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Photos from the subway set of Ghostbusters 2016.


EXO Group Wallpapers

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Requested by Anon! (I did ot12 and ot9 if that’s okay! If not just tell me! Also sorry for the wait!)

things that chara is, beyond a soulless rampaging murderer
  • an absolute pun master ( pomeraisins, chairiel, pomer-granite, moldbygg, good morningstar, detemmienation )
  • a nerd ( loox eyewalker, anyone? snowdecahedron, ‘truly the most tsundere of plants’ )
  • sarcastic ( ah! wow! woah! it’s a ‘hole’, the entirety of the snow poffs, ‘that’s great if you’re a microwave fan’ )
  • has an extreme opinion on licorice
  • a child ( look at these cool toys! )
  • a dog person
  • able to knit
  • willing to put themself through a LOT of pain ( buttercup incident )
  • a gardener ( ‘perfect for cutting plants and vines’ )
  • rather knowledgeable about monsters
  • a victim of abuse 
  • willing to play along with asriel ( smile for the camera!, the ‘creepy face’ tape )
  • pessimistic 
  • nonbinary
  • has a rather large vocabulary
  • silent when you fight toriel and asgore
  • the hope of humans and monsters
Jacksepticeye fans! Please, take a moment to read what I want to say.

So Jack uploaded a new video (which I really loved! It was very interesting) where he took a personality test. So of course I took it too. I’ve got  INFP PERSONALITY (“THE MEDIATOR”). I thought “Hey, that’s pretty cool! I wonder what other people got.” I was so surprised to see this:

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Hello Jia here ^ ^ i was wondering if anyone would want me to post old pictures from (2013-2015) i want to go though every single Yoongi fansite active or closed and post all the fantakens they have but I don’t know if it will annoy people

Please tell me what you think about it


i literally spent almost 24 hours straight on this bullshit

hey, disclaimer: im no musician, if you couldnt tell LMAO #earblood

[ SONGS: Every song in Melanie Martinez’s CRYBABY album + Play Date ]
[ bits used from a pre-made mashup of Carousel x Pity Party on YT ] 
[ everything edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 ]

this is kinda far fetched, but **PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE** i want to eventually upload the finished product on my YT.


//hides in embarrassment tbh

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Here we go!

Contact me on

Please include: 

. Name. (can be tumblr name)
. Commission type (sketch/lineart etc etc).
. A description of what you want (also descriptions of OCs personality are appreciated).

. Detailed references (like outfits, poses etc).

The payment is only via paypal  (once payment is received I will start on your commission, please do not send the payment until I’ve accepted your commission. ), currency is in USD. ( but € is good if you’re from UE)

I do: OCs, fanart, any pairing (except incest and pedophilia), soft NSFW.

don’t ask for:

Explicit NSFW, furries, mecha, gore (blood is ok), violence, offensive stuff or anything that makes me uncomfortable, complicated backgrounds. 

More info:

 .  Tell me if you don’t want me to upload your commission.

. Commissions can not be used for commercial purposes.

. Don’t remove my watermark.

. Prices may change depending on the complexity of the commission.  

. Once the initial/rough sketch is done, it’ll be sent. And, once approved I’ll proceed to complete the commission.

If you have questions contact me :)

My art gallery for more examples.

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It’s not cool and I don’t appreciate it. I try to tell myself that people just want to share the fun but… It’s still kind of frustrating. Especially when there are simply too many reposts for me to report. And it’s especially frustrating when some reposters even cut off my signature and write “Credits to owner”. Those aren’t credits and it’s generally not that hard to find out the name of the original artist. Heck, you can even check other reposts where my signature hasn’t been cut off. 

I know people don’t mean any harm but still. I just want to tell you again that I don’t want people reposting my art and I am very grateful to those of you who have asked me and respected me saying no.

EDIT: Please note that I’m talking about reposting and not reblogging. Reposting means that you save my art on your computer and upload it on another account on tumblr or any other platform. I don’t want you to do that. 
Reblogging on the other hand is when you share my original post here on tumblr. The way it’s supposed to be. Reblogging is awesome so don’t stop with that! 

Norta Elementary - Modern AU (Part 1??)

Hey Guys! This is the fanfic that the Anon requested. It’s my first one pls don’t judge too hard. 😂😂 It’s Mare and Cal finally meeting/noticing each other. If you want me to write more then I can, just request! I had a lot of fun with this!

Also *NOTE* I know that Cal and Mare WOULDN’T be in the same class, but for the sake of this fanfic I kept them the same age/class.


P.S. If anyone could please teach me how to make a link of this/upload it as a pdf I would really appreciate that!!

Ship: Mare x Cal

Words: 769

Fifth Grade

     Mrs. B’s pointer hits my desk, making me jump.
     …And wake up.
     “Ms. Barrow since you quite obviously already know all of this information, would you please tell me how old Scout was at the beginning of the book?”
     I shrug. “Nope.”
     “Well, what is her father’s name?” she demands.
     “No clue.” At least I’m honest.
     “And who is the children’s next door friend?” I stare at her blankly, familiar with her method. I don’t know the answers, she knows I don’t know, and no matter how much she interrogates me today, I won’t know tomorrow.
     She gets a wicked smile on her face. “Thought so.”
     I let her win.

