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[TRANS] Shukan Josei - SOPE Interview


Q. “If you were to sing to your crush”
JH: I would sing “Sakuranbo” by Otsuka Ai. I’ve liked that song for ages. There’s love in the lyrics and the melody is bright, so I think it matches my personality as well. I would prepare a trailer truck that would become a stage and say, “It’s an special event!” and sing just for the girl.
SG: I would say, “Why don’t you just come to our concert?”.
JH: Huh……!?
SG: I don’t go to karaoke, and I haven’t really sang anywhere other than on stage. So I’d tell her (to come to our concert) because I’m someone that does music professionally.
JH: Really……

Q. “Things you’re aiming for in 2017”
JH: I want to travel around Japan~
SG: I want to regularly go to the gym. I haven’t been doing anything recently, so I think that I should.
JH: Music-wise, I want to release a mixtape this year. I really want to improve as a rapper.
SG: I also think that we have to make a lot of good songs this year. We have a world tour, so we need to work hard to get more people to love BTS.

Q. “Phone lock screen”
SG: (while showing screen) This.
JH: Wow, it’s solid black!
SG: I’ve never really cared about my lock screen.
JH: Mine is a picture of my favorite artist!
SG: Who?
JH: Who was it? (lol)
SG: Isn’t it your favorite artist?
JH: It totally slipped my mind (lol). Ah, it’s Frank Ocean (an R&B singer)! But, it’s been the same lock screen for half a year, so I might want to change it soon.
SG: Even if it’s your favorite artist?
JH: You sometimes wanna change it, you know? Still, it would be embarrassing to use my own selfie……

Trans cr: Mia & Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

My Check, Please! Writing Masterpost


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  • “Can we please just talk?” (Tumblr) - Tater steals Jack’s shirt while he’s out of town and social media takes it the wrong way
  • “Is your seatbelt on?” (Tumblr) - Jack kidnaps Shitty from law school
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  • Meal delivery service AU (Tumblr) - what ended up becoming a collaborative AU started by me


  • The Punk and the Florist (AO3 | Tumblr) - punk musician Dex seeks refuge from fans in Nursey’s florist shop
  • Isla Negra (AO3 | Tumblr) - sequel to The Punk and the Florist, in which Dex takes Nursey to Chile for a music festival
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Mind Trap Chapter 1: Mente

Summary: It was supposed to be simple. A simple go in-go out deal. Oh, how wrong they were. Now they have to go where no person has gone before… Lance’s Mind.

A.N: Inspired by the Teen Titans Episode of “Nevermore”. Real Shiro is here, but Keith is still the Black Paladin so Lance is Red Paladin and Allura is Blue Paladin.

Chapter 2:

It started out so good. It was a simple mission of saving prisoners on a Galra ship. Though things went bad quick.

Haggar’s cackles through the ship as Lance yells through the comms, “I told ya you Mullet this was a trap!”

“Lance! Shut it!” yells Pidge as he knew she was rolling her eyes right now.

They run through the halls till they meet in the hanger her cackles are growing louder as Hunk yells scared, “She’s here!”

Haggar looks around as she forms a dark energy ball and looks around Lance can’t hear what’s she saying but sees that she’s throwing the magic at Keith. Lance yells, “Keith! Look out!”

Without a second thought Lance pushes Keith out of the way as darkness overtakes him. As thoughts and memories intruded his mind.

It’s so far, I can’t even see it. The… The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it’

Maybe I’m just a fifth wheel. Seventh if you count Coran and Allura. That’s a horrible wheel to be

Maybe it would be best if I stepped aside

Then silence.


Keith groans as he sees Lance still on the ground he grabs him as he yells through the comms, “Coran! Get a healing pod ready Lance got hit!”

Keith holds Lance as he whispers, “You better not die.”


After putting Lance in the healing pod the Paladins look at the pod with worried looks. Shiro grabs Keith’s shoulder in a comforting manner as he reassures, “He’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.”

“Coran, did you find out what that witch did?” asks Allura with a concerned look. He’s silent.

“Coran?” repeats Allura. Silence.

“It’s not deadly right? Like it was just energy like with Shiro right? It will heal right up. Right?” asks Hunk in concern. No answer.

“Coran?” asks Pidge in a much quieter voice.

Coran sighs as answers, “I’m afraid… what she did can’t be healed with the pod.”

Coran opens the pod with a crestfallen face as Keith catches Lance who is still isn’t awake. He feels him breathing so he asks, “He’s still breathing and has a pulse so if he isn’t dead what’s wrong with him?”

“What she did isn’t physical. It’s in his mind,” explains Coran as he pulls up a couple graphs. “Look at these.”

Before Keith could even look Pidge harshly grabs them annoyed as her eyes grow wide as she explains, “Coran, these are dangerous levels of brain waves and his heart rate is increasing rapidly.”

“So what did Haggar do to him?” asks Hunk with tears beginning to form.

“She’s destroying him from the inside,” clarifies Coran sadly.

The Paladins are silent.


Everyone turns to Keith as he adds, “There’s gotta be another way. We can’t just give up.”

Everyone stays silent before Allura asks, “Coran, you know my father was able to put his memories into the ship?”

“Of course.”

“Do you think you could make it reverse?” asks Allura curiously.

Everyone looks confused before Pidge snaps her fingers as she clarifies, “Instead of the mind going out. We’re going in the mind.”

Coran thinks about it as he responds, “I could, but I need to be fast about.”

“Why?” asks Hunk, though he knows it’s already bad.

“We don’t know how fast the magic is or how strong his mind is,” answers Coran gravely.

“Then we need to get to work. Pidge, Hunk help Coran with the engineering,” orders Shiro as they nod before turning to Allura. “Princess, could you give me the run down so we can know what to suspect.”

“Of course,” says Allura as she gestures to follow her.

“What about me?” asks Keith.

“Stay here with Lance. Call us immediately if he gets worse,” says Shiro as he holds reassuringly.

Keith cradles Lance in his arms as he begs, “Just hold on Lance.”


Keith sees Lance’s peaceful face as it seems like he’s only asleep. Though the wires connecting to his face say otherwise.

“I will stay out here and monitor you all, so if things start going bad I’ll pull you out in no less than two tick. But, please, be careful for if you get hurt in his mind you get hurt out here,” warns Coran cautiously. Shiro shudders as he remembers his fight with Zarkon in the mindscape.

“Good luck Voltron, Princess,” says Coran as he turns on the machine.

Keith watches one by one put on the headset as they seem to be asleep. He takes a deep breath as he puts his on too.


Keith groans as he wakes up to the sound of an ocean. He sits up, glad that they’re wearing their armor. He looks around to see everyone as Pidge comments, “This is Lance’s mind? I figured beach but I thought maybe girls would be everywhere.”

Hunk looks around as he comments, “This isn’t any beach this is Varadero Beach. The one in Lance’s hometown.”

Keith looks around as he takes Hunk’s word for it… he’s never been to a beach… seems peaceful enough almost soothing. His train of thought is interrupted when he hears Hunk yell, “Wait! I think I see Lance!”

Everyone turns to see Lance resting in a hammock. Though Keith senses something different about this Lance. Sure, he’s seen Lance like this, being calm and serene, but there’s an aura of happiness around him. They all run to him hoping to get some answers.

Star Above the Waters.

TW: major depictions of suicide and suicidal thoughts, major character death.

The icy cold drops of rain pierce deep into Lance’s tear strewn cheeks, pale with cold as he shivered. It was like little needles flecking his skin and leaving him numb and frigid.

Above him, storm clouds cracked and thundered and rolled, making a symphony of Mother Nature’s deadly desire.

Somewhere in front of him, the sky lit up with light like a match in a dark room, only now it was a lighting strike as it buried itself and made its mark somewhere in the world.

