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I really do mostly agree with what you are saying. But Killian leaving in this episode without telling her seems so out of character. And then you have her saying she needs to move on (although you're right I completely agree about the out of context aspect of it). There's drama and angst and then there's changing the character's characterizations to fit the drama and angst and I feel like it's kind of gone that way with this. But please feel free to tell me I'm wrong!!

Well since you told me to feel free–you’re wrong. LOLOL And here’s why–in my opinion of course.

I don’t know if you read my bullet points but in this last set I talked about the idea of being driven by fear. How it causes people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Which doesn’t mean it’s out of character. It just means it’s done without the benefit of a clear head.

Killian is afraid here. He’s afraid of losing Emma. Afraid he’s lost the man he wants to be. But instead of sitting in a bar drinking rum and getting back in touch with his pirate side what’s he doing?? 

He’s desperately searching for the man who is worthy of Emma.

What in the world could be more in character than that?

Bring it on.

Plus, we viewers know that in the end he had no intention of leaving. He was heading back. Without Gideon’s interference he would have been back at Emma’s side.

Interference by a budding baby sociopath negates the idea of out of character.

As for Emma–it remains to be seen exactly how her emotions play out but I’m confident they’re not going to be of the “I’m moving on because I don’t love him anymore” variety. That’s not gonna happen. Will we see a reappearance of the walls? I don’t think so. Maybe a rice paper room divider at most.

It’s very clear the two halves of that line in the promo are spliced together. Only reason to do that is to mislead. The second half of that line may well have something to do with Gideon.

Another thing I talked about in the bullet points is a character/relationship facing a defining moment. This is one for CS. And I have 100% confidence they are going to face it like the kickass, and totally in love, pirate and savior we know them to be.


  • Me, talking about whatever I'm hyperfocused on: *very excited and happy to talk about said thing, is genuinely enjoying the conversation*
  • Friend: *says nothing, does not respond, doesn't react in anyway*
  • Me, wringing my hands nervously: so um, anyways, let's talk about Normal Stuff(TM)

i’m…. sorry, but i had to.

i must say, i connie is my favorite character to make jokes about, she and her family are so fun to me with their quirks and personalities, i would watch a show about connie, just her normal life and every once in a while she haves a magic adventure with steven, watching anime with his dad…. anyways… sorry for the steven’s mom joke

I might have screamed a little (or a lot) when I saw the new official art.

I mean, look at them

That’s like the epitome of boyfriendhood (or fiancehood, even).

Like, they’re probably chilling on the steps to the rink in St. Petersburg after practice and Yuuri might be talking about some mobile game he’s been into lately and Yurio’s kinda interested, but Victor is just there like “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about but I love you and I know you like it so please tell me more.”

And it’s all so casual with the coffee and the crossed legs and the jeans and everything and Victor is just holding his hand on Yuuri’s shoulder like it’s normal for them because it is.

I swear, you can see that they’re in a relationship at first glance because of all the visual cues and asdfghjk this art is just so good.


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


28/9/16 2:46 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread + some minor details. (This picture was taken on Monday, hence all the unchecked boxes.) Term break but actually busier than normal school days. I just came back from a three-day trip to Bandung and I’m currently studying for the general SAT tests this Saturday (wish me luck!). Super nervous because it’ll be my first time doing it and the reading and essay content is quite different from what I’m used to. Oh, and if any of you know any tips for the SAT, please tell me, I’d really appreciate it :)

~Legend says a Goddess watches over each clan. The Healing Goddess, Sakura, in charge of the Hatake clan was once disguised as the koi the Hatake clan has taken care of way back when Konoha was founded. Being the last of the Hatake, Sakura must take care of Kakashi in order to make sure his line continues [wink wonk]. But he has to prove himself worthy of her presence; else she becomes another clan’s Goddess.~

I also don’t know why a Goddess would hold a scalpel but I love the idea of her threatening people (Kakashi) with it when she’s pissed

Petition for the BABY fandom to send out supporting messages to Jung Daehyun. The man is straight up telling people on broadcast that he’s starving himself by going on a coffee “diet”. He said he can lose up to 5 Kilos in 2 weeks just by drinking coffee, the flavor suppresses his appetite. YET NOBODY around is moving a finger about this. The fact that this is seen as totally normal and okay disgusts me. HE IS LITERALLY DISINTEGRATING before our eyes. CAN WE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS AND TELL HIM THAT WHAT HE’S DOING IS NOT OKAY?!!?

talk to me about adrien agreste not knowing how much affection is too much.

talk to me about him not realising tight, warm, loving hugs are wonderful, but are more commonly reserved for deep conversations, as opposed to surprise pastries.

talk to me about him casually touching his friends’ arms, shoulders, backs, all the time, and all of them being a little caught off guard but too endeared by it to tell him it’s not exactly “normal”.

