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The Romance Scene I Wanted with Fenris:

Soft kiss, give him a backrub so he can relax, tell him he’s great, cuddle with armour on, he’s not ready and Hawke doesn’t push, a slow romance that’s about trust, Fenris opens up in all cutscenes after this and his constant tension eases.

The Romance Scene I Got:

SLAM Fenris against the wall, biting kisses, Hawke tops, Fenris has flashbacks midway through and HAwke doesn’t even notice, Hawke passes out and Fenris stays up having panic attacks about repressed memories and Hawke is personally offended?? Fenris breaks up with Hawke because wtf wtf WTF HAWKE

I Had You, I’ve Lost You.

//Jerome Valeska x reader.

Requested: Yes.

A/n: Sorry this was kind of short.

Summary: While all the rest of the Maniax are down celebrating with Theo, Jerome goes up to the roof and thinks about his life.

Rating: Angsty Fluff.

Warnings: Lots of angst.

Song: The Night We Met, Lord Huron.

Title: I Had You, I’ve Lost You. //


I am not the only traveler

Who has not repaid his debt

I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again

Take me back to the night we met

And then I can tell myself



Jerome swings his legs subconsciously as he stares out at the dark night sky, his hands gripping the edge of the roof. He can vaguely hear the cheering and laughing of everyone in the building underneath him, and he lets out a long sigh, tipping his head up, lifting his face to the sky. “How’ve you been?” He asks, closing his eyes as the wind picks up, the air suddenly chilling. His grip tightens, anger boiling through him. “I know it was my choice,” he whispers, his head hanging quickly as he stares down at the twinkling lights framing the mansion. “I know…” Jerome’s body convulses as he shudders, the hairs on his neck standing up. He pulls out his phone and unlocks it slowly, clicking into his contacts and staring down at her name. His thumb hovers over the call button. He hits the button and he shoves his phone back in his pocket.

“Jerome! No, come on. Don’t take a picture of me- Jerome! Please delete it Jerome, I look really bad- Jerome, come on.”

“Aw, sugar. You’re adorable. You’re the cutest little thing, look at you- hey! Don’t try and take my pho- ah! Nope, you’re not getting this.”


“Jerome, come on!”


A smile slips onto his face at the memory of that. He loved it. He loved how she had tried to take the picture, how she’d jumped when he’d held it over his head. His hands dig into his pockets again as he pulls out the photo, the one thing he always carries with him. He holds the laminated paper in his hands, and he begins to shake slightly.

“Jerome, I love you.”


What the hell I’m supposed to do

And then I can tell myself

Not to ride along with you

I had all and then most of you

Some and now none of you

Take me back to the night we met


A part of Jerome recoils slightly as he thinks about when y/n had said those words. He hadn’t deserved to hear them.

He still doesn’t deserve it.

He falls back and lays down on the flat roof, his feet still hanging off as he stares up at the sky.


I don’t know what I’m supposed to do

Haunted by the ghost of you

Oh, take me back to the night we met

When the night was full of terrors

And your eyes were filled with tears

When you had not touched me yet

Oh, take me back to the night we met

I had all and then most of you

Some and now none of you

Take me back to the night we met

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do

Haunted by the ghost of you

Take me back to the night we met



“I miss you,” he murmurs. “I’ve thought about calling. I’ve thought about it a lot…” His eyes flutter shut and he lets out a long sigh. “I should’ve answered when you called…” His eyes pop open as a sad smile slips onto his face. “But I couldn’t answer. Not after how I left you. I couldn’t drag you back in, y/n. That’s why I didn’t answer.” He didn’t know if she had picked up, if it had gone to voice mail, but he can’t bring himself to check. Something about knowing whether or not she was going to hear what he was about to say…it scared him.

“I didn’t deserve you,” he continues. “I didn’t deserve you. I wasn’t good enough, y/n. I’m not a good person. You’ve seen the news…I’m sure that’s why you called. I won’t drag you down with me, y/n. I won’t do it. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to leave you, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you, y/n. And I know I’ve never said that before but it’s true, I love you. I love you, that’s why I left you. I can’t…I can’t watch me poison you. You’re so perfect, y/n…you care so much. I’m sorry.” He reaches into his pocket, gripping the phone. “Goodbye…I love you.” With that, he pulls out the phone, his thumb moving over to the hang up button.

“Jerome! You idiot!”


He recoils at the faint sound of her voice, closing his eyes and relishing in its sound.

“Don’t you dare hang up! Don’t do this! Just tell me where you are, please,” He can hear her soft sobbing, and his heart aches.

“Answer me Jerome. Answer me!” Her voice rises to a shout. “You broke my heart you idiot! Answer me right now! You say you don’t want to hurt me but that’s what you’re doing!”

A sharp pain slices through Jerome’s heart.

Please answer me! Jerome, I can’t take this. I love you, answer me! I know you’re there. Don’t do this to me Jerome, please! Pl-

The beeping of the call being disconnected silences her pleas, and Jerome’s eyes grow misty as he puts his phone back in his pocket.

“Hey, what are you doing up here?” He stands up and turns around, his gaze landing on Barbara. “Come on, you’re gonna get sick. We’re talking about our plans for tomorrow. Get down here,” Barbara’s voice is filled with fondness, and Jerome steps forward, wrapping his arms around her. “Hey! What the-”

“I made a mistake,” he whimpers. Barbara glances at him in confusion before hugging him back, her heart immediately warming.

“It’s okay. Come on, let’s get down there and celebrate.” As Jerome goes back into the building with her, he ignores the insistent ringing of his phone.

He’d given himself one call. He’d said what he needed to. He was free of his past.

Then why do I still feel so empty?

99 Problems (4/?)

Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts !

                                                        Chapter 4

    Am I supposed to say hi to him or ignore him? Why the hell do I even agree to come to these dumb things? This isn’t happening again… Johnny pulls you from your staring contest with Steve and onto the dance floor. He begins swaying you both to the beat of the soft music Tony’s DJ is playing.

“You don’t have to talk to him. Just forget about him tonight Y/n, you don’t need him,” Johnny says into your ear. You know he’s right but maybe you should be the bigger person here. You don’t answer Johnny, just place your head on his chest instead. When the song finishes, you both walk towards the bar. The only open spot was next to Sam and Bucky, which also means near Steve. You take a deep breath and make the first move over to them, Johnny hot on your heels.