Good for it. It left a lasting impression when it was gone. Something Lance would never be able to accomplish.

He had tried countless times.

Either to be noticed, to be popular, to exist in the eyes of people who weren’t apart of his routine life.

He went to whatever lengths he could, tried to stay out of any negative situation.

Lance was always a people pleaser. He always did his very best to make sure everyone he encountered was left with something good to say about him when he was gone.

But any good start with anyone, would only crumble to bad in some way and have him in ruins. Failure.

It seemed like other people could do it just fine. They could be just like Lance and yet they would be the one to rise up in the world, while he was only sinking lower.

Literally and mentally.

Over the past few weeks Lance had got to thinking pretty hard about life. Not about how to go forward with it, what he could make of it, or even what he had planned in life as it went on.

Lance thought more so on the side of ending it. Which, in that way, could be counted as the same as making it better.

Or at least that’s how Lance saw it.

He’d been looking at the possibilities for weeks, like a kid in the candy store. Any way to get out of the world that he couldn’t stand up in, only put deeper and deeper into a hole that the people around him were digging for him.

In all honesty, maybe he had a shovel himself, but that had only been for a little while. It was a small shovel.

Hanging was out of the question. He read too many history books and seen too many movies to know that if it’s done with the slightest flaw, it won’t be easy.

You have to take in people’s height and weight, and the way the noose is tied in relativity to it all.

He would leave the math to Pidge.

Second option had been using those skills with a firearm that he had. But in all honesty that was too messy and he didn’t like the idea of risking it not going right, distorting his face for the rest of his life.

Although he knew the proper way was to put the shotgun directly behind his ear, he didn’t want to wimp out at something only he could control. Pull the trigger or not, there’s too much room for mind changing.

Lance had already tried pills. But he had already been on so many medications to numb the race of his heart, the workings of his mind, all the boy had gotten in return was a nice euphoria for a few hours.

The stomach pumping afterward wasn’t as pleasant, so again there is too much room for flaw. It needed to be just right.

So here he was.
Standing atop this mere ledge as the thing he loved most fell down around him.

You may be thinking that there is too much chance of let go or not let go, fall or not fall, in this scenario.

But that’s why he chose today of all days.
This ledge of all ledges. It was perfect.

Below the 3 ½ inch strip of concrete his feet balanced on, roared the sea. Lance had always loved the water.

A lighthouse. Dark. 5 pm.

Lance had learn most suicides happened between the times of noon and six in the evening, so why not just blend in with the crowd, since he could never stand out in it?

It was about 230 feet tall from the water, and here Lance stood at 198 feet above.

The boy closed his eyes, which were warm with tears but the rain made his skin cold. He felt a swaying motion, and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears.

Everything has an expiration date, whether human or animal or thing.

Nothing doesn’t not come to an end.

It can be chosen by you or for you.
Expected or unexpected.

A thought came to his head, standing hundreds of feet above the water that would soon become one with him and finalize his expiration date.

Lance had always tried to stand out, take risks, try and be noticed and try to be civil.

How come he lived in a world where ‘Take A Life’ was something all you had to do was turn on the television to hear. A social norm almost, something sad, but no you don’t really try and think about it that much.

But ‘Take A Chance’? How is it fair that it seems almost impossible, scary even. Frowned upon, because why would you do that?

What sort of world was that?

Lance lifted on hand from the hold behind him, wiping his cheeks. If he lifted the other, he would fall.

He leaned forward, his free hand swaying at his side as he stared at the back of his eyelids. That questioned repeated itself.

What kind of world is that?

Lance shook his head with a low chuckle, a sad sound that made it past his lips but was then snatched away by the wind.

A tired voice muttered, “Not the kind I want to live in.” With those words, Lance let go.

That wasn’t Lance.
None of them would believe that it was Lance, because how could it be?

It was held in a splayed out position, head back and mouth open, eyes closed.

It’s body was on the verge of turning blue, and had already bloated. It must have been there for hours.

It was dead. A dead, blue thing.

And even though it wore the same clothes, they all refused to believe it was the happy Cuban boy they had come to love and care for, even if he annoyed them sometimes.

They’d gone looking for him after he hadn’t shown up for dinner, and wasn’t back by ten at night.

Keith suggested they go out with flashlights.

Pidge who said wait a little longer.

Shiro who said he’d wait and see if he came back while they were out.

Hunk who found the note on Lances desk.
Shiro who read it out loud, and ran.
Pidge is the one who found it.

The body.

And it was Lance who was dead.

‘I knew someday I’d probably have to write a will or something, you know that thing old people write and families break over.

But I guess I didn’t know I’d be writing my own suicide note. Things had been pretty okay for me as a child.

I wanted to go to space, or become a marine biologist. Stars and water, either one was perfect for me because I loved them both.

Maybe I should say I’m sorry, because that’s what everyone else writes, but I’m not going to.

It would be like saying sorry for the milk expiring, or the toy that broke. I’m just another thing that had an end coming.

We all do.
But I’m not sorry.

I got to see the water, be apart of it, and I know I probably won’t look very pretty when you find me but I didn’t bother to put any makeup on when I woke up for the last time this morning.

Don’t worry, if you look up at night, I’ll look so much better as a star. Among those that I had always wanted to see.

Pidge, you’re such a strong woman and you’re smarter than I could have ever been. When you invent a code that makes memories a reality, please don’t forget about me by then and visit the good ones we had, okay?

Keith, at least from up here I can look down on your mullet, and pretend it looks a lot better than it actually is. Also, do me a favor and make sure Hunk is okay after this. You two seem close to an extent, he is going to need someone to go to. ((If he makes you something to eat, EAT IT.))

Hunk, thank you so much for being my best friend and my brother for all of these years. You’re a good bro, and I’ll make sure to put a good word in up here for you so you can be the Big Guy’s head chef. (Only if I get some snacks though.) I’m trusting you to keep Pidge in check, and make sure you feed those little mice in the shed. I love you.

Shiro, please please watch them all for me. And take care of yourself. I know you’ve been through a lot and I’m not helping any, but use them as your support and you as theirs. It’s okay to need someone, everyone needs another. Just make sure they have you, and each other, because I don’t want any of you to end up like me. Stay rad, space Dad.

I don’t care what you do with me, but whatever you do I want to be by the ocean. My final final resting place. Spread my ashes, bury my grave. Just make sure they play Beyoncé at the funeral.

You guys are out of this world.
See you later.

~ Lancey Lance
I don’t talk to fish - Aquaman x reader

Can you one with Aquaman? Where he and the reader know each other but they hate each other an then they fall in love eventually? Requested by @itsrebeca

I accidentaly delated the original message so…yeah. Here we go. It’s really long because I didn’t wanna make more than one part huh. And it kinda sucks…Oh well, I tried. It’s so late…

(My masterlist blog here :


The first time you met Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, you were having a nice lunch date at your favorite cafe in Metropolis with your brother, Clark. 

You weren’t happy that one of his super-friend ruined your chance to spent time just the two of you. Since he moved to Metropolis and became Superman, you nearly never saw your brother, and you missed him. You guys have always been very close, and despite his overprotecting you, he just didn’t had time to hang out with you that much anymore…Especially since you stayed in Smallville to take care of the family farm with your ma’. 

You often joked about the fact that you’d have to be in grave danger to see him. Worst thing was, it was true…So when he called you and asked if you wanted to come for the week-end to Metropolis, you said yes without hesitation…The first day, he saved the world from aliens with the Justice League, and only came back late at night. You had to almost dragged him out of bed for him to follow you to the café to have lunch…and now, that Aqua-dude was ruining it. 

