please tell me if there's some error

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Okay, so, since I can't read Japanese: Oh ye mighty Fandom Translation Guru! Would you please tell me if they really say "exwires". Isn't that some translation error, because perhaps there's no character for an "sk" sound, only for an "ks" sound (and the "wires" part also just being a case of "well that's what it sounds like")? Because "exwires" just makes zero sense. Esquires does. Esquires are aspirant knights. As in about-to-be-KNIGHTS of the True Cross order. It's been bugging me for ages.

You would think


that they would say エスクワイア (e-su-ku-wa-i-a), as in esquire, as in a knight in training.


エクスワイア (e-ku-su-wa-i-a)


I am as mystified as you are

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akdjsks can you please draw some more spagger ? It makes me happy !!

Is this aight? 

also bonus if you translate what spag said

(i used google  translate i cant speak italian so if theres any errors please tell me so i can correct it

fic: where there’s moonlight

jane/mason - five times in which jane’s eyes made mason fall a lil bit in love

When Mason made his grand entrance into the choir room with his sister in tow, he had to admit that he’d been expecting a bit… more. Maybe some dramatic music, a parade… confetti at the very least. What he got was two other students, looking absolutely scared shitless. This must have been the rest of the “glee club”. Huh.

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