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Sherlock BBC || 03x04 “The Final Problem” || The (Happy) End

Hello there, non-Russian Tumblr :) I know, you`re very confused over our screaming posts right now. Try not to worry too much, we don`t know what the hell is going on too ^^`. Just don`t catch too much spoilers and keep calm. It`s not okay, “but it is what it is”, heh. But there is only one thing you should know:  our boys from Baker street are still together. So everything will be fine.

Приветствую, избранные. Карма - очень странная штука, не находите, товарищи? На протяжении этих почти трёх недель вся наша страна была одним огромным слоупоком, который видел всё на минуту позже, но не сегодня х). Не буду долго распинаться, лишь поздравлю с очередным героически пережитым сезоном. Всё, выдохните, солдаты, теперь, как минимум годочек, нам можно спокойно поспать, проработать теории и написать\прочесть фички. Ах да, от всей души хочу ещё поздравить шипперов Джонлока. Кто бы мог подумать,что кроме традиционной боли и драмы меж нашими мальчиками нам даруют ещё и огромнейший скачок в их отношениях, к тому, ”чем они могут стать” (Эта речь Мери была благословением,серьёзно). 

Что же, удачного отходняка и полегче там с иностранноязычной Тумбой, лады? Они там уже буквально в судорогах бьются, достаточно спойлеров, ребят XD

Чёрт, я до этого ещё никогда так долго не пользовался русской раскладкой на клавиатуре на Тумбе, так непривычно лол.

Hello to all of the Sherlock fandom,

I know for many of you this has been a huge disappointment. No matter what you shipped, the episode, or season, or the interview, was a disaster. However, you have to remember that even if we didn’t think so, before it had aired, Mofftiss, Sue and many of the Sherlock cast really had thought that The Final Problem was going to be the most stunning episode. We have to remember that people did put lots of work into this. There’s no doubt that all of the actors were BRILLIANT. David Arnold and Michael Price made a beautiful soundtrack. Props were unique, new cinematography was being experimented, costume was nostalgic and perfect. The Lying Detective was a fascinating episode. The Six Thatchers was unexpected. The Final Problem was filled with shocks in every corner. There were good things with the bad, and we have to have faith in Mofftiss, just a little more. We can get through this together. Who cares if the reward wasn’t what we were expecting? We write fanfiction, we make fanart, we write metas. We can make what we want to happen.

We are the fandom that waited.

Stay strong, Sherlockians,
A small Sherlock blog.

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I decided that until this situation with Exo and SM is not cleared at least a bit I will keep Kris as my dp as a display of my support towards the exo fandom. It’s the least I can do. Please stay strong.

- by a BBC