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Originally posted by pinkharold

Title: Rescued And Requited                                                                                 Pairing: Alex/Reader                                                                                               Requested: yes                                                                                                      Word Count: 1,808

*Disclaimer: the name of the ship isn’t real in case anyone really needed that info idk enjoy 

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 

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I just remember how fond I was of Ponyo’s Dad, Fujimoto, from the Ponyo movie. I mean yeah he was the ‘antagonist’ of sorts, but he’s this doofy once human, now wizard who lives in the ocean with his many fish daughters and loves a giant sea goddess. Not to mention he looks like a sleep deprived mess of a wizard (My favorite kind) And just decided one day to 'fuck the land, I’m gonna go live in the sea. Just fuck land. Fucket.’ Not to mention his stupid crazy ginger hair all over the place and the thing with wearing pinstripe suits in terrible colors, I just love him so much, permit to get passionate for a brief moment:


Imagine him getting mad at sailors who say 'Ahh….the sea is a harsh cruel mistress, but she’s my mistress…’

'Uh excuse you-The Sea is my WIFE and I will THANK YOU not to TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT’



'Babe, we’ve got dozens of fish daughters, what about them?’





'Your husband is a mess.’

'yeah but he’s my mess. and I love my hot mess. Looket him doing sciencey things with the fish.’

*Fujimoto falling off a boat screaming*



Imagine him visiting begrudgingly for Ponyo’s birthdays. He just sits grumpily in a kiddy pool. Grown ass man. Sitting in a kiddy pool. In a suit and tie.


Granmamare just petting him like a cat.

'this is my husband. He is smoll and floofy. I must take good care of him. Sometimes he forgets to eat stuff and to sleep. He floofy and fragile and sometimes he stands on rocks and yells at seagulls to stop pooping in the sea. I love him.’


'Why did you decided to live in the Ocean, Fujimoto? I meant besides the fact to be closer to your giant sea wife.’

'I can avoid taxes easier this way.’ (I now believe that all the Ghilbi Wizards are notorious Tax Dodgers, please see Howl’s Moving Castle, he literally lives in 3 diffrent towns at the same time)


'Humans are disgusting’

'Fujimoto, you were human once.’

'I know, and It was gross, I hated it.’


'How many daughters do you have’


’….Is that a bad thi-’

'Shut up, I love it, don’t talk to me or my 1,290 daughters ever again

You’re still you

Request: hey. i love your blog and your writing so much. i was hoping if i can request an imagine with reader x teamiplier where the reader used to be depressed and cut themselves and nobody knows because the reader always wear long sleeves but they all go to the beach or something and the reader wears a top that shows off their arms and it ends in fluff and stuff. you can change it up something along those lines. i understand if you can’t/ don’t want to do this, just asking

A/N: anon, I hope you’re okay. If you ever feel like it all gets too much please reach out to friends/family/a professional and get help. You are so valuable and important, please find help when contemplating harming yourself. Take care, enjoy the fiction.

  • Reader x Teamiplier
  • Summary: Its hot in LA and the reader is invited to hang out at the beach with the team, its a big step to take.
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns for reader
  • Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of food/drink/the ocean. 
  • Despite this being a positive feel-good fiction, it does contain mentions of self injury scars and the reader has insecurities, please proceed with caution and do not read this if it will trigger you.

It was a hot day in LA and you were happily dancing around your kitchen in your pyjamas while your bread was in the toaster. The sky was blue and the birds were singing, it was going to be a good day. You poured some orange juice into a glass before hearing the music pause as a text appeared on your phone from Kathryn.

“We’re gonna head to the beach in a bit to soak up some sun and let Chica run free. You joining us?”

You smiled down at your phone and responded.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Meet you at the beach!”

The toast popped out perfectly golden and you covered it in butter and munched on it happily. You finished eating and then made some sandwiches to take for the team if they got hungry.
It then came to deciding on clothes. Your eyes skimmed over your wardrobe of long sleeve tops and thin jackets. You were already feeling sweat form from the heat and shrugged your shoulders, grabbing a tank top and shorts.
You looked over your outfit in the mirror. The clothes looked great on you and were nice and cool, but your eyes froze at the sight of your arms. The scars were old, it had been years and they had faded to a colour slightly paler than your skin.
You adjusted your hair and found yourself fiddling and spinning the ring on your finger. Your eyes darted from scar to scar.

You shook your head and stepped back from the mirror, grabbing a bag and leaving the bedroom. They’re scars, who cares right? You walked about your apartment arguing with yourself, the team had never seen your scars. What if they got scared, what if they were disgusted by them? Shivers ran up and down your spine before you took a deep breath and got in your car. It will be fine. You’re gonna be fine. They won’t even notice, they won’t care. It’s fine.

You found the team setting down towels on a fairly empty section of the beach. You ran over and caught Chica’s attention, you crouched down and pet her as the team looked over to greet you.
There was silence. You could practically feel their eyes burning into your skin as they travelled up and down your arms.
You were filled with nerves as you just focused on petting Chica.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

You froze and looked up. Tyler smiling at you after his statement. You were lost for words when Ethan spoke too.

“That top looks great on you. Really suits you, I think you should wear it more often.”

“I’ve gotta agree, Y/N you could be a model with a figure like that.” Amy chimed in. You smiled and blushed, thanking the team.

They soon turned their attention to the buckets and spades they had packed. You made some sand castles, getting a little competitive with the boys as you found the castles lined up, and Mark taking the leash off Chica telling her to decide which one wins.

The dog sniffed each castle, spending extra time on the last, which was Ethan’s.
“I think we have a winner. Suck to suck, Mark.” Ethan boasted, seconds later Chica had kicked down his castle and trotted off back to the others.

“I think we have a loser! Sucks to suck, Ethan.” Mark laughed and Ethan pouted.

Chica sniffed Marks a little too intensely, sending it crumbling, leaving you and Tyler the winners.

After having some fun destroying sand castles and running along the water with Chica, everyone tucked in to the sandwiches you’d made.
As you chewed on your food you found your fingers running up and down your arm. Your mind raced wondering what the team really thought despite how nice they had been.

“I don’t want you to think we’re ignoring or invalidating this.” Mark spoke as you turned you head to him, taking your hand away from your arm.
“Its sad that it happened and that you reached that point, but that doesn’t change who you are.” Mark spoke, the words hitting you with force.
“You’re still Y/N. The past doesn’t change that.” Mark smiled at you warmly. Your heart was fit to burst when you heard your friends joining in.

“You’re still the cute little bean that Chica and I both love spending time with.” Said Amy.
“You’re still my editing buddy who’s definitely better at it than I am.” Kathryn laughed.
“You’re still the caring, inspiring person that we’re all thankful to be friends with.” Tyler grinned.
“and you’re still fucking amazing at making sandwiches.” Ethan giggled, taking a bite of the delicious food.

You felt your body turn warm and you grinned.
“You guys are too nice to me I hate you” you joked and laughed as the team did too. Chica came and sat by you while you finished your food.

After an hour or so Chica was tired out, but Mark was unusually happy to be at the beach despite his fear of the ocean, so Amy and Kathryn returned home with Chica leaving you with the boys.
You were playing games with a frisbee when a young girl approached Mark asking for a photo. He happily put his arm around her and smiled at the parent as they held up their camera.

You went to walk out of shot when they gestured you back in.
“You guys can be in it too! She loves you all.” They spoke joyfully.
You stood on the end next to Ethan as you looked to the floor, feeling insecure at the fact there was going to be photos going round the Internet of your bare arms.
Ethan picked up on your body language and put an arm round your back placing his hand on your arm. You turned to him and whispered “thank you” before smiling for the photo.

