please style your hair like this more often

Tinder Match - Auston Matthews Imagine


Thanks @ the marlies in the gc for making me want to write this. Not really requested unless you count me suggesting writing this and a few agreeing a request???

Well guys…. I’m back ??? With smut ??? I’m a new woman what can I say. Anyway, hope you like it, more requests will be posted this week and I may be able to open requests sometime this week/a week from now. Love you guys and, enjoy (you sickos) -Accius

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- request:  Can you write for kian where you get jealous of him hanging out with the girls so you are more clingy than normal and he notices

- reader x kian lawley

- word count: 576 

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I rolled my eyes and watched as Kian and Jc messed around with some girls. Kian and I have been dating for about a year now and now that he’s becoming more wild I guess you could say, he’s being more reckless with who he hangs out with. I really didn’t even feel like barging in on them and pull Kian from the girls because I know he’ll get pissed and say it’s all for Youtube. I mean, the girls here are crazy beautiful and I’m just average. I mean, they have these gorgeous bodies and my body is just, there.

I sighed and walked into the kitchen grabbing my drink from the fridge. I walked back into the living room where everyone was hanging out and sat down beside Kian. 

“Hey baby.” He kissed my head which made me blush.

“Hey.” I mumbled tossing my legs across his lap. 

Kian and I made small talk but the girls for some reason kept trying to talk to Kian about how cute his hair was and it was really pissing me off. 

“Kian you should really style it like that more often.” The brunette girl said running her finger through his bangs.

“Okay!” I shouted pushing her hand off of his hair. “Kian is my boyfriend so please back off!” 

“Woah baby.” I looked back and Kian was laughing at me.

“What’s so funny Kian? Are you actually going to sit there and let them mess around with your hair in front of me? That’s pathetic!”

I stormed off and heard Kian laughing with some friends about me. I walked into our shared bedroom and slammed the door shut, tears starting to fall down my face.

“What a fucking dick head.” I mumbled running my fingers through my hair. 

“(y/n)?” I looked back and saw Kian giving me a light smile.

“What? Did they girls stop messing with you?” I huffed and crossed my arms.

He let a out a sigh sitting beside me. “Baby, you know it’s not like that. They just have their opinions but I’ve noticed here lately that when they’re around, you tend to be more…clingy.”

“Because Kian! You hang out with these fucking models every other night and I’m here with not even that type of body and you’re over here letting them touch you and constantly be around you knowing that i’m fucking insecure about them!” 

He ran his long fingers through his hair and stood up, gently pushing me back onto the bed. Kian started placing kisses all over my face. He began traveling down, pushing my shirt up and leaving kisses all over my stomach and chest, then proceeded down to my legs, pushing them open and leaving little kisses inside my thigh. 

“Kian.” I mumbled rubbing his face. 

He came back up and left a kiss on my forehead. 

“Baby, you’re the most wonderful girl in my life. I don’t want to lose you and end up with those girls. You’re smart, beautiful, creative, fucking sexy,” you let out a little laugh and gave him a peck on his lips, “and all in all, you’re my wonderful girlfriend. I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” 

I smiled and brought his face closer to mine bringing his lips on mine. Kian bit down on my bottom lip, pulling it back winking at me. I blushed and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled back and left a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

America: England please tell your boss to stop harassing mine ,Roosevelt exhausted! And his work is piling up like crazy! 

England: America it’s Churchill the man’s a never ending wined up toy.The Blitzkrieg may have beaten the hell out me but it’s didn’t give me these bags under my eyes. Actually your president is wonderful distraction for him…. Now that I think about it I think I’ll encourage him to visit more often. 

I just wanted to draw hetalia slightly more in style of the 1940’s with slick back hair styles and lung cancer.

Also I’m reading this book about FDR and Churchill’s friendship and when Churchill visited the white house the white house staffers call the all nigthers that the prime minster put the president through the ‘Winston Hours.’  Which cause FDR to sleep 10 hours a night for three days just to recuperate when Chruchill left.

