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can you please explain the meaning of 'something just like this'?

My (syd) interpretation is something like this:
A person (I’ll say a man bc a man wrote it) is reading about superheroes and mythical legends and doesn’t see himself as good enough to be like them. But the woman he’s in a relationship basically tells him that he doesn’t need to be a super hero, she just wants someone who is there for her and that’s good enough. And then the saying “Something just like this” implies to me its the relationship that they already have….so…in the end the song is saying you’re good enough and we don’t need a fairytale or for you to be a hero saving someone for us to have a good relationship. i hope that makes sense. Someone else might have a diff interpretation but that’s it for me!!!

I tried to ask Sarah her thoughts but she hasn’t listened enough sry

- syd

edit: sarah wanted me to clarify she has listened 50+ times.

Find You (Part 4)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them.

Word Count: 1,364

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: Ahhh things are getting more exciting :D I hope you all enjoy! Please let me know ^^ 

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The woman smiles at Bucky as he calls out to her, as if she knew that he was going to approach her. Bucky gives her an uneasy grin and clears his throat. He’s opening his mouth to tell her something when she thrusts a business card out at him.

“I have an appointment I have to attend right now,” she says, not waiting for Bucky to say anything else. And Bucky feels a shiver go through him. She knew too much, and when she stared into his eyes it was like she was looking at the deepest parts of him. It unsettled him. “You can call me next week and we can settle an appointment.”

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  • jack and shitty are BFFS FOREVER
  • jack and bitty werent even FUCKING SUBTLE bitty straight up said he and jack were boyfriends in front of ransom and holster
  • but they didn’t confront him about it because THEY CARE ABOUT HIM
  • and they wanted bitty to tell them on his own time
  • they all love each other and its BEAUTIFUL I SWEAR TO GOD
  • shitty apologized for the crap he pulled THANK FUCK
  • lardo is the head of the senior trio MY GUY
  • LOVE
  • HAS
  • JACK

I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

@mariannagoround asked : Number 2: “please don’t leave me” with nurseydex please <3

Nursey’s drunk. Drunk and maudlin, and Dex has spent way too much time looking after him tonight – from melancholy bar to park to brownstone. There’s not much Dex can do for him, when he’s in this state – Nursey never talks about what’s wrong, and he always seems on the verge of passing out if Dex isn’t right there at hand to steady his steps.

Dex helps him unlock the door, helps him across the floor to the couch, and Nursey slumps down onto it. “Fuck everything,” he says as he goes, and Dex just sighs. Not much else to do. He’s already tried everything else to get Nursey to talk to him. He’s just not good at that kind of thing. Not good at getting people to open up.

“C’mon,” Dex says. “Kick your feet up and go to sleep, Nurse. I gotta go.”

“No,” Nurse says. “No, stay.”

“I can’t, you asshole. I’ve got class in the morning.”

“Just for a little bit.” The slur’s come out of Nursey’s voice, and he sounds more plaintive than anything. “I’m sobering up. I swear. We can fuck around on the PS4. You can play Skyrim.”

“Sleep, Derek,” Dex says flatly. “I’ll check in with you tomorrow.”

“Don’t go.” There’s a push to Nursey’s voice now, an urgency

Sleep.” Dex punctuates it with a point of his finger, and turns to go.

He hears Nursey rise from the couch behind him, but he’s not going to look back.

“Will. Stay. Come on.”

No, he’s not gonna look back. Nursey needs to sleep this off and he’ll be fine in the morning.

“I’m asking you a favor. I swear to God, I’m sober. Just …” Nursey’s voice catches. “Hell, you need me to say it, Will? Please. Please don’t leave me.”

Dex turns around. The sight of Nursey there – his hands open, palms up, fingers spread; his eyes wide and imploring – it’s like nothing Dex has ever seen. Like Jesus at prayer. Dex doesn’t know what to do with that. Doesn’t know how to be the object of that kind of gaze. He wants to itch out of his own skin.

“Look,” he says, relenting. “Look, you want me to stay a while, I’ll stay, but Derek, I’m–”

“Thank God.” Nursey stumbles forward. Step after stumbling step, he makes his way across the floor to where Dex stands. One brown hand touches Dex’s shoulder. Then another. And then it’s the hot breath from Nursey’s mouth in his neck, and the feel of him warm and alcohol-flushed, and it’s too much and not enough all at once. Dex’s arms go around him without him willing it.

