please tell me what you think when you use this psd

screencap/icon coloring tutorial

this is waaaaay long overdue, but i hope this helps someone and if you have questions feel free to ask me here

you’ll need to have some knowledge of the tools in Ps, but if you’re a beginner i tried to make this simple enough that you can understand, too :)

i’m going to walk you through how i colored this cap (and how i make icons from a screencap like this):

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Hey there! So this is a guide on helpful tips for making manips. I didn’t want to make a “tutorial” since every manip is different, and not every manip needs to have every single one of these tips applied to it, but this can prove to be rather helpful if a manip is giving you trouble! These tricks have definitely helped me.

This tutorial/guide/whatever is divided up into sections, and has images provided in case I’m really bad at explaining. Please like/reblog if you found this useful or want to share! 

Note: I use Photoshop CS5 to create all of my manips.

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hellandye  asked:

I'm thinking of making my own webcomic, do you have any tips?

Hi Hellandye!!! Sorry I took so long to answer this! I knew I needed a lot of time to spend on it… anyway, I’m excited you’re starting a webcomic! :D Everyone works on comics differently but I’ll tell you what helps me and maybe it’ll help you u vu)b if you’re struggling with something, let me know and I bet I could come up with another way to work on it!

1) Draw for print

  • When starting a comic, I’d always recommend drawing it at a size that can be printed bc you never know if you’ll want to print it later! Choose a size that’s good for you. 8.5″x11″, 7″x10.5″, etc. TINF is 5.25″x7.75″. (It’s recommended to draw your comic even larger than you want the final size to be, just make sure the ratio is the same! Things always look better sized down…)
  • Even if you draw your comic traditionally, make sure to scan it in and do any digital edits at a resolution no lower than 300dpi. If your resolution is lower than that, the quality won’t be as good when printed!
  • For each page I have the full size 300dpi PSD + a sized down for-web jpg (for ex, 600px wide, 72dpi).


  • When you’re printing, you need a lot of space for margins and bleed areas that could get cut off during the print process! I’m really, truly awful about knowing this stuff tho, so I recommend googling it and checking out what printers suggest for margins and sizes for safe drawing areas. I think generally, all together, you leave 0.75″ of space around your page or something? I don’t remember the specifics but I think I usually just leave like an inch border all around LOL.

2) Planning

Think about…

  • The plot! If there’s no plot, what’s the goal? Maybe the goal is “everyone becomes friends and life is beautiful.” If that’s the case, then most of the things that happen in the comic are pointing the characters towards that goal. (Don’t get me wrong: not every single chapter has to be plot- or goal-driven. Character development arcs are great too! But what’s an anime with 900 filler episodes? No thanks…)
  • The important points of the comic! I made a bullet point list of all the important things I wanted readers to become aware of in some way in TINF (for ex, I wrote: “unknowingly meet Sydney Morgan’s publicist; meet actor Vincent Fawkes; Selby’s handwriting matches Sydney Morgan’s; Isaiah becomes suspicious of Landon and regrets ‘hiring’ him,” etc)


  • I’m like the biggest fan of summaries EVER!!! Do a summary of your entire story. How do you want to introduce it? What’s the climax? How does it end? Really plan the beginning/end: the beginning is the backbone of the comic since it introduces the story (I regret TINF’s beginning everyday of my life, save me) + the end will be the driving force for it. The end of TINF is planned as, well… you guessed it, a summary, but I know what’s gonna go down.
  • Similarly, I do summaries of all my chapters: the beginning scene is concrete and planned out, the middle is kind of a general thought (in which you decide what you want to happen but the why can be messed around with), and the end scene is always concrete and planned out.
  • I leave the middle a general thought because comics are wild n free so it’s a lot easier to be loose and not get attached to a single idea. If you have single ideas for scenes that you’re super attached to, it becomes a real struggle because thoughts don’t always remain awesome when visualized… :’(

I’ve got my story, now how far ahead should I plan ahead?

