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This makes me so angry.

If you work in a movie theater and you do this I have no respect for you.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic.

When we go to a movie theater, we always get him diet soda. If he were to get regular when we asked for diet, we would not give him the insulin he would need for it. If that happens, his blood sugar level could go so high he could go into a coma, go blind, or even die.

If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.

Just thinking about that makes me so angry. I get scared every time we take him to a movie in case the people working there saw this picture and decide to do the same thing.

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So BNHA Smash! chapter 92 is ABSOLUTE GOLD.


So it’s a Bakugou-centered chapter this time, and the premise is this: Bakugou had been attacked by a villain on the way to school and was affected by the Quirk “Good Face”. What this Quirk does is that it “corrects” his behavior by turning him into a SHOUJO MANGA MALE PROTAGONIST. 

Any time he tries to scowl or glare? He gets a “bishounen” face and shoujo manga sparkles.

 Any time he tries to curse? He autocorrects to a ridiculous catchphrase with hilarious poses. 

And when he actually tries to outright threaten somebody? HE ENDS UP AGGRESSIVELY FLIRTING. WITH EVERYONE.


Other highlights include:

  • Sero and Kaminari screaming (mockingly) like fangirls.

  • Bakugou accidentally flirting with All Might, who is terrified until Deku explains everything. (Bonus: Bakugou blushing furiously when he returns to his senses). 

  • Bakugou flirting with Kirishima (WHO FLIRTS BACK) during a class training exercise in which Bakugou is supposed to play the part of the hostage (tied up) and Kirishima is the villain. 

    Bakugou: “No matter how long you keep me bound, you’ll never bind my heart.”
    Kirishima: “Interesting! It’s a challenge! Let’s see whose heart will give in first!” 
    Iida (the rescuing hero): “Um, what?”

  • Bakugou (acting villain) flirting with Yaoyorozu (acting hostage), who freaks out so badly that she accidentally BASHES HIS FACE IN. Cue Jirou (acting hero) walking in to find Bakugou laying in a puddle of blood at Yaomomo’s feet. 


… But then he chokes up blood at the cheesy stuff he was saying to Midoriya and, um…

At the very least, he DOES look a bit sorry for what he did afterwards.

And it ends with Iida and Mineta holding back waves of fangirls Bakugou gained through the day from the other classes. Bakugou TRIES to yell at them to go away, only for the “Good Face” quirk to activate to flirt with them AGAIN.


I MIGHT actually try to translate this now. It’s too good to pass up. 


“I’ve got somethin’ WAY better in mind fer YOU.  See, me ‘n’ Joey got ourselves a deal.  I help him with his little, er… project… and he makes sure we never get pushed around and outta the spotlight again.  This whole revenge biz?  Icing on the cake.”

“Now, let’s see how YOU like bein’ trapped in here, forever followin’ the script some schmoe writes for you.”

Watch Me Babygirl

this is my gif from my personal blog btw :)

A/N: I’m a ho for highschool!bts so I began writing a series literally nobody asked for so this is part 1 of ?

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, implied sexy stuff(?), fuckboy!jungkook 

[pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5] [pt.6] [pt.7] [pt.8] [pt.9] [pt.10] [pt.11] [pt.12] [pt.13] [pt.14]

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Some Chapter Titles

Inspired by this amazing post by the even more amazing @prompts-blog

Feel free to use these in whatever way you like and have fun, also remember to drink water kids, ok bye.

  • Grumpy Beginnings 
  • You Won’t Believe This False Hope 
  • Hallelujah, My Ass
  • Don’t Read This
  • Why Couldn’t It Be Mini Golf?
  • I Wish I Was An 19th Century Immigrant Confusing the French With My Excellent Cross Dressing 
  • Two Birds, No Stone. Please Don’t Kill My Birds. 
  • The Endless Darkness and Mystery of the Ocean is Becoming a Bit Tempting to Dive Into Now 
  • He'a Like Art. Terrible Art, But Still, Art
  • The Sun Can Fuck Right Off 
  • So Maybe I’m Not Okay
  • Cupid Screwed Up
  • Error: Fucks Not Found
  • I May Have Killed A Guy
  • Why Do I Do This?!
  • Finally I Can Be the Comedian I’ve Always Dreamed to Be
  • I Cheated Death and He Wants A Divorce
  • No Touchy Please 
  • Feel My Wrath and Extreme Self-Doubt 
  • Les I’m Miserable 
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butt 
  • I’m Trying To Be Serious I Swear 
  • Where’s Colin Firth When I Need Him the Most 
  • Important Information: He’s Not Happy
  • Uh Oh
  • Note to Self: Don’t Do It You Son of A 
  • You Caught Me Singing on Broadway 
  • Firecrackers and Actual Crackers 
  • Umbrella, ella, ella, ellAH! 
  • Coffee Times Ten 
  • Gingers Are Vampires: The Story of How A Group of Bitter Vegetables Stole My Blood 
  • Somebody Once Told Me the World Was Gonna Kill Me 
  • Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls, Cock 
  • ‘Get A Job’; I Say, Unemployed
  • Okay, Time To Be Serious
  • Ed Sheeran Wouldn’t Treat Me Like This
  • Shush Demons
  • I Should’ve Stayed In Bed
  • Leave Me Alone Punks
  • Time For Murder
  • Crapbag
  • I Love My Friends
  • I Met Abraham Lincoln
  • Best + Bitter = Better
  • Cue The Beat Drop
Time management

