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AoEx Boys Helping Their S/O with Painful Cramps: 

(Requested by @thiscityneedsyounow! I hope these are okay! And I hope you feel better soon sweetie!! ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • he’s at a loss
  • totally caught off guard
  • and a little scared ?
  • he knows that girls get cramps on their periods…but…he doesn’t KNOW
  • you’d have to walk him through it - but he’d do whatever you ask 
  • You want chocolate? Sure - he’ll go get it. 
  • A heating pad? Definitely. No problem. 
  • You want him to rub your back? No big deal. 
  • Need more pads/tampons or pain killers? Just tell him which ones to get and he’ll get it. 
  • (he’ll text you pics of the different ones at the store until he finally has the right one)
  • also he’s always down for cuddling so if you just need affection - he’s THERE 
  • he’ll wrap his tail around your waist and nuzzle against you and its so cute and warm and lovey dovey  

Yukio Okumura! 

  • he’s a 
  • he KNOWS what to do 
  • he’s already got everything you need 
  • likes giving you little facts about this or that revolving around a period 
  • “Did you know that chocolate actually helps ease period cramps because-” 
  • “Yukio - stop. Please don’t talk about it.” 
  • “Well, okay Y/N. But there’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed of it - its totally normal and - “
  • “YUKIO”

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • oh geez
  • big gorilla lookin muthafucka buyin pads/tampons at the convenience store with THAT expression ^ 
  • he doesn’t honestly have a problem with it 
  • but he has to keep up appearances - you know?
  • constantly worries about you though 
  • if you’d let him he’d wrap his arms around you - his hand lightly holding the heating pad/hot water bottle in place against your abdomen 
  • presses soft kisses to your shoulder comfortingly 
  • stays quiet usually but if you just want to hear his voice he’d recite sutra 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • bless his sweet little ol heart 
  • he’s not prepared in the slightest 
  • feels useless cause he doesn’t know how to help 
  • probably prays about it when your napping or whatever 
  • is willing to run around and do whatever you say so that he can be of use 
  • its sweet
  • he’s kinda like a puppy 

Shima Renzou! 

  • he ALREADY KNEW when this day would come
  • he’d noticed your habits in class and stuff before ya’ll had become a thing 
  • and could pinpoint approximately when you would start 
  • its kinda creepy Renzou 
  • but he always offered you a water bottle and he always knew when you wanted chocolates and he always kept a supply of pain relievers in his bag when he knew this day was approaching 
  • now that ya’ll are a thing - he’s still the same 
  • he’s still ready for it and he spoils you days in advance 
  • bringing you your fave flowers or a teddy bear and something chocolate 
  • when the cramps happen - it shocks him that they’re so bad 
  • but he stays chill and rubs your back and does whatever you need him to 

None of them ever say anything if there’s blood on sheets/blankets/clothes/towels. They just let it be. They might text their mothers (or girls they know, ex: Shura) and ask how to remove the stains - and if they can’t they might just throw out whatever it is and get a new one (unless its something important to either of you - in which case they just don’t speak about it and eventually they don’t even notice it anymore to be qh). 

Me: college isnt that bad

English teacher: we’re going to study fanfiction and it’s correlation with academic writing

Me: … I-I… okay I can get through this… college is still not that ba-

English teacher: :^) watch and reply to this in 4 pages


Me getting ready to watch a dolan twin video is like preparing for a war zone. Half an hour before i fidget around the house doing god knows what, then i tidy my bed, surround myself with blankets and pillows, get my headphones, my ipad, eventually some food, i make sure no one is around me to hear my fangirling, then troll their youtube page while hugging my life size teddy bear 😂😂😂😂😂

tbt, it’s the only time of the day i do clean my room.

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as a healer the worst thing for me isnt when people spam healing bc i just ignore them or spam it back but like when they dont tell me they need it like plEASE YOURE MILES BEHIND ME I CANT SEE YOU AND HEAL YOU UNLESS YOU TELL ME

EXACTLY pls let me know so i can save u damn life fam

- Mod Rey

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Hey Jintyboo Ive been feeling down in the dumps lately because of a coment I saw Im black and Ive loved BTS since they debuted Im hardcore BTS trash bro But people told me that BTS hate black people and that they will never like me I dont want to date them or anything Just meet them But now im scared that if I go They'll think weirdly of me? Ugh I already bought their tickets so I cant backout I speak Korean so language isnt a problem But can you give me a lottle advice maybe Thanks.