  • Erm… I’m bad at this. This kind of thing changes the more you do comics. When I first started TINF, I had a Google doc of bullet points and ideas for about 15 chapters and I’d thumbnail at least half the chapter before I started on it. Thumbnailing a chapter is really great if you’re unsure about pacing: it helps make sure you don’t have a 50 pg intro scene, 11 pgs spent in the bathroom, and 30 pages of staring each other down DBZ style. It keeps you succinct so when someone checks back on your comic 5 months later you’re not still drawing the characters in the same room, having the same conversation about whether they should go to the mall or not. Once you get the hang of your pacing style, you can kind of procrastinate more… but… y-YOU SHOULDN’T… (don’t look at me)

3) Thumbnails

(Thumbnails are tiny versions of your pages. They’re generally sketchy and loose and are used to plan your comic visually.)

  • I put this in its own section outside of planning because thumbnails are 9000% the most important thing in my life :’D Some people work with scripts and, while I’ve planned through dialogue countless times, 1) you can’t put that much text into a page, 2) written dialogue moves a lot slower than visual dialogue in a comic–a “short” typed conversation can be pages and pages–so sometimes it’s better to plan the comic at the same time as the dialogue so the pacing is more natural. Or, if you do a script, maybe it’s not like a 100% must-be-their-dialogue type of thing.
  • Plan everything in your thumbnails: the perspective, how to draw that weird hand, where the speech bubbles are going to go (nothing worse than drawing a bg then covering it w/a bubble)… be precise! Do not stop thumbnailing if you can’t figure something out. Solve all your problems in the thumbnail stage!!!
  • I promise if you plan everything in the thumbnails (even greys/colors), inking your page will be SO FAST!!! It’ll be awesome. My record so far is 11 comic pgs in a day… (never again, please)
  • I do my thumbnails the same size ratio as a normal pg bc it makes life easier… :’)
  • Here’s an ex of my thumbnails:

(link for fullsize–I lit draw them at this size)

4) Editing

  • Always show a friend your comics or tell them your ideas and get feedback!! It’s really easy to get lost in our own little world where everything makes sense but, honestly, a lot of things in our heads are trainwrecks. I always tell my chapter ideas or show my thumbnails or pages to a friend before releasing them into the world… (the crowd cheers and someone falls to their knees, shouting praises into the air, for not having to experience my unfiltered mind)

5) Little Nicole Things

(Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s you too! Be wild, be free, you can make comics in an infinite amount of ways, but here are some things that I think about a lot.)

The amount of text in…

  • The introduction! I’m a visual person. I generally don’t like to read. My #1 advice if you want to hook someone into your comic during the introduction is NOT to start off with a wall of text explaining everything. A straight-to-the-point, attention-grabbing introduction won’t put readers to sleep in the first 5 pgs of the comic while struggling to hit the ‘next’ button.
  • Speech bubbles! Don’t overload speech bubbles with text. If you have like 5 sentences in 1 speech bubble that’s probably too much. I know this is some style of comics so, definitely, if it’s your desire, go for it! But when things get wordy, my attention span wavers…


  • Pacing is super tough especially when you want 900 things to happen in your comic. If you’re drawing a graphic novel or releasing your comic a chapter or more at a time, def go wild and free with pacing! I ENCOURAGE IT… it’s great.
  • BUT if you’re doing a once- or twice-a-week updated webcomic, the pacing is a lot more important. Something that helps me is: try to make at least 1 interesting thing happen in your page. If you have 1 exciting moment in your page, the tiny update for that week, hopefully, won’t feel unsatisfying.

Page size

  • Please remember to resize the page for web! Nothing is less exciting than having a 5000px wide image where I can’t even see one panel on the screen at a time.

Handwriting vs Font

  • Laughs darkly into the night over my handwriting… hi, hello there. Generally, it’s a lot easier and neater to use a font! When doing handwriting, I’d recommend using all caps because having all the letters at the same size is very smooth to read.
  • When doing handwriting, only use the hat/tail on an uppercase “I” if the “I” is the beginning of the sentence or if it’s the pronoun. For the rest, simply write it as a straight line.


  • I’m going to tell you all a secret: all I do is blow up my thumbnails and ink over them. I don’t sketch. ~ur welcome~

6) Random tipz

  • Don’t get too attached to anything! Nothing destroys your entire being more than not being able to portray the scene you’ve been dreaming about for 900 years in your head perfectly.
  • Don’t force an idea! If you’re not feeling something, don’t do it. If you make your comic Everything You Love then, well, you’ll love it! If you’re bored with something, the readers will probably get bored too.
  • Progress will be fast so don’t let it get you down! It’s easy to want to give up or start over but you won’t get anywhere unless you keep pushing forward. Yes, I regret drawing like infinite # of TINF pgs, but usually you like it better later. Or, if you hate it… well… oh well… :’) verily, that is the way of the world… let’s do better next time!
  • Do 900 TINF cameos
  • Don’t be me :’)

7) HAVE FUN!!!