MC having big curly poofy hair HC's :')

This is my first time posting my writing on here (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) and I’m on mobile KILL me

Yoosung 🎮

🎮 his hands would instantly reach to poof your hair up more
🎮 “MC… you’re like a beautiful lion.”
🎮 honestly you h8 SM when people JUST TOUCH your hair but this boy is so cute and pure you let him floof it up all he wants
🎮 loves LOVES to brush out your hair when you absolutely don’t want to (those KNOTS man UGH)
🎮 he’s so absolutely gentle and patient when combing it out tho like wow what else can those hands do??? (I’m sorry bb Yoosung)
🎮 also will buy and apply products to reduce frizz ——> RELUCTANTLY
🎮 he loves when you wear your hair down it’s so cute
🎮 you teach him how to style your hair in different ways and he’s so determined to make everything perfect he’s so CUTE
🎮 floofy panda buns give him actual life

Zen 🎬

🎬 will cry because you are and actual Disney princess
🎬 likes to watch you comb it out like,,, you thought this was frizzy??? GUESS AGAIN
🎬 will style your hair in 2 seconds
🎬 dislikes when you straighten it but either way you look so stunning plus it’s your body your rules so he doesn’t care
🎬 will actually deck someone so fast is they comment poorly on your hair
🎬 “It’s alright Zen. I get it all the time.”
🎬 HES SO HEARTBROKEN to hear you say that and is still 100% ready 2 fite 🎬 LOVES when your hair is in a raw high ponytail with flyaways and frizz he’s wild for it
🎬 won’t let you play with his hair (ITLL RELEASE THE BEAST)
🎬 but you don’t mind ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Jaehee ☕️

☕️ PLease DONT GET HER WRONG SHE LOVES YOU AND YOUR HAIR SO MUCH!! But working in such a professional setting like C&R really limits her fashion exposure
☕️ TBH you would exchange info on hair products and have nights where you style each other’s hair
☕️ (you would probably invite Zen too)
☕️ “For practice, MC.”
☕️ will also 100% drop kick someone if they talk bad about your hair
☕️ is a bit embarrassed at first when you guys first go out because people stare a lot and comment more often than not
☕️ she notices how uncomfortable you get when people just randomly touch your hair
☕️ “No you may not touch MC’s hair. She doesn’t like it.”
☕️ SO blunt
☕️ WE love you BAEHEE
☕️ LOVES when you do a messy bun and loves it even more (if that’s possible) when she gets to it
☕️she’ll smile forever
☕️ shell grow out her own hair so you have more options for styles
☕️matching hairdo’s! :’)

Jumin 🍷

🍷 lowkey he’s fangirling because you look so cute under all that hair
🍷 would pay beauticians to teach him how to style and take care of curly curly hair
🍷 SO excited to try out his new techniques
🍷nothing goes as planned… ABORT A B O R T
🍷real curly hair is much harder to style than fake hair on a mannequin head
🍷still would not give up this man will look up videos and take more classes all from different people for different opinions
🍷DO NOT let him brush out your hair poor baby is impatient and will yank…. :(
🍷is tempted to practice on Elizabeth
🍷 he is head over heels when you let him do your hair in braids he likes it when your hair is out of your face it’s easier to give you kisses all over ;)
🍷 ;;;; that’s what he tries to convince you but you know the real reason;;;; it’s the easiest hairstyle he knows how to do ^^
Saeyoung 🚀

🚀 ofc not as curly as yours but it’s the thought that counts
🚀 his addiction is trying to get the frizz of your hair to actually curl into a ringlet
🚀 no baby it’s impossible
🚀 constantly joking about how “If we’re gonna get married at the space station then how will all your hair for in your space helmet???”
🚀 will scream from laughing so hard at your bed head
🚀 but let’s be honest HIS isn’t much better
🚀 he’ll give you head rubs but it’s just an excuse to mess with your hair
🚀 will pick out outfits from his agent days that match your curly hair
🚀 teasing wars™ commence
🚀 “MC, your HAIR is SO curly, curly fries would be jealous!”
🚀 you both would laugh so hard you cried
🚀(bless Saeyoung he’s so pure and loves you so so SO MUCH)
🚀 will absolutely destroy someone’s life if they talk bad
🚀"It’s kill or be killed in this world, MC.“
🚀 he adores when you where your hair out natural
🚀 wild, poofy, and ready to go

AhhhhhHHHH THAT WAS THE FIRST!! My tumblr virginity is gone… I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing this (〃ω〃) feedback is always appreciated! ❤️️

Prompt: I’m glad I asked! So could I get maybe some fluffy relationship headcanons for Tomura? Or just some general relationship headcanons for him! Thanks so much <3            