  “Hey guys!” you say, a half fake smile plastered itself across your face.

  “Well hot damn, Storm you are one lucky man!” Sam says as he kisses your cheek and slaps Johnny on the shoulder.

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“I know I am, I’d hate to be the guy that lost this beautiful creature,” Johnny says. This is why I keep him around. You look to see Steve’s jaw clench at Johnny’s remark, knowing it was towards him. Bucky steps up to you next, leaning in for a kiss on your cheek.

  “You look gorgeous, doll.” You blush at his words. You guys have spoken a few times since the incident with Ross and he seems to be getting more comfortable with you which you absolutely love. He’s so much more than meets the eye.

 "You look pretty incredible yourself, Sergeant,“ you purr. You watch as his cheeks tint pink as he smiles and laughs.

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You hear someone clear their throat and you know already know it’s Steve.

"Hello, Steve,” you say politely. Be the bigger person, I can do this.

“You look stunning, darling,” He says, and you can hear the sincerity in his voice. Sharon appears next to him looking killer as always.

“Sharon you look great!” you say, pulling her into a hug. You have no reason to be mad at her. She didn’t know about you and Steve, she’s always been nice to you, and you aren’t going to let Fuckboy Rogers ruin anything. She hugs you back, returning your compliment. You and Johnny finally get your drinks. You down your tumbler full of whiskey then order 4 shots of tequila. Johnny bursts out laughing next to you.

  “You know it’s not good to mix liquor, right? How the hell are you going to take four shots!?” he questions. You roll your eyes.

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“I’m only taking two. The others are for you, handsome. Don’t you know you aren’t suppose to let a girl drink alone?” You ask like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. He shrugs, taking down the shots with you when they appear. You see Johnny looking around the room and the group of beautiful girls giggling to each other and looking at him. Just because I’m not getting any tonight, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t.

You nudge his shoulder, tipping your head in the girls direction. “Go get ‘em, tiger.” You wink.

“I’m not leaving you! I’m your date!”

“Johnny, I love you for coming with me, but seriously. They haven’t taken their eyes off you and I’m not trying to cock block my best friend. GO,” You order. He salutes you and follows your order. You see all the girls swoon as soon as he reaches them. You snort as you watch them give him all their attention. You order more tequila, and as you down the second shot you feel a hand on your waist. You turn meeting a set of beautiful blue eyes.

“Hey Buck!” He laughs at your excitement.

“I don’t think I’ve gotten the chance to see you drunk yet, doll, but I’m liking it so far.” He makes you blush for the second time tonight. The slow song that begins to play catches your attention. Bucky sees the mischievous look in your eyes as they meet his.

“What are you up to now?” he questions warily.

“Sergeant Barnes, would you care to dance?” you ask softly, a tiny smile appearing on your lips. His eyes go wide and you can tell he is nervous.

  “Doll, I haven’t danced in a long time, longer than I’d like to admit.” You step forward, placing your hands flat against his chest.

“Maybe I can refresh your memory then. Please?” Your infamous puppy dog eyes are on full display. He sighs, letting you take his to guide him to the dancefloor. When you situate yourself among the others dancing, you begin moving slowly with the music.

“See? This isn’t so bad!” You both laugh and he sends you a dazzling smile that leaves you breathless. He swiftly spins you out then brings you back. Giggles pour out of you at his movements.

“You’re doing much better than you led me to believe, Barnes.” You raise your eyebrow at him. What a sly son of a bitch.

“Maybe I was just nervous about dancing with such a beautiful dame. It’s a little intimidating.” His 40’s charm shows, resulting in a permanent blush on your cheeks.

“You really know how to sweet talk a girl. I’m a little confused on why you don’t have a date Buck, you’re quite a catch.” Now it’s his turn to blush.

“I had a couple offers, but Sam, Steve and I decided to go solo tonight and relax.” Steve didn’t come with Sharon? Huh, maybe that’s why his tie didn’t match her dress. Whoops.

“I thought Steve came with Sharon?” you try to ask without seeming to interested.

“Nope, we ran into her and then her and Steve just kind of stuck together. None of us really like these events.” You hum in agreement. You didn’t notice the song change to another slow paced beat. You look up, locking eyes with Bucky. You didn’t realize how close your faces really are, your noses slightly brushing the others.

  “Mind if I cut in?” Rogers. Be fierce. He’s still an ass. Buck looks to you silently asking if you’re alright with this. You nod, pushing yourself up to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Save me another dance, Sergeant.” You wink, watching as a blushing Bucky backs away from you. His hands were replaced with Steve’s, his grip a little more rough. You stay silent as you begin dancing, keeping your eyes away from his.

“Are we going to talk about it? Or are you going to keep avoiding me?” You can pretty much feel the annoyance radiating off him.

 You sigh, finally meeting his stare. “Talk about what , Steve?” you say innocently. A frustrated groan rumble in his chest.

“The elevator, Doll. Playing dumb isn’t going to get you out of this.” Of course it’s not, nothing ever goes how I want.

“Steve, I don’t know what you want me to say. Yes, I did miss you. Yes, the kiss felt… fuck, it felt amazing. But you know what doesn’t feel amazing? Thinking of you kissing Sharon. I’m not going to act like I’m over it. You obviously don’t know what the hell you want and that’s okay. But I’m not-”

“I know what I want y/n, I want you.”

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  He pulls your body flush against his, your chest pressing to his. He begins to dip his head down to yours. As he does, flashes of him and Sharon play in your mind; them kissing, the way you saw him looking at her when you first saw them tonight. You lean back, away from his oncoming lips.

“You think you want me, and maybe you did at one point. But I saw the way you look at Sharon tonight and the day you kissed her. It wasn’t how you look at Nat or Wanda. And as much as I care for you, I will not be anyone’s second choice and I will not compete for your attention. Steve I miss you, I miss my bestfriend. But I fight people for a living; I don’t want to fight with another woman over your love.” Maybe hell tell me I’m wrong… maybe this can work. Your chest tightens as you watch his unreadable expression as you speak.

“Thats all you want then? To go back to how things were? Y/n, I don’t think I can. It was easier before I told you I love you, before I got to feel your lips on mine. I do feel something for Sharon, but I-” I guess not.

“That’s all I need to hear, Steve,” you say. You push yourself away from him. You’re frantically trying to fight the tears that are threatening to pour out. I already knew how this would play, why is it still hitting me this hard? I need to get it together.

