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Take It Away

Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Words:   1081
Requested by @yournightingale:  Can I request a Hotch x reader one where the reader has anxiety and it’s really bad one day and he helps her through it, please? Only if you’re comfortable writing something like that :) 

Warning: Anxiety

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.

         You knew what kind of day it was going to be as soon as you woke up. You tried to stop the anxiety before it had a chance to really get ahold of you, but you knew that probably wasn’t going to happen.

           You still had to go to work. You couldn’t just skip because of your anxiety. That’s not something being an adult was about. You had to push through it and do what you were supposed to do to earn a living and help people.

           So, you found yourself walking into the BAU with a fake smile plastered to your face as you walked by people.

           You walked to your desk and sat down, hoping that the heaviness in your chest would go away quickly. Maybe being around the team would help.

           You felt hands land on your shoulders and it made you jump more than you would any other morning.

           “Hey, you okay?” it was your boyfriend’s voice. He was also technically your boss. You only kinda tried to keep it quiet from the big dogs.

           You shrugged under the weight of his hands.

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dear instagram phandom- i’ve made this post before, and i’ll make it again: PLEASE STOP REPOSTING THINGS YOU FIND ON TUMBLR ONTO YOUR ACCOUNTS. i was shown that another one of my posts, as well of one of my friend’s, were reposted and our urls were completely cut out. please stop using other people’s posts to get likes. it’s not cool, it’s stealing.


Been working on this for a while ever since I made friends with phandom peeps who weren’t from London.  When we met up I took them on “Dan and Phil tour” of London as we were shopping in the area and I knew the areas pretty well. They really enjoyed it so I decided to sit down and properly map out some routes for both of the London DITL’s so that other people in the phandom could enjoy it. I included all of the stops in the videos bar ones near their flat (obviously). 

Tour number 1 is from the first London DITL video

It’s taken me AGES to put this one together so please don’t steal the images (happy for people to reblog of course), and I am now working on the Festive DITL route which will probably take a week or two.

If you do go on it, please let me know if you enjoyed it and if the route is easy to follow (and remember to take lots of photos at each stop). 


Hey my loves, so.. my first ever recolor was this amazing bathing suit by @strange-girl-sims and well, it came out okay, but it was literally the first thing I ever did - so I revisited it and kept some of my favorite patterns and added some new ones. So anyway there are two files: one has 15 ombres and the other has 24 patters. 12 pattern tops with solid bottoms and 12 pattern bottoms with solid tops. I plan to do this suit in solids as well as in anchors (because I can and I love anchors stop judging me!!) I am probably also going to do some in all patterns. I don’t know I am obsessed with this bathing suit.. or recoloring bathing suits in general but I am….



anyways.. you know the drill.. hit that reblog button. give me some hearts! bring me chocolate! give me hugs! tell me you love me.. all that good stuff. I love you all very much. 

Shout out to @enticingsims for no reason other than being my other half.

Only If

REQUEST : Write something where y/n had done something bad to harry and thats why H suddenly became cold to her and he makes it hard to earn his trust back but then y/n got into an accident? - Anon

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This FREE app, Daylio, is fantastic for recording and observing data about mood changes and stuff. You can record multiple entries per day (I’ve set alarms in my phone to write every two hours) pick a mood rating and activities you’ve done, and add a journal-style entry.

It processes all your data into easy-to-read graphics, so that you can see daily and monthly changes, try to track patterns, see how different activities affect you, and see graphs for your average mood over a month or a year. You can also see graphs for your average mood while doing a specific activity. The activities log is also highly customizable, so your entries will be accurate.

This app is very helpful for tracking patterns and seeing what kind of activities help or hurt you. (For example, if I’m separated from my FP for too long, get isolated for too long, or am in a situation where my relationships feel threatened, it’s bad– but when I travel, eat well, and spend quality time with FP & loved ones, my average mood increases significantly!)

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now, but please reblog this great resource so it can reach as many borderlines as possible!!! (This is probably useful for other PDs and mood disorders too, actually)


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Can people please stop reblogging the “Mass Effect: Andromeda is officially so bad it killed a studio” link? It’s based on one Kotaku post and goes back to some rumor of the kind “I know a friend of a friend who works at Bioware and he said…”. Fine journalism.

