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Heart on the Line (part 2)

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1545
warnings: finger fucking

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AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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Please Please Me explained
  • I Saw Her Standing There: Paul's horny for a minor and then experiences a myocardial rupture
  • Misery: the Beatles were the kind of guy who never used to cry and boy does that change
  • Anna (Go to Him): all of my life, I've been SER-CHEN
  • Chains: George doesn't see the foreshadowing in John and Paul singing with him p much the whole song hiding whose song it is except during the bridge
  • Boys: queer baiting
  • Ask Me Why: why?
  • Please Please Me: last night I said these words to my girl: blow me
  • Love Me Do: the smartest song the Beatles ever wrote, every line rhymes
  • P.S. I Love You: Paul reads a repetitive letter out loud
  • Baby It's You: John is yearning? professing? complaining? there's no apparent conflict, it's hard to say
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret: George wants to tell someone a secret but he spoiled it before even saying there was a secret
  • A Taste of Honey: that song
  • There's a Place: dissociation, the musical
  • Twist and Shout: the Beatles record in a cave with an echo
For the Record- Chris Jackson X Reader

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“Lin that’s an awful idea.” Chris groaned and I smiled from where I was standing behind them.

“No it’s not. Chris you just gotta seduce them with your knowledge about George Washington.”

“Chris is right.” I added and they spun around, nearly losing their balance.

“See, I told you.”

“Oh c'mon, Y/N wouldn’t you love it if someone approached you and just started sharing their obscure amount of knowledge about George Washington?”

“No, let it be on record that I don’t have a George Washington kink.” I replied and Chris lost it, nearly falling off the stage because of how hard he was laughing. Lin looked extremely flustered.

“I mean that isn’t what I was implying.”

“I know but if someone were to start off with random facts about him I would be more than a little confused.”

“Are you taking notes Chris?” Lin asked and I looked at Lin confused.

“Chris, my friend, please do not tell me that you were about to flirt with someone by telling them facts about George Washington.”

“Lin wanted me to.”

“Lin is probably trying to mess your chances up then.”

“Hey!” Lin said defensively and I rolled my eyes. “Why did you come over here anyway?”

“Because I just wanted to talk with my best friend, isn’t that enough?” I asked him and he smirked.

“I’ll leave you kids to it. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He told us and he walked away away after winking and nearly tripping.

“Nerd.” Chris said affectionately under his breath and I looked at him and smiled. He turned his head so he was looking at me again and he smiled a bit as well.

“So who were you planning on using your knowledge of George Washington on?”

“Someone special.”

“They must be if you’re willing to go to such lengths.”

“You have no idea.” He said, his smile growing a bit and he looked at me the same way he looked at Lin.


“This is Benny at the dispatch- yo!” I started singing before turning around and running into Chris.

“Were you singing Benny’s Dispatch?”

“No.” I denied immediately, more embarressed than anything because I just ran into the man who sung it first.

“I just heard you start singing it though- it sounded really good.”

“Please you sound amazing in it so I doubt that I could do it justice, had I been singing it.” I told him and he looked at me in disbelief.

“You’re kidding, right? Because you just sang seven words and I’m already in love.” He told me and he stiffened a bit before his face started turning red.

“Well for the record, I was in love the first time I heard you sing as well.” I told him, lightening the mood. He visibly relaxed and smiled again.

“We should sing it together one time.”

“Or just together in general.”

“It’s a date.”

“I guess it is.” I smiled nervously and he grabbed his phone and started playing it and we both sang along, his voice much louder than mine since he was obviously more comfortable with the song. Everytime we played it, I grew more confident and my voice became louder. He kept smiling everytime it did.

We glanced at each other at the same time, our smiles making it difficult to continue singing.

“It’s good to see your face.”

“It’s your last show today.” I told him and he smiled sadly.

“C'mon, have a drink with me, one last time.”

“God I’m gonna miss having you around. You know that, right?”

“Yeah. I’m going to miss you too, Y/N.”

“Promise to keep in touch with everyone?”

“Yeah, of course. I do have something I want to tell you before I leave though.”


“George Washington wrote close to twenty thousand letters and he had thirty dogs.”

“That’s interesting but why are you-”

“Finally listening to Lin.”

“Listening to Lin about-” I started before remembering about his plan to have Chris seduce someone with his knowledge about George Washington.

Well shit.

“I didn’t start off with it.” He pointed out and I laughed a bit.

“I mean for the record, out of all the ways people have asked me out this is definetly the weirdest.” I smiled and he grabbed my hands nervously.


“Yes.” I told him and his smile grew and we both momentarily forgot the fact that it was his last show. And that the show began in less than twenty minutes. That was until they announced it.

“Goddammit I’ve waited this long.” He mumbled and he kissed me.

Malfoy/Potter dinner

Scorpius: I am so much like you dad.

Albus: This is not the time.

Scorpius: Of course it is.

Albus: This wasn’t my idea.

Draco: You are?

Albus: I am like you too dad.

Harry: You aren’t.

Draco: Will someone fill me in please?

Scorpius: Simple, right Albus?

Albus: If you say so.

Harry: What are you two hiding?

Scorpius: Albus and I are gay for each other like you and dad are for each other.

Albus: And you went there.

Scorpius: Dad, tell Harry how you spend hours talking to me about you being in love with him after all of these years.

Draco: -Face turns pale.- I-

Albus: My dad doesn’t talk but he mumbles Draco’s name in his sleep.

Harry: And how would you know that?

Albus: I record you.

Scorpius: That I did not know.

Draco: Does anyone remember the obliviation spell?

Albus: Nope.

Scorpius: No.

Harry: I do.

Draco: Good. We can obliviate having ever hated each other.

Scorpius: Now that’s my dad talking.

Albus: Did our dads just have a moment?

Scorpius: Don’t worry, I filmed it all.

Draco: What?

Harry: What?

Scorpius: I said I lived it all.

Hidden (Part 19)

There’s a bright figure in the distance in the shape of Jinyoung, but his face his blurry. He stands facing me as I squint to see clearer. There’s a fear within me, but I’m too curious to let it scare me too much. “Jinyoung?” I call out but the figure stays silent. It makes me emotional to be experiencing such a supernatural feeling. Why isn’t he answering me? Am I invisible? “Jinyoung!” I yell out more confidently. The figure turns away from me and walks straight ahead. My feet pulls me forward and I begin running to him.