“Steve, we are just friends. And as your friend, I’m telling you to go dance with Sharon, don’t lose your chance.” The words burn as they leave your mouth. A defeated look spreads over his features. He lifts your hand and places a kiss on it.

“I love you. If this is what you want then I’ll stay your friend. Just remember y/n, this was your decision, not mine.” You nod, staring at his back as he goes to find Sharon. Johnny steps in front of you, looking you over.

“I heard everything, what do you say we get out of here?” he suggests.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you that eavesdropping is rude?” He rolls his eyes and pulls you to him to dance. He holds you to him, shielding your face from others with his shoulder. He leans closer to you. “You’re covered, let them go babe,” he whispers. How does he always know?

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 You listen, letting the tears roll freely down your cheeks. You quietly sob into his shoulder for a few moments but quickly pull yourself back together when he warns your that he thinks Bucky is heading your way. Thank goodness for waterproof makeup. You hear Bucky clear his throat.

“Ready for that second dance, dollface?” You wave Johnny off, telling him you’ll find him after. He nods and winks at Bucky as he takes his place.

“Couldn’t stay away for long, could you?” you tease. He lets out a soft chuckle, rocking you both to the music.

“Listen doll, I’m not completely sure what is going on with you and Steve…”

 Oh great. A lecture from the bestfriend. Just what I need.


“Let me finish. I know eavesdropping is rude,” he shoots you a look. Damn super soldier hearing.

“But I think what you did was incredible. No one should ever have to fight for someone’s love. Not a lot of people think like that, and it must’ve taken a lot to be able to do that. I know he is my bestfriend, but he is a punk so I honestly think you’re better off. It’s his loss. You, my darling, are too breathtaking not to want. I just feel bad for the man that you choose, he’ll be fighting the others off.”

 Your tears reappear, but not from sadness this time. Just purely from Bucky being so damn cute. He wipes them as they fall.

“Shit, I didn’t mean to make you cry!” You laugh and nuzzle your face into his neck.

 "They aren’t sad tears Barnes, calm down. That was just really sweet of you to say, thank you.“ You dance silently with him, keeping your face in his neck. You know things aren’t going to be exactly the same with Steve which sucks. The way Bucky spoke to you was as if you’ve been friends for years. The way he comforted you  and smiles at you ,reminds you of how it was with Steve before everything happened. Maybe Bucky was brought into my life for a reason.

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    A week later things between you and Steve went back to kind of normal. You’re beginning to think maybe you weren’t in love with him in the first place, you just loved him. You’ve always heard there is a difference between being in love and just loving someone, now you finally understand. Watching him and Sharon stung at first but it doesn’t bother you anymore. You find yourself gravitating towards Bucky more and more when he’s in the same room as you. He even comes to hang out with you and Johnny. They get along about as well as Sam and Bucky, just a little more civil. When you’re not with one you’re with the other.

   It’s now a little after four in the morning and you can’t seem to stay asleep. You begin to wander around the halls of the tower, not bothering to change out of your pajamas. There is something oddly calming about walking the halls in just a tee and underwear, knowing no ones awake to catch you. Or so you thought. As you reach the communal level, you decide to watch TV hoping it’ll make you tired. You walk through the doorway and see the TV already turned on. A familiar mop of dark brown hair peeking over the top of the couch. Why is he awake?

  "Buck?” you ask quietly, trying not to startle him. His head whips around.

 "Y/n, what are you doing up?“ His voice raspy, making goosebumps form on your arms.  How is he attractive at 4 a.m? He isn’t human. You become aware of your pajama, well lack of actually.

"I uh- I couldn’t stay asleep,” you confess, playing with the bottom of your black tee. You hear him shuffle around on the couch then signal you to join him. You jump over the couch, landing on your ass with a bounce. He chuckles then places his blanket over the two of you.

“Cute panties doll, didn’t take you as a lace kind of girl.” You watch a sly smirk spread across his face. You roll your eyes, shoving his bare chest.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me yet, Barnes.” His cheeks flush pink at the suggestiveness of your statement. You giggle.

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 "So why are you up and what are we watching?“

"Nightmares still, not as bad as before though. And you chose, I’m still not too sure what’s good these days.” It’s not fair he still has nightmares, he deserves peace. Poor old man.

 You take the remote from him and explore Netflix with him, explaining which shows are good. You end up watching Parks & Rec. You both can’t control the laughter escaping as you watch half of Season One. You don’t know who moves first but somehow you end up laying fully spread out and spooning Bucky’s side as he lays on his back. His hand gently traces shapes into your bare thigh where it is resting under the blanket. You feel your eyes slowly get heavier and you try to fight it but quickly find yourself losing. You shift a little, ending up with your nose pressed into Bucky’s neck. You begin hearing quiet snores leaving his lips as his chest moves slowly.

  “Good night, James,” you whisper, placing light kiss to his neck. You give in letting your eyes close, falling asleep with a small smile on your face.

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161028 Chanyeol’s Goodnight song (© 찬란)
How was your day today, it wasn’t easy wasn’t it
Everything’s tedious and boring and you’re grumbling isn’t it
Sleep doesn’t seem to dawn upon you, even as you close your eyes, bad memories are constantly replaying
It’s frustrating isn’t it
Take a deep breath and exhale your worries
Convince yourself that this song will take you to dreamland
Don’t fill yourself with negative thoughts, as the clouds in the sky will soon return
Now, just think of the beautiful world that you’re about to enter
Good night, good night
Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-Chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

on sunday, my weekly internal debate

i secretly always suspect there are a lot of people out there who are already unitarian universalists at heart and just don’t know it, because we are as a group pretty bad at getting the message out

and i think, especially in a culture so obsessed with binaries, it’s hard to even explain a religion that says “your personal spirituality is meaningful and good–whether you believe in no gods, one god, many gods, or aren’t sure–and the key thing is to search out your own truths and to be kind to yourself and to others and to the planet, the kindness itself is holy.”

and part of me feels like it could be really helpful to do an info post about it, especially in this political climate when someone might really be longing for a supportive spiritual community but not sure how to find a place that would accept & embrace atheists or lgbt people or pagans or just, y’know, lefty socialist millennials who are iffy about organized religion

and also, like, i just think it’s interesting! our history is weird, and longer than you might think and involves transylvania! but as you can probably tell, i’m also a lifelong fangirl, which means i can get a little starry-eyed about it. and having grown up as a non-christian UU in a WASPy, significantly evangelical area, i am aware of how VISCERALLY UNCOMFORTABLE it is when you get the sense someone’s eyeing you for a conversion.

and since part of the doctrine is to support people in their own quests for meaning, it is literally against my religion to pressure anyone towards my approach, and at what point does “i think this is so fucking neat!” start to feel like a sales pitch?

also, i do meet non-unitarians, usually from the east or west coast, who have heard of us, so maybe it’s not overall obscure, just obscure where i happened to grow up? maybe it’s arrogant of me to assume that the only reason there aren’t more of us is because ~the masses~ just don’t know, like is that kind of a colonialist attitude to have in the first place?

