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Beautiful Surprise.

Lena sighs.

All she wants to do is go home to her girlfriend and her dog. That’s it.

Instead, she’s here listening to some fucking old, sexist, pimple of a man rant about her new technology that she introduced today.

“… that’s why we shouldn’t have let a woman run this company! … She has no idea what she is doing… She is putting this company at risk…”

Lena tunes him out and starts thinking about when she gets welcomed home by their dog Krypto. He’d jump on her, might knock her down if she didn’t take her shoes off quick enough too.

She chuckles.

There would be boxes everywhere, too. Kara had said yes when she asked her to move in and Lena couldn’t be more excited. After 2 years, it was time. The compromise was they would have to wait a month in order for Kara’s lease to end, AND Kara wasn’t allowed to use her powers. Lena always wanted the experience of moving in with someone, the laughs, and yes even the fights.

She smiles, she can’t wait to get home.

Finally, she’s brought back to reality…


That’s the moment that she loses it.

“Mr. Buchanan, I don’t know how many times I’ve said that this company is nothing like the one that my brother ran. We do not invest in chaos, war or hate. I, for one, am very happy with that fact. I will never run this company like Lex did. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of your sexist, anti-alien, testosterone-driven rants about my technology and the way I’m running this company. Now, I’ve dealt with it for three years and I’m finally done.”

She stands up and glares at him.

“Here’s what I propose: you either step down or I will leak all of your indiscretions, and ALL of your investments to the media.” She states as she slides a packet to him.

Within the packet are pictures him being intimate with women who are not his wife in a dingy hotel room, alleyways, massage parlors, and even in his own bed. There are lists of his investments and how much he’s invested in them. Most of them are… shady, to say the least.

“You wouldn’t- you can’t just- you won’t do-” He sputters as he looks through the contents.

She interrupts him “I can and believe me when I say, I will. Not only will your wife leave you because of the pictures, the people will turn against you, your investments will be gone, you will be ostracized, bankrupt- because we all know it’s really your wife’s money that you are spending- and you will be forced to step down from this board. As much as I would LOVE for that to happen, I believe myself to be above that. So, I give you a choice. Take it or leave it.”

She pauses, and looks around the room.

“Does anyone else have a problem? No? Good. Mr. Buchanan, you can let my secretary Jess know your answer by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. A second later, you will be seeing all of this information on national news, and do not think you can escape it. I have contacts you can even begin to dream of having.” She picks up her things, and with a “Good day gentlemen.” she storms out of the room.

She is beyond angry. She has had to deal with these incompetent, hateful beings for as long as she’s been the CEO. She is completely done with the whole board, some of which have been here since before she took over. A few of them are still loyal to Lex, like Mr. Buchanan. She has been trying to get them to leave, but that is proving difficult. The only ways they can go are if they step down, or get voted off. Most of the old board she blackmailed out, of course, there are no records of her doing so, nor are there any credible witnesses. Her word is better than theirs, especially if she leaked a scandal or two.

“Fucking idiots.” She numbed as she walks by Jess and into her office.

She grabs her coat, and packs up her things.

“Jess, I’m leaving for the day. Cancel my appointments, and then you can go home.”

“Yes Ms. Luther.”

Lena stops and quirks her eyebrow at Jess.

“I mean, Lena” Jess replies with a smile.

Lena smiles “Better. Enjoy the rest of your day Jess.”

“You too!”

Lena practically runs to her car, eager to go home and leave her awful day at work behind her.

When she gets outside her apartment, - THEIR apartment- she takes a minute to collect herself. She lets her anger from the day go, and eagerly opens the door. “Hey Babe! I’m home!”.

She hears a bark and quickly throws down her stuff and takes her shoes off before a blond blur jumps on her.

Lena laughs, “Hey Buddy, ohhh, I missed you too!! Was today good?! Mine wasn’t as god as yours I bet! Thank you for all the kisses!” She gushes, as she loves on her adorable dog. After Krypto calms down a bit Lena asks, “Where’s your other mama??” Wondering why Kara hasn’t greeted her like she normally does.

