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story of my life would a pair of murder husbands tell their child how they fell in love?


When I die, set me free


Draco poured himself a glass of his favorite whiskey, and walked into his and Harry’s living room. He grabbed his cellular device, that Harry had insisted upon him getting, so they could keep in contact easier when Harry was on a particularly long raid or when Draco was trying to track down a rare ingredient for his potions.

Draco sighed, looking at it and then dialed his husband’s number, putting it on speakerphone because he never put muggle technology that close to his face.

Harry didn’t pick up, and instead his voice rang throughout the room when his voicemail picked up, “Hi, you’ve reached Harry Malfoy, I can’t come to the phone right now,”

Draco’s lips twitched into a smile, as it always did when he heard Harry call himself a Malfoy.

“If this is Hermione, please limit your message to less than four minutes, I really don’t have time to listen to you read me your new book,

If this is Ron… Come on, I know we have lunch plans and chess on Tuesday, you don’t need to remind me every week, I will call you if I can’t be there,”

Draco snorted into his glass as he took another sip of his whiskey.

“If this is Ginny, congratulations on whatever match you just won! But please stop trying to make me deaf by screaming in my ear,

If this is Luna, my Quibbler subscription is still active, tell your dad I said hi,

If this is Nevile, um… I’m sure that new plant is awesome, can’t wait to see it,”

Draco rolled his eyes, he heard all the sarcasm dripping from the message to Longbottom, but he knew that the poor Professor would never get it.

“If this is Draco,”

Draco looked at the phone again at the laughing tone in his husband’s voice, and could picture the huge grin plastered on his face.

“I’m okay, don’t worry, I’m eating just fine and no baddies have gotten me yet. Make sure you turned off the stove after dinner, I know you forget sometimes when your mind is on the potion you’re working on, which is always.

I’ll be home soon, I love you.”

Draco could no longer hold back his sob, and it tore through his entire body at the last two statements, almost making him drop his glass. He looked over at the Daily Prophet and The Quibbler, sitting next to each other on the coffee table, both blaring the titles “THE BOY WHO LIVED, KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY”

Draco felt another sob rip through him and he hung up the phone, setting down his glass and with shaking hands he re-dialed Harry’s number, knowing that Harry would never again answer his phone, but that listening to his voicemail was the only way that he could ever hear Harry’s voice uttering the words,

“I’ll be home soon, I love you.”

“I love you”


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Harry’s voicemail was inspired by this

By Your Side (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: “I’m sorry this is kinda an odd request but could you please write something were the reader is Jasper’s human mate and she hasn’t been sleeping for several days due to nightmares that wouldn’t go away so she gave up on sleeping and one day she’s out with the whole Cullen fam and she faints and Jasper confront and comforts her about the issues?” (requested)

Word Count: 1,488

A/N: I’m slowly catching up to my requests, still I have a couple and more on my ask, so be patient, please! I’m still without wifi but at my mother’s house. Anyway, enjoy!

They didn’t stop; they just came back haunting me at night, keeping me awake for countless hours and it started to be unhealthy, the 8 hours that an average human is supposed to sleep I could only get 1 or 2 If I was lucky enough, the rest it was all caffeine, nothing else could keep me through the day. There was only one exception, and it was Jasper. Whenever he was around me I could finally sleep but I couldn’t ask him to come into my house every night just to help me sleep, even if he would agree, it was too much, or it seemed too much for me.

I sighed deeply brushing my hands against my face in frustration; I turned my head to look at my nightstand and stared at the clock.

6:45 a.m.

I moaned, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep again so I just stood up and made my way to the bathroom. Once I was ready I headed to the kitchen with my phone on my hands, luckily today it was Saturday so I wouldn’t have to deal with exhaustion and maths, also, today it was supposed to rain and that meant thunders which also meant that the Cullen were going to play baseball, and of course, Jasper invited me.

I pour myself some coffee and sat down on the couch pulling my phone out again and going through my social media trying to get my head away from the nightmares, I knew that they appeared only when I was asleep but the past few days I started to get absolutely afraid that something will trigger me and the nightmares would appear in front of me

My life was a complete mess.

