please source your uploads

PSA: Art things

Yo guys, Mod here. I just wanted to address something that a couple people have already touched on but I just want to quickly remind those who may or may not have read them:

When you decide that you like a piece of art and you would like to upload it onto your blog, please either source the pictures you acquired them from so they can receive their proper recognition, or source the artist if it all comes from a single person. Do NOT take other people’s work and upload it without giving proper credit, as it’s not fair for the artist who worked on it to not receive any of the praise or feedback they should be given.

Again many artists might have said this but I feel it needed to be said again. I’ll try to make sure to keep myself neutral on all of this but if you are a blog who takes art and doesn’t source the picture…

Can you try your best to do so next time? Please? For all the artists? :)

Thanks guys love you all :D

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