I wrote this to fill this anonymous prompt: If you still want Zimbits prompts, I’m an absolute sucker for any Bob and/or Alicia pov with them seeing how happy Jack has become with Bitty and the SMH team. Bonus if this is the first time they’ve met Bitty as Jack’s bf + roughhousing of any sort. Thank you so much! I love your writing soo much I’m subscribed to you on AO3 😄😄💚

It doesn’t quite hit all the marks – this is set before parents’ weekend of year 2, long before they are boyfriends – but I think it’s in the same spirit. I hope you like it!

And I’m always in the market for new Zimbits prompts!

Alicia stepped on the mat and raised her eyebrows at Bob.

There hadn’t been a mat last time she was here, and if there had been, it would have gotten lost in the detritus that had littered the front porch: battered bikes, broken furniture, maybe even a discarded keg that no one had returned for the deposit.

That hadn’t really bothered her; it was right in line with the frat house decor she remembered from her time at Samwell. But now the porch sported functional furniture (mismatched, but still) and showed evidence of recent sweeping. And it had a welcome mat.

Well, actually, the mat said “Welcome, y’all!” in a cheerful cursive script.

“This is new,” she said.

Bobby just grinned. “Didn’t Jack say Bittle – that kid from Georgia – moved in this year?” he said. “Either it’s his, or the boys are chirping him a little.”

“You know very well Bittle – Eric, isn’t it? – moved in,” Alicia said. “Jack practically mentions him more than he does Shitty, and I’ve never met him. That’s half the reason I decided to come with you.”

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by reddit user alackofcoasters

As a teacher, I get to see and hear a lot of horror stories, maybe not the kind that you are used to. Kids being abused by teachers or parents, students who get hooked on hard drugs and lose scholarships, even teenagers getting raped in the classroom. Bad things happen to good kids. It breaks my heart. All in all, it’s all pretty horrific, some of the things they warn you about in school when you’re getting your teaching credential.

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Good, Bad… I’m the Guy with the Dick

(A continuation of “I’m Bad Ash, and you’re Jack Ash!“

The Rogue fell asleep cuddling his Elf Ranger and Fetchling Medium girlfriends. Of course, this is when the DM decides to bring back the plot line with Bad Rogue, who’s still out there being an asshole.)

DM: While you sleep, roll me a will save.

Rogue: *roll* Oh shit.

DM: Okay, you wake up, and you’re currently, against your own will, strangling [Ranger].

Rogue: “Somebody? Stop me! RIGHT NOW!”

Skald: I kick him in the head.

Rogue: "OW! Yes! You like that, you sick fuck?!”

DM: As you take his boot to your head, You hear, in the recesses of your mind: “OW! MotherFUCKER!”

Rogue: “[Skald], I need you kick me in the dick!”

Medium: “Uh, no, please don’t do that–“

Rogue: “I said DO IT!”

Skald: Alright, ask and you shall receive. I do a two-footed jumping stomp on his nuts.

DM: Roll damage… Oh shit. Okay, as you pass out from the pain, you get an image of [Bad Rogue] speaking to his dark master, before violently shrieking, keeling over and passing out himself.

Rogue: “So… totally… worth it.” *thud*

Imagine Jensen showing to Misha and the fans what you, his fiance, love most in him.

“Hi, uhm my question is actually for the lady of the show that we all love very very much and appreciate, (Y/n).” a fan said with a bright smile and you giggled.

