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Musician Cas or Dean? I don't know, I have waited five months to ask. You're blog is awesome and I look forward to it every single time you post. You are amazing!

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Thank you! We do our best to find you all the most awesome fanfics for you to read. I don’t know how I haven’t done a rec like this before since I have way too many fics where either Cas or Dean is some sort of a musician. I’ve done a Celebrity AU post before and there should be a few fics with one of them being a singer, so please check it out first:

Celebrity AU

And here’s the rest of my recs for you. I’m so pleased of how this rec turned out, there’s not one fic here that I wouldn’t love. So enjoy. - Admin A

Title: Appoggiatura

Author: ceeainthereforthat

Rating: Explicit

Words: 121,117– Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Seriously guys… I need to start my notes with something else than “I love this fic”. But yeah, I do. This is one of those fics that had been on my list of fics waiting to be read for a ridiculously long time, because the summary was sort of vague and the fic is mega long with 70 chapters. But damn was I glad that I finally read it. This is amazing and now it’s on my waiting to be read again list :’D

Summary: Castiel leaves the religious commune of Heaven Farms to study classical piano after winning a full scholarship paid for by the Deanna Campbell Memorial Foundation, and answers an ad in the campus newspaper: 1 bedroom to let. Meals provided. 50mb wifi, quiet odd music student preferred.

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Title: Sharing the Rain Dog

Author: almaasi

Rating: Mature

Words: 19,837 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: There cannot be an Au rec list without at least one almaasi fic in it. I don’t think I need to tell you how amazing everything she writes is + this has Dean in panties… Just thought you’d like to know!

Summary:  When some asshole hits a dog with his car and drives off, the first two people on the scene are Dean and Castiel. Castiel’s an FBI agent with a plane to catch, and he doesn’t have time to take the dog to the vet. Dean’s a musician, and he doesn’t have the money. An agreement is reached: Dean goes, Castiel pays, and they’ll exchange details and meet again to work things out. But who gets the dog? Sooner or later they’re going to realise that having shared custody of one pitbull isn’t ideal. She needs one home, not two. One stable, loving home…

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Title: Cowboys and Real Estate Angels

Author: almaasi

Rating: Explicit

Words: 36,834 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Another almaasi fic. This one is just as good if not better than the last one I recced.

Summary:  Castiel crosses paths with the ever-charming Dean Winchester at a rodeo show in Texas, of all places. Dean’s singing days are long bygone, but his crowd-pleasing skills haven’t waned one iota. Unexpectedly, Castiel finds himself in Dean’s bedroom; they take and they give, and discover that sometimes strangers can find love like this, too. (And if a man’s faith can’t be put in God, it needs to go somewhere…)

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Title: Soundtrack

Author: Sophtly

Rating: Mature

Words: 11,275 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Cuteness overload. Ps. Am I the only who has a kink with nerdy guy’s with glasses? So the fact that Cas is wearing glasses here is really awesome :’D

Summary: Castiel doesn’t believe in love until he ends up at a coffee shop where Dean sings on Thursday nights

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Title: When the World Screams

Author: K_K_TiBal

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 31,354 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I have to admit that it took my brain a few seconds to understand this fic when I started to read it. It was okay but not my favorite in this list.

Summary: The one thing that Castiel Novak can’t do is hear.

He excels in his job as an EMT despite the fact that he’s deaf and has never let anything hold him back from being at the top of his game.

That is, until he meets a certain man in the aftermath of a car accident.

The one thing Dean Winchester can’t do is touch.

Communication should be simple with the easy way that people can read each other’s thoughts through skin contact, but Dean outright refuses anything of the sort and much prefers the gentle caress of fingers on guitar strings.

That is, until his dreams of being a professional guitarist are shattered in the accident.