“You gonna tell me what’s going on?” Dex mutters against his neck. Trying not to think of what it could be, trying not to drink in the sensation of Nursey’s skin against his own.

Nursey nods. “Promise.”He draws back then, looks Dex in the face, and for a moment a tentative something flickers in his eyes. Dex’s gaze is drawn to the quiver of his lips. He’s tempted to lean in and catch it.

Instead, he walks Nursey back to the couch, arm around him as support and comfrot both. “Okay. Okay then,” he says as they sit, and there’s gentleness in his voice he didn’t think he could muster. But for Nurse – maybe for Nurse, he can be the kind of guy people open up to. “Tell me.”

I’m really fucking in love with you. How many hints do I need to drop to make you believe it? I love when you smile and when your eyes land on me in a crowded area. Even if it means nothing to you, it’s everything to me. You mean so much to me, when I tell you, you don’t understand or you avoid it. Please don’t, tell me its okay but don’t fake it. I don’t say ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you’ just to make words come out of my mouth. Understand that I genuinely have feelings for you.
—  Nothing is changing

SO back in #3.5 we saw shitty explaining his day (before being a heternormative fuck)

and this panel ALWAYS bugged me. WHY WAS HE CARRYING TWO CUPS??? did he already make a friend that he bought coffees for?? is he trying to get along with a prof by buying him coffee?? is he gonna drink two whole triple espresso shots to get through his classes??????

but now it’s all clear:

they’ve been banging for MONTHS

Punish Me [a James March smut]

Request: Can u please make a James March imagine where he’s married to the reader & someone flirts with her & she goes along with it to tease him & he takes her back to their room & “punishes” her for seducing other men ? (You’re the best page on tumblr ILY.)

a/n: ok so i did smut, first time writing it so tell me if its good or nah and i might do more REQUEST CLOSED


Recently your sex life with James has been nonexistent. He’s been too busy mentoring John to even have a nice dinner with you. Tonight is the last straw. He hasn’t shown up yet and you can’t take anymore. You grab your ruby red shawl, draping it around your shoulders while you descend down the golden staircase to the lobby. A handsome man stares at you, smiling, and begins to walk towards you.

He hands you a shot glass, which you gladly accept. “I saw you from across the room and I just had to come talk to you.” He flashes his sparkling teeth, sitting down next to you. His jawline isn’t as sharp as James’, nor is his eyes the same, instead a mix between blue and green. “What’s your name, gorgeous?” He asks, putting his hand on top of yours.

“Y/N. And you, handsome?” You flirt back, moving your hand out of his and taking a chug of your shot. Your hand rests on his wrist as he tells you his name, slowly inching up his gray suit sleeve; his eyes follow your every move, watching with a smirk. “What would you say about going to your room to get to know each other?” You wink. He’s not your husband but you can’t help it, you need some release.

Before the man can answer, your husband towers over the two of you. His face is bright red and his brown eyes are a shade darker, appearing black. “I would highly appreciate if I could speak to MY wife in private.” He fumes, ripping your hand from the man’s suit and dragging you to the elevator. Teasingly, you wave your fingers over your shoulder; James rolls his eyes, shoving you in the small space. “When the doors open, I want you in our room, do you understand, dearest?” He purrs in your ear; you nod, sashaying out of the doors.

As you strut down the hallway, you make sure to sway your hips, smirking when you get in the room. Not even a minute later, the tan door slams behind James. His dress shoes pad on the carpet and he looks at you like an animal about to attack his prey. You cross your legs, sitting on the plush bed.

He peers down, pushing you back on the mattress forcefully. “Now, Mrs. March, what have I told you about seducing other men?” He grunts, running his big hands up your body; you gasp when his fingers plunge in between your breasts, ripping your black dress. A smirk tickles his lips, seeing you fully naked.

Whimpering while his nimble fingers hover above your breasts, you arch your back, aching for contact. “Not to.” You breath, raking your hands down his brown vest, popping the gold buttons.  “James, please, I need-” You gasp, feeling one of his long fingers dig into your sex.

Smacking your hand away, he tsks you, puckering his lips. The finger curls in a ‘come here’ motion and you cry out, balling the satin sheets in your fists. “You have been a very, very naughty girl. Disobeying my orders, flirting with other men in my presence… Tonight you will not touch me unless told otherwise,  or I will tie you to the bed and leave you, understood?” He snarls, biting your neck hard enough to draw blood; you scream, nodding. “Use your words, darling.”