Krypto barks and runs down the hallway to the master bedroom where Lena hears Kara squealing.

Lena opens the door, “I’m almost afraid to as-” 

Kara excitedly interrupts as soon as she sees Lena, “I didn’t know you had baby pictures!!!“You were so freaking cute!!!! Well I mean they aren’t baby pictures, but they’re of you as a child and I thought you didn’t have any!!! But you do, and I HAD to go through them because you went through mine. I thought it was okay, but you’re not saying anything so I’m assuming it’s not? If I crossed a boundary-” Kara’s rant stops when Lena holds up her hand.

"Love? Say something please, or emote, because you normally have a reaction when I’m doing something you don’t like. But right now, you’re just… there.” Kara worriedly states.

Lena doesn’t say anything as Kara is talking. She picked up a few of the pictures and started to look at them. She drifts to the floor as tears form in her eyes.

Kara notices and superspeeds to Lena wrapping her arms around her, knowing something serious is going on.

“Hey love, what’s wrong?” Kara asks softly as she turns Lena’s head towards her and gently brushes the tears from Lena’s eyes.

Lena looks back down at the picture in her hand. It’s of her and Lex at the zoo when they were 8. A monkey is on Lena’s shoulder, her dad is handing it a piece of fruit. Lex’s arm is around her, her eyes are on the monkey, and Lex is laughing at her.

She remembers this day. it was her first trip to the zoo, and it was magical. Her favorite part was the otters and the monkeys.

Kara rubbing her arm brings her back to reality.

“That box,” gesturing to the box that the pictures came out of, “is from the Luthor Mansion.” She says as she tries to hold in her tears. “I always assumed that Mother didn’t save any pictures of me, because I wasn’t Lex. She was always very cold to me. In her eyes, I never did anything right. I honestly thought she never loved me. Apparently, I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.” She whispered as she looked to the multitude of pictures around the room.

She looks up to Kara, “She did love me. I always figured she only said that because she wanted something from me; but it’s true. My mother actually loves me.”

Kara held her tighter. “Turn the picture over” she whispers to Lena.

Curious, Lena does, and her breath hitches.

On the picture it said, “May 6th, 1999. Your first zoo trip. You loved the monkeys and otters the most. You absolutely despised the snakes after the King Cobra hissed at you. You hugged me at that moment because you were scared. You smiled more today than you have since you been with us. I love you my darling angel, Momma.”

Lena covered her mouth with her hand.

“They’re all like that” Kara whispers in her ear.

Lena shuts her eyes as tears flow out.

Kara holds her till her body stops shaking, carefully wiping Lena’s tears when they stop flowing, and kisses her forehead.

Lena takes a breath, and looks up, “Can we go through these together? I don’t know if I can do it alone.”

Kara nods with a smile, “Of course love. Do you want to move to the bed first though? I’m getting uncomfortable and I’m an alien. I can only imagine what you’re feeling.” she grins.

Lena chuckles, “Yes, Yes, the puny human is also uncomfortable.” with a kiss, she helps Kara up. Lena starts collecting the pictures from the ground as Kara moves the box closer to the bed.

That night they share laughter, tears, pizza on their bed (“Just this once” Lena states), and memories, becoming closer than ever before.

As they are going to bed, Lena starts thinking about her day. "You know, that was a beautiful surprise to come home to. I had the worst day at work.” she states, slipping on her pajama bottoms.

"Oh? Do tell.” Kara replies.

“Well Buchanan was raving about how I don’t run the company the right way, my technology will never sell, and then he finished his rant by saying Lex would be ashamed about how I am running the company.” She says, getting annoyed again.

“Oooofff, wrong move buddy. What did you do?” Kara asks, slipping under the covers.

“You know that information packet on him I’ve been amassing? Well, he has quite a few indiscretions, and a lot of investments that don’t make him look very good in the public eye. So, I gave him a choice.”

“Good for you! He needs to go.” Kara exclaims.

Lena looks up from brushing her hair, surprised, “I thought you were against me blackmailing them off?”