Even with the unfortunate circumstances of their meeting, a friendship grows and there is one thing they realize they can do for each other very well:


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Title: Impossibly, We’ve Already Caught Fire (Original Track)

Author: holyhael

Rating: Explicit

Words: 25,059 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I love this fic, I can’t help myself guys… that’s the only thing I have to say about most fics without completely spoiling it for the rest of you :’D

Summary: After a fire ravages his apartment, nurse Dean Winchester moves in with his best friend.

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Title: Thrash & Cadence

Author: lemonoclefox

Rating: Mature

Words: 31,282 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Seems like I only fave good fics to share with you guys. I swear this is by far the easiest rec I’ve ever made and the thought of doing this sooner never even crossed my mind… even though I have so many great fics to share with you.

Summary: Castiel Novak is a musical prodigy, whose proficiency with the cello has earned him a spot at the prestigious Carver Academy, a musical college where only the best and brightest are admitted. His compartmentalized world is shaken, however, when Dean Winchester arrives, and things only get more confusing from there.

But although Dean makes Castiel feel scared in a way he has never felt before, it doesn’t take long before the two of them realize that despite their differences, or maybe even because of them, they make beautiful music together, in more ways than one.

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Title: Overture

Author: alternaurora

Rating: Explicit

Words: 167,729 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: If you are like me and have read the summary but the mess with Anna has put you off from reading this, please stop whatever you had planned to do today and start reading. This is fantastic!

Summary: When home has nothing left to offer, Dean Winchester follows his brother out to the east coast. Sam has a new job in the Big Apple, and Dean has no idea what he wants. He’s never had much of a career, and his relationships have all felt like something’s missing. The brothers adopt a dog and Dean feels a spark for the blue-eyed volunteer Castiel Novak, but he knows he’ll never see him again.

A chance meeting with singer Anna Milton brings Dean to The Roadhouse, a struggling music lounge. Anna’s a flirt, but when it’s Castiel behind her at the piano, Dean can’t let him slip away again- except he’s not available, or so he thinks. Dean begins a rocky relationship with Anna, while Castiel becomes the best friend he’s ever known.

Except they both know it’s more than that. It’s everything.

As things fall apart with Anna, everything falls together with Castiel. But when disaster strikes, Dean and Castiel have to fight to hold on to the home and love they’ve found, or else risk losing it forever.


“Seeing you two singing together this morning? It’s so obvious, Castiel… The way you look at him? It’s like all those love songs you sing finally make sense.”

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Moose send us a message to add this fic to the list so here it is :)

Title: Take the Lead

Author: JinxedAmbitions

Rating: Explicit

Words: 66,586 – Finished

Summary: Castiel is one of the world’s biggest rock stars. Lead singer of The Garrison. He’s living a life of decadence, but he can’t come up with inspiration for their next album, and they’re supposed to be back in the studio in a matter of weeks. It’s no secret that The Garrison’s music is mostly about Castiel’s sex life, and the man experiments in lovemaking as often as he does with the band’s sound. Now, Cas needs a new sexual experience to inspire his music.Dean Winchester is a Mixed Martial Artist with a reputation for being able to take a hard hit and being able to deliver an even harder one. Having a fight in Vegas is surreal for the Kansas native. Being propositioned by a rock star after the fight is equally surreal. First of all, Castiel is decidedly male with a reputation with the ladies as sordid as Dean’s own. Second, his proposition to be at Dean’s mercy in the bedroom is as ridiculous as it is intriguing.

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Imagine: Harry left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different.

Its been five months since Harry Styles, my three year boyfriend, left me for some blonde bitch. Honestly, at first I was devastated. Until my best friend, Amanda introduced me to the party life.

I was never a party girl. I was that girl that sat in the silence reading a book or studying to become a lawyer. If anything, I was a nerd and a dork. I hated my life but I couldn’t do anything about it. I never wanted to become a lawyer, read books, nothing. My parents never really asked me what I wanted to do with my life and assumed that I wanted to do everything they did. Oh they were so wrong.

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