please someone give me a cake like that

shit (and wise words) changmin says

changmin: summer has come…. wear bikinis, ladies!

changmin: to fans, i don’t want them to see me as an absolute existence, don’t want them to have their entire life revolving around me, spending money on me or doing things for me. if it’s too extreme, even if it’s not to support me, i hope you all can treasure your own lives. from there, you can sometimes look at my activities, treat my existence as vitamins, if you can do this for me, i will really be very happy.

changmin: i don’t have a particularly intimate relationship with fans
mc: is there anything you want to say to them?
changmin: please find a boyfriend.

changmin: i do not sugar-coat my words, and i refuse to be the influence of these children. i do not have the power to be responsible for them. the “me” that you see is a result of packaging. 

ufo: darling, what are you doing?
changmin: we don’t have a member named ‘darling’.

changmin: i try crazily not to think about sex, but it seems like i just can’t do it

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Help Please (Not​ About Money)

Assalaamu ala al-Muslimin
Hello y'all

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Here’s a quick summary to why I need help. This is kind of unnecessary so you can scroll down if you don’t want to read.

In 2014 I took the university exam and got into a university, studying the subject I admired for long years (psychology), and I was really happy because it was a little too hard for me to achieve this goal for some reasons. Anyway, at the end of the second year/grade I was on the verge of depression™ mainly because of:

•Islamophobic and irresponsible teachers (almost all of them)
•Unrespectful and irresponsible classmates
•Unrespectful dorm mates

So, I decided that I can’t go on anymore and I should quit. This year was gonna be my 3rd year in university but I suspended it (not really sure if that’s what you call it in English. I’m still a student of that university but I didn’t attend classes for one year). Now I’m about to take another exam for university which, by Allah the Greatest’s help, will help me with these things:

•Studying in a better university
•Not having to struggle with money because I will get a good scholarship
Living away from my abusers
•Getting closer to my future dreams (which is being a neuroscientist and helping+educating people not only about neuroscience but also about life in general)
•Getting a job (well this part is not really clear, but which one of them is 100% sure to happen right?)

Now, what I need help for is, maths.
Yes maths. Due to some reasons (one of which is economical reasons) I couldn’t acquire any maths classes. It has been some years since I last studied math, plus now I need to study it in English. My English is not bad, and I’m not that bad in maths either. I just need someone who can help me out. I only got like 7 subjects to study, not so advanced mathematics.

So if you think you can write some notes down about mathematics for me, in a clear and easy way, and help me with the problems I can’t solve, please send me an ask or a message. I’m not asking for anything big, you obviously don’t need to be a teacher. Meanwhile I will try to find online sources and study myself too but I need someone who I can ask questions. Also I couldn’t find any sources which are easy to understand. So it would be nice if you sent me some.

I’m not asking for Skype lessons or something like that, and I obviously can’t give you any money but once in a while I can doodle a flower or a piece of cake for you if you want.

About two months are left before the exam, and I couldn’t study any mathematics so far. So if you signal boosted this even if you can’t help yourself I’d be thankful.

I’ll write the subjects here. I have more details I can send you if you are interested:
1. Numbers and expressions
2. Quadratic functions
3. Figures and measurements
4. The number of possible outcomes and probability
5. Properties of integers
6. Properties of figures

Even if you can't​ help me with all of them, some is also fine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn all of these in such a short time to be honest… But there’s always hope.

Lastly, please make dua/pray for me. May Allah the Greatest makes our struggles easy for us.

Thank you.

10:51 A.M

You, 10:51 A.M
Yes or no, is salt hour happening later?

I don’t know what this is except purely texts that I thought of if you were dating doyoung so. Uh. Enjoy??? probably not as good as i’m hoping it’s late i’m sleepy i’m passing out

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Cherry Blossoms

This is my favorite Hiro short that I’ve written so far

“Ugh, seriously? Why won’t you work?”  You can hearHiro’s frustrated groans as you approach the door to his private lab.

You smile softly and walk through the open door.  “Having issues?”

 He looks up at you and huffs.  “Each student in one of my classes was given a piece of broken electronic equipment. It’s our job to diagnose what’s wrong with it and to fix it.  I could have sworn I had it, but the dumb thing’s still broken.”  He tosses his screwdriver onto the table and slumps back into his chair.

 You observe your best friend as he closes his eyes and rubs his forehead.  “You look like you could use a break to help clear your head. How long have you been cooped up in this lab?”

 His eyes open once more and he sits up straight to keep working.  “I’m fine.  I need to get this done.”

 You step closer to him and put a hand on his shoulder.  “Come on, Hiro.  You told me you would take me to see the cherry blossoms once they were in bloom,” you try to insist.  It wasn’t healthy for him to be staying in here by himself, for days on end.

 “You can see them from the window,” he tells you, staying focused on his project.

 “Hiro, please?  It won’t take very long and the fresh air will probably do you some good.”

 He shrugs his shoulder to get your hand to fall off.  “I said no, (Name).  Can you please go bother someone else?”

 You take a step back, his words hitting you like a slap to the face.  “O-oh.  Okay, I guess I can tell when I’m not wanted,” your voice comes out a little shaky as your throat tightens.

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EXO reaction to you eating the last cookie

I want cookies!!! :3 chocolate ones please!!

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Jagi? I think someone stole our cookies…. I bought them yesterday and the can is empty now…”


“But… but the cookie… it was calling me.. it was saying “Kris.. take me to the galaxy”” *drama queen*


“You can have it but only if you give me a kiss~”


*Pretends he isn’t angry* “Oh no no… I don’t like cookies… not that much… maybe cookie cake…”


“Don’t worry hun.. I’m on a diet… lettuce is the thing now… lettuce cookies.. hmm”


“Is that… one of my cookies? Why is the can… empty?”


“You took my last cookie? Ohhhh you’ll regret it!” *Planning something evil*


“Oh no.. I’m getting that cookie… just you see” *I’m not sure if he want’s the cookie… or You/cookie*


“Oh no no you didn’t have the last one… I hid it… because it’s my cookie!” 


“No no that’s my… nvm, it’s okay. You can have it” *Boyfriend material*


“We ran out of cookies… we should get more… don’t you think?” *Boyfriend goes shopping*


“Pleaaaaseeee.. just one bite… I’ll give you the rest.. please…” *Puppy eyes*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Day 3: Random act of kindness day 

Ahoy captain cutie. How did you slept ?