At 10:35 I received a text from Jasper letting me know that he was coming for me and thank God I got ready beforehand knowing how fast he gets to my house, I had enough time to put make up on, concealing my dark circles, of course, they didn’t disappear but they didn’t look that bad, it was just the normal “I don’t sleep, I’m a teenager that spends the nights online” look.

And just as I imagined five minutes later Jasper was outside my house, with his usual charming smile that sent shivers down my spine and his mesmerizing golden eyes that I could look into all my life if I could.

“Hey, babe, ready for the game?” he asked raising one eyebrow and smirking at me, I laughed softly. “I’m winning today, just letting you know” he got closer and hugged me tightly.

“Stop lying to her, Jasper, please stop embarrassing yourself!” Emmett screamed from behind us making me laugh. I grabbed Jasper’s cold hand and gripped it tightly, at this he looked straight into my eyes and smiled again.

“Let’s go” he whispered and we started to walk to the field.

I couldn’t put into words how much I enjoyed watching the Cullen play, they just seemed so much relaxed when they were playing that made me relax as well, and the men would always end up fighting about silly things, even though Rosalie would take part on those fights too, they were extremely competitive and it was funny to watch that.

During the game, I could feel myself getting tired, keeping my eyes open became to be a struggle and I had to readjust myself from my sitting position on the ground, and Alice, who was sitting next to me, could notice that too.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” she asked softly caressing my arm with her hand and I nodded.

“Yes, just a little tired, that’s all, Al” It wasn’t a lie, I was tired as hell and there was nothing else in my mind that the thought of me going to sleep but I easily shrugged those thoughts off when the nightmares appeared on my mind again.

“(Y/N), come here! We need your help” Emmett’s voice interrupted us and I turned my head to look at him, he was grinning like mad and I had no idea what they wanted from me.

“Fuck off, Emmett, you cheated, get over it” Edward pushed him playfully and but Emmett didn’t even move an inch.

“Shut up, please, I’m talking to her” he responded looking at him but he turned quickly to look at me again almost with a pleading look in his eyes.

I groaned but got up anyway brushing my clothes trying to clean myself a little.

“Okay, I’m going” I answered but the second I started moving I had to stop, my head began to pound and everything around me looked blurry, dizziness took over me like a crashing wave and I was difficult to keep myself steady.

“(Y/N), what happens?” I could barely hear Alice’s voice behind me but before I could even answer I fell to the ground and closed my eyes before drifting into darkness Jasper’s voice was the last thing that I heard.


I slowly tried to open my eyes, which was rather difficult, there was something on the back of my mind that kept telling me to go back and let sleep consume me, but I didn’t want to.

Once I opened my eyes successfully I met those golden eyes that make my heart flutter, but this time the only thing that I could see in them was pain and concern.

I moved my body from the bed that I suspected Jasper had placed me and sat with my back placed on the headboard, Jasper made his way from the spot that he was standing and sat down next to me, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it a little.

“I know something is wrong and I want you to tell me what’s happening so I know how I can help you” he tilted his head smiling at me; I knew he was trying to soothe me with his powers and it was certainly working.

I closed my eyes and sighed before opening them again and looked at him straight into his eyes.

“It’s…it’s nothing really” I couldn’t help but to stumble through my words, I was starting to feel embarrassed about confessing to him.

The grip on my hand tightened a little bit making me wince, it didn’t hurt a lot but he surely was strong.

“I thought we trusted each other, love, tell me” he paused and rose an eyebrow at me “what’s wrong?”

I knew he wasn’t doing this on purpose to hurt me, he would never even try to harm me in any way, I knew this was his way of protecting me and showing that he cared. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to reassure myself that everything was okay.

“I’ve been having nightmares the past few days” I finally let out “they are extremely bad and I haven’t been able to sleep well so I just ditched the idea of sleeping because they always came back a-and “I sniffed and the tears were moving down from my eyes to my face almost instantly. I took a deep breath and continued “Every time I close my eyes I just see the same thing and it’s driving me crazy”

Jasper immediately pulled me into his arms hugging me close to his strong body as I let the tears fall freely down my face, sobbing uncontrollably. I could hear Jasper’s voice through my ear whispering sweet things to me and eventually, I calmed down, thankful for Jasper’s ability to make me relax enough so I wasn’t a sobbing mess.

