please tell me we can make this happen

Dear you

Hi…it’s me I know you don’t care to listen to anything I have to say but I have so many things on my mind, so many questions.

Could we just rewind our time together and pause at the exact moment where we went wrong. or where I went wrong?

I can’t sleep without thinking, what did I do so wrong to make you hate me or love me less? What happened to us against the world? now it’s you against me..

Please tell me why you can’t stand to hear my name or treat it like it  is a forbidden word in your secret language in which I thought I understood but these days it has become questionable.

Do you remember the promise we made to one another? the one about never leaving each other behind? well I guess that was nothing more than a phrase to you which had no meaning to you but did you know it meant everything to me?

I cried every single day helplessly begging for you to just reach out to me or throw me a life jacket but instead you abandon me and left to drown because I couldn’t keep myself afloat.

Call me naïve but I really believed you were on my side, call me pathetic for thinking you truly loved me. call me whatever you want but just know despite the bitterness you were the sweetest love I ever knew.

Hey….I know you remember me because you told me you will never forget me but I hope you remember me as the only one who loved every part of you even though you tore me apart and left me with emptiness in my heart and soul.

One last thing please love the next person the way you couldn’t love me, you at least owe them that.


—  Tenari Ioapo Excerpt from a book I may write.
Terrible Choices
  • "I can't believe you just did that."
  • "You're going to do WHAT?!"
  • "Let me count the ways that this is a bad idea..."
  • "Please tell me you're joking."
  • "You are going to have a LOT of explaining to do over this one."
  • "You can make all the excuses all you want, but you really fucked up this time."
  • "So... I did something that might have been a terrible idea..."
  • "Do you think we could just forget last night?"
  • "I'm not sure what happened, but I have a feeling I know who was behind it."
  • "You know that little voice inside your head that tells you not to do the thing? Listen to it next time."
  • "You're not a teenager anymore. Stop acting like it."
  • "What's the worst that could happen from all this?"
  • "Do not talk to me again."
  • "It really wasn't THAT bad a decision, was it?"
  • "Yeah. Okay. I screwed up. Now what do I do about it?"
  • "Don't try to pin this all on me. WE did this. You were involved."
  • "You don't have that little voice that tells you when something's a bad idea, do you?"
  • [text] What happened? Everything's a blur.
  • "Please, please tell me what I did wrong."
  • "That was just a giant clusterfuck, wasn't it?"
Enough is ENOUGH

// listen I’ve tried to keep the peace but this person has gone out of their way to get many others involved, and constantly try to initiate unwanted contact, so you know what?


Why? For failure to respect my wishes and constantly trying to bother me after I’ve disclosed many times I wish to be left alone. I’ve had enough.

How did it all start? It began with him shipping me and my friend during a game

Lots of people were in that match, lots of people saw. It was VERY dangerous for myself because my parents often watch me play games, they know who I talk to online and they are homophobic. To imply my friend and I were a couple would be detrimental, but that’s its own issue. Lav did apologize for this, but because of how dangerous and insensitive his actions were, me and my friend wanted to minimize and stop contact with him respectively but instead of respecting our wishes, Lav began harassing and instigating us.

I got messages from several people over the course of some months that where the beginning of a disturbing pattern.

At the time it was shown that he “didn’t know what he was doing” or “didn’t understand” despite constant warnings. It’s no excuse. 

I’ve colour coded separate people so you know they’re different..

I appreciate friends wanting to come to help others in need, but the full story was not given.  Our conversations where private and between adults, but Lav has continued to bring others into this and spreading misinformation to make himself seem like a victim.

He has convinced mutual and non-mutual friends to reach out to us on his behalf instead of just leaving us alone. He claims to be distressed by our presence but instead of blocking us and moving on he continues instigating.  

In January of this year this happened… He tried to claim a fraudulent purchase report on a donation he had given to my friend back in August of last year. At the time my friend was going through a financial crisis and asking for donations, but this donation was also given after he’d been blocked. 

How do I know this report was malicious and not a normal refund request? I have the following screen shot of a conversation where he says he’s doing this to specifically cause trouble for my friend.

I don’t understand where this whole court thing is coming from, let alone why he feels its even necessary. If he’s having trouble because the people who he is harassing told him to A) cease and desist, B) Leave them alone, or C) Go enjoy the splatoon community elsewhere and stop harassing people who clearly do not want involvement in his affairs then there’s an obvious solution; Stop.

To bring it all back. I’m not saying inkling-lavender can’t have fun and enjoy splatoon, I’m not saying he should leave tumblr,. What I’m saying is I’ve seen this shit and SO MANY OTHERS have too and people are distancing themselves for a reason. He’s trying to make himself look like a victim and abusing his friends kindness by having them harass others on his behalf, telling them only parts of what happened and leaving out that we’ve politely and impolitely asked him to stop trying to contact us for over half a year.

What I am doing, is asking that he LEAVES US ALONE. And that he leaves others out of this because its none of their business. We can co-exist without interaction.

And to readers, please be aware of this because I’m sure he’ll try to make himself look like the victim again, but the only reason I felt the need to make this post was because he has not stopped. Even now he’s still harassing me and my friends. Even after being told to back off, being told to leave us alone and being blocked.

We’ve had him blocked on all platforms for months and he has continued to try and pester us through these tactics. We want it to stop.

I’m sorry this is so long, I don’t want any hard feelings but I’ve had it.

Don’t abuse my trust again.

Masterlist of Memes


  • ☹ My muse is visiting your muse on their death bed
  • ♫ A drabble about our muses inspired by the next song that comes on shuffle
  • ☻ A drabble of our muses on their wedding day
  • ☺ my muse trying to piss yours off
  • ت our muses running into each other after not seeing each other for several years
  • ヅ for a situation that got both our muses arrested
  • シ my muse walks in on your naked
  • Ü your muse walks in on my muse naked
  • ϡ a goodbye letter from my muse to yours
  • ♥ you muse suprises my muse with a kiss
  • ۵ my muse kisses yours to shut them up
  • ღ a forehead kiss from my muse
  • 웃 my muse torturing yours for information
  • 유 my muse trying to seduce information from your muse
  • ♈ a holiday drabble featuring our muses
  • ♉ our muses are together when they get ambushed
  • ≑ my muse wakes up in your muse’s body
  • ?  my muse will ask your muse a question they always wanted to ask
  • + my muse has died and your muse is included in their will
  • ◈ my muse’s reaction to finding your muse beaten and bruised 
  • ♊ my muse will do something stupid to impress your muse
  • ✃ your muse visiting mine in the psych ward
  • ♋ my muse visiting yours in the psych ward
  • ❅ my muse rescues yours
  • ✪ my muse seeing the ghost of your muse
  • ● my muse’s turn offs
  • ○ my muse’s turn ons
  • △ our muse’s get in a playful wrestling match
  • ⍢ my muse gives yours a hickey
  • ✧ our muses having dinner together
  • ☎ my muse drunk dials your muse
  • ✈ our muses on a flight together
  • ☼ my muse giving yours a massage
  • ♡ my muse flirts with your mue
  • ☣ your muse visiting my muse in prison
  • ♌ your muse visiting mine in prison
  • X my muse doesn’t remember anything from the night before. They have blood on their hands, and your muse is beaten at their feet.
  • ☁ our muses are trapped in a fire together
  • 〰 our muses are at the beach together
  • ❢ my muse has lost their memory, and at the sight of your muse starts to remember things
  • ✑ my muses daily routine
  • ❂ a new years eve memory from my muse
  • ✬ our muses share a new years eve kiss
  • ✆ your muses name, ringtone, and icon in the muse’s phone
  • ◙ a christmas gift from my muse
  • ♍ a sexual story from my muse
  • ₩ our muses are caught in a thunder storm together
  • ❊  a regret my muse has about your muse
  • ♎ your muse tracing one of my muse’s scars
  • ♏ my muse tracing a scar of your muse’s
  • ♐ my muse hearing your muse scream
  • ♑ our muses go out for coffee together
  • ♒ my muse visit’s your muse’s grave
  • ♓ my muse injures your muse
  • ✄ your muse injures my muse
  • ☩ a dream my muse has about your muse
  • ☨ my muse searching for your muse
  • ☦ my muse trying to cheer up your muse
  • ✞ my muse taking care of a your muse while their sick
  • ✛ my muse trying to calm your muse down
  • ✜ my muse trying to get your muse to recover from amnesia
  • ✝ a confession from my muse to yours
  • ✙ our muses shopping together
  • ✠ our muses watching the stars together
  • « a past memory with our muses
  • » a daydream my muse has about yours
  • ✐ a mistletoe kiss
  • ✎ our muses going to a costume ball together
  • ✏ our muses are evil and out reaking havoc together
  • ♔ a kiss on the cheek
  • ♕ a kiss on the palms
  • ♖ a kiss on the back of the hand
  • ♗ a kiss on the nose
  • ♘ a kiss on the eyelids
  • ♙ a kiss on a bruise

Sentence Memes

  • “You belong to me”
  • “I found you”
  • “I’m in jail”
  • “You make me so hot”
  • “I have to leave”
  • “Please don’t leave”
  • “And what about our parents?”
  • “Who did this to you?”
  • “You shouldn’t have done that”
  • “What happened last night”
  • “We never tell anyone about this”
  • “So, you want to play games?”
  • “Does that require pants?”
  • “Lets just have a lazy day”
  • “Then go kill the bitch”
  • “I’m pregnant”
  • “You broke me”
  • “Don’t touch me”
  • “You can’t fix this”
  • “There’s nowhere we can hide”
  • “I’m not listening”
  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “I don’t need you here.”
  • “Did I fall asleep?”
  • “A little evil goes a long, long way.”
  • “I will not die.”
  • “I don’t care.”
  • “I have no regrets.”
  • “I feel numb.”
  • “All monsters are human.”
  • “You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine.”
  • “You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."”
  • "How many time have I told you to be more careful?”
  • “Let’s get you to bed.”
  • “I can’t even look at you, you promised not to get into any more fights!”
  • “Are you crazy?”
  • "Do you trust me?”
  • “How did you escape?”
  • “Is that blood behind your ear?”
  • “Take. This. Off. ”
  • “What’s in it for me?”
  • “What’s in it for you?”


