please stop

  • person:wow ur bi??? your bf is a lucky guy ;) that's every guys dream gf right there ;) I bet he thinks that's SO HOT!!!!
  • me:what
  • person:so do you have a lot of threesomes??
  • me:*looks into the camera like I'm on The Office*

look at luke being the noodle he is

look at this shit

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the reviews you guys have put on the Keystone Motel in Florida is not gonna help their business. They have had at least 9 reviews over 3 years and now they have 1,297 (or more) reviews that are just filled with Steven Universe Fans.

This can get you, Rebecca, The Crewniverse in trouble. Don’t believe me? I’ll explain.

The Motel can track your identity down, and Sue you, or the crewniverse. If you haven’t actually been there, then don’t send a review. Don’t give any fake 5 star reviews either, as that is just the same as complaining about Ruby and Sapphire, who are in a fictional universe.

You guys are slowly bringing this buisness down with all the fake reviews. It isn’t funny, it isn’t cool. Stop.

The Crewniverse has found out what all you guys are doing, and beg of you to stop. The motel can find your identity, ask who this Ruby and Sapphire is, and then you might say Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar since you don’t wanna be sued. Then they go to Rebecca Sugar, and Sue the crewniverse and her.

You guys are gonna put the show in jeopardy.

This has been a P.S.A.