He pulled away a little so he could see my face and moved a strand of hair out of the way before he pressed his lips onto mine, giving me a little peck and pressed our foreheads together.

“You should have told me before, (Y/N),” he whispered as his caressed my face with his thumb “I would have done anything to make those nightmares go away”

He then pulled away completely and stood up walking to the other side of the bed lying down next to me, and pulling me closer to his body, I instantly put my arms around his torso and his arms found their way to my waist; he place his chin on top of my head and I pressed my head on his chest.

I tried to force myself to stay awake afraid that the nightmares would come back, but, I knew that having Jasper by my side they probably won’t.

“Try to sleep a little, (Y/N), I know you are tired” he whispered and kiss the top of my head, letting his lips linger a little bit longer “I will be here, I will always be here”

And with that I let myself drift to sleep with his body still pressed against mine, holding him as tight as I could, knowing that for once I could have a decent sleep.  


kekkai sensen is happiness kekkai sensen is life please watch

I work in retail, and I often see extremely amateur moves from newbie lifters that makes me want to scream “please stop, this is how you’ll get caught!”. So here’s some advice:

1) Untag your items before exiting the store! If you do not plan to untag, make sure the item is IN YOUR PURSE, and not on your person and clearly visible to SA! 

2) Stop leaving packaging everywhere, I know you want two earrings from that large set of earrings, so you lift only those 2 earrings, but why leave the rest in your blindspot?? Now I know what area to keep an eye on.

3) Watch SA behaviour as you exit the change room! Were they staring at what you were holding when you left? Did they rush to your change room immediately? If they did, LEAVE NOW! THEY ARE CALLING SECURITY!

4) If you plan to wear clothes out, wear it UNDER your clothes and make sure it’s not visible. We notice if you’re suddenly wearing a different shirt.

5) Don’t travel in packs, we will watch you like crazy

Please for the love of god, I hate how lifters get caught for really dumb reasons. Getting caught is NOT as option, so you have to play it safe and smart and always know when to leave! If you feel sus’d even a teeny tiny bit, leave!

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Hey! Could you do an Raphael (shadowhunters) x reader with #1 #4 #18 #38 #47 #48 from the january drabbles? Its okay if not all of them are im if they dont fit ❤ Reader is a male Shadow Hunter but kind to the down worlders but also very good with fighting but also loves a book every now and then? Thank you both!

Raphael Santiago - “Boo!“


You closed your eyes and were barely able to contain the scream that was about to escape your lips. Until you realized that maybe letting it out was exactly what you needed to do to make him regret it.

“O, come on! You’re a bad ass shadowhunter!” He shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “Can you please stop screaming?”

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?” Even though you had gotten used to your boyfriend being a creepy vampire lurking in the shadows of New York, you had not grown used to his constant attempts to scare the hell out of you, just because you were a great fighter.

“Did I scare you?” He placed his hands on your shoulders and his bright smile and the twinkle in his eyes made it impossible not to forgive him immediately.

“Yes, you did!” You crossed your arms over your chest and pouted. “And you knew it!”

Raphael’s grin widened and he shrugged his shoulders. “I would say that I was sorry, but I’m afraid I am not. I have never been sorry about any moment we shared together.”

“I could have done with quite a few less heart attacks.” You rolled your eyes and Raphael let out a loud laughter. “I’m still surprised you fell in love with me at all. There are not that many impressions worse than my first one.”

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Raphael curled his pale white hands around your neck and pulled you a little closer towards him. “But at least it made you stand out.”

You raised your eyebrows. “It made me stand out? Fainting is what made me stand out? I’m a bad ass shadowhunter with a huge book collection and fainting makes me stand out? Mister Santiago, if you are trying to make up for the terrible start of this date, you are not understanding the process of making up at all.”

“Would you prefer a more human approach?” Raphael pressed his chest to yours. “Do you…” He hesitated for a moment. “Well…I mean…” He almost trembled over his own words as if there was a part of him afraid that you would say yes in the end. “I could give you a massage?”