Promt list

1. “Thats my phone”
2. “Why do you have my bra in your hand?”
3. “I don’t feel so good”
4. “You mean everything to me….”
5. “You lost your ring?….”
6. “Great now the fire alarm is going off”
7. “You mean to tell me that you ate all my food?…”
8. “How dare you use me when you knew i loved you….”
9. “Forget it”
10. “Maybe wishes do come true after all
11. “Maybe soulmates are a thing”
12. “Lets go travel the world”
13. “Can we sleep under the stars?”
14. “I saw you sitting alone and thought you would use some company”
15. “Are you seriously horny right now?”
16. “Whats with the cheesy pickup lines?”
17. “Nooo! They belonged together”
18. “Your jealous over my celebrity crush?”
19. “Could i maybe get your number?”
20. “How about a date?”
21. “Netflix?”
22. “Was it really worth it?”
23. “Yeah well now you’ve lost me”
24. “Let me help you goddammit”
25. “Stop being stubborn and come cuddle me”
26. “You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?”
27. “Soooo…..what now?”
28. “I thought you locked the door”
29. “This is going to be the end of me”
30. “You are going to be the death of me”
31. “Your just another player and its game over for us”
32. “You’re seriously a man-child”
33. “I want you. Only you”
34. “Do you belive in love at first sight?”
35. “Im so stupid. I fell for my best friend”
36. “Its cute when you blush”
37. “Back off”
38. “Is there a reason your crawling threw my window?”
39. “Thats a cute laugh. I like it”
40. “Move in with me?”
41. “I guess this is it…”
42. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”
43. “You owe me 10 bucks”
44. “Can you bring pizza and beer”
45. “What did that asshole do to you?”
46. “What did you do?”
47. “Ewww thats gross”
48. “Stick that toung out again and i will cut it off”
49. “Im not crying. Theres something in my eye”
50. “Wow. Your stupid”
51. “Did i fucking stutter?”
52. “You should leave”
53. “Dont mind me”
54. “Nice moves love”
55. “What a dumb idea. Im in”
56. “Can someone shoot him?”
57. “Don’t say a word”
58. “Shit, thats hot”
59. “I dont care”
60. “You need to leave”
61. “Fuck off”
62. “NEVER!”
63. “Do you even love me?”
64. “I think i just fell in love”
65. “I cant do this anymore”
66. “You’re so whipped”
67. “Forever?”
68. “I fall in love with you more and more ever day”
69. “Your all i have left”
70. “Care to dance?”
71. “Please. Just dont”
72. “Im sorry”
73. “I said im sorry what more do you want!”
74. “You cant just sit there all day”
75. “You can lock yourself away from everyone else….but please dont push me away”
76. “You can’t banish me!! This is my bed too”
77. “Talk about awkward”
78. “If you die. I’ll kill you”
79. “That dosn’t make sense”
80. “Just smile. I just really need to see you smile right now”
81. “How funny. You think i care”
82. “Tell me what’s happened. Why have we changed”
83. “I don’t even know you anymore.”
84. “Do you really need all that candy?”
85. “Don’t yell at me”
86. “Good thing i didn’t ask for your opinion”
87. “She’s hiding behind the sofa”
89. “He’s respectable. But you know, a little dodgy”
90. “Your too good for this world”
91. “Only if you give me a piggy back ride”
92. “Let’s build a fort”
93. “Wait, you like me?”
94. “Wait….is this a date?”
95. “If i did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you”
96. “Listen i really dont like you but you hsve a puppy so im going to be over a lot”
97. “I desere an explanation. I desereve an acceptable reason”
98. “You can hate me. You can dislike me. But why cheat on me?”
99. “Your hair is so soft”
100. “I thought it’d be less hurt if i left now. But it turn out i was wrong. I promise ill never leave again”

Suggest who you would like it to be with and what number/s. Stay groovy 😎

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I'm not leaving (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Summary: You’re Jeff’s tutor and you’re in love with him. However, you could never bring yourself to tell him that, because you’re really insecure and going through severe depression and that makes you feel like you’re not good enough for him.

* there’s a part of the conversation that is a quote of some lines from 13 reasons why. I’m adding them because they’re lovely *

* nobody dies because Jeff Atkins deserved better, thanks *


You and Jeff were sitting on his room’s floor, surrounded by books, pens, markers and stuff like that. His English test was due to the next day and, since you were his tutor, you were there to help make sure he was ready for it. However, Jeff just got more and more desperate by the minute. He was complaining about how much he hated school and wishing he could just focus on baseball, but you weren’t paying attention. Your mind was far away.

You were thinking about how much you loved Jeff and how perfect he was. He was kind, gentle, handsome… You, on the other side, were a loser. You had eating problems, trust issues, depression, you weren’t a god damn cheerleader and you felt like you were as ugly as a person could possibly be. Atkins could never feel the same way about you.

“Are you even listening?” Jeff interrupted your thoughts, sounding a bit hurt by your lack of interest on whatever was it that he was saying.

“I’m sorry” you whispered, and leaned your head on the wall behind you. Your eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, and your breath started to get heavier and heavier. A warm hand touched your shoulder, causing butterflies on your stomach, but you pretended not to notice.

“Hey, sweetheart, what’s the matter?” Jeff asked, with his charming voice.

“Nothing” you lied. “Can we call it a day?”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong”

You sighed.

“Everything is fine, Jeff, leave it alone” you said, and started to pick up your books from the floor. You could feel his stare, but you ignored it. Gently, he grabbed your hands and stopped you.

“Please, y/n. You’re making me worry. And you know what happens if you get a guy worried a day before his English test and a week before his major baseball game? That’s right. He blows everything up” he laughed a little, and your heart skipped a beat.

“Please, don’t do this. We both know you don’t care about me” you freed yourself from his hands and quickly got up. He looked at you like you slapped him on the face or something.

“Excuse me?” Jeff sounded extremely offended and hurt.

“Come on” you started, exasperated. “You’re a jock, I’m a nerd…ish. We get along just fine, but that’s it. You could never understand me or the shit that goes on inside my head, so why bother trying?”

“You don’t know that” he said, and you rolled your eyes. You reached for the door, but Jeff blocked the way with his body. “Y/n, just sit down, explain it to me. You don’t have to go. I promise to try my best to understand”

“You don’t have to”

“But I want to!” he looked a little upset. Not in a bad way, just kind of desperate to make you stay. You felt your eyes burn with tears and looked away. Jeff cupped your face with his hands and made you look at him. “Please, you’re breaking my heart. It might seem that way for you, but you’re not just a tutor for me. I care about you, I really do”

The tears started to roll over your face, and Jeff whipped them away with his fingers.

“You say that now. When I tell you everything, when I pour my heart out, you’ll freak out. You’ll leave”

He frowned.

“I love you, y/n. I am not leaving. Not now, not ever” Your eyes widened when you heard his words.

“You what?” you whispered, almost too low for him to hear.

“I love you. Even more than I love baseball” he repeated, with a sad smile. “I’m sorry if that’s too much or too soon, but I really do. We have known each other for a long time now, and you’re an amazing girl. I find your dimples adorable, your smile, your voice, your mermaid hair” you laughed softly, but he didn’t notice. “Open up to me, even if you don’t feel the same. Just let me help you”

You looked into his blue lovely eyes, and saw how frustrated he was. It suddenly hit you that he really thought you didn’t love him back.

“I love you too” you said. His jaw dropped and, after a few seconds, he opened the most beautiful smile. You felt his lips crashing into yours, and his hands pulled you closer by your waist. Everything was okay.

Beloved Betrayal - Archie Andrews Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: Sadness, cheating 

Request: @brunettebellissima: #17 #1 Archie can you make it a sad imagine with a happy ending I quite enjoy those very much 

1. “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.“ 

17. “You cheated on me! What was I supposed to do? Smile and forgive you?”  

Summary: After dating Archie for 2 months (Y/N) catches him and Miss Grundy kissing in a music room. (Y/N) ignores Archie and he tries to win her back. 

A/N: My first requested imagine, yay!! I know it might be a little rough but I hope I did it how you wanted it to be ❤️ 

Two months. That how long you and Archie had been together for. It was the best thing that had ever happened to you. Years of longing for the redheaded jock had finally come to a close when he had asked you out to Pop’s. 

“(Y/N),” an amused and firm voice interrupted your daydream. 

“Yes sir?” you responded to your English teacher, an embarrassed blush colouring your cheeks. 

“I was going to ask if you could share with the class your thoughts on what we had just read, however, would you like to go to the bathroom, wash your face and clear your head so you can properly participate in my class?” 

“Thank you sir,” you say excusing yourself from the class. “oh (Y/N),” you half turn to face him, “when you return I would like you to answer the next two questions I present to the class.” 

“yes sir,” you answer, accepting his “punishment” for daydreaming in class. Your English teacher was a very relaxed teacher, as long as he knew you would do your best to succeed in his class, he had no problems with the occasional zoning out. Wandering down the halls you pass Jason Blossom’s locker and without meaning to, your thoughts drift back to your redheaded boyfriend. Speaking of which, you see him leave his classroom and cautiously stalk down the hallways. Curious to his strange behaviour you follow him and watch him enter another classroom, a music room. 

Remembering Archie’s love for the melodic art, you get excited at the thought of hearing him work on an idea he must’ve just gotten during his Maths class. Approaching the door your heart drops as something you would’ve never imagined comes into your line of sight. Miss Grundy and your redheaded lover kissing in the darkened room. 

Tears starting running down your face as you bolt to the nearest bathroom. Locking yourself up into a stall you curl up into a ball and starting sobbing on your knees. He cheated on you. With Miss Grundy. A 30 something year old teacher! And then another thought enters your mind, what if he only dated me to cover his scent? You start crying even harder. 

“(Y/N)!” you hear your best friend Betty shout. Crap! Your English class!! You quickly wipe your face, grateful that you chose not to wear makeup today. 

“Oh (N/N), what happened?” She enquires noticing your red and puffy eyes. What do you do? You want to confide everything you saw but you couldn’t. Regardless of what he did and who he did it with, you still cared deeply for him…possibly even loved him. 

“Nothing, I’m just being overly emotional.“ 


“Seriously Betty I’m fine, let’s just drop it and head back to class.” She nods, still concerned for you and you both make your way back to class, getting there just as the final bell rings. 

