please stop tormenting me

Todoroki develops a crush on someone w a ghost type quirk and they keep showing up in his dreams and he just thinks they’re haunting him. He mentions it to midoriya in passing like “can they please stop tormenting me what did I DO” and midoriya brings it up w the crush like.
“Hey can you maybe stop haunting todoroki it’s freaking him out a little” and the crush is just like “deku my dude the only person getting haunted here is kaminari because he ate the last slice of cake I don’t know what you’re talking about”
And then it clicks

Death Carries a Battered Case Ch. 1

Started as a one shot for the wonderful @funkzpiel but it has now gained its own life and more will come later.  If anyone is curious, the song the music box is playing is here. Please enjoy!

It was as soon as Newt laid eyes on the other that he knew just why he had been called.

Tina had tried to explain what she could, but no words could come close to this. Percival Graves eyeing Newt from the corner like a trapped beast. He was hunched in on himself and bearing his teeth, one step away from attacking. This feral behavior no doubt came from the hands of Grindelwald and his tortures. Newt had been called because Percy would have to be approached like a wild beast.

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You were supposed to protect me. You're my step dad you shouldn't have done it. You said you loved me and gave me these nice presents and then you do that. You fucking prick. You nev er did that to my sisters. But then again they have your blood. I'm the odd one out and you took advantage of that. I can't look at my mom in the eyes anymore because she still doesn't know what you did. You're still in my house and your still tormenting me. Just please. Stop. I hate myself more than ever now. Stop.

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Solavellan prompt- first time they held hands 😊

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Nira could hear Solas’ words echo through her mind even amongst the chaos that was happening in front of her.  Exhaling as quietly as possible, she once again felt surprised by how calm a simple breath could make her feel.  As she had been reminded several times by Varric and the others, this was a party and after everything that had happened, she deserved to enjoy it.  So why couldn’t she?

Pulling her knees close to her chest, she looked out at the dancing people as they whooped and hollered in complete excitement.  She wasn’t used to this. Clan Lavellan never had anything like this and with so many people…

Everyone here deserved this party.  After returning from Therinfal Redoubt and closing the Breach, a little happiness was way overdue.  They had been in fear for so long and now, somehow thanks to her, they were safe.  At least, that was what they told her.  She didn’t feel like she deserved any of the praise for anything that had happened, as she had quite literally just stumbled into this disaster.  If being with her clan had taught her anything, it’s that she wasn’t ready for any sort of position of authority and in time, they will see that as well.

You will fail.  All in due time.

Placing her hands on her ears and curling into her body, Nira did whatever she could think of to drown the demon out.  She took a deep breath as Solas had taught her, distracting her mind from the truth of what he was saying.  It wouldn’t be long…they would see it just as her clan did.

So focused on trying to distract her thoughts, Nira didn’t even hear Solas walking up behind her until he placed a hand on her head and spoke her name.  “Nira’sal.  Walk with me for a moment.”

His voice snapped her out of it, the demon seemingly disappearing from her thoughts in an instant.  Nira looked up at him and with a weak smile, pushed herself up to walk beside him.  Solas began walking out the front doors, away from the noise and merriment taking place.  She could feel a sense of calming the further they got from the camp and she could finally feel herself relax.

“It looked like you use a moment.  I hope it was alright to steal you away from them, seeing how you were so far from the activities.”  Solas spoke, placing his hands behind his back in his usual way as they walked out past the training grounds.

Nira looked over at him and smiled.  “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were stalking me.”

A hint of a smile crossed his features as he met her gaze.  “Oh?”  He chuckled softly as he continued.  “That would take up a good amount of my time, seeing on how you rarely sit still for more than a few moments.  I dare not make the attempt, but I am intrigued by the notion that you would think as much.”

“You just…always come at the right time and when I need someone there the most…”  Nira smiled, her eyes falling to the snow below them.  “Every time I feel myself slipping away, there you are.”

Solas frowned.  “The demon returned?”  Nira shrugged in response.

“It never stopped.  I guess I’m just an easy target, now more than ever.  Everything that I saw in the future only seemed to prove even more so that I’m not cut out for this.”

Solas stopped, grabbing onto her arm before she walked ahead of him further.  “I told you to let me know should he return.  That demon has an unnatural attachment to you that needs to be severed.  How am I supposed to help you if you won’t let me know that it’s still haunting you?”  

Nira forced a smile on her face as she peeked back up at him.  “Solas, you and I both know that there are more important things for you to spend your time on.  We need to figure out what created the Breach and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

“Nira’sal, please.”  She paused, watching him closely.  His voice was filled with so much persistence and worry, a tone she had never heard from him before to the point where she wasn’t quite sure how to respond.  “This torment needs to stop.  Please let me help you.”  

The edge of her mouth curled as she let her hand move slowly down to his, gripping it softly.  “I’ll be fine.  The fate of the world is much more important than some demon.  I can fight through it a little while longer and once we close all the rifts, then we can focus on me, alright?”  His eyes dropped to their hands as he slowly interlaced their fingers.  Nira knew that look.  He was already thinking of a way to get rid of the demon and despite what she told him, she knew he was going to look for a way until he found it.  

In an attempt to pull him out of his mind, she tugged him forward, keeping their hands together.  “Come on, let’s walk around a bit longer before we start heading back.”

