please talk to me about your i lucifer feels

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We shouldn't be concerned in the drop In ratings for lucifer again should we? I think overall for it coming back from a 3 month hiatus it is doing pretty well. And it's still doing better than gotham so even though the ratings are down I think it's like the show on fox right now?

Hey Anon! Thanks for stopping in. You are legitimately the 3rd person today who has asked me about Lucifer ratings by via message or inbox today.  I am very grateful you feel confident enough to come talk to me, but I am hardly an expert when it comes to the ratings system. BUT - that being said, here’s my two cents on your ask. Please take with a grain of salt.

So, several people have mentioned Lucifer going down in the ratings - from what I can see it’s honestly not by very much at all. And if you consider the fact we had such a long hiatus, I’d say we’re doing well above what executives at Fox were probably expecting us to pull in.

I am more than confident that the important people at Fox understand our ratings aren’t going to average what we did earlier because they know they screwed up with their scheduling. That is hardly the show’s fault, nor is it the viewers.

There is no reason - whatsoever, to even begin consider panicking or worrying over ratings. That just shouldn’t be an issue to even be discussed, but here we are. Hopefully, I can help ease the mindset of concern you may have currently.

Another lovely person mentioned they were concerned we were going down in ratings due to Canada getting switched to watching Lucifer on Sundays and people streaming ahead of our typical Monday night air date in the US.

To that I say this: There are millions of people in the US who tune in to watch Lucifer. The online community is only a fraction of that piece, and the amount of people who are wanting to watch a day early are even smaller. I assure you, whatever dent you may feel people streaming Lucifer a day early does, will not equate to anything close like a drop in the ratings looking at the big picture. The impact of that would be an infinitesimal amount.

Granted, that’s not to say that if someone out there is watching the episode a day early, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t watch it live in the US - if that’s where they reside. But most people who are online and are that dedicated to the show are most likely also watching it live….

We have an entire season of 26 episode debuting the fall, and that’s when we will start to be judged again. BUT also remember, Fox has invested in this show, they have picked up and moved their entire production from Vancouver to Los Angeles with the largest budget allocated to this show alone from the tax breaks that were given to us. That speaks volumes. Seriously, these guys are in it for the long haul.

Take a deep breath, relax, there’s absolutely nothing - zero, zilch to concern yourself over.

I hope this has helped a bit! Thanks! :)