“(Y/N) I-“ your teacher starts before noticing your upset figure, “is everything alright?“ 

“Everything’s fine sir,” betty answers before you do, “just a little drama, you know how it is." 

“Indeed I do, well (Y/N) I’m sure Betty here will give you the notes you missed in class and I will see you tomorrow,” he pauses, “hopefully in better spirits." 

“Thank you sir,” and Betty helps you grab your stuff and you make your way to your locker while trying to avoid Archie with great success…until you get outside. 


You had 2 choices, 1. To go confront Archie about Miss Grundy or 2. Pretend you didn’t hear him and run as far from him as you can without running. Making a sharp left to sprint walk to your car, and drive home as quickly as you can. Once you get home you immediately flop onto your bed and cry. 20 minutes later you receive a text. 

(Y/N) are you ok? 

Deciding to ignore him you turn your phone off and cry yourself into a dreamless slumber. 

Tink. Tink. Tink. 

You get up seeing small rocks hitting your window. Curious, you choose to investigate only to see Archie as the source of the airborne rocks. You open the window. 

“Go away archie!” You whisper yell. 

“(Y/N) why are you ignoring me?“ 

“Lets not do this now," 

“Why not?” You go to respond before he continues, “come down where we can talk better.“ 

Fine. You wanna talk, lets talk.” You mumble to yourself before climbing out the window and down the side of your house. 

“(Y/N) please tell me what I did wrong," 

“hmm ok. Let’s see. During last period today I went to the bathroom and happened to pass by a certain music room,” his eyes widen as you continue your mini recount, “only to see my boyfriend or rather now ex-boyfriend making out with a teacher. Not only was he cheating on me but he cheated on me with a teacher. So I don’t know Archie, please tell what you did wrong.” You spin on your heel and climb back up into your room, leaving Archie dumbfounded and ashamed by your mini rant. You quickly fall asleep feeling slightly better than you did earlier. 

The next day during school you actively avoid Archie hoping to move on quicker than your heart will allow. That proved very difficult with Archie trying to seek you out and leaving little notes and roses everywhere. You start walking home at the end of the day, as your dad is using the car when you hear Archie shouting behind you. 

“(Y/N)! Wait up! Please!“ 

“No Archie, I can’t be near you right now." 

“Please (Y/N), listen to me I know I was wrong but please I want you back. You’re the only thing left that is important to me now." 

“Listen Archie, my heart can’t take this right now. I had waited to be your girlfriend for 10 years! Archie, 10 years. And when I finally get to be where I’ve always wanted to be, you hurt me" 

“I know I hurt you but you don’t have to keep avoiding me like this," 

“You cheated on me! What was I supposed to do? Smile and forgive you?” 

“I’ve ended it with Miss Grundy, I want to be with you, I love you." 

“My heart can’t take anymore of this." 

“Please (Y/N), a second chance. That’s all I ask. Please. I’ll do everything right, you’ll be my one and only princess. Please love.” You sigh before walking back towards him, a smile starting to form on you tear soaked lips. 

“You can’t hurt me like you did yesterday,“ 

“I won’t, I promise." 

“Ok then, a second chance. That’s it.” A wide grin breaks out on his face before he brings his lips down to yours. After a few moments you pull away. 

“I love you (N/N),“ 

“I love you too Archie,” My Archie. 

(A/N: Y/N = your name; N/N = nickname)

Oh, What a Night

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Summary: It wouldn’t be the wedding of John and Mary Watson if everything went smoothly. Especially with Sherlock Holmes as a best man. 

Sherlock x Reader, John Watson x Mary Morstan

A/N: 1) cookies for whoever gets my What’s Your Number reference. 2) Lines from the episode The Sign of Three are in bold. 3) listen while you read here:

Oh, what a night

Late December, back in ‘63

What a very special time for me

As I remember, what a night

Every married couple has a wedding nightmare story. A drunk aunt getting a little to groovy on the dance floor and needing a new hip. Rather colorful pollen from the bouquet getting on the bride’s very white dress. The violinist doesn’t show so the wedding planner plays ‘Here Comes the Bride’ on a tuba.

John and Mary Watson could top them all. The nightmares started almost from the very moment John asked the one and only Sherlock Holmes to be his best man. If you think about it, no one should have been really surprised when there was a murder attempt at the reception.

Y/N, Mary’s bridesmaid and Sherlock’s current flatmate (since John and Mary moved in together) was sat to Mary’s right, next to the maid of honor, Janine. Y/N straightened up in her seat as Sherlock stood to do his toast.

Though the young woman was incredibly happy for her friends, she had been waiting for months to hear this toast. Anytime Y/N asked the detective to practice the speech on her, she was met with a decisive ‘no.’

Y/N could see that Sherlock was concealing his nerves. Only someone with a lot of practice looking past his masked emotions could see the anxiety deep in his eyes.

The tall handsome man locked eyes with Y/N. She gave him an encouraging smile and mimed taking a deep breath. The side of Sherlock’s mouth twitched upwards a bit and he turned back to the ballroom of people before him.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Family and friends. And…um…others…”

Oh, what a night

You know, I didn’t even know her name

But I was never gonna be the same

What a lady, what a night

When Sherlock abandoned the telegrams, Y/N knew it would be quite the show. While other guests watched in confusion and slight horror, Y/N could only look to the curly haired detective with adoration.

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Young!Royai is adorable and pure and everything and I love the idea of them falling in love as awkward teenagers but then the manga quietly reminds me that Riza addresses Roy as “Mr. Mustang” when they’re standing alone in front of her father’s grave, which makes it pretty clear to me that there were no romantic attachments at the time. Of course, I’m not sure what the original Japanese was, if it actually translates to “Mr.” or if it was something less formal. But regardless, the manga makes it explicit that they were close enough to share personal feelings but not so close that Riza felt like she was allowed to use his first name. So, friends, probably, but lovers, no. (Unless cultural norms are just that wildly different in Japan and if that’s the case someone please tell me so.)

And while that makes me pretty sad because I think their relationship would be even more bittersweet if they’d been in love before the war, it also makes me excited and emotional because that means that sometime between her father’s funeral and her graduation from the academy a couple months after the war, their feelings for each other went from “we lived in the same house for a few years and got along well enough” to “I feel like I can trust you” and “I’ll follow you into hell if you ask me to.” I have a mighty need to know what happened between them that caused this shift and how long it took for them to recognize that it was mutual and if they ever even had to say it aloud at all.

I would give an arm and a leg for a sequel series that solely explores their relationship pre-canon and post-canon.

TalesFromYourServer: Diary of a Petty Server: The Meatloaf that Got Away

With great service comes great responsibility.

It comes with the territory, pal. I mean, you’re dealing with one of the most hardcore life-driving forces in the fucking universe here: food. On top of that, you’re tasked with delivering this most sacred of nourishment to people in their most delicate state: hunger.

Hunger makes people do fucking weird shit. Like go to bed without eating and wake up as a different person shit. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hangrey type shit. I’ve seen outbursts of food-related madness that had me cowering in fear, fully expecting a demon made of cockroaches and hellspawn to erupt from a humansuit. I’ve witnessed a man go into apoplectic rage at the discontinuation of his favorite promotion, which led him to rip the offending menu to shreds with an assassin’s coldhearted efficiency. To shreds, you say? Aye, to absolute fucking confetti, which he then promptly stuffed into an innocent raspberry lemonade before bailing.

There’s a certain sort of primal anger that overtakes a person when they’re faced with a culinary crisis. But shit, all the world’s a stage, and all the humans merely players, and I’m about to play your mad hungry ass for a fool. Butter you up like a fucking biscuit and then set the record straight. This is me and you vs. the goddamn world, sir. You’re gonna have the epic experience you came here for if I have to douse hell and burn heaven to do it. That soup is cold? Of COURSE I’ll get you a freshie silly, and I’ll be fucking delighted to do so again in twenty minutes when you next extricate your head from your date’s ass. Your hot tea is too hot? I gotchu sir, I’m bout to beat this boiling water’s ass. There’s a stray piece of okra in your fries? We’re writing the goddamn Governor. And then you tuck them in and give them a binky, and they are none the wiser that you’ve successfully tugged the invisible strings connected to both the heart and wallet. Jedi Master of Bullshit strikes again.

I can deal with any fucker in a bad mood. At some point, you will leave, and you will either be touched by my efforts or utterly unmoved, in which case you were determined to be unhappy anyway. But you will be gone, and I will either chuckle or curse you, and that will be it.

If only Cowboy had gotten angry. That, I could nagivate. This…this was a new beast entirely.

Cowboy is a middle-aged gentleman at Table 122, dressed in a sort of bullrider’s chic. In the couple of minutes I spend with him at our introduction, I learn two things: he loves his horse Whisper, and he really loves our meatloaf. He and Whisper have been driving for six hours to get home from a competition, and for six hours he has impatiently looked forward to his prize. “You don’t understand, ma'am,” he says in a drawl. “I. Love. This. Meatloaf.”

Shit, everyone does, it’s fucking delicious. It’s one of the most popular menu items we have. There are days when I serve no other function than being a fucking choo-choo train for meatloaf plates. The more people love it, the more they order. The more they order, the faster we run out. The faster we run out…yeah, well, we’re still cooking the goddamn things at the same pace. The thing about food, it’s gotta cook.

I’ve already spent a fair portion of the day ruining people’s lives over the lack of meatloaf, and I’m not keen to do so again. I get Cowboy’s drink order, and tell him to think on his sides while I go touch base with the kitchen. I have a come-to-Jesus moment with the grill cook, making him bend down and look me in the fucking eye and tell me we have meatloaf. All’s well. Nine orders left for the night. Breathe a sigh of relief, hit up a sweet tea, scream for the 84th time for someone to bloody PLEASE get the To-Go phone, and make tracks for the table.

Cowboy’s tickled pink once I inform him that yes, sir, you can nom those meaty loaves until Kingdom Fucking Come. He fires off his sides and I get it on the books. Wait there, sir, we’re about to make some magic happen.

I return to the kitchen to enter the order, pleased as fucking punch that one of the lazy shitfritters has finally deemed to answer the phone. They finish up and I whip Table 122 into the system.