As the little girl ran back to her family Mark turned back to see Ethan’s arm around you and your face looking sheepish. He suddenly spun his head to see the family walking away slowly.
“Do you want me to ask them to delete that? We can take it again if you’d rather not be in it.” Mark spoke with kindness realising how uncomfortable you were.

You span your ring round your finger looking down as you thought.
“It’s fine. It’s something I’ve got to get used to I guess.” You spoke feeling unsure. Not a second later you were engulfed by Ethan’s arms as he hugged you tight.
“I think the world is ready for your beauty. Those dainty shoulders deserve to be displayed.” He giggled and ruffled your hair as you smiled up at him.

The boys all looked at you with admiration before Tyler spoke.

“We’re all so proud of you.”


What if next week’s episode opened with a dream sequence, in which Fitz was remembering things he shouldn’t even know, in particular the parallels between Jemma’s scream in the last episode and the all-important bottom of the ocean scene. He sees those screams one after the other, and then a rapid-fire montage of memory with scraps of dialogue featuring some of their biggest lines.

“I’m not leaving you, that’s ridiculous! We need a new plan!” / “We’re not discussing it Jemma. You’re taking it, end of story.”

“Why would you make me do this? You’re my best friend in the world!” / “You’re more than that, Jemma. And I couldn’t find the courage to tell you. So please, let me show you.”

“You’ll be careful.”

“There’s nothing to discuss, Jemma.” / “Maybe there is.”

“Quite a strange feeling, isn’t it? Never wanting to be without someone?”

“And you dove through a hole in the universe for me!”

“It’s been ten years.”

“You became the most open, loyal, caring person I’ve ever met.” / “It’s why I fell in love with you! Who you really are; that’s not programming! It’s something way beyond that!”

And he has no context for any of these scenes but he can see them vividly and it has him waking up in a cold sweat and a blind panic. He gets up in the middle of the night, goes to where Radcliffe is being kept and makes a demand.

“Tell me about Jemma Simmons. Tell me everything.”

Captured King - Ben - Disney´s Descendants

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A/N: I love Mitchell Hope and his character Ben. I want to kiss that nose. Have fun reading this. 
summary: You´re the sister of Uma, being the co Captain in her crew. You´re not quiet happy about the idea of capturing the king of Auradon. So you two make a deal.
warnings: cursing
wordcount: 553

tagging: @nachorebelion

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“This plan is brilliant!” Uma stated, punching her older sister shoulder in excitement. Y/N rolled her eyes. This plan was not brilliant. Hell, it was the worse plan she had ever heard. “You want revenge, alright. But do you really want to capture the King?” A wicked smile plastered on the youngest daughter of Ursula and the oldest one rolled her eyes again, followed by an annoyed groan that left her lips. “Let´s have a deal.” The smile faded quickly. Uma must admit: Sometimes she wished, that she shouldn´t had made her sister Y/N the Co-Captain of her ship.

 “Come at me, Sea Witch.” “I´m taking care of the King and you´re doing the blackmail shit, understood? Otherwise, I can steal Hook´s Hook and hook you myself.” Uma knew, that messing around with her sister at this point wasn´t a phenomenal idea. She simply nodded.

 To capture the king was easy. He was way too kind for the Isle, even though Mal and her friends did an excellent job on teaching him, how things went in the environment of evilness. He was tied up, sitting on a bed, which was covert in multiple duvets and blankets. All had the colour of the depth of the sea. On the shelves, mostly books where placed. The desk was clean. All around: It was one of the cleanest rooms, Ben had ever seen.

 “What does a guy like you, find so interesting in this plain, basic and way to clean room?” A chuckle appeared. The young king let his gaze go through the room once again, stopping at the door, admiring the girl who stood leaned back at the door frame. She let the blade of her sword swing, a soft smile was plastered on her face. He wasn´t sure, if she would harm him. She looked familiar with Uma. The leather of her clothes where coloured in a dark blue tone and she had a pirate hat on.

 “I´m not going to harm you, majesty. I will treat you, as you were treated in your kingdom.” “Please, just call me Ben and please. I want to experience the Isle, so don´t treat me like a king.” She simply laughed and walked to the bed he was sitting on. She came near and soon her lips where placed at his right ear. “If I would, my sister would had thrown you to the sharks already, leaving Mal as a beautiful, little piece of wrack, that is placed deep in the ocean. So be thankful I´m taking care of you, Ben.” He nodded. The girl turned around, laughing a maniac latter, which Ben assumed was normal on the Isle.

 Before she went through the door, she chuckled once again. “What´s your name?” Ben quickly asked, getting her to turn again. She pulled of her hat and bowed down. “I have many names, King Ben Florian, son of Belle and the Beast. I´m the oldest daughter of Ursula.”  She straightened her back. “I get called Sea Witch, the Depth of the Sea or simply just Y/N. But you can call me whatever you want, majesty.” She ran off, closing the door. Now the king was all alone, waiting for his freedom to come. “Y/N.” He sighed. Deep inside, he hoped, that Mal and his friends would never come.  

The summer is almost gone but the hot weather is not… I made a small list with things that help me go through hot and heavy weather and safety tips in general ! Hope this helps someone who can’t stand heat as well :x (yay winter!)

  • Water with lemon or cucumber and mint helps a lot, drink as much of it as possible ! It hydrates your body and makes you feel refreshed !
  • Try not to be in direct sun from noon until ~6pm (the sun is the most toxic then) 
  • Don’t eat heavy and hard digestible food, pick vegetables/fruit instead ! You’ll feel way better ! 
  • Black clothes are your biggest enemy, try to wear light or neutral, non-light absorbing clothing ! 
  • If you feel dizzy or extremely hot, put ice cold water on the inside parts of your elbows and outside part of knees, it helps a lot ! 
  • Don’t forget to wear a cap/hat/scarf on your head not to get sunstroke !
  • If you’re going on a picnic/beach and taking food with you, make sure it’s never exposed to sunlight, best thing to do is to put it in a special freezer bag. 
  • Fresh air heals both body and soul so make sure to be outside as much as you can, when the sun is not toxic anymore! 
  • If you’re planning to get tanned, make sure you wear sunscreen ! Otherwise your skin might burn and start peeling off or you might need to go to hospital… 
  • If you have river/lake/sea/ocean near you, take a swim there ! It helps to fight the heat ! But please be safe and don’t go alone/don’t swim far if you’re not a good swimmer! 
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourself but don’t forget to be safe and take care of yourself ! <3 
~MTMTE Beach Day~

While we were at the beach over the weekend, @zenxenophilia and I came up with all of these ideas for what a beach day out with the MTMTE bots would be like! They’re on a secluded beach using mass displaced forms and their human friend is there to make sure they all have a good time! :D

So I’m going to do a few bots and give some headcanons on what they’d do at the beach and she’ll add some more to this post on her blog! I’m a little rusty lol but I hope y'all like this~!


  • Rodimus loves everything about the beach. He doesn’t even mind the water (though after the trip he comes to regret this)! He wants to do all the games during beach day, especially the more competitive ones. After all, he’s the Captain so he has to win all the games! His favorites are chicken and volleyball, the last one which he gets a little too aggressive about. There’s one point where he accidentally hits the ball straight at Megatron’s face. That’s not even how you play, Roddy! It doesn’t matter to him, in Rodimus’ mind that was a victory, the biggest one of the day.

  • He’s constantly trying to get the less enthusiastic bots to enjoy the beach day, which usually back fires on him. To his credit, he just wants everyone to have a good time because he knows a lot of the stuff happening on the ship lately has been extremely stressful. His amazing crew all deserve a day to just relax but of course, his idea of relaxation is different from the others.