OR am i just hiding behind performative liberalism in order to get out of writing a niche-interest post that would involve a lot of research, and which concerns some pretty esoteric stuff that i might not be able to articulate very well? am i placing my own comfort ahead of spreading information that could help actual human beings, or is it patronizing to assume anyone would be aided by my goofy-ass hypothetical tumblr post, which would probably just be 50% jokes about the facial hair of key 19th century unitarians?

can’t i proceed confident that any readers genuinely interested in looking into it have probably just gone ahead and googled “unitarian universalism” by now? what would i, with my goldfish memory for facts and historically spotty record verbalizing this stuff when i am asked about it, really add to that conversation? it’s not like the internet suffers from a severe famine of jokes about how silly muttonchops used to look.

maybe i should just, like, take a walk or something.

Chris Pine Imagine

So many sounds. Non of them good. Chris sat at the hodpital waiting room praying. He hadn’t done that for a long time, but there he was praying to God asking to save the love of his life. Please, I can’t live without her. God please save her and our baby girl.

When Chris found out he was going to be a dad, he was more then excited, but also worried. He didn’t think he was ready to be dad, but with time (Y/N) showed him he was. If I lose them, I’ll lose my mind. (Y/N) changed my life, please god. Chris kept praying. All the sounds made him freak out even more. He couldn’t take it anymore so he got up and walked to the door. He told himself I’m not running away. I just need air.  He felt bad, for walking out at that moment but all that was around him made him freak out. Chris walked out letting the cold wind run through his hair. The coldness eased his nerves, but the memories of (Y/N) scared face and shaky voice came back to his mind.

“Chris, what’s wrong?” she looked so scared, so helpless.

“I don’t know” Chris really didn’t but by the look of the doctors face it wasn’t good. Minutes later I was being pushed out of the room

“What is going on? I need to be with my wife. Let me back in”  he yelled at the nurses and the doctor.

“I’m sorry sir but we have to take her to the operating room. The baby is slowly suffocating.  and if we don’t operate now they both will die. I’m really sorry.” and they walked away, leaving Chris in shock and total helplessness. With tears coming to his eyes he backed up until he hit the wall and dropped down on to the floor.  It hurt him to feel like he could lose someone he loved like no one he has ever loved. He couldn’t even imagine how she was feeling.

As Chris remembered that horrible moment his mom came out and call him. Before turning around he wiped away his tears.

“Yeah?” he looked at his mom and saw a look he didn’t like to see “No.” he said stepping forward and then back. “No. Please no” he couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t believe it. Chris ran past his mom back into the hospital and in the direction of the operating room, right then the doctor came out. Chris froze seeing the blood stained gloves. The doctor  looked at Chris then to the side.

“Is she..” he couldn’t finish. He didn’t want to say it. That words should never be spoken about the women he loved. As he stood there trying to understand what was going on, trying to wake himself up since he thought it all was a nightmare. He really wished it was a nightmare.

“Mr.Pine?” someone spoke behind him, as he turned his eyes met with a sleeping baby. He looked at the nurse “This is your daughter.” She said giving Chris the sleeping baby. He hesitated at first but took her in his arms. She looked so much like he mom. As Chris watched his daughter sleep he turned to the doctor.

“She will be fine. Your wife needs some time. This was a hard operation but she will be fine. Unfortunately you can’t see her right now.” happiness came over him. He didn’t hear what the doctor said after, he was so happy to have his daughter in his arms and to know his wife is going to be okay, he just didn’t care about the rest.

Chris sat at the nearest chair and watched as his daughter opened her eyes, she didn’t cry it even looked like she tried to smile.

“Hi beautiful. I’m your dad. I love you. Hope you’ll love me too” he sad laughing to himself. “And your mommy is here too, she just needs some rest.” he gently kissed his daughters head and sat there in all the sounds, sounds that no more were laud and angry.


Unfaithful : Part Twenty-Four

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

Warnings : language - blood


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Hang in there baby , please!!!!”
Negan helplessly yelled as he looped his fingers around yours and tightly clutched to your hand, he was running , trying to catch up with the two nurses who were rapidly pushing the stretcher down the hospital hallway to the emergency ward.
Your head moved a little from side to side due to the movement of the stretcher as you laid unconscious above a pool of blood pouring out of your vagina , staining your gray beautiful sundress with the crimson color.

After you rolled down the stairs and landed on the floor, Negan heard your scream when he was waiting for you in the car. Your scream boomed throughout the house, it made his heart skip a beat and he involuntary called your name in panic .
He rushed inside , he halted when he saw you laying on your back , passed out.

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This is important so please don't forget it

Remember to be gentle. Don’t let this world put callouses on your heart as if has done to so many in the past. Don’t let hurt, or pain, or sadness make you hard and don’t use your memories of bad times as a shield from people. Use the memories as reminders that not everyone is perfect and people take time to get to know. Use them to remind yourself that the boy who made flowers bloom out of your darkest places will also be the one who makes you feel useless and ugly. Remember that there is someone out there who will cherish you and love you like you are the only girl in the world. Remember that you can’t make a home in anybody but yourself and that you are a temple, to be praised and treated with the greatest of care. But most importantly, remember to love everything that you have to offer. Love your stretch marks and your scars and your uncanny need to change your hair colour almost every week. Remember to love yourself.

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Tending to Persecutors

@pinkcamo74  “how do you get your system to get along? I have been recently diagnosed. Alex is my persecutor he likes to hurt our host and I know he does not mean to do to harm. and we are trying to get him to stop. But it is hard. He thinks he is helping but he is not. How do we get this through to him?? “

I was actually a bit hesitant to answer your question, because I feel like my advice may be viewed as misguided by other systems - I would like to advise you beforehand that what I say may not work for your system, and asking other systems is always beneficial. 