Today you are back at work, but fear not, it will be a great day. How so ? You may ask, well, today you are going to spread your light around. I d like you to do 3 random act of kindnesses, just like that. Maybe you could share leftovers of that cake you made yesterday with colleagues or maybe you want to spend some time catching up with someone who needs it, even give blood ?Please make sure none of them are actually money related, I d like you to give experiences. Blow me away and tell me about how you made 3 people’s day today ! Have a beautiful day Bear 

Love and miss you loads 


Chapter 26: New Responsibilities


*4 years later*

“Can’t raise a maaaaan!” Bliss sang in the shower, causing me to roll my eyes for the 100th time today. She had a perfect voice but she was loud as fuck. She put her all in the song like I fucked her over multiple times, or did some foul shit to her. I did, but that was once. Ever since I cheated on her, she been shooting slugs lowkey all the time. I cheated on her 4 years ago and she still won’t let it go.   Y'all shouldve heard how loud she was singing Not Gone Cry by Mary J. Blige.

“Bliss, shut the fuck up!” I yelled loud enough for her to hear but she kept singing just to piss me off even more. Ima get her ass when she get out the shower. 

Adjusting my black SnapBack over my head, I huffed and just stared at the ceiling, waiting for Bliss to shut the entire fuck up. We’ve been together for 4 years and she’s the best girlfriend anyone could ask for, just annoying as fuck sometimes. We had a few arguments here and there, but we’re not perfect.
I still feel extremely bad and guilty for cheating on her. 

The fact that it was with Raye made her more angry. She beat the shit out of me when she found out. She literally walked in on me putting my clothes back on while Raye was in the bed. I wanted to make up a lie, but she ain’t stupid. I’m surprised that she even took me back.


It was now going on 10 minutes since I’ve been standing here at Bliss’ door and I was becoming hella impatient. She knows that she hears me out here. After a while, I heard Bliss’ moans getting louder and louder by the minute. Oh hell nah, don’t she got a spare key under the mat? I’m bout to beat her ass. 

Raising the mat up a little bit, I silently thanked God that it was a key under it. Becoming successful when unlocking the door, I could hear the moans even clearer. I was getting more heated each time I heard them. I couldn’t put my finger on where they were coming from. Gotta be the kitchen.

Once I made my way to the kitchen, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t know whether to be mad or excited. “Bliss..” I said calmly as her and her best friend Jay looked at me. Her best friend was fine ass hell. I’m still shocked, Bliss swore up and down that she was straight.

“Oh my God!” Bliss screamed as she finally noticed me as she hurried and grabbed her clothes from the floor. She ran to her room with Jay right behind her. She ain’t getting off easy I don’t care if that shit was sexy or not. I’m lowkey jealous because she was moaning louder than she does with me.

“Who the fuck told you to barge in here like that?! This ain’t your fucking house!” Bliss yelled at me as she stormed into the living room with clothing on now. It would’ve been better if she was still naked. 

“The fuck you getting smart with?!” I shot back as I pushed her little ass down on the couch. She had the same temper as me, but she still know I had that ass in check and I’m daddy. 

“You can’t cheat on me, then storm up in here like you own something when you catch me getting some when I’m clearly SINGLE.” She said in a more calm tone as she stood back up and got in my face. 

“You ain’t single and you ain’t going no fucking where! I said I was fucking sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen and I didn’t mean to hurt you! Let me show you how sorry I am.” I said as her best friend Jay finally came out heading for the door. I should beat her ass. 

“You better not touch my girl again.” I bucked at her as she just laughed without a care in the world. I should’ve known that that wouldn’t scare her manly ass. I think she a dike, man. Now that I think about it, she do always be staring at Bliss’ ass. 

“Nigga, she don’t want your small dick ass anyway.” Jay rolled her eyes before leaving. She didn’t forget to slam the door either. Ah, I ain’t even gone get mad cause if I would’ve pulled my shit out she’d be shocked as hell. Bliss know wassup. 

“Bliss..” I said putting my focus backk on Bliss again. I looked down at her and she looked like she wanted to cry. Damn, what did I do? She never crys, ever. I already felt bad before and she’s making me feel worse. 

“Chris just go you’re not making nothing any better..” She started crying as she pushed me away from her. Ignoring her statement, I pulled her back into my chest as she cried. Fuck, the last thing I wanted to do was make her cry. 

“You don’t understand how much that hurt me, Chris! I really liked you and what you did is making me not want you anymore! Why would you play with my emotions like that? I told you about my trust issues yet you go and fuck me over anyways? I should’ve known what was up the night you stayed with her at the hotel, yall probably fucked there too! If you wanted her then why the fuck did you ask me out?! You think it’s okay for you to cheat while you’re in a relationship but when I’m single and try to fuck someone, you get mad? You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” She screamed into my chest as I felt her tears drain into my shirt. My shirt was almost near soaked. 

“Fuck Bliss, I’m sorry it wasn’t my intentions to hurt you I really like you too. I don’t even know why I did that shit with Raye. I mean yea, honestly I do love her and shit but I like and want you. I’m trying to move on. Can you please give me a second chance?” I explained to her as she looked up at me to see if I was really being genuine or not. She started to wipe her tears then she nodded. 

“I give you a second chance, but you better not do that shit again. Text that bitch right now and tell her to delete your number!” Bliss said before getting up to go to her room in the back. 

Sighing, I pulled out my phone and went to my messages for Raye’s number. I deleted her contact but I knew her number by hart. She had already recently texted me. 

Unknown: Chris can you please go to the store for me I keep throwing up 

Me: I just got bliss back and I really, truly have strong feelings for her so I ain’t trying to fuck up my relationship again. Both of us would appreciate it if you deleted my number and basically just stop fwm. When we around each other no good shit ever happens so it’s best if we just cut each other off ✌️

Unknown: 😑 really? so I was just a quick fuck to you? you’re cutting me off for that bitch? all I asked was for you to go to the store and get me something because I’m throwing up all because of you! 

Me: how tf is it my fault? You probably got aids or some shit hopping from nigga to nigga all the time 😕

Unknown: 😱 ouch. you know what? fuck you chris, I’m gonna remember this day for the next 8 months, actually for the rest of my life. don’t ever come to me for shit! 😤

Shrugging, I deleted our convo and put my phone in my pocket. I didn’t have to worry about the other hoes because they were blocked. I been blocked them when Bliss and I got together. 

Making my way to Bliss’ room, her light was off but the bathroom light was on and I heard bubbles. She always taking bubbles baths and shit.  Guess what? I found out the reason why she always smells like cake! She works at a bakery plus she’s always baking something sweet. 

“Scoot over, I’m getting in.” I told Bliss as she scooted to the front of the tub. Stripping out of my clothes, I stepped foot in the tub and sighed once I felt how soothing the water was. I swear we take the best baths over here. “Can you sit down and get your dick out my face? Geesh..” Bliss said breaking me out of my thoughts, turning her head until I sat down. 