“That was before Dummie Number Three tried to assassinate you. Twice.” Kara gripes, “You’d think they would learn better by now.”

Lena chuckles, “Yeah, I have a super girlfriend that is always there to protect me, and catch me when I fall.” she winks as she climbs in next to Kara.

“And a super-cool mom that loves you.” Kara adds.

“She’s still the head of Cadmus.” Lena replies, looking at the picture on her bedside table of her family at the zoo.

“Yes, but she loves you. So, there is still hope.” Kara says as she puts her arms around Lena.

“That is true, she does love me.” Looking at all the pictures around the room, all with handwritten notes behind them. 

“You know who also loves you?” Kara asks. “Me.”

“You’re a dork.” Lena chuckles as Kara’s lips meet hers.

“Goodnight, my love.”

“Goodnight Lena.”

That night they fall asleep in each other’s arms, with Lena’s childhood scattered on the furniture in the room, with their dog at their feet.

They didn’t get through all the pictures, but they will. After all, they have the rest of their lives together, and Lena couldn’t be happier.


monsta x members + name meanings

Im tired of skinny white boys being the only gay couples in anything, like give me some black boys in love, give me trans boys of colour holding hands, give me dark skinned asian boys in love, give me some chubby boys holding hands, give me gay relationships where the boys have something other than a chiseled face and clear skin, give me gay relationships with boys who have acne and freckles and stretch marks, give me something else than skinny white boys making out shirtless p l e a s e

okay…shipping aside…jon cares SO MUCH for sansa????like. in this episode he asked for her advice on a very important matter after we last saw her puppy eyes and the “would that be so terrible?” line. let’s not forget HE LEFT HER IN CHARGE OF THE NORTH. that is basically naming her his hand. he choked one of sansa’s abusers after he dared to say he is in love with her ??? after selling her to ramsay bolton ??? and being a creep around her ???after everything she’s been through, someone finally cares for her thoughts, asks for her opinion, defends her, trusts her enough to LEAVE HIS KINGDOM FOR HER TO CARE FOR. finally someone shows sansa some love and respect.

anonymous asked:

no but like you do know that even though tony realized that bucky was innocent he still tried to murder him and would have if steve hadn't been there to stop him? the russos confirmed it. i just don't get it how someone can claim to love a character but still support the person who almost murdered said character in cold blood and still hasn't shown any indication that he's sorry for his actions.

Okay, I’m glad you asked this because it gives me a reason to explain my feelings about the Act 3 fight in Civil War. Heads up for anyone reading this that this is gonna be a pretty long post with a lot of visual evidence. 

There’s several major points to the final fight scene:

  1. Had the fight continued, would Tony have killed Bucky?
  2. Understanding Tony’s reaction both from the perspective of grief and also from the perspective of trauma.
  3. Is this fight really about Bucky?

To fully understand the final scene, I think we have to look at all three of these. First and foremost - would Tony have actually killed Bucky?

So, the first several minutes of the fight, Tony hits Steve, knocking to the floor, and restrains him. His attention is clearly focused on Bucky who he engages in a fight. The fight continues for several seconds/minutes, until this important moment:

Tony: Do you even remember them?
Bucky: I remember all of them.

Here, Tony has Bucky in a chokehold. Cap is incapacitated somewhere else. Tony could easily snap Bucky’s neck right here, yet he pauses and asks him about his parents. Tony then flies down, still holding Bucky and Cap intercepts them mid-air:

Several things to point out: if Tony was about to kill Bucky, why didn’t he do it just then? They all fall down, Bucky falling onto another platform, Tony and Steve falling to the floor, with Steve rolling forwards. This is an important moment - from here on now the action switches. Tony’s attention is now fixed on Steve solely, not Bucky. The two begin to fight.

Bucky joins in and we have the well known Bucky, Steve and Tony choreography. Then Tony shoots a repulsor beam at Steve, knocking him back, and Bucky attacks Tony, attempts to rip out the reactor at which point Tony’s reactor fires a repulsor beam and Bucky’s arm is ripped off from the blast.

