please smile for me

Hedge your bets, my cautiously optimistic Carylers.  When and where are our babies going to have their first kiss?

And for those throwing all caution out the window, lol, where oh where are they going to do the do? 

Inquiring minds want to know.  At least this inquiring mind, hahaha. 

P.S.  edited to add…you can tell me when you think they’re going to seal the deal, too.  In fact, please do. 

anonymous asked:

I foung your tumblr by reading "Limerence". Just wanted to let you know i liked it and thought the JayTim was noticible, but not overwhelming. It was cute. Could you do something in the future where Jason stumbles on Tim's stash of photos of him as Robin, or Tim shyly sharing the results of his photography with Jason?

Hey there :) I’m glad you liked it!

*Can be seen as a sequel to Limerence or just a future Stray!Tim x Robin AU.

Length: 1500ish

“Is that the last box?” Tim pants, slumping against their living room wall. “Please, tell me it’s the last box.”

Jason smiles, shaking his head at his dramatic boyfriend.

“Yes it is, princess. But damn if it isn’t a heavy one.” Jason grunts, adjusting the way he’s holding it. “Where does it go anyway?”

“We labeled the boxes for a reason, Jason.” Tim doesn’t have to say it, but Jason can hear the ‘Duh, you idiot’, behind Tim’s words.  He glares toward the sounds of glass clinking together as Tim unpacks their dinnerware, a gift from Babs.

“Well you obviously didn’t label this one correctly. It just says R on it, what does that even mean?” He grows concerned when he hears the sound of something clattering to the ground in their kitchen. He’s about to drop the box and head in there when Tim comes hurrying out to meet him.

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