The ticket has barely chattered out of the machine when I hear the dreaded shout: “86 Meatloaf for the night!” I fly over to the window, mouth agape in horror…and I will be DAMNED!! Absolutely damned I say! Those lazy no-good ass-sucking To-Go creeps have ordered us out of meatloaf. Nine goddamned To-Go Meatloafs, already posing prettily in a line of black plastic containers. Surely eight of the fuckers could have cut off a tiny slice to assemble a decent hunk of meatloaf!

My panic is palpable. This man has been driving the highway for six fucking hours, with nothing to staunch the loneliness except the thought of our mouth watering meatloaf. I would rather be tied to Whisper, doused in lemon juice, and dragged through a field of cacti than go break the news.

Immediately I begin to think of a way out of this shithole. Do I bat my eyes and flirt up the cook? Jack one of the meatloafs and feign ignorance when questioned? Run shrieking out the back door into the night and never look back? All useless. As useless as the sad plate of okra, mac and cheese, and green beans that sits forlornly in the window, no meatloaf to be found.

Jesus hula-hooping Christ. This shit again.

I’m on the verge of a panic attack when the grill cook calls me over. He’s well aware of my everlasting battle with these pepper and onion stuffed fuckers, and in a fit of gallantry, he has found me a hunk of meatloaf. A smaller hunk than portion size calls for, true, but meatloaf nevertheless. I almost burst into tears at the news, and yes, fucking yes, I’ll comp the whole fucking thing and pay for it myself, as long as this man gets a couple of mouthfuls of his ketchup-coated desire. The cook slides the too-small loaf onto the plate of sides and sells the ticket.

I’m immediately aware of why this meatloaf was not counted in the original tally. I know meatloaf, and this meatloaf is all wrong. Not just small, but shriveled. Dry, crusted along the outside. I could have offered this meatolaf to the Donner Party and they still would have eaten each other. On my honor as a server, I cannot serve this to my guest.

It’s with a heavy heart I journey back to Table 122. Cowboy is smiling pleasantly at me, probably assuming I’m coming to check on his tea or assure him that yes, your meatloaf madness will soon be at an end.

There is no such happy ending.

I have the script memorized by heart. I’m insanely sorry, sir, but due to the fact that this meatloaf is, as you know, the best meatloaf fucking ever, we have unfortunately run out. Normally, there are two routes people take when I inform them that their culinary orgasm is not to be: nonchalant acceptance, or blood-vessel-popping rage.

But this…is new.

The denial sets in first. He stares at me blankly, head cocked quizzically to one side, as though unsure he has heard me correctly. “Are…you joking?”

“No sir,” I reply sadly. “If only Whisper had a few teammates, we could get the Delorean up to 88 miles an hour and go back to just before the To-Go phone rang. Can you believe it? Nine meatloafs spoken for in one To-Go order.”

I hope the half-hearted attempt at humor will break him from the haze, but his face remains impassive. “Nine? Nine whole pieces? In one order?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply, admittedly wrong-footed by the distinct disbelief to his tone. Visions of Whisper galloping alongside a minivan race through my head, and of course in the fantasy Cowboy is victorious, lassoing the whole fucking order through the open window. Reality, it seems, is far more dire.

I gently prod Cowboy for a replacement order; in his catatonic state, he rattles off a robotic backup, and I swear to God and sonny Jesus if we don’t have chicken and dumplings I’m burning this fucker to the ground. Ashes, I tell you!

It’s the fastest ticket we’ve ever sold. I shout down the cooks the moment I step into the back, and you can fuck yourself with the ticket for all I care, B. I’ll ring the bitch in when Cowboy is eating and not a goddamned moment before. Less than a minute later, I present Cowboy with his steaming hot dinner, an extra portion of mac and cheese on the side for good measure. He rouses enough to thank me politely, but shit, if I’d just been fucked by the meatloaf gods in such a cruel fashion, I wouldn’t be up for thanking me. Ten minutes minutes later, he’s to the point of a small smile and nod when I ask if everything tastes good. I top off his tea, leave the check, and sincerely wish him a great night.

I sadly return to the kitchen and join the team packing this thrice-damned meatloaf into the To-Go bags. A beep soon alerts us that the party is here to receive their order, and a coworker grumpily humps the three bags up to the cash stand. I trail out behind him, listlessly sorting menus, when I hear a wordless sound of despair. I glance up and freeze.

Cowboy is standing at the cash register, watching with sad eyes as Coworker pulls out and presents each meatloaf plate to the guest for his approval. Despite the fact that he has already paid, Cowboy waits and watches through the whole debacle. As do I.

As the last meatloaf is approved and paid for, Cowboy nods to the burly man now cradling the three steaming sacks. “Enjoy your dinner,” he says in a pleasant voice.

A god among mortals, this man. My heart cannot take much more…but It must, and as I hesitantly check my credit tips a few moments later, I am overtaken. A $10 tip on an $8 ticket. Over 100%.

Godspeed, Cowboy. Whenever you and Whisper may travel next, I fervently hope that there is meatloaf, more meatloaf than you could have ever dreamed possible.

By: DabblesInDirewolves

Can’t Stop Loving You

Hi!!! It has been so long since I have written anything so if this isn’t that great then I apologize. I am a little rusty at the current moment. But none the less, this was part of a preference but I ended up making it long as hell so now its a fic. so enjoy

Pair: Sam x Reader

Warnings: some angst???? 

Word Count: 857

Sam is definitely the romantic type. He constantly validates you by telling you how much you mean to him, and how much he cares about you. One thing he had never said was “I love you”. He was always afraid to admit to himself that he was in fact in love with you. Because whenever he ends up caring for someone as much as he cares about you, it usually ends badly. He just doesn’t want  you to get hurt, or worse, killed.

You, Sam, and Dean were all sitting in the main room doing research on your laptops. You were in a very irritated mood which caused you to let out a frustrated sigh every now and then. Every time you sighed both Winchesters would glance over at you. They didn’t want to say anything in case it would cause you to lose it. After about twenty or so minutes you sighed again. This time you ran your fingers through your hair and rubbed your face.

“Hey, you okay?” Sam asked finally. You put your hair in a tight ponytail, sat back in your chair and folded your arms not responding. Sam gave you a quizzical look, “Y/N are yo-”, “No Sam I’m not okay” you finally spoke, your voice very monotone. Both boys felt themselves slowly sit back in their chairs after you snapped. “What’s wrong?” Dean asked slightly concerned and a little scared, since he has never seen you in this kind of mood. “Ask your brother”, after you said that you immediately felt your stomach turn. You really didn’t want to start an argument with Sam over this.


Sam and Dean were getting ready to leave for a hunt, and while you wanted to go with them you decided to stay behind. “Do you guys have everything you need?” you asked before they left. “Yes we have everything. You know you don’t have to stay here. You can come” Sam said in a soft-spoken voice. “I know I just want to stay here and read up on some things. But you can always call me if you really need me” you smiled kindly. Sam smiled warmly at you and leaned down to kiss your cheek, which prompted Dean to groan. “Come on Sammy” he started towards the door. As Sam started following Dean you spoke again, “Sam-”, he turned to you one last time as you said “I love you”.

Sam took in a breath, looked down at the floor with a serious face and just left without a response. As you heard the door creak shut you just stood there for a moment. In silence.


“Y/N-” Sam spoke in a gravelly voice, “You know what. I really don’t want to talk about this. Especially in front of Dean” you stood up from your seat and started walking towards your room. As you started storming off Sam stood up and stepped towards you. Once you reached you he placed his hand on your shoulder, causing you to quickly spin around to face him. “Sam stop. I don’t want to talk about it” you looked into his eyes with a serious look on your face, “Can you just tell me what I did? Or what’s going on?” he pleaded. You took in a deep breath and looked behind Sam to Dean, “Dean can you please give us a minute”. Dean nodded and got up and decided to go make himself a drink.

You walked back over to the table and sat down. “Do you remember what happened yesterday?” you asked questioning Sam. He looked down at you and shrugged, “I went on a hunt with Dean and then we came back and had a couple of drinks then we all went to bed”. You shook your head and tightened your ponytail. “No. Do you remember what I said before you left on the hunt with Dean”. Sam looked down with a sad expression on his face, “Yeah”.

You stood up in frustration, “All you have to say is “Yeah”?, “Well I’m sorry I don’t know what else to say!”. You sighed heavily, and left the room in complete silence. Sam just kept looking at you with his puppy eyes, waiting for you to say something else, as he tried to figure out what he should say next himself. “I’m not mad. It’s just when you left without saying anything else I just felt like…I wasn’t good enough.” As you looked down to your feet knowing what you had said upset him. you felt him tightly wrap his arms around you. You instinctively wrapped your arms around him in response. 

“I didn’t intend to hurt you it’s just that every time I end up caring for someone as much as I care about you they always end up hurt. Or dead” he croaked. You breathed in his scent, “I know. But that won’t stop me from loving you”. He kissed your forehead and looked you straight in the eyes, “I love you too” he smiled gently at you. You gave him a toothy smile and leaned into him to give him a kiss. 

Behind The Scenes 3 (14/???)

Author’s note: Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Drama/ angst (Jungkook)

Word count: 3296

City: Manila, Philippines (Day 1)

Summary: Y/n isn’t handling the whole Aiko thing well and meeting Rap monster’s next victim only adds to the troubles Y/n is dealing with.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

The sky was as dark as it could be when you all piled into the van to catch the early flight to Manila. Minho and Aiko got their own rides to the airport as was the usual plan.

Because of the whole triggered incident with Jungkook, seeing Hiro made you feel uneasy again. It was noticeable to V and Jimin how you were feeling. When they asked how you were, Jungkook “updated” them, saying you had a nightmare about Hiro and so the three of them took it upon themselves to shield you from him again.

The plane ride wasn’t exactly very comfortable. You sat in between Jungkook and Jimin and felt horribly guilty. The guilt peaked when Jungkook fell asleep and rested his head on your shoulder. You could see Jimin was a bit jealous, but he continued to talk to you to get your mind off Hiro. Since the second you said yes to Jungkook, you felt like you were betraying Jimin by doing so and at the moment that guilt was consuming you. Just feeling Jimin’s concerned and caring eyes on you made you want to come clean about everything, but you were scared on how he would take it. The biggest reason you made Jungkook promise not to tell anyone about you and him was so that Jimin wouldn’t find out.