Requester: Hand Anon

Originally posted by yasho


○ He’s a very handsy lover

○ In public he always needs to have his s/o close to him. Tomura always has an arm around s/o’s waist or shoulders and holds them as close to him as he can

○ In private he’s even more hands on and is usually cuddling up to his partner or holding them on his lap

○ He likes to play with his s/o’s hair. He’s not very good at it mind you, but he likes it all the same. Please reassure him that you also like him or he’ll get agitated with the bad styling

○ Return the favor and run your fingers through his hair. It relaxes him. He doesn’t like having it ‘styled’ or anything but you’re free to just touch it

○ He finds his s/o’s scent very calming and is notably more relaxed when he’s around them

○ Tomura often craves his partner’s attention and is quite quick to petty jealousy

○ Doesn’t like to have his face touched to much but loves kisses and caresses down his neck and shoulders

○ When he’s particularly angry s/o is one of the few people who can actually calm him down. He’ll kneel/raise to hide in their neck while he goes on about whatever made him angry.

○ Tomura is actually really good at massages. He doesn’t give them a lot and if s/o wants one they’ll probably have to ask but every once and a while he might not mind giving them one. His hands are actually godly

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can I please request Tsukki, Bokuto, Kuroo, Oikawa, Tendou and Terushima with a fem s/o who has short pixie hair?? Tell me if there's something wrong with this request, thanks love ❤

Hey, of course you can ask for this! I actually have short hair and have been mistaken for a boy by a teacher and an old man 😂 I took this as the s/o had recently cut their hair to a pixie cut and they wanted to see their partners reactions. I hope that’s okay ❤️


• He doesn’t like change a lot, but he thinks that this decision was a good one. He thinks it suits you better than your longer hair
• He loves the feeling of running his hands through their short and soft hair
• He’s just thankful that he’ll no longer wake up with long strands on hair in his mouth


• He wants to style your hair 24/7 so it can match his
• He’ll often stroke the sides of their hair because OML IT FEELS SO NIIIIIIICE!!!
• Kind of excited to see what their new bedhead would look like when they wake up. He concluded that it looked absolutely adorable
• He thinks it makes them look more mature. However they weren’t too pleased when he said that they looked like a librarian


• He is actually quite shocked. He really likes long hair and seeing this change is a surprise
• He loves it nonetheless. He purposefully pisses you off when he messes your hair up and he knows that you spent a long time on it
• He asks to style your hair for school one day and it looked amazing. They genuinely thought he’d give them a mohawk and run away


• Is actually in love with the new style you took on. He thinks you have never looked better
• He can’t keep his hands off of it. He just love how soft the short hair feels between his fingers and he finds it very therapeutic
• He likes how unique they’re being since most girls like to have longer hair. He likes that they’re being so different


• He prefers shorter hair on girls so seeing that they went for such a drastic change made him super happy
• He takes a lot of pictures with them and even gets a few printed off since he loves them so much and he wants the world to know


• He thinks that it makes them looks fine as hell (plus he takes it as a couples thing since their hair is so similar)
• Even though he does love long hair, he can get down with shorter hair. It just means it’s harder for them to cover the hickeys he’ll leave on them and he adores that
• One time someone mistook them for a guy and he was not impressed. He ‘had’ to prove to them that they definitely were female…

anonymous asked:

Vocal team kinks in detail please omg

I did hip hop team so I should stop being a fucknut and do vocal (and performance) team already since there’s multiple requests for both right yes 


Hair Pulling: okay not bc Jeonghan has long hair or his bob and whatnot but bc I legit see him as one who would have a thing for hair pulling, but more often pulling your hair than you pulling his. Especially when receiving blowjobs and if you do doggy style he gon get that shit

Biting: I think Jeonghan would like biting as well as being bitten. Not so hard where either of you are like bleeding or something because god damn but like more than just a little nibble but not too painful do you understand me probably not

Being Deep Throated: I see Jeonghan as a hisser and also someone who goes “ah” in bed and SO this would be right up his alley just like he would be right in your mouth I hate myself

Face Fucking: okay this is kind’ve a big dick move because it’s similar to the one above but I mean Jeonghan bites his lip a lot and I could see him doing so a lot if you were to allow to fuck your face and so I meAN


is already done here whoops 


Biting: long story short I have a weird thing for Jihoon’s teeth like I really love his teeth they’re v cute and his little canines IDK ALRIGHT I JUST FEEL LIKE HE WOULD ENJOY BITING WITH THOSE TEETH ST O P JUDGING ME