Hey beautiful, I’m so sorry you’ve been exposed to such disgusting behavior. People telling you someone won’t like you because of your skin colour is not okay at all. But I just want you to know they are completely wrong and please do not listen to them. Bangtan don’t hate anyone because of their skin, they are all lovely boys and just see people as exactly that. People. A lot of the artists they listen to and admire are people of colour. And remember AHL? Jimin absolutely adored Tony, their friendship was so damn cute 

and when they met up again last year when BTS were in America for Kcon, he was so happy to see him again

And B O I Jungkook couldn’t even look at this lovely lady because he was so shy and intimidated by her beauty 

And he gladly took this selfie

I see you Namjoon, I see you

and look at him holding her hand. How adorable 

Also JK gladly took some selfies with this lucky fan that happened to see him out and about

I hope this has made you feel better and shown you BTS do NOT hate black people in any way whatsoever. You are a person, you are beautiful and your skin colour changes neither of those facts. I’m so excited for you to go see them! Please enjoy yourself and have fun, do not let the lies people have told you taint your experience. If you get the chance to say hello take that opportunity, especially if you can speak Korean, they’d love that! They will not think weirdly of you, boo. They love you as a person and as a fan and they are so grateful for your love and support. <3

PSA I just wanna ask for a favor

:U if you see Lucie on other websites that isnt on Tumblr and twitter can you report it for me or tell me? 

you will only find Lucie here

LOL i don’t use Deviantart so yea :U i already have people trying to take her designs or just use her in some rp…..that’s all im asking :( it’s really taking the fun out of this blog lol

BLUSH -Part 5

Bucky barnes x reader

As the elevator doors opened at their floor, Y/N walked out slowly, and Bucky followed. The silence was killing him, and yet he was terrified to do anything. His mind was in a debate whether to actually talk to her or not.

Y/N pouted as she neared her room. Why the hell isnt he saying anything ?!, She thought.

Just as she reached her door, Bucky grabbed her hand, pulling her into his room.

“Bucky !” she breathed, shocked.

“Y/N, things have been so weird since that night” Bucky began, running his fingers through his thick brown hair. “I dont want you to run away from me ! Please !”

Y/N stood with her back pressed to the wall, giving him a wide eyed look.

“Dont look at me like that !” Bucky said. “Y/N, I like you ok ? I have for a while now ! I was just so afraid to tell you! I mean, you’re a Stark ! And Tony…but I cant hold it anymore. I cant-”

Y/N had tears in her eyes now, and she did her best not to let them spill.

“Y/N” Bucky stood close to her, bending a bit, just so that his face was inches away from hers.

His hands cupped her face, as he said “ I love you…I really do - ”

Y/N looked into his blue eyes, as he leaned in, and pressed his lips to hers.
His hands dropped down to her waist, pulling her closer, as her hands went around his neck.

Y/N pulled away, smiling and blushing.

“I love you, Bucky” She whispered.
Y/N flung her arms around Bucky’s neck again, kissing him. “It was just so difficult…you didnt say anything after Nat walked in on us, and I thought maybe you didnt like me, and I was just so embarrased-”

“Well, I thought you didnt” Bucky said with a laugh. “Glad thats sorted out”

He kissed her again, but she pulled away, giggling.

“What ?” Bucky asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You taste like strawberries” Nikki said, shaking her head.

“So do you” Bucky said, with a grin.

“Remind me never to eat those again, please”

“You are crazy, come here”

                             * * *

When the Y/N walked into the kitchen later that day, with Bucky’s arm drapped over her shoulders, Natasha shreiked.

Y/N jumped in fright, screaming and covering her mouth. Bucky looked around, frowning.

“What the bloody hell !?” He snapped at Nat, when he saw no threat.

Natasha dived towards them, and threw her arms around the couple.

“Thank you !” She said. “Im mean really, Im so happy for you both!”

“Is this woman crazy ?” Bucky asked his finger pointed at Natasha, who still had them in her grip.

Sam and Steve laughed, watching the show.

“Seriously you two ! ” Natasha said, stepping back. “Took you long enough!”

“Calm down, Nat !” Y/N said, touching her friend’s arm. “ Whats all this ?”

“Im really sorry for messing things up that day, Y/N. I-” Nat said, blushing.

“We’re not mad at you” Y/N said with a smile. “You dont have to apologise”

“Hey ! I am !” Bucky said.

“Who cares about you, Barnes” Natasha said smugly, looping hands with Y/N.