  • Comics can be as experimental as you want and there’s no “right” way to make them. If you decide you hated everything I said, that’s ok! Be you, have fun, express yourself, and you’ll love to make comics. And really, as long as you love it, that’s what matters the most! :D

Again, these aren’t “rules” so def do what you like, but maybe these will help! Best wishes Hellandye, lemme know if you start your comic, I wanna see!!! ILU TTvTT)))bbb

falcon-in-flight  asked:

Wow, you're really hard-working with your art! Can you please tell me how much you practice, on average, every week? I really admire your art style :) [Just curious, though- what's your favorite anime (currently)? Is it Yuri on Ice?]

(≧◡≦) ♡ Wahhhh thank you so much! And hmm this question is hard ~ I’ve only just recently (maybe a couple months ago) started to SERIOUSLY practice every day. I took art in college and graduated with an art degree but real talk, my college did not have a good art program and I didn’t make the most of what they DID offer and that was a terrible decision on my part. As a result, I’ve lost a lot of what I learned so I’m making sure to dedicate at least 2-4 hours a day drawing something. And if I can’t draw then I use my free time to go through and save reference photos for later. 

As for favorite show… YOI is my current obsession but it’s actually not my favorite??? I’m not sure how to explain haha I love it but if I had to pick a show I’ve watched recently and could absolutely gush over it’s art/character/story it would be Mob Psycho 100 (SURPRISED??? HAHAHA ivedonezerofanartforitlol)

And I’ll be answering all the asks here ~ in a batch again, I’m so sorry for the late reply guys! ~

Ahh omg thank you so much ;A; I think I might have answered this in a different ask but I’ve been drawing since I was very little :) paper and paint was one of the first things my parents put in front of me once I was old enough haha

>////< Nuuuu thank you so so much for your kind words! You’re making me blush ahhhghh ~ I’m so happy you like my work! I’ll keep working hard to improve my drawings and hopefully can stick to posting at least once a week! 

Ohh I see, if there’s credit it’s fine ~! I’ve had a few people ask permission to post on insta :) Thank you so much for your comment though! Really touched you like my drawings!

OF COURSE! Although nothing beats using real life as reference ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ (if that’s what you’re talking about haha)

Hi hi! Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 Yes that is totally fine with credits and thank you for asking me about it! Good luck on your drabbles ~ I’d love to read them sometime (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ Also so sorry for the late reply! Not sure if I got back to you fast enough *sobbing*

・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・ Thank you so much! I’ll keep practicing hard!

Aww thank you so much! I’m glad you like it! Aaaand noooo I’m so sorry I don’t! I checked back into the psd and I was kind of speed drawing through the whole thing and was saving and flattening layers and then creating new ones and then flattening again, so that last image was totally combined with the text bubble. I can try and go back another day to edit it out and draw roses over it (but it might be a while >_<) pm me if you’re still interested ~

Ooooo well I was following 46Gohan’s au and they put Yuuri in Gryffindor. However I actually 100% agree with 46Gohan’s decision because Yuuri has an extremely competitive side that I feel overpowers any of his kind/hardworking traits. Maybe episode 1 Yuuri would be Hufflepuff, but currently he’s headstrong and so brave to be carrying the expectations of his whole country on his shoulders. Plus I saw somewhere that Yuuri’s full name can be read “born to win” and “courage to win” hehe. But I think Hufflepuff!Yuuri works as well! Sorting can be argued any direction, which is awesome

Hahah yaaaas thanks so much for the love guys >////<

Ohhh thank you so much for this lovely comment! .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・. I’m so happy you felt the emotion I often struggle to convey! They really are a gorgeous couple *sobbing*. Plus this show really throws the feels at you hard, but it’s funny we all draw fanart for it when the actual show already has everything anyone could have wanted in it ahaha

Hellooo~! Thank you so much, and YES so long as there’s credit that’s totally fine! Thank you for wanting to translate it (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) and I’m super happy you like the comic <3