In short, our own system does not get along simply because I go “I want all of us to get along.” Respecting / knowing your alters is helpful, but you have to remember that your alters come from trauma - getting your system to get along means you need to understand why these alters are present and how they relate to you. Each alter plays a role in the system, one for survival - they may not be trauma holders, but they may play key roles in your day to day life /’ during trigger moments / stressful environments and scenarios. When you see other systems in “harmony” it’s mostly due to years of work behind the scenes, but even at that, don’t be misguided by how happy systems may seem on tumblr, there’s a lot of pain that goes on in the background that people choose not to share.

As for us, have a very open door policy - this means we let alters and fragments come and go, and that we believe that alters are inherently good. Demonizing them is not the way we would go about things, as we’ve learned that when you do that, alters are less likely to let you notice them. We don’t pressure them into staying, and encourage them to be themselves when out. This means we need to be both patient, observant, and unbiased during interactions with them.  

We tend to view persecutors as misguided protectors - they might be trying to protect you from something you might not necessarily be noticing. Our persecutor comes out when our host attempt to remember something that caused us major trauma, this person comes out and shifts the thoughts towards calling her a slut and a whore, telling her to hurt herself because she is these things. Another comes out when we’re lying to our parents, she says that if our parents EVER catch us lying again in an explosive manner, she’ll kill us.

We tend to see this as a distraction technique - the persecutor shifts the thoughts and body into a completely new kind of environment with their actions, thus preventing the initial thing we were trying to set out to do. It could be unconscious fears / triggers / bad memories / that they’re trying to keep you away from with their extreme measures. Perhaps this is what Alex is trying to do? 

We try to be grateful to our persecutor alters - they’re willing to do what they must in order to “help” us. Of course their actions can be devastating, but showing them compassion and and saying “thank you for trying to protect me” can go a long way. 

Dealing with Persecutors - This can take a lot of time, persecutors can be very rooted in their ideology. Please don’t think that because you haven’t mended things in a few months you never will, these things take years. We’ve been doing this for years and we’re still working on it, we don’t even know their name(s). 

We have found that making recording of ourselves explaining why the persecutors actions are wrong were helpful, we also gave tips to them on how they could be helpful in certain situations. You could even try when they aren’t present and a protector was dealing with something, someone could go, “Hey, Alex, if you were here, would you be able to help me in this situation?” “Hey Alex, what would you do in this situation?” it may grab his attention and help broaden his horizon, if you’re lucky maybe he’ll go co-con with someone who can soften him up in a sense. 

Being grateful has also been helpful to us - we thanked them for trying to help us and protect us, but told them that harming the body and others was not the right way to do it. It might sound silly, but telling them thank you for doing what could not be done by others might be the key to getting you guys on better terms. Be genuine when dealing with them, they’ll be able to tell when they’re being tricked (at least, ours have.) It might also help if you leave notes for the persecutor, asking them to write down why they feel like they do what they do, or what is supporting their ideology. Understanding where they come from in your trauma and what they’re protecting you from might be able to get you to understand them without them telling you - either way, trying to establish a line of communication is always a good first step.

Sorry if this wasn’t helpful to you @ . @” I tried my best!

x Seth & co Kayla

The Weirdest Family in the Galaxy [Ch. 3]


Summary: Dipper and Mabel spend the summer of a lifetime in Gravity Falls, with their grumpy Grunkle Stan, who knows a lot more than he pretends to, and their weird Cousin Shifty, who might actually be a shapeshifting alien from outer space. And adopted.

[A/N:  I haven’t touched this verse in a long, long time.  But I still love the idea of the Pines family + one (1) recovering megalomaniac of a shapeshifting alien adoptee.  When Ford comes back through the portal, Stan’s going to kick his ass.

Previous parts can be found in the fic tag on my blog!  Or on AO3]


“Stan here has told me plenty about the both of you.”

Both twins stiffen like a board. “We plead the fifth,” they recite simultaneously. After a beat, Dipper adds, “Deputy Durland told us nothing would go on our permanent records.”

“Not unless we commit another misdemeanor with a sixty day period!” Mabel finishes cheerfully.

Grunkle Fiddleford looks pained, but utterly unsurprised.

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spamano fic rec

yo! this is a spamano fic rec that i’ve been working on for a little bit. it’s only spamano because it the fic rec would’ve been too big if i had included all of the fics i’ve read and saved. i will be making another fic rec of all that other stuff, but for now, enjoy this one. a little note: these are only ao3 fics because if I had included the ones on ff .net, this fic rec would’ve had over a 100 fics (right now it has about 85). the next fic rec i make will have the spamano fics from ff .net with other stuff. anyways, thank you for 1,000 followers! (that’s what this is. i’ll work on the other fic rec, would should be done by next week, and i’m also working on a follow forever). haha, fun fact about ao3 and i: i’ve been through every page of spamano fics on that website. it took me a while, but i read the fics that sounded interesting and yeah. that’s why i have so many fics in here.

please let me know if there are mistakes or some of the links don’t work!

under the cut because it’s so looong.

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Jinyoung Imagine - Embarrassing

A/N - Requested by the lovely @untainted-memories, I hope you like it and it does your request justice! Also I made up a random group name so pls don’t judge me if it’s super cringey haha. Keep on sending in requests everyone~

Today was a special JYP episode of Weekly Idol and two groups were going to be guests. Your group and Got7. You were excited to be on the show with them since all of your members, and yourself included, were friends with the Got7 boys. In fact you had actually acted with Jinyoung in a recent drama that had gotten really popular in Korea lately. Filming had been really easy since you were the same age as him and you had known each other since your trainee days. However, what made things less easy was the kiss scene you had to film together. At the time, you had tried to be as professional as possible but at some point during one of many takes, you had discovered some feelings you had for him. Not wanting to ruin the professionalism or your friendship, you never spoke up but now you were going on Weekly Idol, you couldn’t help but worry that the MCs would bring it up.

