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I am still dating a wonderful young man and now the team knows whom! It’s changed things for the better, and that’s all y’all are getting out of me.

my problem with the anti-trump movement is that liberal bigotry is still rlly rampant within it lol

like if you’re anti-trump that’s all well and good, but if you’re not willing to self examine to root out your own bigotry, all of this work will literally be for nothing, and the only people who will benefit will be white cis ppl

like you can’t even put legitimate statistics up about trump’s voter base without white people coming out of the woodwork to say “not all whites!!!!!!!!!!! those statistics are inaccurate based on my personal feelings!” if you cannot take responsibility for your own internalized bigotry, nothing will ever change

you’ll get trump out of office and elect someone who does all the same things to nonwhite people, to lgbt+ people, to disabled people, to mentally ill people that american leaders HAVE BEEN DOING for literal generations

so whenever y’all comment talking about “demonizing white people” please remember that your hurt feelings are not nearly as important or essential as it is to stop state sanctioned violence against everyone who isn’t you lmao

our wounds will scar.

one thing that bugs me on jtv? the complete lack of acknowledgement of what petra’s been through. petra is an abuse survivor. the one constant presence in her life is a mother who amongst other things has threatened her, belittled her, constantly gaslights her, all for her own selfish gains. struggles through post-partum depression. discovers she has a twin- who could have become the family petra so desperately needs who drugs her, assumes her identity and tries to screw her over. watches her husband who she really does love fall in love with another woman whilst said woman is carrying the child she wanted so much. not to mention being kidnapped, suffering a late term miscarriage and feeling inferior to jane. and like? there is barely any mention of petra’s past. the only thing they bring up are her mistakes- which yes are a lot, and yes she has done some terrible things, but geez. please let petra go to therapy!!!!! please let petra be happy!!!!!!

‘Dionysus Loves You!’ is the name of a zine about trans characters in the riordanverse, and it’s looking for submissions!

Dionysus is the patron god of all intersex and transgender individuals so who better to name this zine after! it’s an often overlooked fact about him but not in any way less important. this is why we’re doing a zine including your PJO/HOO trans headcanons, to highlight the importance of headcanons in fandom next to canon. you can have headcanons about any of the campers, gods, or even mortal parents.. the list goes on, don’t be shy!

your submission doesn’t have to revolve around the transness of the characters, it can be them hanging with friends, fishing, fighting, going on a date, shopping, flying… anything..! being trans is not a tragedy so let’s keep this zine upbeat and a lovely experience to all participating and reading alike. 💖 but let’s keep it SFW!

we’re looking for 1 to 5 pages of content per contributor (5 in case you’re doing a comic for example!). just illustrations are also extremely very very welcome. this will be a free digital release with no profits, just for fun, so keep that in mind. both b&w and color submissions are welcome. dimensions should be that of an A5 (1748 pixels x 2480 pixels) at 300DPI.

the current planned deadline is april 10th, you can email your entries to!

feel free to message me for any questions or specifications. i’ll update this post if anything changes or there’s new information! thank you! 💖

I just have so much feels about Sam liking boys and realizing it when he’s young

Just imagine 12 year old little Sam, not bitter about life yet, dating other little boys who kiss him on the cheek because he’s just so cute and gets flustered every time a boy looks at him

Little Sam keeping names and addresses and pictures of boys he liked and promised to write to in a secret little box

Little Sam trying to be confident and bold and making the first move to hold his friend’s hand in a dark movie theatre

Little Sam in front of whom several boys of the class want to show off their skills on the running track

Little Sam letting himself be loved for who he is

Genderbent Hamilton, amirite?

I see people talking about genderbending Burr and Washington, which is freaking awesome, but why stop there? What if every character were changed to be a different gender from how they are in the original? How would that change the show?

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Alexandra Hamilton, the orphan daughter of a Scotswoman and a Caribbean sex worker, who managed to move to New York at the dawn of the American Revolution, where she meets:
  • Erin Burr, the agender advocate for a peaceful, sensible resistance movement, and their girlfriend Theodosia,
  • Jen Laurens, the gender-fluid black rights advocate who starts a relationship with Alexandra,
  • and Elias Schuyler, one of the heirs to Philippa Schuyler’s vast wealth, and his brothers, Angelico and Johnny.
  • George (Georgia) Washington, the general in command of the revolutionary forces, ultimately hires Hamilton, who has managed to piss off
  • Samaya Seabury, and
  • Jane III, Queen of England.

Huh? Huh? Anyone?


Christmas at the Bartowskis’ means eggnog, PJs, a fake gas fireplace, and - that’s right - Twilight Zone marathons. I’m not taking no for an answer, Walker, so prepare to be heartwarmed.

@caitthepiemaker and I have been talking about Bitty’s love for Thanksgiving and how y’all need to cool it with these ‘it’s practically Christmas’ posts because Y’ALL.


  • like I get there’s the whole commercialism thing and maybe in other regions it’s being phased out? But in the South that’s not part of your Thanksgiving really?
  • it’s food and family and making recipes written down on index cards that get pulled out of the tin once a year
  • it’s telling stories about Thanksgivings Past even though you tell the same story every year. 
    • “do you remember when the collard greens in the pressure cooker exploded and ended up on the ceiling?”
    • “Don’t let cousin Jo touch the biscuits. You remember the Baking Soda Fisasco of ‘09”
    • “Remember the time that woman promised to bring the turkey and turned it into a casserole– bless her heart– and you had to drive all the way to Athens to find a Walmart open and convince them to sell you just the turkey from their pre-cooked meals?” 
    • ((True stories from my fam))
  • So when Bitty goes to college he has planned for this from the very beginning. Freshman year was an improvised turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and fetta cheese, but after he moves into the Haus there’s nothing to hold him back.