“These lips.. Can’t wait to taste your skin, baby.” We both sang at the same time as we smiled at each other. We always sang songs together since our vocals were on 100.

“Let my looooooove, let my love adorn you.” Bliss sang as she kissed me on the nose.  Man this girl was everything. Grabbing some of the bubbles, I put some in her hair cause I loved when that shit was wet. It looked so good on her.
For the rest of the night, I stayed here admiring her presence, thanking God that I got my baby back. 

*Flashback Over*

I actually wanted her to have my kids but she keeps saying she ain’t ready and she wants to finish school first. It pisses me off sometimes, but I understand. She wants to make sure her career is all good before bringing another responsibility into the world. It’ll just be so nice to have a mini me running around here besides Christina’s aggy ass. 

“Squeeze on my nuts, lick on my butt.” Bliss rapped as she came out of the bathroom, causing me scrunch up my face. She looked at me and then put her hand on her hip. 

“Don’t act you haven’t done it before.” She said just to piss me off. Don’t you hate when people up the darkest shit from your past? Throwing the shit in your face like it’s funny. 

“I can name a lot of sloppy nasty shit you done so don’t even go there, B.” I shot back as she gasped then started laughing. Yea, she ain’t want me to bring that shit up either. 

“Ugh fuck you, Chris.” She laughed as she took her towel off before sitting down on the bed to lotion her body down. “Damn bae, your body looking like a juicy ass Hershey’s bar.” I complimented her as I took the lotion out of her hand and hovered over her. She opened her legs so I could position myself right. 

“Chris, what are you doing?” Bliss asked chuckling as I attempted to rub my face between her titties. She barely had some but I could work with them. I loved me some titties. 

“I’m bout to fuck, what you mean?” I said as I rose up and looked down at her. Her hair was a little wet, just how I like it. 

“I’m all yours.” She smirked as she held her legs in the air and spread them far apart. Oh shit, I got to get a picture of this. “Stay just like that.” I demanded her as I pulled my phone out my pocket. We always took naked pictures of each other or sent them to each other. Once I got the pic, I tossed my phone on the bed and started stripping out of my clothes.

“I’m about to diiiiiiiiive in.” I sang loudly before I went to work on Bliss. 


“Come on Chris, talk to me.” Christina begged me as she followed me around my house. I was ignoring her because she had a fucking party in my house while I was out of town. To make matters worse, she didn’t even clean shit up and when I was about to confront her, her and her damn boyfriend were doing lord knows what in the bathroom. I didn’t wanna cause I scene cause I knew I’d get mad as fuck, so I’m just giving her the silent treatment. 

Christina now lives with me and Bliss cause she won a bet that we made. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I don’t. She just needs to chill the fuck out sometimes. If she would’ve cleaned everything up then I probably wouldn’t have been as mad as I am now. 

“Come on babe, she was just trying to have fun.” Bliss said as she wrapped her arms around my torso and stood on her tippy toes to give me a quick kiss. Gripping her ass in my hands, she let out a soft moan causing Christina to scrunch up her face in disgust.

“Whatever, I’ll be upstairs. I need to get my shit so I can go to the tattoo shop.” I sighed as left the living room and jogged up the steps. As I entered my room, I started to look around for my keys but stopped once I heard my phone ring. 

“You coming to the party tonight?” Ty breathed into the phone as I answered. Oh fuck, I forgot about that party. Everybody was going, Ty was real popular in the industry just like me. 

“Yea man, why?” I asked as I finally found my keys. A few seconds later I heard music blasting down stairs but I couldn’t make out what song it was.
“Raye gone be there..” He said and on queue the Lovers And Friends beat dropped downstairs causing Ty and I to laugh. It would play while he brought up Raye. 

“I don’t give a fuck man, she ain’t my business no more. I ain’t seen baby girl in four years." 

"You haven’t? Man, baby girl done got thick as hell from having a kid.” Ty said as i furrowed my eyebrows. She had a kid? Must be nice. 

“When she have a kid?” I asked as Ty started talking to King in the background. King done got big now, that’s my man right there. He reminds me of Ty so damn much. 

“Three years ago, but you still got those tickets to get in? I sold all mines.” Ty said as I looked in the drawer for tickets. You had to have one to get in cause Ty didn’t want just anybody in his house. I had plenty. 

“Yea, why?” I asked as Bliss, Christina, and Myles came in my room and started singing Quavo’s verse on They Don’t Know. Why they singing all these slow songs? 

“Ay man, ima call you back. I’ll text you why.” Ty said before hanging up. Nae must have did something cause I heard her yelling in the back ground. I think I heard her laughing too. 

“Why the fuck yall come in here singing?” I mugged all of them as I snatched my keys and shades off the dresser before putting on my shoes. Making sure that I looked good in the mirror, I nodded to myself before putting my attention back on these annoying ass people. 

“A nigga bored as shit, where you bout to go Chris?” Christina’s boyfriend Myles asked me. I actually liked him, he was a cool and chill dude. 

“The shop, you wanna go? You need some tats, man.” I chuckled as I looked at his chest. That shit was naked, he only had a few tats on his arm. He actually looked right with it though. If he gets tatted every where like me, he gone look like a straight thug. 

“Yea man, but I’m a pussy when it comes to needles so don’t expect me to get shit.” He assured me as I nodded and let out a small chuckle. Him and Christina left leaving just me in Bliss in here. She was sitting o the bed watching Teen Mom, great. 

“Dont even start, Chris.” Bliss rolled her eyes before closing them to calm herself fown. Here we go. 


“Babe stop, my brother is already mad at me.” I sighed as I started to pick up the trash in the living room. I did throw a party last night but I didn’t think Chris would care.  I think he’s mainly mad at the fact I didn’t bother to clean up. I would’ve but I passed out before I could even get to it. 

“My bad, I’ll help.” My boyfriend Myles apologized. He was 21 and I was 18. It was just something about older guys that I liked. They’re more mature and independent, I guess. He was honestly the best boy friend anyone could ask for. 

I was now living with Chris in this huge ass house and I was enjoying the hell out of it. Bliss stayed here most of the time, but she still had her own little condo. Since Chris’ business went so successful I became really inspired and I was in the process of having my own makeup business. He supported it 100 percent. 

I had already graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and I was excited to be 18. Once I’m finished saving up, I’ll be able to get my own place. Myles wants me to live with him but I’d rather not. At least not now. I just turned 18, I wanna have fun. 

Living with Chris is awesome because he mainly lets me do anything I want, but I don’t wanna depend off of him forever. I want to be independent.
“Yo Christina, I’m out.” Chris said as he came from upstairs with Myles following behind him.