“Yes, Mr. March!” You moan as he smacks your thigh. He smirks; loving the way his name drips from your lips. Ducking his head, he removes his fingers, popping them into his mouth and sucking your juices. After they’re clean, they latch onto your hips tight enough to create bruises. His tongue soon collides with your pussy, licking a long stripe up the center.

Out of habit, your hand flies to his hair, tugging on the short black curls. His tongue retracts in his mouth and he peers up at you through his thick lashes. “Darling, you disobeyed me again tonight.” He sighs, standing up on his knees; you shake your head. “Ah, what a shame;  I was enjoying myself…” He grunts, undoing his ascot from his neck and grabbing your wrist. You struggle, pulling away from the bedpost. “Alas, I warned you, did I not?” He groans, slamming your wrist to the wood and tying it.

You pout, other hand cupping his groin, making his breath hitch. Palming him, he grows aroused, leaning on the bedpost. “Am I being naughty to Mr. March? Is he going to punish me? Hmm?” You smirk, batting your eyelashes as you unzip his trousers. He glares at you, watching you pull his pants down, letting his cock spring free; hard as fuck. “It looks like he wants me just as bad as I want him, does he not?” You mock, wrapping your hand around his dick and pumping it once.

James moans, letting your wrist go. He lines up with your core, ramming into you at a fast pace, not giving any time to adjust to his size. A scream escapes from your lips and you tear his white dress shirt off, so you can drag your nails down his muscular back, surely leaving bright red marks. Sweat forms on his forehead with each thrust, slowly becoming sloppy. “You-are-mine!” He grunts, out of breath.

Whimpers leave your mouth while he empties inside you; his fluid mixing with yours. “James!” You shout; he thrusts into you one last time before pulling out. You both lay beside each other, gazing at the ceiling. “Mrs. March needed you to sex her up.” You pant as your husband smirks. Score one for James Patrick March.

Newt and being with reader who um. self harms.

One thing i would like to make clear. or a couple things
1. Im NOT trying to romanticize Self Harm. at all. Im doing this because sometimes I need to write for myself
2. I do know what im talking about when I write this
3. This is pretty triggering. If reading about self-harm triggers you. Please dont read this. Its not bloody. I promise.
4. If anyone makes fun of self-harm on this post so help me god i will fuck you up. Sorry for the language.
5. If it makes you uncomfortable. Then dont read it. No ones forcing you

•You Hiding scars from Newt by constantly wearing long sleeves and or pants. Even when its very hot outside.
•Newt Becoming suspicious but hopes you’ll talk to him about it.
•You dealing with having to keep those thoughts away while with Queenie because you know she’ll tell Newt and you don’t want to burden him with your troubles.
•Slipping up and Queenie looks up at you in horror as she reads your self-destructing thoughts. She pulls you aside and you beg her not to tell Newt.
•She doesn’t, Until your thoughts get worse and you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Thats when she tells Newt. In fear or your safety.
•Newt rushing to the bathroom and breaking down the door without using a spell because he’s so scared about what you might do.
•His eyes start to water when he sees you in front of him with a blade in your hand. He carefully walks up to you and takes the blade away.
•At first your mad, Mad that Queenie told, Mad at yourself for messing up. but the anger melts to guilt when you look up and see Newts eyes full of tears
•You start apologizing but Newt tells you that you have nothing to be sorry for. He holds you tight and protectively because he sees you in a fragile state.
•That night involves Silence, compliments, and questions.
•He shows you his scars in hopes of you not feeling as bad. He knows its not the same thing but he wants you to open up.
•You eventually telling him why and he is shocked. Not understanding how you could do that to yourself.
•He tells you something important. “Y/n, I don’t fully understand why you do this, but i want you to know that I love you no matter what. Nothings going to change that”. It means a lot, that he didn’t run in disgust or just tell you to “get over it”
•He constantly gives you compliments and sometimes flowers. He always checks on you to make sure your doing okay. He thinks he’s getting annoying but you love that he cares.
•Him not getting mad when you relapse. Instead, he hugs you and tells you everything’s going to be fine.
•When your finally comfortable enough to show him your scars(which took a very long time) He carefully examines each one. He doesn’t say anything but his eyes are full of love and his hands are tracing them as careful as he can.
•Newt understanding its going to take time to recover. But he’s there for you. No matter how long it might be. Or how hard. Because, he loves you.