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Well, the last time was Ohmiya, today I want to upload some Sakuraiba gifs.
First of all, I want to say that I look at Sakuraiba like a pair sometimes true, sometimes like a very good friends. I can’t explain some things I saw, but many others is like when you’ve got much confidence with someone. Then here it is.

1. I don’t know when the program was recording, but judging Aiba’s hair, maybe 2007-2010 (I didn’t guess well xd).
Okay, I don’t know what Sho said in that moment, but Aiba’s reaction was exaggerated. Sho should say something important or inappropriate. And Aiba didn’t matter hold Sho and tried to cover his mouth. (If someone knows what happened here, please tell me :3)

2.This is one of my favourite gifs. They was so fresh and natural in that perfomance. They didn’t hesitate to hold each other and laugh together. I can see how Sho pull Aiba closer after looking and smiling each other. Aiba really looks like his girlfriend, nee?

3. I just put it here because I love it, it’s not Sakuraiba at all but I love when Aiba makes his jokes and Sho scolds him so lovingly. (And sometimes he do it too xd)

4. Well… How should I explain it? There almost was other Sakuraiba kiss. What caught my attention was that Aiba was surprised to have Sho so close when he turned around, but Sho didn’t show signs of caring. It’s like that they see normal staying so close. How time do they spend staying close? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5. I really love this show of trust. We know how Sho loves eat. But steal to Aiba of his food… It’s enough Sho, eat Aiba, I’m sure you’d really like it 😌

6. It’s from Mago Mago Arashi, wow my feels ;-; In Japan, it’s normal that a couple wear the same t-shirt or something equal to show they are together. Well, Sakuraiba went a step futher. Their underpants were the same. And there were more times like t-shirts and jackets.

7. It was Aiba’s letter in 24hrs TV. I cried a lot… It broke my heart several times. Aiba was really ill and upset with himself. Sho wanted to support him and made him stop crying, so he embraced him. This just made him cry more and more but it was a sign of love and comfort.

8.This was in A•RA•SHI in Time Live Tour. Well, thanks to the colours we know who is who. I can see Masaki’s hand stroked tightly Sho’s. It was longer than normal but I want to emphasize Ohmiya behind. Yeah, they don’t stop no matter what.

I would love if Sakuraiba were real but I know that they are so good friends. Also, Aiba and Sho are so open, it can be misunderstood. In the meantime, I’ll continue reading Sakuraiba fics XD

mysticmessofcrap  asked:

Asthmatic MC about to have sex with RFA (V+Saeran included) but they start to have an asthma attack. Like, they can't breath and they have to get talked through it to breath again.

Thank you so much for the ask :D It was rather challenging, since I don’t know much about asthma so I had to ask my best friend Google for help there, but I like a challenge. I also hope that it’s okay that not all of them ‘talked her through it’ per se…some people handle stress situation better than others :P



♬ you were very excited as Zen was above you, giving you that dirty smirk you knew meant fun

♬ he began trailing kisses down your body, nibbling at skin and leaving his mark

♬ you weren’t allowed to do that, because he’d just have to cover it up with make-up, but he fucking loved doing it to you

♬ a private mark to remind him that you were his

♬ he kissed your thighs, his hot breath tickling your skin

♬ you could feel the arousal soaring through you, heart rate picking up

♬ when he goes down on you it’s like an explosion, really

♬ he’s damn good at it, sucking and licking at your clit while fingering you

♬ that is when you first start noticing that maybe you gasping for air wasn’t just a reaction to the overwhelming pleasure

♬ you brush it off at first

♬ you haven’t had an asthma attack in years

♬ instead you attempt to focus on the pleasure, rocking onto his wicked tongue licking inside of you now

♬ that is when you start to notice that damn familiar tight feeling in your chest

♬ soon followed by panting

♬ and then the damn wheezing sets in

♬ fuck

♬ you feel Zen freeze between your legs and look up at you in confusion

♬ you know what he must be thinking right now; what kind of unsexy sex noises is she producing

♬ what you didn’t expect was to him to immediately stop and to pull you up into a sitting position

♬ he kneeled in front of you, looking up at you with worry in his eyes

♬ he cupped your face, inspecting you before nodding with determination

♬ apparently he figured out what exactly the problem was

♬ “Do you have an inhaler with you?”

♬ you tried to answer, but only more wheezing came out so you shook your head

♬ another short nod on his part

♬ “Breathe with me. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. 3 seconds in, hold it and 3 seconds out. Yes, just like that.”

♬ he talked you through the entire thing and you’ve never been more thankful for anything

♬ or more embarrassed, for that matter

♬ you apologized a couple of times, but he stopped you every time

♬ “The only thing you should be apologizing for is not having told me you used to have asthma attacks”, he says, voice gentle.

♬ Despite you reassuring him that you were alright he insisted on bringing you to the nearest hospital

♬ not only that, but he carried you there

♬ in his arms

♬ the entire way

♬ once there the doctor gave you a new inhaler, suggested some treatments and told Zen he did good

♬ it made him feel proud to know he’d done good by you

♬ you thanked him for a kiss to the cheek

♬ he blushed

♬ “Lucky for you actors get stage fright so I know about a million different way to breathe and calm you down!”


★ when the two of you decided to finally share your first time together both of you were nervous

★ neither of you really knew what you were doing

★ it didn’t matter though, since you loved each other and were happy to share such a special moment

★ you’d gone about it a little methodically, reading up on the internet, preparing condoms, lube, music and such

★ you were still nervous though, because you’d read that the first time hurt and you were so bad with pain

★ both of you decided that it was best to start with making out, take your time and get into it

★ everything was fine at first

★ you were kissing, slow and sweet

★ then things started becoming a little more heated, passion taking over, tongues fighting for dominance

★ you could feel yourself getting wet, turned on, but also breathless

★ when he broke the kiss and started kissing down your neck your breath started to get faster

★ and faster

★ and faster

★ and yet your lungs didn’t seem to be filling with air

damn it

★ you began wheezing and apparently that got Yoosung’s attention because he stopped and stared up at you

★ had this not been such a serious situation, you might have laughed at his expression

★ he looked like a deer caught in the headlight, really

★ sadly this wasn’t funny and breathing became even harder

★ then Yoosung started to panic as well, gripping your shoulders and shaking you

★ what on earth was he doing

★ “Oh my God, breathe! You have to breathe! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.”