Thank you so much everyone! Again sorry for the delay! You guys are seriously the best, thank you so much for all the love and chatting with me! I hope you all are having a warm and safe December so far ~ it’s getting pretty chilly in my city haha. BUT THANK GOD FOR THAT YOI EP10. I AIN’T EVEN COLD NO MORE LOL. I HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT EP BUT I WILL RESTRAIN MYSELF FOR NOW. Take careee <3


I get asked this question alot ‘Can I have some tips on being a RPH’ and honestly I have spun out some very good answers in my opinion and I thought that I would assemble a little guide for you on how to be a successful roleplay helper. I say successful because everyone is a great roleplay helper and everyone does their part but below is my guide on some tips and advice that I myself have learnt from and some mistakes I’ve made in the past. So take these as you will they are not meant to be hurtful in any way just keep that in mind.

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uhhanduhh  asked:

Hey Sophia, nice job, I really enjoy your work. How are you creating your animations if you don't mind me asking?

A bunch of people have asked me this over the months, so instead of just linking to tutorials I’d like to go a little more in-depth.

My process for making animations has changed a lot in the time I’ve been doing them. I used to work almost exclusively in Flash (for animations like lighthouse ladyfish manbusy girltrain folks, and rock roller) with a little bit of Photoshop basically just for post-processing (tweaking colors with adjustment layers). I should note that when I’m animating geometric shapes I almost always make them in Illustrator, and then import them into Flash.

When I upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and then CC, I found that the animation functionality had gotten much better, so I tried it out (see beach girl and crying person). Alex Grigg’s photoshop animation tutorial, as I’ve mentioned, was invaluable here.

For some other recent animations I’ve done a hybrid approach – making geometric shapes in Illustrator and animating them in Flash, then bringing them into Photoshop to apply texture to the shapes and also do any hand-drawn animation. See “help computer” and this NYT piece.

Unfortunately, Flash CC has actually removed a lot of the features I depended on for animation (the motion editor, and inverse kinematics) so I am finally taking the plunge into learning After Effects, which I’ve been putting off for forever even though it’s industry standard. I expect it will change my approach a lot.

Before I get into the weeds with a specific example I wanna shout out Ric Carrasquillo, who has mentored me with a lot of animation stuff and is a phenomenal artist and all-around nice guy!

So the most recent animation I’ve put on tumblr is this running girl. Let me tell you how this came to be.

I have a folder on my computer called “style tests” that is filled with random scribbles, sketches, abstract color palettes, brush experiments, patterns, etc. When I feel like starting a random personal project, I peek in here and see if there’s anything that holds water. If it manages to keep my interest after wasting away in this folder for months, then it’s probably worth finishing.

Apparently I started “runner” about a year ago, in April 2013. it was initially just an idea for a static illustration in a sort of printmakey style with a limited palette. I’m sure I was thinking of this scene from Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams because it haunts me.

Anyway, it stayed like this for basically a year, then in May of 2014 I decided to do something with it. I had been thinking of the scene again and thought it would be fun to animate a run cycle.

I did rough pass animation in Flash because I find it faster and more intuitive when you’re working out timing.  The final animation is two 16-frame run cycles at 12 fps, so on the 2’s at 24 fps, basically. My first pass here is on the 2’s at 12 fps, so on the 4’s at 24 fps. I asked my coworker Matt Cruickshank for tips and he pointed out that it’s physically impossible to run with your arms and legs moving foward on the same side, which gives you fascinating insight into how little I know about this stuff

Second pass with all the frames filled out – this was sufficient for me to move to final linework.

I exported the animation from Flash as a .png sequence, then imported that into Photoshop as a video layer so that I could trace over it in a new video layer. This part was the most time-consuming and tedious, so I queued up Das Boot and had at it. Here’s a progress shot. Someone on twitter mentioned that her right arm (our left) was doing some funky stuff and he was right! I fixed it as best I could in the final. It still looks weird tho :C

When I was done with the 16-frame cycle, I duplicated it and changed her facial expression in the second round so that it wouldn’t feel too repetitive. Next: color.

