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Someone once sent me a message asking me why I liked Diana so much since she was such “a stuck-up bitch” or something along those lines but like okay. Show me. Show me where she is being a stuck-up bitch. Please.

When people say she’s bound to win the relay and she’s all they can talk about, she doesn’t boast or brag about how she’s going to dominate the race. All she says is she’s going to fly as she always does. She’s not showing off or making herself the center of attention. Everyone else is.

And when they say she’s a shoe-in to be the Moonlit Witch, she thanks them, but tells them it’s still too early to tell. She doesn’t say “I know it will be me, I deserve this” or something like that. She acknowledges it very well might NOT be her. She isn’t getting ahead of herself. She isn’t being stuck-up or believing she deserves this just because of who she is.

These were small, brief conversations, but they were two major instances where Diana absolutely could have bragged and boasted about her own greatness. But she showed us an entirely different character. Not a stuck-up bitch. 

There’s a saying that “Character is what you do when no one’s watching” but a teacher of mine once said “I think character is what you do when everyone is watching.” Both can be argued, to some degree (are you going to steal when no one is around? are you going to do the right thing in front of thousands of people?) 

Diana could have shown off to the public in the interview (when everyone was watching), or shown off to Avery and her friend behind-the-scenes (when no one was watching). But she doesn’t do it either time. Both times, she shows that her character is humble, that she knows she isn’t entitled to success. 

She doesn’t want to be handed things on a silver platter. She wants to work towards and earn things just as much as anyone else does. 

monsta x when you want to go to work/school while you’re ill

Minhyuk - would take one look at you and shake his head. “I don’t think so y/n…” He’d say and point towards the direction of the bedroom. If you start to argue he would easily shut you down or talk over you until you just give up and follow him. He would then skip work/school to fully take care of you.

Wonho - would glare at you softly when you try to get out of bed. He would tuck you back in and if you still try to get up, he would wrap his arms around you as tight as possible. “No baby… You, me and bed. That’s it. No work/school today okay? Now go back to sleep please.. You need get better asap.”

Kihyun - would nag and fight with you because he thinks that you don’t care about your health. He would tell you over and over again why it is vital that you stay at home while putting a wet cloth over your forehead. “Put yourself in my position, if I was ill would you let me go to work/school? Yeah I didn’t think so…” 

I.M. - would be sly and turn off your alarm clock in the middle of the night, purposely making you late for work/school the next day. When you still try to get ready, “You’re already late anyway so what’s the point?” Then he would confess that he already called work/school to tell them that you are very ill. 

Jooheon - would use his aegyo to convince you to stay at home. Since that is your weakness, you’d give in to him. When you get comfortable in bed again, he would feed you and make sure you are taking medicines. “I’m going to work now but don’t bother looking for your bag/keys. You won’t find them.. Hehe~”

Hyungwon - would whine and try to guilt trip you. “If you love me, you will stay at home and get better…” He would say and frown at you, pouting slightly. When you agree he would kiss you a lot until he remembers that you’re sick then he’d say you have to take care of him when he gets your cold/fever. 

Shownu - would say a quick and serious ‘no’ when he sees you walk out of the bedroom fully changed into your work/school uniform. When you try to tell him that you actually don’t feel that bad, he will sigh and simply carry you back to your bed. “I’m serious y/n, you’re to stay on that bed… I’ll bring you some tea..”


“Ryder please tell me you’re not emailing my sister about me.”

Sara glanced up, years of experience keeping the guilt off her face, “Uh, no?” She offered, flashing a grin that often worked as a distraction.

Vetra merely crossed her arms, not buying it.

“Okay fine, but I just…wanted to surprise you. You know,” Sara shrugged, “Like you did for me with the steak.”

Vetra softened, her mandibles flaring out a little in a Turian smile, “Ryder…”

“But do you know how hard it is to find dextro amino chocolates in Andromeda.” Sara stopped for a second, “Wait, don’t answer that, you probably do.”

Vetra laughed, not even bothering to hide her amusement. “I appreciate the thought Ryder but it’s okay, I’m happy just having this.” She gestured between them, reaching down to offer Sara her hand.

Sara took it, letting herself be pulled up in to a hug. “And I am too, but the chocolates would have been a bonus. I’d be all suave with them. I was even going to bug Cora about getting me some roses.”