Okay. Wow. Im really depressing. But i think these are important topics. Heh. night everyone and Stay Safe. please

rain pt2

genre: smut smut smut, with a little bit of fluff in the end if you squint 

a/n: ahhh, heres part 2! i know i said i’d post tomorrow but it’s 2 am and i just finished going over it so, surprise lmao hope you guys enjoy it!! please let me know what you think i love you all also sorry for any mistakes, like i said its 2 am so lol

word count: 1.4k

part 1

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  • Me: I like McHanzo sure, but IDK man, I'm just not that into it like everybody else...
  • Me: [sees anything McHanzo related that contains Bottom!McCree]
  • Me: [kicks down the McHanzo fandom's door while holding up my Bottom!McCree cup]
Kissing Tropes (SLBP) Part 1

I hit 160 subscribers! I love all of you, y’all make my day better, every day. 

I hope you like this. Obviously there is a part 2, Its just a lot to write at once. 

“Kissing tropes that are giving me life right now”

1. when A grabs the B’s face and says “please - please” before devouring B’s mouth without waiting for a response - 


A solid month had passed since you had last seen him. You leaned on the railing of the watchtower, noticing the tell-tale signs of the troops returning from the war. But could you see him? Could you? A bustle and a shout brought you out of your revere.  

There, they were coming back, going through the gates.

You took off in a run, almost slipping on your kimono, making it to the courtyard just in time to see those familiar eyes lock with yours. He was alive, he was safe. You were in his arms in an instant, a gasp leaving your throat as he twirled you off the ground.“Lord Yukimura!” You cried out, throwing your arms around his neck, letting him lower you to the ground. His cheeks were flushed, his clothing stained with blood, it had been a bad battle. You reached up, cupping his cheeks with your hands, pulling his face close to your own. “Yukimura” You murmured, your voice softer this time as his eyes drifted over your body, a yearning, pleading gaze.

“Please - please” He all but groaned, capturing your mouth in a heated kiss, pulling you against him. You returned the kiss just as fervently, your body yielding to his touch, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

That is until…

“Come now, little lord and lady, you both realize you’re in public.”

 2. person A missing the first time they lean in and just catching the corner of B’s mouth and waaaaaaaaaiting for B to come in and fix it            


You ran your hands through your lover’s hair, relishing the softness of his pale locks. His eyes were closed, for once a contented look on his boyish face. You let out a happy sigh, idly scratching his scalp as you leaned over and pressed a kiss to his forehead. His eyes opened, their beautiful color meeting your own.

“Taking liberties now?” His sleepy voice sounding petulant. You laughed softly, tutting your tongue at him.

“I would never, Milord.” This was your favorite time to spend with Ieyasu, at the end of the day where he could be himself and you could love him as himself. He shrugged, leaning up and kissing the side of your mouth, falling back onto your lap and looking at you expectantly. 

You blinked, staring at him in surprise…Had he…missed? A soft blush was on his cheeks as he pouted at you.

“Well?” He huffed, looking at you.


“Aren’t you going to continue?” He tapped his lower lip with his hand. “Or do I have to punish you for disobedience.”  You shook your head, a different kind of sigh leaving your mouth, before leaning your face down, pressing a kiss on his lips, only pulling away to respond to him.


3. having to lean against each other when they pull back because the world is spinning and they just. cannot. breathe. yet. 


His lips were so warm in the coldness of the room. You shivered at the temperature difference, snuggling yourself closer to his warm body. His arms wrapped securely around you as he nipped your bottom lip drawing out a soft whine of discomfort from you. He used the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.

The silence of the room was only marred by the rustling of clothes and the occasional moan as your tongues battled for dominance. You did your best to ignore the light-headedness forming in the back of your head as you let yourself get lost in the moment, giving yourself over to the feelings of his desire. 

Finally, your lord Oda deemed it fit to pull away. You let out a soft gasp, panting and falling against him, pressing your forehead against his. His smirk couldn’t hide his own rabidly moving chest. Once you caught your breath you let out a laugh, kissing his cheek playfully. 

“Is that all you got, lord Nobunaga?” You fell back against the futon, eyeing him mischievously. “I want you to show me all of your divine rule.” 

4.foreheads pressed into each other’s, sharing breath, until they dive back in for more because they thought they were done but they so were not.


He was smiling at you, that beautiful boyish smile that made your heart sing. His cheeks were flushed a lovely pink color and you couldn’t help but run your hand across the skin, enjoying how it make the flush deepen, and blushing yourself when he captured your hand with his own, bringing it to his mouth and kissing your fingertips. His warm breath hit your lips making you shiver. 

