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It’s been a while! Here’s another episode of Harry Potter. Today: El Sombrero Seleccionador (The Sorting Hat)

⭐️  Transcript:

Hermione: El techo no es real, está encantado para que parezca el cielo nocturno. Lo sé porque leí la historia de Hogwarts. 

Prof. McGonagall: Esperen aquí, por favor. Ahora, antes de comenzar el profesor Dumbledore les dirigirá algunas palabras.
Prof. Dumbledore: Antes que nada, me gustaría decir algunas cosas. Los nuevos deben recordar que los estudiantes no pueden entrar al Bosque Prohibido bajo ninguna circunstancia. Y nuestro celador, el señor Filch, me pidió que les recordara que el pasillo del tercer piso del lado derecho está prohibido para todos aquellos que no pretendan sufrir una muerte aterradora. Gracias.

Prof. McGonagall: Cuando diga su nombre, se acercarán, les pondré el sombrero seleccionador y sabrán cuál es su casa. 
¡Hermione Granger!
Hermione: Ay no, tranquila, relájate.
Ron: Parece muy extraña, es en serio. 
Sombrero Seleccionador: Ah, excelente. Exacto, ¡sí! ¡Gryffindor!
Percy: Bien hecho. 

Prof. McGonagall: ¡Draco Malfoy!
Gregory: Suerte.
Sombrero Seleccionador: ¡Slytherin!
Ron: Yo sé que todos los magos perversos han estado en Slytherin.
Prof. McGonagall: ¡Susan Bones!

Harry: ¡Ah!
Ron: Harry, ¿qué tienes?
Harry: Nada. Estoy bien.
Sombrero Seleccionador: ¡Ya sé! ¡Hufflepuff!

Prof. McGonagall: ¡Ronald Weasley!
Sombrero Seleccionador: ¡Já! Otro Weasley, ya sé qué haré contigo. ¡Gryffindor!

Prof. McGonagall: ¡Harry Potter!
Sombrero Seleccionador: Difícil, esto es muy difícil. Veo que tienes valor y una mente muy valiosa. Veo talento, así es, y una sed para probar que eres digno. Pero, ¿dónde te pondré?
Harry: No en Slytherin, no en Slytherin. 
Sombrero Seleccionador: No en Slytherin, ¿eh? ¿Estás seguro? Harías cosas grandiosas. Todo está aquí en tu cabeza y Slytherin te impulsará en el camino hacia la grandeza, de eso no hay duda, no.
Harry: Te lo suplico. No en Slytherin, no en Slytherin. 
Sombrero Seleccionador: Bueno, si estás seguro. Te pondré en: ¡Gryffindor!

⭐️  English:

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Prologue~ Family (misawa)

“Let’s have a baby.”

He looked up from the sports magazine that he was reading as he adjusted his glasses to look at the brown-haired man standing a couple feet away from him. It seemed that the man was also gripping a folder in one of his tanned hand as he responded a little cautious, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

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Error VS The Ocean

Summary: Sequel to “Stalk… Home?” Error got bored, and decided to remove another universe, once again, leaving another monster to fight. Blueberry… Is going through all kinds of emotions right now.

Errorswap, OoC, Blueberry’s PoV

Warning(s): Yaoi ( boyXboy ) for those Yaoi haters. Sancest. I guess that’s it.

Pairing(s): Errorberry ( Error Sans/Underswap Sans ).

Note(s): I’m still new to Undertale. Please be as harsh as you could.

I’m sorry if I got any spelling wrong. The only spelling corrections I have are google. So, if I made any mistakes, tell me.

Criticism is welcome.

Enjoy! xD x3

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showgirlsteve  asked:

what about witch bucky mentoring little baby witches. maybe teaching them spells and things that were common pre WWII but have fallen out of use?

It had taken a long time for them to get to this stage, to be fair. But as the line rang, and rang, and rang, Bucky started to feel nervous. Sure, they’d spoken a lot, but only through chat, and honestly, he wasn’t sure they believed he was who he said he was. The line rang. And rang.

Bucky stood, forcing himself not to end the call, and paced away from his lapop. Steve, home not three hours from his last mission, was asleep in the other room, so he couldn’t afford to be too loud. On the other hand, had had to do something with his hands. Tea wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Bucky was stirring the steaming liquid carefully when he heard the call connect, and glanced at the clock in the kitchen. Oh, his laptop must have been a few minutes out, no wonder no one had picked up the call.

“Nice to meet you, empty couch,” echoed sarcastically through the tinny speakers, and he palmed his mug, heading back to the sofa with a “Yeah, hold on.”

There was a beat of silence on the other end of the line, and he dropped onto the couch with a soft sigh, sipping at his tea and watching as the young woman, Cara, must be Cara, on the other end of the skype call blinked owlishly at him.

You’re-” she started, when another face clicking on, splitting the screen.

Holy shit that’s-” was the next person’s helpful addition, and Bucky opened his mouth, speaking at the same time the third person did, just as they clicked into place on his screen.

“Bucky Barnes.”

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