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Moments. Chapter 2: Together

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Prompt: future fic: how Sana and Yousef really get together… hope you decide to write it!

Chapter 2: Together


She arrived at 4pm sharp. He was already there, sitting on the same place where they had talked a few weeks ago. As soon as he saw her, he stood up, nervously fidgeting with his shirt. Sana approached him with a serious expression. Yes, she knew now the truth, she knew he liked her –at least that’s what Noora said- she knew why the kissed had happened, she knew that he wasn’t with Noora. But that didn’t erase the fact that she had been suffering almost three weeks about that, it didn’t erase the fact that even though he liked her, he had kissed another girl instead of talking to her. So Sana thought that would allow her to make that boy suffer a little bit while having fun about it.

“Hey, thank you for coming” Yousef said

He looked like he was about to do the most important job interview of his life. Sana almost felt bad for him and she hadn’t even opened her mouth yet.


“Should we sit?” Yousef asked

“Don’t think that’s necessary”

“I have to tell you something important, it might take awhile”

“You really don’t have to tell me anything. I already know” Sana said

You…know? What, what exactly do you know?” he stuttered

“I know about Noora” she said crossing her arms on her chest

Yousef widened his eyes in surprise, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Did she tell you?”

“She didn’t have to. I saw you.”

“What?” Yousef felt his heart pounding on his chest

“I saw you kissing Noora”

“Sana, I can explain”

“You don’t have to explain anything. I saw you kissing Noora and I also know you met her on Sunday, I heard Adam and Mikael talking about it”

“What? No, no, you got it all wrong”

“You think I’m stupid?” Sana asked raising an eyebrow

“Of course not, but you misunderstood it”

“So you do think I’m stupid, great”

“I don’t think you’re stupid Sana. I just need you to let me explain what happened”

“So now you’re saying that I don’t let you talk, wow”

“No, this is all coming out wrong” Yousef said brushing his hair with his fingers, a nervous manner he had.

“I’m telling you, Yousef, you don’t have to explain anything to me”

“I do, I do have to explain it to you. Just give me a chance”

“I already know what I need to know”

“Sana please…”

“Yousef, I know everything and nothing you say is going to change my mind”

“Just hear my version, please, that’s all I’m asking” he said almost begging

Sana looked at him, he really looked like he was suffering. As much as she was enjoying the moment she thought maybe it was time to give him a rest.

“I already know that. I know that you kissed Noora because you thought I didn’t like you. I know you stopped the kiss because you didn’t feel anything about it. I know you met Noora on Sunday so you could tell her that you don’t like her. And I know you told her you like me”

Yousef took a time to process all the information. He stood there, his mouth slightly opened, blinking really fast repeating all the conversation on his head.

“What?” he whispered

Sana’s lip slowly curved into a big smile that ended with her laughing.

Fy faen, Sana!” he said covering his face with his hands making her laugh even harder “I thought you were pissed at me, why would you do that?”

“I just wanted to make you suffer a little bit” she said shrugging

“You’re so mean” he said shaking his head but smiling a lot more relieved.

“Hey, I’ve spent three weeks crying, you’ve only suffered like 5 minutes. I think it’s fair”

Yousef’s face dropped

“You’ve been crying?” he asked “because of me?”

“It wasn’t just because of you, don’t get too cocky” she joked

“Sana, I’m serious”

“So am I, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep a straight face right now. Yes, I’ve been crying but now I’m laughing, isn’t it nice?”

“It is. But I hate myself for making you suffer”

“Hey, like I said, it wasn’t just about you” she said taking a step closer.

“So Noora told you I like you…” Yousef said slightly blushing

“Is it true?” Sana asked hesitantly

“You really need to ask?”

“I don’t want to make assumptions anymore, I want to hear it from you”

“Okay, I, Yousef Acar, declare that I like you, Sana Bakkoush” he said solemnly

Sana shook her head and rolled her eyes

“Wow, I tell you I like you and that’s your answer? Harsh”

“That was my answer at you being such a dork. My answer at you liking me is this: I like you too, Yousef”

“Really?” he said raising an eyebrow

You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you?”

He just smiled and shrugged while Sana rolled her eyes again and sighed.

“I, Sana Bakkoush, declare that I like you, Yousef Dork Acar” she said with a smug smile

“Good enough” he said laughing

They both stared at each other while smiling, it was their specialty.

“So…what does this mean?” Sana dared to asked

“What do you want it to mean?”

