please stop believing everything you hear

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AU where Draco is framed for his father’s murder, but Hermione has studied to become a Criminal Defence Attorney and offers to help prove his innocence.

Draco stopped dead in the doorway, disbelief on his face.

“No. No way. Not her.”

He turned to leave.

“Malfoy, wait!” Hermione said quickly. “Just hear me out, would you? I want to help.”

Turning back to face her, Draco spat, “Why would you want to help me?”

“Because I believe you’re innocent,” she replied gently. “And no innocent man should have to spend a single day in Azkaban.”

Draco was silent for a moment as he watched her, before saying, “I’m not innocent of everything, Granger.”

Hermione let out a quiet sigh. “I know. But you are innocent of your father’s murder, and that’s all I’m here to prove.”

Turning the idea over in his head, he remained silent for a while longer, clenching his jaw. He did not want to have to rely on Hermione Granger, yet he couldn’t deny that she sounded sincere. And if anyone could work hard enough to prove his innocence, it was her.

“Will you let me help you?” Hermione asked softly.

It could be a trick. But if she wanted him sent to Azkaban, all she had to do was sit back and watch. All the evidence was already stacked against him and it was looking very grim indeed.

To accept her help… was he really risking anything?

“Fine,” he snapped. “But if I even catch a whiff of you secretly working against me, I’ll fire you.”

“As you should,” Hermione said, extending a hand towards him with a hesitant smile.

Draco stared at her hand a moment too long before reluctantly accepting it.

Looking up at her face again, he felt some tension ease from his shoulders. For the first time since being arrested, he actually felt hopeful about the outcome of the trial.

“If you clear my name, Granger, I swear I will never say a bad word about your kind again,” he found himself saying.

Hermione’s mouth twitched, unsure whether to smile or frown. “I can work with that.”