After waiting around on set and just chatting with your five members, it was time to film and the MCs got into the show. They were doing individual introductions and being the group’s leader, you went first. 
“Hello everyone, I’m (Y/N) and I’m the leader of L.O.V.E, JYP’s new girl group. Please show us lots of support~” Bowing to the camera, you smiled and breathed through the nerves that came along with being the leader. 
“Now (Y/N), even though your group only debuted a few months ago, you have already gotten a leading role in a drama! Please tell us more,” the MC encouraged, letting you recite the lines you had learnt before the show in preparation. 
“Well myself and Jinyoung sunbaenim played the lead roles in a new drama and I was very grateful to work with him.”
“I hear the two of you got pretty cosy as well,” the MCs teased as a clip began to play on the monitor just in front of the camera crew. It was the kissing scene from the drama.

Immediately, your cheeks flushed pink and you let out shouts of embarrassment and frustration. Glancing over at Jinyoung, you could see his cheeks and ears were tinted red too. 
“Ah such good chemistry~”
“Obviously we cannot just watch that scene but we must reenact it for our audience mustn’t we?”
“Yes, so Jinyoung ssi, (Y/N) ssi please come out here and act if for us.” You reluctantly stepped forward and Jinyoung did the same. Your heart was racing so fast you were sure he could hear it. Taking a deep breath, you tried to calm your nerves and just focus on the lines. Jinyoung opened with his line and you easily fell into place and began to recite the script you now had ingrained in your memory. 
“But now, I cannot think of anyone else but you,” Jinyoung said in character, is hand reaching to graze your cheek. 
“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” The scene was getting closer and closer to the kiss and you were unsure if you both had to kiss now in the filming studio. 
“Not at all. I think you know just how much I love thinking of you.”
“Then show me,” you whispered, knowing this was the moment Jinyoung was supposed to lean in and kiss you but before he could move, the MCs had split you both apart. 
“Everyone please cheer for them and go watch their drama!”

The show continued on and you soon forgot your embarrassment until after filming was over and Jinyoung asked to speak with you in private. 
“(Y/N), I just wanted to apologise about having to act out that scene.”
“It’s fine, Jinyoung. It’s not like we had to kiss while we were filming or anything.”
“Is that you saying you wouldn’t mind doing it if we weren’t being filmed?”
“Maybe it is.”
“Well I’ll just have to test that, won’t I?” JInyoung’s hand caressed your cheek again but this time he angled his head so his lips fit with yours perfectly. His other hand was on your waist, holding you closer to him as he kissed you softly. 
“Do you want to go out sometime?”
“I’d love to, Jinyoung.”

Good Grief

Request :  Are you still doing the song thing?? Bucky Barnes and bastille good grief

Paring:Bucky x Reader

Words :1544

Warnings : Kind of smut,  Angst as fuck miscarriage but with a happy end.

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

Bucky always told you the happiest 3 moments of his life. The first one was the night you get together; he remembers everything about that night. The way you moan his name like a prayer, how beautiful you were on your knees looking at him, the face you made when you climax, the scratches on his back and the hickeys on your neck and thighs. That night was one the first nights he felt like he belong someone.

The second was your wedding day, he swears that he never saw anyone more beautiful than you in your wedding dress, he loved everything about that day. The way you’re smiling so bright, the first song you two dance, how happy your mom was to seen you get marry, how she said to him that she loved him like a son. And the wedding night was even perfect, he had many times made love to you and pure rough sex but nothing compare to the night.

And the third time was four months ago after 3 years of marriage when you told that you are pregnant. He was on the moon he wanted so much a little girl and he was pretty sure that was the sex of the baby. He was so proud painting the nurse on the color yellow and buying every stuffed animal that he would find, he was over the moon didn’t matter if you were stressed on that day or with morning sickness he was always there to help you and promise that he would be the best father ever, he spent nights talking to your belly and never letting you caring more than one glass of water.

But the worst day of his life was yesterday, you wake up in the middle of the night feeling that you are bleeding and a lot of pain in your back and womb as much as you hate to admit you knew what was happening but when you received the news that your baby was gone you fall apart. Bucky was devastated but he had to be strong for both of you. But he never felt a pain like this. You on the other side didn’t try to be strong you didn’t know how you cried all the time, you never eat you didn’t even leave the bed your grief was impossible to describe. Bucky didn’t know what to do our how to act, he didn’t have the courage to ask you to help or the strength to help you. But after two weeks he was better, no he wasn’t over it but he was ready to help you and move on.

“Baby come on, let’s go eat something” you look at him and you can see that he is trying but you don’t care he should hate you for lost the baby or you should hate him for getting you pregnant you didn’t even know what to think anymore. “I am not hungry James" he gets closer to you “ Baby you almost didn’t leave this room in two weeks i am worried about you “You are angry ” How can you be worried about me I am the reason that we lost your baby was inside of me ,you should hate me, put me in my place James be mean to me tell me i am wrong because i am can take this anymore i can breathe without missing her i can’t imagine leaving this room because every place of this house that i look i remember of her"

He hugs me “Baby it’s not your fault, these things happen of course we are devastated but you have to be strong please try for me i cannot lose you to , what’s going to be of my life if you aren’t in it ?“ You agree to go with him to small restaurant to eat something the lunch was quite lovely until a little baby  came to the door with his family and you start to cry ” Look, baby, i can’t imagine the pain you are feeling i miss her every minute and i wasn’t even the one caring her i not going to judge you with the away that you are dealing with but please don’t let consume you"

You don’t remember how you get in your bed that night but you were pretty sure that was your husband that put you there. You look at him was sleeping peacefully any  you felt angry at him how he was being so calm about this you were getting crazy, you wanted to get drunk and cry until the pain was finally gone you didn’t want to feel this away anymore you had lost control of your senses.