“Really?” she asked glaring at him

“Okay, I’ll start. I want to be with you Sana, like properly be with you.” He said taking a step closer

“You mean like….”

“I mean like dating”

“Sounds cool” Sana said nodding

“Sounds cool?” he said shaking his head, that girl was going to be the end of him.

“Yeah, I’d like to be with you” Sana said

“You mean like…” he imitated her

“Yes, I mean like dating”

“Sounds cool” he nodded

“Two things though” Sana warned

“Go ahead”

“First, you have to promise that we won’t make assumptions anymore, that we will talk to each other before reacting. If we don’t do that I don’t think this is going to work”

“I promise and I totally agree. What’s the second one?”

“We can’t tell anybody yet. Not until we know for sure that this…us…is going to work. I don’t want to add more pressure than we already have”

“Okay, okay, I get it. We’ll tell them whenever you’re ready”

Sana nodded, there was still one more thing she wanted to tell him, one thing that may scared him away.

“Yousef…there’s one more thing” she said looking at the floor “I’m not…I’m not like other girls…there’s stuff…there are certain things that I don’t…that I won’t do…I mean…”

“Hey, hey, hey. Sana look at me” Yousef said understanding what she was referring to. “Sana please look at me”

She took a deep breath and looked at his eyes feeling her heart beating faster and faster.

“You don’t have anything to worry about. I’m not here because of that stuff. All I want is to be with you, spend time with you, talk to you. You’ll be the one putting the limits and I’ll respect them, I promise, you have nothing to worry about. I would never do anything that could make you uncomfortable”

“And what if…?” she said but didn’t end the sentence. What if he got tired of her?

“It won’t happen. I promise you.” He said slowly while looking at her eyes making sure she’d understand it.

“Okay” she whispered




Hope you’ve liked it 

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Can I request GoM + Kagami+Kuroko when their s/o runs to their bedroom panicking and telling them they just saw a monster in their (s/o's xD) room? :D But it's not true ofc :P sth just scared them

You know what? I misunderstood your request and wrote it in a wrong way. Forgive me, please. If you want I can write it again, let me know.

But please - enjoy.



“S/o-chan..” Kuroko said, looking at you and waiting patiently for your response, which he did not get.

After five minutes of you ignoring him, he shook your arm gently. “S/o notice me, I’m slightly panicking.”

That time you turned your head slowly towards him, somehow trying also to focus on your homework. “Tetsu, you don’t panic at all.” You stated sceptically, watching his emotionless face.

“I am a mess inside, believe my words.”

“Okay, then. What’s wrong?”
You asked, tilting your head until it touched your left shoulder.

“I think I saw a monster under your bed.” He answered,completely serious as expected.

You just looked at him with disapprobation, however, he seemed not to notice your nasty look. Time to play along. Clicking your tongue, you decided to finally ask.

“How did it look?”

“It had huge red eyes, sharp claws and eyebrows just like Kagami.” His statement made you laugh and put place next to you, ready for him to sit on.

“As long as it does not look like furious Akashi, I am able to welcome him in my house.” You chuckled, wrapping arms around his waist.

“That’s rude S/o-chan, appreciate that I won’t tell him this.” He said kissing your forehead.

“Then you should appreciate my patience for your jokes.’

’‘You have a point here.”

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Kagami was a patient man, Kagami was a very good person, Kagami was also a great boyfriend. But - Kagami had enough of your shit. 

Every time you pranked him, everyfreakingtime he couldn’t do anything, but withstand your stupid. However, now he had an idea.
Kagami was going to revenge his poor humiliated person. And it will be great!

He was preparing that whole idea for almost a week, now. He asked you on a date, which was today.

He made your favourite meal for dinner.
He cleaned his living room for your movie night.
He bought three movies, two comedies and one, terrifying horror, which would definitely scare the shit out of you.

After that he would let you shower first and while you were in the bathroom, the whole power in the house would suddenly go out. Oh, so such a surprise!
Then, when you came out, shaking like a wet dog, of course, he would be ready for you in his wardrobe. You would be calling his name and finally come into his bedroom! And boom! He would jump and make the best prank-revenge ever!

Everyone who ever thought about Kagami as an idiot was wrong! Horribly wrong!

For the past three hours, he couldn’t find a place for himself. He was walking from room to room, checking if everything is alright with DVDs and his TV. You will knock on his door at every moment now.