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Alright this finally uploaded, sweet Jesus… first of all, I am very proud of the thumbnail (chapter title is somewhat wrong, will be corrected later), but I’m not that proud of the background used in the video… I wanted to correct it but didn’t want to go back and render AND upload everything all over again.

This is my excuse for not writing a meta and a proper review, which I may get some thoughts on later, but for now, this is as honest as I get…. and let me tell you do I get honest. I talk about the various points of this chapter, but more specifically roast and criticize a certain character to death. Please enjoy this somewhat over-satirical and somewhat over-exaggerated review of one of the most interesting SnK chapters I’ve ever read! :D


For got to add for adding animals/pokemon/etc: $5-$10 depending on difficulty

So, the hours were getting so bad that I had to give my two weeks at work so I could get a new job. And they are being petty as fuck and is giving me a total of 0 hours for my last two weeks. So I need to open commissions while I am trying to find a brand new shiny job. 


  1. I need to be paid before starting the commission in question.
  2. I can only be paid via paypal
  4. BE SPECIFIC. if you want me to draw something specific within the picture, please tell me.
  5. I may be able to do some things quite quickly, however I do have other obligations. I am a full-time student and as the kid’s say these days, school is too expensive to fuck it up. So please, give me some time. I will get a commission done in a couple of days.
  6. I will ALWAYS ask for permission to upload the art you have commissioned to social media. I WILL NEVER post anything without your consent

My commission contact email is: Send all emails here please!

Do not send any money till I give you an email accepting your commission request, please.


  • OCxOC
  • OCxCanon
  • CanonxCanon
  • Charas with animal ears and tails


  • Mecha
  • Hate Art
  • Extreme Gore (lots of blood is fine, maybe some biting and blood, but no major skin ripping of gut spilling atm)


  • Furries ( I am trying to learn but I can not promise good things)
  • NSFW (Walk with me talk to me)
  • Real people shipping (Like youtubers)


  • Gas for car
  • Moving out this summer
  • Prints to sell online and at cons
  • Mandatory Museum trips my school makes me go to and pay for ((one trip was about $40 for really stupid reasons))
  • ((If enough)) A trip with my school family this summer

If you can’t commission me, please reblog and spread this around. This will be my only source of income until I get another “people job.” Also, I stream every Wednesday so you could possibly watch as I draw your commission.




holY SHIT this took a MONTH to fucking do lemme tell you

but look!! It all payed off in the end!!

I wanna say thank you to khonjin for letting me use the audio for it


and I wanna do a big shoutout to my cousin Bit-Steve! He and Jacob have helped tremendously with this project thingy and I just wanna say thank you!
Steves YT:

now steve is just starting off so please show him some love from this channel!!

sorry for not uploading in a while, this took a really long time!! [expect that from now on]

also this is going to be a W.I.P [which i’ll probably never get back to but who knows?]


Smack: @azure-sketch

Gino: @theletter-r

Khonjin: @bit-steve

Thank you so much for watching!!

It Started With A Storm

Hello! Cid here. I’ve never written fanfiction before or published any writing online, so I’m new to this. If there is anything I could do to improve this, please tell me! This will continue to be a series, but I’m not sure about the upload schedule. There are not a lot of warnings in this chapter but this will develop into to some deeper parts of Alexander’s past in the next chapter, so please be careful! If you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask them!

Ship: Jamilton

Words: 1320

Warnings: Minor swearing

It started with Alexander not checking the weather. The sky’s looked bad that afternoon but looked worse that evening. He wasn’t sure where John, Lafayette and Hercules were, because they were typically already by Alex’s side hours before thunder starts rolling. Alexander was currently sitting up in his bed, messy hair all over his face, tears brimming as he checks the weather on his phone. He decides that going to The Revolutionary Set Minus One’s dorm would be the best decision, seeing as the little do not disturb signal was next to the group chat. He didn’t really care though, so he sent the guys a quick ‘where are you didn’t you check the weather’ text and got out of bed.

Alexander picked up a black Twenty Øne Piløts T-shirt off the ground and put it on. It was a little big, going past his hips and ending about halfway down his red gym shorts. Alex picked up his phone and puts it in his shorts’ pocket, but doesn’t bother putting on shoes while he jog-runs down the hallway to Laf, John, and Herc’s dorm.

To Alexander’s horror, he arrives at the Revolutionary Set’s dorm and on the door, below a sign that reads ‘Revolutionary Set -Alex’, there’s a post it note that reads ‘Gone fishing for women’. That’s immensely ironic because John is gay as fuck and Lafayette and Hercules are practically married, even though they aren’t even dating….yet.  Alex considers heading to his sisters’ dorms, and it seems like a good idea until he realizes he would have to walk outside, into the storm, to get to his sisters’ dorms so that’s a definite no. A loud crack of thunder draws Alex out of his stance in front of Revolutionary Set’s dorm and brings him back to reality. Before he knows it tears are dangerously close to spilling from his eyes and he sprints back to his dorm in fear of having memories resurface.