Bucky scoffed at her, before moving on to sit with his friends.

“Come on ” Natasha dragged her towards the elevator. “I need details !”

“What details ?”

The entire room froze as Tony Stark strolled in, his eyes glued to his cell phone.

Noticing the sudden silence, he looked up, narrowing his eyes.

“Whats going on ?” He asked, pushing the cellphone into his pocket and folding his arms against his chest.

Y/N bit her lip, her brain scanning for a quick lie.

Bucky stared at her, holding his breath.

“I was just telling Nat about the time we went to that Safari” Y/N said, trying her best to keep her voice from shaking. “We should take her, Tony. She’ll love it !”

“Really ?” Tony said, raising his eyebrows at Nat.

“Yep” Nat said with a smile. “I love them !”

“Oh” said Tony shrugging. “Maybe we can all go !”

“Sounds great” Sam said. “Lets call T'challa too. Do they have safaris in Wakanda ?”

“Hmm…” Tony nodded thoughtfully, and took out his cellphone again, typing into it furiously, before walking out of the room.

Bucky exhaled noisily.

“You have to find a way to tell him,
Y/N” Nat said, in a serious tone. “And fast”

Y/N nodded.

“How the hell am I supposed to do that ?!” She whined.

Bucky gave her a sad smile. He knew Tony would throw a fit when he came to know. Tony had started to forgive him, and they were making actual progress, but this would change everything.


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Can someone please tell me why Mon-El is in the musical crossover but Alex isnt? He's in a non singing role but Alex isn't mentioned in the crossover. Chyler has an amazing voice. Alex is a very important character. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Chyler is cut off of every crossover. Ugly.

Pastries’ 250 Celebration Writing Challenge!

So to celebrate the fact that over 250 of you beautiful people follow my trash blog, I’m gonna do a writing challenge! Just send in an ask with either the number of the prompt or the prompt itself


  • it has to be Supernatural related (it can be an AU)
  • at least 500 words long
  • it does not have to have any pairing
  • it can be anything- smut, fluff, angst - just please include warnings
  • Pastries 250 Celebration must be in the first 5 tags

Prompts (Thanks @writer-babe   @mytrashbagisfull & @wonderful-prompts  for the amazing prompts)

  1. “Why does everything have to be about you?”
    “Um, maybe because I rule the universe?”
  2. “Can I at least sit down?”
    “Not covered in fucking blood!”

  3. ‘“Your solution to the apocalypse is baking?”
  4. “Gotta love the movies, it makes so many stupid people think that dangerous means chemistry. It makes it all so easy. All you ever have to do is let people believe that they might just be your exception.”
  5. “We have no idea what we’re gonna do, but when we do you better watch out!”
  6. “I know how to fire a gun, patch up bullet wounds, hide in plain sight; you need me and you know it.”
  7. “I know this is off topic, but can I have a banana?”
  8. “I… I just….”
  9. Character A: “I FUCKING LOVE YOU!”
    Character B: *takes out earbuds* “What?”
    Character A: “Nothing.”
  10. “Are you watching Marley & Me, and crying?”
  11. “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do”
  12. “I am not a consolation prize.”
  13. “Am I significant or just convenient?”
  14. “Please tell me s/he isnt dancing on the bar right now.”
  15. “What can I say? I like a good churro.”
  16. “You’ve been doing this your whole life? And you still suck at it?”
  17. “You’ve just been hit by lightning, you’re stark naked, and you don’t even remember your own name. You have a fairly loose definition of fine.”
  18. “You haven’t saved anyone. I’d’ve rather died ignorant than live knowing all this shit.”
  19. “Why is there a baby in the sink?”
  20. “Okay, but, like, boobs. Boobs.”
  21. “Why is it always you three in charge whenever the world goes to shit.”
  22. “Are you sure you used to be a nurse?”
  23. “Oh come on! We’re celebrating! What’s the worst that could happen?”
    “S/He’ll have fun.”
  24. “You make me crazy, and I can’t take it anymore.”
  25. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

Fics are due May 1st (three weeks)

Thank you all so so much for supporting me, and if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!

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As a Presbyterian, I can say that last post is a crock of you-know-what. I do not know a single protestent who believes this because we are always urged at church that hell is real and that I have to repent for my sins regularly and mean it. Just because I dont go to my pastor and ask them to forgive me doesnt mean God isnt listening. Please don't believe everything you read. I find nothing too wrong with Catholicism by the way and normally am a huge supporter of yours, god bless

Thank you, and I laud your view then on faith if that’s what you believe. But I’ve encountered protestants myself who tell me faith brings salvation as a sort of “end all be all.” I know it differs between denominations but that was the attitude of a lot of Protestants.