His body froze when he heard the doorbell. He was walking really slowly, due to his nervousness and when he opened the door, he thought he was seriously going to die! You brought Kuroko with you!

“Hey Taiga! Look who came!”
You exclaimed, throwing your body at him, enveloping him in a bear hug. 

“What’s with this long face, you grumpy man?”

“Yes, Kagami-kun. You should be happy we came to visit you and you do not to be alone anymore.” Kuroko stated as calm as ever, but Taiga could see how the corners of his mouth rose slightly in amusement.

“Yeah, yeah! And look who we brought with us! He was the most excited to see you!” And then you bent over, picked something small and hairy from the ground and held right in front of his face. 

Kagami’s unhappy scowl immediately changed into an utterly frightened expression.

“N-Nigou!” The dog barked happily and left your arms, clearly wanting to go and chase poor red head for a bit.

“Stupid, he though he could prank us.’' 

’'Kagami-kun isn’t the most clever person.’' 

’'I’m kinda glad to have you as my partner in crime, Tetsu.’' 

’'Likewise, miss s/o.”

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You jumped from the place you stood when you heard a terrifying scream coming out of your room. Shaking off the terror you’ve just experienced, you run in there as fast as you possibly could. As you thought it was Daiki, who immediately reached his hands towards your not amused figure, from a spot under your bed.

“S/O! Help me get out of here! He is holding me!”

You furrowed your eyebrows, not quite understanding the whole situation. Why the hell did you agree to be his girlfriend in the first place? Ah yes, he is handsome. That’s the only reason. 

“By he you mean, who exactly?”

“The monster! He is just behind him! DO SOMETHING!” He screamed again, making you roll your eyes so hard they almost fall. You stepped from your left leg to your right one, before storming out of the room, not forgetting about shutting the door closed.

“W-who? What the hell? You are supposed to be my girlfriend, not someone who helps murder me!’' 

’'Shut the fuck up, you idiot. I hope you rot there.’' 

’'Heh, love you too.’’

‘'Fuck off.”

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“S/O! HELP ME!” Kise screamed, running to the kitchen, where you were trying really hard to concentrate on making dinner.

“What’s going on with you again?! I should have left you in the basement!” You face showed not so happy emotions, he really was the only one who could make you absolutely angry without any reasons.

“THERE’S MONSTER! RIGHT IN YOUR ROOM! I SAW IT!!” Yes, you totally believed him, even when he was desperately trying to hide his stupid grin. Ah, fuck it.

“OH GOD? YOU SAW HIM TOO? I guess it’s his feeding time. He really likes to eat men. You remember my dad?”
He instantly paled and nodded.

“Monster is the reason why he is not with us anymore. It seems to like only men as his meals.” Well, he was on a business trip, but who cares.

“I hope he would like you too, because I have nothing else.” Then you smirked evilly at him, your eyes showed guiltiness.

“W-what? You would not sacrifice my-your handsome boyfriend, would you-you?” He stuttered, taking few steps back.

“Forgive me, Kise.”
You said softly, giving him your kindest smile.

And that was the moment when Ryouta run away from your house screaming like a child, who has just lost his parents. And you? You finished making dinner for two and ate it all by yourself.

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10 minutes ago Shintarou, who insisted on visiting your house tonight went to your room, because of the reasons you didn’t know (you didn’t really want to) and didn’t come out since.

You were sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for him to come back, but after some time your eyes started to be very heavy. You couldn’t help yourself and finally fell asleepMidorima thought this day couldn’t get any worse when Takao dared him to prank you, but when he saw that you were sleeping, and waking you up meant the submarine as a death wish, he instantly felt even more terrible than before.

He started shaking your body, gently at first, but then more and more violently until both of his arms started to ache a bit. Groaning, he sat next to you and put his head on your shoulder.

“S-Shin?” You asked, rubbing his eyes.

“What took you so long?’’ It sounded so innocent that Midorima couldn’t help, but melts inside and want nothing more than to cuddle you the whole day. Not that he would say it directly, though.

’'N-nothing, don’t worry about it. Let’s sleep some more.”


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Akashi didn’t like cleaning, not at all. However, sometimes it needs to be done, so as a responsible and mature person he really tried. He started with bathroom, then the kitchen and living room and the only room left was your shared bedroom. 

You came home earlier than always and decided to make a dinner. Your cleaning boyfriend was a nice surprise and it kind of some chores of your back, so you were grateful.