Then I set up some Photoshop actions to fill in the flats. Some glitches occurred. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When animating in Photoshop, you can create a cycling texture animation as a smart object and then clip it to a layer, video layer, or group of frame layers. This is what I did with her shirt. I made a Photoshop action to create a bunch of random blobby noise, ran it on 16 separate color layers, and clipped the resulting footage to the flat shirt shapes.

I do variations of this all the time, with static illustrations too, just to add some speckle to a solid color.

Then I spent a long time coloring all the lines………

For the background elements, I went back to Flash, using some Illustrator-made vector shapes. The hill in the background is a giant rotating circle with alternating smooth and pointy ripples.

The bush in the foreground is a spiky rectangle doing a tile tween. Both of these got punted to Photoshop as .png sequences in video layers, where I colored and textured them.

At some point in this entire process I decided to lose the spooky hand + shadow in the background (seemed too cheesy, I wanted something more ambiguous) and I also removed the kicked-up dirt, under Ric’s advice that it was driving home a point that the character animation had sufficiently made.

The sky has some texture that was not procedurally generated, but scanned in (years ago) from some powdered graphite + alcohol experiments (I’m not being glib, you literally mix the graphite powder with alcohol). The texture files were huge and this led to some problems. Every single frame of that cycling texture was a very zoomed-in portion of a duplicated enormous 600dpi smart object, and it was bogging down the .psd. I rasterized the smart objects thinking that would solve the problem, but the thing is – Photoshop often lets pixels outside the canvas hang around in case you need them. I eventually solved the issue by cutting and pasting every single layer, so that I was sure it was only saving on-canvas pixels.

When everything was ready to go, I exported all the frames as flat .pngs and ran some actions on them to tweak the colors with curves layers and gradient maps, then piled them back into a .psd (File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack…)

Then I exported it as a .gif (because this was a limited palette piece from the start, this part was pretty painless) and posted it to tumblr, but not before redrawing it in unicode


(the most essential part of my artistic process)

In all this animation took about two weeks, but I was only working for half an hour to an hour every day, in-between more pressing projects – as a way to relax and have fun.

Feel free to download the animation .psd and poke around. Please note that it will only work with CS6 and up.

I hope this was simple enough to follow. Again, I really recommend Alex Grigg’s Photoshop tutorial, it taught me basically everything I know. This Richard Williams book is also a big deal. I hope more people give animation a shot and make weird gifs – it’s fun and informative.

"Multiple-Gifs-in-One" Tutorial by burningupasun

Okay, sassysnipets requested a tutorial on how to make two-in-one gifs or multiple-in-one gifs, aka gifs with two (or more, really) scenes playing inside them at the same time. (I don’t know how to explain it better than that). There’s probably a way better way to do this that I’m not aware of, but here’s how I do it.

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Whoo thanks for 3000 followers guys!! I didn’t have anything specific prepared, but as usual for follower milestones I’ll be taking any and all (within reason) sketch requests! Doesn’t have to be undertale related, as long as it’s not porn you’re probably good :)

I’m in my last week of classes now and then I’ll be traveling for a week, but after the 11th I’ll have a couple free days so I’ll probably leave requests open till then and then work on them when I get back :P

One other little bonus I thought would be fun is I grabbed all my super crappy initial sketches for that Control lyric comic and compared them to the finished panels with some random trivia, like this:

So yeah initially with this one I was just going to have that one shot, but since I noticed there was that slow instrumental bit at the beginning of the song I realized it’d work way better to split it into two panels

Haha I suck at shoes. Fun fact since the shoes were implied to belong to the other fallen humans I tried to match each pair to a soul color

So if you wanna see me comment on my old art and laugh at it feel free to keep reading under the cut!

Either way, thanks so much again guys! I hope you all continue to enjoy my silly blog :)

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anonymous asked:

can i ask how you colored the purple gifs in this gifset /post/134944203544/princessmechanicsource-im-begging-you-to-keep like how you made it look so nice and even?

this is kind of long and rambling and probably doesn’t make much sense?? but i hope it helps!! (also i apologise in advance because this colouring was not my best and looking at it now i think i could have done a much better job)

how to make the colours the same in a gifset (as seen in this post)

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MSB - 力レと歩むバージンロード - Daichi Katsuragi - Stage 4 (end)

Walking Down the Aisle Event [Mobage]

When dinner was ready, everyone sat together in the dining table.