“Aw thank you so much, sweetheart! You know I love you all too!” you blew a kiss to her, making her smile even more.

“Of course we all love her, do you see this woman?!” Jensen exclaimed with wide eyes and a grin as wide as it could get, motioning with both his hands “I always agreed to the moto ‘Nobody’s perfect’ but damn my whole life proved to be a lie when I met this beauty!”

You giggled as you shook your head at your fiance’s words “And apparently Jensen’s favorite thing to do ever since that first meeting is make me blush fifty shades of red!” you bit your lip as you glanced at him to see he had that lovestrucksmile on his face as he giggled slightly. Well, at least his expression mirror yours.

“You know you love it too!” he said with a shrug, leaning in to kiss your temple as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders “But, just so we can get it straight-” he turned to face the fans “Y'all I know how much you love this one, oh trust me I know better than anyone, but I am her number one fan, got it? Good.” he nodded his head firmly before chuckling.

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BTS Reaction: Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them

|||  @little-miss-sherlock asked: can I please have a reaction from bts when their smaller and younger s/o is protective of them and gets into a physical fight in their defense? |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bangtan-got7-boys

He would be shocked.

“No, no, no. What are you doing? I should be the one protecting you!”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by ultranicolet

He would be sad that you got hurt because of him and would just want to hug you as tight as he can.

“Thank you, Jagi, but please don’t ever do that again.”

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by cmtae

When you came back from the fight and he saw you he immediately started worrying about your well being.

“Jagi, what happened? Who did this to you?”

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by beui

He would be pissed.

“Somebody dares to hurt my baby?! No way are they getting away unharmed.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by ksjknj

Would probably give you a lecture about not even thinking of doing it again.

“You should have called me for back up.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by kuromel

Even though he would be worried about you, he would still appreciate the fact that you protected him.

“That’s why I love you, but please at least next time call me for backup.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

He would be so sad, he would probably start crying with you.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.”

A/N: Feel free to request more reactions, scenarios etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Why The Name?

Okay so about 2 weeks ago my lovely friend @justthatstarboy saw this post Sophia  and he asked me to write a prompt for it. How could I refuse? 

Prompt Written by @rebel-lance

As soon as Lance felt the weight of his gun form in his hands he immediately thought of his mother. She was a pistol of a woman and everything Lance wanted to be. 

She was sweet, caring, pretty to look at but if you got on her bad side she would make sure you learn your lesson. Lance looked up to his mother and knew that no matter where he was (Even when he wasn’t on the same planet as her) she was there to protect him. 

Lance immediately named his gun Sophia. 


As time moved on with team Voltron and Lance found himself in more battles he would always hold his gun closer and whisper “I’ll be home soon Sophia.” 

Lance didn’t care that the team heard him. He didn’t care that they would give him questioning looks. He didn’t care what his team or anybody thought, he was surviving for his mother. He was going to come home. 


Roughly a month or so passed before someone questioned Lance on the name. They were all lounging in the common room and Lance was cleaning his weapon making sure everything was perfect and ready to go. 

“So Lance why the name?” Shiro looked at the boy sitting on the floor with a rag in his hands. 

Lance looked at his hero and cocked his head to the side “Name?” 

“Yeah Sophia.” Everyone turned and looked at Lance, even Hunk despite the fact that he knew where the name came from. 

Lance looked around at his team, gave them a small sigh and place the part he was cleaning on the floor and picked up another part to clean. “Sophia is the name of a pretty lady back home.” 

All of them groan jokingly, Shiro even said that he hopes she waits up for Lance and Lance said he hopes so too. 


Lance crouched down behind a desk and listened to the Galra run by the room. He tried to calm his heart down but it was pounding so loud and so fast that Lance was freaking out. 

The mission went bottoms up when somebody accidentally tripped a wire causing the ship to go into complete lockdown. Lance ended up being separated from his group and Pidge was filling him in where the Galra were. 

“Lance I hate to say it but they are closing in on you.” Pidge attempted to hide the panic in their voice but it leaked through enough to send Lance into a panic. 

“Pidge please tell me that I have an escape?” Lance started to shake. 

“Sorry Lance I can’t see one.” Lance could hear his team talking. They wanted to get to him but they couldn’t, it wasn’t possible. 

Lance placed his gun on the ground and put his hands over his ears. Everything was too loud and Lance couldn’t breath. He needed to do something but he didn’t know what to do. He could hear the Galra getting closer and Lance felt tears fall down his face. 