While you were carefully cutting vegetables, he was making a bed, but quickly got distracted by the sound of his phone ringing. Without thinking much, he turned to it dropping box full of your jewellery by accident.

He frowned upon seeing his act of clumsiness, which not happened very often, and went under the bed to put your things in their rightful place. In the meantime, you finished what you were doing and made your way to Akashi, in hope that he was ready to have a dinner with you.

Without knocking, because who knocks on their own door, you barged into the bedroom looking around. It was kind of creepy, Akashi was nowhere to be seen, but it still looked clean as hell.  And right in the moment you wanted to scream his name, you heard suppressed moan followed by a very disturbing voice whispering your full name. Shivers run down your spine, you started to back off slowly and then you saw it - bloody red eyes right under your bed.

Your mind went completely blank and not caring about hot meal waiting for you - you run away as fast as you could yell like someone wanted to murder you.

Seijuro couldn’t really believe his eyes. He knew that sometimes he looked scary, but whatthefuck. He stood up and facepalmed probably for the first time in his life. Now he had nothing more left than go after you and put some sense into your head.

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So basically, your day was absolutely terrible. People you met were shitty, weather cried at your ugliness, and everything seemed to want to kill you.

Yeah, day like any other.

The only things you wanted to do was lay down, watch Game of Thrones on your laptop and eat Atsushi’s trashy food and then see him cry. Hell yay.

Changing your clothes into more comfortable ones, your mind was slowly floating on an obscure boat towards your coach and your body decided to follow it. Sitting, hugging the blanket close to your body, your hands reached for the laptop and headphones. Making yourself more comfortable you finally put your favourite show on and decided to ignore the rest of the world forever. Or just tonight. Whatever.

When you came home and didn’t even greet Murasakibara, he knew that you had a bad day. His own mood was very good and he kind of wasn’t ready for your anger, so he started thinking of ways to make you feel better. Pranking you seemed like a good idea, you liked jokes and laughing at nothing very important, so why not? However, he had no idea how to prank.. #yolo

“S/o-chin.” He called your name, after five minutes standing behind you unnoticed.

“There’s a ghost in our room.”

“Atsushi, leave me alone. I’m not hungry.” You said these words with such disgust, he felt like he was talking with Gordon Ramsay.

“Not a roast, S/o-chin! Ghost! Scary, white dead person!”

“Go away.” He scratched the back of his head, thinking about something different.

“I was just joking. It was a monster! He is eating your shoes right now!”

“Rollercoaster? Are you insane? If you don’t leave me alone right now, I will break your every finger in two places!”

“B-but a vampire..”

“You know what? I’m going to sleep and you can eat a roast, or go to the amusement park or listen to this choir alone!” You kicked your blanket off and stormed out of the room faster that he has even seen.

“Well, at least she left some food for me.”

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I edited this, cuz I made some mistakes :>

Dad looked at me for a long time. I can’t bear to describe the expression on his face.

He was looking at me like I was the enemy. Like he suddenly understood that evil existed not just in the world, not just in his own backyard, but in his very own kid. His very own flesh and blood.

‘Please tell me I misunderstood,’ he said. 'Please tell me you haven’t actually convinced disabled children to participate in this nightmare.’

Jake spoke. 'We had no choice.’

'There’s always a choice,’ my father said angrily. 'Jake, I thought you knew that. Where’s the boy I used to know? The boy who was so clear on right and wrong.’

I wondered the same thing.

Jake wasn’t Jake anymore. His eyes were harder. Maybe his heart, too. And I didn’t like the look that came over his face now.

It was the look that Rachel got when she was determined to win no matter what. It was the look Tobias got when he was closing in on a mouse.

'We’ll wait for you over there,’ Jake told me. He didn’t answer my father. He just led Toby and the others away.

Even Jake’s back looked different. Straighter. More unyielding.

Jake, the Jake I knew, was going away. And I didn’t know how to get him back.

—  Book #50: The Ultimate, pg. 99 (by K.A. Applegate)

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(1) Hi, I was following u closely for many months and I read all of ur opinions before sending u this. I want to say that I really love ur blog. Im a mutual Ri fan for long and I like how u state ur opinions about him and how ur unlike his other vvips who spend their life mourning his lack of promotion and how badly treated he is. Yes we all know he needs more recognition but we dont have to give that image about him or his fanbase in general.

