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Okay, So I’m currently working on setting up my account so I can post fanfiction. Afterwards I’m going to start writing, so just to give you a sneak peek of my writing style this is a scene I wrote for fun a year or so ago. It makes me cringe, but tell me what you guys think.

Part 1:

It was bad. They were both exhausted, and darkness was cloaking the indigo sky. Both of them, panting and sweating, were low on magic power, how could they beat him? His power was immense, and his evil spirit sent shivers of fear down their spines. They knew they’d die if they couldn’t find the strength to overpower him.

“Natsu, what are we going to do?” She whispered, as Natsu held his shoulder where the powerful opponent had left a bloody gash. He looked at her and then back at the enemy several times, but he seemed as helpless as she did.

“There isn’t much to do but fight him with all our power,” he paused as he saw the obvious doubt cross her face. “We’re from Fairy Tail aren’t we? We can beat him.” Natsu looked her way again and smiled. One eye was forced shut and swollen, his face covered in bruises and scratches.

“Yeah!” Lucy smiled back, both of them determined.

An imitating smirk grew on the enemy’s face. He watched the two mages prepare to attack him. A deep, evil cackle rose from his throat and he drew out his hands, preparing to strike again. They drew back and Natsu lashed out his fire dragon’s iron fist. With his flaming fists he lunged at the enemy. But he was too slow, the evil spirit dodged and almost knocked Natsu to his feet. In defense Lucy drew out her celestial whip and yanked the mage’s arm away before he could slam Natsu. Before she could call upon a celestial spirit he thrusted a black shadow towards Lucy. It flashed before her eyes, cutting open her arm, his aim was off otherwise it would’ve been her head.

“Lucy!” Natsu screamed. Anger flashed in his eyes and he sent a wave of magic power towards the evil wizard. “Fire Dragon secret art! Wing attack!” Natsu had pin point accuracy, but the opponent hardly flinched from the blow!

“What!” Natsu’s mouth was gaping open in shock. As the enemy’s smirk reappeared, Lucy’s eyes were wide in shock. He should have been exhausted by now, she thought. “That should have sent you flying!” Natsu said, horrified. The shadow Mage laughed, finding true delight in their surprise.

“Don’t you understand, I’m your true nightmare. No one can beat me, not even your excuse for a guild.” He mocked. Natsu was furious. He wouldn’t stand for anyone hurting Lucy, or his guild’s name. He would knock the smirk right off of his face. He clenched his fists and they turned white, as he got ready to attack again. Lucy, realizing that Natsu was about to strike, she mouthed the word “wait” to Natsu. He got the signal, and he argued silently. Before he could do anything, Lucy started speaking.

“Why do you want to exterminate Fairy Tail?” She demanded.
“Why you ask,” the Mage hissed, “It’s simple, I have the power to sweep you weak excuses for wizards to extinction, so I will.”
“But why couldn’t you help others instead?” Lucy asked. The shadow wizard cackled,
“Now why would I do that when I could see the anguished faces of weak wizards like you filled with agony!” At that he fell low, as quick as a shadow.

“Shadow demon’s drilling blade!”

And then scarlet blood flew through the air.


You’ve brought up this issue before, this issue of not feeling like you’re in control. Do you remember? When we spoke about your father.

Someone pls answer me, I have a question

So like I highkey want to change my url name…I have some ideas but idk would it be confusing for you guys…? Like do you think it’s a good idea?


Boun from Target complimenting Jimin.
This made me really happy because Jimin works so hard and I’m so glad he’s getting the admiration he deserves. Jimin is always surprised and genuinely happy when someone says he is their favourite member of Bangtan. Seeing that grateful smile on his face when someone tells him he’s their favourite makes me so proud. I’m sure he would be so happy knowing that Bangtan’s hoobaes look up to him and the rest of Bangtan like this. It’s so nice to see that they’re getting a lot of love from their hoobaes and sunbaes.

me getting onto tumblr after #First Love is released -

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Rantarou giving Kokichi a cute nickname by calling him, “Kichi”.

