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Kenma Headcanon

Okay so Kenma’s seiyuu, the adorable Yūki Kaji ♡(you can see my bias there), has a really cute but somehow soothing singing voice. I have a headcanon that Kenma can sing exactly like him (for obv reasons) and here are some things that I’d headcanon to follow this headcanon:

-Kuroo has known since they were kids that Kenma’s voice was amazing and begged him to sing for him whenever possible.

-Kenma sings Kuroo back to sleep when he has a bad dream. Just random lullabies. Kuroo just falls asleep totally entranced by his gorgeous voice. Of course Kenma is still pretty shy about it so only Kuroo knew he could sing at that time.

-When Kuroo has bad days, Kenma can tell. He just hugs him from behind and sings.

-Kuroo says it makes his heart fly and cuddles him like “Kenmaaaaaa you saved me.”

-“Kuro, you’re embarassing stop.” He doesn’t really mean it.

-I feel like he would sound amazing singing Kenshi Yonezu’s(I love Hachi ok) Eine Kleine. The lyrics are so moving, coupled by that beautiful voice, it brings people to tears.

-Yaku cries the first time he hears it when Kenma sings to him after a bad breakup.

–“My son is an angel what even.”

-The whole team finally realizes what an amazing voice he has and they’re all in awe.

-Kuroo has a smug grin.

-So Kenma ends up being the one to soothe the members of Nekoma when they’re having a rough time or like when Lev’s cat died or Inuoka’s was having a panic attack.

-Inuoka cried and gave him a big comfy hug when he sang for him. He awkwardly hugged back and whispered comforting words.

-After he sang for Lev, Lev got down on one knee and proposed. Kuroo promptly kicked him in the ass.

-One night during the training camp in Shinzen, while Akaashi and Kenma are sitting together and talking (Bo and Kuro are harassing Tsukki and doting on Hinata. Rip Lev), Akaashi lets out a deep sigh and tells Kenma his Akaashi Problems™(First rate Akaashi-only worries). Kenma soothes him by rubbing comforting circles on his back and sings Days by Jin(Shizen no Teki-P) ft.Lia (Hello I am Kagepro trash)
And wow Akaashi’s face turns like 50 shades of red.

-“Kenma.. your voice… you… I… sing for me more often please I beg you… I just need to hear your voice again wow.”

-He’s never seen Akaashi plead so hard so he sighs and complies.

-Bokuto, Kuroo, Tsukki and Hinata come out when they hear the gorgeous song and voice. (Lev is ded on the ground of Gym 3 because Kuroo is R00D and demanding when it comes to Lev)

-Bokuto’s mouth just falls open like.

-“Bro… we’re so lucky bro…” and tears up because Akaashi and Kenma are sitting next to each other smiling while Kenma sings and it’s too much for him.

-Kuroo almost passes out but catches himself and plasters a wobbly grin.

-“That’s my Kenma.”

-Hinata gets all excited like

-Tsukishima doesn’t say much but you know he likes it to by his flushed cheeks.

-One point in the camp, Nishinoya gets a deep cut on his leg and is sooo down about it, so Yaku gets Kenma to sing for him. (With a promise of apple pie.)

-Noya is just wide eyed and “KENMA-SAN IS AN ANGEL.” and sobs onto Kenma’s shoulder (Kenma gently pushes him into Yaku’s much more welcoming arms.)

-Needless to say everyone has fallen in love with his voice.

-Kenma thinks he should charge people ¥300 per song or something with all these requests… he needs that new Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice game after all.

BTS reaction to finding out that their s/o can sing (even though they think that they’re not good)


You were in the kitchen chopping up vegetables and singing your heart out to Dive by Ed Sheeran.(That is literally my favorite song right now). You were having a proper concert when Jin got back from running to the grocery store to get a few things for the dinner that you were making. Jin heard you singing and he walked slowly through the front door and stood in the entryway to the kitchen so he could watch you sing. When the song ended Jin came up and hugged you from behind which startled you. He then asked you why you never sang for him before this. When you responded that you didn’t think you were good the boy was in shock. He would give you every compliment in the book and he would be 100% hooked on your voice. You should expect to sing for him all of the time after he has made this discovery.

