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The Sparrow’s Nest!

Ladies and gentleman! Tea fanciers and novices to the leaf! The Sparrow’s Nest will now be open every Sunday! Come try new tea samples, come buy some loose leaf tea in bulk for your at home brewing pleasure. The shop also has all the things you need to start brewing at home. This includes tea sets, various types of honey, and sugars. 

Please stop by and enjoy your time at The Sparrow’s Nest. 

All are welcome!


When: Every Sunday Noon - 4pm (Server Time )

Where: Essential Components in the Mage Quarter

The Sparrow’s Nest is a casual establishment so please don’t feel the need to dress up, Miss Sparrow will happily send out word if there is ever a need to dress up, such as High Tea or other special events. 


Boyfriend Tag!

Boyfriend Tag

(That nobody asked for but I granted.)

Previous fic:

1. Where did we meet?

Jack: We met at a party I believe?

Joe: Wrong, we met when Josh called Casper and I to tell us that you guys were going to be his new roommates, then we all met up for lunch, where you fell in deep love with me.

Jack: I wouldn’t quite tell the story like that, in fact it was you who was so awestruck by my beauty that you wouldn’t stop blushing every time I talk to you.

Joe: Please you barely even talked to me, you spent so much time flirting with the waitress.

Jack: When I could’ve been flirting with the man of my dreams I know.

2. Where/when was our first kiss?

Joe: Our first kiss was at the Crazy Monkey bar, when we got so pissed drunk that we ended up making out on the dance floor.

Jack: That doesn’t count as our real first kiss, the morning after is when you either gave me the option of kissing you or forgetting everything that happened the night before.

Joe: God I’m so dramatic!

Jack: It’s cute, and it made me realize that I almost lost you.

Joe: Thanks babe.

3. Who said “I love you” first?

Joe: Mr. Jack Maynard who spent a week planning the whole thing out, to make it extra special for me.

Jack: Which backfired horrible when Casper knocked the cake, that said I loved you on it, on the ground because he’s a clumsy idiot.

Joe: Jack I didn’t a big gesture anyways, besides it’s the thought that really counts.

4. When is my birthday?

Jack: You should know this one.

Joe: Of course I know when you’re birthday is, it’s November 23rd, 2 days after Connors. I would hate you f I was him.

Jack: Why? What did I do?

Joe: combined birthdays are the worse nobody wants to share their special day, especially not with someone like you who’s an attention hog.

Jack: Hey I’m not an attention hog, it’s not fault the people love me.

Joe: Like you didn’t throw a fit every time someone said happy birthday Conor, okay when’s my birthday?

Jack: Way too easy, September 8th, the greatest day of my life.

Joe: And why’s that?

Jack: It was the day my Soulmate was born, duh.

Joe: Stop being sweet.

5. Where does my family come from?

Joe: Brighton.
Jack: Wiltshire.

6. When did you meet my parents?

Jack: I’ve met your sister on plenty occasions, but I’ve only met your mom and dad three times. That first time being when you took me home with you on Christmas holiday, and I swear your dad hated me.

Joe: My dad did not hate you, he just didn’t like the color in your hair.

Jack: What’s wrong with the color in my hair?

Joe: I don’t know, I actually like it a lot.

Jack: Whatever, when have you met my family?

Joe: I met Conor the same day I met you, and now I see him at least twice out of a week, I’ve met Anna one time when you she came down from Brighton, and I’ve met you’re mom and dad, on New Years Eve when we went to Brighton after we spent Christmas with my family.

Jack: Correct.

7. What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?

Joe: Tread carefully Maynard, this could end you up with no text from me for a week.

Jack: Please, you can barely leave me alone for an hour, but the one thing would have to be calling yourself old, or call yourself names in generally.I really hate when you do that, because you’re not any of the things you call yourself.

Joe (blushing a bit): Yeah yeah, I know you hate how insecure I am because “I’m perfect,” you tell me I’m beautiful everyday, and everyday you get a kiss for it.

Jack: Can I get a kiss now?

Joe: Maybe after we get done filming. Now the one thing that I wish you didn’t do is leave things around. You’re one of the messiest people I know, not worse than Casper but it’s pretty close.

Jack: Why clean up when I have you to do it for me?

Joe: I warned you.

8. Where was our first date?

Jack: Wagamamas, he loves it there, and so I thought why not have our first date there?

Joe: I actually don’t remember, does that make me horrible? I mean now that you said it’s coming back to me but if somebody asked me I would sit there for a minute and think about it.

Jack: Wow Sugg, just wow.

8. What eye color did you wish I had

Jack: I don’t think I wish you had a different eye color, blue fits you quite well, but I guess green would look nice on you too.

Joe: I agree, I like your blue eyes, but if I had to change them maybe purple just to be different.

Jack: There is no such thing as purple eyes.

Joe: Is too! Look it up.

Jack: Knowing you you’re probably right, you spend way too much time looking up unimportant things.

9. One food I don’t like

Joe: Jack doesn’t like pickles or chilis, but no one likes chilis.

Jack: Joseph doesn’t like Lemons, Chili’s, Onions.

10. My favourite alcoholic drink?

Joe: Jack’s favorite alcoholic beverage is Rosé.

Jacks: Joe’s is a simple Jack Daniels whiskey.

Joe: You know me so well.

11. What is my height?

Jack: Am I allowed to say it?

Joe: If you have too…

Jack: You’re not that short you’re 5’8 ½.

Joe: It’s still pretty sure, you’re 5’9.

Jack: You’re ½ short than me.

Joe: Way to rub it in my face.

12. Who is my BFF?

Joe: You Don’t like to admit it but we all know it’s Mikey, Mr. Michael Pierce.