“Love you baby, text me.” Myles said as he came over and picked me up bridal style to kiss me all over my face and grab my ass. “I love you too.” I said as he finally put me down. 

I was sad that he was leaving but I didn’t wanna show it because he’d feel bad and stay then that would lead to him not getting out and doing something with his life. He’s always gone because he always has football practice and it really annoys me but I understand. 

Sighing as he let go of the hug, Bliss’ cursing broke me out of my thoughts. “Fuck you, don’t even expect to see me here when you get back!” Bliss cursed at Chris causing my head to snap in their direction. 

“Man Bliss, suck my dick don’t nobody got time for that.” Chris shot back as she gasped and gave him a look letting him know that she was about to beat his ass. To prevent that from even happening, I held her back as Chris just waved her off and left. I wonder what happened. 

“What happened?” I asked her as we both sat down on the couch. They were always arguing over the same shit. A baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they were arguing over. Chris just needs to understand that she’s not ready. 

“He gets on my fucking nerves! He doesn’t fucking understand that if I have a kid, I have to stop everything I’m doing just to take care of it! He has a successful career so why is it so wrong when I’m trying to start one?! I’m not ready to push his big head ass kids out and most importantly I feel like once we have the baby he’s gonna cheat on me again and I’m gonna be stuck with him!” She ranted as I expected for her to cry but she didn’t. She was just really mad. I swear I saw steam come out of her ears. 

“Bliss, he ain’t seen Raye in four years he ain’t gone cheat on you again. Not just Raye, he ain’t gone cheat on you with anybody. And ok, ima have to talk to him about the baby part cause he needs to understand. I feel you on that one.” I assured her as she stood up and started grabbing her things. She was probably going back to her place. She does every time they argue and then Chris gets mad and starts bitching for no reason. 

“Please stay, I don’t wanna hear Chris’ tantrums.” I begged her as she shook her head no and put on her uggs that were by the door. She grabbed her keys and in less than a second, she was gone. 

Man now I’m here alone. I hate being at home alone. It’s been a long time since the incident happened but I still feel like it’s gonna happen again. 

There’s only one person I can call but I dont know if he still has the same number.


“Don, get your lazy ass up!” I yelled to my best-friend Don. He was so lazy, he sleeps all the damn time. How can somebody that never actually works hard be so tired? I’m not understanding.

“Gone on with that shit, Raye.” He said as he slid under my Versace blanket like that was going to stop me from messing with him. He promised that he’d go on this walk with me and Bri with his lying ass.

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes as left my room to go to the kitchen. I was now staying in a condo with my best friend Don. He has his own little condo answer but he chooses to stay over here all the time. The only time he goes to his is when we’re mad at each other or if he’s bringing a girl home.

A lot has happened over the past two years that caused me to become a better and stronger person. 4 years ago when August came back, unfortunately, he broke up with me. I’ve tried working it out with him but it just didn’t work out. 1 because I cheated on him with Chris while he was gone. He stayed in Cali with me for about a month and we had our good times but most of the times we were arguing. I was always trying to forget and move on from what happened between Chris and I but he always had to bring it up. I know he was my boyfriend but while he was out hanging with his ex for 6 months, what was I supposed to do?

He believed that I wanted Chris and that I was playing him. I don’t know what happened to him. He still has the same number and everything but I’ve never talked to him. I unfollowed him on Ig and everything because it took me a while to get over him. I was extremely hurt but I guess things happen for a reason. Maybe him breaking up with me was good because when he did, his career took a big u-turn into success.

My relationship with Chris? That shit is dead. I mean, even though we hang around the same people.. Well, used to. I kind of distant myself from the crew a bit because if I hung around them 24/7 I’d have to see Chris all the time. I mainly see him when I’m at Bri’s but I can’t distant myself from her cause she’s my sister. I also see him and Bliss  at Ty’s house all the time. After we messed around that one time, he completely cut me off because Bliss was extremely hurt. I was a little hurt but I’m good now.

I’m not even gonna lie, when I see them together I get super jealous. They look so good and happy together, I never see them when they aren’t smiling. It’s okay though, I’ll be alright.

When Bliss found out he cheated, the look on her face made me feel super bad. Now EVERYTIME she sees me, she has this attitude, but I don’t blame her. She tried to be nice to me and look what I did. We almost got into a fight once but Chris wasn’t having it.

“Raye, go put on some clothes.” Don joked as he sat up in the bed, covering his eyes. He’s acting like he hasn’t seen my body before. It wasn’t like I was naked I had on a whole outfit that was a lot of denim.

“No, you need to put on some clothes.” I replied as I lightly slapped his bare chest causing him to flinch. My hands were a little cold from me having the air on in here. It was super hot outside, I had no choice.

“You look pretty today.” He smirked as he put his hands in his pants from being so cold. He compliments me every day and it’s honestly the best thing in the world. Plus, he’s fine as hell so since it’s coming from him I feel even more special.

“Thanks handsome.” I smiled as I bent down to his level to give him a quick peck on the lips. I wasn’t trying to do a full blown make out because he’d always go over board and we’d get carried away.

“Hi you guys!” Bri said as she busted in my room with Amarie in her hand. Oh, and I might have left the most important detail out. I have a three year old daughter. When August came back a few months later(he didn’t come back the next week like he said he would) I got a cold out of no where so I went to the doctor and found out that I was 6 months pregnant.  I couldn’t believe it at all because first of all, I wasn’t even showing. Second, I didn’t even notice the symptoms that I had. At first, I thought it was August’ baby, but 6 months prior was the day we came home from the senior trip… You do the math.

“Mommy!” Amarie squealed, breaking me out of my thoughts as she ran over to me and jumped in the bed with Don and I. Bri had asked me could she watch her because she never spends time with her.

“Hi baby! Did you miss me?” I greeted her with excitement as I gave her a hug, squeezing the life out of her. I loved this little girl more than anything. She’s honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

“Yes mommy, did you miss me?” She asked as I shook my head yes. She looked over at Don, and her face lit up. Don was like her best friend also. They did almost everything together. Their little bond is beyond cute. He loved her like she was his own. He did kind of meet me when I was pregnant and we’ve been close ever since.

“Don!” She yelled excitedly as she jumped on Don’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck placing kisses all over his face. He smirked evilly at her and when she noticed she slowly started backing away from him because she knew what was about to happen. “I’m bout to tickle the life outta’ you!” He said as they both ran out of the room so he could chase her.

“Yall have a cute little family.” Bri smirked as she sat down on the bed next to me. Her and Cameron have now been together for 4 years, and their relationship was just so cute. She keeps telling me I need to settle down but I’m really just focused on Amarie right now.