This time it was your turn to laugh and you shook your head. “Your human approach is not what makes you stand out, Raphael. Don’t even bother, please.”

“Then what did you have in mind?” He pressed his forehead to yours. His skin was, as always, slightly colder than yours, but still you enjoyed his hand caressing your cheek.

“I know that you’re a vampire and have qualities you haven’t shown me yet.” You bit your lip when you realized what you were saying. “And no, I didn’t mean it like that! I’m an innocent, cute boy if you’re not a demon causing havoc, I wouldn’t make such demands!”

Raphael was however smiling and his voice was barely a whisper. “No one needs to know that you’re not as innocent as you look.” He paused for a moment and his nose brushed yours. “I’d love to fulfill wishes like that.”

“Good to know, but I was actually thinking about something else.” You locked your gaze with his while your heart started racing in your chest. “I want to watch the stars on the roof of the empire state building.”

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had.” Raphael spoke softly, before he smiled at you again. “Of course I’m in.”



Winter’s Bite

Chapter 1 of ?     

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I started this fic with the intention of posting it in time for Halloween - last year. And now Halloween’s coming around again and I just can’t bear to have this fic still sitting in my WIP folder haunting me. It’s not completely finished so I know it’s stupid of me to start posting but I need to be done with it, so if you like it/want to read more of it, please reply/reblog and leave some love (or poke me with a sharp stick) to encourage me to finish this friggin thing some time before New Years. xoxox   

Bucky shivered in the death-like embrace of cryostasis, his breath curling into mist before his unfocused eyes. The walls of his frozen prison fell away and a man holding a red book spoke words that cut into his brain and scrambled it about. Bucky struggled against the restraints, begging the man to make the pain in his head stop…

“Please! Don’t make me hurt anyone else!” Bucky screamed, thrashing wildly as he was wrenched from his nightmare. He scrambled backwards, pressing his back against the wall as he forced his terrified gasps to become slow measured breaths. It took him a few seconds to remember where he was, and then he had to repeat it to himself until he believed it.

He wasn’t with HYDRA anymore. He wasn’t the Asset. He was Bucky Barnes and he was in his room on the 63rd floor of Avengers Tower. On the floor of the wardrobe in his bedroom to be exact.

Bucky wiped a hand over his face and groaned, ashamed of his coping mechanisms. He swatted irritably at a pair of pants hanging in front of him before sliding the wardrobe door open and crawling out. He lay down on the floor, ignoring the itch of the carpet on his sweaty back, and stared up at the ceiling wondering, not for the first or last time, what the hell was wrong with him.

He’d been in Avengers “custody” for almost two months after breaking free of HYDRA’s control in D.C. and he’d thought he’d been getting better. He’d been interrogated every day in those first few weeks, and had been a frequent visitor to the medical labs after that. Bucky hated it but he cooperated as best he could, though the med labs still made him understandably anxious. The medical team, led by Dr Banner, had flushed out all the crap HYDRA had put in his system and gave him a staggering amount of “good” drugs to counteract the damage they’d done until all his test results came back normal. As normal as a super soldier could hope to be, at least.

He’d finished Dr Banner’s treatment regimen a little over a week ago, just before Steve reluctantly left on a mission. Since then, Bucky hadn’t felt comfortable – alone in the apartment, or in his own skin. The space was too big and too bright, so Bucky spent most days locked in his bedroom with the windows at maximum opacity. And it was too hot. It was the middle of November and it was too damn hot. He’d had JARVIS turn off the heating in his room and it still hadn’t felt right. He’d tried to get JARVIS to bring the temperature down even lower but the AI couldn’t be swayed.

Part of him was glad that Steve wasn’t there to see him like this. If he had been, Steve would have made Bucky go back down to medical and get checked out. Bucky knew he should have taken himself down there, should have spoken to Dr Banner, but he feared the answer; he missed being under HYDRA’s control. He missed the confined space and the cold of the cryo tube, he missed the comforting safety that could be found behind the darkness of his mask. He craved the familiar so much that he’d taken to sleeping on the floor of his wardrobe, the smallest, darkest enclosed space he had access to, when being awake became too damn exhausting. He didn’t want to admit that to anyone. And he sure as hell didn’t want to admit that none of that explained the growing pit in his stomach, the hunger for something indescribable that food couldn’t sate. It was unnerving at best, terrifying at worst.