★ you sincerely hoped that animals didn’t have asthma…because they would have been dead

★ “Oh God, you’re not breathing. Why aren’t you breathing?”

★ possibly because he was shaking you like a rag-doll, but you weren’t quite sure

★ when he noticed that telling you to breathe and calm didn’t help when he himself was a wreck of nerves and anxiety you began pointing towards your bag

★ luckily you still carried your inhaler

★ at first he was confused but after about half a minute he finally got what you were getting at

★ he ran towards your bag and took the poor thing apart until he finally found the inhaler

★ he handed it to you, watching you take a puff from it every thirty seconds

★ usually you’d only have to do it once a minute, but he’d gotten you worked up

★ after ten puffs you stop, finally feeling like you can breathe again, and exhale

★ meanwhile Yoosung is kneeling in front of you, head hanging low

★ you reach out and brush through his messy hair

★ “I really messed that up, didn’t I? Man, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll do better next time.”


♨ this woman is literally prepared for anything, even things you’d never expect

♨ when you first decided to have sex with one another you were both knew to it

♨ not sex, but sex with other women

♨ you’d gone in head first, Jaehee had read up on it on the internet

♨ you were a good team, calm meeting crazy

♨ which is why it didn’t surprise you at all when she pulled out an inhaler during your asthma attack

♨ you’d been getting cozy on the couch, watching the latest of Zen’s play on DVD

♨ one thing led to the other and you were kissing

♨ you were straddling Jaehee, grinding against her in desperate need for friction

♨ it felt great and you wanted more than just that, wanted to feel her against you bare and naked

♨ the thought got you aroused, worked up even

♨ sadly, a little too much, as it seemed

♨ suddenly you found herself coughing and wheezing

♨ the fact that you were having an asthma attack when it’d been years worked you up

♨ you got nervous, and the symptoms got worse

♨ luckily Jaehee reacted quickly

♨ she gently pushed you off herself to sit upright on the couch

♨ she calmly disappeared for a couple of seconds only to return from the bathroom with an inhaler in hand

♨ you didn’t have a lot of time to worry about where she’d gotten it from or why

♨ you accepted it, putting it into your mouth and inhaled

♨ meanwhile she held up her wrist, staring at her watch

♨ “You’re not too far gone so I’d say one puff every forty seconds should be enough.”

♨ You had no idea how she remained so calm, but you appreciated it a lot

♨ “Take another puff exactly…now!”

♨ you did and about five minutes later you felt much much better

♨ once you could breathe and talk again you couldn’t help but ask

♨ Jaehee merely shrugged, a sweet blush to her cheeks

♨ “I noticed that you run out of breath at work much quicker than I do. I wasn’t sure whether I was right with my asthma theory, but when I googled the symptoms did add up and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”


♛ it had taken months to convince Jumin to have sex

♛ even just thinking it made you feel dirty

♛ not that he’d been repelled by you or the idea of sex with you, but he really wanted to wait until marriage

♛ when you explained to him that you weren’t quite ready to say yes though, he soon caved

♛ maybe the cat ears, tail and little bell to wear around your neck had something to do with it too…

♛ but who cares about minor details like that

♛ the second he came home and saw you in that outfit, his moral soon flew out of the window

♛ honestly, he just did it because he wanted to be better than his father anyway

♛ Jumin had admitted to never having had sex before, so you’d been worried it might not be good

♛ you worried for nothing, let me tell you

♛ you couldn’t tell whether he’d watched porn recently or read up on it or whether it was just pure talent

♛ but he was wicked good and you hadn’t even been naked at that time

♛ he was worshipping your body, touching you everywhere, feathery light

♛ caressing every inch of skin he could get his hands on, always tender and loving

♛ you were so overwhelmed with emotion you felt like you might actually cry

♛ especially when he stopped the naughty bits to press a kiss to your hand, just as a reminder that it wasn’t just about sex

♛ that is when you felt like all air got sucked out of your lungs…

♛ …and no new air was coming in

♛ how unfortunate

♛ he’d stopped when he’d noticed something was off, that you’d gone tense

♛ you weren’t wheezing yet, but from how you remembered your attacks, it would set in soon

♛ Jumin was looking at you, frowning slightly as he didn’t seem to understand what the issue was

♛ when you gasped out for an inhaler, it quickly made click

♛ he got out his phone and called for his servants employees to get you an inhaler

♛ while waiting for them he talked you through the attack

♛ his voice had always been low and soothing, but in that moment it was even more so

♛ by the time someone came the inhaler you were mostly calmed down again

♛ he still told you to take a puff or two for good measures

♛ “See, that is what happens when you have sex before marriage. Now please tell your doctor to send me your medical records immediately. I need to take precautions.”


☼ he’d been holed up in his room for almost a week

☼ apparently working on some virus that was harder to program than he’d anticipated

☼ when he’d finally come out, Seven had been stressed and tense

☼ you’d figured it’d be a nice gesture to…relief some of the stress

☼ you’d pushed him down onto the couch, straddling him

☼ after making out for a while, things turning heated rather quick, you decided to climb down and go

☼ you went on his knees, ready to give him the blowjob of his life

☼ Seven’s looked wrecked from the kiss alone, so you were hoping that would blow his mind entirely

☼ his eyes were half lidded, lips parted and spit slick and God was that vision hot

☼ when you took him into your mouth he moaned, hand coming to fist your hair

☼ you groaned around his length, sending vibrations down his shaft

☼ apparently he liked that a lot, because he bucked his hips and thrust into your mouth

☼ you didn’t like that

☼ mainly because for even just a split second you felt like you were choking

☼ and that set you off

☼ you found yourself pulling off, panting and gasping for air

☼ then the wheezing set in and Seven finally reacted

☼ not that it was optimal

☼ in his half-panic he reached for an empty bag of Honey Buddha Chips and pressed it to your mouth

☼ you really would have loved to been able to roll your eyes

☼ however, all you could was breathe in and out of the damn bag

☼ you could still taste the faint note of chips with every breath

☼ eventually you’d calmed down enough to get rid of the bag, glaring daggers at your idiot of a boyfriend

☼ “Did you seriously just press a dirty chips bag against my face to breathe into?”

☼ at least he had the decency to look ashamed, scratching the back of his head nervously

☼ “Not really clever of me. In my defense, I’m sleep deprived. Still…not my prouder moment. Sorry.”


