosungs class schedule in it
  • Yoosung doodles all over his planner, thats so cute
  • alright, he has to do everything he can with his one day back in college
  • upon entering his first class, he finds they’re taking an exam
  • its calc 2 so he aces it, of course
  • you’re so welcome, Yoosung
  • acts like a total smart ass all day
  • after classes he plays LOLOL for like 6 hours straight
  • Yoosung is literally so lucky to have me inside his body today
  • (lolololololololol)
  • also does all of Yoosungs homework for him
  • thinks to himself all day wow Seven, you’re such a saint


edit: i love you too

i just want season 3 to give me the good heartfelt klance content i keep longing for. like please…i want keith to comfort lance and tell him that he’s the heart of the team and that they could go nowhere without him and lance is on the verge of tears because his words do mean a lot.

“never think that you’re useless the team needs you, i need you” and keith freezes up instantly because he wasn’t supposed to spill his heart out like that yet, not in this tense situation where they’re still looking for shiro. but lance understands and just hugs him tightly as a way to say “thank you”

and before leaving his room keith tells him that tears don’t look good on his pretty face to cheer him up and see the reaction the usual lance would have to flirting because he loves seeing him happy

Me: Please let Lito’s mom be a good person. He obviously loves her so much. If she rejects him it will kill him and me. I will cry and sob if she treats him like the media is treating him. Please please please do not make me cry over Lito’s pain again.

Lito’s Mom: *Is understanding. Hugs him. Tells him she is proud of him. Cut off all the people who used to call themselves her friends once they started badmouthing Lito. Makes Lito and Hernando laugh*


I hate that post going round that’s like “haha you wouldn’t tell a disabled guy he’s using his crutch as a crutch” ecause that very thing literally happens to people that use mobility aids.

I can’t count how many time people (including physiotherapists who’re supposed to be understanding and help me) have said “you need to stop relying on your crutches” and the like.

I literally had a physiotherapist remove my crutches from under me without my consent and tell me to walk.

And it’s not even a rare thing.

Wheelchair users get told they need to stop relying on their wheelchairs, cane users get told they shouldn’t rely on their canes etc.

I’m just so bored with the depression-centric ableism rhetoric, erasing the ableism people with physical and visable disabilities experience

I am NOT a Perfect Witch

I’ve seen a few asks/comments running around about how the witches of Tumblr seem to have all their ducks in a row and do magic spells 24/7 and are generally “perfect” because of it. I can tell you this is probably not the case. At least for me its not. I am not a Perfect Witch. I don’t rigorously follow the phases of the moon, most of the time i forget anyways. I don’t do spells on a regular basis (at least not what i consider to be spells) Heck most of the time the most witchy things i do is reblog stuff to this tumblr. 

So for newbie witches and hidden witches please understand: It’s completely okay to not be a “perfect” witch. Once you’ve discovered that you’re a witch you don’t have to cast spells 24/7 in order to protect your title. The Title of Witch is yours as soon as you decide you want to Claim It. No one can or should tell you how to run your path. That is something you will have to discover for yourself, and honestly that’s the best part of the journey. So you forgot a sabbat, big whoop. Sabbats come and go and i rarely do anything for them anyways (maybe halloween but thats tradition haha) Another full moon pass you by? That’s okay, some people don’t like working with the moon and that’s also okay. Try casting a spell and you don’t think it worked? Trust me i still do spells and most of the time they don’t work too.

So to all the newbies and hidden witches: Do not fret. You have plenty of time to come into your path and please please please do not feel like you HAVE to be perfect in your path. I am proud to follow my path with all its bumps and turns it throws at me

My dear lgbt+ children, 

If you’re too scared to come out, i understand. 

If you wanted to come out but now changed your mind, i understand. 

If you are afraid to speak about lgbt+ rights now, i understand. 

If you can’t volunteer or donate to or even just speak about lgbt+ causes because your lgbt+-phobic environment would get angry, i understand. 

There are many posts going around telling you to be loud now, to speak up and fight now, including posts by me. And yes, it’s certainly true - but please never never never think you need to risk your own safety. 

Your safety and wellbeing is always priority number one. You are doing a wonderful, badass, brave hero thing for the lgbt+ community: You’re keeping one of us safe - yourself! And i’m so proud of you for that. 

Better times will come, my dear. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Dear one-sided lover,

I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry.

I am sorry because I couldn’t love you the way you wanted. I am sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted.

But please understand that I am hurting too. The feelings of guilt — they are never ending. The feelings of hope that you might find someone better — they are never ending.

I keep telling myself that I didn’t break your heart when I rejected you, but it’s a lie, isn’t it?

Liar. Heartbreaker. Liar. Heartbreaker. Liar. Heartbreaker.

I see you looking at me when I turn my head. I see you giving me a shoulder to cry on. I see you being the third wheel.

I wish I could do something other than limiting my PDA with someone else, when in front of you. But I am helpless too.

I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I wish someone would give you the kind of love you want.

The society makes a mockery of friend-zoned people, but they don’t tell you the guilt that comes with friend-zoning in people like me.

It’s all in vain now, because, you’re just a friend to speak about.
—  From a person at the other end of unrequited love


You can’t tell me this is not how 100 80% of their arguments end up like. Also, this was only supposed to be four panels but HA, yeah (I understand that the lighting on the end makes no sense given the prior panels but shhhh) I’m also sorry for my handwriting, but I liked the texture of the brush, so I’m keeping it.