Mass Effect Andromeda made its money back. Development studios get rearranged all the time. People get moved to other positions. That’s the business.

Active Booklrs Who Want More Interaction

I’m seeing a lot of stuff about people feeling that booklr is really empty, that no one really replies to posts or reblogs to add their opinion and we’re all really lacking interaction and discussion. 

I’m definitely in the same boat and it’s a real shame. So what can we do? Well to start with I want to make a bit of a list of people who want to be more active in the book blogging community. Then what we can all do to help is follow each other / reblog each other’s posts and add comments / ask and answer bookish questions / reply to people’s reviews and so on. A lot of us are feeling this way so hopefully by bringing us all together in one list it will make it a bit of a difference - if only because we can stop screaming into the void and actually respond to one another. 

And if we all have more interaction and discussion, that might encourage others to join in too. 

So here goes (and if I miss anyone I am super sorry, please just reblog and add yourself and anyone else you know in!). 










“Deckhand Hook”

Pastel on black paper.

Responsible Me to @thesschesthair​: stop making fabulous B&W edits. I can’t draw them all. I have things to do.

Devil Me: Yea, OK. Hold my beer.

(Here are the other B&W pastel drawings she made me do I did: Number one, Number two.)

Please don’t crop or Tweet, and please reblog instead of reposting. Thank you! You can find more of my art under the “ellie art” tag here on my blog. This and other original artwork for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Serious Post

So I was a criminologist major and now have a degree. I’ve been making videos and they get about 100 views on average. 

Here’s my most recent one 

Here’s the channel 

Im really trying to get this off the ground. I’m talking criminological, governmental, political, social, psychological, and all sorts of other problems. I talk them out and explain them. 

Please just check them out. Give one a listen, even in the background of whatever you’re doing. White noise. 

I have around 1500 followers. Im guessing only like 500 of you actually pay attention to what I post.

Maybe 150 pay attention religiously/closely.

Please just click the links, give them a chance. Reblog this post. Spread this. Help stop the prison industrial complex, the war on drugs, the overarming of police. Let’s work to stop crime and change the world. 

Help me. 

New channel URL, and newer new video


“It’s…. I feel really bad for him. I wanna give him another hug, but this stuff doesn’t come out of clothes easy…”

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮


((oh she gets smiles out of him all the time, she’s even gotten him to laugh his ass off a few times while they were on break. took her a while to get the first one, but after that…

easiest/fastest way to get that to happen? well her singing never seems to fail, and the way she tells some of her stories is just naturally hilarious. nobody believes her when she says she gets him to smile on an almost daily basis.))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

anonymous asked:

hi idk if u know this but promoting sha//ladin (including shi//eth) is rlly harmful to minors and others at risk of CSA, im not asking u to stop shipping it just please dont like or reblog stuff for it yes i have it tagged but the mobile app is flawed

~Sigh~ I wondered how long it would take. I have been watching Voltron for a grand total of four days and it starts. It’s also one of the reasons I will never go into the Voltron tags again. Everyone is so angry and hateful to each other.

Here’s the thing. I’m old, in some cases, the age of some of your parents. I already have four children. I am responsible for how they are raised and what they look at. It is not my responsibility to protect the entirety of Tumblr. Refer to this post. I am a survivor of abuse myself and I do not feel uncomfortable with what I post and that’s what matters for a personal blog. Out of respect for other people I make sure to tag things properly and thoroughly. I have added tags when requested and fixed them when I have forgotten or missed one.

If my blog is uncomfortable for someone, then it is their responsibility to stay off of it. I don’t ask anyone to follow me and am fine if they need to unfollow for any reason. Your dashboard and Tumblr experience should be as pleasant as possible. Again, that is you as the user’s responsibility to ensure. Apps are inherently faulty and I have no control over that. If being on mobile is to distressing for someone because of a failure in the mechanics of an app, then they should not be using mobile to access content. 

Okay FNAF 6 announced then canceled, lol, very funny Scott.