“What do you mean you’re not good (y/n)?? Did you just hear yourself? You’re absolutely incredible! Can you please sing more often?”

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You have had a stressful day at work/school and you were ready to forget that the day had ever happened. When you walked in the door you kicked your shoes off and dropped your stuff at the door and sat down at the keyboard that Yoongi uses in his studio. You started to play the intro to Secret Love Song by Little Mix and then you started to sing along. You assumed that Yoongi was still working with the boys, but as it turns out he got home a few hours before and he wanted to surprise you. Yoongi was resting in your shared bedroom when he heard his keyboard being played. He got up to investigate the sound and that’s when he saw you singing and playing. When he walked in you immediately stopped playing and got really shy. He then sat down next to you and started playing a tune and asked you to sing. You two would probably end up making a song and keeping it to yourselves tbh.

“There is absolutely no reason for you to be shy (y/n). You are an amazing singer. Here, let’s play a song together.”

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You were just out and about going through your daily activities. You were running a few errands when suddenly you got a text from Hoseok. You were a bit surprised since you expected to him to be in dance practice, but when you looked at the text you froze. It was an old video of you singing Impossible by Shontelle that your friend sent to him. When Hobi saw that you saw the message and you didn’t respond he asked to call you. You said yes and picked up his call and listened to his many questions. He would probably be a little hurt that you kept it from him, but once you tell him that it was because you thought you didn’t have a good voice he would be confused… but he would try to understand. If you were in a private place at the time he would probably ask you to sing for him so he could give you endless praise. Like Jin, you should expect to sing often from this point on.

“Your voice is amazing… incredible… flawless… perfect. Why would you think otherwise? If you are shy about singing in front of other people I won’t push you to do it, but I just want you to know that you could be a great performer. Now will you sing for me please?”

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You were actually backstage with the boys after their concert you were all gathered around and talking to each other. You were all talking about who had the best performance that night and Kookie made the comment that you had the best performance. The conversation abruptly stopped and the boys looked confused (especially Joon), so he goes on to say that before the show he heard you singing along to I Found by Amber Run when you thought no one was around. You got very red at his confession, but when he told the boys that you had a phenomenal voice you became even more red. They all asked you to sing, but you told them that you weren’t any good. Kookie insisted that you were incredible, but the conversation pretty much ended there. The conversation picked up again when Namjoon pulled you aside later to talk to you about it. He asked you to sing for him so he could hear it for himself, and he was beside himself when he heard your voice. He wouldn’t force you into singing in front of anyone, but he would be very encouraging and he would help you out if you ever wanted to take singing seriously.

“I wish I heard your voice before this! You have one of the best voices I have ever heard, and I’m not just saying that because I’m your boyfriend. I would really like to record a song with you, so if you ever want to just say the word.”

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You were visiting you parents and you decided that it was a good idea for Jimin to finally meet your family. You were talking to your mom and she tells Jimin that you used to sing quite a bit when you were younger. You try to tell your mom to drop the subject and not go any further, but she ended up showing him your performance of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. You were really embarrassed and you left the room, but Jimin got up to find you after he was finished watching your performance. When Jimin found you you hid your face and turned away, but he came up and hugged you and asked you why you were embarrassed. When you said you were embarrassed because you thought it was bad his first thought would be that someone made a comment that made you think you were bad. When you reassured him that you just think that you aren’t good he would do everything in his power to convince you otherwise. He would sing for you all the time and encourage you to sing along. He would also ask you to sing for him if he was having a rough day and needed something to lift his spirit.

“If you really are just insecure about your voice, I’ll tell you right now that you have absolutely no reason to be insecure. Come on, I want to go watch some more of your beautiful performances!