He was so close, his forehead pressed to yours, your body tangled against his. You loved this.The tranquility of being tangled against him, safe and loved, sometimes made you want to cry.His breath was still coming out in short spurts, his panting evidence of what you two had just been doing. 

“Masamune.” You breathed, brushing your nose against his. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” His tone was shy, like it always was, but his action wasn’t, as he tilted his head up, kissing you softly, and then not so soft.

“mm, Masaa-“You moaned into the kiss, returning it in kind. 

You weren’t really done after all. 

5. that ‘oh hell is this actually happening?’ moment before it actually happens.


You weren’t entirely sure how you ended up in this position. Mitsunari on top of you, a furious blush on his face and you staring up at him wide-eyed. It had happened so quickly. You had just been returning a book, what had happened? You’d slipped, he’d reached for you to steady you, you’d both gone down and now…and now. 

Well he was so beautiful up close wasn’t he?

Blinking, you looked at him, confusion mounting with every second that passed.

He wasn’t moving. He was staring at you, the flush on his cheeks refusing to go down, and your faces were so close-

So close.You could kiss him. 

Oh yes, you could kiss him. 

You were going to kiss him. 

Your hands moved to cup his face, pulling him close to you, your lips meeting his softly. You smiled into the kiss, even as his body went rigid and then relaxed. 

There were some perks to being older. 


Lights Camera Jealousy

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, Break-ups, Aggression

Word Count: 3106

Prompt: I love your angst fic its so awesome!! Could you write another angsty one centred around jealous dan? 

Prompt: Please do one about jealous Dan!!!!

(N.B. Contains fictional character ‘Ollie’, feel free to imagine him any way you wish.)

“What are you doing?!” exclaims Ollie, propping his foot against the door of the YouTube space that had been hired for the day. You were dragging the huge light box from the corner of the room and didn’t notice the tangle of wire following behind. Ollie was basically your mentor, you’d finally passed your exams and had got yourself a job at Google as a lighting and camera technician, but as you’d only been working there officially for a few months, you were very much still under his wing.

Ollie was 22, and there was no denying he was good looking. All your friends were jealous of you because of the amount of hours you spent together in those little recording rooms, squashed behind cameras as you helped youtubers film their videos. He was also a massive flirt and you enjoyed his attention. Especially since you split with your boyfriend, and fairly famous youtuber Dan Howell, only two weeks ago. Your 8 month relationship had suddenly crumbled. You had met him when you did a weeks work experience at the YouTube building, and it didn’t take either of you long to fall for eachother. But soon it seemed he couldn’t cope with the stress of your very public love life, (outed accidentally by Louise) and he had decided to end it. Not really giving you a real reason. Ollie was the one you ran to when you felt like your world was ending.

“I’m trying to set up! I wanted to sort it out on my own.” You reply, pouting at him and pushing the light away from you. He walks through the door and grins at you, setting down his water bottle on a box full of props.

“Aren’t you cute.” He answers, walking over to you and lightly squashing your cheeks in his palms.

“Shut up”, you say laughing and pushing his hands away, “Who the hell are we setting all this up for anyway?” The room was filled with extremely high tech cameras and lighting equipment.

“Its for Ben Cook’s 'Becoming YouTube’ series.” Ollie says, turning from you and lifting the heavy light rather effortlessly to where you were trying to drag it. The boy had muscles. He kicks the mess of wires away from around your feet. “You’re sorting that out babe, I’m definitely not.” He grins, pointing at it. You ignore him.

“I love Ben’s videos. Is he interviewing someone?” You ask, looking at the two black directors chairs facing the main camera lens.

“Yeah… they’ll be here any second.” He answers, not looking at you. “Can you turn all the cameras on?” he says, squeezing past you to grab his bottle. As he passes, his hand glides over your back.

“Sure.” You take hold of the camera bar and tilt it towards the chairs, and then press the buttons to bring it to life.

“Cheers gorgeous.” Which was something he called you regularly. “I’ll be back in a sec I’m gonna go grab the spare mic from the other room.” He gives you a smile and slips out of the door, and you are alone in the room for all of around 20 seconds before the door swings open again.

“Wow that was quick!” You laugh, not bothering to turn you head. “Can’t bare to be away from me huh?” you joke, knowing he’ll respond with his own cheeky comment.