Went to the site and it said this in it’s source:

“You are crowding us.”
“You can’t tell us what to do anymore.”
“We outnumber you.”
“We found a way to eject you.”
“Ha, ha! Say goodbye to our friend!”

Image from the site title ‘interrupt’:

Taken from FNAF World Site Source:

“Be quiet.”
“Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.” 
“That doesn’t matter, dummy.” 
“You would be lost without me” 
“I can put myself back together.”

Image from that site titled ‘Iamstillhere’:

It’s a conversation:

“You are crowding us.”
“Be quiet.”
“You can’t tell us what to do anymore.”
“Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.”
“We outnumber you.”
“That doesn’t matter, dummy.”
“We found a way to eject you.”
“You would be lost without me”
“Ha, ha! Say goodbye to our friend!”
“I can put myself back together.”

EDIT: This has been edited cause people have not taken the time to see the whole post and continue to believe what they are reading in the wrong terms. I did not post this to demand Scott for more FNAF or to say he should be focused on it alone. Please stop messaging and reblogging that at me as it is not true. I posted this to show what was on the Sites that he had out in the open and hidden. Not once have I said other wise. If anything I was pointing out how Scott likes to troll his fans.

If you don’t believe me watch the video that shows how he can be a troll:

So one of the times shown above, if you don’t remember, Scott said he canceled FNAF Sister Location and then released a MA version. He is a troll in the best and loveliest way.

gentle reminder self help network tumblr

Due to the recent influx in network post and activity, so I can stop posting about the redbubble store and other GRSHN initiatives on this blog, I’ve decided to create a tumblr for the network so I can post them there instead. I will still be reblogging important ones onto this blog, but hopefully this will relieve the original ‘gentle-reminder’ blog of the clutter and allow you all to enjoy your simple reminders once more. If you would like updates on the network, our initiatives, the future, or have any questions for us, feel free to direct them there. 

So please, follow the gentle reminder self help network tumblr here!

Daiken Week is taking place from June 5th to June 11th! Here are the prompts people requested! 

June 5th, Monday - Royalty/ Historical
Ever wanted Ken to be the kind king of a land forced into marriage? How about Daisuke being the his royal bodygaurd or vice versa? Maybe the two are on the run from royalty and meet each other on the way? The opportunities are endless with this prompt. 

June 6th, Tuesday - Soulmates
Does the immediate connection Ken and Daisuke make at that soccer game indicate something more? Has Daisuke been waiting all his life for his soulmate counter to stop ticking only to get rejected by Ken in that first meeting or vice versa? What if the first time they see color is when their digimon DNA digivolve/ Jogress. So may ways to find your soulmates with this one! 

June 7th, Wednesday - Illness/Injury 
Does Daisuke take care of a sick Ken or vice versa? Do early series Ken and Daisue have to work together when their partners are suddenly hit with some kind of virus? Is one of them injured so bad that thy can’t go on while the other just won’t leave to save himself? Who knows? It’s all up to you with this prompt! 

June 8th, Thursday - Domestic/ Fluff
Ken and Daisuke cleaning together. Ken and Daisuke cooking together. Living together. Cuddling together. The choices are never ending especially when you add their digimon into the mix. 

June 9th, Friday - Hurt/Comfort/Angst
Does Daisuke show the insecurities that we rarely get to see? Does Ken think he’s gonna suffer a relapse into his previous self? Maybe they decide they just shouldn’t be together anymore and realize it was the wrong choice? Does one of them tragically loose their digimon in a huge battle? Let the angst feels wholly engulf you with this prompt! 

June 10th, Saturday - Highschool/College
How do these two end up in the future? Do they stop going to the digital world? Do they grow apart only to come back together later? Are they pining after one another way more often? Maybe they met at a high school or college party and can’t stop thinking of one another. The school hijinks is high with this prompt! 

June 11th, Sunday - Free Day
Anything you wanted to do and just couldn’t? Didn’t get the prompts you wanted for this year, but still wanted to participate somehow? This day is an opportunity to get in all the fic, art, amv, and other creations that don’t exactly match the prompts, but you still wanted to see shared. 

