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Jealousy part 1 TaeKook / VKook Comic 

“Jealously is killing my heart while your soul is out there living a free and happy life…” 

(here you have the first part of the comic I planned announced last week. I hope it´s the “animation” is not too fast. If it is, tell me please. Also let me know if it´s too small to read! Then I´ll write the dialog down :3… It´s also my first time doing this so… please be kind to me :,D… not all of the pictures are suppose to move in case someone´s wondering. hope to continue with the next part asap and I also hope it will be better then this one… I´m cringing…LET`S CRINGE TOGETHER SWEETHEART!) 

Please Don’t (part two)

It means the world to me that y'all requested a part two to my new upcoming series ‘Please Don’t’! My heart can’t take the amount of sweetness I’m getting from y'all.
Love you guys!

So here you go, loves!


“Y/N.” Dean breathed out.

“Dean?” You whispered. ____________________________________

“Y/N, there’s nothing going on here. You can go back to bed. Okay?” Sammy tried to telling her but all she could hear was Dean saying her name.
It just echoed in her mind and it felt as though the whole world just stopped moving and time stood still.

“Y/N-” Sam interrupted by you. “How long, Dean?” You spoke slowly. Dean still had his gorgeous green on you. Filled with pain and regret. “Y/N-” “HOW LONG, DAMMIT!?” You demanded to know. The room sat in silence.

“3 weeks. It’s been 3 weeks.” He finally said what you didn’t want to hear. He broke you.

And you both knew that those pieces can’t be put back the same way. Now. You were to deep in and to far out. Dean could see you slipping through his fingers. The one he loved with every fiber of his being, was now slipping through his fingers. All because of him.

Sam escorted the girl out while you walked back to the room you both shared. Dean watched you walk away only wishing he could run after you and apologize. But nothing would fix this. He broke you.

“Sam, I-I let me explain-” “WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY SAY THAT WOULD MAKE ALL THIS BETTER, DEAN?! WHAT?! That you’re sorry-that you didn’t mean it? It didn’t mean anything? What? Tell me.” Sam’s yelling only made Dean flinch. He didn’t know what to say.

“I-I just don’t love her anymore.” He said quietly. Sam looked shocked but he knew his brother all to well. He didn’t mean those words. Not a single god damn one.

“Wow. Really?” “Sam-” “No. Just forget it, Dean. I don’t care.” Dean looked down. Before Sam left the room he turned back to Dean. “You know, Dean. She loved you. And I mean really loved. And we both know that loving and giving herself to you completely was hard for her. Especially after her ex. You screwed her up. She would have taken a bullet for you any day and this is how you repay her? The worse part of it all? You spent years tearing down those walls she had and in a matter of seconds you broke them down. All for what? For the girl? Come on, Dean. You’re so much better than that.” Dean was just sitting there at the table drinking whiskey. Listening to every word Sam said. Because he was right. About all of it.

“All I know is that she loved you with everything she had and you loved her the same. So my question to you, Dean. Was it really all worth it? Hurting her? Because if that’s what you wanted to accomplish. Then congrats. You succeeded.” With that, Sam walked off and shut his door.

Dean sat there with his drink and thoughts.
You hurt her. That’s what you wanted, right? To push her away because you don’t love her. No! That’s not true. I’m completely in love with her. I’d do anything for her. Really? Yeah. Well, according to your last 3 weeks it doesn’t seem that way. You hurt her, Dean. You did. And for what? To get her to notice that you don’t want her here. No, wait that’s not what I wanted! Guess what? That’s what you did. You pushed her away by cheating on her. You lied to her. You messed her up in ways you can’t fix. So there you go. That’s what you wanted. No! No I didn’t want that! Then what? What exactly did you want Dean? I didn’t want to-To what? I just don’t want to hurt her. But you did! Wait, no! Yes, that’s what you did.

“NO!” Dean yelled at his own thoughts. He heard a gasp and looked up to see you standing at the door way. “Hey, baby-” “Don’t call me that.” You said with a stern face that had puffy red yes and tear stains all over your cheeks and shirt. “Sweetheart, listen I-” “Don’t call me that either, Dean.” You didn’t what to hear those words.
“Why?” He sounded so hurt. And it killed you. But he hurt you and it wasn’t fair. Everything hurt and hearing his voice was the worse part. “Because I know for a fact that you called that bitch those words too!” You yelled.
He looked down looking for the right words and that’s when his eyes trailed your body. From head to toe. Bags. His heart stopped and you could see that he noticed your duffel.