He rushes into his dorm room with a flurry, slamming the door shut and leaning against it to support himself, with tears still threatening to from his eyes, and notices that Jefferson, his dorm mate, was at his desk observing Alexander’s’ erratic behavior. He wasn’t there when Alexander left. How long did Alex stand in front of the Revo Set’s dorm? Alexander was creeped out for a second, but remembered that Jefferson and Alexander were unfortunately assigned the same dorm. They were Columbia’s well known arch rivals. Some say they hated each other out of jealousy, some say for challenge, and rumors go round that its sexual tension. ‘If they weren’t enemies they’d be lovers’. What kind of disgustingly cliche crap is that? Jefferson coughs to catch Alex’s attention, because at the moment, random space had preoccupied him.  Before Alexander can explain himself for the commotion, Jefferson asks a very important question that  neither of them can answer.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of the gremlins?” Alexander stopped and thought for a second, realizing that out of the year and a half he’s known Jefferson, and 6 months he’s lived with him, Jefferson has come to notice he spends storm days with the Revolutionary set.

“I-I actually-y honestly don’t know actually. They left-t a note saying-g that they went to go 'fish for women’”. Alex’s voice shook a bit due to the buzz of emotions. Alex prayed to everything good and holy, like Doritos, that Thomas didn’t notice the unsteady quality in his voice. It would make him seem weak and vulnerable. That’s the last thing Alex wanted an enemy to witness. He still stood in the awkward position of leaning against the door as if he was trying to keep someone out. Alex refused to make eye contact with Jefferson, who was still sitting on his magenta velvet covered sheets across the room. Alex expected Jefferson to not speak again, seeing as he got his answer, but Jefferson said something that Alex took the wrong way.

“Those fuckers.”

Alex paused for a moment. Of course Jefferson wouldn’t want to be around a sniveling crying mess like Hamilton. Alexander turned and started reaching for the door handle.
“I g-get if you d-don’t want to deal with me. I-I’ll walk over to my sisters-”
Once again, Jefferson had surprised Alex. When Alex had turned the doorknob halfway, someone’s hand met his shoulder. Alexander jumped a little at the contact, and turned sharply to see Jefferson standing behind him.

“No no you don’t have to do that. I’m just a little annoyed that your support group went to go get shit faced when they knew you would need them tonight. And I am NOT letting you walk in the rain.“
Thomas was smiling sweetly by now, giving Alexander a warm, fluttering feeling in his chest. Like butterflies. But don’t you only get butterflies around people you like though? And Alex didn’t like his pompous pringle of a roommate, even if he did have a flattering figure and an amazing face- wait a second.

Alexander decided to speak up after a few seconds of silence. “So what are we g-gonna do about-t i-it?” And as if on cue, more thunder rumbled a little bit louder this time, making Alex submit to water in his eyes, letting out a small whimper as the tears rolled down his face.

“Well I’m going to do this.” Jefferson scooped Alexander into his arms, bridal style. Alexander yet out an embarrassing squeak, surprised by being picked up.

“You’re a lot lighter than I expected to be, Hamilton. You need to eat sometimes.”

Jefferson easily strode over to Alex’s bed, and set Hamilton down carefully.

Alexander was reminded of his self hate towards his body, something he developed when he was still with Lee. Alex mumbled something, thinking Jefferson wouldn’t hear him.

“Charles likes- liked me when I’m when I’m skinny.”

Thomas was confused about this ‘Charles’ character, so he just said the first thing that came in his mind.

“Well, Charles sounds like a real dick.” This got a giggle out of Alexander, a small, but real one.

Thomas walked over to his own bed and got an idea. He scooped up his computer and crossed the room, back to Alexander’s bed.

“Can I sit next to you?” Jefferson asked Alex in a soft voice. Alex nodded his head, sat up, and moved over a bit to give Jefferson some space to sit. Jefferson plopped down on Hamilton’s bed, sitting on top of the covers.

“What kinda stuff do you like to watch? You seem like a horror and science fiction documentary kinda guy if I’ve ever seen one.” Jefferson was practically on the dot with that assumption. Alex loved creepy shows, most of them in the form of documentaries like the X-Files and Making A Murder. He decided he didn’t want anything real or scary at the moment, so Thomas started playing a random episode of parks and rec. They were watching the show peacefully until a crack of lightning illuminated the room in a ghostly white, and then a shocking boom of thunder trailing it afterwards.

Alex jumped and a sob escaped his lips, letting more tears flow. Thomas moved closer to Alexander until Alexander was almost sitting on his lap. Thomas leaned over the side of Alex’s bed and picked up a green fleece blanket from off the floor, and wrapped it around Alexander and himself. Alexander leaned into Thomas, probably aiming for the shoulder, but the height difference had other plans so he ended up leaning on the side of Thomas’ chest. Alexander thought that Jefferson was going to push him off, but instead Jefferson leaned into Hamilton right back and wrapped an arm around his middle. They sat like this for a good thirty minutes, and Thomas was wondering if Alexander was getting sleepy of if he was already asleep. His unspoken question was answered.