You wake up alone in bed but as soon as start to get up your husband was bringing you breakfast in bed" I want to talk to you “ you are expecting the worst maybe he wants the divorce nobody deserves to be marry to you right now you expected him to continue ” I think we should take a vacation go to the beach or Barcelona you always wanted to go there. I talk to Steve he agrees to disassemble the nursery for us and if this place still remembers you too much of her we can move out to a new house or another city”

“ You really think that the solution of your problems is getting rid of her, destroying the nursery , burn the pictures of my belly, throw away everything we bought to her and be happy?. Don’t be selfish James if you move on that’s great for you but i am not you. I actually have feelings i am not a blood cold murder , sometimes i think i am paying for my sins because of this but then i think what could i possible do that was so wrong to be punished this away but i remember maybe i am not paying for my sins after wall”

You knew that you was mean and cruel to him you knew that wasn’t his fault and he was only trying to help you but you had lost control your words, was like watching a monster take control of your body for a few minutes and them return to your consciousness and now the love of your life was crying in front of you because you knew that somehow in his mind he blamed himself for your miscarriage he could think was karma or maybe the serum “ Maybe you are right” and he left

You look at the clock was almost midnight you are really worried with him and the guilty is consuming you. You heard the door opening and there he is, his eyes are puffy read and he is very hurt like he had got in a fight with all the avengers at the same time “Bucky, what happened to you ? I am so sorry for early i really didn’t meaning all that please forgive me" he looks at you like you are crazy for asking sorry to him “  You were right did i really believed that one day i could be happy ? That i would have a family and everything was going to be fine? You were only saying the true i shouldn’t be in your life; you should be with someone who is truly good not a monster like me”

You run to him and grab his face in your hand “ Look at me James you are good, you are kind i was getting crazy i used you to discount my anger, please forgive me i really sorry to everything i said to you. You are amazing husband, god i feel so guilty, let me help you okay?’ you clean all his bruises and cuts and if you could turn back time you would and say to him sure lets go to Barcelona now but you can’t the only thing you can do is pray for him to forgive you. “are you going to tell me what happened to you ?” he just shrugs “ I was drinking at a bar and let the guys beat the crap out me, help me with guilty ” you kiss his forehead and he put his arms around you protective “ You don’t have to feel guilty Bucky please never do this again” he kiss my lips “ Nether do you doll, when i said that vows were for worse or better I get what you feeling, we just need to move on somehow” maybe you should take a time off.

One year had passed since that night you and Bucky traveled to a lot of places, Barcelona, Italy, Brazil and a lot more you sell the house was a place with bad memories for both of you and bought a small apartment in the limits of the town. In this time you both did a lot of therapy to help with grief and tried new things the topic of trying again was talked a few times but you were never ready until “ Bucky i think i a ready ” he grab’s your hand and say “Let’s go them doll”

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A Different Kind of Magic

For @castihalo who has a fondness for Witch!Cas same tho so have an Urban Fantasy AU :)



The smell of lavender began permeating the air the moment Castiel lit the incense. It was one of his favorite scents to have going in his shop, seeing as it not only smelled relaxing, but also helped clear the air of any unclean spirits that may have decided to stay. Castiel would never speak badly about about a customer, but he wouldn’t be surprised if something attached to one of them decided to stick around.

A small bundle of black fur padded onto his work desk as sunlight began to peek through the front window.

“Careful, Hannah,” he murmured, scratching under her chin as she purred. “Remember what happened last time you accidentally stepped into my spell.”

The cat made a disgruntled sound and sat promptly on a corner of the table as Castiel continued his work.

Yesterday, a woman had come in looking for a spell to help find lost objects. While Castiel considered his specialty to be healing, he did have a few of those spells kept in bottles and the woman had delightedly bought all he had. It was good for business, but bad for his concentration.

Lost object spells were a difficult bit of stock to replace.

A few crushed pineapple leaves and a bit of his own memory later, he had almost filled three bottles with something that would help a person retrieve their car keys.

Castiel circled his hand over the bottles a few times, whispering under his breath as the sound of the front door opening and beads jingling nearly interrupted his ritual.

“Be with you in a moment,” he said, eyes still fixated on the bottles and continued the chant.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled at the bit of magic within himself and coaxed it to the palm of his hand and curled it into a fist. For a moment, it crackled under his skin, hot and sharp - and then he opened his fingers, releasing the finishing touch of the spell into the bottles with a faint glow.

The magic dissipated and Castiel looked up with a smile on his face, though he felt a little more weary than he’d been a few minutes ago.

“How can I help you?”

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Majora's Mask Sentence Pack
  • Believe in your strengths… Believe…
  • Hey, c'mon, are you listening?
  • What would we do if you dropped it and broke it?
  • No way! You can’t touch it!
  • Why are you looking at me like that?
  • What, is their something stuck on my face?
  • Snap out of it!
  • What are you doing, lost in your memories?!
  • Take me with you and I’ll help you out.
  • Huh? When did you get that instrument?
  • A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage
  • I’ll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy, and when you’re the bad guy, you just run.
  • You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?
  • Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow
  • Whether a parting be forever or merely a short time, that is up to you
  • Please… heal my sorrows…
  • If it’s something that can be stopped, just try and stop it!
  • I’m not doing anything suspicious… Really!
  • Haven’t you begun to understand?
  • I feel like I’ve known you forever
  • A man is an animal too, my boy!
  • The face under the mask, is that your true face?
  • I wonder what makes you happy, does it make others happy, too?
  • Your friends, what kind of people are they…? I wonder, do these people think of you as a friend?
  • If you do the right thing, does it make everyone happy?
at the end of 2015, the signs have:
  • aries: learnt so much about everything, given their all to every project, every piece of work. dear aries, stop feeling guilty while you are taking a well-deserved rest, for you deserve to relax your tired bones and sleep.
  • taurus: built themselves a home in hearts around them, filling them with the gentle, sweet rain and the warmth of the sun in the aftermath. dear taurus, you have made a difference, so continue to do so.
  • gemini: developed interests that they enjoy, found people that will love and support them at all times. dear gemini, please trust your heart for once and treat those special to you like you'd want to be treated.
  • cancer: grown strong and nave become even lovelier as time went on. dear cancer, please do not lose hope nor the amazing person you have become, for there may be road construction on the path of life you are taking.
  • leo: been persistent in the chase for their happiness and have truly earned every blessing they have gotten. dear leo, remember that you have taken many risks to meet your ends, so know that the year ahead will require your second thoughts.
  • virgo: found a reason to feel beautiful and whole, to be fully themselves. dear virgo, please pass around this lovely feeling around to those who need it; share the happiness you have been given.
  • libra: endured much pain and have come far over the obstacles that were once in their way. dear libra, find that there is a time of peace in your future, so embrace it and fear not of its fidelity.
  • scorpio: let go of toxic relationships and begun better, happier ones. dear scorpio, it was difficult to do, for even though those people killed you inside, they meant a lot to you, but remember that you didn't mean much to them if you kept getting hurt.
  • sagittarius: begun new assignments and brightening up their future with true passion in their hearts. dear sagittarius, once you start something, please finish it, for the goals that you have forgotten have collected dust.
  • capricorn: experienced so many things, been through difficult times and wonderful ones. dear capricorn, do not be discouraged by failure, for with every bad time there is good sure to come.
  • aquarius: shared so much of yourself with others, passing on your lovely nature and letting others embrace their abilities through you. dear aquarius, please don't let others tear you apart in order to selfishly fulfil their goal and forget about yourself.
  • pisces: been cautious, careful with detail though stressed out and so very tired. dear pisces, take a break and be lazy, snore a little bit and get back to a comfortable life where you belong.
  • ~ dearest signs, i wish you a new year full of happiness, good memories and learning. may you all be surrounded by those that will always support and value you ~

I really enjoyed this film. Finding Dory has a lot of heart, funny new characters, and a decent plotline. Considering all of this, none of these things stole the show quite like how the way Pixar handled a mentally ill character/memory disorder.