“I’m sure she’d appreciate that.” Vetra deadpanned, pressing her face close to Sara’s neck and Sara could feel the puffs of air from Vetra laughing again.

“Hey I’m persuasive.” Sara defended and when Vetra pulled away to look down at her with what Sara knew was a look of completely not buying it. “Well.” Sara amended. “I have a girlfriend who is at least.”

“Now that sounds more likely.”

“Think you can persuade Tann to stop emailing me?”

“Hm.” Vetra shrugged, “Maybe if you’re lucky.”

“Oh yeah?” Sara grinned, “I’ve been known for getting lucky.”

“How so?”

“I got you.”

“You’re ridiculous Ryder.” Vetra shook her head.

“And you love me for it.”

“Yes.” Vetra leaned down to press her forehead against Sara, “Yes I do.”

“See.” Sara smiled, angling for a kiss “Lucky.”

That luck didn’t last however as Peebee passed up above them and yelled down for them to get a room.

Nemo and his impact on the Jones Brothers

(I know, it’s such a good and expressive title, right?)

I said this in another post, but I wanted to make my own post too, because everyone need to hear this. 

Let me start by telling you that I loved the relationship between Nemo and Killian since the first second they’ve been together on my screen in “Dark Waters”. I love Nemo and his impact on the Jones Brothers and I would love to see him in more episodes. 

Nemo IS a father figure for Killian and maybe even a father for Liam 2. 

Killian grew without a father because Brennan left him and Liam. All he had when he was a child was Liam, Liam took care of him, Liam helped him, Liam was his eveything. Liam, for Killian, was his hero, an example for him when he was growing up. When Liam died, Killian was left alone, his hero, his role model wasn’t there anymore. He became a pirate, he met Milah, he loved Milah and then he was left alone again.

At the same time, Liam 2, grew up without a father too, we all know why. But we still have to find out so much about his life. Did anyone took care of him after Brennan died? Was he alone? An orfan? How old was he when Nemo took him on the Nautilus? I want to find answers to these questions, you know? 

A big difference between Killian and Liam is NEMO. Nemo took care of Liam, he helped him, set him on a good path and I am sure that Liam started to see him as his own father, because as we’ve seen in ‘Dark Waters’, Liam loves Nemo a lot. Nemo tried to do the same with Killian. He tried to give Killian a home, a new family on Nautilus, but we know how Killian was back then. He was angry, he wanted revange and Nemo knew this, but he still tried to make him understand what is the right thing to do. I think, if Killian wasn’t so angry back then, he would have stayed with Nemo (this and the fact that Liam wanted to kill him)

Now, 30+ years later, we see a different Killian, he is now a man who wants a family, a better man, a man prepared to get married with the love of his life. But his past comes back to bite his ass and Nemo makes an apparence again. This time Killian wants to hear what he has to say, Killian needs advices on what to do and Nemo says the right things again, he gives Killian the right advices, he really wants to help him. 

This is what a father does when his children need help. He helps them, gives them good advices. 

Nemo is the best father figure Killian can have. He and David are perfect at this job (being fathers), and I’m really happy Liam 2 had and still has him and now Killian has him too. He can go to him when he needs some advice and he can’t talk with someone else. 

Last night, Nemo called him “my boy” and my heart just melted because do you ever think about how long has it been since someone called him ‘my boy’? Because I DO and I want to cry when I think about it.

I want to see more of their relationship, because it has such a big big potential! I want to see more of Killian going to Nemo, I want to see Nemo being happy for Killian, I want Killian and Liam to bond, I want to see Liam and Nemo together. I want all of this and more because Killian has been alone for more than 300 years and he needs a family. Yes, Emma, Henry and the Charmings are his family, all of them love him dearly, but I also think Killian needs deserves more. 

PS: I think Faran agrees with me

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literally anything? okay okay,,,gabs tell us please,,,why is phil lester the only good in the world as well as the love of my life and savior of us all?(disclaimer: i'm tired and emotional)

vanessa,,, the only explanation i have is that god literally took the time to hand craft phil himself w/ his elite angels as consultants, making sure everything was perfect and in order before sending him down to Earth in a holy beam of light,,it is just a theory,,,but his entire existence is proof that it is the Truth

ask me literally anything pls

Drarry Squad Hunger Games: The Reaping

Okay, so, first off, it would not let me use URLs as names, so I either swiped your real name from your blog, or if I could not find it, I made up a fancy (AKA dumb) Capitol sounding name for ya. PLEASE let me know if I misgender you - I mostly had to guess. Picture is clearly not mine, and a reminder that I have zero say in anything that happens in the game. The simulator tells me everything… I DID make up the strengths/weaknesses though, to make things interesting. They are also random (mostly! :P). These may or may not come into play.

