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Prompt: Based off of this post x

A/N: This is literally my first fic ever. I really hope anyone who reads this likes it. I’m literal Matt trash so I just had to go with him for my first fic! Let me know what you guys think :) sorry it’s a little on the short side, also, if you’re uncomfortable with swearing, there is a little towards the end, so be warned!

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Word count: 700

For some reason he couldn’t stop running. Around every corner was a threat, and his breathing was getting faster and faster and he felt like he was going to collapse. Then he woke up.

Matt’s heart was pounding, and he could feel it all the way in his toes. His sheets were soaked with sweat, and if he weren’t blind, he could’ve sworn the shadows most likely dancing across his room would make his breathing speed up even more. He took a moment to shake the fog out of his head, and he heard another heartbeat beside him. It was slow. It was peaceful and sounded like home. It belonged to you. You were fast asleep and your arm was thrown across Matt’s stomach and you were snoring lightly but to Matt, you had never felt more beautiful. His breathing slowed to match the rhythm of yours. He flipped his pillow over and kept listening to the steady thumping of your heart, almost as if he needed to reassure himself it would still be there when he woke up in the morning. He could hear sirens a few blocks down and party music coming from a couple of streets north, but all that mattered was the sound of your heart. He couldn’t help but smile as he heard the constant thumping and the slight stutter in your breath. The weight of your arm on his stomach felt like a galaxy of warm loving stars, calling to him to make him their own. When you shivered and curled towards his warmth he didn’t freeze, but melted into you. Your heartbeat was still slow and steady, you were still sound asleep.

He thought back to his nightmare. He heard your scream, tucked behind corners, but no matter which way he turned he could never reach you. Fisk was laughing and his lackeys were lurking in the background. Matt was frantically searching for something he never thought he would find. You. But you were here and you were safe. And your heartbeat was fluttering in his ear and it sounded like five hundred of the sweetest symphonies yet at the same time, the only melody he has ever known. He kissed your forehead and he felt his stomach settle and his mind slow down. He intertwined his hand with yours, and his soul felt so at peace, he never wanted to leave this room, this moment. He wanted to wake up every morning to the sound of your heart and fall asleep every night to your small snores.

Suddenly, Matt’s mind flitted back to memories of the feeling of your drunk lips on his, giggles and neck kisses, and Matt trying so desperately not to let certain words slip. Of course, he always thought he didn’t mean it. He was drunk and making out with a girl whose laugh sounded like what Vincent Van Gogh’s art probably looked like. Of course he would think it. It just made sense. He wasn’t the type to get so caught up in the way someone brushes their knuckles against his, or runs their fingers through his hair, or gasps his name in his ear like it was a prayer only they knew. He was used to the feeling of temporary. He wasn’t used to this. Whatever he was feeling, it was something he hadn’t felt in a long time. And he had no idea what to make of it.

All he knew was that the sound of your heart right there in his bed, right then at that exact moment, was the sound he wanted to wake up next to for the rest of his life. All he knew was that he was so deeply in love with you, it scared the shit out of him. It scared him and yet it thrilled him at the same time. And Matthew Murdock knew that when he woke up in a few hours, with you yawning at his side, he would tell you how much he loved you. How god damn crazy he was about you, and how much it terrified him. Until then, he could only hope that your heartbeat would pick up as you say that you feel the same way.