Daichi: Father, Mother…. MC. I wanted to talk about this before we start dinner.

Daichi glanced in your direction. You didn’t say anything but nodded.

Daichi: … I really will not be able to quit my job as bodyguard. So could you please somehow accept my wedding with MC?

Daichi bowed his head as he pleaded.

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This is a tutorial for making gifs with the use of KMPlayer and Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS5. There are other ways to make gifs, but this is by far the fastest and easiest way I have found to make them. We’re going to start with the assumption that you already have the caps for making the gif, but if you do not, go ahead and view the KMPlayer tutorial for gathering caps for gifs.

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Things I Have Said While Gaming Part 2

“Not even Shia believes in you.”
“Sorry I don’t remember summoning a little bitch.”
“There are things you just don’t do… you did number 1 on that list.”
“Don’t you dare judge me while sitting on a fucking pumpkin.”
“No I asked Santa for a blonde bitch, not fucking strawberry blonde, thanks.”
“Bye to your head, don’t worry it was ugly anyways.”
“Or I could just do this-” *shoots your dick*
“God made a mistake when he made you.”
“I was all nice and he tried to take my balloon what the shit.”
“No, you ain’t Luke, and I am NOT your father bye.” 
“Whoa…. I think I just lost weight how quickly all the interest just left my body.”
“So are we gay or bicurious that line with the kids these days is so blurred.”
“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! I think I just heard a dog.”
“Why does he hate the kitchen so much? Is he a fuckboy or is it the freaky ass maid?”
“Why does Jesus let someone as ugly as you live?”
“I snuck killed you so hard the creator himself felt it.”
“I kill his family and suddenly he’s soooo cooperative WHAT WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GO?!”
“This is why you’re a failure to everyone including yourself.”
“Why does everyone drown in this I don’t get it.”
“I can’t believe what a corny little asshole you are.”
“Is that me? Ew I look like a fucker.”
“Why is there drool on the ceiling? DROOL IS BAD I REPEAT! DROOL. IS. BAD!”
“You remind me of a word… it’s called ‘unnecessary’.”
“Is that what I think it is or have I lost my fucking noodles too.”
“No I do NOT want to look at that, that’s the poem bullshit no.”
“Who mislead them so terribly that they actually think I care?”
“Okay, but you’re disgusting so your opinion is nothing to me.”
“Why does every girl get sexually harassed at some point in these transactions?”
“Not symmetrical enough for you?! Fuck your OCD then.”
“Is the spotlight going to kill me? Aw… I quite like being in the spotlight.”
“I swear if someone is slapping something in my castle I’m going to fucking murder them.”
“NO NO NO NO NO- oh that’s a nice design.”
“I HATE YOU! No, no, I actually don’t. Well, I  do hate you… I love you from a distance.”
“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to stab people’s eyes out with scissors?”
“Bitch is a super basic insult, try again.”
“Are we?! Are we? Are you…? Are we a thing?”
“Thanks for saving me right as I die you fucking duck face bitch.”
“Masturbation is probably a more valid option.”
“That didn’t even hit me stop LYING TO ME.”
“Hit the lady made of lightning with lightning, that’ll kill her totally.”
“I just wanted to come out and fuck bitches, but now this had to happen.”
“If they think this is going to keep me imprisoned, then they obviously don’t know that I’m the protagonist in this story.”
“If I didn’t have decent impulse control, I would have called you a cunt there. TOO BAD, I HAVE BAD IMPULSE CONTROL, YOU’RE A CUUUUUUUUUNT!”
“That’s cool, but who hurt you so badly that you had to go out and do that?”
“Haters gonna hate hate hate hate, I’m just gonna shoot shoot shoot, shoot your head, shoot your head.”
“If I learned anything from Barney it’s that you’re a dickwad and a half.”
“I use electroshock therapy to make my gun be able to hold more bullets…. seems legit.”
“I spend 357 FUCKING days with her and they are just gonna do that, OKAY THEN!”
“She fucking edited my memories like I was a fucking PSD in Photoshop what the FUCK?!”
“Dream, drop, go fuck yourself!”
“Stop talking to me, I just want to bash your head in with this brick.”
“You can tell that I’m a detective because I drink and have a dead child.”
“Oh it’s you. I was kind of praying you died back there.”
“You know what your problem is? You’ve been reduced to a joke, but you don’t have to take it out on me, another joke.”
“That would be a valid argument, but I hate you so…”

「恋人は公安刑事」- “My lover is a PSD detective” Prologue

The prologue starts with you on the subway on the way to your new school. You have been working as a police officer in Nagano for the past 3 years but it has always been your dream to become a police detective. You were almost giving up hope in ever achieving that dream when one of your superiors recommended you to a police academy, and you got accepted. 