“Where are you going?” Panic set in. “Don’t worry about it.” you said. Dean stood up and stared not knowing whether to beg you or to let you leave. “Bab-Y/N wait.”
“This is what you wanted, right? To push me away.” You sniffed looking down. This was it. He either he told you everything and beg for forgiveness. To tell you that he did this to make you leave so you wouldn’t get hurt cause of him. To tell you that he was sorry for being so worthless and stupid.
This was the moment that would either break it or make it.

You both stood in the quietness that lied within the room. “This is what you wanted right?” almost whispering it. Trying to hide the hurt that lied within you.
“Yeah…” he spoke quietly. “Yeah, that’s what I wanted.” Again. Silence. You could feel his eyes on you but you couldn’t see the regret of his words. You had already put your hand on your face wiping the tears and trying to stop them from falling.
Dean had tears trickle down his eyes and onto his cheeks. You couldn’t look at him. It hurt to much.

Without looking at him, you spoke. “O-okay. Yeah I-I’m going.” Dean wanted you to look at him. It took every muscle in his body to not grab your arm and cup your beautiful face in his hands. It took absolutely everything he had to not pull you’re beautiful body into him and beg for your forgiveness. To beg for you to stay. To beg for you to love him again. But you didn’t look up. And it killed him.

It killed you.

You wanted to run up to him and cup his gorgeous jawbone and pull his face down to kiss his beautiful plump lips. The same lips that helped you through the times you felt your heart pound against your chest. The same lips that would kiss you tears away. The same lips that told you he loved you even if he didn’t speak those words. You wanted him to hold you again and whisper his apologies in your ear. You wanted him to stare into you’re eyes and kiss your lips softly as he whispered his love to yous. You wanted him to tell you he loved you and that you were his everything. You wanted him. All of him.

But it was to late. He didn’t want that with you. Thats what broke you. The fact that you gave him everything you had. You trusted him. You cared and loved him with every fucking fiber in your being but he didn’t want it. He didn’t want you. Because he didn’t love you.

He didn’t love you.

Dean wiped his tears from his cheeks, you still not noticing them, and watched all the secrets, self-hate, incesurities. He saw all the pieces he broke off of you to finally open up to him. He saw your heart cracking into thousands of pieces. He saw those walls he broke down. He saw you back to the old you. The old you that he rescued from your asshole of a boyfriend who had beaten you down. Who broke you and made you crawl into a shell.
Now it was him. He was the one who broke you. Even after he had said he would never hurt you. Even after all the promises he made to you and himself that he would always make you love yourself.

He saved you.
He loved you.
He loves you.

But it was too late.
It was all too late.

“Can I ask you something, Dean?” You said half way to the door. Still turned around. He turns his body and faces you. “Yeah.” He whispered. “Was it all a lie? I mean everything b-between us.” He saw you body trembling.
“You were just another one of my hook ups, y/n. Someone who was here when I couldn’t find someone better at a bar.” He sounded stern. God, he hated himself for this.
He couldn’t hear you sobbing. He could hear your heart pounding. “I’m sorry.” You finally spoke.

Never in a million years did you expect him to do this to you. It was exactly what you were afraid of happening getting into a relationship with him. But he made you feel things you’d never felt before. He made you feel alive. He made you feel beautiful. He made you feel wanted. Loved. Cared for. He made you feel incredible.

Now. Now you knew that all these years. All this time he told you were his girl. All this time he told you were everything he loved and more. You knew it was all a lie.

But to Dean it was real. To him you were his everything. But it was too late. You were gone and he couldn’t reach you.

Hearing you apologize had him in tears because you had no fault. You shouldn’t have been apologizing at all. He didn’t deserve you.
This was his punishment. He deserved to be hated by you. You deserved better.

Its been 4 hours since you’d left him alone. His only company was the 7th glass of whiskey he’d had and the stupid voices in his head telling him he fucked up. Even if he already knew.

Ring ring.

He picked up his phone that sat next to the bottle of Jack Daniels.

Your face lit up on his screen. The picture he took when you weren’t looking. It was a side photo. And you were smiling. That god damn smile he loved tasting. And your laugh. Dammit, your laugh was music to his ears. God, he missed you.

He picked up. Hope fled through his body. “Baby, listen-” he was cut off. “Is this Dean Winchester?” Dean sobered up fast. “Yes. Who the hell are you? Where’s y/n?” His heart started to pound against his chest. “Sir, I’m calling in regards of y/n. She’s been in a car accident and the paramedics are taking her to the St. Mary’s hospital.” The man said. “She’s losing blood!” Dean heard in the background.
“We’re losing her!” He heard someone yell as the phone call ended.

Dean’s heart sunk in.

He couldn’t breathe.


Hope y'all enjoyed it! I had fun writing it thanks for all the support everyone!

Should I continue? Part 3 maybe? Let me know!
Love you guys!