Originally posted by teendotcom

Dory is a blue tang, whom most of us met about 13 years ago, that suffers from short term memory loss. We all know and love her from the first movie. Her forgetfulness was charming, rather humorous, and nearly everyone seems to have nothing but positive things to say about her.

Finding Dory does a complete 180 regarding her disorder.

Instead of playing it off for laughs, we see her struggle emotionally through it and, through flashbacks, we see her parent’s reactions and how they handle their adorable daughter. The audience is taken into the world of what it’s like to live with a mental disorder. It’s now know that she often blames herself for things that are completely out of her control because of her mental challenges and we even see her have mild anxiety because it it. Maybe this movie wasn’t as funny or charming as it’s predecessor but damn does it deliver an important messages that everyone needs to know. 

Don’t let your disorder define you; you are more than a person with a mentally disability. Probably the most important message and one that is constantly proven in the movie. The blue tang often doubts her abilities doesn’t understand that she is smarter than she believes until it is told straight to her face. 

Understanding, acknowledgement, and patients. It can be hard to do sometimes but these people need to know just how important they are in another’s life. Think outside the box to help them and encourage them in their trials! Her parents display this behavior wonderful, to the point where it brought me to tears, while Marlin (the older clown fish) was on the opposite end and even drove the blue tang away.

Encourage encourage encourage! Let them know that they can do anything they put their mind to. Yes, set limits and be cautious but never tell them what they can’t or can do because, deep down, we’re all human and not so different despite some challenges another might have with a few things.

Your disability is apart of who you are! We know and love Dory because of her personality and, guess what, this includes her disability. Embrace who you are, at your own pace, and come to find that you are wonderful just being you. Living a little differently than everyone else isn’t a bad thing. If anything, it’s awesome.

Please, if you have a chance to go see it, take that chance because this is a movie entirely worth seeing just for the brilliant messages dished out. Don’t hesitate to take your children, parents, and grandparents to dive right in this heart tugging adventure. Please….

anonymous asked:

sweetie i dont wish to say anything to offend or trigger you,, but i dont really see the big deal(?) i mean yeah you were threatened and if that's it then i think you may be over exaggerating a little [but hear me out] hon, this is the internet cowardice people say shit over cyber space because they could never say such things to your face, sweetie, you're safe, the person most likely doesn't live anywhere near you, you're safe and have people who care deeply about you, please take care,

im sure you meant well but this ask comes off as condescending and really insensitive. im a rape victim and that ask dredged up bad memories and i have intense paranoia. that combined with the shock of something like that is why i reacted so extremely and telling me that i was exaggerating is hurtful and would have made me feel even worse if i had read this before i calmed down.

also the way this is worded makes me feel like youre talking to a small child. its patronizing and i dont appreciate that. 

1. love can’t fix everything, but it can make the difficult things worth living through; and that’s really all we can hope for - something to get us through our worst times.
2. honesty is always the best policy; even when it’s scary, even when it’s hard, even if it feels like your fragile heart may stop if you say it aloud. you will always regret the truths you never said and the lies that you did.
3. some things are impossible and that’s okay. you don’t have to be capable of doing everything to be an amazing, full person. everyone has their own impossibilities and while it’s okay to be frustrated with them, it’s best to live in a realm of your possibilities instead.
4. people don’t have to stay in your life forever to have been a wonderful part of it. you’ll meet incredible people who sometime later drift out of your life and that’s okay. treasure the memories you made together but move on.
5. self love is a never ending process. you will get better at it, and it will come easier, but it will never be a completed task; we are constantly changing and evolving so there will always be new parts to learn to love.
6. putting your heart on the line is terrifying but it is worth it. it can either lead to a beautiful love or it can release you from forever wondering what could have been, so you can move onto what could be instead.
7. taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. not everything you do needs a higher purpose, sometimes you should just do things because they’ll make you smile for a little while.
8. try to discover yourself just like you would a lover. our true selves often remain the biggest mystery in our own lives, and slowly uncovering who we really are is a difficult but endlessly rewarding process.
9. we are all recipients of kindness. even if it is tucked away in small gestures we hardly notice, it is there, and we should all strive to pass it along to others. it will make you feel so much lighter when you do.
10. you have to take care of yourself if you want to help anyone else. you have to get yourself in a good place before you can help anyone else do the same. nurture yourself, and in turn you will be able to nurture others.
11. experiences are worth so much more than anything you can own. spend your time and money having experiences and creating memories. good memories will sustain you for a lifetime.
12. let people in. sure, other people can hurt you, but living a life without ever truly connecting with anyone is a lot more painful; it’s just about finding the right people to take the risk for.
13. it’s okay to do things that are bad for you if they’re good for you. eat that whole bar of chocolate if you’ll enjoy it, skip class if you can’t face it today, go out and get horribly drunk if you’ll be making memories.
14. making the right choices for you is much more important than making the choices other people believe are right for you. please don’t spend your whole life trying to please others and in turn never actually pleasing yourself.
15. do those seemingly small things that make you happy. screenshot your cute anons to read when you’re down, keep a folder of cute dogs on your phone, spend an hour colouring - whatever makes you smile.
16. be patient with yourself and others. be patient when the barista with the shaky hands is slow to make your drink, be patient when the girl you’re dating isn’t ready to go public yet, be patient with yourself when you’re struggling. the strongest trees are the slow growing ones.
—  16 things I learned in 2016 

Please do not use it to bring down other groups. Just concentrate on congratulating bangtan and let us all continue to work hard and hope we can help get them more daesangs in the future. Let this be a beautiful memory. Never take things for granted, let’s concentrate on working together in helping bangtan succeed.