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Could you pretty please write a fic about Eren thinking something is happening between Mikasa and Armin. He sees then sneaking off together, Armin going in and out of her room, Armin holding Mikasas hand. He sees it all, it bothers him and he doesn't understand why, shouldn't he be happy for them. Instead he wants to yell at them, maybe punch Armin and cry. All that's really happening is Armin is asking Mikasa for advice on how to woo Annie and Armin listening to Mikasa talk about Eren.


Pairing: Very lightly implied if you have a microscope Eren/Mikasa; light mentions of Armin/Annie  || Rating: K  || Words: 872

Warnings: none

A/N: Thank you for the request!! I always love me some Armin/Annie :3 Also, thank you to all who are sending me requests! Some are turning out to be longer than others, so please know I am definitely working on them :)

This is ridiculous. Wrong, and utterly ridiculous. He’s never minded business that wasn’t his own and has longed since learned to respect the privacy of others. But this - whatever it is between them - has left him confused, distracted, and preoccupied with thoughts and questions.

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Bucky helping T'challa with his PTSD after seeing his father die in front of him. Bucky doesn't realize how bad it is until they're at some official event and a balloon pops, causing T'challa to nearly flip out.

Everyone in the palace is aware of how poorly James handles his past at times. It’s hard to miss the screams that echo through the corridors. Hard to ignore the man standing, hollowed and silent in the corner of rooms, appearing and disappearing like a ghost. The way fist-sized holes begin to appear in the walls of T’Challa’s quarters. The way he will sit, unmoving, for hours at a time. The way that the Dora Milaje are forced to take knives from him and again.  

Everyone is very aware of James’ problems. 

Everyone is only aware of James’ problems. 

James is far too wrapped up in his own nightmares of blood and bones and endless screams to notice the way T’Challa will sometimes jerk awake next to him. So far removed from anything approaching normalcy for so long, he fails to register that it probably isn’t normal for the King to already be awake, sitting at his desk and staring into space when James’ own nightmares jerk him awake in the silent and closed off hours of the early morning. 

In the end, James makes the same mistake that so many others have before him. He looks at the face that T’Challa presents to the world and takes it as truth. He takes the stoicism, the warrior’s strength, the calm unflappability, and believes it. He buys into the myth of the King who is somehow better than human and misses the man who lies beneath. 

If this is a fairytale and there is a monster, as there must be, it is the lie than anyone is perfect. That there is a single person on this planet who can manage to claw their way through this world without the world clawing back. That a man can be a man and yet somehow also be a god, remaining above and separate from all the blood and tears and laughter that forms us into humans. 

It was never going to last forever. 

The myth cannot stand up to the grating edges of reality, and childish beliefs in the lie of perfection are inevitably decayed. Our heroes and gods are revealed as nothing more or less than painfully, honestly human. 

Like in all good fairytales, It is a child in the end who kills the monster.

They are at a celebration, James doesn’t really know what for, just knows that he followed T’Challa down a large staircase to get here, sitting next to the King on a platform, listening to the steady drone of some official. T’Challa appears to be paying attention, eyes fixed on the speaker, but Bucky lets his wander, scanning carefully over the crowd, always searching for threats. He is looking away when the balloon pops, his brain having just distantly catalogued it as not a threat when a solid weight suddenly slams into his back and he finds himself pinned to the ground. He immediately begins to struggle, belatedly registering T’Challa’s voice telling him to stay down. He goes pliant with his King’s voice in his ear. 

A moment later, the weight is removed, and James rolls over, looking around to see who was hurt, what happened, how he missed an attack. 

Instead, he sees a crowd, wide eyed and beginning to whisper amongst themselves, staring at the King. The King, whose face is ashen as he stares at a small child at the edge of the crowd crying over a string, a bright flash of red still attached to the end, the last remains of a burst balloon. James stands and takes T’Challa’s elbow, guiding the other man off of the stage. Holding him, he can feel the shivers wracking his body. 

When others try to stop them, James gives them the flat dead stare that he knows makes people even more afraid of him and they step away. He guides the King far away from the crowd, not sure where he is going until he gets there, a small hidden courtyard with a single tree and bench, tucked away deep in the palace. He gets T’Challa to sit, then pauses, uncertain. Automatic instincts to protect had guided him this far, but now he didn’t know what to say, what to do.

T’Challa, for his part, stares down at his hands, fingers twisting and untwisting as he continued to shake. James kept a hand on T’Challa’s back, keeping his own breathing slow and steady and watching as the King slowly began to match it.