  • Has a particularly fun time antagonizing Megatron. There’s one point where the older bot falls asleep on his towel and Rodimus (sniggering all the while) goes over and completely buries him in sand. Megatron simply thinks the wind got the best of him until a few days later when he sees that Rodimus posted selfies he took with the slumbering sand Megatron all over the ship. Lovely.

  • Sort of playing off his desire to win all the games, at some point during the day, Rodimus learns that Skids has become excellent at everything beach related (of course). He becomes rather jealous and declares (loudly, much to the embarrassment of Ultra Magnus) that HE is the Beach King, not Skids! The two end up having  a series of competitions through out the rest of the day, sometimes partnering with Swerve & Drift. At the end of the day, the human declares the winner Rodimus simply because THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS RODIMUS WE WANT TO GO BACK TO THE SHIP ALREADY, IT’S NIGHT TIME! Rodimus smugly wears a paper crown he made for the rest of the day.


  • Drift also loves going to the beach but he’s much more calm about it than Rodimus. Mostly, he’s just pleased to see everyone spending time together, especially with the human. He mentions something about bonding and growing closer spiritually and that’s when Rodimus begins to tune him out. Poor Drift is then dragged along to do every crazy beach activity with his Captain and best friend.

  • His favorite game is volleyball though. He’s excellent at it once he learns how to play and between him and Rodimus, the two are pretty much unstoppable. When he’s not indulging Rodimus in beating the other ship members in games, Drift spends most of his time sunbathing or chilling with his human friend. He loves hearing about their experiences with beaches (assuming they’ve been before) and watching them swim in the ocean, having a good time. He enjoys being able to relax for once and not having to worry about the Lost Light crazy shenanigans.

  • Drift is also the one who takes all the pictures of the beach (aside from Rewind video taping everything). He only cares about things that he considers aesthetically pleasing though, like sea shells and random birds. Also a lot of pictures of the ocean and the sunset, which while beautiful, never include the actual crew. After the day is over and Drift shows everyone the pictures, most of the crew are annoyed because he didn’t get anything actually IMPORTANT.

  • Drift would be one of the bots to collect sea shells, probably keeping them and learning from the human how to make jewelry out of them. He finds it interesting and ends up making everyone a sea shell necklace, which his human friend actually wears all the time. If anyone says anything about the necklace (*cough* Whirl *cough*), the human gets upset and stands up for Drift.


  • Cyclonus is not as enthusiastic as Tailgate about going to the beach and spending all day watching everyone else make a fool of themselves (and by everyone else, he means Rodimus). Still Tailgate is just so excited to spend time with him and their human friend, he can’t help but give in and come along. He doesn’t participate in any of the games despite Tailgate’s begging though. However at one point, Drift does hit the ball a little too hard during Volleyball and it goes sailing towards Cyclonus, popping on one of his horns. That counts as playing right? ;P

  • Tailgate gets confused about a lot of things involving the beach and their human friend. What’s a sun tan? You burn?! What do you mean you can drown?! DON’T WORRY HUMAN, HE’LL PROTECT YOU! It takes a long time explaining on the human’s part before Tailgate stops worrying about them so much. Cyclonus still keeps an eye on them both though. 

  • Tailgate loves the ocean and especially enjoys watching his human friend jump the waves. When he learns about sharks though, he becomes frightened. They sound horrible and dangerous! But then at one point, he actually sees a shark and is amused at how small they are. He just thought they’d be bigger? More intimidating? But they’re more cute than scary up close. What silly Earth creatures. X’D

  • Cyclonus meanwhile, does find himself admiring how beautiful the beach is. When Tailgate shows him a sea shell he found later on, Cyclonus even can admit how pretty it is. He does eventually join Tailgate and the human on their quest to collect as many sea shells as possible, keeping a few for himself to remember this moment by.


  • Rung is the Mom of the trip honestly. When he learns that they’ll be going to Earth for a beach day, he makes sure that he is as prepared as he can be. He questions the human on what the beach will be like and what is necessary to make the trip most enjoyable. As such, when they get to the beach, he pulls out everything under the sun from his subspace. Suntan lotions, extra towels, snacks and water, books, basically anything he could think of to help the human. :3 

  • He spends most of the day watching the others and smiling at how cheerful everyone seems. He brought along a beach umbrella (due to the human’s suggestion), shielding himself from the sun and the sand being blown up by winds. He also brought along a datapad to read during the trip and is perfectly content for the first time in a long while.

  • He also encourages the human to take breaks and not let themselves be worn out by everyone dragging them along to different activities. When they want to calm down or maybe take a short nap, they go to Rung because he’s peaceful and quiet and not grumpy unlike some of the others (*squints at Megatron*). He doesn’t say anything directly about it, but Rung adores this time with his human friend and can’t wipe the smile off his face for the rest of the day. 

  • Rung does NOT appreciate all the sand though, that’s for sure. It gets everywhere and for days after the beach trip, he still has trouble getting it out of his seams. This is also the reason why he stays away the water and all of that salt. It’s too exhausting trying to clean up the sand, much less salt from the ocean. At one point, Swerve is a little too excited during a game with Skids and ends up tripping, causing Rung to be covered in sand. Everyone finds it hilarious except Rung who gives Swerve the Disappointed Stare. 

Ultra Magnus:

  • Speaking of sand, Ultra Magnus HATES IT TO HIS VERY CORE. It’s everywhere! There’s so much of it and he can’t get it out of his seams! It gets into everything and it’s so weird feeling too. He doesn’t like when the wind blows the sand because it lands in his optics more often than not. So needless to say, he’s rather upset about the whole trip and thinks it’s a waste of time - at least at first.


  • Once he finds a spot to chill away from the rest of the loud crew, he starts to calm down. The sand still annoys him but he begins to notice just how gorgeous Earth actually is. Even the breeze is appreciated after a while, with the hot sun beating down on them all. At one point, he asks Rewind to record the sound of the waves beating against the shore and though he never explains why, Rewind has a feeling that the big bot is using the sounds to help him fall into recharge.


  • He takes everyone’s safety on this trip very seriously. Swerve compares Ultra Magnus to a human life guard, which confuses him until he talks to their human friend and finds out what that is. Despite it originally being an insult from Swerve, Ultra Magnus takes on the role with pride. He watches the water for sharks (mostly for the human) and makes sure they go out with another bot. He knows they can swim but they’re so small and delicate and those waves are so big! It doesn’t help when one time they get hit too hard by a wave and go under for a moment, nearly giving Ultra Magnus a spark attack. Even though they come up laughing and just fine, he’s still worried for them for the rest of the day.

  • It takes the human coming over and spending time with Ultra Magnus (see why Rung has to get them to rest) for him to be able to de-stress. They show him a little hermit crab they found crawling along and he hesitantly admits that perhaps not everything about the beach is horrible. Rodimus exhausts himself with all the games (but only for a short time of course) and joins them as well. The human enjoys seeing the two talking and even catches a faint smile on Ultra Magnus’ lips when he unintentionally makes Rodimus laugh after mentioning something Megatron did earlier in the day.

    I can’t wait to see what you add to this Zen~!