Despite this, Tony doesn’t attempt to use his repulsor, despite having an arm free:

Instead he tries to pry Bucky’s arm away from the reactor. But Bucky is too strong. I’ve rewatched the scene several times and Tony doesn’t actually fire a repulsor with his arm. Instead the reactor begins to glow:

Before it shoots out a beam:

This is also important as it means the reactor has a failsafe in the case of someone trying to remove it. 

If Tony wanted to hurt Bucky why didn’t he fire a repulsor from his arm straight into Bucky’s face? Why did he attempt to simply pry Bucky’s hand away? I don’t think he intentionally tried to shoot Bucky’s arm off, instead the reactor has a failsafe and released a repulsor and since Bucky had his arm on the reactor it hit him straight in the arm, causing it to be ripped off from the force.

Once Bucky loses his arm, then Tony hits him with a repulsor in the back which yes, I admit wasn’t necessary and was awful. At this point Cap gets up and we get this iconic shot:

Steve and Tony begin to fight and Steve has the upper hand, Tony is cornered against the wall and has no way of fighting against Steve:

At this point Tony has FRIDAY analyse Cap’s fight pattern and use it against him. Which leads to this point of the fight:

Tony punches Steve several times while he kneels, Bucky’s body behind him. Then he grabs him, and tosses him away from Bucky:

Tony: Stay down. Final warning.

The camera pans to a wide shot, and this, this moment is visually INTEGRAL to this entire fight. Wide shots are intended to show the audience the entire scene, they focus on everything as a whole, revealing to the audience what is going on.

That’s why this shot is so important. Bucky is on the floor, incapable of protecting himself. Steve is several feet away from Bucky and Tony is in between the two. Tony could easily turn around and kill Bucky - so why doesn’t he? The camera pans to this, revealing to us that Bucky (and Steve) are completely vulnurable - note even the visual difference between Tony, standing up, and Bucky and Steve, both on the floor. Here, Tony is solely in control. Yet he issues Cap a warning, and completely ignores Bucky.

This also majorly answers the third point as it keys the audience in completely that at the core, this is not a fight about Bucky. It solidifies the idea that this is not a fight between Bucky and Tony, but a fight between Steve and Tony. 

Bucky attempts to intervene as Tony raises his reactor - presumably to hurt Cap - at which point Tony kicks him in the face. Steve lifts Tony and throws him to the floor where he begins to hit him over and over. He rips off Tony’s helmet and raises the shield. Close shots prevent us from seeing what is going on, until we see this:

Visually we expect Steve to kill Tony. He doesn’t. Again, this is very important to the narrative as it mirrors Tony’s attempt to kill Bucky. 

Tony attacks Bucky. 

Steve attacks Tony.

Tony looks like he might kill Bucky. We never find out if he really would as the fight shifts, but it seems he wouldn’t have actually gone through it.

Steve looks like he is about to kill Tony. He doesn’t.

The two practically mirror each other - the difference is we actually see Steve on the verge of killing Tony, only for him to choose not to. The audience knows then, that no matter how hurt or angry they are, no matter how broken, how furious, how much they fight each other, that ultimately at heart, they are not people who would kill each other - at least in my personal opinion. Steve’s attempt to kill Tony, only for him not to, parallels Tony’s attempt to kill Bucky, only to choose not to - in my personal opinion. 

I know that I’ve mainly focused on the first and third point. The second point is also important, in understanding Tony’s reaction. Firstly, someone seeing someone’s murder is highly unsettling to any human being. Tony seeing his parents murdered, hearing them being murdered, is very much the equivalent of someone being exposed to footage of a shooting - it is highly traumatic to witness that type of violence, no matter what it is, and many people actually have to get therapy for this. 

Tony’s reaction is also heightened though because what he is witnessing is not strangers, but his own parents being murdered - he is shown his father’s face being caved in, and his mother begging for her husband as she is strangled to death. So not only is Tony exposed to something extremely violent, upsetting and triggering, but it is also done on a personal level to him. Does that mean what he did was right? No. Attacking Bucky was completely wrong, of course. But is it understandable? Yes, in my personal opinion. 