“Bri, I ain’t trying to get with Don and Don ain’t trying to get with me.” I shut her down as I rolled my eyes. I didn’t want or need a boyfriend right now. I don’t know why she feels like that.

“Oh, so yall don’t talk or anything? I thought so because last night I heard moans and the head board slamming. I thought the wall was gonna fucking break.” Bri said as she shrugged causing me to chuckle. Okay, sometimes Don and I mess around but nah we don’t plan on getting together. We just have needs and I rather do it with someone I’m comfortable with than with random guy at the club or something.

“So? We’re comfortable around each other and we both just got out of relationships. Don’t nobody got patience for relations.” I waved her off as she put her hands up in defense.

“What does that nigga do anyways? He’s so damn gorgeous. He should be a mod–”

Bri cut herself off as her eyes widened while she looked at the door. Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked with her and almost fainted once I saw who it was. It was Chris. How does he know where I live?

“Chill, you probably bout to spazz on me and shit. Ty said to give you this.” Chris said as he handed me a card out of his pocket. It was probably an invitation ticket to Ty’s party. I wanted to go but I didn’t wanna leave my baby.

“Thanks.” I said as the room came to an awkward silence. He looked down at my exposed stomach due to the shirt I was wearing as he bit his lip. Can’t blame him, I’ve gained a little weight since I had Amarie.

“Who that lil girl down stairs? She looks just like you, around 4, just a little tan.” He asked as he started studying my face for an answer. Man, this is another reason why I didn’t wanna see Chris.

“My little cousin.” I accidentally lied. I couldn’t say it was my baby because  4 years ago I was with Aug and I know he’s gonna ask how come Aug never comes around if it’s his kid and all that.

“You sure? I heard you got a daughter.” He asked making me sigh and roll my eyes. I see his voice has gotten a little deeper. No lie, puberty hit him good.

“Yea I’m sure, and no I don’t. Where’d you hear that from?” I asked before adding a fake laugh to the end of my sentence. Just as he was about to speak Amarie came running in.

“Mommy, Don called me ugly!” Amarie yelled as she frowned then looked up at Chris. Fuck, now I have no choice. Chris looked up at me while smirking and shaking my head. He caught me in my lie.

“That frown looks just like yours and she called you mommy. Damn Raye, who’s the daddy? August?” Chris asked as he bent down to Amarie’s level looking between us two. He was all in Amarie’s face, I’m surprised that she didn’t get mad.

“I have a daddy?” Amarie asked Chris, causing me to sigh. Grabbing Chris’ hand, I led him outside and stopped once we were at the front door.

“You ain’t gone answer my question?” He asked smacking loudly on the gum he had in his mouth. Still the same annoying Chris, I see. Hasn’t changed one bit.

“No, that’s none of your business. Now go.” I said as I pushed him towards his car but he still came over to me. What does he want now? Ty said to give me an invitation, not to give himself an invitation to my house and have a convo with me.

“Be real, Raye. You can talk to me.” He said as he moved my hat up a little bit. I don’t wanna be mean to him anymore, but isn’t he the one that cut me off? The last time we talked didn’t go too well. It was a night that we had a sleep over at Bri’s house and in the middle of our nap  we woke up, we started arguing and that was the last time I talked to him. It was the night we cheated actually.


“I do love you..” Chris said before sighing. We were having a long talk about how we felt about each other. This fighting stuff was getting old and aggy and Bri wanted us to “get along”. I didn’t think this would help but oh well.

“You don’t act like it.” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear. This conversation was super awkward. I don’t even know why Bri wants us to talk so bad. What is that gonna solve?

“What you want me to do?” He asked as he looked at me as if I said something wrong.  

“Be my friend still.” I said as he sucked his teeth. Oh wow, Bliss’ pussy must be too bomb if he has to contemplate on if he should be my friend or not. He just said I’ll always come first. He shook his head no and I rolled my eyes.

“But Chri–” I rolled over accidentally putting half of my body on him but I stopped myself once I felt something hard on my ass. Oh boy, I haven’t felt that in a while. Chill Raye, chill Raye.

I tried to move myself away so I wouldn’t get in trouble, but he pulled me back. “Fuck Raye, fix this shit.” Chris said as I rolled my eyes. Wasn’t he just talking all this shit about how he has a girlfriend? Why can’t he fuck her? Oh yea I forgot, she mad at him but oh well.

“Chris, what ar-” He cut my words off with his lips pressed against mine momentarily. It wasn’t a full kiss, it was just to shut me up before placing small kisses down my neck. I can’t stand him, he knew that spot was my weakness.

“Just relax Raye… Let me make you feel good,” he whispered in a raspy voice between kisses making me become wetter than I was before. “I won’t tell anyone… I promise… It’ll just be our little secret.” My mind is really telling me no but my body’s screaming yes.

Bitting down on my lip I nodded eagerly as I lightly ran my nails up his muscular chest, cupping the back of his neck and pulling him down for a kiss. As our tongues battled together Chris moved his hand under the long white tee and gripped my warm breasts. Due to me wearing only a thong underneath, I could feel thick bulge between his legs grow harder by the second as I grind my hips slowly.

He groaned lightly into my mouth, brushing his thumbs over my nipples then pulled his mouth away from mine to suck one of my nipples in his mouth.

“Shit Chris…” I arched my back, moaning while his tongue continued to swirled around my nipples. How much I wanted to do the foreplay thing, I couldn’t it’s been a long time since I really had him inside of me. “Stop,” Pushing his head from my breasts, I hopped off his lap and quickly stripped out of the t-shirt and the thong.

“Wh-what’s wrong?” He stuttered making me laugh.

“Nothing… I don’t wanna do the foreplay, I just want you to fuck me.” Pulling on his gray sweats along with his polo boxers, I straddled his lap and grabbed his dick only to have him flip us over so he could be in control.

“That’s how you feel?” Chris asked, our gaze never broke as he slowly ran his hand over the head of his dick, wetting it with his precum. “You always talkin’ big shit, ya’ ass bet not run from it.”

“How about you shut up and fuck me,” I taunted, as I squinted my eyes presenting a challenge I knew I couldn’t win. He knew because he smirked and grabbed my hips to pull me toward the edge of the bed. With one hand still securely on my hip, Chris used the other to run the tip along my slit.

“Baby, stop tea–” Slamming into me, that quickly shut my ass right up. He knows how to take control which turn me on. Chris pulled out, the head just at the opening and looked down at the sight.