Dedicated to @manalfedz for creating this awesome Edwin Family Portraint (that’s also dedicated to me! Please check it out to be buried in fluff!) Good luck with the fic! And thanks so much to @kriselledraws and @pahndah for helping with the anatomy and other stuff! ;; 

It was four in the morning. We were arguing. Again.
“Do you know what your problem is? You’ve extended this one thing, granted, granted, it’s life defining moment, but all life is, is a fucking thing anyway… And you’ve dragged this moment out, for the last three godforsaken years. Everyone else stood at these same crossroads and they picked a lane, but here you are, only moving in one direction or another when you’re dodging a car. Can’t you, for once in your life, just fucking choose?”
“I don’t think you understand. I know nothing of myself. I don’t know who I am by any means or capacity. I am completely fucking lost. So please, I beg of you, if you know the answer, if you know how to make a decision without any sense of self, tell me, because I’ve been trying to figure that one out for a very fucking long time now.”
—  #163- excerpts from the book I’ll never write


161122 Telephone conversation with Melon
me: Can you please tell me why explanation for “internal data” keeps changing?
call center agent: I think it’s a misunderstanding because although we explain the same thing over and over again, it looks like the fans don’t understand it well. Please allow me to explain again, internal data is the summing up of all artist’ data from 2015 November 19th until 2016 November 18th. Now, it doesn’t matter how many times the artist wins the 1st place during this one year period. The key points are- how many songs were sold and streamed/used. If you ask us “Why didn’t EXO win the award when they won the first place more than BTS?”, our answer is “the number of times the artist win on the chart is not the important factor. The artist gets a higher score if they stay longer on top 50 during the one year period and not how many times they win the 1st place.”. Even when we explain this to the fans, they still want to check the internal data without trying to understand our (Melon) position so that is why they say we keep changing our words.
me: So you mean “internal data” = “external data”?
call center agent: Yes. The artist will get better scores if people listen and search them regualarly throughout 1 year than voting and streaming their songs for a month or two before the actual award. Internal data is the total of real time, weekly, monthly data.
The reason why we can’t reveal our internal data is because we need to keep the record of all singers so we can’t reveal it.
me: So if the award is delievered to an artist based on accurate information, you will not make changes?
call center agent: Yes. This happened to IU last year too but we give the award to the artist who scored the highest during the 1 year period.
me: You will not award again or reverse the winner? (asked again)
call center agent: Yes, we won’t.

okay just because eva @mydeddyalabama is getting unwarranted shit for this and because it’s been on my time… i feel like there is this weird policing of lesbian sexuality on in that it’s very normal to see people joke about dude celebs with over-the-top, plainly gratuitious sexual talk - you know what i mean, like tagging pictures of harry styles with “raw me” or saying “i want to suck oscar isaac’s dick dry” and that’s absolutely fine and i understand and wholeheartedly support that, but it… never seems to happen when it comes to lesbians talking about their celebrity crushes? i mean, you’re far more likely to see “i want daisy ridley to murder me” or “janelle monae please step on me.” and that’s obviously its own can of worms lol but it is VERY telling that eva makes ONE silly post saying “i want to suck beyonce’s titty” and IMMEDIATELY there is an army of anons coming out of the woodwork to literally be like

Yeah of course lesbians having sexual feelings towards women isn’t misogyny but anyone constantly graphically talking about a woman (who is a strangers) genitals and graphically describing various sexual acts with them without any knowledge of if it’s okay is gross and reducing them to body parts. It’s so harmful to spread the idea lesbians can not harm and objectify and mistreat other lesbians

like fuck off????? fuck all the way off??? lesbians should be allowed to be silly and gratuitous and explicitly sexual about their crushes??? if you’re attracted to men you’re allowed to be as raunchy and over-the-top as you want but if you’re a lesbian you have to be like #step on me #kill me #murder me ??? fuck that i should be able to post “i want to scissor gina rodriguez in a hot tub while emilia clarke licks my boob” and i should be able to post that with impunity and without shame and without a bunch of people calling me a misogynist that’s all i’m saying


Otherwise known as; Poems written by William Poindexter and then performed by him at Annie’s on Slam Poetry Night, Number One.

         The clearing of a throat.

         “This poem is called Unexplainable.

Poetry is the topic I didn’t understand in English class

I mean, poetry is one of the many topics I didn’t understand in English class

It is how Shakespeare felt about the woman in the poem

(Who you tell me was really a man but that leads to a whole other thing I won’t get into now)

It’s the words people use to describe emotions I had never felt

Poetry is unnecessarily complicated and never outright and most of the time I feel like we’d all have an easier time if people just spoke plainly

But you tell me that poetry isn’t about easy

You tell me that poetry is about the unexplainable

It is finding a comparison as close as you can get

Because the thing you are writing about is yours

No one else would understand

You say, “I could write you as plainly as I see you

“But people would only understand how I feel if I compared your touch to fire, your laugh to melodies, your hands to a home where all I need to do is be.”

I still don’t understand your poetry

I still like things plainly said

But sometimes I think I understand

Poetry must be the light in your eyes when you’re passionate

The ink of your tattoo dripping across your skin

The words you use, the way your mouth moves around them like they’re building something great, something people will come to stare at in awe, something that people will remember until their dying day and leave afterwards for their children to speak like a prayer

Poetry must be how I feel when you read me yours

Because that is truly unexplainable.”