please stop laughing at me its very rude

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Also what about Derek proposing and asking the sheriff for Stiles' hand in marriage because it's only polite and the sheriff makes some comment about Stiles being too young and Stiles just LEAPS UP and starts singing "Rude"By Magic and Derek just groans, holds his face in his hands and is like "Please don't hold this against me..."

This image makes me very happy, nonnie. So very happy, I can’t stop laughing. I’m now listening to the song and just imagining Stiles, maybe kind of drunk, belting this out and the Sheriff just turning to Derek and saying “on second though son, take him, he can be your problem.” And hey, I am an awesome son!! But also OH MY GOD, DEREK IT WORKED. I’M THE BEST BOO EVER TO HAVE BOOED. Derek, all the while, wondering if it’s too late to back out. That is until Stiles falls into him and grins and he remembers why he loves this idiot.