He thought back to everyone he didn’t get to say goodbye too and everything that he missed or will miss. He thought back to his mother and how heartbroken she will be when she gets told of what happened to him. 

“I’m sorry mama I can’t keep my promise.” Lance felt more tears fall from his eyes as more Galrans approached. He had promised her that he would come back home no matter what (This was back when he was in the Garrison). 

Just before Lance was about to completely give up he remember what his mother always said to him. Breaking a promise is like breaking a heart. You must fulfill the promise you made no matter what, or else you will crush someone.

Sophia had never in her entire life broken a promise and neither had Lance. This wasn’t going to be his first promise that he would break. Lance picked up his gun and peered over the desk, he counted the Galrans and looked down at his gun. “Well Sophia want to give it one more go?” Lance started to fire. 


It had been 6 years since Lance disappeared and Sophia was sitting in her kitchen staring at the wall with a cup of tea in her hands. She was still determined that, even after all these years, her son would come home. Even when everyone told her to just accept it she would shake her head no and say “Lance would never break a promise, especially one he made to me.” 

People sympathised with her but she didn’t want sympathy or empathy she wanted her son back. 

She heard a knock on the door and stood to answer it. She looked at the family pictures that hung from the wall. She fixed her hair and opened the door. She came face to face with a slightly taller, more buff and more mature Lance. 

He smiled at her wildly through the tears that stained his face “See mama I would never break a promise.” 

Whoops I kinda went on my own at the end. 

I hope you like it Star!!!! I know how much you love happy endings <333333

You know what they say. Once you write fic you’re in too deep.

“You did what?!” Lucien didn’t know if he should laugh or scream at the boy infront of him. The other boy glared, “You heared me.” He said and Lucien couldn’t help cracking a smile, “Okay,” he said, “You got yourself a tatt by some shabby person instead of asking me where you can get one made properly, am I getting this right?” Ernest avoided eye contact, but nods, a clear pout on his face. “And now you are worried it might have caught an infection.” Lucien continued, Ernest still was avoiding his gaze, “ And you want me to look at it because you don’t want your dad to know.” Ernest didn’t response and it took Lucien’s entire will power to not end up laughing at- or hitting the boy .

“Honestly, you are such an idiot.” Ernest glared at him but didn’t reply, which surprised him honestly, normally Ernest would jump on the chance to have a argument with him. Lucien reflected on the last couple of days and now that he thought about it, the other boy has been acting rather jumpy lately. How long has he been in pain he wondered.

“Dude, seriously. Just tell your Dad and go to a doctor.” Ernest looked actually paniced now, “Please you can’t tell him! If he finds out he will think I’m irresponsible!” Lucien just stared for a moment in silence, wondering, as he does so often, if this boy lives in another realm of reality or if he truly could be that stupid. “You are. I got my tatt from Kyle, his dad’s doing this shit professionally and he has done it for half the school, he knows his shit.” His dad still scolded him about having it done by a teenager instead of consulting him and having a professional do the job, but really, he isn’t as stupid as to let a stranger who does tattoos for minors lay hands on him.

Ernest apparently was though.

“Please Lucien! If he finds out he might take away Dutches!” Lucien paused, Ernest loves that dog, anybody could tell that losing her would completely destroy him. Lucien himself couldn’t form a attachment to the dog, his alergies preventing him from truly getting close to her. But he knew Ernest was a lot less irritating due to her and quiet a bit happier.

Lucien hesitated a bit longer before finally giving in. He knew he would regret this later on but whatever.

“Okay gee, just show it to me already.” He said and the other boy suddenly turned a interesting shade of red. “Um you know, on second thought…” he trailed of and Lucien seriously was losing his patience. Lucien grabed the bottom of his friends hoodie and forcefully took it off, ignoring his friend’s complaints. He turned Ernest around, looking at the other teen’s right shoulder where the tattoo was located, Ernest has been avoiding contact with that site the last few days. He stared at it for a long while, feeling quiet a bit dumbfounded by the image on Ernest’s back.

It was a heart with a banner which said “DAD” in bold letters.

“Not. A. Word.” Was hissed out by Ernest who Lucien could tell must be feeling fairly embarrassed. Lucien bit back any comment he could have made, knowing it probably would earn him a bloody nose again. To be honest he actually found this tattoo kind of endearing, almost cute even. Not that he would ever tell Ernest that.

“When did you have this thing done?” He asked, looking at the red swollen edges. “A week ago.”

“And it still hurts?”

