please tell me if i mislinked or misspelled something

Butterflies that I will never unfollow even if they become inactive:

oirokes ♥ houyas ♥ myuun ♥ riseken ♥ hoshikari ♥ ichiina ♥ rnikoto  ♥ kurosami ♥ 0takugirl ♥ kurokoz ♥ umekori ♥ otaku-believer ♥ moriemi ♥ temarii ♥ majodsama ♥ maelune ♥ petit-ouji ♥ pampukin ♥ shidanohana, pinkupetals ♥ themoya ♥ eveningcafe ♥ c-hibi ♥ teriyakihichew♥  mizukas ♥ melodious ♥ michiiiko ♥ nemuipanda

To everyone on this and my beautiful senpais: First, i’m sorry for how ugly this is. i had to do it super fast ;n; i gave up on capitalizing words for laziness, but i hope that doesn’t bother u lol. i look up to most of you guys so much, and even if you aren’t on my senpai list below, i love you just as much as them! most of you guys make graphics and they’re all so wonderful! all of you are beautiful butterflies okay //hugs i hope you all had a wonderful valentines day and every other day of the year! <3

Senpais (most of them don’t follow me so don’t think that please):

FIXED 0takugirl - rimu - mizukas - rnikoto - ichiina - naotarou - houyas - senj0ugahara - myuun - hakuryus - ocarine - asunaa - pampukin - sobyouu - melodious - themoya - maelune - otaku-believer - gasaii - larimii - michiiiko - temarii - eveningcafe - teriyakihichew - umekori FIXED 

credit to lovely mizukas for the gif

please tell me if i mislinked or misspelled anything