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You and Tae were at the BTS dorms because he was helping you get through your homework/schoolwork. Tae had to leave for a few minutes to do something with the guys and you decided that turning on some soft music would help you focus. You immediately opened youtube and searched “Taehyung Someone Like You Cover” and started to sing along and even harmonize. You were so into the song and into your work that you didn’t notice an incredibly shook Taehyung standing right next to you. As soon as you looked at him he started asking questions a million miles a minute like Hoseok. After he was done with the questions he would hardcore fanboy over your voice and over the fact that your were singing to his cover. When you told him that you didn’t think you were good he would not have it and literally go on and on about how you have the most amazing voice on the planet.

“You were singing to my cover!!!! MY OWN cover!!!!! That was the most amazing thing I have ever heard in my life!!!! Please sing more often!! What do you mean you don’t think you’re good? Alright, well take a seat (y/n) because I am about to tell you all of the reasons why you shouldn’t be insecure about your voice”

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You were in the car coming home from school/work. You turned on the radio and you started to sing along to We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth. When you got in the house that you and Kookie shared you went to go find him. You found him in your living room listening to a recording of you singing in the car. It turns out that you had accidentally dialed him but he didn’t pick up, so your phone recorded you singing and sent it to his voicemail. You just kind of stood there and looked at each other for a while and then he spoke up and asked you why you never sang for him before. When you said you didn’t think you were good he would kind of just look at you in disbelief for a minute. He would of course tell you how amazing you are and from that point on he would subtly try to get you to come out of your shell and sing more often. He would also keep the voicemail that you accidentally sent him and listen to it when he wanted to hear your voice.

“That was the best mistake that you’ve ever made! Not only did I get to hear my love sing, but it was to an artist that I really like! You have no reason to be insecure, there isn’t a flaw in your voice! Maybe we can cover one of his songs together sometime.”

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Alright, here it is… my first reaction! I really hope I did okay. This took me forever  oh my god… I seriously respect reaction writers now more than ever after writing this. I really hope this wasn’t too repetitive, it was kind of hard thinking about new reactions for 7 people. Anyways… I hope this was what you were looking for and I hope you enjoy it!

Also, this reaction kind of turned into song recommendations lol. I would highly suggest checking out these songs if you haven’t already.

-Admin Sunny

Can't Help Falling In Love

So I covered the 21p cover of this song??? none of you wanted this, and yet here you go 

Gonta , Korekiyo , Hoshi and Kaito hearing their S/O (female ) singing in the shower

Here you go Anon !

Korekiyo : 

- You were in the shower while he was reading . 

- As he was walking to his room , he began to hear some noises from the bathroom . You were singing .

- God , your voice was so beautiful . A pure marvel .

- He came in and just stared at you . You were blushing and told him to get out of here but he just continued to stare at you . It was a bit creepy …

- “S/O-san , your voice is beautiful . You should sing more often .” After that , he leaved while you were confused . What the hell was that ?

- Thought , you can still hear chuckles coming from behind .

Kaito :

- Kaito was watching NASA videos when he starts to hear you singing in the shower .

- He was pretty shocked cuz it was the first time he hears you singing and your voice was really nice .

- So , he came in the bathroom and starts singing with you . You were a bit surprised but you continued to sing with him . .

- His voice was surprinsingly  pretty good and you two had a really good time .

- Next time , he will brings you at the karaoke for sure .

Gonta :

- You were taking your shower while Gonta brings you a towel . When he came in the bathroom , he makes sure to not look at you . A true gentleman  do not look at a lady when she’s in the shower  .

- Suddenly , he hears you sing and he thinks that your voice is wonderful . You didn’t notice he was here .

- “ Wow S/O-san ! Gonta thinks that your voice is marvelous and you should sing more often ! It’s really beautiful ! “

- What a cute cinnamon roll

- You let a little gasp of surprise and start to blush . Was it that good ? You thanked him and he leaved .