Your parent’s death is not something you get over. Now I understand that the difference is that Bucky was brainwashed and made to do what he did. I understand that Bucky is as much a victim as Maria or Howard in this situation completely. But grief and trauma don’t work logically - Tony does not have the time to process what he just saw, he lashes out. 

And in the end, despite the fact that he has the chance to kill Bucky, he doesn’t. His focus shifts to Steve.

As to what the writers/directors say, I don’t particularly trust what the writers or the producers say - they are the same people who thought it was normal to have Steve kiss Sharon only 48 hours after Peggy died, so their opinion is not something I trust. Plus, that perspective clashes with the perspective of the stunt choreographer (I think) who says that Tony aims to incapacitate, not harm, throughout the movie.

I don’t in any way think that what Tony did was “right” - but I understand why he did it. If we can understand Steve for nearly trying to kill Tony, if we can understand T’Challa for several times attempting to kill Bucky (note that T’Challa specifically stated that he “will kill Bucky himself”, so there is no doubt as to his intentions), then we can understand Tony’s attempt too. If you decide to continue to dislike Tony for attempting to kill Bucky, then I hope you are prepared to dislike T’Challa too.

[Note: Please do not comment on this post as to how Tony and T’Challa’s cases differ. Canon facts are that T’Challa, like Tony, also attempts to kill Bucky and states his intentions himself: “I’ll kill him myself, Ms. Romanoff”. What he does is premeditated.]

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>
Fall For You (M) | 01

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 10,764
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, hate to lust to…
A/N: Completely inspired by this vine that I saw months ago that hasn’t left me alone since. Bonus points to those who notice the line of the song in the fic. Extra bonus points to those who recognize the Hamilton reference

Part 02. Part 03 + Drabbles

If you were being completely honest, your issue with Jeon Jungkook began years before university.

You’d grown up close to each other, his house was right across from yours but you’d hated him from the moment you met in primary school. He’d joined you and your friends in a game of truth or dare during recess, and his dare for you had been to race him from one end of the playground to the other. You had tripped, cutting your knees open but he’d continued running, winning before realizing you weren’t behind him anymore. Only by that time, the teacher had gotten to you and you’d spent the rest of primary school glaring at Jungkook whenever he was in your sights, childishly blaming him for your scars.

Of course, you didn’t hold that grudge still. Your first year of university had just started, and it would be petty and pathetic of you to still hate him for that reason. But Jungkook had given you several more reasons to hate him throughout your years of schooling.

You’d watched throughout middle and high school as Jungkook grew from a cheeky, cocky kid, into an even cockier young man. He’d never cared much for his grades, choosing instead to throw parties with his friends, to ditch class occasionally, and rile up any girls he chose. You stayed away from him, attending different parties and sticking with your small group of friends, and by the second year of high school Jungkook became one of the most well known players of the town.

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🎶 Witchy Music✨🔮 🎶

What songs make you feel witchy? 

Here’s my playlist:

“Sick” by Donna Missal

“Witchy Woman” by The Eagles

“Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hoizer

“Cold Blooded” by The Pretty Reckless

“Moondance” by Van Morrison

“Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac

“Soothing” by Laura Marling

“Hole in the Middle” by Emily Jane White

“Devil Woman” by Cliff Richard

“Blood On My Name” by The Brothers Bright

“Apply” by Glasser

“Kassidat El Hakka” by SEXWITCH

“Seven Devils” by Florence + The Machine

“Time of the Season” by The Zombies

“A Little Wicked” by Valerie Broussard

“Trouble” by Valerie Broussard

The only summary of Battle City you’ll ever need, even if it’s a tad bit inaccurate

Curls (Shawn Mendes Smut)

requested: eh… not really.

pairing: reader x Shawn

warnings: smut

a/n: this is based off of a conversation @starrynightshawn & I had over the personal offense we took upon learning that Shawn cut his hair. Let me know what you think!

(picture is not mine- credits go to owner)

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