“Gah damn.” Looking down at his shaft it was covered in my sticky juices. I wanted to feel all of him, groaning I squeezed his tip with my muscles. “Damn Raye.” He grumbled before plunging deep into me once again. I screamed on top of my lungs of how deep was and being the asshole he was he repeat the process over and over again.

“Fuck! Chris, I can’t—” He smirked darkly.

“What happened to all’at shit you was talkin’, huh?” He asked through gritted teeth as he began to pick up the pace. Bring his my head down to where I was, our foreheads touched as he peered into my eyes doing what he does best talks shit. “You wanted me to fuck you, right? I’m fuckin’ that pussy real good, ain’t I? Got you drippin’ all down my dick.”

All I could do was whimpered, but only from the feeling of his slow strokes but from his words, causing my walls to gripped his dick. Earning a groan from Chris, heavily he breath in my ear as he began to pound himself into hitting all the right spots.

I felt my orgasm began to approach quickly. I yelled out when I felt him speed up his strokes— fast, deep strokes. “You’re so deep, daddy. Oooh god, yesss! I’m—Oooh shit.” I tried to run from him, grabbing the sheets trying to move upwards but Chris slid me back down.

“Cum all on this dick, baby,” Chris coached in my ear. Seconds later, it felt like a damn flood was cumming out my pussy. I was doing all types of screaming, moaning, cussing, panting, shaking, bucking and crying. I sounded like one of the girls in the porn videos.

The force pushed out Chris dick, wetting everything— it was running down both of our stomachs and thighs, the sheets on the bed and there was even a puddle on the hardwood floor.

Chris decided to smack his dick against my cilt sending tingling vibrations, and causing another stream to gush out. It wasn’t the first time that I’ve squirted but every time it happens it feels even better. I love the feeling but it’s too messy.

“Goddamn Raye,” Chris surprisingly exclaimed, all I could do was pant and scream from the great sensation, not knowing if he came or not I was too busy on cloud nine and not wanting to come down.

“Please. Chris. Stop,” were the words I managed to say as I pushed his stomach with shaky hands. But Chris thought of something else because he his flipped up over so I was straddling his lap. “No wait… Chris,” I moaned tiredly, I couldn’t take anymore for him I was beyond exhausted. He was in was hitting my pussy from the bottom steady.

“Mmm…shit…ride this dick ma.” Chris spoke hoarsely, I’m guessing he didn’t get to cum yet so he’s punishing me. So I rode him slowly, getting into the zone. Picking up the speed once he hit a spot.

“D-Da-Daddy…” I moaned as bounced on his dick like a pogo stick. Chris was hitting it so that I had to cling onto his neck trying to run away from the dick.

“You ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Hitting that spot again, it fucked with my head as I felt my climax coming and his dick twitched and grew fatter my the second.

“I hate you.” I moaned out, looking directly in his eyes holding his head in place with my hands as he came.

Smiling a little he responded, “I hate you too.” His moan came out an octave higher, making me giggled because he always tied to act hard all the time. He plunged deep inside of me one last time. He shot up inside of me, causing me to arch my back. Chris was shivering like he was cold, so wrapped my arms around him. I felt something wet on my chest, was he crying? Shaking it off I closed my eyes and went off into a deep sleep.


“Fuck, I feel so bad. Bliss is gone literally kill my ass.” I heard Chris mumble to himself as he sat up with his head in his hands. He was starting to make me feel bad. I know it wasn’t supposed to happen but it happened.

“Where are you going?” I asked as I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Every time he wakes up, I wake up. That goes for anybody that sleeps with me. I hate sleeping alone.

“I can’t do this. My girl is already pissed, I should be with her not you.” He shook his head as he started putting his clothes back on. Just when I thought the moment could’ve been better, Bliss walked in. Shit, how did she ever get into Chris’ house?

“So this is what you do when you’re telling me you’re going to stay over at Bri’s? How fucking long have you been cheating on me, Chris?!” She yelled extremely loud. That’s the loudest I ever heard someone yell.

“Baby, I don’t know what ca–” she quickly cut off his excuses. She looked at me and mugged the shit out of me like I stole her lunch money or something.

“We haven’t even been going out for 2 weeks and you already cheating?! That’s some low down shit Chris, fuck you! I told you I have trust issues  but you go and do this bullshit anyway?! Fuck you and your confused ass ex!” She said before she charged at Chris and began beating his ass.

“Bliss stop, I’m sorry!” He managed to yell out even though he was taking all those punches she threw at him. She finally stopped and took off her necklace before throwing it at him. “Bye Chris.” She said before leaving. After a while, the only thing you could hear in the room was Chris wince in pain.

“Don’t ever fucking call me again, Raye. I just lost the best girlfriend.” He groaned as he stood up from the floor.

“Fuck her! You said I was more important and I come first! Were you thinking about her when you fucked me?! No!"I yelled as he clenched his jaw at the first statement I made. Okay, that was a little disrespectful but that’s how I was feeling.

"Fuck you, don’t disrespect my girl! I shouldn’t even be here right now! You crying to me about how Aug bout to drop your ass and you ain’t doing nothing to try to better the situation! As of right now yo ass is cut off. You not bout to fuck up my relationship. Delete my number and all that.” He said and with that, he left out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

*Flashback Over*

“You told me not to talk to you no more. Remember?” I asked as he ran his hands over his face and sighed. I know he felt bad for that.

“I’m sorry, I just wasn’t trying to mess up my relationship.” He apologized as he looked down at me. Shaking my head, I turned around to walk back in the house only for him to pull me back.

“Look, the same way you was feeling when I kept coming around when you was with August, that’s how I’m feeling."  He explained as I made a what the fuck face. I started to walk back in the house and he was following me up the stairs again. 

"So why this fuck are you here?” I spat as he sucked his teeth, and ran his hands over his face. That was a serious question, he shouldn’t be here if he doesn’t want to fuck up his relationship. He probably didn’t even tell her he was coming here. Mistake number 1. 

“I’m trying to make sure we good, and we ain’t got no problems.” He said as he looked down at me and leaned against the door frame of my room. I was about to go off until Amarie spoke.

“What’s your name?” Amarie asked Chris as he sat down on the floor by her. She was so friendly and it was honestly the cutest thing ever. She gets her friendliness from me but if you make her mad, she goes from 0 to 100 real quick. We all know who else is like that.

“Chris, what’s your name?” He asked her as she smiled up at him and started touching the freckles on his cheek. She a few but you could barely see them.

“Can I call you freckles? And my name is Amarie.” She asked as Chris furrowed his eyebrows after nodding. He looked at me confusingly before pulling me to the side.

“Remember when we were playing around with baby names and you said if you had my baby, you’d name her Amarie?” Chris asked, searching for my answer as he watched my every move. I do remember that day.