- Well , maybe you will sing more often now …

Hoshi : 

- Hoshi was came back from  tennis practice when he hears a voice coming from the bathroom . Someone was singing .

- “S/O , I’m home ! Is that you in the shower ?”

- Nobody responds . Yep , it was you .

- He justs relax on the sofa and waited for you to finish . He finds your voice very good and he actually enjoys hearing it .

- When you finished , you were surprised . When did he come home ?

- “Hi S/O , did you finish ?  You never told me that you like singing , huh ? “

- “ Is-is that bothering you ? “ You were blushing a bit .

- “No , actually it was pretty good . You should really sing more often so next time , could you please sing for me … ? “

- You smiled and nod . How can you not say yes with that cute face of him …

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The boy's reaction when they find their lover singing when she told them she doesn't sing?

Shu: It was in the middle of one of their cuddle sessions, when Shu decided to turn on his MP3 player and share one of his ear buds with his lover while they spooned. He closed his eyes and started to drift off, when he realized he heard a different voice singing along to the song that turned on. “Hmm..?” He took out his ear bud and opened his eyes to find out that she was the one singing along without even thinking. She soon noticed that he was staring at her with loving eyes, quickly pressing her lips shut and blushing lightly. “Wow (Y/N), how come you never told me you had such a talent? You’re like a sexy siren, heh~ Keep on singing like that. I could listen to you all day.”

Reiji: After one of their science experiments that they worked on together, they began to do what they would normally do and started to clean up the lab bench. In the middle of washing out the beakers, Reiji heard a sound that was music to his ears.. Literally. At first he thought his lover turned on the radio, until he turned around and noticed the music was coming from her. He observed as she cleaned and sang, not even thinking about what she was doing. “(Y/N), who gave you permission to do that?” She began to notice what she was doing and immediately stopped, being the obedient woman she is. “However, I didn’t tell you to stop. I’ll allow you to keep singing, as it’s very suitable for this moment. Such talents aren’t something you should hide.” 

Ayato: After one of their make out sessions, him and his lover do what they normally do and have a cute and quiet cuddle session afterwards. He would lay on her chest and she would softly stroke his hair as they closed their eyes, until she decided to change things up and sing to him. It came to him by surprise when she broke the silence with her voice, so he opened his eyes and frowned at her. “Tch, you told me you don’t sing! What the hell?” In embarrassment, she closed her mouth and looked down. “…But on second thought, um I guess it was pretty soothing. Keep on singing.. And be proud that you pleased Ore-sama with that voice of yours.”

Kanato: Him and his lover worked together on baking a cake, as they would always do, when he started scolding her around like usual. “Remember to preheat the oven! And don’t forget the frosting! Not too much but not too little!!” She was used to his aggression, so she decided to tune him out by quietly humming to herself while she followed his commands. Kanato paused and listened. “Hmm? What are you doing? Is that singing I hear?” She quickly stopped when she was aware of what she was doing. He frowned “I thought you told me you don’t sing!” After repeated apologies from his lover, he started to look at her with loving eyes. “I would normally punish you for not telling the truth, but instead I think you and I should sing together~ It would sound very beautiful, don’t you think? Take it as a reward.” 

Laito: After him and his lover did their “sexy time”, she decided to get up and go shower. Laito waited a few minutes until he heard the water running, and that’s when he decided that he would join her. He quietly tip toed to the door. “Bitch-chaaan!” Opening the door, he stopped in his tracks when he heard the sound of her voice singing beautifully. At first he was surprised, then he just smiled as he continued to listen, waiting until she was finished with her song. Laito opened up the curtains, catching her by surprise. “Aw Bitch-chan, how come you never told me you could sing~? I’ll admit I’m impressed~ Such a beautiful talent you have~!” 

