please stand by for pic spam


The cat’s out of the bag, or puppy, in this case! We are so excited to announce our third dog, Kubo, the Japanese Akita Inu! Not to be confused with the American Akita, the Japanese Akita is an endangered breed that is currently making a grand comeback, thanks to breeders like Kaiju Kennels! Little Kubo is 8 weeks here and we will be taking him home next month, at 12 weeks of age. His ears are floppy now but they’ll stand up soon!

Life has been so good to us for the past few years that we knew it was time for us to add another bundle of joy into our lives and accomplish our dream of owning three dogs and owning a Japanese Akita Inu. We are so excited to start our story with you, Kubo!

We cannot thank Kaiju Kennels enough for allowing us to take this little ham home!

If you want to be spammed with puppy pics of Kubo growing up, please check out his instagram, @kubo.akita !

anonymous asked:

can i get a mini-spam of super duper sexy baekhyun moments? preferably older ones, because i'm conducting a study on how the fuck did he just got hotter in this comeback cuz previously he was already hotter than hell how did this happen 0.0. uhm. for science ( * whispers* : pls tush pics)

I can’t in good conscience stand in the way of science, it just wouldn’t be right. I shall submit all evidence I can find, please report back with your findings.