This ask came in 8 parts:

(2)My fave line of anything u said is that Ri needs our support not our pity. That’s how Ri fans should be like. It’s my great wish that others would learn from u.However I must say that I disagree with some of ur views. Plz don’t take this as an offence. Seeing how opened up and diplomatic u are, I am sure u will be considerate. Let me first warn u that I only like Ri. I knew him before big bang and I only kept him as my fave and the only one that matter between the 5. I only follow his solo(3)career and his solo albums are my fave. I only go to big bang concert for him. I am not attached to any of the other members at all. Thus I hope u can understand me when I say that Ri eldest members don’t actually love him. Im sure u know the number of scandals they caused him bcz of their loud mouth. People say Ri say their secrets in shows but he never caused them a problem with the public. They on the other hand did on so many occasions. The top top top incident, the porn watching incident(4)they bring up his playboy statue all the time. Just bcz they’re boring on shows they need to stop attending. He.s not their sacrificing goat to bring him up every time they can’t find anything to talk about. U know more than anyone that the public care for what they say about him and not the other way round bcz they’re the eldest and he is just a maknae. There are also those times they shut him out harshly and the way taeyang said in dome that Ri can’t sing or dance. Gdragon also tells him to(5) shut up the whole time. Top joins them in beating him. Daesung doesn beat him but he throw hurtful words his way. They all said to leave Ri behind and continue promoting as 4That can be considered a joke but he has feelings. It hurts when they tell him he can’t sing and that they will continue as 4  Don’t they know that the public already consider him useless and keep saying he can’t sing? Why add to his problems, they’re not being funny. They never were. They’re just plain rude and hurtful(6)Then they blatantly complain that he doesn’t hang out with them. Like hell he would. Why would he spend time with bad members who don’t respect him neither as a person or a singer when he have mutual beautiful friends that make him feel like he belong?I never thought Ri belong to big bang. It’s not from his lack of trying but more bcz the others made him always feel like he’s beneath them. They fed him an inferiority complex and let him almost die with it. They didn’t even attempt to get him(7)out when they could.Ri fought and came back on his own. I honestly wish he gets out of that hell hole. I don’t want him to stay with people who don’t appreciate his person and his talent. It hurts him u know. U urself said that he looks uncomfortable when they go too far. He said that he doesn’t know why top told that top top top incident when he knew that Ri promotions were soon to drop. They’re disrespectful but he continue being selfless with them bcz he has to.(8)They were clueless about the fight he had to undergo to restore his confidence. So don’t say they love him and care about him when they don’t even know him. I just wanted to let u know that u’re defending them when they don’t deserve it. I apologize for this super duper long ask. Have a nice day.


To start with, thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate the respectful tone you used in the ask. Of course I wouldn’t be offended. To each their own opinions.
But let me clear few things, I never said the hyungs were angels. They do go too far sometimes but it’s mostly jokes. They would never mean to hurt him. At least not intentionally. Never.

You said you’re only Seungri’s fan so unlike me and other Vips, you might not be familiar with the group’s dynamics because that’s sincerely their way to show him love. Their characters are entirely different from Seungri therefore they can’t be open and forward like him. That’s why they retort to other measures (some of them can be considered extreme and categorised as tough love).
The thing they say to him or about him in concerts are jokes. I’ve been to most of their domes and Bae said more than once that Seungri can’t sing or that he’s not important in BigBang. Even in one of the recent Tokyo domes, Bae said that Seungri’s a singer anyway so he should sing some more. Seungri just acted offended saying that he has always been a singer and that what Bae said is totally wrong but then they all laughed it off because it was meant as a joke. That’s Bae twisted sense of humour and Seungri understands it because he spent ten years with him. If it was offending him, he would’ve drew the limits a long time ago.

The most important thing is that Seungri knows that the hyungs love him. In one of Yg family concerts, they kept jokingly making fun of him so he said, ‘I know that you all love me so much and that’s why you like taunting me.’’ and they all just smiled at him.