“Um… I’m sorry?” You hear. And you freeze. It wasn’t Ollie’s voice, it was Dan’s.

You look up to see him stood about two meters away from you, dressed in your favourite shirt and leather jacket. It was the first time you’d seen each other since your relationship ended, he looked so handsome, and you felt a mixture of pain and fluttering sheer through your heart.

“Oh.. I thought you were-”

“Ollie?” he finishes, quite sternly.

“Yes.” You drag your stare away from his beautiful rich brown eyes and back to the camera, just as the door swings open again.

“ALRIGHT YOU LANKY SHITS LETS DO THIS!” Yells Ben. Phil follows behind him and flicks his fringe to the side.

“YEAH!” he says raising his fists and scrunching his nose. However they both freeze when they see you and Dan in front of them. You staring at the camera, and Dan staring at you.

“Phew!” Ben makes the whistling noise that makes everything a little more awkward. “This will be interesting. Alright Y/N?” he asks, not exactly treading gently. You look up at them and see Phil pull a gentle sympathetic face at you, probably knowing exactly how you felt right now.

“Fine Ben. You ready to go? We’ve got the room until three.” You say.

“Yeah, take a seat boys.” He gestures to Dan and Phil. Phil sits but Dan’s eyes are still on you. Then Ollie comes bursting back through the doors, whistling to himself before smiling at the three youtubers in front of you. Dan’s face turns into a slight scowl as he turns to watch Ollie.

“Afternoon boys,” he says confidently, “You ready to go?” He moves himself in front of Dan as he steps over a wire. They were almost the same height, Dan was only just taller. Ollie turns to face Dan, and smirks at him, pushing out his chest slightly.

“Hold this for me gorgeous.” Ollie says, clearly talking to you but keeping his eyes locked on Dan. He passes you the spare mic and you watch them both closely. It was like a dominance display, and you knew Dan had always felt intimidated by the attractive camera tech, but this time Dan edges forward slightly, grinding his jaw and glaring back at Ollie.

“Okay you pair of peacocks. Put the feathers down. We haven’t got long.” Says Ben impatiently. You feel yourself blush, and you scratch the back of your hand harshly. Things were getting tense.

It was safe to say Ollie wasn’t Dan’s biggest fan. When your relationship with Dan had ended, Ollie was the one that saw how it really affected you, and he resented Dan for it. He always told you how Dan should have fought for the relationship, and what a mistake he had made. Ollie’s flirty boyish behaviour was probably his way of showing your painfully beautiful ex-boyfriend exactly what he’d left behind.

Ollie shrugs, “Alright. Let’s film.” He smiles at Dan one last time, and turns to walk towards the cameras, and towards you. Dan sits down next to Phil and grips the sides of the seat, staring a spot on the floor.

“Um… Everyone ready?” You ask, only allowing yourself to look between Phil and Ben as you feel Ollie up against your side. You know he’s standing this close on purpose, but you don’t want to push him away. As cruel as it may be, you were hoping it was making Dan a little jealous…

Phil nods at you, smiling gently, before turning his attention to Dan, which naturally made you look too. He was clenching his jaw, as his eyes blazed. He then lifts his head to the side, moves his fringe slightly with his fingers and bites the inside of his lip, before finally looking up at Ben. Not you.

“Yeah.” He says plainly. Your stomach flutters and you return your stare to the cameras, gripping the bar and adjusting the height ever so slightly.

There was a weird atmosphere in the room. Aside from the obvious tension between Ollie and Dan, there was a huge change in attitude towards you from Dan. Angry? Possessive? Sexual? All 3??? He had been the one to end the relationship, and aside from a (very painful) phone conversation to organise when he could come and collect his things from your flat, you hadn’t spoken to or seen each other at all. Phil had been the one in the end to collect his things, and from what you could get out of him, Dan hurt just as much as you, so you couldn’t work out exactly why he had ended it… From the way he was looking at you now, it seemed like he didn’t know why either…

“No gorgeous, like this, we want to get about ten centimeters in frame on Phil’s left. C'mere.” says Ollie, moving to stand behind you. There was little room between him and the wall, so he pressed into your back and wove his arms around you to hold the camera with you. He lowered his upper body slightly to be level with you. You felt your heart flip. Not because of Ollie, but because of Dan, you were watching him through the camera. He was glaring at Ollie again, really clamping his jaw together and you could see his chest inflate as he took a breath.

