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So that Russian YouTuber reared his head again with a counter claim…

Please do me a favour, if you see your content take it from him. He’s been really pushy on the subject, contacting me on FB and email and getting his friend to contact me. This was the guy who threatened to tell Disney on me.

He’s also a jerk about monetization. He kept saying the artists allowed it, but most of his videos weren’t even credited so how could he have even asked them.

I had initially got his account deleted, but he begged YouTube for it back. I had also made him Hide content he didn’t have permission to post.

Looks like he’s gone back on that.

I don’t want him to be harassed. Also reminder you can only report if you’re the artist.

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Me and You

word count: 1.3k

a/n: gif is not mine so if you know who made it please tell me so I can credit them! this includes a lot of language, fighting, and throwing things in arguments so just forewarning you all. [feedback is appreciated and tell me if you want a part 2!]

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It was times like this where you wanted to hide away and forget about all of the responsibilities that you held, and all of the people that you had to face. Luke would be getting back any minute and how would you tell him this news that would rock his world; “Hey babe in about 9 months I’m going to be giving birth to a baby and you’re the father so congratulations!”

Getting pregnant wasn’t a thought in your minds since you religiously took birth control pills, and Luke wore condoms whenever he remembered. Yeah, you and Luke have talked about having children, but they were always years in the future, and now you had to tell him that your life plans were going to be moved forward a few years. Now you were carrying a little Hemmings inside of you which terrified you deeply because their careers were continuously growing, with no signs of stopping, and there was no way that Luke was going to be taking this information lightly.

Your bouts of nausea and migraines were easy to blame on jet-lag and exhaustion, but now that you weren’t travelling across the country anymore the symptoms of your progressing pregnancy were going to be harder to make up excuses for. Tonight was the night that you were going to show him the little plus sign on the white stick that showed him that he was going to be a father even though the timing was horrible and you both were very young, it was happening.

As you stood at the balcony, watching the lights and stars of the city you were currently in, you heard the hotel door click making your stomach churn while your nerves kicked in high gear, and before you were able to turn around and grab the small stick on the bed before Luke got ahold of it he already had it in his hand looking at you as if you were the most beautiful thing in the world, but also as if you were the worst.

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smoother than a storm // Hawkeye fanmix


1. A Belle to Remember - Hayley Kiyoko // 2. Roots - Orla Gartland // 3. Empty Gold - Halsey // 4. Wild Hearts - R5 // 5. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home - Keira Knightley // 6. Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin // 7. Big Girls Don’t Cry - Fergie // 8. Fire N Gold - Bea Miller // 9. Ex’s and Oh’s - Elle King // 10. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde

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