Domination: okay so Jihoon is always saying how he’s not cute and stuff and I’m pretty sure  he can beat someone’s ass if needed despite his small stature anD he hates being taken lightly because of his height so I feel like he’d have a thing for domination as sort’ve a reminder not to underestimate him. Especially on a day when you tease him all day about being cute and small and whatnot that night he’s gonna top you so fast and be like “aw look how cute” in the same teasing voice you used on him when he sees that look of shock your face from it being unexpected I made this too long yikes

Rough Sex: also related to the last one, Jihoon would also enjoy giving it to you rough in that situation for the same reasoNnSs and if you like it rough then I mean added bonus woo

Finger Fucking: Jihoon also has really nice hands mmk and he can play piano play guitar play the motherfucking drums like boi what them hands do, that and I could also see him with a smirk on his lips as he watches how unravelled he can make you with just his fingers squeaks


FInger Fucking: do I even need to explain bc I don’t think I need too LOOK AT THOSE HANDS SON JUST IMAGINE HOW’D THEY FEEL IN YOU what

Submission: I see Seokmin as one who is like 50/50 when it comes to being a dom or a sub and so I feel like he’d appreciate you dominating him sometimes you know slamming him on the bed teasing him riding him into the sunset you knOW

Being Ridden: I should stop being a lazy fuck connecting two kinks together buT another kink related to the last one like just imagine you doing so and just him biting his lip and only letting go of it to moan before biting it again and the look in his eyes and his hands on your waist and woWee

Teasing: listen here Seokmin would love teasing you you understand me he would love that shit. He would enjoy you occasionally teasing him as well but you see he would tease you when you guys aren’t alone foR EXAMPLE if you guys were out eating at a restaurant he’d squeeze and rub your thigh under the table and when you smack his hand for him to stop he just flashes you his 11/10 smile boiii if you don’t


Occasional Sub: I don’t see Seungkwan as a complete sub but rather a 60% sub and 40% dom or some shit but listeNnNn I see him as an occasional sub because once you make a move and just start dominating him when you were cuddling on the couch he’d be too flustered to do anything about it aw

Teasing: Like Seokmin, Seungkwan would enjoy teasing you as well in the same way. Would low key enjoy being teased as well although every time you do he’d throw one of his little fits

Leaving Marks: also doesn’t know if this really counts as a kink but fuck it it’s 2AM I’m tired and this is my post SO I feel like Seungkwan would enjoy leaving marks in areas that would be easily visible so whenever someone asks you about it he’d have this look on his face like that’s right bitch that was me

Begging: this is one that could go both ways when either one of you crack from the relentless teasing, him enjoying listening to you beg and on the occasion enjoying begging for you hey hey hey


it is 2:24am but I forced myself to stop being a bitch ass and said I won’t go to bed until I finish this post anD AFTER MUCH WORK AND EFFORT it’s finally done and shitty as ever I hope you guys somehow manage to enjoy this even though I was half dead for most of it so if there’s typos pls forgive but !! if you read this til the end congrats you survived and sorry it’s hella long rip me 

~pimp Sara 

anonymous asked:

Can i get a reaction of Seventeen to a Strong, Black, Thick-As-Hell women please? I feel like some of them would love that ish 😊😊😆😍😍 THANK YOUU SWEETS!!


He would be into that and you. He would be drawn to your curvaceous body and the way confidence flows in your speech. It’s very different from the Korean girls that he’s around. He would want you around him more often. 😉


Jeonghan would love your style. He loves your confidence and independence. Even if you’re younger than him, he feels like you’re his noona, because you take care of him and play in his hair. Him laying on your butt is a plus 😂


Joshua, like Vernon, would love your accent (if you’re from LA like him, he would love to hear a fellow Cali Native). Joshua would enjoy making you laugh and speaking English with you. Even though Josh is a church boy, his thoughts about you aren’t so holy.


Jun would love you, because you’re both sexy and cute, his ideal type. 😉 When he found out you have similar tastes such as, spicy foods, he thought you guys were perfect for each other. He is very thoughtful and caring and buys you gifts that reminds him of you.