Just imagine:

Rantarou: You’re so cute, Kichi~

Kokichi: Stop it… You’re embarrassing me

break-up prompts
  1. “I want you to stop lying to me.”
  2. “When were you going to tell me?”
  3. “Why do I keep letting this happen?”
  4. “Is that all you have to say?”
  5. “It was always you.”
  6. “I gave you everything.”
  7. "I never meant to hurt you.”
  8. “Is some kind of joke?”
  9. “I’ll aways love you.”
  10. Don’t touch me.
  11. “You should leave.”
  12. “I love you, isn’t that enough?”
  13. “I’m just here to pick up my stuff.”
  14. “You know what? Fuck you.”
  15. “It was a mistake.”
  16. "I can’t do this anymore.”
  17. "It meant nothing.”
  18. “I’m so sorry.”
  19. "Get out.”
  20. “Keep it.”
  21. “Please stop.”
  22. “Stop saying that!”
  23. “I thought I loved you.”
  24. “Stop playing games.”
  25. “Has everything been a lie?”
  26. “Maybe we weren’t meant to be.”
  27. “We can work this out, alright?”
  28. “It’s because of her, isn’t it?”
  29. “Stop looking at me like that.”
  30. “I saw you.”
  31. “Just leave.”
  32. “This was a mistake.”
  33. “Don’t say that to me.”
  34. “Please, stop crying.”

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i'm very uncomfortable with the fact that you include kyuubei in your gintaladies gifset. she is not a woman. next time if you are thinking of making a girl exclusive post, please don't include her.

I disabled anon soon after receiving this 3-4 days ago. You should congratulate yourself.

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“Will you just shut up and let me think for a second?” Salem snapped, clearly caught up in some sort of emotional turmoil of her own. She couldn’t handle the noise, in the moment, and it was only making her openly aggravated. She was too stressed, and it was wracking her brain trying to think of the right way to tell Jacob the bad news. How was she supposed to tell him that her period was late?

Favorite Record (road trip au) - Chapter 15

Summary: They have an old beat up Thunderbird convertible, twelve thousand dollars between them, and no destination in mind. This could very much be the worst decision both of them have ever made.

Words: 6k



Just wanna thank you all for the continued support! Y'all are literally the best readers and it makes my day whenever I get an email telling me someone commented on this. It makes me smile so much. Please continue being the best people in the world.

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Current pet peeve

Dancers who think they’re inherently better than people for being from a different dance school. Like shut up!!! Having a different name on the back of your jacket doesn’t give you the right to be snooty and it sure as hell doesn’t give you the right to write off an entire community who also works their butts off just to feel superior. You make yourself look insecure and you make me want to tell you off in person. So please, do yourself and me a favor and pipe down.

So I decided it was finally time to make my first follow forever!!  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ I hit 1k a couple of months ago so I thought it was about time to make one.
I’m just gonna go right ahead and add the urls. I want to thank everyone for following me and keeping up with my multifandom mess. ;u; Ily. ♥ (also sorry for this super lame edit I have no ps skills as you can tell)

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Surprise me

I’ve never started one of these before, but I thought it looked fun and I needed something to make me feel better, so. When your tagged, reblog with five things you bet your followers didn’t know about you (or just five really interesting facts about yourself). Then tag five people and pass it on. I just want to know more about the people I talk to here! I’ll start:

1. I do traditional Irish dance. You may have known that, I’m not sure.
2. Up until my junior year of high school, I really wanted to be a fighter pilot. I thought it looked dangerous and exciting and I was going to be a national hero and all that. I gave that up because a) my eyesight isn’t good enough b) my vision of the role was completely unrealistic c) I decided I wanted to be a teacher instead
3. I really dislike tropical climates. I don’t like insects, snakes, spiders, etc. and I REALLY don’t like heat. So y'all can keep your Hawaiian vacations; there’s a beach on Prince Edward Island with my name on it.
4. I’m an auditory learner to an extreme degree; I can not only mimick accents pretty well but I adopt other people’s speaking patterns when I’ve been talking with them for a while, and I have very high auditory recall (meaning, I remember things I’ve heard at a much higher rate than most people).
5. Anytime someone asks me if I want kids someday, the answer is “yes, at least three, five would be even better.” I think that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend (well, partially); they get scared by how serious I think about my future.

I’m tagging @everyjourneylove @tolkienswiggityswag @jennybaneni @little-red-83 and @hobbits-hobby-jess   but anyone can fill it out; I want to know!

otpwhatever replied to your post “Thank you Dan Deakin, for giving Louis the great idea of hosting his…”

this is week-long stag party i tell ya

SHUT UP! If they’re going to pull some secret wedding shit I SWEAR