The Manila hotel was beautiful, but you could tell from the quality that the deals in Japan didn’t go too well. This hotel was just one large room like all the other hotel prior to Fukuoka. It was luxurious, but not as much as the recent ones. The quality of this hotel was the same as the first one, the one in Dalian. Despite it not as fancy as the last, it was still a five-star hotel.

Upon entering the room, you did your ritual of dropping your bags on the floor and jumping into the queen-sized bed. Jungkook shuffled behind you, still not completely awake from the sleep on the plane nor the nap he took on the van.

He made his way next to you, lazily putting his arm over you. “How do you feel?” he yawned. “Were you able to get any sleep on the plane?”

“No, but my arm did! You have such a heavy head.” you laughed.

“Ha sorry” he mumbled. His eyes were barely able to stay open.

“I just talked to Jimin the whole time.”

Jungkook didn’t seem like he was really paying attention, he was too sleepy to focus on what you were saying. “Hm… Maybe we should take a nap. I’m still sleepy.” He yawned.

“I can tell.” You pinched his cheek to see if he’d even open his eyes, but all his did was keep them close as a small smile spread across his face. You nestled into his arms and prepared yourself for much needed sleep, anything to get your mind off Hiro and take the guilt over Jimin away from you. But of course, the nap wasn’t going to happen. You both knew it when Jungkook’s phone began to ring.

“Why can’t we ever just have a nice moment together?!?” he whined.

He pulled out his phone. On the screen the caller ID had a picture of Rap monster with the name “Dickhead”. “What do you want?” Jungkook answered.

You were able to hear Rap monster’s voice. “You and y/n need to come to the restaurant on the main floor and come eat.”

“We aren’t hungry. I’m trying to sleep.”

“I saw you sleeping in the plane you little shit. Get your asses down here now!” Then the phone hung up.

“Fucking bitch.” Jungkook grumbled. He made another call. “Tae, why is the shitwad telling is to go down stairs?”

“I don’t know.” V said. “He already got the shit off Aiko, but apparently, she and Yoongi are down here too. Just get down here before he gets pissed.”

You and Jungkook were the last of the group to make it down to the crowded restaurant. Luckily, there were only seats for you and Jungkook left, meaning that Hiro and Minho weren’t going to join you all. However, the seating definitely wasn’t to your liking. You and Jungkook had to sit next to Rap monster and right across Aiko and Suga.

The guilt over Aiko began eating away at you the moment you laid your eyes on her. Instantly you remembered there was just a matter of time before she’d be gone.

“So, uh, this is different from our usual routine. What is the occasion?” Jungkook asked Rap monster in a casual tone.

“Oh nothing too major. Yoongi convinced me this would be a nice way to thank Aiko for “helping us out” today.” Rap monster threw Aiko a small smile and raised his glass to her.

She smiled shyly and gave a small bow.

For Aiko’s sake, everyone had fake talks and were all smiles. Aiko and Suga were mostly whispering between themselves while Jungkook immediately noticed the slump that you were in.

Once the food was brought out, everyone began eating except for you. You no longer had an appetite and just played with your food.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Jungkook whispered.

“Nothing, just not hungry.”

You went back to poking your food, but you couldn’t get your mind off the knot forming in your stomach. It upset you that in a matter of hours, the girl sitting in front of you was going to be erased from this earth and it was because of the guy whispering in her ear, the same guy you couldn’t stop caring for. You could feel your tears welling up in your eyes. Your stomach felt worse and worse the more you thought about it all.

It was your first round of sniffles that caught Aiko’s attention. You could very clearly hear her whispering to Suga. Again, they went in a whispering conversation in Aiko’s native tongue and you couldn’t understand them, but you couldn’t have sworn you heard Aiko whisper your name. The only thing that wasn’t in Japanese was Suga whispering, “Maybe she’s just sick.”

Now, you knew they were talking about you and suddenly you really did feel sick. Without a second thought, you stood up and ran in the direction of the restrooms near the restaurant entrance. You felt the stares of the other hotel guests, but you didn’t care as you pushed past waiters and almost knocked over an older lady as you shoved her out of the way.

You ran out as fast as your legs could move you and tackled open the restroom door. Fortunately for you, the restroom was empty. You locked yourself in the last stall, sliding to the toilet and releasing whatever contents were in your stomach. You were a blob of tears and vomit over toilet. The thought of Aiko’s impending death, Jhope and Suga’s lies and the terrifying being that was Rap monster had made you physically sick.

It was when your stomach calmed down a bit that you heard the door open and footsteps make their way inside and up to your stall. “Y/n?” Aiko’s concerned voice called out. “Are you okay?”

You coughed up some more, hearing her voice just made you feel so much worse. “Do I sound like I’m fucking okay?” you were able to yell out. Again the gagging returned and you tried to keep it all in, your throat already sore and burning.

“Ah, um, ok… I-I’ll go call Jungkook.”

“No! Just get out of here! Get the fuck away from here! Get away from-“ more vomit kept you from  telling Aiko to escape before it was too late. By the time you could speak again, she was already gone.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” Once again you caused a scene in public. You fucked up and you knew you had to get back to the guys before Rap monster got more furious than he probably already was. You flushed the toilet and ran to the sink to rinse your mouth.

You opened the restroom door and found Jungkook just about to knock. “Jagiya, what happened? Aiko came and got me.”

“Yeah y/n, what happened?” you heard Rap monster’s voice before you saw his figure appear behind Jungkook.

“Um- I- nothing. I just think I’m sick. Whatever I ate last night must have been bad.” you lied.

Rap monster’s suspicious gaze burned through you but you stayed strong and tried your best to look as sickly as possible. “Well… Jungkook, take her to see Minho and then stay in your hotel room until we leave for the stadium.” He instructed, then he took off back to the restaurant.

Once Rap monster was out of sight, Jungkook spoke. “Aw, c’mon baby, let’s go get you some medicine.” he said as he led you to the elevator.

“No, can’t we just take a nap? I’m tired.” You lied again.

In the safety of the elevator Jungkook asked, “Jagi are you sure you are okay? Are you sure you don’t want to take anything?”

“Yes I’m sure!”

“Y/n what’s wrong? You were fine before we went down.” He softly.

You shook your head at him, tears falling down your face again. You couldn’t get your mind off Aiko and you couldn’t help but to think of the situation you were stuck in. You wanted to run to her and tell her everything at least try to do something.

Jungkook tried to get you to calm down and talk to him, but you couldn’t get any words out. Back in the room he sat you down on the bed. You were still crying but not as much as before.

“Baby, what’s wrong?!?”

“I- I- I  just do- don’t want to be here-re anymore!” you stuttered.

He engulfed you in his arms. “I know you don’t.” he whispered.

“I’m so sc-scared. Jungkook s-she’s gonna die! I can’t just l-look at her knowing that’s gonna happen. I-I’m scared for me too! I don’t want-t to be here anymore! I miss my- my old life!” you cried.

“Shhh. I know I know, but please, please, please don’t run away like that. It’s not good to be doing this type of stuff, not with the way Namjoon is. Just remember, I’m protecting you. I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Just don’t run away like that. If you ever feel like doing that again, just tell me and we can make up an excuse to get you out of the room. Now, you haven’t slept at all baby. Please try to relax and sleep a bit. That’ll make you feel better.”

“… O- ok”

The experience backstage was a bit different. Things weren’t going well on stage for the guys and the stylists were constantly in and out, grabbing new things they needed to help with the wardrobe malfunctions. On top of it all, Jungkook had apparently asked one of the guards to specifically keep an eye on you. So instead of him waiting outside of the room like they usually did, this guard was inside the room. At one point, food was even brought for you and the guard made sure you at least ate something.

It wasn’t long before the guys came back. Jungkook didn’t come straight to you though. With no one to pretend for, he stayed back with V and Jimin. It was Suga that came and sat next to you. Jhope had attempted to do the same, but chickened out when he was within a few feet of you.

You went back to ignoring Suga. There was no reason to acknowledge him anymore, not with Aiko gone.

Jimin must have taken notice of your mood because he came and shooed Suga away so that he could talk to you.


With Jimin talking to y/n, he finally had a chance to talk with V. “Dude Namjoon wasn’t like too pissed about y/n running out the way she did, was he?”

“Nah, not really. But then again that’s cuz Aiko was around at the time… But he hasn’t said anything to me about it so maybe that’s good.”

“Ok cool, thanks bro.”

“No problem. And oh! You should go with y/n, my girl is gonna be here any second.”


“Y/n” Jungkook stood in front of you. “Showtime.”

You, Jungkook and the rest of the guys stood around anticipating the arrival of V’s girl.

V stepped out of the room and to no surprise quickly returned with a pretty girl. Compared to the others so far, she looked the slightest bit older than the rest. She was on the thin side, her skin was almost as pale as her beige dress. She had very natural makeup and her hair was in a bun, revealing the dragon tattoo she had at the nape of her neck. She, like Eunhee, did not at all seem nervous to meet the guys.

“Oh fucking shit.” Jungkook cursed under his breath.

You turned back to him, confused about his reaction to Rap monster’s next victim. He looked shocked to see the girl, but waved you off when he caught you staring at him.

V smiled as he presented his girl to everyone. “So, I would imagine you all remember Lailani!”

“Yes! Lailani! It’s nice to see you again!” Jhope exclaimed.

“It’s nice to see you all too!” she smiled. She first went up to Rap monster and greeted him with a small hug and proceeded down the line, eventually reaching you and Jungkook. “Hi Jungkook! Long time no see… or call… or text.”

“Hey~ Lailani.” By the tone of his voice, Jungkook was for some reason very by nervous with Lailani.

The fake smile that disappeared when she saw Jungkook returned as she faced you. “Hi y/n. It’s nice to meet you. and might I add you look so much prettier in person.”

“Aw well thank you Lailani, it’s nice to meet you too.” You fake smiled back.

Compared to Jungkook, you weren’t too happy by the time you made it back to the hotel room.

“Damn, Tae is getting lucky tonight! Things were getting hot between he and Lailani in the van. Did we look that gross back in Fukuoka?” Jungkook asked.

“I have a more important question. Scratch that! I have a few important questions.”

“Ask away babe.”

“First tell me why you and the guys should already know Lailani… Then tell me why you were acting so weird when you saw her… Oh, and what did she mean by long time no see, call, or text?”          