“I am sorry,” James finally said, making T’Challa look up at him in surprise. “I should have known better,” he says before the other man can speak, “that just because you are not injured here,” he gestures over T’Challa’s body, “doesn’t mean you’re not injured here.” He gently presses his hand to the side of T’Challa’s head. T’Challa shook his head. 

“I’m not… I can’t…. I’m the King,” he says, voice shaking. “I have to be strong. It is my duty to be strong.” 

“There is no strength in allowing yourself to bleed out when you could have asked for help.” James says, “You told me that, once.” T’Challa shook his head again. 

“I can’t,” he repeats. 

“Okay,” James says after a moment of careful thought. “Perhaps then you can let me help you. Just me,” he says, seeing T’Challa open his mouth to protest again “but please. Let me.” 

After a moment’s hesitation, T’Challa gives a single, careful nod. 

After all, gods are fallible and heroes grow old and die. But people, people working together to build something.

They can live forever. 

Heartbroke Part 2 - Requested (Ashton)

Hey, so im not sure who but a couple of people re-blogged part one asking for a second so here it is, if you haven’t read part one you can find it here, ENJOY!!!!

*Can I come for Billy at twelve? X* your heart cracks a little more as you read the message from Ashton. You hate it, talking about what time he can collect his own child, you hate not having him in bed in the morning, you hate not getting random messages, you hate everything about it, everything about this flat, this situation, everything is wrong. And you’re broken, you don’t show it, not to anyone, you smile and tell them you’re great, that you and Ashton are okay for Billy, that being a single mum isn’t that bad, but it’s all bull shit, and the tears when you climb in the empty bed every night prove it.

*Yeah, pick him up from your mums* you hit send and call to sort things with Anne, for Billy to be at hers when Ashton wants him so you don’t have to see him.

Every time he texts you, calls you, you hear his name, Billy tells you about him, every time you glance at the pictures of him and Billy around the flat you break a little more, day by day losing more of yourself in you never ending broken heart.

*I was hoping to see you, I really need to see you, just a couple of minutes, to know you’re okay* his reply comes quick and your breath catches in your throat.

*Not today* and then you throw your phone onto the sofa before picking Billy up.


‘Thanks for doing this Anne. I’m really sorry I’ve put you in this position’ you apologise for the millionth time since it happened, she shakes her head as she hands Billy over to Harry on the floor.

'Stop apologising, I’m not stuck in the middle, I know he was wrong, and I’m gonna help you however I can’ she explain, you nod a little before giving her a hug.

'He’s staying with Ash tonight, and he is taking him into nursery tomorrow, thanks again’ you tell her, as you both walk to the front door. You open it to see Ashton, you freeze. You haven’t seen him in three weeks, his hair is normal, the bandana around his head making it look like it has a style when in actual fact it’s just out grown. He seems good, great, normal, and you’re not sure whether this sound hurt or make you feel a little better but it does neither, because your frozen, you know you have stopped breathing, your breath caught in your throat.

'See you later Anne’ you words have come without you thinking about them, your voice back to the normal cover up, and go step down out of the door, Ashton steps to the side a little and you glance down at the keys in your hand as you walk to your car.

'Wait, I wanted to catch you’ Ashton’s voice follows you sounding rushed and it now you notice, now when you turn to him you notice the change, his voice is broken, his eyes dull, he looks just like Ashton until you look into his eyes and you mean really look in his eyes, and you see it nothing.

'I know you don’t want to see me but your my wife, just please, give me five minutes to talk’ you want to say no, your head is screaming no but your heart is telling you to follow him to the ends of the earth, and then you notice Harry, Lauren and Billy standing in the down stairs window watching as Anne staying watching from the front door and you know you can’t say it.

'Take as long as you need’ Anne calls, Ashton doesn’t even turn to his mum as he shouts thanks, his eyes glued to yours. And you nod, it’s hardly a nod really and if he wasn’t staring at you he probably would have missed it and you probably would have had time to change your mind before the smile fills his face.


'I don’t know what to say, no that’s wrong, I have loads to say, I guess I don’t know where to start’ Ashton speaks as you both walk through the empty street.

'How about why?’ Your voice is weak, but you don’t care, it’s only Ashton no and he deserves to know how much he had fucked you up. You can’t bring yourself to look his straight in so only know he is nodding from the corner if your eye.

'We could start there, if I had an answer, but I don’t, I don’t have the faintest idea why I did it, I was happy with you, I am happy with you, I wasn’t lonely, I wasn’t desperate for attention, I wasn’t looking for it, so I dunno is the answer, I really don’t’ he rambles one but his words seem to only hurt more.

