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if you get these from your drug dealer this halloween, don’t eat them and please throw them away inmediately. they are n’t drugs, they are candy. if you have one you will not have any hallucinations or even get a little high, it just tastes like sour chalk. please spread this around.

Wonder Woman Needs Our Help

I don’t normally make posts like this, but I feel like this is something I need to do because it’s bigger than myself. So, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Wonder Woman film comes out June 2nd… And if you didn’t know that, there’s a reason for it.
Warner Brothers aren’t spending money on promoting the Wonder Woman film. No tv promotions, billboards, nothing. A film about a strong, powerful, amazing woman superhero directed by Patty Jenkins who happens to be the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist and one of only a handful (a literal handful… you can count on one hand) to direct a superhero film at all.
They are setting it up to fail so they can say “I told you so” and not only continue the blatant sexism in the film industry but blame it on Patty if the movie fails, setting female directors up (whom are already told they won’t get hired) so they can have an excuse to say “Oh well, we tried hiring a woman to direct a film and it didn’t work. Lets not do that again.”

This film is bigger than just being a superhero movie… It has the ability to bust open the glass ceiling of Hollywood to tell them that yes, superhero movies about women do well and yes, women can not only direct blockbusters but they can do it well. Because I can guarantee you, Patty does it well.

PLEASE spread this around and let Warner Brothers know we aren’t going to stand for this bullshit.


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Warning for the 2017 IT movie

I haven’t seen any posts about this, so I would appreciate it if y'all could share this so people are prepared when they see the movie. This is a bit of a minor spoiler, but it’s important to sexual abuse survivors and child sexual abuse survivors. In the movie, a young female character is approached by her father and he makes some advances towards her, but this is initially deflected. Later in the movie, the third time the father is featured, there is an extremely triggering scene where the father becomes enraged when she refused to let him take advantage of her anymore and he grabs her by the ankles and attempts to assault her. He doesn’t succeed, but this scene was enough that I had a panic attack in the theater and I wish I was warned about this before I saw the movie. PLEASE spread this around so people are prepared for this when they see this movie. Just to reiterate, this is the third time the father is featured in the movie, right after the kids escape the house.


Please spread these images around. It could help save someone’s world.

The end of the D.A.C.A. program; a government issued program that only gave legal permission to hard working young adults, who where forcefully brought into the U.S illegally, is nothing but counterintuitive. Your losing millions of intelligent hard working individuals who have done nothing but help the U.S.

#DACA recipients- brought here as children, had no say in the matter of if they wanted to come in legally or not. They pay taxes, DACA fees, serve in the military - and much more. Don’t spout ignorance. Please stay tolerant and understanding.

Let this picture do the speaking for you.
What do you think it says?

As Irma approaches the U.S, some people still haven’t evacuated yet due to disabilities and/or problems with transportation. For those in Florida who have trouble evacuating, call the number 1-800-955-5504. Please spread this around!!! This can really save a life.


Hey guys, my name is Catherine. This is my portrait of Tyler Joseph “10.5 Pilots”. It’s made entirely of TOP lyrics written in ballpoint pen.
As a winning piece of the Congressional Art Competition, it is currently hanging in the United States Capitol building and will be for the next year.
Please please if you would maybe spread it around, I would love for him to know his face is hanging in the US Capitol.
Thank you!!

sorry this should be my last post about my lesbian flag proposal!

i edited the last one based on input from people with color deficiencies, people who said it strained their eyes with its brightness, and from input about its similarities to the rainbow flag

here is my explanation for why i made this and what the colors mean:

the reason i designed this is because the pink lesbian flag many use was actually intended as a femme lesbian flag, and the purple labrys flag i have heard criticisms about the use of the black triangle by jewish lesbians.

all colors except the middle green are mixtures between two of the 8 colors of the original gilbert baker flag, retaining the symbolism of the original colors. in addition, the yellow and teal are opposite on the color wheel from blue and pink, representing how butch and femme lesbians, despite superficial appearances are not simply “replicating heterosexuality”, but are forming their own womanhood outside of it. the green represents lesbians who do not ascribe to the femme/butch dichotomy but who nonetheless have their womanhood shaped by their lesbianism.

if you like this please feel free to spread it around!


For people who are feeling saddened by Iron Fist’s lack of diversity, I present to you Agents of SHIELD. While the first season is not the greatest or most diverse by any means, the remaining three seasons are full of suspenseful plot lines, intriguing characters, and yes - lots of cultural diversity.

Out of the seven main characters, four of them are POCs, and another four of the seven are female leads. Not only did the writers of the show cast an Asian-American for the lead, they also COMPLETELY REWOTE her character to represent that. And get this - never once has this character, Daisy, been used as a brainless romantic interest. No, this girl has depths and she is. damn. right. fierce. Not to mention, she’s got some effing awesome superpowers.

And of the three main superpowered Inhumans on the show, two are female and all three are POCs. Not to mention, the one guy on the team, Joey, is openly gay.

Not only is this show a beacon of diversity, it’s girl-powered as hell. If you’re feeling disappointed in the wake of Iron Fist, I recommend giving this show a try. I promise you that you will not regret it.

Important!! August 21st Eclipse 🌙

Hey guys i know were all super super excited about the eclipse, but if youre going to be looking at it at all you’re going to need to wear eye protection.