☀ You were lying in bed, wrapped up in your own world

☀ making out with Saeran was something you appreciated a lot

☀ for one it took a lot of trust in you to let you this close

☀ he also was a great kisser

☀ whether it be feathery light and just a brush of lips or passionate, licking into your mouth and claiming it with his tongue

☀ this time, however, you were surprised when he began touching you

☀ his hand disappeared under your shirt, slowly roaming upwards

☀ his touch left a pleasant shiver behind wherever it went

☀ when his hand wrapped around your bare breast, fingers playfully twisting your nipple you gasped

☀ you arched into the touch, biting your lip to muffle any embarrassing sounds

☀ you hadn’t been touched like that in a long time, so your body was hypersensitive

☀ suddenly his hand was gone though and you were about to pout when you felt it sneak under your skirt and ~ oh!

☀ He used two fingers to push inside you while his thumb circled your clit

☀ it took your breath away

☀ which was fine, until he literally took your breath away

☀ this attack came so fast you barely saw it coming

☀ clutching your chest you gasped for air

☀ Saeran just blinked and calmly removed his hand from your body

☀ he then turned around leaving you facing his back

☀ you felt hurt for a moment, almost close to tears until suddenly he turned back and pressed an inhaler between your lips and pressed it, forcing you to inhale a deep breath

☀ a minute later he did it again, expression almost eerily calm and neutral

☀ you calmed soon after, still staring at him with wide eyes though

☀ what had just happened?

☀ when you asked him where he’d gotten the inhaler from he told you he’d brought it a couple of months ago

☀ you asked him whether he had asthma but he said that wasn’t the case, leaving you even more confused

☀ “I hacked into your medical record and saw that you had asthma so I took care of it. I need you alive. you also didn’t tell me you were allergic to eggs. That was reckless of you.”

☀ you just kind of gaped at him at that admission

☀ well, he certainly had a unique way of showing you that he loved you

☀ “And look, I got it in your favourite colour too.”

Jihyun Kim/V

📷 the entire day you’d felt somewhat breathless

📷 it had been rather stressful at the party, so you figured that must have been the reason

📷 especially as you’d watch V get on stage to sell his last photographs

📷 now he had none saved and left to sell and was incapable of taking more

📷 while he’d moved on from Rika and you’d actually gotten him to agree to the surgery, it’d been to late

📷 at that point, a couple of years after the actual incident, the doctors had said there was nothing they could do anymore, it was permanent

📷 you figured the heavy feeling on your chest was your heart sinking at said fact

📷 when you’d gotten home you’d still felt somewhat sad, but V had just laughed and shaken his head

📷 he’d seen this event as something to be celebrated, to be happy about

📷 after all he’d been able to follow his dreams and passions and take photographs until the very end

📷 when he put it that way, you couldn’t help but agree

📷 you’d kissed him then, innocent and light

📷 V, however, had other things in mind

📷 soon you’d found yourself pressed against the nearest wall, a leg between yours for you to grind against

📷 you shamelessly did so, panting and gradually getting more out of breath

📷 by the time you noticed what was going on, that you’d been wrong about those signs throughout the day it was too late

📷 the asthma attack hit you hard, the weight on your chest almost unbearable, forcing you to your knees

📷 you’d felt like you were suffocating and no matter how often you took breaths, nothing stuck

📷 to your surprise, V had remained completely calm

📷 he’d followed you on your knees and didn’t come too close, instead keeping enough distance to let you breathe

📷 he breathed along with you, showed you how to do it, soother you with his calm words

📷 when you’d calmed enough not to choke on him he got up and returned with an old looking inhaler

📷 you’d taken a couple of puffs and handed the inhaler back

📷 “I used to have asthma as a kid. This thing is old though, so we better get you a new one just in case.”


I’m sorry if there are some mistakes, I’m hella tired at this point and have been staring at this for hours XD I really hope you like it nevertheless 

Do you want to leave a "someone's child" in a future? Haruka!

Shimazaki Nobunaga (Haruaka) x Yonaga Tsubasa (nagisa)

sorry.. I am not good at English but I translate vey hard so I hop you like it :)


S : I watched free! ES episode 4

S :oh thank you!

Y : yeah!

S :after sosuke is picked… As a member of a relay, we have a high expectation on him.

S :and! when gou checked our lunch box, she said

Y : yes!

S :“Remember that you’re not just one person anymore”

S :that time, eh??? nagisa kun! Are you pregnant? really???

Y : lol

S :I was impressed about that

S : and in twitter, pregnant rumor become hot issue

Y : ha? DId that rumor really become hot issue?????

S :(sorry I don’t know What he say……)@#$@#%&*&(*))_+%$

S :Though nagisa kun may get pregnant, I will love him!!!!!

Y : yes. listen everyone, I tell you that nagisa is man…. he can’t get pregnant!!

S :but. until.. nowdays.. I did’t know that.. ah.. somewhere..

S :seriously, I heard that ‘nowdays, Man can get pregnant’

Y : well… I don’t think that impossible.

S :I heard ehh….. some IPS cell??????

Y : Are you just saying anything that is unrelated?

S : No, it’s not lol

S : no no no but

S :Really!!! I heard that In somewhere laboratory,  Do experimental work about man’s pregnant

Y : if so, you try it

S :ha? me?????

Y : lol

Y : when you record free! ES,,your… If your stomach will be gettting full  …….

Y : “ara, what happen to you, nobunaga?”

someone tell you “Tell me, whose love child is this?”

S :“whose child?”

Y : “Then, you tell everyone that 'Tatsuhisa is the baby’s father’ (Tatsuhisa = tachibana makoto voice actor)

S :If you said "then just say it” is not actually it means.

S :Actually, Who’s the father of that child?

Y : you can give birth and claim 'the baby is Tatsuhisa’s son’ !!!

Y : please! Tatsuhisa, Take your own responsibility !!!!!!!(;_;)

S : but when do a paternity test, can know who the father is….

Y : nobunaga.. Do you have anyone you want?

Y : no change the question,  With whom do you want to have a baby of these free members?

S :whose child?

Y : Yeah!

Y : Do you want to leave a “someone’s child” in a future?

S :to leave a “someone’s child” in a future?

Y : yes!

S :Oh that’s it…. ehh….

Y : tsu-da sang?(さん), tsu-da sang?