‘He (Seungri) may seem like the bullied character to people, but it’s only because there are no walls between us members. We can tell each other anything.’ _ YoungBae
‘I show people love by teasingly hitting them.’ _ TOP
‘Fighting and arguing amongst brothers are normal. Living together can also cause disagreements. I don’t think it will work if there’s none.’ _ Seungri
‘I feel annoyed by the hyungs teasing sometimes but it’s not as if they’re doing it because they hate me. I’ve never felt hurt or frustrated, or even wondered why they’re doing that to me. Since we all love and take care of each other.’ _ Seungri

And Seungri does belong to BigBang. You’re also his fan so you know too well how much it took him to build a solid position in the group. Saying that he doesn’t ‘belong’ is like throwing years of his hard work from the window.
Also, it wasn’t the hyungs that fed him inferiority complex. It was the public. They would never want him to suffer because unlike what you implied they do care about him and his well-being.
Let’s not talk about the older days because he was a bit reckless. Seungri hyungs are not as open about their emotions as he is but they praised him several times.

When everyone kept criticising Seungri’s voice, Jiyong said that he could’ve not written many of BigBang’s songs without envisioning Seungri’s voice in them and that he truly likes his voice because it’s really sweet. He recently said the famed ‘our seungri sings well’. He also described Seungri of being a genius for writing his album in two weeks. For Seungri’s Let’s Talk about Love comeback, Jiyong kept monitoring his stage, sending him feedback and even showing him support by attending his fansign right after his Inkigayo.
Bae praised Seungri’s voice and his ability to attract people more than once. Dae stood up for him when he, Jiyong and Bae talked about Seungri’s scandal. Unlike the other two who mentioned their disappointment to please the public, Dae looked completely mortified and only said that he loves his dongseang, he misses him and wants him back as soon as possible. Choi would always fool around with him and when Seungri had his first drama role, he gave him acting advices when even Bae predicted that he wouldn’t. They all stood for him when Yg wanted to remove him from the centre in loser. They said he matured so much in the last few years. They don’t even need to tell him what to do anymore. In other words, Seungri doesn’t need their guidance.

And please don’t say that they don’t know him. They spent ten years together, I am sure they know him more than me, you and any other fan. It’s a whole decade after all.
That’s all I have to say on this regard. I defend the hyungs because they tend to be misunderstood just like Seungri is at times. They would never cause harm to their energy ball. At least not purpose.

Note: All the asks were sent two to six days ago. I apologise for the late reply. I didn’t have time to come over.

[Rough Trans] Conversation of Yonghwa and IU at IU’s Small Theatre Concert cr 爱茸花花的小小詹 / Please credit when repost

[ After IU & Yonghwa sang “Friday” ]

YH: Hi Everyone! I’m Jung Yonghwa~
IU: You seemed nervous
YH: The staff said the segment I’m singing along today is supposed to be a fans sing-along session session
IU: Yes it is, it’s suppose to be sing-along part with fans
YH: asked me to be careful
IU: He sang well right?
Audience: Yes!!
YH: Really nervous, previously I sang the national anthem, seems like I’m even more nervous that that now
IU: so I heard you’ve prepared the National Anthem

[ YH sang National Anthem ]

IU: I saw the clip of you singing the National Anthem too. Singing National Anthem (infront of everyone) is really hard… how many people were there?
YH: That day was the day they were giving out Ryu Han Jin’s free bobbly head toy, initially it wasn’t fully seated, but when it officially started, there were about 40000 people
IU: Singing the National Anthem infront of 40000 people?
YH: Really it is, how do I put it… I’ve never been this nervous my entire life
IU: After I’ve seen the clip, I felt that, Wow… he sang really well. But today you kept saying you’re nervous
YH: Seems like I’m more nervous that that
IU: You said that you’re more nervous singing in places you’re not familiar in?
YH: You know where I’m singing right? I was waiting backstage and it’s the first time I’ve experienced this. I had held concerts before but I’ve never thought that male fans cheer can filled with so much power (I think this part Yonghwa was to IU’s male fans screaming before the concert)
IU: But there’s a lot of female audiences today too! Ladies please scream~
YH: Haha, never thought that female fans can be so strong too

IU : I think its the first time we are having a conversation like that right? Usually on TV broadcast, we only converse one or two sentences. I think it’s the first time we are having a official proper conversation

YH: Officially?
IU: How is it? I’m feeling a little awkward
YH: Yes, its a little awkward
IU: I have to speak in formal and it’s a little awkward, I worried about it, we haven’t work before. During rehearsal, I kept feeling nervous, I thought what do I do if I’m really nervous, but we still sing well right?
Audience: Yes!!!!

