please stop you're an idiot

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apparently Harry left the room when they played two ghosts and nick was like was it bc it's too emotional for you and he was like you're an idiot Harry please stop😭😭

wait really?!


Saying you hate straight people is no different form Westboro baptists claiming that god hates gay people.

Think about that, kiddies. Giving people a reason to coin the term ‘heterophobia’ and use it is like being a reverse Westboro baptist.

You’re welcome.

  • Winston: We need to figure out exactly what Widowmaker and the rest of Talon are up to.
  • Junkrat: Okay, I'll go ask her. I promise not to bring up the trap.
  • Winston: No, Junkrat, look, just...don't.
  • Junkrat: Okay, fine. What do you want me to ask her?
  • Tracer: You can go ask her if she has the hots for me. I think I might have felt an emotional connection the last time she hit me.
  • Junkrat: Tell her you'd like to make a hot emotional connection with her trap. Got it.
  • Tracer: Oh, that's even better!
  • Winston: Okay, A, please stop saying the word "trap." And, B, you're both idiots.