Eremika manga ”live”

Continue reading art→ “Don’t cry”

I was drawing to cry……TAT 

thank my friend Translate it to English again!! >///<

●This manga extends from SNK- ch53 to ch65. a post touch me→by 

erens-jaeger-bombs  .Quote this post : He needs to hear that he isnt useless, and most importantly, he needs to hear it from her.”

I just want to give eren encouragement q___q 

◎P.S. first,I finally added a tag page for summary of my art ,so that you can easily find my art > < second, I will post it in pixiv tomorrow > <! BTW, I began to join Twitter >////<

◎thank    your   reading!!  If you’re free , tell me your feelings please .Thank you ~^^

hey just a small reminder that a) i make mistakes because i’m young & human lol and b) i can’t always control my anxiety or feelings. also a c) i have no obligations to explain myself to anyone

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i was playing overwatch as mercy and there was this torbjorn who fucking spammed me with "i need healing" the entire time before the match and then did nothing during the match itself. i'm telling you this bc their name was snipingsalt which made me think of your buddy salt you talk about sometimes. if that's them please tell them wtf from me, thanks

oh nah that isnt my friend salt lol, their name is literally just named ‘SALT’ and theyre a mercy main so they would NEVER

not too long ago i had two boyfriends with the same name- like, same first middle and last name, kind of looked like each other and yeah admittedly dated both at the same time. so i was going out to dinner at applebee’s with one of them– then the other one shows up, and i panic because he immediately sees me and the other dude. so theyre like staring each other down and im sat here like “please god tell me this isnt happening, how am i going to get out of this, how do i explain myself, most importantly please dont start a huge scene or fight”- before i knew it they both approached each other and metamorphosed into one single slightly taller version of their previous selves, which was worse than anything i could have ever imagined happening. so everyones staring at us and the fucking restaurant is totally silent and the guy just goes ahead and sits back down across from me like nothing happened and im sitting there bawling my eyes out because now i have one big boyfriend instead of two small boyfriends and i might get kicked out of applebees forever- but the manager comes out and consoles me, re assures me that he won’t kick me out and even throws some 5$ off your next meal coupons in. moral of the story is applebee’s is a good place to have dinner

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I'm no fan of this ship really, I never saw a reason as to why people would like it. But- you do have good art. I don't ship your ship, I don't like the ship, but I'm following nonetheless because you do have good art, and the way you interpenetrate the ship intrigues me. I heard from a friend that really likes this blog and how they talk about you with such positive vibes, I decided to check you out. If anybody tells you your art is bad, remember its their opinion. Not a fact.

Originally posted by osmosis-art

Thank you. I’m glad that my art work is pleasing to others even though I may not be able to see it myself, im happy that others seem to enjoy it and thank you for supporting me even if this isnt a desirable ship for you, which it means a lot that you didn’t just send some hate mail just because you dont like the ship like some people would have done. Thank you for that, for all of it.

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Could you please syop likeing stretch? he belonged to tyranttortise first and you getting 'married' to him is really rude and disrespectful of her actually. i mean you can like whatever but him, cause you like him too much and she liked him first and stop ignoring my other asks about this cause this is importanr please stop being a rude bitch it isnt fair to tyranttortise cause she liked him fist and he belongs to her and honestly u make me feel sick rn case of it so just stop and maybe kys?

Well gee, isn’t this a lovely thing to wake up to?

Okay, I keep getting these hate asks telling me how @tyranttortoise is the only one who is allowed to like stretch, and I am getting really sick of them. I have been deleting them but this is the first one telling me to kill myself, and I wanted to put a stop to this.

Tyrant Tortoise, I know this is not your fault but could you maybe talk to your followers if you don’t mind? These asks have been going on since Po had stretch propose to me at her party, and I am actually really sick of it.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience Tyrant Tortoise, but this is just too much. I know it isn’t your fault but I am fairly sure they might be following you, so maybe if you could make a post about this and how it needs to stop to your followers, I would appreciate it SO much.

Love you guys, I am gonna write some asks later so there is at least SOME good news, haha.  Seeya later guys, have a great day. Oh, and please don’t send any hate to other blogs? I am sure they don’t deserve it. love you guys, bye.