“Would we be here if it didn’t?!”

Lucien stayed silent, he tried to remember what Cassie, one of his friends, did when her tattoo got an infection. If he was right she put some special cream on it and cleaned it a lot? He probably should look that up….or drag Ernest to a doctor.

“Why did you got that thing in the first place?” He asked, he actually was curious, Ernest never showed any particular interest in them after all and Lucien really had a hard time wraping his head around this entire ordeal. Ernest grumbled something under his breath, “What?” Lucien asked and Ernest, rather reluctantly, repeated what he said.

“I tried to impress someone.”

Oh. Lucien wouldn’t lie, that did feel like a punch in the gut. He and Ernest have known eachother since kindergarten and his crush on the other boy has been a on and off thing that never really went away fully. That was the first time he heared Ernest talk about liking somebody, normally he would keep stuff like that to himself. He is very bad with feelings after all. “Please say something, this is getting too awkward.” Ernest spoke up again. “O-oh. Yeah. Um. I’m pretty sure it’s infected.” The other boy let out a groan, Lucien sighed.

“Why this tattoo?” He asked, Ernest’s relationship with his father was complicated, he loved him, sure, but he wasn’t one to voice it or show it a lot. “I wanted the name of the person I wanted to impress on it first but then I realized if he rejects me I would run around with a reminder of my first heartbreak for the rest of my life.” Lucien frowned.

“Your first?! Like ever?!” He asked, shocked by this new revelation, “Dude, don’t tell me that’s your first crush.” The other boy didn’t reply and now it really stung. He ignored the unreasonable feeling of envy he had for that person he didn’t even know and pat around the swollen red edges of Ernest’s tattoo, that caused him a gasp of pain. Yup, this thing was infected alright.

“Do you have a fever?” He asked, “Huh?!” Lucien shaked his head as he reached for Ernest’s forhead. It didn’t feel particularly warm. Good, it wasn’t a dangerous infection…yet, he thinks at least. “Was it at least effective?” He asked, wanting and at the same time not wanting to know the answer to that question. “H-he didn’t seem very impressed by it.” Ernest admitted dejectedly. Lucien felt guilty about being happy over that information, he really did, but it wasn’t like he could help how he feels, he probably wouldn’t feel so awful if he could.
After a few more seconds of examining the Tattoo Lucien let out a sigh. He steped away from his friend, “This thing is infected for sure.” He declared and Ernest let out a noice that came close between a groan and a kicked puppy. It was kinda adorable.

“I will talk to my dad. He will tell your dad to chill and make sure you guys keep the Dutches. Put your hoody back on we are going to a doctor.” Lucien reasured him. “Really?” Ernest looked hopeful. “Yeah. Even if he fails, I’m sure we can mobilize the other kids to overthrow the adult authority and crown the Dutches as the new ruler of Maple Bay.” That earned him a laugh, “Amanda would be proud.” Ernest played along. Lucien smiles, “That’s one of the best compliments one can rescive.”

With that they exited the basement together, “Next time you want to impress someone,” Lucien said, “Try stuff like flowers first.”

hello sorry i haven’t had much time in life to post my own content (college is stressful kids) but i have a little bit of free time rn so here have some headcanons

-eddie finally getting really fed up w his mom in high school and deciding he’s gonna be rebellious so he makes richie take him to get his nose pierced

-richie practically swoons when he sees it

-eddie like drops off the radar for the weekend after that and richie is really concerned until eddie walks in the door monday morning wearing black skinny jeans and a leather jacket

-his hair is kinda spiked up and he’s got a new hoop nose ring and he’s got on combat boots

-richie is slack jawed and about passes out

-“eddie, what in god’s name did you do” “i thought about what my mom would hate the most for me to wear, and then i bought it.”

-he has richie give him a stick n poke on his hip and richies hands are shaking bc dear god punk eddie is too hot to handle

-he gets the nirvana smiley face and it’s even wobblier than it’s supposed to be but he loves it bc richie gave it to him and he thinks it’s super edgy ™

-eddie trying to act all hardass and stuff but as soon as i wanna dance with somebody comes on in richies car he’s dancing in his seat and belting out the lyrics with the biggest smile on his face and richie has heart eyes

-punk eddie. that is all.

Meet The Parents - Steve Harrington Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but I felt bad for barely uploading anything last month, and all my Stranger Things content has been getting a lot of love recently, so I kind of wanted to do something ST-based for that reason.

WARNINGS: Nervous Steve?? Um, lil bit of swearing, but nothing major.