Gorillaz Members Summed Up


Phase 1: smol
Phase 2: emotional and smol
Phase 3: on her period for 4+ years, run the fuck away, pirates start shooting at a cruise ship and she fights back, ends up on a life raft and is stranded, russel finds her and is apparently gigantic. They find murdoc and 2d and russel opens his mouth to reveal noodle, cyborg is shocked and in awh. They fight.
Phase 4: smol and happy adult who likes life and hates worm ghosts. Shes not afraid to shoe her body and has a great time dancing with 2-D at the club


Phase 1: cool and mean friend
Phase 2: sex demon who hits 2d with soda cans
Phase 3: depressed fucker who cries on his spare time and abuses 2d to make him feel better
Phase 4: stopped abuse all together and uses bdsm as a relief. what is reality? I enjoy floating through a space bathtub and getting naked, making my band mates uncomfortable, and being that one guy no one invited to their party but went anyway


Phase 1: dumb friend who everyone likes, has really bad migraines
Phase 2: timid and anxious, doesn’t know when someone’s gonna hit him. Acts cool to get girls
Phase 3: didnt get girls because of trying to be cool in phase 2, now is stuck on plastic beach with grouchy man who abuses him daily. Knows hes gonna get abused, and just lets it happen most of the time. Very sad and suicidal.
Phase 4: Looks super fucking gay now, has pants that can stretch for miles, has a tendency to go shirtless, very loopy and forgetful, wants to sleep and hug his friends and had a date with a hatstand


Phase 1: His dead friend Del possesses him and actually enjoys his company. Very tired and when he sleeps del comes out. Del tends to do deals with Noodle and she wins each time. Wore lipstick before, wanted to wear a dress. Probably a closet crossdresser.
Phase 2: cool dude who loves fashion with animals on it. Is seen with a bore, held a dead croc for a picture. He’s still tired and wears a little hat. Had Del exorcized out, had a sad moment and cried during it and hugged del for the last time.
Phase 3: “WHAT THE FUCK MURDOC, HES UP TO NO GOOD I MUST FIND HIM!” *ravages through the dock and jumps into the ocean* oh shit *grows huge* fuck. Finds noodle stranded on a life raft and takes care of her, and continues to search for Murdoc, 2-D and the OTHERS.

First 50 pages of LoS: A Summary

Kit Drama Storyline: 


Jace: You’re an idiot. You will die really fast. Think with your brain. 



Ty: *sleeping outside of Kit’s room every night* 

Kit: *no comment* 



Emma: *concerning a goldfish that Mark got for her* Mark, we’d never be able to properly take care of it! 

Mark: *is sad* Okay. That’s true. *dumps fish into the ocean* Be free, little fishy! 

Julian: Anyone gonna tell him that he just killed that fish? 

Cristina: Please don’t, he’s acting so innocent and adorable, don’t kill his joy. 

Request: Please write Alex taking care of the reader while she is sick and being very lovely. Ps: I love your writing SO much! 
Note: PS, I hope this is good enough, all fluff Alex ;-)

Words: 1887

‘How are you holding up babe?’ You looked up, panting while Alex just climbed onto another piece of rock. His definition under a good vacation included some good hikes and the raw beauty of nature. Not that you were complaining, you loved it as much as he did but he forgot sometimes that you had less of that condition he had. He turned around on the rock and looked down to you because you didn’t immediately answered his question.
‘I’m still alive.’ You shrugged with a smile.
‘I see that, all sweaty and gorgeous.’
‘Stop it.’ You chuckled. He threw you a bottle of water and you caught it out of the air, opening it before drinking it half empty.
‘We are almost back.’ He pointed to somewhere on the horizon. How he knew the way you still didn’t understand, you sucked at orientation. He held his hand out and helped you up the rock on which you had an amazing view over the forest you hiked through last couple of hours.
‘This makes everything better.’ You noticed while enjoying this kind of view. He wrapped his arms around you, rested his chin on your shoulder. ‘Yes, you to.’ You answered his waiting look. You stroke your fingers under his chin, placing your lips on his. He groaned in frustration and you started to laugh. ‘Shame we are hiking hmm.’
‘Still have enough of the day left.’ He said with a promising voice. You made some kind of an appreciating sound before following him back uphill. You did nothing else than going uphill last hours, to be quiet about the mosquitos. You kicked one away from your arm, looking at the bite he left behind.
‘Always those,’ you looked up to Alex who was pointing his phone your way. ‘I hate the mosquitos!’ You yelled to his phone. He started laughing, turning it back to himself.
‘She hates the mosquitos.’ He finished his Instagram story.
‘The world should now.’ You murmured, taking a run and jumping on his back. ‘Come on donkey.’ You clicked your tongue, longing to get back to the hotel.

In your favorite summer dress and a cocktail in your hand you looked to Alex surfing his way over the waves. That boy really couldn’t stop moving around all the time. He enjoyed every bit of his vacation like you did watching him, taking a picture, making a video, all the things to remember this vacation for as long as you could. You pulled your sunglasses from your nose onto your head when he pulled that board over the beach, giving you a clear look over his naked wet chest and hair. He dumped the board down aside you, splashing water with his fingers onto you. ‘Stop it.’ You laughed.
‘What?’ He asked. And when you looked up he was looking down to you all in mischief and you knew immediately what that meant.
‘Alex no!’ He grabbed you around your waist, pulling you the whole way back to the sea. You fought his strong arms, laughing in between. ‘Please don’t.’ But he did, throwing you right in the water with dress and everything. You got underneath before you took a new breath when you came back up. You stroke the wet strains of hair out of your face before looking back at him. ‘You bastard!’ You smiled, splashing water over to him. He chuckled, doing the same back. You looked like two little kids having the time of your life. And in fact, it was exactly that, this vacation was so relaxing and fun you wouldn’t forget it any time soon. It was also your first vacation together with Alex and it was not to complain about it. You fought the waves getting away from him but he grabbed you around you waist, pulling you closer so your back contacted with his chest.
‘You love this bastard.’ He whispered into your ear. His hands traveled over your wet dress and you closed your eyes for a minute.
‘Yes, I do.’ You smiled, messing his hair totally up with your hand, turning around in his embrace. You laid your hands over his shoulder and pulled yourself to his eye level. ‘You certainly came on a white horse my prince.’ You said with that typical all in love face of yours. You met Alex on set, he almost didn’t saw you standing when he passed by with his white horse and chariot, in fact, he didn’t saw you. You being more on the background of everything didn’t change the fact he noticed you in an instant. He answered that look by placing his lips onto yours. Your hand stroke over his dark hair while his hand traveled down over your back, resting for a moment on the small of your back before he got lower and you felt that longing again.
‘We should get back to  the hotel.’
‘Yes we do.’ You whispered in agrement, placing another kiss on his lips before making yourself loose from his wet body and struggling your way back to the beach with him.

It was somewhere in the early morning when your body decided it was the best way to hang half an hour over the toilet, throwing everything up you eat yesterday. The bonus, it was more than 30 degrees outside and your body burned equally as hard. The sweat rolled down your forehead, exhausted you sat on the bathroom floor with your head against the cold wall. ‘Y/n?’ Alex came around the corner and looked at you. ‘You look terrible.’
‘It noticed that myself to.’ You murmured, holding on to the wall while getting slowly up. He didn’t waked up when you got here for the first time … and the second, and the third until you agreed to just stay here instead of getting every time back to bed. ‘I think I have the flue, or something else.’ You let your head hang, panting from the little things you did. Alex walked over, supporting your body a little. ‘I don’t want to make you sick to.’
‘Like I care, come on, back to bed.’ He reacted, leading your body right back to the bed. ‘You got a fever to.’ He noticed the heat coming from your skin. You started scratching the mosquito bite on your arm and Alex looked at the red dot. ‘I think we need to get you a doctor, to be safe.’ He noticed your scratching. You followed his look over to the bite, already scared that you maybe got a rare kind of disease. ‘I will call a doctor.’ He noticed your slight panic.