Again, the boy was a deer in headlights. His eyes shot around the room as he gathered his words. “Well… I guess to, uh, start things off… Lailani is a stripp- an entertainer! Uh, about a year and a half ago when were here, the guys and I went to this club and that’s where I met her… At around this time, it was at the start of what you would call my “fuckboy” ways… For a good week she, um, “kept me company”… And well, it was possible that I probably lied about how long we were gonna be here and that I left in a rather, um, unexpected fashion… and that in the next city I changed my number and she had no way of getting a hold of me.”

You couldn’t believe your ears. “Oh gosh! I’m so stupid! I forgot what a damn douche you are!”

Your words stung a bit. “But baby-“

“No wonder she gave me such a fake ass smile! She thinks I’m some stupid fuck that is completely oblivious to how you really are! What if she tries to start another scandal? I’m tired of all this shit!”

Jungkook went up to you, grabbing you by your hands and pulling you close. “Baby, don’t think that. She has Tae-“

“Don’t touch me.” You said stepping back.

“What did I do?”

You didn’t answer him, instead you walked out to the balcony.

He followed you and leaned against the rail alongside you.

He attempted to hug you, but when you felt his hand, you moved away again. “I said don’t touch me!”

“Please don’t be mad at me.”

“I wouldn’t be so upset if you weren’t such an asshole! What if she’s planning something right now? It can’t be a coincidence that she is with Tae.”

“Yes, I was an asshole and I’m not proud of that, but- but what happened with her happened was way before you were in the picture.” He said, slowly making his way to you.

“But she thinks I was!”

“So?!? Stop blaming me for that! If I knew then what I know now, so many things would be different!”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Pft!”

“Look at me.”

You stayed looking over the balcony down at the hotel grounds. He gently grabbed your chin and made you look at him “Y/n, I know you’re scared. After what’s happened in Fukuoka and earlier today, I don’t blame you, but she’s not a big deal right now. Nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen.” He reminded you. “Please don’t be upset with me.” He pouted.

Still you didn’t say anything to him.

“Jagi, please don’t shut me out.”

“Why do you have to be such an ass?” you asked under your breath.

“This was before you were even around though!” he repeated.

“Yeah I know!” you couldn’t help but fell the anxiety growing over what could happen next.

“Look, ok, this whole Lailani thing really has come around and bit me on the ass, and it’s really affecting you too, but we can get through this together just like in Fukuoka. Do you think I’m just gonna make you handle all this shit on your own?”

“…No…” you mumbled.

“Exactly! I’m gonna be right with you. I’m not going to treat you the way I used to. Can’t you see that I’m trying here, that I’m different now? Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“…Of course… If I didn’t see the change I would have never given you a chance, but-“

“But what? Do you regret that?”

You wanted to tell him the truth, that part of you did. To a certain extent, you didn’t like being with him. After every kiss or hug, or anything of the sort, you felt guilty that you didn’t truly have the same feelings for him. You also hated that you were lying to Jimin. At the moment you felt that maybe not being involved with him would just make things, even this Lailani situation, so much easier. But, it was the same boyfriend moments with Jungkook, even if only a few seconds, that you ignored all shit going on around you. All you did was try and focus on him to forget everything else. “No.” you half lied. “It’s just… sometimes it’s hard for me to look past how you used to be… When shit like this happens I just don’t know.”

“Y/n, I’m not going to let something happen to you nor am I going to just bail on you. I care about you too much to do anything like that. All she made was one comment, that’s it. You are focusing on it too much on it.” he came up closer and cupped your face. “The whole Fukuoka thing is behind us and what Lailani said isn’t a big deal. You are worrying about nothing.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Why don’t we relax a bit and watch TV? We can cuddle all you want! Then we can just go to sleep and wake up late. How does sound?”

“That sounds like a good plan.”

I’m kind of curious now… How many of you guys want her to be with Suga? how many of you all like her with Jungkook?

Apology Sentence Starters

Adjust pronouns as necessary.

“Please forgive me.”
“I didn’t want this to happen.”
“I was wrong!”
“I don’t deserve you.”
“Please – just hear me out.”
“You don’t have to forgive me.”
“You know I didn’t mean that!”
“I’m sorry.”
“That wasn’t my intention.”
“You don’t deserve this.”
“Let me make it up to you.”
“Please believe me.”
“I want to make this work!”
“Can’t we just talk it over?”
“How can I fix this?”
“I know I screwed up.”
"I did this for you/us/them!”
“If I could take it back, I would!”
“I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.”
"Tell me what I have to do to.”
“I just wanted to apologize.”

Don’t hurt me like this

Summery: (Y/N) discovers Tommy is still married to his wife Grace. (Tommy is unhappily married, which is different from the original storyline, I have nothing against Grace’s character but I thought it fit quite well.)

A/N: Please give me your feedback, it’ll mean a lot.

Gif by me

Your parents had always been a little wary of your boyfriend, mainly due to the fact he was over ten years your senior. You wanted to prove you were mature enough for the relationship, promising them that you would focus on achieving your scholarship for the university in London; you had always been very bright, it was one of the things Tommy liked about you.

Of course, you were still a young woman, and the appeal of Thomas Shelby was going to be an obvious distraction. Often more than not you found yourself sneaking out of your bedroom window like a naughty teenager, shimmying down the drainpipe, where he would be waiting to catch you by the hips. It wasn’t until recently you realised your abandonment of your application essay, and despite your efforts, your parents had grown suspicious of your behavior.

Your mother had been thrilled when she discovered you had invited Tommy over for tea, it wasn’t often you had guests and she wanted to show off a new pie recipe she had learned from one of the neighbors. However, your father didn’t have quite the same reaction, but you didn’t really expect him to; he had never been happy about any of the boys you brought home, never mind a gangster.

“Oh come on daddy, cheer up!” Plastering a sweet smile on your face, you leaned over and kissed his cheek, wiping the rouge stain you left behind with your thumb.

“I wouldn’t trust a man like him as far as I could throw him, especially with my daughter.” His grumbling was interrupted by a knocking on the door.

Smiling slightly, Tommy stubbed his cigarette out on the wall, before leaning down and kissing your cheek. You moved to let him inside, following close behind as you both entered the dining area. Your mother was the first one to greet him as she eagerly grasped his shoulders and kissed both of his cheeks, causing him to laugh.

“Lovely to meet you Mrs (Y/L/N).” He said charmingly.

“Oh it is so wonderful to finally meet you too, please call me (Y/M/N)!” She said enthusiastically, before moving out of the way so your father could come into view. “This is (Y/N)’s father.”

He didn’t even try to hide his distaste as he nodded at Tommy’s outstretched hand causing your mother to shove him slightly. However, it didn’t seem to deter Tommy in the slightest as he politely smiled and said “Sir.”

“Here why don’t you two take a seat,” your mother said as she guided your father back to the table. “(Y/N), take Mr. Shelby’s jacket and hang it up in the closet please.”

Nodding, you held the shoulder part of the jacket as you helped him take it off, before walking back into the hallway towards the closet. Halting your steps, you noticed an envelope had fallen from one of the jacket pockets. Bending down, you picked it up and went to place it back, when you noticed the names on the front.

Behind you, Tommy stepped out into the hallway, shutting the dining room door as he did.

“Well your mother seems to like me, although I am not too sure about your father.” he laughed.

“Are you alright?” Stepping up behind you, he placed his arms around your waist as he peered over your shoulder, his laughter coming to an abrupt stop.

“Listen, I can explain-”

Wriggling out of his arms you turned to face him, the anger clear on your face.

“Mr. and Mrs. Shelby.” You read, shoving the envelope at his chest. “You’re married?”

He sighed, rubbing his face. “You weren’t supposed to find out this way.”

You stuttered for a moment, trying to understand what was happening.

“We’re not happy together, you have to understand,”

You scoffed, interrupting him as you tried to create space between you both.

“I can get a divorce.” He muttered, face serious as he stared at you. “I love you.”

I hate you.” You whispered, looking at the floor.

“Don’t be like this,” touching your cheek he attempted to wipe the tears that were now blurring your eyes.

Sniffing, you shook your head from his grasp. “What now… I jeopardized my only chance at a successful future,” you gestured between the both of you. “For what?”

He stood merely a few feet in front of you, your proximity cramped due to the small hallway, causing you to shove past him and stop near the dining room door.

“Go and tell them,” you gestured towards the door. “Then go and tell your wife.”

Breathing deeply, he shook his head. “Not now.”

Your throat closed over and your nose pinched, “please don’t do this.”

“I’m going to go.” He whispered, grabbing his jacket from where it was strewn on the floor and backing up towards the front door. “We can talk about this tomorrow.”

Please don’t hurt me like this,” your voice finally cracked. “Don’t make me tell them on my own.”

All anger from before had softly dissolved into sadness as you desperately walked towards him, gripping his arm.

Leaning down he placed his hand behind your head, kissing the top before he loosened your grip on him and opened the door.

You stood and watched as he walked away from you, the cold air gushing towards the dampened patches on your cheeks like a slap as the realisation of what just happened hit you.

Jealousy Part 7

Word Count: 1595

   A/N: Ahhhh here’s the 7th part of Jealousy! Sorry it took forever I’m packing to move and still sick! A lot of you are asking for me to make this into a separate boon and I just might! But enjoy this, much love ️

    “I’m aware.” Y/N snapped, and Archie threw his hands up in surrender. “Archie you helped Jughead and I realize we were in love with eachother, now it’s our turn to repay the favor.” Jughead and Y/N stood from the bed, and stared Archie down.

    “Andrews, are you in love with Betty?” Jughead asked.

                                • • •

    “Thank you for meeting me at Pops, Betty!” Y/N beamed, standing from her booth and embracing the blonde.

    “Absolutely!” Betty smiled. “I wouldn’t of missed it for the world.” The two girls sat down and ordered milkshakes and fries, starting up small talk, but Y/N had a different, more pressing conversation in mind.

    “How’s Polly doing?” Y/N asked, and Betty gave a forced smile.

    “She’s… holding up. Veronica has been taking good care of her, but she’s still pretty heartbroken over Jason.” Betty confessed, fidgeting with her hands. Y/N didn’t mean to make the poor girl uncomfortable, but she needed a way to start up the conversation she wanted to have.