Anyway, here’s the full list of participants! This post and the post where you die are the only ones you’ll be tagged in (unless you win, obviously), so keep checking @ourloveislegendrarry for updates! Some people I was unable to tag - if you see your URL but you didn’t get a notification, please check your settings!

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Confession: Okay so I was watching this old AniShi ep (2010.10.30) and lemme just tell you that Sho crossdressing/acting as a woman (even if it’s totally ridiculous and for comedy relief purposes) gives me so many feelings gOSH. can we please have him play a woman some time soon? He’s not even my bias, (That’s Ohno. Do you see a pattern here?) but when they have him crossdress it’s just too much for my heart~

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I explained my mother similar times how I feel in my body and she says she understands.But she still says things like "stop to bind" "I don't want you to go on testo" "you won't get surgery" "you will ever look like a girl" And it raises my dysphoria

I would tell your mom to please stop saying these things as it is upsetting to you. I would tell her that no matter how much she tells you these things it won’t magically change your mind, in fact it upsets you and makes you feel like she doesn’t support you. My mom tells me I will always look like a girl, to stop binding and to get off the testosterone, same with my father.

Don’t listen to them, they are just afraid and acting out of fear and ignorance.

It sucks but you aren’t doing anything wrong, it’s okay to be trans and you deserve to be happy, one day they will see that.

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Okay, c'ere Pops, lemme comfort ya/ *holds arms open* Pops, I know it hurts, I know that Teach is being a wet noodle but listen. Listen to me. He loves you. He is feelin the exact same pain as you. His heart is literally breaking, just like yours. Blame it on miscommunication okay, but go over there and tell him you love him. Please? -Darkness Anon who is near tears of frustraion

*is breaking more at the thought of what coould have been as he curls in on himself*

okay, i’m going to resume my drabbles & today i’ll be working on a kenny one! with the prompt “did you see that? please tell me you saw it.” so far i’ve come up with the idea of them 

 •seeing a shooting star together in the middle of the night?


 •sneaking around together, scheming, and catching one of the bullet club members out with a girl- like kiss her on the cheek or lips, backstage when they think they’re alone? but they’re not because reader and kenny are spying on them? 

i don’t know.. but i need help!! i need you all to send in things that could be what kenny is talking about seeing, or tell me which idea to go with here!! please & thank you so much!! love you guys xx

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Some Book of Mormon fic recs

Lately I’ve been feeling like I have no right to talk about other people’s fics, but I like to talk about things I like so, just please tell me to shut up and/or if you feel uncomfortable with me talking about your fic, okay? ^^;

A Portrait of Kevin Price as a Young Mormon by neverbirds
Long!fic! In the Book of Mormon fandom!? And well-written, lovely long!fic set in Uganda, about Kevin-dealing-with-stuff? This entire story feels so well put together, and the characterizations are great. I feel like I’m not communicating my excitement properly about this fic, but, well. I loved it.

Mochaccino by greerian
Sweet and hot and just awkward enough first-time story for Arnold and Naba.

.malaria by elderxprice
I like how smooth the conversation is in this little McPriceley ficlet. Cute, and it has a nice flow.

.001 by elderxprice
I always like seeing Kevin interact with Naba and this was a wonderful little conversation piece where they share parts of their pasts.

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alice!! did you see that the tumblr Facebook page shared a screencap of one of your posts???

no!?? oh god which one was it please tell me it wasn’t the ace one the negative responses to it on here have been literally unbearable ;_;

edit: okay i checked and thank god it’s the self-care one


“Everything is ‘terrible?’ Don’t make me laugh. So what about me…for me, it’s been terrible since I was born.”


🎉 Happy Killugon Day!!!!! 🎉 I’ve been working on a school au (thanks to talks with @pemprika​..!! PLEASE LOOK AT HER SCHOOL AU STUFF THEYRE PERFECT) and this was a lot of fun to do!! oh yea I also added a little bit of context in the captions of what I was thinking about when drawing the scene ahaha;;

 I hope everyone is having a good killugon day!! 💚 💙