Y : I think tsu-daさん is good man

Y : Do you like tru-da sang?

S :tsu-daさん… I like him but…

S :I think that free members are very great guys either.

Y : yeah!

S :I think I want to leave a 'all member’s child’ in a future..  (´▽`)

Y : ah!

S :let’s give birth to all memeber’s child!!!!!  (///▽///)

( Omg!!!!! wwwwwwww What are you saying!!! nobunaga!!! lol)

Y : what????…….lol

S :Leave it to me lol   (*^o^*)

Y : ohohohoh!! you great!!!!!

S :Give birth to all!!!!!!!!!

Y : good!

Y : I know, they’re good people.

S :yes!

Y : but… after second seaon, free added a few new members.

S :hai, you’re absolutely right

Y : suzu… there is suzuki kun

S :hai! all of them is good member ^3^

Y : hozoya kun is added free member.

S :yeah there are many variety of member, and I wanna bear a child, everyone’s child.

Y : hmm…

S :let’s give birth to child!!!! ♪(*´∀`)


Y : good! good! everyone!! (*^o^*) nobunaga may give birth to all member’s child
(sorry, but that korean translation is very odd, so I can’t understand perfectly ㅠ)

S : yeah!


haruka voice actor really cute!!! >_< I like him.. 

It’s dark here; I’m trapped. I’ve tried a million ways of escaping, but none have succeeded. Yet. I haven’t given up hope just yet, but I’m wearing thin. Too thin. He’s breaking me down, wearing at me, chipping away at my sanity. I can’t get out, I can’t get ou҉t..I cant; but I need to. I have to. For them. If I don’t… he could hurt them. I can’t let himd̴́͜o ̕͠t͞h͠a̕t̛.

I see his actions through my own eyes, but I have no control. The edges of my vison get darker everyday, and soon he’ll have taken over. I’ll have lost all hope of escaping my own mind.

Sometimes, he gives me back control of my body. Usually long enough to record and edit, but today, instead of that, I’m writing. I’m writing to tell you that I’m in serious trouble, and I need help. Someone, please helpͯ̑͡ ͬ́m͛̓͛̀͢eͬ͊ͯͪ̇͋. He’s getting stronger, and son I won’t be able to stop him.

A҉̥̻n̥͉͜t̷i̦̰ ̦̗̤̯̣̙͠is͈̳̩͔̠̯͢ ҉̙͕n̮̺͉̻͕͚̼͟e̩̣̥a̲͓̤̭̰r̘.


A/N: Here It Is, guys I hope you enjoy (Ps, this was written in good fun and Jack is not actually in trouble, nor am I Jack himself. I know some people worry about that kind of thing, so here’s ur assurance <3) — “Alex”

1000 hands copyright

Speaking of ownership of recordings…. can someone with an understanding of intellectual property in the music biz please tell me wtf is going on with 1000 hands? So it got released officially with zero promo or even any notification that it got released. And the copyright section says ‘fifth harmony’ not ‘epic/syco’ like every single other record. And it is released by this Pablo Lopez guy (who is under UMG) even though fifth harmony shows as an artist - so it sort of has the format of a feature. 

Labels are assigned copyrights - thats how the whole relationship works between artists and labels. So the label will always show up in the copyright section of the song. Artists and songwriters just earn royalties (a small percentage) from the copyright owner, who is the label. At first when I saw it I though ‘oh cool they’ve released it through their own publishing company instead of Sony/ATV’. But the thing is even if you are the publisher of the work the label will still own the copyright - it doesn’t have anything to do with that. One direction had a publishing company but the label is still the copyright owner for all the songs. Then I thought maybe they have created their own label, but of course their current label has the exclusive right to them so that doesn’t make sense either. The only thing that seems to make sense is that they were able to somehow obtain the copyright for this one song, through negotiation or payment or as a PR move or something. I thought maybe there is going to be a big PR thing about it soon. But then again surely if it was PR they would have made a big deal out of the release. Maybe they actually have managed to somehow get the copyright and have been able to sneakily get it released by giving it to the Pablo guy and only appearing on it as a feature. In which case perhaps it makes sense that there is no promo because the label controls promo and the social medias. There just seems to be something weird going on here. But then again I literally don’t understand how any of this is possible because the whole fucking point of record deals is to stop artists from doing stuff outside of the label. And also you would think that if this was the case they would still be able to spread the word through rumours and twitter to make people realise.

Do we know whether the girls wrote on 1000 hands? It will say in the liner notes/credits of the Japanese 7/27 - does anyone have this?

I’m so confused right now - I’m going to do some more research on artists obtaining copyrights, but please help me if you can. If we do find out that they were able to do this (and that they actually do get the money from it), then i would want to try and start a social media campaign to get people to buy the song so that the girls can earn a lot of money from it, but i don’t want to do that if it’s some kind of shady PR smoke and mirrors type of thing.

Thanks for your help - Meg

P.S. Also why the fuck is the fandom not going crazy about this?!?!?!?! Everybody has wanted justice for 1000 hands for ages, but now its here and this fucked up fandom is more interested in drama lol.


Okay, Kristina didn’t allow me to post the 5th chapter of Storm of Life, but instead she finished this one shot, as the Brits are just a couple of days away and I got inspired. I hope you like it. Enjoy it😘

It seemed as if he couldn’t stand still, once he saw her on stage just a few feet away from him. Looking charmingly radiating, her voice made his heart tremble. A tight, black dress showing off her curves, And he couldn’t stop looking at her, mesmerized just like the first time he laid his eyes on her, 2 years ago in the exact same city, same month, same event. Brits 2017 were being held at O2 Arena in London, as always, and he couldn’t help himself getting captivated by numerous flashbacks that kept hitting him hard, one after another. Meeting her eyes, getting to know them, belonging to them. Moments he could never get over. 

All was said and done between them, and he was supposed to have moved on. He was expected to close the chapter on her, and turn the page. With no regrets or doubts tormenting his sleep at night. But, that’s not the way it goes. Instead, he cried and blamed timing and differences and everything that made him hope it’d hurt a little less. Everything that would stop him from blaming himself. But, in the back of his head, a million of what if’s were swirling around. What if he had let her in? What if he had put his fears aside? What if he had just asked her to stay? What if he had been a better man and fought for her more? He’d wonder but never got answers. And he had to learn to live with that tragedy.