“So?” I shrugged as he sucked his teeth. “She looks nothing like you.” He rolled his eyes and tilted his head to the side to look at Amarie. She had me all on her face.

“She don’t look like August e–” the doorbell ringing down stairs cut Chris off causing me to silently thank god in my head. Saved by the bell. Quickly rushing downstairs, I noticed Raymond and Don talking. They were like brothers. They became close as soon as I introduced them. Raymond is like the chill dude who likes everyone.

“Where my niece?” Raymond asked as he looked at Chris and I. He was probably shocked that we were in the same room together. Every time Chris would be at Raymond’s, I would just leave and wait until he left and it was also the other way around. We did it over everyone’s house actually.

“Raymond, how come you ain’t tell me Raye had a daughter?” Chris asked as he went further into the living room to dap Raymond. Raymond nonchalantly shrugged.

“Ion’ know, I didn’t think you would care since y'all was beefing.” He shrugged before going upstairs to go see Amarie. Their bond was cute, too. He spoiled her to death.

“Ay titties, I’m bout to go home.” Don said chuckling as I rolled my eyes. We met about 4 years ago at the store where we ran into each other and I bumped into him with my breast, so that’s why he calls me that.  Sometimes he calls me squirt or rainbow, but we’re not gonna get into that right now.

“Why so soon? Who’s gonna help me get ready?” I pouted as he searched around for his keys. I’m always curious about what to wear and since he’s a model, he gives me the right outfit every time.

“Ion’ know, ask Bri and there’s a meeting in my bedroom.” He said as he winked at me before leaving. Eh, boys are so nasty. I should’ve known that’s why he was leaving. Every time he’s about to smash a girl, he leaves because he respects my house.

“Who dat’?” Chris asked as he searched around for his keys also. Somebody’s always loosing their keys over my house.

“My best-friend, why?” I asked as I heard Amarie’s loud giggles upstairs. What does this boy be doing to her? Every time they’re together, she’s extra loud. I started to make my way upstairs as Chris was hot on my trail.

“I just been wondering this whole time cause he be with the crew 24/7 but he never says shit to me.” Chris said as he both jogged up the steps. I wanted to laugh so bad because I told Don to not talk to Chris when we first met. When he cut me off, it hurt me badly but I’m over it now.

“Oh, I told him not to talk to you because I couldn’t stand you at the time.” I assured him as he sucked his teeth and muffed my head. I was gonna hit back but we were already in front of Amarie’s room. Raymond was attempting to do her hair and she thought it was the funniest thing ever.

“Raye, let her spend the night with me and Cassie.” Raymond more likely told me that asking. Ugh, they’re always trying to watch her. Cam, Bri, Nae, and Raymond. I can’t remember a time that we spent together ourselves.

“Maybe I wanted to spend time with her today.” I pouted as Amarie looked at me. She smiled at the fact that I didn’t want her to leave.

“Please mommy, I mwiss Uncle Ray.” Amarie said as she made her infamous puppy dog face, battering her eyelashes. I swear I couldnt say no to that face even if I wanted to. Its so adorable.

“Fine baby, go pack your clothes.” I sighed as he cheered and clapped as her and Raymond ran back in her room. I’m surprised he doesn’t have kids if his own yet.

“Bye Chris, isn’t your girl gonna get worried? And get away from me, I have aids remember?” I asked, trying to refresh his memory to when he sent me that disrespectful ass message.

“I’m sorry f–” I rolled my eyes and pushed his tall ass all the way down stairs. I really didn’t wanna hear that fake ass apology. He probably meant the shit he said that day. Once we got in front of the door he sucked his teeth and just left himself cause he knew I’d literally kick him out.

“Finally..” I huffed as I jogged all the way up the stairs. I swear, I be so tired going up and down these stairs every day. I’m gonna have to find a nice one story house. 

I stopped by Amarie’s room and saw her watching Peppa Pig while Ray was packing her clothes. That was her number one favorite show. She will not pay attention to anyone while she’s watching it. 

“Amarie baby.” I called out from the door as she ignored me. See, she blocks everything out. Sighing, I kneeled down in front of her and waved my hand in her face but still got no response. I should take a picture of her focused ass.
Pulling out my custom matte black Iphone, I clicked the camera app and snapped a perfect pic of Amarie before uploading it to Instagram.

rayeisbae: my little angel 😇🙊

Putting my phone in my pocket, I kissed her on the cheek before getting up to leave and get ready. I really didn’t wanna take off my outfit because I was looking good as hell today but oh well. 

Once I was in my room, I went to bathroom and opened the door to my closet with mainly all my undergarments and swim wear. Stripping out of my outfit, I looked at my body in the mirror and smirked. I was so in love with my body.
“Daaaaamn, me and my niggas may have to run a train on you.” Don said as he appeared in the bathroom standing behind me. 

“I fucking hate you, you’re always ruining the moment!” I laughed loudly as I quickly grabbed a towel to cover up my body. It’s not like he hasn’t seen it, but I’m not gonna just stand in front of him naked. 

“Why you covering up?” He smirked as he tugged on my towel and due to me not having a good grip on it, it came right off. “You lucky I’m comfortable around you.” I rolled my eyes as I sat on this cold ass marble counter. 

“What happened to the meeting in your bedroom?” I asked as I put my hair up into a pineapple, the hairstyle that he loved so much. 

“Man, she was bullshitting. Why, you tryna use a rubber?” He smirked as he positioned himself between my legs. As much as I would love to, I had to hurry up and go. Time was ticking. 

“I promise when I get back later we can, just help me look for a swim suit now.” I told him as he nodded. After a few minutes he found something that wasn’t too sexy or too kiddy. Perfect. 

After helping me get ready in it, I listened to a few of his nasty remarks, we goofed off a bit, took some selfies, and I was finally ready. I just needed to take a pic of my swimsuit. Once that was done I uploaded it to ig as Don went back to my room to take a nap.

Rayeisbae: summer ready 😈😍😏

After a while, I started reading my comments and noticed that Chris was in them posting heart eyes. He needs to stop, people are gonna think we’re talking again. Plus he has a girl, he’s gonna get himself in trouble. Did I mention he’s well known? I’m trying to get my career like his. This nigga is doing big things. He has his own clothing line, tattoo shops, and he’s a songwriter. I think he’s directed some videos before too. How he manages to do all those jobs and still have a lot of time on his hands amazes me.

Me? I wanted to be a pediatrician, but I had Amarie and didn’t have the time to go to school and stuff. So for now, I was just a celeb. make up artist and sometimes I did a couple of photo shoots just for fun and the mula. I’m not giving up my dream at all, though. When Amarie gets a lil’ older, I’m gonna start for sure.