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

(Tom Holland Peter Parker because we all know I’m Tom Holland trash, Peter Parker trash, and Tom Holland as Peter Parker trash) -him slipping his hand into yours then looking away so you don’t see his blush~ - loving to see him blush~ -him blushing actually makes you blush a little~ -if you freak out he freaks out~ -“Peter, why are you freaking out?!” “Because you’re freaking out!!”~ -being really close to aunt May and her loving you almost as much as Peter does~ -stealing his “nerdy” shirts and actually wearing them places even though they’re too big and not yours~ -“Y/N, is that my shirt?” “What?! No! Of course not!” “It’s okay. It looks cuter on you than it does me. I’ll wear a different shirt.”~ -you actually being part of the popular crowd at school~ -always getting surprised that Peter thought you didn’t know he existed~ -“I can’t believe you thought I didn’t know who you were. How could I possibly have missed a cutie like you?!” “Well, because you were- you are so popular and why would I, the nerdiest guy in school get noticed by the most popular, most gorgeous girl in school- in the universe actually, but why?” “I’m not even that popular….or attractive.”~ -Peter always being surprised by your insecurities~ -“I just…don’t get it. You think that you’re so unattractive but…you are the most gorgeous, most beautiful, prettiest, smartest girl I havg ever met. I don’t know how you think you’re not.”~ -Peter actually making you cry with how highly he thinks of you~ -wondering how you ever survived without Peter~ -Peter wondering how he ever survived without you~ -lots of long warm hugs, whenever, wherever~ -whenever you kiss one you asking for another~ -you coming over to Peter’s one day, and him opening the door to see you, tears streaming down your face, puffy red eyes, red nose, sniffling, and your bottom lip quivering~ -him holding you tight and asking what happened~ -finding out it’s because you’re starting to get teased at school and by your so-called friends because you’re dating him~ -him wanting to break up so you don’t have to go through it anymore even though he knows it would break his heart, seeing you like this breaks it more~ -you refusing because now that you have him, you can’t just let him go~ -“Then I’ll protect you. From anyone and anything. I promise.”~ -him actually becoming like your personal bodyguard 24/7~ -hearing a lot of “Jeez. Ever since Parker got a girlfriend he got tough.” around school and sometimes other places~ -being completely and madly in love with each other~ -cuddles as much as possible~ -you guys actually being couple goals and other couples at school secretly being jealous~ -despite being popular you’re actually very smart~ -being shorter than Peter and he loves that~ -him giving you lots of hugs from behind and setting his head atop of yours~ -giving him hugs from behind which he finds adorable because instead of having your head on top of his, your face is pressed into his back~ -being really impressed by his muscles because you could never realize that he truly had them unless you saw him shirtless also, not to mention, his muscles are pretty spectacular and nice to look at~ -watching him change shirts so you can see his muscles~ -“Y/N why are you staring?” “I’m not. I’m just spacing out.” “You do that a lot. Maybe you should try to start getting more sleep.” “Yeah. You’re probably right.”~ -sometimes you purposefully fall into him so you can feel his muscles and Peter actually thinks you’re just clumsy~ -only freaking out a little when you find out he’s Spider-Man~ -“PETER PARKER!” “Y/N, please calm down.” “Peter I’m…I’m….*screams*” “Stop!!!!!! You’re making me feel panicky and I’m freaking out!!!!!” “You’re freaking out?!?! I’m freaking out!!!!”~ -“How am I supposed to date Spider-Man when I have arachnophobia?” “I was Spider-Man before you found and we’re still dating, and I’m not actually a spider.”~ -being so thankful to have each other~ -hardly ever fighting but when you do it’s over him coming home with really bad cuts or bruises and you’re mad because he needs to be more careful~ -you usually go lay down after a fight so you can calm down and he comes to you and cuddles you and showers you with kisses and apologies in fear that he’ll never say sorry enough~ -if you’re not laying down, he tackles you (gently) onto the couch and cuddles you like a koala~ I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if this was too long.