After 8 months, it was supposed not to hurt just as bad as the moment he saw her walk away. And in fact, it didn’t. Or maybe he just got used to the constant, consuming fire inside of him by the lack of answers, and by the absence of her.

Her. He had loved her. God, he loved in a way he never thought possible. So passionately, vividly…fiercely. He loved her like there was tomorrow, like her name was tattooed on his veins and like his cells would die whispering her name loud enough for the new ones being born to understand, he loved her. Losing her was ground shaking for him, but not unexpected. It didn’t make his heart shatter any less when he heard those words coming out of her mouth though , echoing through the room,freezing everything inside of him. Seeing her into someone else’s arms made him doubt his sanity, made him do things he regretted. Seeing her into someone else’s arms made him feel powerless, for the first time in his life. His ego was shook, but he still loved her. Undoubtedly. 

Magic existed in their love, the energy they faced everything with. After her tour ended, she hoped one day she could let herself wrapped in his soul, putting her worries to rest, but deep down the realization that they wouldn’t last the test, held her back. Because, there was so much more to learn. She hoped her heart would collide with his, fleeting their souls. Patience would fill the silence, and she desperately wanted to find that balance, of remaining loyal to her independence and learning to belong to someone. She wanted to honor her truths, but also have what she always desired, ever lasting love and passion that sets doubts on fire.

Their love was like hurricane; bold, reckless, dangerous, intense. And since they parted away, they had to learn to live and love the calmness and safety of soft breezes and drizzles. If one would ask if they felt happy that way, maybe they’d reply yes. There’s something beautiful about stability. The fire burned too bright, destroying everything they were and had. And, they thought they had changed. He thought lightning cannot strike the same place twice, but seeing her again after months of barely even hearing her name, the undeniably fact hit him. Sometimes a bigger fire can be born from the ashes, stronger than before.

“And the British Single away goes to…” Rosie voice echoed through the arena, as Adam was sipping from his glass. He knew he’d never win, he had never won a Brit before and this year wouldn’t make any difference. Still, the thought of him winning his first Brit from a song they made together would mean so much to him. At least something forever lasting was created by the mess of the love they made. 

She paused for a few seconds, then a sincere smile flushed through her face as she announced the winner “…to Calvin Harris and Rihanna for This is what you came for.”

All eyes on him as a loud round of applause took over. Lights on him, Calvin Harris stood up tall and smiling. Looking around his table, his friends clapping and smiling at him, she was his first thought. That time she asked him if he believed in forever, and he replied he knew everything was temporary. Although, deep down he was hoping was his forever. She was now his inerasable past marking his future. 

Hugging Mark quick, he patted his shoulders and simply whispered “Do it.” How did he know what was going through Adam’s head? Calvin Harris had just won an award, could he be Adam on a stage where all eyes and ears are on him? 

Making his way to the stairs , there she was. Standing, and politely smiled at him. Rare were the times when Adam had won over Calvin in public but having her gaze melt into his after months, his heart spoke loudly and surely. Walking towards her, he could tell by her expression, she wasn’t expecting it. Holding out his hand, being now face to face with the woman he had loved to madness, he whispered just for them to hear “Come with me on stage, I wouldn’t have won this without you.”

“Please, no. We both know I don’t deserve to be there. It’s your moment, you should …”

“I don’t have much time left. Please.” his hand still hanging in the air, waiting for hers patiently. She looked at it. In her heart, there were no doubts. It was her head that was putting on the fight, but closing her eyes she gently put her hand above his. Instinctively, intertwining their fingers, he led their way up the stairs. She could feel her heart racing, as she gripped ever so softly. Almost as if she scared to break his hand, but felt safe when he tightened the grip. 

As he reached to Rosie, he went in for a friendly hug, before she handed him the award, they were forced to part their hands, she looked at him. He had changed so much since the last time she had had him this close. You could tell the maturity in his eyes, they were gentler. But, she could still see the fire in them. The right word, the right touch and she knew, it’d still be there. Her eyes fixated on his smile, she thought of how once she basically, almost, lived based on that of his. Like that sickeningly coffee she needed to have every morning to open her eyes and start her day. Absorbed by his presence, she found herself lost in his details for the millionth time. The curves of his lips, the creases on his hands, his clean, cut nails, how gently, yet firmly he would hold everything, his perfectly trimmed beard, his unfocused gaze looking out on a sea of people. As she was standing there, she thought of the time, right before she’d meet his gaze for the first time, Ellie had jokingly said “You’ll fall in love with him”. She had rolled her eyes back then, sarcastically answering “Yeah, and the water will set me on fire”, but this time around, after everything that has been said and done between them, she found herself smiling. She had fallen in love that hard with him, she could swear, water, indeed, did burn her. 

As he received the award, leaning forward to the mic, she smiled. He was always too tall, always had to bend or squat if he wanted to be heard. Looking at the statue one last time, which seemed so small in his hands, he held a deep breath. “Well…wow. I was not expecting this. Genuinely talking. First, I would just like to say that I feel honored to have been nominated among great artists and incredible songs and have won this. Hmm, well I guess when it comes down to it, this happened because you guys liked it and supported the song so thank you. Means the world.” he drew in a deeper breath “and hmm, I’d like to dedicate this award to 4 amazing women. my mum,i’d like to publicly apologize for not being the son you deserve. My sister, last year you said you were honored to be my sister, well let me tell you that by having you as my sister God has blessed me in so many ways. hm .. the third woman i’d like to thank is absolutely Rihanna, for not only making everything possible to record this song but for just being the outstanding artist she is.  And the last woman i’d like to thank is someone who made this record perfect.. - looking back at her, her mouth parted, he eyes teary. - …thank you Taylor. and if you can, one day, please forgive me. - facing towards the crowd once more - once again, thank you.” 

She couldn’t believe her ears, as her heart fell on her stomach, it was pointless to try and fight back the tears, as they flushed streaming down her cheeks. Her bottom lip shaking as he was there, right in front of her. The man of her broken dreams was vulnerably apologizing for the whole world to see. Trying to think of the countless times she prayed he’d choose her instead of his pride, she sobbed silently. She could see no one else in the room. For a brief moment, it was just him, as he pulled his strong arms gently around her, burying his face of the crock of her neck, breathing her in deeply as if for the past 8 months, his breath has been denied. And she gripped hard on his shoulders, with everything inside of her, everything that she felt slowly coming back to life. And she found questioning herself, how late is too late to rekindle an unfortunate love?