Subaru: It was another normal date for him and his lover, walking around the quiet rose garden at the start of night. They started off by walking and holding hands, when his lover wandered off and did her own thing. Subaru decided to walk around by himself for a little bit and observe. After a while, he started to wonder where she went. “Tch, where the hell is she?” After searching for a couple minutes, he started to hear the faint sound of singing from a distance. He followed it, and soon found his lover picking roses while beautifully singing to herself. He listened for a while, surprised that he never heard this from her before. “Um, you can sing?” She quickly twirled around to find him behind her, blushing in embarrassment. “No.. It’s okay.. Um, you have a beautiful voice. You don’t have to be afraid to hide it, especially from me. You should sing more often..” 

Ruki: “Livestock, please. I’m trying to read, so don’t interrupt me.” His lover sighed, curling up on the edge of the bed as Ruki continued to bury his nose into his book. Out of boredom, she began to quietly sing to herself without even thinking. He put his book down, eyeing her. “I thought I explicitly told you not to be a disruption..” His lover stopped in fear. He sighed. “Perhaps I should punish you for doing this, but I’m in fact quite impressed with that hidden talent of yours. I’ll allow you to keep singing, quietly. Master’s reward to his Livestock.”

Kou: He was getting ready for one of his concerts, staring at himself in the mirror in his dressing room as he sang for practice. His lover observed from a distance, and soon began singing along with him quietly, since she knows the song by heart. Kou stopped singing and turned around to face her. “Huh? Was that lovely voice coming from you?” She embarrassingly shook her head, and he just laughed. “Aww how adorable~! How come you never told me you could sing? If I had known I would’ve arranged for you to perform on stage with me! I’ll talk to my manager and ask for him to set that up next concert~ What do you say?” 

Yuma: “Sow, make sure to water my tomatoes too! They’re dryin up!” His lover nodded obediently, making her way towards the plant and showering it with water. Without even thinking, she began to quietly sing as she did so. Yuma turned his head and stared at her in surprise. “Hah? What’re you doin Sow!?” She immediately stopped. “Wait a minute, I thought you said you couldn’t sing! You filthy liar.. But damn your voice is pretty sexy. Why would you hide that from me!? Keep singing! I wanna hear more of it!”

Azusa: He spent one of his afternoons polishing his knife collection. His girlfriend, being the sweet and obedient girl she is, decided to help him out. It was quiet for the first few minutes, but his lover decided to break the silence and began singing to herself. Azusa paused, staring at her, cutely smiling. “Ah~ such a lovely voice…you have…how come you never told me…you can sing? You don’t have to…hide that from me…I would love to hear it…more often.. Ah no, don’t stop…please, carry on…I think you have…the voice of an angel.” 

Request: Rock-A-Bye Baby

There was something blissful about silence. The way it filled a room so thickly and could be categorised into different emotions, sometimes it could be awkward and sometimes it could be comfortable. In this situation it was comfortable and Jack was indulging himself in it.

Well, he was, until he heard the one noise that threatened to cut through it all. The sound of his baby crying.

Both men simultaneously sighed in their bed, turning over to look at one another and decide once again who’s turn it was to go see to them. “I’ll go” Mark muttered, half asleep as he sat up. Jack smiled at him and patted his thigh, appreciating his actions.

The older man smiled back at him and then climbed out of bed, rubbing his eyes and yawning as he wandered out of their bedroom and toward the nursery where their child was currently situated. He opened the door and the cries became louder, going over to the crib where they lay.

“Hey buddy, can’t sleep?”

His voice was gentle and deep as he leaned over into the crib and picked up his bawling newborn, placing them against his chest and patting their back as he hushed them, bobbing up and down in order to rock them.

“It’s alright, Papa is here. You’re okay” He lay them in his arms and kissed the top of their head, they were still crying but it was becoming quieter, soothed by the presence of their father.