The doctor stated the following; you got the flue as a reaction on those mosquito bites of yours. He tested your blood to be safe but you were all in the clear so you had to sit this one out. There wasn’t more you could do then sleep, try to eat and sleep again. And this on your first vacation with Alex, you ruined everything. You looked over your shoulder when he walked in with a glass of water and a wet towel. ‘Alex,’ you signed as he laid the towel onto your forehead for the fever. It felt good in this heat, you closed your eyes, enjoying the cold for as long as it would last. He came to sit aside you on the bed and you opened your eyes again. ‘Go have fun. I will manage on my own.’ You whispered.
‘I’m here on vacation with you, I’m not leaving you. Besides, who’s gonna hold your hair up when you throw up again?’
‘I can do that myself.’ You protested on his words. He turned on his side and looked at you.
‘Let me take care of you?’ He asked all serious. You shook your head and looked through the hotel window to the blue ocean.
‘This is your vacation, please, enjoy it while it lasts.’ You begged him, guilty by the fact that you where this sick. But he was the stubborn kind and you knew already that he wouldn’t change his current plans, even when you would get angry about it.
‘And you are my girlfriend, so,’
‘Babe, no.’ He smiled softly. You murmured something and turned away from him, angry on yourself. ‘You would do the same right?’ He asked, hovering over your shoulder.
‘What can I get you?’ He asked. You turned your head and looked to him, forcing an exhausted smile on your lips.
‘The light, cold and good stuff.’
‘Arranged. Get some sleep.’ He placed a kiss on your shoulder and jumped from the bed.
‘Alex,’ you called after him when he was ready to leave. ‘Don’t forget to do something fun on the way back.’ You followed when he looked over to you. He rolled his eyes and walked out, leaving you alone with your sleep. Witch you caught right away. How long you slept you didn’t knew but you waked up by the whistling Alex always made when he was cocking. But you were on a hotel so he couldn’t be really doing that. You pulled out of the bed, turning the corner where he was dancing on the music through his headsets. You tilted your head, smiling by his moves while he made some kind of ice tea with fresh fruit. He turned around his own body and stopped when he saw you dancing.
‘Don’t mind me.’ You smiled weakened when he pulled his headphone of.
‘How do you feel?’ He asked concern.
‘Alright. Did you do something fun on the way back?’ You asked in return. You walked over to the table on the little balcony, sitting on a chair in the shade.
 ‘I went swimming here in the hotel, does that count?’
‘Yes it does.’ You nodded while he brought you a ice-cold glass of tea. He took himself one to and came to sit aside you. ‘You’re drinking tea?’
‘What? I’m not gonna drink cocktails without you.’ He shrugged. You signed, bringing your lips to the glass to sip from the tea. It was exactly what you needed, something fresh, light and with enough vitamins to get you back on your feet.
‘You know Alex, I really appreciate you being all the concerned boyfriend but I’m feeling guilty already for taking your time away,’ you looked over to him, desperate. ‘you know I can handle a little flue.’ You followed right after.
‘Y/n, I wouldn’t enjoy my vacation without you. Are you complaining about me taking care of you?’
‘No, I love it. I just don’t want you to be bored, if you want to do something you should.’ You forced a smile on your face. He leaned over his seat to you, stroking a strain of your messy hair back after your ear.
‘I’m never bored. And the more I can take care of you, the faster you will heal up.’ He placed his lips on your shoulder again and you looked at him, shaking your head.
‘To what did I deserve you Alex Hogh?’ You asked softly. He rested his lips on that exact same spot and looked up to you.
‘I’m still apologizing for almost hitting you with that chariot.’ He chuckled. You smiled and looked back to the surrounding. The little breeze did good, but he did more, taking so much care of you, you were sure you would be healed up in no time.

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Hi! Is there any sexual identity crisis fics you guys know of? (I'm currently going through my own rn my dudes. I've been saying I'm bi for the past four years and now I'm not sure if I'm just a lesbian fml)

My dude identity is a crazy hard thing to figure out, I thought I was on the finds men more attractive side of bi for literal years until I realized lots of it was literally just thinking they were aesthetically pleasing. turns out I’m like 95% attracted to women instead of the other way around. Thanks compulsory heterosexuality. 

Good luck on your journey!

A Long Winter by dropdeaddream, WhatAreFears 

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.

In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.

In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

Kiss Me Hello by kehinki

Bucky and Steve take to kissing each other hello, goodbye, goodnight. It’s all very platonic until it isn’t.

Painted in Indigo by nekare

“You should be careful of that one,” Mr. Hendrickson says, with a nod to Bucky outside the window. “It ain’t right. Looking at you all the time as he does. The way he should be looking at girls.”

Steve laughs, because damn, but what a ridiculous idea.

Or, five times Steve caught Bucky looking at him, and the one time he looked first.

Steve likes the Stars and Stripes by cuddlingwiththemoon (orphan_account) for babyashleym

THIS IS FOR THE 2K14 #BISEXUALSTEVEROGERS MOVEMENT.Basically Steve goes through a minor sexuality crisis and watches a lot of porn.

The Crisis by Rosawyn

Steve just wants to save everyone, but Bucky wants to save Steve. Steve might be turning 100, but some things never change.

Steve Rogers Gay Crisis by things_havechanged

Steve Rogers is definitely straight. Well, that is, until he’s not.

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hi there, I really love your blog, it gives me purpose in life✨✨✨✨ so I was wondering if you could write a scenario where mc lost a family member to suicide and is so depressed about it that she will full her time with (school or work or whatever you feel like) she is so exhausted and is barely talking to the rfa+v+saran. Like, how would they talk to her and comfert her? Thanks

Hey!!! I’m so happy you like my blog!! ♥-♥ And I hope that everything is going okay!! I send lots of hugs to you. I lost all my grandparents in two years so I understand if you’re going through something, and although it wasn’t suicide and I will not understand that I know that death can be terrifying and painful in a deep way. I give you all the love, and I hope you like this!! Ahh!!! I get so nervous so easily! So here goes!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

*Some spoilers for Saeyoung’s route and Saeran of course


  • He doesn’t understand it at first really
  • He hasn’t lost anyone before
  • Not like you and your sister
  • But when you begin locking yourself up in your room, only leaving for school, and not eating
  • You don’t reply to anything, and you hardly smile or show emotion anymore
  • You don’t cry anymore
  • He finally goes to your apartment
  • At first he was worried that you just needed space
  • But when he sees you he knows that you need someone to talk to
  • First thing he does is give you a huge bear hug
  • An by then all that you’ve fought to keep bottled up washes out
  • You begin to cry, and hyperventilate
  • He can hear you whispering: “I will be okay, I’m not going to die, I’m going to be okay.”
  • He just keeps hugging you, stroking your hair and whispering words in your ear
  • “You’re going to be okay, you’re going to be okay, it’s okay”
  • Finally after about half an hour you tell him
  • Your sister hanged herself two weeks ago
  • She was one of your closest relatives and friends
  • He doesn’t say anything at first, but after a while he gets up
  • He carries you to the couch, and wraps tons of fuzzy blankets around you
  • Brings you a bit of chicken noodle
  • And when that causes you to cry harder he stays right there besides you
  • From then on he keeps up with you, makes sure you’re eating and staying safe
  • Understands you need space, but really cars about being there for you


  • He understands
  • He’s lost people before
  • People who deserve death, but it’s still loss
  • He doesn’t bring that up though
  • It takes him maybe four days tops before he seriously starts worrying
  • When you suddenly log off and refuse to talk to anyone, you don’t reply to his texts, and when you do once it’s to tell him to stop
  • He goes over to your apartment
  • And getting you to let him in takes time
  • He immediately notices you haven’t been eating
  • And when was the last time you went outside? Have you slept?
  • Freaks out, but when you tell him to leave he goes silent
  • “MC, please, just, tell me what I did.”
  • That’s what starts the tears
  • He immediately freaks out
  • Starts crying a bit himself tbh
  • When you tell him about your mother, one of your last relatives, he grows incredibly silent
  • Hugs you, kisses your forehead
  • Stops talking, you don’t need the noise
  • You tell him how you’re sick of the phone ringing with distant relatives, who never cared before
  • How they keep saying sorry!
  • How they don’t understand!
  • After you finally vent he goes over to your phone and turns it off, throwing it in a drawer
  • “MC.”
  • “Yes…”
  • You expect another stupid apology
  • “Let’s go to the park!”
  • And that’s exactly what you needed
  • You spend time at the park together
  • He makes your favorite pasta
  • And at night when you feel nightmares creeping up from behind all your emotions he’s there to give you plenty of hugs and kisses
  • And he doesn’t say that infernal sorry.