My phone vibrating in my hands snapped me out of my thoughts. It was my other bestie as y’all know him, Quavo. I bet this bitch has nothing to do. He never calls me, he’s always busy smokig or being a hoe. 

“Go to ty’s pool party with me, Qua.” I more like demanded as I answered the phone. I heard him suck his teeth, causing me to roll my eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. See, nigga acts like he’s too good to do stuff with me.

“I jus’ wanted to chill and yo ass talking bout goin’ to parties and shit. I know who not to call when I wanna chill now.” He said, causing me to laugh at his Atl accent. It was so cute to me. 

“Come on, please.You never wanna do anything with me.” 

“Fuck man, what time? Bring yo fine ass friend too.” He asked, referring to one of my girls Ty. I knew she’d go cause she had a little crush on Qua, but the only problem was that he’s a hoe. It wasn’t anything major, she just thought he was the mostadorable thing in the world. 

“Ok, I got you boo. And in a few minutes so hurry up and get your fine ass over here.” I told him before hanging up because he takes all day to get ready. I wouldnt be surprised if he should up hour later high as shit. 

After texting Jay to be there, she replied with an ‘ok’ so I smiled and sat on the side walk until Qua got here. He stays like 2 minutes away, but knowing him he’d probably get here in 30 minutes. Surprisingly, he came a few minutes later with a smile on his face until I got in the car. He mugged me.

“Straight thot, you ain’t put nothing over that.” He said, referring to my swim suit as he smacked my thigh before pulling off. I didn’t feel like changing at Ty’s house so I just didn’t put anything on over it. Didn’t think nobody would have a problem with it but him being the annoying nigga he is, he would.

“Whatever, just shut up and drive.” I rolled my eyes as I put on my seat belt. He couldn’t drive for shit and I wasn’t trying to die yet. The whole car ride was spent with him trying to start an argument by talking shit and I just laughjed the whole time.

“bye.” I said as I finally got out of the car once we arrived. He hurriedly followed behind me and smacked me on the ass before quickly leaving some where ele so I wouldn’t beat his ass. 

I spotted him talking to Jay and guess who Jay brought with her, who was mugging the shit out of me? Oh boy. 

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel really guilty for liking John Green's books, because of how much criticizm they get. I agree that the storylines tend to follow a similar pattern, but so what? I love them anyway, yet I feel ashamed to express that love. I've also heard people say that his books portray women in a sexist way, which, as a feminist, makes me feel like I should criticize and dislike them just as much as everyone else does...

Say it loud and proud, my darling. 

Who gives a flying fruit cake what other people think. If YOU like the books then YOU shouldn’t feel anything else but adoration and love for them. Why would you waste your time trying to dislike a book you LOVE to please other people? You could be reading John Green book instead. 

If someone does criticise you for reading those book then give them a wonderful display of your middle fingers and walk away because you don’t need them in your life. What you really need is to read books that YOU like.

It’s all about you so don’t let someone else make an opinion or choice for you. 


Hello lovelies, we hope you don't mind, but today we’re welcoming Michele Jaffe, author of Minders, to the Penguin Teen Author Spotlight! We know you’ve been searching for that genre-bending, technologically advanced love story with a bad boy edge, and now you can search no longer! Before grabbing your copy, though, stick around to get to know the author behind such a gripping book!

Name: Michele Jaffe

Novel: Minders

Available: Maybe January 30? I’m not exactly sure.

Who’s your favorite author, living or dead? TV.

What? That is not a real answer? But it’s so hard to chose! First because I suck at making decisions and second because I have a lot of friends who are writers and if I don’t say them they will cut me I adore all their books.

But when I’m working on a book I only read things by the dead so if I had to pick one author right this second it would probably be Charlesdickensagathachristiejohndicksoncarrjohndmcdonaldpgwodehouserexstoutgeorgesimenon.

What’s your favorite thing about your book? It’s finished.

Honestly, that is every author’s favorite thing about any book they write and if they say something else they are liars. THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE, I AM CALLING YOU OUT.

In Minders, one of the characters is literally inside the mind of someone else, so I got to make up an entire inner landscape, complete with a fully populated subconscious. That was probably my favorite thing while writing the book. That and the Geronimos.

What are Geronimos?

A feature of the subconscious mind I made up, but I will not say what it is; you have to read the book to find out.

What if we offer you cake?

That depends. Would it be chocolate cak–NO I AM STRONG. I WILL NOT BE TEMPTED.

If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from literature, who would you choose? Jeeves the butler from the P.G. Wodehouse Jeeves books. (If I am well behaved and answer the rest of the questions like a normal person without balking, can I have cake?)

Where do you write? I’ve just moved, so my workspace is in a bit of turmoil but I wrote Minders here:

(Please note the Mr. T curtains behind my desk.)

Who is your favorite hero or heroine of history? Medusa. I think she got a really bad rap and we have the same hair.

Do you tweet? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever tweeted? My funniest tweet is “Dear Boyfriend, I can make your girlfriend scream louder than you. Love, Spiders.”

I got it off a greeting card. I just tweeted it a second ago so I could answer this question. Can I have cake now?

What is your favorite season? Snorkeling season. Or Chocolate Cake Season.

If you could teleport anywhere in the known universe right now, where would you go? Snorkeling with my boyfriend The Rock.

Is The Rock really your boyfriend? In some known universe. Like maybe the Wishtopia Nebula.

Do you have any writing rituals? Yes! I start each day by getting out of bed.

After that, its kind of free form.

What is your idea of earthly happiness? Friends! Cake! Champagne! Tacos! Butler! Mega yacht! Snorkling! The Rock! More champagne! Did I say cake! And pals! And napping! And tacos! And—

I should pause here to say that it is not a good idea to snorkel while drinking.

–Hello fishies! Fill those glasses, Jeeves! More tacos! Ooh cake pops!

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to? The best singer I have ever seen is Tom Jones. Even though he started performing decades before I was born, when he sings “Sex Bomb,” I swoon.

(Dear Tom Jones—You are also invited on my mega yacht. Do not be intimidated by my boyfriend The Rock’s big muscles. Love, Michele. P.S. Please bring cake)

What are you currently working on? Getting someone to give me some chocolate cake.

Bookwise, it’s top secret but I can say it has dead people in it. The kind who stay dead, not the undead or the never-dead or the I’vecometosuckyourblood dead. In other words, it is a thriller.

I hope. I mean I hope it’s thrilling.

(I also like the kind of cake that has party colored sprinkles in the mix. And shortcake. And coffee cake. Just FYI)


Thanks, Michele! If your next book is anything like Minders, we cannot wait to read it!

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