Luke Evans - Truly Madly Deeply

Request By: @fandomgirl9193

Request/Summary: Hi I hope it’s okay if I request another imagine. I’ll understand if you can’t do it though. I really loved be my beauty! So cute! Can you do one where the reader is on an interview on Ellen for beauty and the beast and Luke surprises her then after the interview well like I said you can do what you want from there. Thank you so so much. I love you and your imagines. I can read them every day😍

Luke Evans - Truly Madly Deeply

Chapter 1

“Welcome my guest (Y/N). She did the choreography for Beauty And The Beast starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and so much more.” Ellen said, turning to me. “So (Y/N), your first time being here right?”

“Yes it is Ellen. And I’m really excited to be here.” I said, smiling.

“Glad you’re excited, but that’s will change in a bit.” Ellen said, smiling as I started shaking my head. “She already knows what’s coming.” The audience laugh. “So as you know we have a ritual here that involves showing photos of our guest topless. But we couldn’t find any expect for you in a bikini, short shorts and a sports bra.”

“Oh my god.” I said, turning red. “No, don’t embarrass me.” 

“Don’t worry (Y/N), your not the only one that’s going to be embarrass.” Ellen said looking at the screen. “Because we found these photos of you and Luke Evans at the beach together.”  The photos came up and the audience started said awe. “They make a cute couple don’t they?” The audience cheer.

“Now as a bonus we found this video that Luke posted on his instagram. It’s a video of you and him working out together at the gym.” Ellen said as the video came up. The audience started cheering and whistling. “Look at them go.”

“Someone shoot me now.” I said, making the audience laugh. “Please tell me that’s all?”

“Actually.” Ellen said smiling and I let out a sigh. “I did get told there is another video, but it’s one that you record of Luke singing while he’s shirtless. And I want you to explain what’s going on here and how did you get him to take off his shirt.”

Oh sweet baby Jesus.” I said, as they brought the video up. “Okay, so what happened was.” I started smiling as I blush. “I was hanging out with Luke at his house and Adele came on. He’s a huge fan of her’s and loves her songs. So he started singing, you know, getting all into and everything. I decided to be sneaking and record him singing Adele, while just being in his shorts.”

“How did you get him to take off his shirt though? That’s what the audience want’s to know, right?” Ellen said and they cheer. “So what’s your secret?”

“Too be honest, every time I tell him I’m coming over and he invites me over, he doesn’t have a shirt on. But let me tell you, I’m not complaining about it one damn bit.” I said and the audience laugh. “Come on, it’s Luke Evans shirtless, ain’t no one complaining.”

“Now, I got to ask.” Ellen said, smirking. “What was your first thought when you saw him without a shirt on?” 

“What I first thought?” I said and they whistle. “Will have you seen the movie Bridesmaids?”

“Yeah.” Ellen said, nodding her head.

“Will what popped in my head was Melissa McCarthy’s character saying, “I’m glad he’s single because I’m going to climb that like a tree.” I said and everyone laugh. “I’m being serious.” I smile as I blush. “If I had a chance, I would climb him like a tree.” I cover my face. “I can’t believe I just said that out loud.”

“Don’t worry, only the whole world heard you.” Ellen said smiling. “Now what would you do if Luke eyes this and heard you say that comment?”

“Hope he lets me climb him like a tree.” I said and we all started laughing. 

Chapter 2

After the interview was over I headed out to get something to eat when my phone went off. I got excited and nervous when I saw Luke had sent me a message. I opened up the message and read. 

“Hey darlin’, hope I’m not bothering you. I was hoping we can get some lunch together after your interview was over. Message me back when you can and let know. Hope you have a wonderful day (Y/N). -Luke.”

I smiled as I sent a message to Luke, accepting his offer. In a matter of seconds Luke sent a message back asking where I was at so he could pick me up. I sent him a message back and wanted for him. In a few minutes he picked me up from the studio and we were off to get some lunch.

“I thought you wanted to get lunch, not walk around in the the woods Luke.” I said, smiling at him.

“We are (Y/N), but I want to find the right spot first.” Luke said, pushing his motorcycle along the path. “And I think I found a good spot right up ahead.”

“I feel like we are going to reenact one your movie No One Lives.” I said and Luke shook his head while he smile. “Speaking of which, I demand to know what your character’s real name was.”

“Do you want to know or the fangirl in you want’s to know?” Luke said, looking over at me and giving me a wink.

“Both.” I said laughing a bit. “So what was his actual name?”

“They didn’t give him a name.” Luke said.

“Say wwwhhhattt?” I said, making Luke laugh. “Are you messing with me?”

“Nope darlin’ I’m afraid not.” Luke said as we started going over a small bridge that was over a river. “We’re almost there, just a little further.”

“And where is there Luke?” I said, looking around at the trees. “Though it’s beautiful out here.”

“You’re more beautiful than anything out here or anywhere (Y/N).” Luke said, looking at me and smiling. “You should know that already with how many times I tell you that your look beautiful.”

“Oh, stop it Luke.” I said, blushing a bit as I gave him a playing shove. “You’re always such a flirt you know that.”

“You with you darlin’, only with you.” Luke said as he got off  the pathway. “I promise it’s just up ahead.”

“There better be tons of food there with all this walking we are doing.” I said, following him.

“There will be plenty (Y/N).” Luke said as he finally came to a stop and putting up his kick stand on his bike. “Alright, we’re here. So what do you think?”

I let out a gasp as I cover my mouth. It was a beautiful river surrounded by nothing but green. The water was crystal clear and you could see the fishes swimming.

“It’s beautiful Luke.” I said, smiling as I looked over him. 

“Like I said (Y/N)” Luke said, taking my hand and kissing it. “Nothing is as beautiful as you.” I blush as I looked down. “Come on, let’s eat”

I looked at Luke confuse for a bit but soon smile when I saw him taking out a picnic basket from his bike’s compartment. I followed him to the river bank and watch him set up the picnic. We sat down, ate and talked for what it seemed like hours.

I always enjoy spending time with Luke. We always found something new to talk about and always have a good time together. He’s always laughing at my jokes, even my bad ones. I just love being around him, he just brighten up my day. He’s always so sweet, caring, and kind. He really was a true gentleman.

“Come on darlin.” Luke said, getting up and walking over to a tree. 