'Then you just don't….didn’t care, because that’s the only reason I can think of’ your voice is becoming stronger, maybe because you have realised you can’t rely on him to make you stings, because no matter what his answers they aren’t gonna help you.

'That’s not true, that’s never been true, never, I have always loved you, always cared, you…you and Billy are the most important in my life, I would give everything for you two. Don't…don’t ever think that’s why, I…I’ he starts to stutter clearly losing it a little as he steps in front of you.

'Ashton I can’t listen any more, I can’t do this, I wanted to, I dunno I thought answers would maybe help but hearing you say that you have no reason, not even a shitty excuse for breaking up our lives, it’s not helping, it’s just hurting more.’ You explain, still not letting your eyes meet his.

'I was yours Ashton, I was whole heartedly yours, you had me, all of me. I took your band, your fans, your tours and I worked with it. I fit into your life. What that it? I was just easy; I could handle it all so I was just an easy option? You never loved me, am I just another tick on your life list. Be successful, check, get money, check, get a girlfriend, check, marry her, check, have a kid, check and what? Now you’re done, now your list is complete it doesn’t matter how you treat us? Have you got bored of having it all?’ You don’t have control of the words, every possible reason you have given yourself for him hurting you coming out and he looks shocked. His mouth opens like he is gonna say something and he closes it again.

'Th….that’s not true, tha….no, how could you think that?’ He stutters through, his face scrunching together a little although I’m crazy to ask.

'Because you cheated in me, you took a stranger into our home, past out child’s room and into our bed; you fucked a complexly fucking stranger in our bed. You made me fall in love, I fucking love you so much, you are my everything, my whole fucking life is surrounded by you, I live here thousands of miles from my family, and I do everything for you. I’m strong Ashton, I’m fucking strong and you broke me, your ripped me apart’ hour voice is building into more of a shout cry.

'I love you’ his voice is nothing, broken isn’t the word, it’s just nothing and it breaks your heart. 'You can’t love me’ you cry, the tears pouring from your eyes. Your breathing is a mess, your chest aching, your body draining of energy and you just drop to the floor, resting your back against someone’s brick wall fencing. And you take in huge breaths m, your eyes closed as you try to calm yourself. And you do, you start to breath probably.

Soft warmth gently brushes your cheek and you unintentionally nuzzle into his touch. Even after all these years he still sends shivers down your whole body. ‘I love you’ he whispers, ‘and I miss you, I’m so sorry’ his voice trembles a little but you keep your eyes closed your cheek in his hand as his thumb continues to brush your cheek. ‘I’m never going to be able to make it up to you, and I don’t expect you to ever fully forgive me, but I need you and I promise that I will spend the rest of my life proving how much I love you’ he finishes, you don’t have the energy to open your eyes, but you feel his breath on your lips only a second before his brush yours, so softly that he feels like a ghost but when he pulls your face a little closer, before his lips start to move you can’t help but move with him.

'Please come home’ he asks, his lips still so close that they brush yours as he speaks, you open your eyes to meet his deep brown ones and you nod, only slightly but it’s a start. And a start is enough. For now.