talk to me about adrien agreste casually coming up to marinette dupain-cheng and slinging an arm around her shoulder and whispering a secret in her ear and having literally NO IDEA she’s DYING on the inside.

talk to me about adrien freaking agreste hugging marinette dupain-cheng from behind when he wants to surprise her.

please talk to me about her doing something super kind for him and him being so overwhelmed by this ??? this something that he’s feeling that he hugs her and doesn’t let go for forever, and when he does he presses a kiss to her cheek and looks into her eyes as he thanks her with all the sincerity in the world p l e a s e

My dear trans daughters, 

If you are trying out make-up, “feminine” clothes etc. for the first time, i want to tell you some things: 

1. First of all… *big mommy bear hug*! I’m so proud of you! This is a big step and it’s very exciting! 

2. You are likely excited, too - but you may also be nervous or even scared. Please know that those feelings are completely normal. They’re not a sign that you’re “faking it”. Trust me when i tell you that almost all of your trans sisters felt the same way. You’re not alone, darling. 

3. Nobody is born a makeup artist. Every girl - cis or trans - needs to practice how to put on mascara or lipstick without ending up looking like a horror clown. The only difference is that cis girls usually get taught how to at a young age. It’s not your failure that nobody taught you! So, what if you tried it and it looked awful? Don’t stress. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. It’s normal that it takes practice and time. 

4. The good thing about not being the only one? There were others before you who were in the same situation - and shared what they learned! There are tutorials on youtube, tumblr posts, websites etc. Don’t be afraid to use them. 

5. It’s okay to take baby steps. You don’t need to try it all at once. Maybe putting on nail polish, mascara and a dress today feels overwhelming - but just putting on clear nail polish sounds much less scary! There’s nothing wrong with slowly working your way up to the look you dream off. 

6. You don’t need to do anything. You tried lipstick and you don’t like it? That’s okay! You don’t need to wear lipstick to be a real woman. You don’t enjoy wearing skirts? Many girls prefer pants, don’t worry! 

7. Have i already told you how amazing you are? 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Here’s some things I do when I don’t have energy or forget to eat. This is what helps me, so please keep in mind that it might not work for you.

1) Set reminders! I forget lunch the most, so I have a reminder on my phone at around noon each day telling me to eat lunch. Add as many as you need.

2) For days when you can’t get out of bed, keep some nonperishable food in your room if you can. I have a plastic container near my bed so I can easily reach it without getting up.

  • Mine has granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit cups, trail mix, jerky, and bottled water. It’s not a “normal” meal, but much better than nothing and requires almost no energy.

3) Break down tasks into very small steps. Sometimes mine are as small as “Sit up in bed, move feet onto floor, stand up, walk out of room, walk down hallway, walk to kitchen”. I give myself time in between steps to build up motivation if I need to.

  • Make a checklist if you need to visualize it!

4) Congratulate yourself after completing a difficult step. Even if it’s a simple step, or after every step. It seemed silly to congratulate myself for getting out of bed, but it really helps motivate me to continue.

  • My internal dialogue for this is something like “Okay you did it! That wasn’t too bad. Now you can do the next step too” or “If that was the hardest part, I can do this”

5) I go to @lowspoonsgourmet when I don’t know what to make and they organize recipes by how many spoons it requires!

  • @no-more-ramen is another good one and separates recipes into categories like if there’s no chopping involved or if it makes leftovers

I think that’s it? I might add to this if I think of more. I hope this was helpful!


extended proposal scene


If you use, please credit me.

Picture caption: dark green text on a light green background “Tips on How to Be a Better Trans Ally:
-put your pronouns in your bio. This helps normalize that appearance ≠ identity

-offer to go to the bathroom with your trans friends -ask them whether they want you to use their old name/pronouns around parents/family/etc

-don’t out them without their consent

-if they tell you something is transphobic, LISTEN. Change your behavior. Don’t deny it.

-don’t make a huge deal when you mess up on pronouns/name, correct yourself and move on

-do not ask what their genitals are, no matter how you phrase it. Asking someone whether they are biologically a or b, what they were assigned at birth, this is all the same and its all transphobic.

-understand that no matter how hard you try, you will probably do something transphobic. That’s okay, simply apologize and move on. Learn from your mistakes! We all make them.