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The Girl ; Newt

so i’ve been having newt and/or thomas sangsters feels lately so i thought… why not?

(let’s imagine teresa isn’t the first and only girl to arrive in the glade aight) 


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Newt sprinted as fast as he could to the box. Not like it was unexpected for the box to be bringing another person up; it just meant another boy to go over everything again. If you asked Newt anything, he didn’t even have to think twice about his answer. 

He furrowed his eyebrows when Alby pulled open the box, an unfamiliar lying unconscious on the floor of the box. “A girl?” Newt almost scowled. Not that he despised girls or anything, he was just surprised. For the past three years, all they had gotten was guys. So getting a girl was a big surprise to him — to all of them. 

He jumped into the box, landing as lightly as possible so he didn’t startle her or anything. He crouched down, trying to get a better look of her face. 

He got back up to his feet when her eyes fluttered open, embracing himself for the outburst. His eyebrows furrowed once again, the ends of his mouth curling down to a frown when he didn’t get the outburst he’d been expecting. She slowly sat up, eyes scanning the unfamiliar environment. 

She scrambled up to her feet, holding her hands into fists infront of her face as her eyes narrowed down to glare at Newt. She couldn’t help but find him extremely attractive; but who knew what he’d done to her? He could’ve been the whole reason why she was in a place completely unfamiliar to her. 

“Where am I?“ 

Newt held his hands up towards her, moving closer to her with small steps. "Calm down.” She ignores Newt and turns to the other side, getting herself out of the box faster than anyone has. He watched in awe instead of chasing after her. 

“Stop her before she gets anywhere!” Newt yelled as he motioned for Frypan and Winston to help him out of the box to chase after her. 

Gally wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Oh, you’re not going anywhere.” She tried to wriggle out of his tight grasp but after realizing how she wasn’t as strong as this guy was, she took measures into ways she knew how to get away. She stomped her foot down onto his, her teeth biting down hard onto the fleshy part of his forearm. He released her instantly, stumbling a few steps back. 

She continued running, taking down more of the gladers that were running towards her. Newt leaned back, watching her in astonishment as she defended herself against some of the strongest gladers he knew.

He sighed and sprinted towards the girl, wrapping his arms loosely around her from behind. She squirmed out of his grip, bringing her arms back to throw a punch at Newt’s face. He dodged to his right and grabbing the leg she flung towards Newt’s side. He pulled her leg towards him, making her slip and drop on her back to the ground. 

Newt dropped to his knees, straddling her. He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head and dropped all of his weight down onto her when he knew that she had the chances of escaping if he didn’t because she could be stronger than him. She tossed and turned, screaming at the top of her lungs, pleading to Newt to let her go. 

“Hey!” Newt yelled over her screams. “Stop yelling!" 

"Let me go, please!” She screamed even louder, making Newt flinch at the piercing sound of her voice. “Please!”

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to kiss you!” Newt smirked when she stayed still, screams no longer streaming out from her mouth. “Okay, greenie. I’m Newt. Welcome to the glade.”

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part 2 here 


The Fallen | Chp 8


GifCredits: tbhobi

Chapter: Video Trailer | Profiles | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Genre: Slight Angst, Drama.

Characters: Bangtan.

Warnings: Profanity, mention of God.

Summary: In the aftermath of angels being sent down to demolish the modern world, you are one of the few lucky human survivors that made it out alive, but for how long can you survive?

A/N: Wowie it’s been a minute, hello! Sorry for the wait! Hopefully it’ll be worth it? This is a hella long update so I hope it answers a lot of things! As for questions about smut. I do have some ideas, but as of right now, I am not sure if there will be any smut at all. It all depends on if I can find a place to fit it in. Anyways, sorry for the long wait and sorry if this update was shitty. Please give me feedback! Xoxo.

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Pay Back

Part 2 to when I get my hands on you?

PART 1 When i get my hands on you - very smutty

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