“Uh, why?” I said, taking a drink of my wine.

“Because I want to see how good you are at climbing trees.” Luke said and I spit out my wine, making him laugh. “What was that all about (Y/N)?”

“Uh” I said, coughing as I wiping the wine from my face. “Uh nothing.” I got up and went over to him. “So, why do you need to see how I climb a tree?”

“No reason.” Luke said licking his lips before he looked away for a moment. “Do you need me to help you up or do you got this?”

“Nah, I got this.” I said as I grabbed one of the branches and started pulling myself up. “You know I think your lying.” I started climbing the tree. “I feel you do know why you want to see me climbing this tree.”

“Will, your right darlin’ I was lying.” Luke said.

I knew it.” I said, smiling. “So why do you want to see me climb a tree?”

“Cause I wanted to see how you would climb me.” Luke said.

“What?!” I said loud as lost my grip. “Shit!” I fell out of the tree, but handed in Luke’s arms. “Thanks.”

“Your welcome.” Luke said, sitting me on my feet. “I got to say (Y/N)” He lean in close to me. “I really do like how you climb trees.” I look down blushing. He took his hand and gently raise my face back up towards him. “Do you really want me (Y/N)?”

“Yes.” I said in a small voice. “Do you want me?”

“Yes.” Luke said, gently stroking my face. 

“In what way?” I said, looking deep into his eyes.

“In every sense of the word love” Luke said, smiling. 

“Are you sure?” I said, not believing this was happening. 

“I’m sure.” Luke said, pressing his forehead against mine. 

“But how can you be that you want me?” I said, pulling back and looking at him. “How can you be sure you love me?”

“I’ll show you.” Luke said, taking my hand and leading me back to the picnic. “Close your eyes love.” 

“Okay.” I said, closing my eyes. I stood there, listening to a bunch of sounds and then I started smelling smoke. “Luke?”

“Don’t worry love.” Luke said, taking my hand in his again. “Open your eyes.” I saw a small fire was built on the river bank and his phone was set up to a speaker. He lead me to closer to the fire as his phone started to playing. 

“My I have this dance?” Luke said, slightly bowing his head.

“Yes you may.” I said, slightly bowing back.

He wrapped his arms around me as I wrapped my arms him and we started dancing.

I’ll be your dream
I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy
I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love
Be everything that you need
I’ll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong I will be faithful
‘cause I’m counting on
A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning, yeah

I want to stand with you on
a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining
brightly in the velvet sky,
I’ll make a wish send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the
pleasure and the certainty
That we’re surrounded by the
comfort and protection of

The highest powers
In lonely hours
The tears devour you


Oh can you see it baby?
You don’t have to close your eyes
'Cause it’s standing right
before you
All that you need will surely come

I’ll be your dream I’ll be your wish
I’ll be your fantasy
I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love
Be everything that you need
I’ll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do


I want to stand with you on a
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

“What are you asking me Luke?” I said,looking into his eyes.

“I’m asking you to be my girl.” Luke said smiling at me “That’s if, you want to.”

“I thought you'd never ask. I said, smiling at him back at him. “So, what happens now?

“What happens now…” Luke said, cupping my face gently in his hands. “Is this.”

He lean down, kissing my lips gently. I let out a soft sigh as I melt into the kiss. He moved his lips slowing and gently against. I could feel this current, this pulse going throughout my body. I never felt like this before. 

I wrapped my arms tight around his neck as my lips started to move with his. He slide his hands down my body and around my waist. He pulled me closer to him as he let out a soft sigh. We slowing broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Better than I imagine.” Luke said, smiling and making me blush. “You look so beautiful when you blush love.”

“Thank you.” I said, biting my lower lip.

“Something on your mind?” Luke said.

“Were you there? At the studio?” I said and he nodded. “I feel so stupid.”

“Don’t be love, glad I was. Otherwise.” Luke said, giving me a big smile. “I wouldn’t have know how much you wanted to climb me like a tree.” We both laugh as we shook our heads. “(Y/N)?”

“Yes Luke.” I said, smiling at him.

“I love you.” Luke said, as his face became serious. “You know that now, right?”

“Yes.” I said, nodding my head. “And you know, that I love you too right?”

“I do.” Luke said nodding his head as he smile. “Care for another dance love?”

“I love to.” I said, smiling as we started dancing.

We kept dancing will through the night, but we both didn’t care how late it was. We were lost to the dancing flames, lost to the music, lost to each other. And lost was fine with us, as long as we were lost…together.

The End

Hope you guys enjoy this loving request from @fandomgirl9193 and I hope you enjoy it sweetie. Got any request? Send them in and I’ll get to them when I can :D

Gifs of Luke and Ellen created by me, using giphy and ezgif. Others found on google, so props to markers. 

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Day6 Covers

This is a list of most of Day6′s covers (at least the ones i could find on youtube) but i’m not perfect so if i’ve missed any, miss-named any, or the links don’t work feel free to let me know and i’ll change it.

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anonymous asked:

IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Red Alert, and Skids reacting to their Cybertronian s/o on pain meds that make them loopy and just saying random stuff like "I like your aft" and "Ratchet took my thumb" and "I'm stuck in robot mode, someone must've stole my t-cog" and other crazy stuff please? (I absolutely love your headcanons <3 )

Rodimus is a total aft and gets Rewind in there to record you. He plays a prank on you, telling you “We’re headed to a planet totally made up of water, okay? We’re gonna have to replace your legs with a mermaid tail. It’s okay, the whole crew is doing it, even me.” Then he laughs as you freak out.

Drift laughs as he tries to get you comfortable in berth. “I like your aft.” He just chuckles and says, “Thanks, I like yours too” as he fluffs your pillows. Then he lays down next to you and tries to get you to take a nap.

Brainstorm is laughing hysterically and egging you on. “Ratchet took your thumb? Want me to make you new one? I can make it better than the old one.” He has no idea what you’re even talking about half the time, but damn if it isn’t the funniest thing. 

Red Alert is between amusement and paranoia. Yeah, it’s probably the drugs, but what if you’re spilling stuff from your subconscious? Could Rung secretly have a spark-eater disease? He’ll have to look into it.

Skids takes you around to say hi to people, you know, ‘cause you must’ve really missed everyone while you were in the medbay. It’s pretty funny until Rung scolds him. He takes you back to his habsuite for cuddles and a nap.