From Chelsea

18 Without hope
  • Endy: ...*slowly strokes back of Koss' head looking at him in worried but rather calm way, still laying next to him*
  • Koss: ...*seems calm, then starts again to tremble during the sleep*
  • Endy: *places hand on his cheek*...ghhh..
  • Endy: ...*wraps arms around him*..
  • Koss: *during the night the runes didn't shine anymore, but now slowly their color is becoming more intense; Koss's temperature is slowly going up, and with that koss is more nervous, moving in the arms of Endy mumbling, but without waking up*
  • Endy: ...ehhh..whatshouldIdo...*whispers placing forehead on Koss' with suffering expression*..
  • Koss: it destroys.. whatiswrong.. *mumbles and breathes slowly, like if it would be painful for him*
  • Endy: ...*grabs his shoulder and shakes him gently* Koss..?
  • Koss: ...mmh..*slightly wakes up, then a stab of pain in his chest makes him curling up* Aah! nhhhg-... ah-..
  • Endy: a-ahhh sssshhhiett..... *hugs him tight* ;----;
  • Koss: ..*suddenly the color of the runes, kinda pulsing before, becomes black like pitch* ...e-endy.. nghH.. *clenches teeth and some tears appear on the corners of his closed eyes*...i-ithurts..end-..AhGH!..ah-h..
  • Endy: n-nnghhhh.....*grabs his face staring at him worried as hell*..s-shhhh.. k-keep calm...
  • Koss: ...*gasps and looks at him with such a weak look, and suffering expression, tears slowly slide down on his cheeks wetting endy's hands* ...t-the pearl, endy.. t-the enchantment doesn't work.. because.. I.. ahnng.. I don't have it.. anymore.. *keeps to tremble* ..mychestisinfirenghh..
  • Endy: *looks at him with wide opened teary eyes*..h-how can I stop it, how can I take this pain from you *stutters while tears appear in his eyes* tell mee... TELL MEee!....*claws his shoulders a bit, curling up and crying against his neck*
  • Endy: If-If I could only take it for myself... all of your pain....
  • Koss: ..t-there's nothing you can do.. nhghh.. butIwanted to say.. j-just.. I'msorry.. forallthepainthatI.. gavetoyou...ahh.. I always.. m-made you worry forsomething.. *tenses his body for a moment because of the pain, and clenches teeth trying not to show it* I..shouldbemorecareful..r-right?
  • Endy: *shakes his head nervously* d-don't say such things like it's end.. d-don't.. T-There is always a solution for every problem.. K-Koss... pleaasee...
  • Endy: there is always.. a solution... *closes eyes clenching teeth, tears slides down his face while he slowly sinks claws into his own chest causing it to open a bit*...
  • Koss: ..*grabs his hand and puts it away, then hugs him tight pushing his chest against his* n-no.. y-you really think that I w-would let you do a thing like that.. and.. btw it wouldn't help.. *whispers with no voice, shivering* i-it's not my pearl.. *leans hand on his back and feels his scales* ..we're so different.. it would be useless or make me get worse more fastly..
  • Endy: ....*frowns tensing his shaky hands, feeling completely useless* I won't let you die...n-no matter what... I promissed myself I'll protect you when you need it since the first moment I saw you running into my place, standing at the door of my place, scared that I'm already dead....*stutters through clenched teeth, trembling*
  • Koss: ..*tenses his back many times, before he can find the strength to talk* I-I did nothing that time for you.. I was worried as hell b-but.. you were already good.. i-instead you protected me so many times.. Idon'tknowhowtothankyouforthat.. b-but we had also so many good moments together.. I never deserved you.. *curls up in his arms, trying to hide his suffering face*
  • Endy: you did a lot.. you can't imagine..*tries to calm down wraping arms around the little one*
  • Koss: ..y-yeah.. indeed I don't know.. nghh.. b-but..NGhkk.. *suddenly starts to cough hardly, almost without having time to breath, then turns, trying to sit on the bed and covers his mouth with his hand, starting to cough a lot of blood*
  • Endy: *sits next to him immediately and starts to pat his back*...K-Kos--...*stares at the blood, completely thrilled, saying nothing*..
  • Koss: ..*all his body shakes like a leaf, covering his mouth also with the other hand, and keeping to coughs tries to stands up; his legs are weak and he stumbles and leans against a wall* ..ngggh ohmy.. *looks at the blood with kinda frozen expression, then looks at Endy*
  • Endy: *stands up and goes up to him quickly wrapping arms around*..fuck.. it's only getting worse and worse....
  • Koss: ..nhhg.. Aaagh.. n-no.. w-whyy.. I'mfine.. gnh.. *koss is burning, shivering because of the fever* ..sofine.. fireishelping.. *slowly flop down, leaving on the wall a trail of blood*
  • Endy: *kneels on the floor taking him in his arms, trembling, speechless with tears dripping down on Koss' face *...
  • Endy: *moves Koss' upper body on his lap bending above, totally powerless*..
  • Endy: ...don't leave me...
  • Endy: ...please...*bursts into tears resting frowned forehead on Koss'* Don't leave me.. you're the only one I can still call my brother... remember...?
  • Koss: ...nghhh.. aa... *snuggles on his lap, while a lot of tears slide down on his cheeks* ..I-I don't want to leave you.. *claws his back, hugging him, while memories are wrapped in a dense fog of pain*..ah-nd.. you are a brother for me as well.. thebestoneever.. *closes eyes full of tears, feeling the taste of his own blood*
  • Endy: p-please don't close your eyes..s-stay with me.. Koss.... pleasee...*grabs his face*
  • Koss: ...*whispers slowly*..I-I'msorry....
  • Endy: ...*suddenly hugs him tight, feeling Koss' body weak almost like a marionette, presses him against his chest*..Don't leave me!.....DON'T LEAVE ME! *trembles screaming through the clenched teeth*..