You then notice a pickpocket at work, stealing a man’s wallet. It’s your instinct to confront him. The train announces your next stop and you know that if you don’t move now, you will lose him.

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  • How can I contribute?

Download the Template (and its notes in layers), overview the Rules and guidelines. In whatever digital program you are able, and draw your Gaster following the guidelines. Many layers for arms and expressions. (The more the better, but keep in mind the tone of the song!)

  • That’s so many rules!

The rules and guidelines are in place to make it so everyone’s work works well with the video. This is a collaborative effort, not just a set of moving finished art pieces to music. That said, I am open for discussion, there will be a section of the song that will be quite different from the template given. Stay tuned for updates on that front.

  • When is the deadline?

Deadlines tend to leave folks throwing stuff in at the last second. If anything submissions will be on iterations. (The more you work with TechCat and communicate and show progress, the smoother your submissions will be)
Periodically, I will give arbitrary deadlines, to give myself enough material to work with when I will be able to work on it.

Amendment (7/29) : There is now a tentative deadline. To enter NEW Gasters into the project, you have until August 14, 2016. For those in the project already and must finish their Gasters, you have until August 20, 2016. These are tentative dates and deadlines are subjected to extend. We will keep this updated.

  • Who’s running this joint?

@techcat​ is the one hosting the project, and has the final say on what goes. @traversingtwilight and @zichqec are both mods, and can help answer questions related to the project. There’s also a Skype group chat for folks to work with each other and discuss progress and ideas. (And have fun with other topics of course.)

Amendment (7/29) : There are now 7 mods! Please check out the mod post here.

  • Is there room for my Gaster?


  • You already have so many super talented people, my art looks terrible…

See, here’s the deal. I need as many Gasters as I can get. Like, 60 Gasters is my low goal. There’s a LOT of slots that need to get filled up, and repeating the same ten or so Gasters is missing the POINT of this project.

There’s hundred and hundreds of spaces, and I need to fill them. Think of this:

And I have a reaaaalllly big table that needs filled with cakes. Even the best cakes aren’t going to occupy the whole table, let alone the next five tables.

Now think of this next image:

And Lex Luthor is your fear of putting your Gaster out.

Don’t let Lex Luthor take the cakes.

That’s what’s really terrible.

  • You said point. What’s the ‘point’ of this project then?

The point is that we have all interpreted Gaster in so many interesting ways. Each one is special and great and I value every single one! Everyone has a different way they see him, or even multiple ways of seeing him! The premise of the project is to have as many of the examples as we’ve made, in fitting with the theme of the song. There is no definitive truth to Gaster, so all of our wildly variant versions of him are simultaneously just as valid as any other.

  • Is there a limitation on what makes a Gaster ‘acceptable’?

No NSFW content. No shitposting. No hateful actions towards real people or groups.

  • I only work traditionally, can I still get involved?

Complicated answer here. I’ll give it a ‘sorta’ for brevity. The reason I say digital works better is because I need options that can be toggled on and off. Thinks like faces and arms being on layers means they can be worked with on their own, without interfering with other pieces. Also dimensions are harder to keep track of on paper than in a file. THAT SAID, if you find a way to digitize your traditional work into the appropriate layers and proportions then SURE. Please reach out to me and I’ll see what I can do.

  • I don’t have Photoshop, what can I do?

I can hook you up with SAI, which is primarily what I’ve used personally to do my Gasters. You just need a program that can use and save PSD files. I use Photoshop CS3 mostly for formatting and adjustments, 90% of the work is done in SAI. Other programs available for free that work with Layers (but can be tricky about merging stuff without telling youuuu, so make sure to iterate your saves.) Krita, Fire Alpaca, GiMP. What I need are your layers staying as Layers, I prefer PSD as it goes well into my own workflow.

  • I still have questions?!

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