She was still being tormented by the Fear demon.  Of course she was…why hadn’t he seen it sooner?  Why didn’t she let him know?  He could have helped her, but despite his offers, she refuses.  Stubborn, stubborn girl.  

He took a soft breath as he followed along behind her, concentrating on their intertwined hands.  He should pull away, but he found himself unable to.  There was something about this girl that would not allow him to pull back.  These feelings that were creeping up on him, was not a feeling that he had hoped would resurface again.  Solas closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.  She was aggravating, hyperactive, and probably one of the most stubborn people he had ever met, but…he could feel himself getting lost in her.  A feeling, surprisingly enough, he had desperately been searching for since he woke.  He knew the path that he had set himself on and now that he was here with her, he felt himself diverting from that path and in the desperate process of finding a new one.

He shook the thoughts from his mind.  No matter what he wanted, he would not allow himself such frivolities.  He had a mission to complete and that was all he needed to be focused on.

“Solas! Look!”  Nira shouted, despite the fact that she was mere steps in front of him and their hands still interlocked.  She pointed out in front of her towards a small figure by the trees.  It was a good distance away, but the wolf’s outline was unmistakable.  “Come on, let’s go see it.”

“Nira’sal, wait!”  It was too late.  She started making her way towards it, breaking their hands apart and leaving Solas behind with an exhausted smile on his face.  “How are you to believe that I stalk you when I can hardly keep up with you when we’re together.”  The two struggled to make their way through the snow.  Solas kept a keen eye out on the wolf as they made their way towards it, immediately stopping and grabbing her once the wolf looked up in their direction.

A soft growl echoed through the air as the wolf stared directly at him.  Unable to break eye contact, Solas tried to pull Nira back with him as he stepped backward.  “Come on…”  The experience sent a shudder through his body.  Solas was sure it was just a coincidence, but it was also completely possible that this was some sort of warning.  

She looked up at him with big eyes, but Solas kept his vision trained on the animal in front of them.  “But, Solas…”

“We need to head back.  The others will be worried if they notice that we’re still gone.”  He kept his voice steady, slowly pulling her away from the animal.  

From out in the distance, a loud noise resonated through the air.  It was difficult to tell what the noise belonged to with the continuing echo, but it was enough to scare the wolf.  It was enough to worry Solas as well.  Something didn’t feel right.

“We should leave,”  Solas repeated.  Nira nodded, immediately slipping her hand back into his and turning with him as they made their way back towards Haven. 

His eyes fell to the ground, unsure of how to react.  He couldn’t help but have this feeling that the wolf was some sort of warning from the spirits.  Over the past few weeks, Solas had felt himself slipping away from their intended mission.  Nira’sal was supposed to be a pawn.  An easy person to manipulate to get exactly what he wanted as he made his way towards returning the artifact to its rightful owner.  Now, he wasn’t so sure.

“Thank you for coming out here with me.  It’s nice to get away from everything that’s happening, despite how cold it is.”  As they made their way towards the front gate, Nira had somehow wrapped herself around his right arm without him even noticing.  Her teeth chattered and her body shook, but the smile on her face only seemed to grow.

He couldn’t stop the smile from forming as he watched her struggle.  “I’ve told you many times before that should ever you need anything, my door is always open.”  In a matter of moments, the thought of the wolf they had encountered vanished from his mind.  Instead, Solas lead her to Haven in hopes that their body heat was enough to keep her warm for just a while longer. 

AN; blah does how rusty I am show???  -dies inside- This was literally supposed to happen just before Corypheus shows up…not sure if I did a good job of conveying that or not…maybe…whatever I’ll fit it better later.

Hopefully this was okay since you guys know I haven’t written anything in months but hopefully, I’ll catch my stride again!!

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Fen’harel enansal

Dream Of Purification


“I’m so sorry, its all my fault. I couldn’t save you…”

The screams of anguish that echoed outward caused the innocent child to weep. The dreamer was no more, Cheshire had beaten him, the child’s soul had been devoured. If he had been stronger he could’ve stopped all this, but no that plan was doomed to fail from the very start.

Allen wasn’t powerful in the slightest, his skills lay within the mind not the body. Because of his frail appearance he couldn’t always inspire confidence in people. This is what caused his plans to fail so miserably when the final stretch came. The dreamer began to doubt him, from there all the purple cat demon had to do was break them with his creul words.

“Why does this have to happen?! Why do they have to suffer so much?! They don’t deserve this! No one does! Why can’t I…”

Allen fell to his knees while the dreamworld around him was torn apart by the despair that took root within sections of the ground and sky. The pure blue skies were painted crimson, the shining green grass turned pitch black, and structures that were once awe inspiring to look at became horribly twisted and nightmarish. All because the heart of that world was gone never to return from the darkness that had eaten it.

“Its not fair, why can’t I put a stop to this? How many more must be sacrificed before this horrible world comes to an end? Please, someone help me! I want this torment to stop! I’ll do anything to make it happen! Just make it stop!”


These sorrowful cries after a length of time found their way to the ears of a warrior unlike no other. Through the will of a boy who gained the power to break reality, the words called to an entity who understood the plight of destroying evil.

Allen called to The Batter for purification…