Mark smiled at them and walked out of the nursery and down the stairs toward the kitchen, he grabbed one of the prepared milks out of the fridge and began to heat it up. Still rocking the baby as they continued to cry. “It’s okay, I have your milk here. You’ll be fed in no time”

After the milk was heated, he poured it into a bottle and then sat down at the kitchen table. Tipping the bottle onto his wrist to check that it was the right temperature. When he felt certain that it was okay to feed them, he tipped the teat by their lips and watched as they began to suckle, their tears stopping.

Watching them look so content as they fed, Mark couldn’t help the warmth that spread through his belly and chest seeing his child. He felt so lucky to know that he was a father and that the baby in his arms was actually his.

“Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle shall rock..”

He found that when he sung to them, they almost immediately calmed further down and in a way, it was calming for Mark too. The American kissed the top of their head again, smiling when he saw them looking up at him with those big blue eyes.

“When the bough breaks, the cradle with fall. And down will come baby, cradle and all..”

The bottle was soon emptied and Mark had realised that the baby had fallen asleep, he chuckled gently and wiped the milk away from their mouth, kissing the top of their head again before he stood up and turned toward the kitchen door, only to stop when he saw Jack stood in the hallway.

“Yeh sing beautifully, ya know that?” Mark chuckled softly and wandered over to his lover, kissing him tenderly on the lips while both men looked down at their child, Jack stroking their cheek lovingly before he glanced back up at Mark. “You should sing more often”

The older man snorted but Jack seemed to be serious. “I might, I don’t know..” Jack rolled his eyes at him and began to go back up the stairs.

“If it gets our lil buddy to sleep, then please. Sing more often”

Chanyeol exhibits a natural charm. Non-fans harp on his mediocrity, but I think he’s able to mask any shortcomings through passion, confidence and determination. He has started singing more often in live sessions and I’m pleased with his voice. As for his dancing, I think that’s his limit, he won’t advance further because it was never his main domain, although he tries his best and looks quite funny while dancing.

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au where eren's a good guitar player/singer and one night annie can't sleep so she wakes him up in the middle of the night just so he could sing to her until she falls asleep and the next day he tells her she's cute asleep and she blushes/hits him


Annie just LOVES Eren’s voice after he wakes up. It’s a private and intimate vocal that only Annie gets to hear.

His voice is rough and thick with sleep, but still, he sings to his girlfriend. Well… more or less. He actually mumbles along sleepily with his eyes closed, but it’s enough. ///

“Baby, you can’t sleep…? Cuddle up closer.”


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Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: obsession

It was well known that Orihara Izaya was obsessed with Shizuo. It wasn’t just that he seemed to enjoy provoking him; it was also in the fact that he was frequently seen watching Shizuo, looking more pleased when the blond was ever involved, often singing his name through the school halls (so the students knew to run away before a flying chair gave them a concussion.)

“That goddamn flea!”

But even for Izaya, there were days where he had to skip school. People seemed to mutually agree that he missed far too many days for it to be illness. Rumors circulated that he was taking care of his baby sitters (but many people refused to believe that Izaya could actually do something remotely kind) and believed he was getting himself involved in yakuza or the like.

“Fuck him!”

It was lunch and Shinra, Kadota, and Shizuo were at their normal place. Izaya usually joined them; Shinra had negotiated a period of peace just for lunch, explaining that Izaya and Shizuo had no other friends except Shinra and Kadota, so they’d have to put up with each other for lunch.

“I’m going to kill him!”

Today was one of those days where Izaya wasn’t at school. As such, it was much more peaceful; classes went without something breaking, there was no sneers or taunts called out across the room. Kadota liked it. Shinra found it boring.

“What the hell’s his problem?! Why can’t he leave me alone?!”

“Hey, Shizuo,” Shinra piped up, looking at Shizuo who was still seething. “You keep talking about Izaya being obsessed with you, but you realize you’ve been talking about him all day, right? Even though he’s not here?”


Apparently, even when Izaya wasn’t there, chairs would be thrown.

At Shinra.