-don’t ask what surgeries they are getting or how they have/are transitioning. If you aren’t a doctor to which this information is pertinent to their health, you don’t need to know”

~ make up memes/starters ~

  • i missed everything about you.
  • can i come over so we can talk?
  • your friends called and told me how hard you’ve been taking it.
  • please take me back.
  • i won’t mess up this time.
  • let me kiss you from head to toe, i’m not going anywhere this time.
  • i can forgive you but i don’t think i can forget.
  • i just couldn’t live without you.
  • how do you expect things to just go back to normal.
  • you have no idea how hard it was to stay away from you.
  • have you already forgotten how good we used to be together? 
  • i promise - i’ll never leave you again.
  • leaving you was the hardest thing i ever had to do.
  • i’ll tell you every day that i’m sorry if that’s what you need. 
  • life isn’t worth living without you.
  • i saw your face everywhere i went.
  • i was miserable without you.
  • you made me a better person. 
  • how are we just supposed to forget everything that happened? 
  • unloving you was the hardest thing i’ve ever done.
  • Doctor Strange: I wanted to order a pizza and...
  • Pizza woman: Name and address please?
  • Doctor Strange: The address is 177A Bleecker Street.
  • Pizza woman: Alright. Your name, please?
  • Doctor Strange: is S-T-E-P-H-E-N.
  • Pizza woman: Right...
  • Doctor Strange: ...Strange.
  • Pizza woman: What is Strange?
  • Doctor Strange: My name.
  • Pizza woman: Stephen sounds like a normal name to me.
  • Doctor Strange: surname. It is Strange.
  • Pizza woman: What's your surname?
  • Doctor Strange: It is Strange.
  • Pizza woman: You already said it was strange, but I need you to tell me your full name.
  • Doctor Strange: It is Stephen...Strange.
  • Pizza woman: Now you're saying I am Strange? Watch your respect!
  • Doctor Strange: name is Strange.
  • Pizza woman: I am tired of those silly jokes, I have work to do!
  • Doctor Strange: No! I mean it! My name is Stephen Vincent Strange!
  • Pizza woman: SO YOU'RE VAN GOGH NOW? GOOD NIGHT SIR!! ***Call Ended***
  • Doctor Strange: You have to be kidding me...

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Please give me something about neil making andrew smile

It happened so rarely. Neil never knew how to predict it. At the beginning he could never tell the difference. A smile from Andrew was normally so shocking and so short lived Neil thst if Neil got one he was too floored to properly memorize them.

But that was so long ago.

Now everything about Andrew was familiar; more familiar than an exy racket, than running, than any other person. Andrew had been in his life longer than anything else.

They had retired years ago. People had expected Neil to coach, and he did for a couple years. But more and more he he grew to realize the court was no longer his home. His home was Andrew.

Neil grew to resent away games and practices. He wanted lazy weekends and afternoons. He wanted time visit their family and friends. He wanted to experience every moment of growing old with Andrew. He had missed too much in his life to miss a moment now that he had everything.

So he joined Andrew and worked with at risk youth. They volunteered at the youth center and pulled a lot of kids back from the edge, not all. But enough that Neil could no longer remember all of their names. Andrew remembered every one.

Andrew’s smiles began to be more frequent, and Neil began to recognize them. There was one that was wide with all his teeth that he saved for small kids. One that just barely turned the corners with his head tilted to the side when one of the kids did something right.

For friends their was a half smile, no teeth, but their teammates knew they had done something incredible when it appeared. Their coach had long since given up on seeing it, so when Andrew graced him with one on the day he signed Neil on the team the coach dropped the contract. On live tv. And said “holy shit.” They had to break to commercial, because Neil had been laughing too hard to sign.

For family he had a flat smile that showed just the top row of his teeth. It was sometimes paired with a laugh when our nieces and nephews did something particularly smart and sassy. The smile was paired with an honest to God belly laugh the time Kevin’s daughter took his laptop and chunked it in the pool after trying to play a history documentary on Christmas.

But Neil’s favorite smiles are the ones saved solely for him. The smirk with the head tilt when he insulted the press. The toothy grin with dimples when Neil did all the right things (ice cream for dinner, home before 5, wearing a matching outfit, and remembering to charge his phone). The lips pressed together repressed smile when Neil called him ‘Drew.

But the best smile of all came when they were laying together sticky and sated. Naked and warm pressed close. Neil tucked against Andrew’s shoulder. Then he got the softest smile imaginable, curled on the edges, pupils still dilated, and breath still panting between barely parted lips.

Neil knew his luck had kicked in at last when Andrew smiled.

@foxhle-court my first answer! Send me prompts guys 😄
Imagine your tc...

behaving different than normally. You’re wondering why, shooting him a questioning glance during the lesson. He seems to shrug it off. You’re becoming a bit worried, as it seems something really bad happened in his life or in the life of someone close to him, and the worst part is: there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You’re just his student. After the lesson you’re packing up very slowly, hoping he’ll tell you what bothers him. Everyone else has already left the room, and you’re about to do the same, as he holds you back. He looks at you for a bit too long, before hugging you. Not a brief hug, more like hanging on to you for dear life. You’re overwhelmed, you never saw this coming. A bit taken aback, you carefully place your arms around him. After a good five minutes or so, he let’s go of you. “Sorry, I just needed this,” he mumbles, his face bright red, and hushed out of the door. You’re left behind wondering what that was, but you’d be the last person in the world to complain about it.