    “I don’t blame her, poor girl. She’s been through a lot. I’m really glad Veronica is being helpful, though. The more hands on deck, the better we can protect her and the baby.” Y/N said. She reached over, and grabbed Betty’s hands, and Betty looked up at her.

    “I want to help too, whatever i can do to lend a hand. You name it, I’ve got it, okay?” Y/N offered, and Betty smiled.

    “Thank you, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do without you, you really are one of my best friends.” Betty said, and Y/N returned the smile.

    “Betty, can we talk about Jughead and Archie?” Y/N asked. Betty visibly tensed, and Y/N watched as she realized she knew about her texts to Jughead.

    “You saw?” Betty asked quietly, and Y/N nodded her head, giving a small smile but Betty could see the hurt behind it.

    “Y/N, I’m so so sorry! We’ve been spending so much time together lately, Jughead and I, and I guess I just started to develop a little crush! And when he kissed me in the spur of the moment, for a second I finally felt like I was wanted! But I immediately felt bad for it, so did Juggie! We both agreed it was a mistake but I guess I couldn’t get over it. I didn’t mean to betray you I just-”

    “Woah, woah hold up!” Y/N interrupted Betty’s fast rambling. “Betray me? You didn’t betray me Betty, I get it.” Betty looked at her confused, and squinted her eyes.

    “You’re not mad?” she asked in disbelief. Y/N gave a small laugh, and shook her head.

    “No, I’m not mad. Not even disappointed.” She joked, and Betty gave a breathy laugh.

    “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for your surprising kindness and understanding, but why aren’t you mad?” she asked. The waiter brought their milkshakes and fries over, and Y/N popped a few in her mouth and sipped on her milkshake before answering Betty.

    “I’m not mad because I get it. I don’t mean to bring up sore subjects, but after Archie rejected you, I feel like you wanted to feel wanted by someone, I mean you said it yourself. Jughead was convenient, he was also having love trouble and was spending a lot of time around you-”  Betty stood up and collected her things.

    “I’ve heard enough.” she mumbled, walking out the door of Pops. Y/N got up and chased after her, stopping her in the parking lot.

    “Betty, what’s wrong?” Y/N asked. Betty turned around and sighed.

    “I don’t need your pity forgiveness because you think I’m still hung up on Archie. He doesn’t love me, I get it! I’ve gotten over it and we are just friends now. Did you ever stop to think that maybe I wanted to be with Jughead not as a rebound but because I actually liked him?” she asked. Y/N shifted on her feet, and her hands fell over her face.

    “Betty, it’s okay if your still into Archie, nobody is judging you.” she sighed, even though it was dark, Y/N could see she rolled her eyes.

    “I’m not into Archie!” she yelled. “Just drop it!” Betty started to storm off, and Y/N had to make a quick decision.

    “What if I told you Archie was in love with you?” Betty stopped in her tracks and turned around.

    “I’d call you a liar.” Betty snapped. Y/N ran up to Betty, and grabbed her arm.

    “I wouldn’t lie to you, Betty. He told me and Jughead he was. He panicked that night after the dance, and when you slammed the door in his face, he debated knocking on the door to tell you. He didn’t do it though because he was afraid you wouldn’t believe him, and he thought he had already did enough damage.” Betty stared at Y/N in shock, wracking her brain for the right words to say but nothing came to mind.

    “How do I know you aren’t just telling me this to make me feel better about Jughead choosing you?” she questioned lightly, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “What did I just tell you, I would never lie to you!” Y/N exclaimed and Betty looked down at the ground.

    “Why would he tell you this?” she asked.

    “He came to my house right as Jughead and I became, official I guess, and he tries to win me over. We were talking to him and he finally spilled.” Betty shook her head slowly, trying her best not to get excited over what she was hearing but Y/N could see her poker face fading.

    “Betty look at me, please.” Betty looked up at Y/N, and tried her hardest to look for any signs she was lying. She searched her eyes for deceitfulness but saw none, and a small smile crossed her face.

    “So Archie does like me, huh?” she said softly, and Y/N chuckled.

    “It seems that way.” Y/N said, and Betty hugged her. “Now can we go back inside, I invited you to Pops for a reason, and it was so I could eat while talking to you.” Betty laughed.

    “I swear to god you’re just like Jughead sometimes.” she joked and Y/N giggled,  following the newly Happy blonde into the diner.

    “I am not!” she called. The two took their seats once again, sipping on their milkshakes and Y/N called the waiter over to order a burger.

    “So,” Y/N said, turning her attention over to Betty. “How about we invite Archie and Jughead to meet us here?” she asked. Betty smiled down at the table, and nodded her head.

    “Let’s do it. But you have to text him, I have a feeling he’ll come for sure if you do it.” Betty said, eating the fries. Y/N pulled out her phone and sent a group text to both Archie and Jughead.

Me: Bets and I are at Pops, you two should come join us. My treat!

    Y/N looked up from her phone and set it down on the table, smiling at the bubbly blonde in front of her. “It’s done, I texted them.”

    “Knowing them, you should get a text any-” Betty was cut off my the vibrating phone on the table, and Y/N picked it up to see it was from Jughead. Y/N frowned at the phone, noticing it wasn’t a text from the group chat, meaning he had something to say and didn’t want Archie to see.

Juggie <3: We have a little bit of a problem… Archie’s phone is here at his house but I don’t know where he is. He’s not here.

    Y/N frantically texted back, worry starting to set it. Betty noticed that her demeanor changed from happy to something not so good, and started to question her.

    “What’s wrong? Can they not make it?” she asked.

Me: Should we call someone? I’m worried now because there’s a killer on the loose and I don’t want anything happening to him…

Juggie <3: let’s first check all the places we’d think he could be. If he doesn’t turn up, we call someone.

Me: does Fred know?

Juggie <3: no, he doesn’t need to either, he’ll just want to call the sheriff.

Me: Juggie, that’s his dad, he needs to know. Tell him please, just let him know of the plan. I’ll get Betty and we’ll go check our houses first and then the school. Maybe he went looking for us, or he’s blowing off steam on the football field, I don’t know…

    “Bets, we need to go.” Y/N said shoving her phone in her pocket. She pulled out some cash from her wallet and threw it on the table and rushed over to Pops. “Hey, can you just put my burger in a to-go container, I’m gonna come get it later, I’ve got to go do something.” She smiled and Pops nodded his head. Y/N dragged Betty out of the diner and Betty stopped in front of the door.

    “Y/N! What’s going on, what’s wrong?” Y/Ns phone buzzed again, and she looked at the message.

Juggie <3: I’ve already messaged Veronica and even Kevin to come help us. Fred knows too. Message me if you get anything. I love you.

    “Y/N! Tell me what’s going on now!” Betty yelled.

    “We don’t know where Archie is, he’s disappeared.”

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SVTFOE S2 Finale

Okay.. um.. This finale is officially better than the S1 finale? because..

-Moon is badass. I love it. She’s escalating in my top fave Characters

-Ludo’s past is finally revealed partially yasssss (also Dennis is cool)

-Some Character Development here. Star shouldn’t pretend that she’s happy. It takes a lot of courage to admit something that you have lied about for a looong time.

-I never heard Oscar talk a lot before lol.

-Star’s circle of friends are sooo great. Kelly is cool. I love her. (Also, you gotta appreciate Ponyhead’s “Don’t you, though?” and “I called it! Boom!”)

-Jackie is being a great girlfriend. Though it hurts me cuz I’m a Starco fan.

-Starfan 13 is us, the Starco shippers.

-The buildup for the Magic council paid off. We care about them in after a short amount of time. (MY WAIFU HEKAPOO NOOOOOOOO!!)

-Even though you’re not a Starco shipper you HAVE to feel for Star.

I also appreciate the silence in the End credits cuz if I hear that ending song after all the shit that happened, I will throw my phone on the wall. It’s more ominous than the s1 finale.. Especially now that Star is gone.

Shows like these make you forget that you’re watching a kid’s show. I am officially a Svtfoe fan. I ignored this show for months cuz I got frustrated at how slow the storyline was but I came back when the Starbomb happened. I just hope that this show won’t have the same fate as Gravity Falls. GF is great but the things that Disney did to it was terrible. I hope that S3 will come soon. TAT

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^Burn mah feels

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^Just.. Just Look at them. So badass aaaaaaah

Good Girl CH 4: Virgin

“Now tell us what the hell is going on.” Namjoon demands the minute Jin sits me down on the nice sectional couch.  He sits down in front of me on the glass coffee table. The living room is massive with floor to ceiling windows that look over a pool with the beach not far in the distance. I do my best not to gawk and focus on my very upset friends in front of me.

“There was that shoot out at the club; Jihyo and I got out threw the back window into the back alley where I saw Kitty oppa shoot some guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw me when he was going threw the dead guys wallet and picked me and said he wanted to take me home and here we are.” I explain as best as I can.

Jin sits down next to me, “But why are they this protective over you? I’ve never seen them like this.”

I shrug, “Jihyo and I were drinking last night so I got all weird and they seem to like it. How long have you known them? What are you guys doing here?”

Jin sighs, sitting back into the couch he looks to his youngers for help. Yoongi comes over and sits on the coffee table next to Namjoon, “The best way to explain it without telling you too much is that we work for them, and we have for a couple years. They helped us out when we were younger, helped us find each other and get our shit together. Now we don’t have that much time to talk about this so can we put those questions aside for another time?” From the concern on Yoongi’s normally passive face I nod, a new worry climbs up my spine from their seriousness.

“We need you to understand that you are not safe here,” Namjoon starts, “Even though these guys have helped us and we are forever indebted to them, you are our friend and we do not want to see anything bad happen to you.”

Despite my mind telling me not to I can’t help but ask, “What would they do to me?”

“Please don’t make us answer that,” Jin begs, grabbing a hold of my hand, “Just know it isn’t good.”

“Noona,” Jongkook sits down on my other side and takes my free hand. “Just use your magic to make them let you go, they seem to do anything you ask. They even let you touch them; they always react very badly to people doing that.”

“I can’t, I already told them I would stay if they let me talk to you,” I nibble on my lip as I think of what Kookie could mean by they react very badly.

“How long do you think you are going to be staying?” Hoseok asks.

I shrug, “I don’t know, I’m hoping Handsome and Deer oppa will convince the others to let me go home.”