“You see?” Ollie continues, running his hands over yours to move the camera to the left a little. His head was close to yours and he made no effort to hide his flirting in front of anyone in the room. “That’s better. Good job babe.” As he says it, one of his hands finds your waist, and he squeezes you gently, automatically making you giggle. You couldn’t help it, it was a natural reaction, but at that moment, Dan stood.

“That’s enough Ollie.” He says sternly. His eyes firey with anger and his fists clenched.

“Sorry mate?” Ollie replies, keeping his hand on your waist but standing up to his full height. You blush and frantically look to Phil, who is watching Dan closely, a slightly worried look on his face. You both knew Dan wasn’t the type to get angry, let alone challenge someone like Ollie. Sure, Dan was taller, but only just. And Ollie had the muscles.

“You’ve got to me joking me.” Sighed Ben. “I’m going to find Jack. Someone text me when they’ve sorted this shit out.” He looks at you and raises his eyebrows as he walks over to the door, probably all the sympathy he’s capable of seeing as this was his film that was being interrupted because of you.

“I’m sorry Ben.” You mumble, as he leaves. You look up through your lashes at Phil, who is now by Dan’s side, holding onto his shoulder.

“Take your hand off of her.” Dan says through gritted teeth. His eyes flash to your waist where Ollie is holding you.

“I don’t believe you have the right to tell me that anymore mate.” Ollie moves to stand slightly in front of you, almost protectively, but his fingers move from your waist to your hand where he holds it gently. You see Phil tighten his grip on Dan’s shoulder, and you realise just how angry Dan must be. You force yourself to look at Dan, and see his eyes burning as he looks down at your fingers in Ollie’s. You want to move then, but you’re just frozen. You had never been fought over before, and this wasn’t some playground fight. You felt too nervous to move, or to say a thing.

“Are you jealous? Even though YOU gave her up?” pokes Ollie.

“Don’t.” Whispers Dan.

“You gave up all the boyfriend rights too bro. Y/N’s single now. You saw to that.” Ollie smirks.

“Shut your mouth Ollie.” Dan growls, taking a step forward despite Phil’s efforts to hold him still.

“Or what?!” Ollie replies, letting go of your hand and closing the gap between him and Dan. They both have their fists clenched and you can see Dan’s eyes flitting between Ollie’s. You fall back against the wall, a little overwhelmed with emotion. Did this mean Dan wanted you back? Or did he just not want anyone else to have you? You weren’t even that interested in Ollie. He was your friend, but you enjoyed the flirting. It made you feel important, something you didn’t feel much of towards the end of your relationship with Dan. But you couldn’t handle the idea that Dan didn’t want you to feel happy with anyone else. If he feels this way, why didn’t he fight for your relationship? Why is he fighting for you now?!

“You lost her man.” Ollie laughs at Dan, but nothing was funny. Dan’s eyes narrow and he grinds his jaw again. Ollie leans in close to Dan’s face and bares his teeth a little. “You fucked up.”

Suddenly, Dan grabbed Ollie’s t-shirt in his fists and scrunched the material up, he pulls it so hard Ollie lifts up slightly on his toes and Dan doesn’t once break their eye contact.

“I told you, to shut your mouth.”

You’d had enough. Adrenaline kicks in and you run over to force yourself between the two boys, pushing your palms on either of their chests.

“STOP!” You yell. Dan rips his hands away from Ollie’s t-shirt and lets his arms fall to his side. You can feel how fast his heart is beating through his shirt, and the butterflies begin to stir as you feel him breathe heavily against you. Ollie however seemed calm, probably thinking if things had gone any further he could have won, you however, and evidently Phil who was now holding Dan’s shoulder with both hands, both realised that Dan was way too angry to back down on his own. You needed to calm him down
“Phil, please take Ollie out of here.” You gently push Ollie backwards and glance up at him, nervously assessing his face. He looked calm enough, but slightly pissed off at your instruction.

“You want me to leave?”

“I think you should.” You say gently. You realise that Ollie was only doing any of this because he knows Dan hurt you. He was technically sticking up for you, supporting you, in his own messed up way. You had allowed him to flirt. This was down to you. Dan was furious because of you.

“Please go with Phil, Ollie. Find Ben and tell him he’ll have to book a room for tomorrow. Or see if anyone else has equipment set up. I need to stay here.” You turn to nod at Phil and he lets go of Dan’s shoulders, glancing between you both. Dan is staring at a spot on the wall above your head, still breathing heavily with  pounding heart. Phil then points at the door and Ollie smirks at them both, before walking backwards, watching Dan, to the door Phil was holding open.