This isnt just for long viewing, even taking short glances at the eclipse can damage your eyes and it adds up.

It may not appear so but the eclipse is every bit as bright as the regular sun showing and you can really damage your vision if you dont wear some form of protection.

Please spread this around!! Stay safe guys

Please Spread This Around, Nazi Defender in the Pokemon Community

I genuinely don’t like spreading this stuff, but I haven’t seen ANYONE else talk about this and I need to get it out there before younger people in the Pokemon community think its okay.

Recently due to the events of Charlottesville, a popular Pokemon Youtuber by the name of Verlisify has been discovered to be defending Nazis and White supremacists on Twitter.

In this video, ( ) made by DuncanKneeDeep, you can see evidence of Verlisify defending Nazis and the like on his Twitter, stating how people defend the “not all Muslims” statement in reference to how the majority of Muslims are NOT terrorists, to how people attack the “not all Nazis” statement, basically claiming not all Nazis are extremists, but they are. Nazis ARE extremists, they want a 100% white country and with that the ERADICATION of every other race, sexuality, religion, and gender identity that does not fit their criteria.

I am here to spread the video and warn people about what this man has said and agrees with.

Please, if you are subbed to this man, unsub to him, unfollow his Twitter, BLOCK it need be.
Make sure your younger siblings and cousins and anybody impressionable are not subbed or following this man. We do not need more people agreeing with these ideals.

And I BEG OF YOU, spread this around, reblog it, spread the video link above EVERYWHERE.
We need to protect the younger children and ourselves from these horrible, disgraceful ideals.

I’m making this post because he is a huge Youtuber in the POKEMON community, which is a MASSIVE community comprised of mostly children. I do not want children who only came to see Pokemon develop the thoughts that it’s okay to kill everyone that is different from you.

I’m not making this to doxx him or witch hunt him, that is not the intention of this post.
It’s to bring awareness to this and protect everyone from a Nazi defender.

Please spread this, please. Even if you don’t like Pokemon. Think about the children who do and might watch this man.


As some of you may know, TheAnimeMan did a video covering the top 100 anime according to Japan. Now he is doing a poll to create an accurate top 100 anime list according to the international community. He needs our help to get an accurate list. Even if you don’t watch his videos could you please take some time to fill out the survey? And even if you don’t watch/like anime could you please spread this around so we can get as many responses as possible? Thanks in advance

Please help me find someone else with my rare conditon

My name is Valerie, I’m a teenager, and I’m chronically ill. 

I’ve been sick for a decade now, and unfortunately, I tend to get all the rare and ~special~ disorders. Because of this, I currently have doctors in nine cities spanning across five states. I battle six chronic conditions, and balancing them is a daily struggle, but I’ve managed. 

But my newest condition has turned my life upside down. It’s called Recurrent Subacute Thyroiditis (RSAT) and most doctors will never see a case of this in their lifetime. I luckily have found a doctor who has least seen a few cases of this before, but I am the youngest person she has ever seen with this condition. 

RSAT is an inflammation of the thyroid that causes overactivity, leading to high heart rates, trouble breathing, low blood pressure, dizziness, chest pains, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, and muscle weakness. The overactivity lasts for about 2-3 months, and then the thyroid flips to inactivity, leading to lethargy, extreme fatigue, depression, low body temperature, and slow heart rates. The inactivity lasts for 2-3 months, making this a 4-6 month condition. I’m currently in the middle of my second episode, and my first episode was just two years ago.

I am terrified. This condition has caused me to be rushed to the ER twice. This condition has rendered me so dizzy and dropped my blood pressure so low that walking is a hazard and I am in a wheelchair. This condition has prevented me from attending school since the end of October. This condition can occur again, and there is no telling when or how often. 

I’ve scoured the web, posted in countless Facebook groups, analyzed research, and even scheduled a conference call with doctors in another country to try to get some answers. Not only is there no information on it, but I can’t find anyone else with it (and due to HIPPA laws, my doctor is not allowed to connect me with the other cases she has seen). I have support from my friends and family, but they cannot even begin to understand what this is like. 

I am alone in this right now, but I know the internet is a powerful place. I’ve seen other kids with rare conditions find support and/or answers, and I thought I might as well give it a shot. Please, please - even if you don’t have this condition, even if you don’t know me, please reblog this and spread this around. I just need to know that I’m not alone in this. Even finding one person who has this would make the world of a difference.

Thank you in advance. Those who know me best know I absolutely hate asking for help, but I can’t do this alone anymore. 


The Red Cross is actively seeking blood donations at 1771 E. Flamingo Rd., Suite 206B. Their number is 702-791-3311. If it goes to voicemail, hit 4, then 2 to leave a message to donate blood. They are organizing teams and will text you a location to go to when ready.



This. Needs. To. Stop.
People are being rude and immature to Ben for absolutely no reason, it’s ridiculous. Ben loves what he does and loves stagedooring, but if the keeps going on I’m afraid that he’ll stop all together.
Ben doesn’t deserve this type of treatment. Please be kind. Let Ben know you love and appreciate him. Spread this around so everyone can see. Ben deserves all the respect in the world, especially when it comes to all he does for us. Let’s all attack the hate he gets with more love 💙💙

Thank you Ben for all you do. We love you.

(Also, thank you @/lucycaboosey on Twitter for letting me use her tweet on here)