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 Accidental Ladynoir Reveal Thing a story of  ladymagique-et-ladychance.

One evening I read this fabulous drafted (which I invite you to read them ) and I fell in love . Love so much to take to the fan art . Only that ... ! I could not restrain myself and , by a single fan art came out a real small comic . I have not finished yet , when I drew 9 pages and do not know how many are missing . But instead of posting them all together , while they place 5 !
The dialogues have inspired the writing , as well as scenes . The designs differ in some small detail compared to the story , only to facilitate them in the drafting , but basically I was inspired by that! I really hope you enjoy it , and I hope in particular that like the direct question !
To read the dialogues have to do it like in a manga . Namely : Starting from those on the left and then pass those on the right 
I hope you manage to read my handwriting !

To big size: open the draw in another page and use the + !