Hoshi would be shy, but be the first to ask you on a date. Quick I know, but he really was captivated by your beauty. Soonyoung would struggle with his English, but would be determined to at least have a basic conversation with you for the date.


Wonwoo would be shy and wouldn’t speak much at first. He would definitely watching from afar though.  I’m pretty sure he would have the biggest crush on you. All the guys would tease him about how much he wants you.


Woozi would be super protective of you. Even though, you told him you’re fine and can protect yourself. He insists and doesn’t plan on stopping.


Seokmin would smile his bright smile of his the minute he lays eyes on you. He’s just amazed by your beauty overall. DK and Joshua competes to make you laugh the most. Majority of the time, Seokmin wins. He loves the positive energy you have and wants to stay around that energy 24/7.

Mingyu would tease you and always have a comeback with just as much of a sting as yours.  He would get annoying, but he’s like a Sour Patch. Sour, sweet, then back again. He’s also the touchiest out of all the guys.


The8 would be a sweetheart……..that you catch staring at your ass or boobs sometimes. He loves having conversation with you, because he practices his English and he teaches you Chinese. He would be very interested in you. 😉


Seungkwan would feel threatened. Someone who throws as much shade as him has arrived. You guys would clash, because you’re so much alike. All this clashing may cause some sexual tension to arise. He hates to see you go, but loves to see you leave.


Vernon, similar to Seungcheol, would like the way you speak and your accent whether or not you hear it or not. He loves your personality, but your body was extra brownie points.


Dino would be SUPER shy. He would confess to you by a dance serenade. He acts the cutest around you. He would perform aeygo around you although, he wouldn’t want to. Dino doesn’t believe he has a chance with you, but he tries his hardest.


On the first date with Harry and you’re a bit nervous. Because you’ve been good friends for a while and there’s a lot of pressure on tonight. Even though Harry does everything he can to take it off the both of you, making cheeky remarks and throwing his arm over your shoulders while you watch the concert from the dark corners of some hidden balcony. And it does calm your nerves, to see that you can still act like yourself with him and enjoy the music you both love. You can tease, and poke, and prod each other like mates until it’s not like that at all.

Because when the purple light hits your cheeks just perfectly Harry remembers that this isn’t just a night out with his mate, it’s you. You who he’s harbored real feelings for for years it seems. You who feels the same and is looking at him now like he might just hold the world in his pocket. So with hands that suddenly feel shaky he takes the beer from yours, cutting off your jeering protest with a soft kiss that makes your head spin. That makes you see stars from the way his hands cup your cheeks so possessively, the way that his lips mold with yours in increasingly desperate passes.

And then it’s not just two mates at a concert, it’s two people on the precipice of something you both feel growing in your chests even though it’s too early to tell. Your hands fist in his worn jacket and curl in his ever growing locks. It’s breathless gasps for air between kisses that seem to last for days. It’s smarmy smiles with noses touching. It’s the way he says your name in a tone you’ve never heard before but you’d die to hear again and again. It’s desperate hands and “Can’t love, wanna do this right,” when you’re in the taxi home.

Harry usually comes up for a night cap or even to sleep off a few too many drinks but he can’t tonight. Because even though his desire for you has been burning under his skin for far longer than even he’d like to admit, knowing that it’s even a fraction reciprocated is too much and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from acting on it now. So it’s only a pert kiss that you get at your doorstep, or at least that’s what he intends. But instead it’s more like long burning passionate dancing of mouths and hands that grip tightly to hips until the taxi driver honks for Harry to get on with it.

And he can’t stop himself from being at least a bit cheeky when you turn to unlock the door to your flat, just a low toned “I forgot to tell you, I really like those jeans,” right against your ear that makes the hairs stand on your neck. A shiver and a promise of what’s to come. He’s still your mate though so you whack his chest, hiding your pleased grin and your flushed cheeks. It’s one last kiss on said cheek and an “I’ll call yeh tomorrow,” a phrase he’s so often uttered to you but now seems to hold the promise of something much more than just that. 

[TRANS] KBOYS × smart 2016-17 A/W Fashion Book - B.A.P

Black Attractive Poses 

A charming sports style that uses black as its foundation

Outfits that are a little more sporty than usual and wanting to try wearing black lightheartedly. With just that, you can get right into that updated look so we recommend it. Here we have the members of B.A.P appearing on our magazine for the first time in black clothing with sweats and t-shirts as their main pieces!

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