  • She was planning a nice dinner for you two at the end of the week
  • So when you went silent the Thursday a week before she was confused
  • Usually you were so happy all the time, a light in the darkness of repetition and stupid cat sittings
  • You log onto the messenger at insane hours
  • Five o’clock, seven, eleven
  • Are you sleeping?
  • You go to work everyday, she knows that much (got help from Seven for that)
  • But other than that no other activity
  • On the day of the dinner she finally works it up to break your solitude
  • Knocks quietly on the door.
  • “MC?”
  • Five minutes past
  • But slowly you open the door
  • “Jaehee?”
  • Jaehee smiles and asks; “May I come in?”
  • You let her in
  • And she looks around shocked
  • “MC, have you been eating?”
  • You stare at her
  • And it washes over you
  • You start sobbing
  • She rushes over and gives you a bunch of hugs and kisses on your cheeks
  • Which makes you cry harder, thinking about your aunt and how she was so close to you and how it’s so cruel
  • Jaehee is super worried, she’s not sure how to handle this
  • But first candy bar
  • You are eating
  • Asks you what else you need, and when you ask if she can stay over, because you just can’t sleep she obliges happily
  • Now whenever you have nightmares you know Jaehee will listen and tell you you’ll live
  • Because sometimes a reminder of living is just what you need


  • He doesn’t work well with death of any sort
  • But when you leave the dinner table to get a call and come back crying he gets an idea of how cruel it can be
  • Your mother, your mother, who was doing so well
  • Why did she even have a gun, why didn’t anyone notice!
  • You excuse yourself and leave
  • He doesn’t see you for two weeks
  • You show up to work, and completely dive into it
  • You don’t eat or sleep
  • You don’t care about living anymore, not really, not when it’s going to be this painful
  • But sure enough eventually he shows up to your apartment
  • You try to get him to leave, try to forget him, but he keeps standing outside
  • Eventually it’s nine and he’s still waiting, so you slowly let him in
  • He’s surprised by the amount of disarray, the rotted oranges that you always said you were addicted to
  • He feels ad for not coming earlier
  • You tell him you ate a granola bar last night, you’ll be fine, you won’t end up like, like
  • And the tears fall down
  • He isn’t great at this, but he picks you up and carries you to the couch, where a small blanket is tossed on the ground
  • It’s your baby blanket
  • You tell him about the nightmares, about how you can’t eat, can’t think, it’s too painful
  • He kisses your cheeks softly
  • He gathers up the things most important to you, and you go to stay with him for a bit
  • Every morning he talks about the sun, and about how the night is kinda like death and rebirth
  • He tells you stories about Demeter, Persephone, and Hades, like he used to hear before he went to sleep
  • And he’s always there with Elizabeth, hugs, and soft words of comfort
  • The nightmares eventually fade


  • You had just returned home
  • After being gone so long you were so grateful
  • You guys had spent the night talking and crying and just being happy that your back
  • But the next day you get horrible news
  • You had a twin sister, and after your disappearance she couldn’t take it
  • She began to take drugs, and the day before you managed to come home she overdosed
  • You’re devastated, and full of guilt
  • So just one day after you lock yourself in you apartment
  • No going anywhere
  • You begin writing, all over the place, notebooks, computer, stick notes along the wall, just to fill up the silence, to fill up the stillness
  • You dream of her, of her screaming it’s your fault, so you don’t sleep
  • Going to get food is too hard
  • You get pizza, Chinese, and some soup for take out
  • That’s really it
  • Saeyoung practically goes insane again
  • He sees you, but why aren’t you taking care of yourself? What did he do?
  • Terrified to lose you again
  • You his light in the crushing darkness of the ocean he was in
  • So he goes to your apartment
  • You tell him to go away but he convinces you to let him in
  • He scoops you up and begins crying
  • “Please don’t leave me!”
  • This causes you to cry as well
  • He’s shocked when he hears what happens
  • He offers to help you with everything
  • And sleeps with you every night to chase away the bad dreams
  • Keeps reminding you it’s not your fault, post it notes, messages, texts, even writes it on a piece of paper and frames it
  • You’re so grateful, and when you’re ready to see someone about it he goes with you


  • You guys are living together
  • So when you go suddenly (with promise to be back, you’re just busy) he gets worried
  • He’s been heartbroken before
  • He lasts two days
  • And in those two days you don’t contact him
  • Afraid you might be doing something he runs over
  • You feel bad for not telling him, but it’s so hard
  • The first half hour is hard
  • But eventually you open up, about your aunt, about how she fought so long, about how you’re so scared
  • He hugs you, and whispers things, about the universe, the stars, the stellar plane
  • And you fall asleep, listening to the beat of his heart, stories of Capricorn and Perseus in your head
  • It’s so peaceful, and you’re so happy when you wake up, and he’s still there


  • He’s very nervous about things like this
  • He’s been through so much, and you’ve been with him the whole time
  • So when you lock yourself in your room for three weeks he freaks out
  • Full of guilt, grasping on staying where he is
  • He misses you, and although he tries to support himself, like you’ve been teaching him, it’s hard
  • And he wants to help you, like you have so many times
  • So he shows up at your apartment after an especially hard week
  • And you refuse to let him in
  • You don’t want to be like this, but you don’t want to change
  • You just can’t talk to anyone
  • But Saeran seems so upset, and you do feel bad for not telling him
  • So you let him in
  • He goes a bit insane
  • “MC! When was the last time you ate! When was the last time you slept!”
  • He keeps pestering you, and you just sort of break
  • You tell him about your sister, and how you can’t sleep or eat, the only thing you’ve been doing is counting things, just counting random things over and over again
  • The last time you talked to anyone was weeks
  • And you’ve barely slept
  • He cuddles you and listens, gives you tissues and strokes your hair
  • And when you calm down a bit he jumps into action
  • Gets his stash of ice cream
  • Disney movie in the player
  • You guys stay up watching and talking
  • Well mostly him talking, you’re quiet, focusing on the movie, trying to ignore the panic rising in you, and the hollow sadness
  • But eventually sleep overtakes you and you end up passed out on his shoulder
  • And he whispers softly
  • “Don’t blame yourself, you’ve done so much. You’re my everything, my sky, my earth, free like the sea, bright like the sun, playful like the wind. So please, please don’t blame yourself, and please hold on. I love you.”
  • The next day you schedule a doctor’s appointment
  • He figures it’s the least he can do to go with you so you don’t have to figure everything out alone
  • You’ll be different then he was
  • He promises that.

Okay, so how did that go? If you didn’t like it I’ll rewrite it, but I really hope you did. This is my first angsty type thing, even if it isn’t all that angsty, and I hope I captured what you wanted me to. All the love goes out to you and thank you so much for reading!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Also sorry it’s so long…. I tried to shorten it a bit… Didn’t really work

Love sonnets

Characters: Jin & You

Genre: romance, slice of life, slight angst, friends to lovers

Words: 4630

Summary: You and Jin have been best friends for years but only when he’s on the verge of losing you, he realizes that you might have been in love all along.

I got quite rusty writing third pov, so this is my attempt to get back to it. I hope it’s not confusing but every other scene is a flashback. Also, check out Pablo Neruda’s poems, they were my inspiration for this fic.

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