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random alois things

Alois loves attention especially from Ciel since he tends to not give it to anyone else. Alois doesn’t trust many people and becomes quite weary of strangers and tends to hide behind Ciel when they are near,even though ciel is much much shorter than Alois. He still has separation anxiety but Ciel and everyone at the manor make sure someone is always with him. He is regularly showered with kisses,hugs and cuddles daily


If you’re ever having a hard time, you can always message me. I care about everyone here and I’d love to talk with you if you need me. You aren’t invisible and you’ll always matter to me.

nurseydex hc’s that no one asked for:
  • they love wearing each other’s clothes
    • so they constantly take each others shit
      • dex will walk into the attic and nursey will be wearing one of his sweaters or st and dex will be like “?????? wtf thats mine ?????”
      • nursey will deny it
      • “derek it’s a cartoon lobster saying ‘Maine’”
      • “yeah i know Maine is one of my top 10 states and lobsters are noble crustaceans”
      • “it’s from when i was in high school nurse it barely fits me ur gunna rip it”
    • dex on the other hands totally owns up to it
      • “dexy, is that my flannel?”
      • “yup”
      • (nursey goes all heart eyes and giggly)
      • (dex tells him to shut up)
  • while we’re on the topic of clothes: they both have so many stupid ironic t-shirts after they’ve both been together like a month
    • u can bet ur ass dex has at least one ‘kiss me i’m irish’ shirt
    • and nursey defs has a ‘franky says relax’ one
      • maybe dex got one custom so it says ‘nursey says relax’
  • they fight over food SO MUCH
    • like nursey can definitely handle his spice
    • White Devil™ Dex CAN NOT
      • nursey gets hot salsa one time instead of mild
      • dex eats THE SMALLEST AMOUNT and gets so pissed that he doesn’t kiss nursey like all night
      • “babe c’mere let me kiss it better”
    • nursey has probably tried rich ppl food (whether he actually enjoys it or not is up for debate) and get ENDLESS CHIRPS about like escargot and frogs legs or st
      • [insert pun about the frogs and frogs legs here]
    • dex probably lived off of stew and potatoes bc irish
      • also it’s p cheap to make a big thing of mashed potatoes to feed a rlly big family
      • u know that theory that u could literally live off of mashed potatoes alone?
      • william poindexter is living proof
    • they can definitely agree on the basics tho like pizza toppings and macaroni > spaghetti and ice cream flavours 
    • they will both eat breakfast for dinner whenever they get the chance
      • dex is probably a more like bacon and eggs type of person
      • nursey is like waffles or french toast 
      • but after going to samwell they both place bitty’s pancakes over all else
      • (they still argue over blueberry vs. chocolate chip tho)
    • nursey puts like soooo much sugar in his coffee
      • probably like vanilla creamer or toffee flavouring too the nerd
    • dex drinks it BLACK
      • they are both baffled by how the other can stand it
    • but they bond over needing coffee to survive
      • dex needs it so he can like get off his ass and do stuff like fixing ovens and staying up extra late studying 
      • nurses started drinking it for the ~coffee shop aesthetic~ (but now he genuinely requires at least a cup a day to function)
  • they are definitely the type of people to text each other while in the same room
    • not like gossiping or being shady just
    • memes
    • and links to stupid videos
    • also; nurse is the type of person to thank someone if they like one of his posts while they’re in the same room
      • like if they’re chillin at the haus w everybody and someone likes nurse’s latest insta post and he gets the notification 
      • he defs says “thanks bro” out loud
  • both of them definitely pick up on slang from everybody else 
    • dex tried to fight it bc he’s stubborn af and “y’all” w his northern accent sounds dumb to him
    • nursey leans into it so hard
      • defs misuses it at first
      • but he gets the hang of it eventually
    • this is basically canon
      • nurse’s hand on dex’s shoulder after they lost the playoffs? c’mon
    • dex DOES NOT want someone getting in fights over him
      • he fights his own battles thank u very much
      • PLUS he’s so used to defending his younger siblings
    • nursey is probably equal parts 1) touched at dex’s old fashioned ‘defending his honour’ chivalry 2) WORRIED about his poor hot headed bf and 3) confused???? bc like maybe he was picked on in hs but he didn’t have big tough siblings or parents who were involved enough in his life to give a shit
    • different stuff definitely bugs them like half the shit dex is willing to throw a punch over nurse is like “chill” and the shit nurse gets fired up over completely surprises dex
      • nursey is probably more bothered when ppl insult his team or his friends
      • he’ll get upset if someones comments about him are just…. a little too close to home 
        • not pissed just… sad
  • idk if we’ve discussed birthdays yet in the fandom but i’m gunna throw out some zodiac hc’s
    • dex: scorpio
      • FIERCLY loyal, strong, intense, passionate, driven, dedicated, ambitious, they LOOOVE security
    • nursery: aquarius 
      • honest, curious, creative af, inefficient, uncompromising, progressive, original
    • as far as aquarius + scorpio relationships go: challenging AT FIRST, eventually become some of the strongest bonds, unpredictable, relationship tends to go to the extremes
    • both are ‘fixed’ signs, which means less willing to compromise and v stable
  • the only movies they can agree on are like rom coms from the 80′s (john hughes is bae) 
    • they definitely quote the cornier lines to each other (only semi-ironically)
    • one time when he was drunk nursey tried to convince dex to eat on the kitchen table like at the end of sixteen candles
      • he probably fell off and hurt himself my poor little clumsy baby
  • they love each other so much they don’t know what to do w themselves