Jack: Unfortunately, for you I would say Oli because you two are really close, we’re all close but Casper is close with Josh, I’m close with Mikey, Conor’s close with Anth.

Joe: I am close with Oli aren’t I? In fact besides you I call him the most.

14. What talents of mine do you LOVE?

Jack: I love your impressions, and your whistling.

Joe: Of course you would go with the boring old impressions.

Jack: Well the other talents I can’t say on camera now can I?

Joe: Jack!! You don’t have any talents… I’m kidding, you’re really good at Djing but you’re also really good at flirting as well.

Jack: I thought you hated when I flirt.

Joe: With other people, it’s pretty nice when you do it with me.

15.Do I have any nickname? What is it?

Joe: We call Jack, Randy sometimes. I call him Maynard or Babe.

Jack: Joe doesn’t want me to say his because he thinks it’s too embarrassing but I’m going to anyways. I call him Suggy, my little Sugg, Bean, or Joseph.

Joe: I don’t accept any of them except Sugg or Joseph.

Jack: You love it when I call you Bean.

Joe: I don’t.

16. What is the first thing that I do in the morning?

Jack: if I’m not here Joe texts me, if I am him he usually wakes me up with a kiss vice versa.

Joe: Then again sometimes you make breakfast or I make breakfast.

17. Complete this sentence “My boyfriend is __________”

Joe: The love of my life.

Jack: Sweet, but my boyfriend is My World.

Joe: God you always have to one up me don’t you?

Jack: Yep, because I know it get’s on your nerves, and I love you.

Joe: I love you too, Prick.

if there were ever to be a homestuck movie, i would hope to god that the go-to, repeated-far-too-often, trailer joke would be john, standing in the bathtub in the stairway, staring balefully at his cell. “rose, you can see me right. tell me. whats wrong with this picture.” preferably being cut to after a shit-ton of action scenes.

Survey of the Miraculous fandom

Hi, I always have the impression that there’s so many artists in the Miraculous fandom so…

If you’re a fanfic writer for the Miraculous fandom, could you please reblog this.

If you’re an artist who makes fanart for the Miraculous fandom, could you please like this.

This Survey will take place until the 21 december (in two weeks).

I will then share the results with graphs.

(It doesn’t matter if your fanarts and fanfictions are popular or not. You gave time for the Miraculous fandom and you’re an artist all the same!)

Keep being yourselves 

Keep supporting each other 

Keep loving 

Keep being strong

Keep being PROUD 

Everytime i read a book/watch a movie
  • Me: OMG!Look at this character!
  • Me: he is my bae i am done!
  • Me: he is so perfect!
  • Me: and he is so good and mysterious!
  • Me: and he is so pretty
  • Me: and he is so cu-aaaaaand he's the villain

@i-am-become-meme : Whoa damn!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video :D Never knew it’d bring such a huge impact

@nyx-isai : Hey thanks a lot buddy! 

@19j :  謝謝!!我好久沒畫雙飛了……好懷念;;

Sorry. I’ve totally forgotten about these old asks. Here’s the cuties having a good laugh. 

Hellooo, Fellow White People

It is time for us to admit it.

I have told a racist joke. I have laughed at a racist joke. So have you.

I have racially profiled that one person (or, okay, possibly lots of people) while I was walking down the street or buying a car or sitting in church or going to class or on the dancefloor or whatever. So have you.

I, as a white person, have benefitted from White Privilege. I have benefitted from racism. Any discrimination I may have experienced due to my gender, orientation, state of health, religion, or economic background is irrelevant. I have benefitted from systemic racism. I have benefitted from White Privilege.

It is time for us to admit to this. It is time for us to acknowledge this. It is time for us, as white people, to admit that WE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

So we’ve admitted it. Now what?

Remember that racist joke? Never tell that joke again. Don’t tell it ironically. Don’t tell it to an audience that you know wont be offended. Just never tell that racist joke again.

Stop laughing at racist jokes. Even if there isn’t anyone around whom you think might be offended. ESPECIALLY if you think there might be some truth to the joke. Stop laughing at racist jokes. If your friend tells that kind of joke, it is now your job to call them on it. It is now your job to tell them “Hey, that’s kinda racist. We shouldn’t be telling that sort of joke.”

Be aware of your White Privilege. Use if for good, if you can: this means advocating Black Lives Matter. This means not letting that one guy on the bus harass that Muslim/Mexican/black person. This means staying as a witness and getting out your phone to film it if you see a cop interacting with a black person. This means actively making an effort.

I am not speaking as a former White Supremacist who’s seen the light. I am speaking as a ‘perfectly nice’ white person who grew up near the train-tracks in a neighborhood that my mother once described as ‘recently desegregated’. Most of the kids at my school were black; all the people at my church were white. At school I learned about how racism was over thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. At church I learned that God called us to love all peoples of the earth, and at Sunday School we learned a song about how “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world… Red, brown, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in his sight; Jesus loves the little children of the world!”

All this is to say, I did not grow up thinking of myself as a racist. I did not find out how much racism existed in my modern, civilized, south-of-the-Mason/Dixon-Line state until recently.

You don’t have to actively ‘hate’ black people, Mexicans, Asians, immigrants, Jews, or Muslims to be part of the problem.

Fellow white people, it is time for us to admit that we have all said, done, and thought racist things. It is time for us to stop talking about hurt feelings when we hear the word ‘racism’.  It is tiem for us to actively try to do better.


This has been a public service announcement

Concept: Yuri on Ice gets a season 2 where Yuuri and Viktor end their coach/skater relationship so that Viktor can skate competitively again. Meanwhile they begin a romantic relationship instead, and compete against each other for the next Grand Prix Final

Pretty boy Pika