please take your shirt off

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1. "Love’s a strong word.“

2. "Hold up, let me count how many fucks I give. One, t- Oh shit. They all flew away.”


4. “It could be worse.” “Why don’t you rethink that statement.”

5. “Will you do it for me?” “Seriously? You want me to ask them out for you?”

6. “I’m here for you.”

7. "Just kiss already, we all know the world wants you two together!“

8.“Trust me.”

9. “I hate you! A lot… some… a little… you’re not bad…”

10. “Have a drink with me.” “I’d rather not.”

11. “Okay fine, I’m in love with you! Is that what you wanted me to say?” “I literally haven’t spoken for the past hour.”

12. “Let’s get married.”

13. “You are to drunk to be speaking right now.”

14. "I will win this.” “You fool yourself… for I will be the champion”

15. “Whoa, chill.” “Chilling is for the dead!”

16. “You know, you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend/personfriend(?)” “And you look exactly like the person I turn down two seconds from now.”

17. “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you.”

18.“I’m in love. This is a pain I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies.”

19. “I’m scared.”

20. “Why won’t you just tell me the truth?!”

21. “It was hate at first sight.” “You mean love.” “I mean hate.”

22. “How can so much idiocy be contained in such a small body?”

23. “I’m not going to let you spend the night alone, not after what happened today.”

24. “You two are absolutely insane.”

25. “I’m so fucking tired of telling you that I forgive you. I’m done.”

26. “I’m going to kill them.”

27. “Did you know you talk on your sleep?” “No…” “You’ve got nice eyes too.”

28. “Please don’t leave, I’m not ready to be alone.”

29. “You don’t deserve them.”

30. “That is the shittiest plan I have ever heard. When do we start?”

31. “I don’t need you to protect me!”

32. “If we get caught, I’m turning you in.”

33. “Somebody’s jealous…” “Shut up.”

34. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

35. “I swear to god, I will stab you.”

36. “They don’t like you.” “Well I’m sorry.” “I don’t like you.” “What a tragedy.”

37. “Don’t talk to me about trust after you’ve broken into my house.”

38. “Oh my god, I ship it.”

39.“Whatever happened, they started it.”

40. “If they even think about you ever again, I’ll pour hot butter on their genitals.”

41. "I think I’m in love with you.“ ”…I’ll be back in a few minutes…“

42. “I’d punch you but your friend told me not to.”

43. “We’re not supposed to be here.” “Who says?” “Literally all cops everywhere.”

44. “I have to admit, that was pretty funny.”

45. “Hey, at least you’re not as stupid as I am.”

46. “We’re just friends!” “M-Maybe- Maybe I don’t want to be ‘just friends’.”

47. “Please, I need your help.”

48. “I can’t believe I just asked them out!” “And I can’t believe they said yes.” “I kno- HEEEYYYY!”

49. “Look, maybe we’re meant to be.” “You know I don’t believe in that kind of shit.”

50. “Fuck you.” “Yes please.”

51. “Everything’s been different since I fell for you, you helped me start a new life.”

52. “You okay? You don’t look it.” “Well gee, thanks.”

53. “Why am I crying? I’m not even sad!” “You are, and you have every right to be.”

54. “Look, there are plenty of people that love you.” “Yeah? Name one.” “Me.”

55. “Have you seen the… Oh… I’ll just… bye!”

56. "Were you ever going to tell me?”

57. “Oh dear, my innocent eyes.”

58. “Ever heard of knocking?”

59. “Did I stutter?”

60. “Take my hand, we have to make this look convincing.”

61. “Please don’t to talk me.”

62. “Talk to them, or I’ll do it for you!”

63. “Shut up, you’re only here because you wanted an excuse to wear a tiara.”

64. “You’re okay now, I got you.”

65. “To hell with the rumors.”

66. “Run away with me?”

67. "Stop sitting on your ass and start being an ass.“ “What kind of motto is that?”

68. “Don’t touch me!”

69. “Your arrogance will be the death of us all.”

70. “I love you more.” “Not possible.”

71. “I’m banning Oreo’s if you use up all the hot water one more time!”

72. “Yes. I am walking away. What, are you blind?”

73. “Don’t ‘babe’ me.”

74. "I’m not drank… drink… drunk. I’m not drunk.”

75. “Shh!!! You’re going to wake up the whole city!”

76. “Kissing has always been the only way to shut you up.”

77. “I just… I don’t want to lose you.”

78. “I love you as well.” “As well? What century are you from?”

79. "I’m so sorry.“ "Don’t try to use those words like they change anything you’ve done.”

80. “What’s wrong with you?” “If I’m being honest? Everything.”

81. “I love you!… Oh my god…” “Did you just…?” “Look, can we just… forget that ever happened?”

82. “Are you really that jealous?” “You don’t even know how you make me feel.”

83. “Wait, where are you going? We’re not done here!”

84. “Have dinner with me.”

85. “You can’t just walk away while I’m mid-sentence!” “I can and I am.”

86. “Your blush is cute, don’t hide it.” “Shut up, you’re only making it worse!”

87. “Come on, you know I don’t speak (insert language)” “I-I said I like you.”

88. “Just tell them, you idiot!” “Don’t you think I’ve been trying?”

89. “Care to dance?”

90. “We need to talk.” “No we don’t.”

91. “Stop laughing, it’s not that funny!” “It’s very funny.”

92. “Oh, get a room you two.”

93. “I love your sneeze.”

94. “It’s been a while.” “And whose fault is that?”

95. “All that matters to me right now is you apologizing!”

96. “What did the doctor say?” “…” “Tell me what the hell the fucking doctor said!”

97. “Keep you mouth shut when I talk about things you have no right to comment on.”

98. “They like you.” “No they don’t.” “You like them.” “Yes I d- No I don’t.”

99. “I’m gonna steal your cat.” “Okay… wait, WHAT?”

100. “I love you so much, you know that right?”

If I was incharge of allowing Xiumin to board a plane...

“Kim Min-seok, Hmm.. Could you please take off your mask, so I know it’s you”

“I’m still not sure, please show me a couple different Baozi expressions”

“Hmmmm.. Kim Min-seok is a celebrity so I have to be 100% sure, could you please take off your shirt”.

“You can board now”

Things I’ve noticed:

sort the LGBT movies on netflix by highest rated

and the first 20 or so

are about gay men

because every movie about lesbians is focused on near-plotless sex

and we watch them and give them one star because they’re inaccurate

they’re rarely poignant, or emotional, or focused on rights and social stigma

it’s just… “oh no I think I’m gay for you, Ruby-Rose-lookalike,”
“okay typical-blonde-femme, take off your shirt.”

(can someone please write one that has more than just double tits?)

If I were dating Jimin

Jimin: what
Me: can you…take off your shirt please?
Jimin: We are in the car!
Jimin: but the movie…..
Me: your abs are a full length feature….*smirk*
Jimin: *takes off shirt*
Me: omona
Jimin: is your nose bleeding??
Me: No….