“Handsome and Deer?” Jimin laughs.

“Like I said, I don’t know names.”

“Their names are Suho and Luhan,” Namjoon says.

“Maybe it’s better if she doesn’t know their names,” Taehyung pipes in, “It will make her seem like less of a threat.”

They all nod in agreement, Jimin starts giving me tips, “Don’t ask any questions either, I know you aren’t usually the curious type but I mean absolutely no questions. The less you know, the better.”

“Try not to be alone with anyone. Where did you sleep last night?” Jin asks.

“With Kitty.”

They all stare at me dumbstruck but Namjoon shakes off his shock first, “Xiumin hyung let you sleep next to him?”

“Is that really weird or something? I heard that they don’t take girls home often.”

They nod, “It’s incredibly rare for them to take anyone here, let alone without hurting them or killing them. Are you sure you’re okay? They can’t hear us,” Jin worrying is usually cute but right now it’s only unnerving me. I may not have an issue with dying but torture or rape isn’t something I want going on in between.

I shake my head, “They were really nice to me, they even left the room when I was changing, Kai is the only one who has actually tried anything with me but even then, the others scolded him for it.”

“Is that why you aren’t afraid of them?” Jimin asks.

“I wasn’t afraid of them because they didn’t set off my alarms.”

“Wasn’t?” Namjoon echoes, “You can’t be afraid of them because of what we told you, they are going to be pissed.”

“What do you except from me Joonie? You basically tell me they rape, torture and murder everyone who comes into this house and expect me to stay calm? You’re joking right?” I almost yell. “I was perfectly fine until you told me all this stuff. I know I should have been afraid of them, I have that much common sense, but they didn’t set off my alarms. Those are what I live my life by, they have never steered me wrong but now you guys have me questioning it. Why couldn’t you guys just leave it alone?”

“Please calm down,” Namjoon covers my mouth. “If you are afraid of them it will only make things worse for both of us, so please try and act normal.”

Our conversation is interrupted by a bear like voice shouting in the doorway, “Talking is done! Time to play!” The elf comes charging down the three steps into the living room, the big smile on his cute face drops when he sees the seven boys crowding me and Namjoon’s hand over my mouth. He looks incredibly pissed at the fear that is probably in my eyes by now. “What did you tell her?” The elf growls, his glare set on Namjoon.

“Hyung, calm down,” Namjoon stands up, his hands in the air in surrender. “We were just talking, everything is fine.”

“No,” Elf snaps, “She looks scared because you told her something.”

“Yeolie,” Puppy comes in, a confused look on his face but as he realizes the situation from Elf’s frown to my obvious fear he gets mad too. “What happened?”

“Everyone just calm down,” Namjoon tries his best to seem calm himself but I can see him shaking. I sink lower in my seat, trying to hide behind Jin, who is obviously tense at the on coming situation.

“Suho hyung!” Puppy yells down the hall.

“Baekhyun hyung, why does he need to come?” Yoongi says nonchalantly, he seems to be the most calm out of all of us. The group of boys appears in the doorway, their eyes try and see past Namjoon, who takes a step back to hide me from their eyes.

“Namjoon,” Suho growls, “I warned you not to scare her.”

“We didn’t scare her, we just told her the hazy truth.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Kai snaps.

“Did you see the way she looked at me when I came in? She looks horrified.” Elf growls.

“That’s because you keep yelling, your voice would probably scare her normally, let alone you yelling about everything,” Jin snaps at him. An angry Jin isn’t something I see often. Elf steps back, even though he is angry he understands his wrongdoing.

“Little one,” Kitty purrs coming to the front of the group. Though he has a sweet smile on his face I have a strong feeling if I don’t react well, he won’t either.

“Yes oppa?” I answer quietly from behind Jin.

There is silence for a moment before he responds, I can tell he is closer this time, “Little one, don’t you want to come see your oppa? These boys didn’t scare you away from us did they?”

“I don’t know,” I answer honestly.

“What does that mean sweetheart?” Dragon comes closer, like Kitty I can tell this man is also trying his best to stay calm.

“The alarms in my head still don’t go off but,” I pause as I try and think of the right words so my friends don’t get in trouble.

“You said you weren’t afraid of dying, what else could we really do to you?” Kitty asks, right on the other side of the coffee table now. He reaches across and pushes Namjoon out of the way, next he signals a very reluctant Jin to move as well. Soon all of my friends have left me on the couch alone and defenseless against the twelve pairs of eyes that are waiting for my response. “Now tell me Little one, what else could we possibly do to you?”

I blink up at him for a minute, gulping when I see the anger growing in his eyes, in all of their eyes as they scan me as well. Their glare shifts to my friends who are standing by the window with their heads hanging low, waiting for the punishment they know is going to come.

“Can I try talking to her?” Dimple comes forward from the group, looking like an innocent angel with his small smile. With a clenched jaw Kitty nods and steps away from the coffee table, his eyes never leaving me. Dimple isn’t hesitant when he comes closer, coming around the coffee table to sit down next to me. Like most of them, the alarms in my mind are silent, while my common sense is screaming at me to be afraid. “Hello Beautiful,” He says softly, he is even brave enough to hold one of my hands in both of his like Jin was doing earlier. I’m surprised when I feel the same comfort as if Jin himself was doing it.

I blink at him a few times before I say, “Hello Dimple.” The boy laughs charmingly and I suddenly find myself falling under his spell and smiling along with him.

“Now Beautiful, could you tell me what these naughty boys told you about us?” He cocks his head cutely. I nibble on my lip for a second.

“Stopping doing that little one, you’re giving your oppas bad thoughts,” Kitty says as he sits down on my other side. I release my lip before staring down at my lap, a blush crawls across my face.

“They just told me things I kind of already figured, but chose to ignore.” I answer honestly.

“About what?” Dimple strokes my head softly, something Kitty does not appreciate but allows to happen.

“About what could happen to me in between now and when you kill me, if I stay here.”

“Is this because of what Kai was trying?” Bitch face, I mean Sehun, asks glaring at his tan hyung.

“No,” I can’t help but look to my friends for help I know I’m not going to get.

“She was fine before you idiots showed up!” Sehun snapped at my friends.

“Why did you guys have to ruin the one friend who wasn’t afraid of us?” Puppy growls.

“You expect us to believe she was actually your friend?” Yoongi dares to scoff, ignoring all of his friends’ eyes that are begging him to stop talking. “You were just going to play with her, and I mean your guys kind playing, not the kind she was picturing in her innocent little head, and than kill her like she was nothing. We know what happens here, we have no right to judge you because we are a part of this life now too but we don’t have to sit here and watch our friend get pulled down into too.”

“She’s different,” Sehun reasons. “We like her.”

“But how long will that last?”

“We don’t know,” Kai answers.

“And you still expect us to leave her here with you guys with that answer. You guys wouldn’t even let us talk to her, her friends that she has know for a few years, without some kind of promise in return.”

Suho steps forward to answer, “How about we promise that we will not even touch her, without her permission?”

“And if you don’t keep your promise?”

“We will beat that person to death,” Kitty deadpans. I’m surprised when the rest of the group nods in unison. Like me, my friends stare at them dumbstruck.

Clapping his hands together Kitty smiles at me, “Now we can play!” Suddenly, the hostility they had in their eyes disappears and is replaced with playfulness.

“No,” This time it’s Suho to stop the fun, earning a glare from Kitty. “Someone needs to brief the boys on what happened last night.”

“You’re the leader, what does that have to do with me?” Kitty looks back to me. Without another word Suho comes over and picks me up, I wrap myself around him so I don’t fall. “What the hell?”

“You are going to brief them, you and Kris,” Suho states as he sits down a few seats away from Kitty and Dimple, with me on his lap.

“Why?” Both roar as they glare at their leader who seems to be far too focused on me to care.

“You both are closer to her, so this gives the rest of us time to play with her,” Suho grins at me.

“This is so unfair,” Kitty whines.

“You got to sleep with her,” Dimple reasons.

“You slept with her!” Hoseok belts out. “You took our precious Jooyoung’s virginity?”

“Oppa!” I snap, trying to climb off Suho who just tightens his hold on my hips.

“Virginity?” The group echoes their eyes go to me.

I nod, “Virgin.”

If I can have one thing happen in season 2, can it please be a Shiro/Matt reunion with an intensely long hug–I’m talking foreheads touching, chests pressed together, tears and choked up words whispered to each other. Can I have Matt clutching at Shiro, asking over and over is Katie okay please tell me Katie is okay how did this happen and Shiro just shaking his head with his eyes pressed shut tightly because I don’t know I’m sorry I’m so sorry I don’t know I can’t believe you’re here I’m so sorry and they’re both so emotionally ruined and compromised in that moment to actually comprehend everything and the galra are everywhere and damn we really don’t have time for this but they make time because it can’t be expressed how much they missed each other and how much time they’ve lost, the what-could’ve-been’s lurking in the back of their minds every second up to this point.

anonymous asked:

I want to fight this hideous regime in the US but I'm not sure how. I'm poor and I struggle with depression and anxiety that make it hard for me to do even the things needed to take care of myself. But I don't want to just sit passively and watch this happen when I'm not all right with any of it. Please tell me, is there something I can do to help despite my limiting factors?

It’s very important that you feel like it’s ok to take care of yourself. I care about you. We all do.

When deciding the level of commitment or involvement, it’s important you understand that doing what you can at this time is what you should do. I’m not in a position to dictate those terms to you. My objective is to cooperate with you in a way that helps you, to be honest. If anything I post has made you feel like you’re not doing more than you can do right now, I apologize. 

Anxiety and depression are difficult obstacles because capitalist culture more often than not treats depressed people as if they’re “problems” are fictions. The vocabulary we have in everyday speech to discuss depression already leaves depressed people with a heavy burden. And anxiety is always generalized and patronized. It sucks.

It’s important to me that you know I get it. Many of us do. You have support and solidarity. You may not be in a position to feel assured by this message, but it’s true.

If you can, take an inventory of the direct actions you can accomplish. You know, showing up at a protest or rally or large meeting can be difficult for many. A lot of people want to participate in ways they cannot and that can add to anxiety about doing the right thing. 

Self-care is doing the right thing. That’s primary.

I’ll post this to my blog and encourage our community to add things to a list of “something [you] can do to help despite [your] limiting factors”.