YH: Really nervous, completely nervous… We sang better without rehearsal
IU: Ay don’t lie~ It’s really a blast ~
YH: That was to make you feel less nervous
IU: So I was less nervous because of Yonghwa-sshi. He is really a dependent friend to me. He plays the guitar well, he composes well. If I writes a new song, I will let him listen to it. When I first wrote Friday, I played the “guide” version for Yonghwa-sshi, at that time he gave me negative comments

YH: Me? IU-sshi, you’re still misunderstood until now
IU: We even fought on the phone
YH: I think it was only the difference in speaking tone, let me tell all of you what happened. Everyone please do not be misunderstood. It wasn’t negative comments at all. When I first hear the demo of “Friday”, i thought “wow…there’s a hongdae feel to the song” (i think he meant, the song sounds like a song that can be heard from the buskers in hongdae) In the past, we have those mini sites, and I said, this would be a good song to be a background music of those mini sites, I said something like that without any bad intentions.

IU: Nope.. Yonghwa-sshi said my lyrics were too commercialize, and when I heard, I said I wrote it with my heart! When the final product is out, Yonghwa-sshi said that the song is very nice, and it will be really popular

YH: Really! I’ve heard Friday for many thousand times, I really like it~

IU: (Yonghwa-sshi) really a friend I’m thankful for, in a lot of areas, he is a precious friend to me, so today I would like to recommend him to everyone as a guest of my last concert… You just returned to Korea yesterday right?

YH: Oh no, 2 days ago.. Since a year ago, IU-sshi had been telling me she want to hold concerts at a small threatre, from then she had been looking for people (as guests) saying “you have to come and join me” At that time I said, okay. This year, I’m really a guest at her small threatre concert here

IU: He came without any hesitation
YH: Everyone had been looking forward for the last day of concert, and in the end I came….
IU: No.. everyone is happy right? As my fans, I know the best that they’ll enjoy it. Yonghwa-sshi brought your guitar today… What are you going to sing today?

YH: Yes, today…
IU: What are you going to sing?
YH: It’s not my concert today but its IU-sshi’s concert, I’ll sing songs everyone is familiar… I was asking IU-sshi about the songs I should prepare, she said anything will do, so I just prepared a few~ Please sing along with me if you know the songs, if you don’t know just follow the mouthing of those people who knows~ Haha, and if you can give me some applause, i will be even more thankful~

YH: Ah~ I’m so nervous~ Everyone will sing with me right?

[ Yonghwa Sings You & I + Love Light ]

IU: Yonghwa-sshi, you’ve prepared before you came right?
YH: Just now I heard someone said they want to listen to it, so I sang thinking about that
IU: Yonghwa-sshi is really smart. Awhile ago during rehearsal, he too sang like that with a fuss-free and refreshing feel. It’s a simple singing way, but I’m surprised he prepared so much~ Yonghwa-sshi really… Let’s give him another round of applause~ He’s really a singer!
YH: Now the mood’s better, I’ll continue~
IU: Oh Really?!

[ Yonghwa Sings I’m A Loner (Unplugged) ]

IU: Yonghwa-sshi’s really my good friend, I’m thankful~ Seems like everyone can’t get enough, but it’s time we send Yonghwa off ~

YH: It’s time to leave??? [ Yonghwa Sings Love Tell Me Why Why Why ]

[ Continues with one line of Intuition]

IU: I’m really thankful, say something to our audience~
YH: I appeared abruptly today… but I’m thankful I can be part of this meaningful event mingling with audiences in a close distance. Because it’s the last concert today, IU-sshi will be singing for everyone with all she has, hope everyone will have fun, making beautiful memories with IU-sshi. I’m really thankful, please come to my concert next time!

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Eng Trans by Flyfurryfly
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I’m gonna sum it up for y’all. Get ready. 

So Liam tweeted Willie Robertson (no idea who he is to be honest but apparently he’s an asshole) telling him he was a fan. 

Tyler called Liam out and told him supporting some one like that Willie dude (who is racist and homophobic) is not cool. He was like: “Um, i’m confused and disappointed Liam what” and Liam started bitching. He was like “Ur a fake fan, fuck u Tyler i will make sure everyone unfollows u you misinterpreted how dare you” 

Tyler thanked Liam for explaining his intentions but Liam was still bitching and the boys unfollowed Tyler and Liam was bitching about everyone bitching about him bitching. Tyler was bombarded with hate and said he’d take a break from the internet because he was getting death threats while Liam just couldn’t calm the fuck down and was bitching about journalists and bloggers writing about his bitching. It was a mess.


(sidenote: None of those are actual quotes)