SUMMARY: Your parents are finally okay with your boyfriend Steve staying the night, on one condition: they meet him over dinner.

NOTES: I’m sorry I’ve been crap with uploading. A lot has happened recently, and I’ve had no motivation to really do…well, anything, let alone write for you guys. I’ve not been in the best place recently, but I’m getting better, just in case you were wondering.

I also saw that I’ve had a recent Shadowhunters request for male reader x Izzy Lightwood. I hate to say it, but I can’t fulfil that request, anon, because I cannot write as a male, considering I am not one. I am honestly better at writing for either Fem!Reader x Male Character, or Fem!Reader x Female Character. Writing for a male reader, it’s not a skill I possess, and as well, the fact I haven’t watched Shadowhunters since Season One makes things all the more difficult for me, because I don’t know how much the character personalities have changed from Season One to this current season. The next update of the masterlist will see the Shadowhunters category shut down until further notice. I’m sorry for this, but it’s what I feel is right. Sorry once again. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this imagine :)

Originally posted by jyncassian

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Somebody Else Pt 6

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Warnings: Cheating, Explicit sexual content, Suicide.

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

I didn’t know which of the three photos to pick so I put the three of them lol. 

You stopped abruptly and turned around to see one of the worst things you’ve ever seen, Jungkook sprawled on the floor, blood sprouting from his body, eyes closed and body covered with glass. You feared the worst, running to his figure lying on the ground you crouched, crying and calling his name.

“Please don’t leave me, please. SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE!”

You felt the air being sucked from your lungs the minutes it took the ambulance to get to the place and the path from the accident to the hospital, tears flowing from your eyes incessantly, unsteadily breathing while you strongly held Jungkook until the doctors took him away to the emergency room and you had to let go of him.

Three tortuous hours passed before the surgeon emerged from the emergency room.

“We have stabilized him, he suffered a fracture in two of his right ribs and a spleen rupture, but we were able to close the wound fast enough.” The doctor explained to you, blood returning to your pale face.

“Are you a relative of the patient? I need you to sign these papers that authorize Mr. Jeon’s hospitalization,” the doctor asked.

“I am his girlfriend,” you replied without really thinking, the weight of those words quickly making effect in your mind, you pushed the thought to the back of your mind.

“That will suffice, please sign here” the surgeon handed you some papers and a pen to sign them, you signed them quickly and gave them back to him.

“You can see him in an hour when he is taken to intensive care” the doctor told you before turning around and leaving.

That hour served you a bit to think about the events that had happened in the last weeks, your feelings for Jungkook, your feelings for Taehyung, Jungkook’s thought of  him being ripped from your life forever, his almost lifeless body lying on the pavement , you never wanted to see or feel the same thing again in your life. It was terrifying to think that someone could disappear from your life with the snap of two fingers. What had happened was your fault, because you were the one who ran away from the place without looking back, no mattering that Jungkook was running after you, shouting your name, imploring you to listen.

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B.A.P Mafia Reaction: When you’re scared of having their children

||| @turtle-bo1 asked: BAP. Mafia au (love me some of that Mafia au) their SO gets scared because she found out she was pregnant and she is scared that the baby will get hurt, because you know enemies and crap |||

Bang Yongguk

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Hella protective mode activated.

“Why are you scared? Did somebody say something to you?? Was somebody threatening you??? Did somebody even dare look in your direction????” the questions continue for about 2 hours

Kim Himchan

Originally posted by honjagasirheoyo

Would reassure you hundred times a day that he won’t let anything happen to you or your child.

“Babe could you please hear me out before you start panicking? There is nothing to worry about…”

Jung Daehyun

Originally posted by daehyeons

Would feel slightly disappointed that you think so little of him.

“On that day I swore that I will protect you. Don’t you trust me anymore?”

Yoo Youngjae

Originally posted by mrssuga

You would forget your worries after 10 minutes of telling him.

“Are you seriously concerned about that? We should be celebrating!! I’m going to be a father!! Oh my gaaah!!” *proceeds to freak out*

Moon Jongup

Originally posted by sarangdongie

Was sitting in silence, sighing loudly every few seconds after you told him how you felt.

“I’m sorry babe but do you seriously think I would let anyone to even get close to you or our child?”

Zelo/Choi Junhong

Originally posted by honjagasirheoyo

Would hug you tightly out of the blue.

“Do you feel safe with me? Because that’s exactly how it will be for our child.”