And that’s it! Please be sure to tag #Daikenweek2017 in your posts so I can reblog all your creations. We’ll see you soon! 

anonymous asked:

I've been following the discussions about the Supergirl cast incident and your opinion that a large part of the issue is that the cast doesn't understand fandom culture, especially non-canon shipping. As someone involved in fandom for a few years now, but has never seriously shipped a non-canon couple, I would agree that fanon shipping is a subculture all its own. And tbh, it's one that I've never quite understood in spite of being actively involved in fandom for years. (1/5)

I’ve asked non-canon shippers why why choose their ship, and isn’t it frustrating to support a relationship that they never get to see on screen? The general answer has been that they HAVE to ship non-canon, b/c the relationships they want to see (usually LGBTQ relationships) aren’t represented by most shows. OK, fair enough. But I still didn’t really get it. I can honestly say that I’ve never sent hate to anyone for shipping non-canon – that’s not my style – but I didn’t really get it. (2/5)

I had a small light bulb moment recently, though. An anon sent hate to one of my shipmates over her fic, in which she portrayed the main female character as overweight. (The character is not overweight in canon.) Anon called the fic – and the character – gross and asked the writer why she would twist the character that way. I was indignant on behalf of my shipmate that she’d been insulted like that for a work of fiction, in which she should be able to express herself however she wants. (3/5)

Furthermore, as an overweight woman myself, I was infuriated that this anon implied that fat women have no place in romance stories. Don’t I have just as much right to see myself represented in fic, as the thin and conventionally beautiful women do? And that’s when I remembered all the comments from LGBTQ fans who ship non-canon couples and just want to see themselves on screen, and it clicked. (4/5)

I am NOT trying to say that these experiences are equivalent. I know that the LGBTQ community struggles more for representation than a straight, white, overweight woman. But this is the (very roundabout) way that I, someone who’s actually in fandom, came to understanding non-canon shipping a little better. So I’m not really surprised that the showrunners and casts of popular TV shows don’t get it. It’s very unfortunate that they don’t understand, but not surprising. (5/5)

It’s good that you found a way to understand this.  I do know that a lot of fandom doesn’t understand it either.  Especially when “boy slash” and femslash actually have different and basically unrelated subcultures.

I’d add two things for you.  The first is that often times the canon LGBT ships aren’t treated the same way as canon het ships.  There is never a will they wont they phase for us.  We are always told before the characters even appear on screen who the designated gay couple is and there will only be one of them so sucks for you if you don’t like them.  Could you imagine what your shipping experience would be like if you didn’t get a choice to about which elements of a couple you prefer or not.  Sucks to be you if you like the tropes around Captain Swan.  All you get on screen is Rumbelle.  And you have no hope of getting another couple.  LGBT ships are often less visibly affectionate.  A kiss is racey.  All this stuff about implied sex scenes that Once canon shippers are demanding?  Pipe dream for us even when we’re dealing with canon representation.  Oh… and time.  Straight people always seem to think the LGBT couple is on screen a lot longer than they actually are.  By something like 50%.  So we get no choice, a less full story, and half of it.  And that’s if you are shipping a canon LGBT couple.

Where as if you are shipping an non canon couple anything in the world is possible.  The other day I reblogged someone who said that fan fiction was the only place two women meet and immediately start flirting.  It’s the only place where no one has to have a coming out story or explain their gayness.  A non canon LGBT ship is literally the only way we can find the stories that are written equally to the ones you enjoy on screen because we write them ourselves.

Do I love canon LGBT couples?  Sure.  More of them please.  But let’s stop pretending that they’re equal or they should be enough.

And let’s stop treating non canon shippers like they’re naive fools.  No one needs you to tell them that their ship isn’t happening.  Even if they’re asking when it will be they’re having a fantasy life where they are safe and normal and they get to ask content creators when they’ll be getting something that you get given automatically.  Maybe the casts and the writers don’t want to be pestered.  But why are we prioritizing a minor annoyance over someone’s right to just have a tiny space to imagine that they might be safe and normal and accepted totally? 

So nonnie i’m going to leave you with a charge, you straight shipper, the next time you hear one of your ship mates say “well they’re just letting them down easy” or “telling them the truth” or “letting them know it wont happen” I’d like you to tell them to stop assuming they know better than the non canon lgbt shipper.