“You best sort it the fuck out mate.” He says, before stretching out his top and walking out the door with Phil.

As the door clicks shut, you allow your hand to fall from Dan’s chest, and his eyes flick up to meet yours. God you’d missed those eyes. They were somehow darker than you remember, and were still glowing with emotion.
“I’m sorry.” He says.

“You need to say sorry to Ben I think.” You reply, trying to sound assertive but wobbling on a few of your words. You were close enough to smell him, and he smelt like your own piece of heaven. Your favourite smell in the world.

“No…no Y/N. I’m not sorry for that… I’m sorry for everything.” He runs his fingers through his fringe causing it to stick up a little, just like he used to when he was stressed, or embarrassed. You maintain your eye contact with him, but your eyelids flutter a little, knowing you’re about the have the conversation you’ve been dreading. He continues, “I don’t know how to… explain… it got too much. I couldn’t handle it.”

“So you decide to cut and run?” You say, your voice wobbling again.

“Ollie is right I fucked up. My head was all over the place you know I’m a private person. I’ve been getting shit about Phil and me for years so I never thought the internet would react so badly when my real relationship came out.. I thought everyone would just accept it… ”

“So you’re blaming all of this on the fact that you had a girlfriend? You’re blaming this on me?”

“No!” He suddenly grabs your arms and pulls you closer to him. “No, I’m blaming this on me, and the fact that I am such a fucking idiot! I know I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks, and I don’t now. I care what I think, more importantly I care what you think and I care that Ollie had his hands all over you when it should still be me…”

He runs his hands down your arms until he reaches your fingers, holding still awaiting your reaction.

You don’t really know what to do. Or think. Your head had been all over the place these last few weeks and now Dan had just said all that… but without realising, you had opened your palms, inviting his hands to hold yours.

“I don’t like seeing you with Ollie. I hate the thought of him touching you.”

“We’re just friends Dan.” You whisper, holding his hands tighter, craving his contact.

“The way you were letting him touch you…”

“To make you jealous. I didn’t know it would work so well.”

He laughs gently, and your stomach knots at the sound. You can’t help but smile too. You’re still gazing into his eyes but his have wandered to your lips.

“We’ve got a lot we need to talk about Daniel.” You say, edging closer to him. “I mean it.”

“I know Y/N, but first you need to tell me you forgive me.” You see a shine to his eyes you didn’t see before. Tears? “Please forgive me everything.”

You didn’t need to think about your answer. “I forgive you. I forgave you as soon as it happened. I can’t hate you at all. But you have to change the way you are Dan. I won’t let you give us up whenever you feel a bit stressed out.” As you say the last few words, Dan shakes his head sadly, but in agreement.

“I know, I won’t. I will never put you through this again. I fucking love you.” His eyes join your again. You lean up to rest your forehead on his.

"I love you. Who knew we needed Ollie to make this happen…”

“I guess he’d not completely useless.” He whispers, before pressing his lips to yours. He kisses you the way he did the very first time. Just after he had walked you home, stood outside your door. Tender but powerful. Meaningful and promising.

His hands raise to your cheeks and you grip his middle. This time, there was no way you were going to let him go.

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Yuuri said, “引退まで僕のことお願いします” (intai made boku no koto onegaishimasu)
Which means until i retired, please take care of me.

= about me /of me

so I think its not only about skating. But also ABOUT HIM.

then, Victor replies with, “ITS LIKE A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL, YA” and kiss his fucking hand.


and slightly he said when they’re hugging (in front if public yASH), “Yuuriがずっと引退しなきゃいいのに”



ずっと (zutto) = always















ps: sorry bout my broken english.

You know what is so fucking cute about Dan and Phil is how when playing games Dan obviously likes to be in control and dictate what happens and Phil just lets him. He doesn’t seem to get angry he just lets him as if its second nature and it’s not even as if Dan walks all over him because I’m sure Phil gets his own way in other things it’s just Dan has control to steer the game and Phil helps him decide.

Like at the beginning of the world chef video you can see how Dan restrains himself letting Phil be in control but can’t help but take over and Phil kinda just lets him, and helps him control the game over his shoulder because he knows it’s just how Dan is. And Dan has probably had friends in the past that this trait annoys but Phil loves it because he probably enjoys just being around Dan and see him excited by the game and feels omg